Thots On Parade: White Women Really Need A Reality Check

Eric Striker from the Daily Stormer got me thinking after reading this tweet:

He’s 100% right! Why are White women so obsessed with ugly tattoos and working out?

We get it, you are hot. But did you have to permanently affix tramp stamps to your entire body and then prance around the gym half-naked so that every guy has no choice but to stare at you as you walk by doing your gym version of the thot parade?

Here’s a secret guys, that thot is a damaged basket case on the inside.

I know that many normie men find these kinds of women attractive because they are secretly turned on by pathological hostile misandry. They like a woman who is slightly gender fluid with an elevated androgen count that can beat them in arm wrestling and put them in a rear naked choke if they get out of line.

After all, gender is a social construct.


Here is that same woman in 30 years:

Hey, Grandma! May I have another bowl of cereal?

I am not saying that having a tattoo or two in itself is disgusting or bad. Many people in our movement have them, and they usually have some sort of racial or cultural significance, so I am mostly fine with those. However, completely canvassing your entire body with a bunch of Chinese symbols or letters, long strings of gibberish in Sanskrit, skulls, devils, butterflies, hearts with your name in it, et cetera, is just plain ludicrous, LARPy, and screams of serious deep-seated psychological and emotional issues.

Unfortunately, many White women have fallen prey to narcissism. They believe whole-heartedly in the White Girl Magic meme of unmitigated agency for White Women that permeates almost every society known to mankind- and trust me, most of it is correct. White women are in fact the most beautiful compared to any other race by far. White men, in addition to every other race, have put them on a pedestal. However, the only reason they arrived and remain on that pedestal is because of White men. And as a result, they are the most spoiled and entitled group of people that this planet has ever produced.

To be sure, it is lamentable how White women give themselves far too much credit for their elevated status in the world. That, my dear ladies, was bestowed upon you by us. You really should thank us all on a daily basis. We earned your elevated status with our blood, sweat, and tears. Don’t get me wrong, you did help, but not as much as you’d like to think. Therefore, you should never complain about being some oppressed group of people, or how much the White patriarchy has kept you down. That is nonsense, and you know it. The White patriarchy has rewarded you, White women, above all others.

We also have to be completely honest with ourselves, gentlemen. A good-looking White woman receives a ridiculous amount propositions for sex on a daily basis. If men received as many offers, we would never leave our bedrooms. So give White women credit, they do have a whole hell of a lot of restraint.

On the other hand, my problem with White woman is the pathetic amount of narcissism and conceitedness that many of them exhibit; ergo, the constant workout routine and “sexy” tattoos. There is nothing wrong with exercising as long as it is about being healthy; the problem is that their motivation tends only to be about their own vanity via how many men hit on them or ask them out for a date.

Oh, and about that reality check I promised, my dear White angels. We need to talk about how rather than spending your days pursuing traditional relationships and having children, you spend them taking selfies, shopping, binge drinking, having meaningless casual sex, using men as interchangeable placeholders to buy you material possessions, and constantly talking about the exciting and scintillating life of the Kardashians. (OMG, What is Kim wearing today and has she lost the baby weight??!!)

Hey, we all understand how important that is ladies. I mean, we might be at war with Russia soon, the country is falling apart, most of us cannot find anything more than a part-time job, and White Genocide, but forget all that, who is the designer of Kim’s shoes in tonight’s E-News exclusive?! You absolutely do deserve a little self-indulgence after all that hard work studying for your sociology exam and posting your various meal pics online, right?


Ladies, I do not mean to just pick on you. Men mimic the same idiotic behavior when they focus on sportsball, which is more pathetic in many ways. It’s all a sick obsession with the the false reality of pop culture that people create in their minds as a barrier between them and their cognitive dissonance.

Many Whites want love, happiness, companionship, and children, but they do not want to take any time out of their busy lives to work towards achieving any depth, self-awareness, and personal sacrifice that would lead up to those goals. They attempt to find a hollowed shell of these ambitions through social media or dating websites that are totally based on superficiality, which leave most feeling empty and sad at the end of the day. For the thot, that void is then filled by the obsession with the tattoos and working out, The tattoos are their armor, and the constant endorphin rush from the workouts help them to escape from the reality of their emotional pain.

This is precisely why the Alt-Right movement has started a paradigm shift to change these kinds of behaviors. No, I am not dog-whistling White Sharia, but I am demanding more and better from our women. We want women that would be happy and excited to go on a date to the Metropolitan Museum of Art rather than some brutally disappointing Hollywood film. We no longer want our women to be pieces of meat covered in tramp stamps twerking at a wet t-shirt contest, who are vapid automatons without acumen or culture. We want good wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and grandmothers, of whom we can be proud. Ladies, we are asking more from you and ourselves. There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman. We have to complement one another, not slip into androgyny and self-mutilation.

Food for thought, ladies.








  • MJK

    Totally agree! Well stated…

  • Albionic American

    A healthy white patriarchy doesn’t necessarily have to conscript white women to make them do the right thing, despite what Margaret Atwood shows in her ridiculous novel. Instead we just have to stop making escape routes so that white women can avoid their responsibility.

    So, for example, if white women couldn’t readily go to college to get their useless degrees in liberal arts or the social sciences, and if American corporations stopped offering them useless imaginary jobs, then young white women would have to look around their communities to find productive white men of good character to marry and form families with them.

    This system worked just fine to keep the white race in business for countless generations, and I don’t see why we can’t restore it in the 21st Century.

    • Bigguy4u

      Get rid of shitty divorce alimony. Now women can just leave the family anytime they are “unhappy” instead of just working through the differences and raising a healthy family like they used to. Guys if you are gonna marry a white women make sure you sign a prenup. White women will leave you really fast if the get “unhappy”.

      • Tragic Comedy

        Even better – get rid of no fault divorce.

        • Zyzz

          “Muh Reagan!”

        • TheLulzWarrior

          Mistakes should be ended, not allowed to go on.

          However, it should be illegal to demand money from the former partenaire outside of debts. Any woman (or man) that after divorce, seeks money to support a “lifestyle” have proven without a doubt that they should not have the custody of children.

          • Strac5

            It’s not a mistake, it’s a marriage. Ending degeneracy on earth means reinstalling the rule of moral law. The law should judge people who go in for divorce. Divorces are not accidents – a petition for divorce is always someone’s fault, whether the petitioner for being a quitter, or the spouse for doing something rationally intolerable.

        • StraitlacedMissouri

          Oh I totally agree with that one…

      • AJ

        All in the incentive system. You can do just fine with a white woman, just pay close attention to what and who is influencing her. Create a household culture that rules out Jewish/cult Marx influences and toxic people. The way to win her over to this is to first get her to agree to the definition of life success as the maintenance of stable long-term relationships and then loyal children and many grandchildren when you’re old. Then get her to examine successful vs failed people you both know. The successful people will be those who are most traditional in their roles and habits, even if they’re ideological shitlibs. Once she gets this picture, once she recognizes the benefits, she will help you in the project of creating the proper household culture.

        • StraitlacedMissouri


      • TheLulzWarrior

        No marriage = No money

    • orbit

      So, for example, if white women couldn’t readily go to college to get their useless degrees in liberal arts or the social sciences, and if American corporations stopped offering them useless imaginary jobs, then young white women would have to look around their communities to find productive white men of good character to marry and form families with them.

      Okay, and if white guys were forced to marry fat ugly chicks in arranged marriages by their parents things would be different too, right?

      Women don’t give a fuck about your “productivity” and “good character” and your other 18th century LAPRing. Their job to find men with the best genes (ie tall, good face) – ie not you – because that’s how nature works

      • Percival Ruggles

        The problem is that they aren’t currently doing that and are exhibiting maladaptive behaviors. If they continue to select for the “best genes” as they are currently, our IQ will go down by a couple points every generation. The issue is that women’s instincts aren’t compatible with modern civilization.

        The average woman is good enough for the average man by definition.

        • orbit

          IQ is kind of a squishy subject.. what came first, the IQ or the civilization?

          besides, physical attractiveness is highly associated with higher intelligence. the stereotype of the stupid jock just isn’t true. good looking people really are better than you in ever way.

    • TheLulzWarrior
    • Robert Bruce

      Trouble is that because of the war on white males, women outnumber men at university AA at a 3 to 1 ratio. That is great for college guys, but for the women it sucks. Need to get that ratio to more of a parity.

    • Kellygirl

      Excuse me. But that shouldnt just be about white women. How about american women!?

  • Krafty Wurker

    It hasn’t been that many years ago that it was fashionable for “women” not to shave their legs or trim other body hair. It’s still somewhat hip in Europe for women to have hairy legs and hairy arm pits.

    The only problem with ink is that it’s permanent, and as you get older it will sag and fade. But, when you are young, you don’t think about things like that.

    • Raises an intriguing point. Most women don’t have that much body hair; you wouldn’t usually be able to tell at first glance whether or not one ‘shaves.’ When people recall some fad of distaff hirsuteness, what really happened was that they were seeing some unusually hairy girls.

      • Krafty Wurker

        Even natural blondes can have hairy legs and ‘pits’ if they don’t shave.

        • There are always exceptions, but the majority of fair-skinned women do not have a lot of body hair.

        • Soldat für Christus

          Polnische kommunistische Mädchen

    • Soldat für Christus

      Ja, Polnische kommunistische Mädchen

  • Johnny Fascismo
    • The Osprey

      Viva las mujeres Falangistas

  • Scythian

    They do this because modern nu-males have femdom/cuckold fetishes and also because tattooes say “I crave lots of cock, I’m still on the carousel”

  • Zyzz

    I dislike tattoos entirely. Men and women.

  • Things the AltRight can dispense with:
    1) Punks who call women “thots”
    2) Porn culture in general

    • Johnny Fascismo

      If theres anyone in the alt-right arguing in favour of (((porn culture))) I have yet to see them doing so.

      • Is not this “thot” business an artifact of internet-porn culture?

        • Johnny Fascismo

          It’s an acronym for “That Hoe Over There.” I don’t know where it originated. We never use it as a term of endearment though.

          • Inb4 ‘thirsty ho’

          • Man that’s even worse, fam.

          • Tragic Comedy

            Arguably true, but… If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

            Porn culture is grotesque, however, #1 is a joke – ‘thot’ is just the newest word in this vein: skank, hoser, tramp, etc. are long-standing and, quite frankly, entirely appropriate in many cases in our modern world.

            If you’re pouting about men calling skanks skanks, that’s just silly… If you’re complaining about White men talking like niggers, well, fair enough I suppose.

          • Use of such language is a class marker. The above essay is a critique of young women who act like lumpenproles. Therefore it is most ironic for its title to include off-color lowlife slang.

          • Use of such language is a class marker.

            So are tattoos but class/caste is a very taboo subject for most people on the “AltRight.” They’re still in love with equality, egalitarianism and democracy, all the things that have made a world that they hate. It’s a head-scratcher.

          • “They’re still in love with equality, egalitarianism and democracy”—is a head-scratcher for me, because it doesn’t describe me or those fellow commenters I know IRL. It’s more like a description of the lip-service verities paid by Rich Lowry “conservatives.”

          • I seem to encounter quite a few people in comment threads who hold onto the notion that they can somehow vote the change that they want to see into reality and that the typical WHITE™ voter can be “awakened” and convinced to fix our nation’s problems at the voting booth. If you’re seeing something different, please direct me there! I feel adrift in the wasteland sometimes.

          • My perception’s been different; the trouble in comment threads here and elsewhere is a superabundance of adolescent nihilists who just woke up to the problem 18 months ago, now want to blow the world up, and blame all issues on “Boomers” (by which they mean everyone born before 1985).

            On the plus side, they certainly aren’t endorsing egalitarianism and democracy. More importantly, neither are the writers on this blog, or at Counter-Currents and TheRightStuff. And even at the more sedate Vdare and Amren, I don’t think anyone would mistake the party line for that of National Review.

          • Vincent Law

            How is it nihilistic to call out THOTs on their destructive behavior?

            If we were as nihilistic as you claim we’d be on ROK talking about how much easier women are giving it away these days and high-fiving each other.

            Stop trying to tone police young men here, you’ll feel better for it.

          • “Tone police young men.”

          • Egalitarianism is a wily thing. It slips into many different forms. For example, “white nationalism” is generally an attempt to deny white ethnic and caste differences.

          • I’m familiar with your complaint here: WN is a Big Tent and there isn’t enough purity-spiraling. Well we’ve been down that road too many times—let’s exclude Montenegrans, or yankees, or queers, or rune-cultists, or maybe anyone with a tattoo or who doesn’t speak the King’s English—and it’s always come to grief.

          • Zyzz

            how else are we going to evoke the change we want if not at the ballot booth?

          • If you don’t want democracy, why are you asking me about a ballot box?

          • “Casting pearls without getting even a porkchop in return.” —Frank O’Connor

          • I apologize if my first response sounded curt. I thought I should offer some clarification instead of sounding flippant.

            The answer to your question is both simple and complex: restoration of a system of aristocracy. We need the best ruling our people and they need to be chosen by people who have the ability to do so. This leaves most people out of the equation completely, and they probably won’t be happy about it.

            (An aside: just because someone wants a restoration of the aristocracy doesn’t mean that they believe that they will be a part of that upper echelon. They know that they probably won’t but a benevolent king is better than a democratically elected idiot any day.)

          • Zyzz

            Couldn’t be further from the truth. I do not want equality, egalitarianism or democracy.

          • WHAT

            Language is programming, yes.
            But who said you can`t reprogram? Look at what 2016 did to the word “cuck”.

          • The Alt-Right is a movement for young White men not old cat ladies. Sorry if we are too lowbrow for you.

      • me.

    • Percival Ruggles

      3) Hypergamist, feminist manshamers like yourself.

    • Kitten, can and should are two very different verbs. You don’t seem like much fun; however, I totally agree with your porn culture statement.

  • Bruce Parkinson

    Bring back Swiss finishing schools.

  • The Charismatic Curmudgeon

    “I am not saying that having a tattoo or two in itself is disgusting or bad.” I am. I was a child in the 80s, which was not that long ago. I distinctly remember that tattoos were generally frowned upon and ridiculed unless you were some combination of:

    -a felon
    -a biker
    -a dyke
    -a thug / gang member

    No self-respecting White should get a tattoo. If you tattooed your body before you knew better, have them removed!

    • Significantly the full-sleeve and mega-tattoo trend didn’t get underway until it became possible to laser them off. Once they weren’t totally permanent, the main objection flew out the window. Trouble is, your lasering might cost you ten times as much.

    • Andrew Miller

      Thank you. All tats are degenerate. Without exception.

    • Someone

      Also a child in the 80s. I also remember how only the worst elements of society had tattoos. Maybe grandpa had a tattoo from his military unit, but that was about it for respectability.

    • Prime Villain

      This is it.

      Only soldiers, bikers, criminals, sailors and other assorted misfits should have tattoos.

      • DerBuzenPuken

        “sailors and other assorted misfits should have tattoos.”
        OUCH! Please reword that.

        • Prime Villain

          Explain, I’m too dense to get it.

          • DerBuzenPuken

            Check your context. Unless of course, you purposely categorize Military as “misfits”.

          • Prime Villain

            I’m not sure about this linguistically, but I’m gonna try to make the case that the description of assorted misfits doesn’t extend to the previously mentioned categories of people.

            You’re probably right though, it’s quite ambiguous.

            (I can never be wrong, and even when I am I’ll always try to write my way out of it. I see this as an exercise in writing. And being an asshole.)

          • DerBuzenPuken

            “I’m not sure about this linguistically, but I’m gonna try to make the case that the description of assorted misfits doesn’t extend to the previously mentioned categories of people.”

            “and other” = extension to the previously mentioned categories of people.

            I can certainly relate to being an asshole that’s always right.

          • Prime Villain

            Not sure if you have a case here. I’m going to need a thorough linguistic exegesis of the sentence structure.

            If you can do that I’ll reluctantly agree. (Never!)

          • DerBuzenPuken


  • Marshall Lentini

    Good article. But white women are gone. Anyone still talking about it is in denial — an old romantic or a lonely young sycophant.

    • Grant

      That’s why something called ‘force’ going to have to be used.

      • Marshall Lentini

        And it won’t be because no one here has any power. It’s pure fantasy, and a secret redoubt of white knightism. But hold your breath if you want.

        • Grant

          White knightism? Funny, I usually get accused of misogyny when I use that word but ok. And no, it’s not going to happen right this minute. The system is going to have to collapse first.

          • Marshall Lentini

            And then we’ll all be kangz with the white girls again. Right. Anyhow, $1 says it won’t go any which way altright peeps want. Because this is history, not a fairy tale. Cheers, my fellow woman-hater.

    • Johnny Fascismo

      You’re probably right.

      • Marshall Lentini

        Agreement? Holy shit. Thanks hoss.

      • Cascadia

        He is right

    • Cascadia

      It’s funny, 30 years ago White nationalists were putting white women on pedestals. David Lane wrote another set of 14 words people don’t remember as well: because the beauty of the white aryan woman must not perish from this earth. Now White nationalists do the opposite and call all women sluts and want white sharia. I’m starting to think our enemies are right for once, this movements has issues with women.

      • Marshall Lentini

        Yea, that was funny — and stupid. These days it’s even stupider.

      • There was amity between the sexes 30 years ago. People who behaved with overt animosity toward the opposite sex were regarded as weirdoes or mentally ill. The hostility toward women you see nowadays in the man-o-sphere and elsewhere has its counterpart in the anti-male hatred found in wacky feminist groups. There are a number of reasons for this cultural degeneration, but a main one undoubtedly is social isolation brought on by small and broken families, and atrophy of real-life communities.

        • PrometheusReturns

          White men never hated women until women hated men.

          • Someone

            Are you sure about that?

          • PrometheusReturns

            Unlike you, I wasn’t born yesterday.

          • Someone

            I’ve read historical accounts of medieval England where some women, who were abusive and vile towards their husbands, were put in stocks for public ridicule. I’d say that would be an earlier situation of the old male-female hate cycle. I’d agree that it’s never been so bad as it is today. But I would not say that white men have _never_ hated women until women hated men. It’s as old as humanity. It’s just not been as bad as it is today.

          • PrometheusReturns

            Someone, you didn’t give any example of White men systematically hating White women in the same way we can point to Sharia, burqas, harems, clitorectomies or foot biding. No systematic, long-term, and wide spread mutilations like throwing acid in their faces or chopping off their noses. We have systems to compare what “hate” looks like when we compare the behavior of Whites and non-Whites. There are no White male systems that were anything like these non-White systems. Nor are their White male systems that are as devoted, degenerate, hateful, and well funded as Feminism. None. We don’t need platitudes to explain it or pretend everything is magically equal because it’s not.

          • Someone

            I wasn’t aware that we were talking about anything on that level. You mentioned today’s negative attitudes between white men and women, as far as I understood you, and you said that men had not hated women before women had hated men. I pointed out that acrimony between men and women has existed before, albeit not at the same intensity as we see today.

            As for Feminism itself, it must be destroyed.

          • PrometheusReturns

            Now you say this – ” You mentioned today’s negative attitudes between white men and women”

            But first you said this – “I’ve read historical accounts…”

            It’s obvious you knew we were talking about White history from the get go.

          • When was this? 1977? 1997? Last year?

          • JDC
          • Pray expand on your thesis, O Prometheus, because this could be intriguing. Examples? Timeline?

          • PrometheusReturns

            Thank you for illustrating to everyone you’re an indoctrinated Feminist.

          • Thank you for illustrating to everyone you’re completely clueless.

          • PrometheusReturns

            Thanks for consistently being a harridan. Feminism is part and parcel to who you are. Your worldview is Feminist.

          • I liked you better under your old alias.

          • PrometheusReturns

            I want you to explain in no uncertain terms why you believe that White men always hated White women.

            I’ll wait for your Feminist explanation.

          • “White men gave white women—” Hold it right there. Who exactly is giving whom what? I suppose these “white men” of your imagination had two male parents and four male grandparents, eh?

            We don’t have ditsy stuff like footbinding and Sharia because we are a distinctly different race and culture. Western white women would simply not have stood for it. You mock us as prim schoolmarms and priggish Junior Leaguers, but we’re the ones who created the stable, “safe and secure societies” you like to rant about.

        • I agree. It’s a reaction in kind to feminist aggression, but the problem is that it treats all women as blue-haired feminist thots instead of focusing on the ones who are not and making sure they succeed.

          That process reeks of male incel underconfidence.

      • Quentin Ackerman

        David Lane was right. But we can’t ignore the fact that a big part of the reason the beauty of white women might perish from this earth is because a lot of white women have decided to slut it up with “men” of other races who are little more than animals. One in six newlyweds are involved in an interracial marriage, and that’s not even to mention all the non-marital cases.

        If we’re going to save the beauty of white women from literally fading to black or some other shade of shit brown, we have to be honest about the many diseases that plague our people. Pretending there’s nothing wrong with white women and putting them on a pedestal, exempt from any criticism or any demand to improve, won’t save them. It will destroy them.

        • Equality is a lie. White women vary greatly in quality.

      • Percival Ruggles

        Of course we have issues with women. Have you looked at them lately? Or do you live under a rock?

      • This movement, like white nationalism, may be taken over by lower-caste elements who are “true believers” but understand nothing of what we must do.

        In their view, changing our laws to favor the huwhite man again will fix everything, especially if we kill/exile/enslave the Jew™ and the Negro.™

        In actuality, modern society has been a death trap for white people. It makes them miserable and they start quarreling among one another and not reproducing. That is what we are seeing in this thread.

        • Brett, I think that you should throw your purse at them now to let them know that you mean business.

    • Give me a break. This is fatalistic self-pitying nonsense. There is work to be done. White women aren’t perfect and neither are white men. White women need white men more than ever and if Western Civilization is to be saved, miscegenating isn’t an option so forget about your Eastern European poontang.

      • Marshall Lentini

        Of course. Any criticism of modern women falls into one of two ready-made categories, which it *must* be to avoid accountability: either “paid antifa / Jewish agent”, or some sort of maudlin pathology without any basis in fact. Much like the way the other side dismiss criticism by referring to keyboards and basements.

        Anything to avoid reflecting on how miserable, bossy, masculine – in short: how personally ugly – you have become. White women can do no wrong. It’s always our fault, always our job.

        Who says miscegenation isn’t an option — you? I’d impregnate half of Africa before perpetuating your genes. I’ve spent most of my life suffering from white women’s god complex. Most of us have.

        You also imply that eastern Europeans aren’t white: and what better proof of your incurable hatefulness do we need?

        At this point, you’re a different species. You’re damned right you need us. But I can’t see any reason for needing you. All you have left is the intractable sycophancy of desperate white men keeping you afloat.

        If you are western civilization, I’m quite content to watch it burn.

        Personally, I’d put you all in chains. It’s all that would ever work.

        • People like you are perpetuating the failure of Western men and women. We don’t need your pessimism that masquerades as a profound understanding of reality. Go buy yourself an Asian bride, which is what you’ll get with your Eastern European woman.

          I guess all that talk about saving Western Civilization is just posturing. With people like you espousing the destruction of Western Civilization, who needs enemies? You’ve proven the point I’ve been making here and elsewhere: our enemy is not some Third World population or the J3ws, it’s us and it’s always been us. Our destruction comes from within, not without. So thank you for that.

          • Marshall Lentini

            QED, princess. 😁

          • AJ

            Utter nonsense. Our population is an organism. Jewish influence is a virus eating that organism to pieces. We might have some problematic tendencies, but the absolutely insane and suicidal behaviors and trends we see today are all provably rooted in Jewish schemes.

          • The Dank One

            >our enemy is not some Third World population or the J3ws, it’s us and it’s always been us.

            No. The racial enemies of the White race are the Jews; always have been, always will be. Don’t ever try to obfuscate that.

            You stated above that “White women need white men more than ever”. I agree.

            So then, why don’t you *actually* live by your own words and stop behaving like a stereotypical feminist by being argumentative and counter-signaling men posting their thoughts and personal experiences here? Feminine women offer support and understanding to their men. Being confrontational like this is a masculine trait.

          • Marshall Lentini


          • I do live by my own words. Speaking the truth is not confrontational. Trying to silence uncomfortable truths by accusing me of being masculine is disingenuous of you, but then you do seem to like to point the finger of blame at others so it follows.

          • PrometheusReturns

            For fucks sake do you ever stop counter-signalling White people?

          • Johnny Fascismo

            Stating an opinion is not counter-signaling. “LARP” and “counter-signal” are both overused to the point of being meaningless.

            “This person just said something that I wouldn’t have said!!! STOP COUNTER-SIGNALING!!!!!”

          • PrometheusReturns

            “Stating an opinion is not counter-signaling.”

            That’s like saying “stating an opinion is not revealing classified information to the public.” Depends on the content. Just stop being autistic.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            lol true. I’ll consider this option.

          • Percival Ruggles

            Recognizing reality for what it is isn’t “pessimism”.

          • This is true and I agree but blanket statements such as “white women are gone,” “all they want is themselves” and “I’d put you all in chains” are over the top and unnecessary. I would call these comments false, emotional and pessimistic.

        • JDC
      • Vincent Law

        White Western women really are racists at heart. Good news I suppose?

        I mean, since when is an Eastern European woman considered miscegenation?

        No wonder women don’t care about the Third World horde of young brown men, Only beautiful Eastern European women raise their patriotic ire.

        • I concur 100%!

        • No wonder women don’t care about the Third World horde of young brown men, only beautiful Eastern European women raise their patriotic ire.

          You’re right: Western European women are racist at heart. We are also nationalists. We want the preservation of Western Civilization. This requires Western European men and women.

          Western Europeans are a distinct people and we have created a civilization that reflects this. If you want the success of Western Civilization then you should want the success if its people, not their destruction. Breeding with Eastern Europeans (people who are already mixed) will result in the destruction of the very thing that you claim to support.

          Eastern Europeans are people of mixed race. Just because a person is blonde and blue-eyed doesn’t mean that they aren’t part Asian. Both phenotype and genotype are important; appearance is only one of the things that distinguishes or identifies a nationality. Genetics will out in behavior in a most definitive way.

          Trace admixture is important and it is this recognition of the diversity that exists within the European nations that will save Western Civilization. Recognizing the genetic diversity that exists among WHITE™ people is what prevents diversity of any other sort from entering and destroying Western Europe.

          Once you make all the people of Europe interchangeable you destroy them. It’s the first step to the diversity that now exists, but it’s easier to claim that Western European women are interchangeable and replaceable with Eastern European women. That intellectual and moral laziness and dishonesty are what is causing our demise.

          • Vincent Law

            Let me give you the TL;DR. You are threatened by women who are thinner, more feminine and more preferred by White men.

            So you resort to calling them mongols.

            You could just put down the fork, but nooo lets do some D and C shilling that X peoples isn’t White.

          • I understand your anger but it’s self-defeating.

            Perhaps an image will explain where my words failed.


            The reality is that diversity exists within the so-called white race and it makes a difference. Western Civilization was created by Western Europeans. You cannot resurrect a civilization with people from another race, even if it is closely related. Admitting a small diversity leads to acceptance of larger diversity. We are not interchangeable with Africans or Hispanics, and we are not interchangeable with Eastern Europeans.

          • Vincent Law

            There’s no anger here, darling.

            Just pointing out your ulterior motives.

          • You’ve never responded to any of my comments with anything other than false accusations or emotion, and yet you accuse me of having ulterior motives.

            Funny that.

  • MarlinLover

    Labelling these thots’hot’, only strengthens their principle of utilizing exhibitionism and lechery to attract as many potential male mates as possible; over the alternative of chastity, virtue and honesty. Only when we grow a set of balls and begin to label them as unnactractive, will you see genuine change.

    I’ll take a modest, coy women in a pretty white dress over a thot walking around flashing her bare ass, any day. Promote K selection folks, if you wish to help our people.

  • The Dank One

    If we were to totally shed our moral compasses and say “to hell with Western Civilization”, the bottom line is that men are sexually satisfied with *variety* and women are sexually satisfied by having the *best*. Marriage and family (often arranged marriages), and severe consequences for degenerate behavior, helped to keep those human urges in check, and provided *long term* satisfaction at the expense of *short term* sexual gratification. This arrangement contained female hypergamy, and contained a man’s sexual desire for variety.

    The (((sexual liberation))) movement of the 1960’s didn’t create a situation in which both sexes met this supposedly “sexually liberated” end. Instead, we ended up with a situation which unleashed female hypergamy and at the same time left a significant percentage of men in the current year completely sexless.

    We got this:

    By the late 20’s, if a woman is still single, she’ll realistically have to lower her standards – though some single women in their 30’s literally think they are entitled to men at the top right of that meme.

    Hypergamy is very real, and it has been unleashed without restriction by 2nd and 3rd wave feminism. It was always contained within the nature of women, it simply took a certain (((societal movement))) to unleash it without restraint. The way I see it, we have two options I can think of off the top of my head:

    1.) We either collectively lay the smack-down on our women and *force* them back to the left side of that meme I posted, or

    2.) We become the men at the top right corner of that meme.

    A combination of the two is perhaps warranted. Even if White men carry out the second option, if on a societal level it is still okay for White women to pair with non-Whites they are going to do it (that’s where the first option comes into play). Easily over 80-90% of the mixed-race couples I see in my city are non-White (usually black) male with White female.

    I’ll tell you one thing, doubling down on what we’ve been doing – allowing women to influence political
    movements, seeking the approval of women, and trying to sit down and convince young women with logical arguments – is insane. If we do that we are going to end up with a clusterf*ck and a low-trust movement. We’re going to get a bunch of cam-whores.

    Men in the White nationalist movement having their strategic options influenced and limited by the feelings of women is a product of feminism. Period.

    Most of the women active for our cause on here are either married with children already, are widowed, or are single and past their best years for child-bearing. Our approach to correct the situation needs to be tailored to correcting the behavior of women in the approximate age range of 18-26, and seeing to it that they adhere to the left side of that meme – regardless of what the aforementioned older women have to say about the matter.

    • Tragic Comedy

      Agreed, however, that last paragraph is rather dubious, in several regards.

      • The Dank One

        I’d be more than happy to elaborate.

        Let me elaborate further.

        I am interested in correcting the behavior of White women who are in the peak of their sexual market value and fertility, namely the (approximately) 18-26 year-old range. The way to do this, I believe, is to create a movement of men who are *attractive* to women and who women are willing to follow, not because of political beliefs, but because there is genuine, gut-level sexual attraction.

        However, and this is key, most women are NOT honest about what they want, or they have conflicting feelings and emotions about what they want (depending on what time of month it is and how close to ovulation they are). If they were indeed honest, we wouldn’t see the situation we currently have, a situation where we are literally surrounded by unattractive “beta” males. These betas are literally the product of listening to what women told us they “wanted”. Not working out for us so well!

        Now, Albionic American in his post above covers the other important part of the equation (represented by the left side of that meme I posted), that of removing societal institutions which give women an “escape” from their womanly responsibilities of child-rearing and homemaking; you force them into a situation where they have to select productive White men of good character (regardless of level of attractiveness) to start families with.

        • Middle aged mother

          Our women need self restraint and to practice moral value that they truly believe in. Our grandmothers did it just fine and without Prozac or birth control pills. There is no reason we can’t have high standards of behavior for our girls. It’s in their long term best interest.

          Also our women need to lose weight. Sure the average guy & average girl should be able to sustain a marriage. But she needs to not be obese.

    • Demography is Destiny

      Option 3. is to physically remove non-Whites from White countries, so that White women don’t find a non-White partner even if they are looking for one. That was the situation for 99% of the time of White Civilization.

      • The Dank One

        I like the sound of this.

      • AJ

        Multi-pronged approach. Yours is the ultimate goal. In the meantime, start attaching a social cost to Jew-instigated slut culture, and watch women start backing away from it like was a ticking bomb.The thot meme is good. Once a thing is encapsulated in a term, narratives about that thing, and therefore personal and official policy, can be imposed.

      • A hymn to Hermes

        Doesn’t really solve the problem for young men, who you are going to need to accomplish Option 3. What we have now is basically a form of polygyny, which would be the case even without non-whites and will have all of the problems of polygynous societies and with liberal attitudes prevailing even more so.

        You aren’t going to motivate young men towards agitating for social change if the social change in question is just funneling would-be mudsharks to their hypothetical non-white boyfriend’s white wingman instead. At the end of the day you are still telling 60-80% of young men to go and jerk each other off.

        • WHAT

          Interestingly, this demographic situation is very conductive to waging wars. You have surplus young males without women literally wasting themselves into nothing, indoctrinate them properly and send them off to channel their sexual energy into destruction of your opponents. Sure, many will die, but men are wired for that in the end of a day.

          If you consider that many of male archievements are made with sex as an important(if not the most important) motivating factor, it paints a good prospect for islam/chinks – and dire one for us.

      • orbit

        contrary to popular belief, race mixing is still quite rare. Whites stick to whites, apart from a few niche groups.

      • TheLulzWarrior
    • thebenismightier

      Agreed, very good post. Though I will say that the number 2 option is very limited in scope. Much of attractiveness is genetic. I mean self improvement is mostly about correcting life style errors, not really about actually improving yourself. Say if you are a handsome man but hidden under a blob of fat, than yes you can become an 8 or a 9 by working out. But if you are a fat ugly guy, if you lose weight you will just become a skinny ugly guy… PUA are mostly pretty lies sold by conmen to ugly people. I mean charisma matters, and PUA can help autists, but in this day and age looks are way more important and are becoming more important by the day. I know some PUA cultist will counter signal me here and say how he fucked 6 million women in the last week alone and I am a eunuch bla bla bla; these PUA people lie so much they start believing their own lies at a certain point.

      As an aside, before I joined this whole thing I never would have though that this so called ‘far right movement’ would have a problem with white knights and beta orbiters. And yet here we are, having to explain stuff which would have been intuitive to any man before 1965.

      The stereotypes the media makes of us are not correct in this regard also. Unfortunately we are way more faggy in reality than the media would have people believe; portraying us as bad ass skinheads LOL who don’t take shit from anybody, especially women. Turns out as soon as some random thot with a cleavage makes a youtube video and mouths some pseuo-altright stuff, hundreds of beta orbiters pop up, all wearing their shining white armor, ready to defend their CHASTE AND PURE ARYAN INOCCENT MOTHER OF WHITE BABIES! who later turns out to be just another thot LOL.

    • Albionic American

      The task of white nationalism runs up against the tragedy of male sexuality, in other words.

      I’d like to see honest sex ed which takes the boys aside and explains to them that girls will find most of them sexually repulsive. Boys can see for themselves starting in middle school which of their classmates in their given state — the cool boys — organically attract girlfriends and start having sexual experiences without enduring any of this humiliation from their elders about how they don’t meet girls’ standards, and that therefore they need to “improve” or “develop” themselves first and wait an indefinite amount of time before they can become worthy of access to girls’ bodies. Instead the girls at that age find these boys ready to bed in their raw condition.

      No, the uncool boys — the nerds — get that advice. (I used to think that our elders, who know more about life than the nerds do at the age these boys first hear this “advice,” at least mean well for them. Now I have my doubts about the elders’ good intentions.)

      The girls in turn try to have their early sexual experiences with the relative handful of the cool boys while ignoring the nerds. However, as these girls mature into young women, they have to turn to the nerds for boyfriends and husbands, reluctantly and without enthusiasm, because the math doesn’t work out for having the kinds of men they really want.

      It would save the nerds a lot of grief if sex ed Red-Pilled the boys early on about the tragic nature of male sexuality in a hierarchical species. This would make sex ed better than our current system with its egalitarian assumption that all healthy, able-bodied boys start out with more or less equal prospects for having sex lives, when boys can figure out pretty quickly through their own experience that sex doesn’t work that way.

      • Four stars for that last para. Very good.

        As for “I’d like to see honest sex ed which takes the boys aside and explains to them that girls will find most of them sexually repulsive.”—agree with the sentiment, disagree with the premise that Sex Ed was ever a good idea in the first place. Doesn’t belong in most schools.

        • A hymn to Hermes

          Well ideally in the near future our schools will be community school houses with parents involved in pedagogy instead of sterile public schools staffed by apparatchiks.

        • orbit

          cats out of the bag. making kids ignorant and pregnancy and STDs isnt going to make their hormones shut off. We’re not going back to Victorian England. you wouldnt like it anyway

          • What a naïve youngster. Perhaps you imagine Sex Ed’s been around forever? Actually it began as recently as the 1970s. The trajectory of illegitimacy and perversion’s been going skyward ever since.

            The whole sales-pitch of bringing in compulsory Sex Ed was that it would prevent teen pregnancies and venereal disease. Instead both have gone up 2000%.

            And who do you suppose was behind it all? Why, Planned Parenthood. Surprise, surprise. They actually BOAST of it on their website.

          • orbit

            Right wing groups have been gaining popularity for the last 5 years, coinciding with the migrant invasion. Migration has gone up by 2000%. Right wing groups are causing the migrant invasion.

          • Can the ‘post hoc ergo propter hoc’ crap. We’re talking DIRECT RESULT here. Alt Right isn’t force-feeding people nonsense about the virtues of illegal aliens. White Nationalists have not been lobbying school boards to institute Race Displacement courses.

            The Sex Ed crowd have in fact been encouraging and normalizing illegitimacy and perversion for over a generation. They extol the virtues of sodomy and call it “safe sex.” They tell 15-year-olds it’s okay to fool around “if you use a condom.” They actually hand out condoms. (“Kids, here’s the proper way to shoot heroin. Always use a clean, disposable needle!”)

          • orbit

            Would you rather these kids get pregnancies and STDs? Being a reactionary moral hardliner isn’t going to change biology.

          • It didn’t happen.

          • orbit

            Yeah well it’s happening now. Being in denial and trying to recreate the 1950s in the classroom isn’t going to turn back the clock. I don’t understand how grown ass people turn so retarded when it comes to their political rhetoric

          • The sex-ed you so dote on . . . is a prime cause of all these troubles. Things don’t just happen.

          • orbit

            fire drills cause fires

          • Great grasp of logic there. Fire drills don’t cause fires, neither do they prevent them. Enabling and encouraging illicit sex does in fact lead to illicit sex, perversion, and illegitimacy. Even with abortion, there are 15 times as many bastards born today as in the pre-porn-ed era.

          • orbit

            fire drills prevent the consequences of fires ie people dying. sex ed prevents the consequences of irresponsible, unprotected sex ie unwanted pregnancies “bastards”. Do you honestly think if we took away sex ed, stopped teaching dumb kids about birth control, the amount of bastards would go DOWN? get off your ideological high horse for 3 seconds

          • Kellygirl

            Gotta go with her. Parents should be educating children. The home is where most things should be taught. Hell, even an older sibling is better…
            Why!? Because who has your childs best interest in mind!?

            Sodomy is sodomy. Thats what church taught. But school says its ok as long as you wear a condom. Parent needs to teach. The internet is a perfect tool.

          • Kellygirl

            Im sorry. I found learning that anal sex is safe sex as long as you wear a condom perverse.

            I understand the liberal “education is empowerment” but why dont we empower the parents to be the educators.

          • Smash Islamophobia

            Muh (((sexual repression)))! It’s like these goyim have some kind of complex, or reaction formation, or something. Oy vey. I think reading some of the work of that great man, Sigmund Freud, might be very helpful to them.

          • orbit


        • I heartily agree. Do we want government teaching children anything at all?

      • WHAT

        Every man knew this by heart before 60s anyway, in US at least.

        I`ve recently read a couple of books by the rocket/aero men of the era, and what strikes me is they don`t look all that alfa with the notable exception of Kranz. Yet each one had a veritable litter of kids, so sex certainly wasn`t an issue either!
        On the other hand, with the work they were doing, they couldn`t have been home all that much. Still, they were in the hottest field there was and shown on TV, so each one probably was her own personal Clint Eastwood to his wife…fuck, I forgot where I was going with this.

        • When I see Gene Kranz I wonder where he put his bowtie and porkpie hat. Seriously, the original Mercury astronauts always “read” as alpha to me. Even the unfortunate Gus Grissom. Heroic but self-effacing.

          • Did you attend high school with most of those men? The Alt-Right is a movement for young White men. It certainly isn’t a shocker that it doesn’t resonate with an old woman like you. Go hang out with Brett Stevens and talk about how great things were in the 50’s. We in the Alt-Right are all about the future and progress. We don’t have any fatalistic misconceptions about our future, nor will we allow someone like you to determine it or define us.

          • Jack Donovan, call your office. Some hot young white men here doing a Movement.

          • Gosh, ‘a movement for young White men.’ Somehow I don’t remember putting that in when I wrote the specifications.

            Sure you’re not looking for Jack Donovan? Right down the hall, lad. Can’t miss it.

          • Of course you make a typical fag reference, très drôle! The Alt-Right does not tolerate Jews, queers, or compromise. Why are you so upset? Did they not give you your pudding at the old folks home today?
            Btw, it does not look clever when you use single quotation marks incorrectly, fyi. Write that down in your “specifications.”

          • ‘Trey’ is literally shaking.

          • It’s called international style, youngster… it’s the punctuation generally used outside the USofA. But of course you wouldn’t know that. You have elsewhere described the vicinity of Trump Tower as ‘Upper West Side.’ Uh-huh.

            Perhaps you should pack your cardboard suitcase and change your pseud to ‘Troy Kankakee.’

          • Did it take you this long to formulate your response? You are an elderly woman, so I am not surprised.

            You are just making up stories now with your absurd diatribe, you senile old bag. I’ve never described the location of Trump Tower as the “Upper West Side.” I described your cat-filled studio apartment’s location as being on the “Upper West Side.”

            Thank you for being a fan, though. Admittedly, I’ve never read anything of yours because I only like to read material that does not instantly put me to sleep.

            My “pseud” is a nickname, so I use it as my nom de guerre.

            How would one do a quote within a quote with your completely degenerate “international style” single quote scheme, pray do tell kitten?

            Please make sure that you change your Depends and take your Namenda before responding with such absolute nonsense next time.

          • Little boy, I’ve seen your kind come and go (down in flames). I’m pretty well known to the people who matter. It is well established that I live near Trump Tower. This neighborhood is not the Upper West Side. So you lost that round, sonny. Did I hurt your feelings?

          • Extremely old lady, you will certainly “go” before I do unless you become part cyborg or upload your consciousness to something in the near future.

            I can see that some important people follow you on Twitter, yet here I am returning your insults-“literally shaking”, lol; I am definitely not as impressed with you as you are with yourself.

            You can thank one of my many antecedents for whichever neighborhood it is you live because I am a Knickerbocker in the true sense of the word, meaning a descendant of the Dutch settlers of New York, not just because I live on this plot of dirt.

            On a side note, it really warms my heart to see how smitten and intrigued you are by me. So much so, in fact, that you that you feel compelled to keep responding. Oh, that’s right, it’s because I matter.

            Once again, thank you for being a fan, Margot. More to come soon.

          • “””You can thank one of my many antecedents for whichever neighborhood it is you live because I am a Knickerbocker in the true sense of the word, meaning a descendant of the Dutch settlers of New York, not just because I live on this plot of dirt.”””

            Ha ha ha. You don’t even remember Knickerbocker Beer.

            I had forebears here in the 1640s. They owned much of upper Manhattan. SOMEHOW I DOUBT we’re related.

            I’ve fisked a thousand young punks. That includes cowardly Antifa moles who hide behind pseudonyms, don’t show their faces, and whom no one in real life seems to know—strangely enough!

            Go back into the shadows, Yussel. You’ve been busted.

          • You’re asking people about me?! You are so smitten–that’s so cute. Alas, I’m already married, kitten.

            Well, if you mean the Dyckman family, then we are related. My family arrived in 1623, darling; I’m related to them all. Maybe we can go visit the old family farmhouse together soon?

            Btw, I’ll be in C-ville this weekend not being a cowardly Antifa mole. I’ll let everyone at the AltRight party know that you said hello.

            Don’t you have some writing to do?

            Stop being so obsessed with me and get busy–there are people with insomnia out there tonight that need something to help them fall asleep.

          • You won’t be in Charlottesville. But I am impressed that you’ve sussed out the Dyckman connection and try to claim it for yourself. It was only by marriage (I believe!) so far as I know.

            Noooo… I don’t think so, boychik. Fake cousin.

          • Can we kiss and make up? I thought you were a troll. I won’t apologize because that is not really what I do. Let’s DM on Twitter; I just added you, cousin, lol.

          • I am very impressive. Thank you for noticing.

            I will be in Charlottesville; I promise.

          • Is that really you in that YouTube video at the NPI con? If so, Daddy likey. You’re a fiery old bird. I take back half the mean things I’ve said about you so far. I had no idea.

            P.S. I have read something by you, Ms. Metroland. I thought that you were just some troll. Imagine my shock, lol.

          • I’ve fisked a thousand young punks.

          • Kellygirl


          • Kellygirl

            Hey hey hey…. The alt right resonates with a young black female like myself. Thats the problem. It may have more supporters if you didnt limit yourselves.

          • We’ll take all the support we can get, but if you are a Black female, then you can never be Alt-Right; therefore, I do not know what you mean by “limit yourselves.” The Alt-Right is strictly for White people-no exceptions.

          • Kellygirl

            Lmbo. I. Am half german. Are you really gonna deny my “white” gtfoh

          • Not going to deny that you are a mulatto, no. You are just not White enough to be Alt-Right. 50% White does not qualify you regardless from which White ethnic group your DNA derives, so you gtfoh.

          • Kellygirl

            Im not “white” im half german. With some other CAUCASIAN thrown in there. I am not mulatto, half wit.

            I think you may be a bit jealous im superior. I hit the gene pool lottery.

            Sorry youre just a boring white male

          • Endymion

            Stop with the Twitter shenanigans please, this is not the right place for that kind of behaviour. It is not witty, it is not funny, and it is not appropriate. Or even true for that matter, no one’s crying, except maybe you.. You certainly seem pissed off about being rebuked like this.

            I understand your pain, being caught between worlds. Maybe this is why miscegenation isn’t such a great idea after all. You should move to Brazil where you can be among others of your kind. There will be mixed ethnostates in the US in the future as well. Try to cope until then. It will be ok.

          • This may be the stupidest comment I have ever read. Wow! It’s difficult to put into words what a complete moronic clown you are. The worst thing about your comments is that you don’t even realize how stupid you sound to the rest of us. You think that you are somehow enlightened, but in reality, you are a very pathetic 1.0-type person. We are all so beyond that, magic mulatto girl. Try harder with your insults.
            Btw, I get called a racist and White supremacist on a daily basis, and it doesn’t phase me in the least. If fact, I take it as a compliment. So, thank you!

          • Endymion

            What is a “1.0 type person”?

          • It has several connotations, but in this case it means someone that makes it beyond the normie-leftist narrative and really believes that they have finally found the ultimate truth; however, their ideas are still archaic because they have not moved past something like libertarianism or conservatism into race realism, etc.

          • Endymion

            Ahhh, I see.. kind of confusing though since people are also talking about 1.0 type white nationalists. I.e. the skinhead types of the 90s.

          • Exactly! Perfect example. That’s generally how we use it. She just needs to listen to something other than Rush and Hannity; that’s what I meant. She truly believes that she is woke and is somehow “educating” us, when in reality, she comes off as a troglodyte. This might have been a stimulating conversation for most of us 5 years ago but definitely not now.

          • Kellygirl

            Lol. You are not alt right. You are a supremacist.
            Trey…you could have anything in your breadbaskets.

            You are a broken salty cracker. Keep up with the kindergarten level insults. You my friend are in no position to dictate to me what political ideologies i adhere too. You are a white supremacist. Not alt right.
            You arent the authoritarian or gatekeepers of alt right.

            You white men are so weak!! Weak whiny white male tears😭

          • Sounds like I struck a nerve. Your weave may be a little too tight today, Shwacreesha. Might want to dial back the hair chemicals, too; they seem like they are doing permanent brain damage at this point.

          • Kellygirl

            Schwacreesha!? Lol. Kelly is my name. Thanks. Trey is fairly ethnic.
            Further, weave!? Perm!? If you have to tell yourself my beauty isn’t fake, that’s on you. Perms are what white women get. Weave is for them too.

            My hair is completely natural.
            Trey again

          • You are sooooooooo delusional. You’re the perfect stereotype of a mentally deranged mulatto.

          • Kellygirl

            Lol. I’m deranged because I don’t wear weave. My name is not some stupid name you made up. I’m delusional because i don’t perm my hair. I’m delusional because I consider myself altright as I believe in empowering young men, regardless of race. I’m delusional because I refuse to accept your derogatory definition of who I am. I am delusional because I called you a white supremacists and not alt right….
            I’m delusional!? Aight T-ray. We are done here. I have to work for my living. Not only do I empower the youth but I take care of the elderly. What the fuck do you do for your country except whine about your feelings off loss of control.

          • Typical mentally deranged mulatto.

          • Kellygirl

            Lol. Trey. Admit it. You are pissed you couldn’t have a bitch like me. I would come down from my unicorn and slap you but I got too many young men to empower.

          • Literally lol’d for that 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

          • Endymion

            You are HALF German. This does not make you white. Why would you think so?

          • Kellygirl

            At what point did i claim to be white!? I said ima black female. Clearly. But that doesnt mean i am not comprised of predominantly white.

            Lol. Im superior. I have the best of all words, beyatch.

          • Endymion

            So superior but still can’t write properly.

            No, you should not be living in a white country. You would dilute our precious blood. Get out please.

          • Kellygirl

            Too late.
            Precious blood!? You mean weak blood!? Opioids seem to be whats killing you off quicker these days.

          • Kellygirl

            Further, wait. You are contradictory. I can support you but i cant be alt right!? You are not the gatekeeper nor do you define what altright is. Im altright as i believe in empowering all men in my country before it becomes a feminist shithole, thanks to you white men…
            You are one of the very ignorant individuals that creates a bad rap for a movement. Who are you to tell me what my ideologies are!? Did i make you feel a wee bit more powerful asserting your (white)male privilege!? Good. I know i did. I empowered you.

            No go forth my young pad a wan. Empower other sensitive meek men like yourself.

          • You sound like a typical troll. You responded to my message in the comments section of my article on the website for which I write. Sounds like I might define “what altright is” just a little bit.

            You may enjoy some of my other articles or videos, too.

            Thanks for being a fan!

          • Kellygirl

            You are not alt right. You are a white supremacist.

          • You’re a mulatto mental case.

          • Kellygirl

            I am not mulatto, narcissist.

          • Mulatto-
            n. A person of mixed White and Black ancestry.

          • Kellygirl

            You do not define what i am.
            mulatto is a term used to refer to lighter skinnef brazilians. I am not brazilian…
            I am a Mischlingskinder. Not mulatto. I am scheartzedeutsche. Not mulatto. Im second generation american..
            You are clearly upset you can not trace your DNA. Im sorry you are born boring. That is not my fault.

          • I just did define what you are. Is English your first language?

          • Kellygirl

            Lmbo. Ill define you now, and i bet mine will be more accurate.
            You have no clue what you really are, so you check the box of “white”. You are a person of no true home, though you white supremacist swear America belongs to you. As white women begin to emasculate you white men, you guys are becoming fubar. So whats happening is, they are selling out weak white pudding such as yourself, jumping ship and screwing men of other colors. Your bloodlines are getting weaker, and your race smaller. You white males can pinpoint the point that you are becoming extinct. Your white women refuse to birth anymore of your wee dick children. And you all thinks its minorities Faults!? So you grasp on to homosexual provocateurs like Milo Fagganopolous. Lol.
            When really, the problem is yours to solve. You have all the power in your hands to ” take back your country” but youre too busy circle jerking one another in public toilets.

            Get the fuck up off your tuffet little miss muffet. Stop crying and bullying me, a black female. I know its making you get a little tight in the jeans. The rare opportunity to keyboard spar with a “mulatto” girl. Get off your lazy fucking ass and start empowering men. Its your womens fault this country is a shithole. While youre busy arguing with me about my ethnicity, you could be stopping another young male, white if youd like, from committing suicide because a woman took his position.

          • Your psychotropic medication does not seems to be working well these days. You should ask your Psychiatrist to titrate your dosages.

          • Kellygirl

            Trey trey. Sound like a gay hood name. Anywho…. You are text book narcissist. When faced with differing opinions, you have first attacked intelligence and ended it with my sanity.
            You clearly suffer from illusions of grandeur and paranoia. You, my friend. Are mental unstable. You are a ticking time bomb. I sense in the near future you will be caught blowing up a daycare.

          • You do not have any command of the English language and read like an elementary schoolgirl.

          • Kellygirl

            As is mulatto you reject! I define what I am.

          • Nope, I do.

          • Kellygirl

            Lol. Aight. If it makes you feel powerful trey trey.

          • Are you a tranny? You keep mentioning your balls.

          • Kellygirl

            Tranny!? Trey, is this reverse psychology!? Are you trying to get me to show you my pretty brown puss!?

          • I just vomited

          • Kellygirl

            Trey. Vomit ain’t my sort of thing. It’s ok if it’s yours.

          • Are you neglecting your patients right now talking to me? Is this one of those colored people lunch hours? I hope that no White people are being affected by your terrible work ethic and apathy toward your job duties.

          • Kellygirl

            Lol. Desperation.

          • I clearly can. It’s called a DNA test. Look at my FB and Twitter; posted on both, mulatto girl. And no, you are not an American because Americans can only be White.

          • Kellygirl

            No. I’d rather not look at your FB and Twitter. No thanks. I’m not that interested

            Oh lawd. Only Americans are white….
            And you question my sanity!?
            You need to go back and sit on your father’s knee…the first Neanderthal to learn to beat his meat and ask him to explain that you aren’t America. Either.

            Trey…you sure you don’t have black in you!?

          • You’re just obsessed with me now- very pathetic. You have absolutely zero insight or general understanding of history.

          • Kellygirl

            Lol. You are cute kitten.

            Listen snowflake. You can call YOURSELF a white nationalist or supremacist. You are a smaller segment in the broad category of altright. You’re trying to inflict racism over the net and define me. It’s not working white puddin. At the end of the day, your definition of me or my principles is as powerful as the button I use to turn off my phone.

          • You never make any sense.

          • Kellygirl

            Didnt you just tell Margot she wasnt alt right because she was an old white woman and it was for white men!? My, how your definition varies.

          • She and I are besties now. Just a misunderstanding at the time.

            The Alt-Right is a movement for young White men. White women are permitted but never in leadership roles. And yes, I define what Alt-Right is.

          • Kellygirl

            Ok. Explain milo. Hes clearly not “white” hes gay and he likes black men.

          • He’s not, nor has he ever been, Alt-Right- no Jews or fags allowed.

          • Kellygirl

            Milo’s voice is louder than yours.

          • He’s still a Jew and a fag. We’ll be around when everyone has forgotten him.

          • Kellygirl

            Apparently you won’t be around for too long. Why you #weakwhitemen are crying for attention.

          • Kellygirl

            Lol. Oh Jesus. You white men are really feeling your loss of control.

          • Kellygirl

            No. I used your article to support my argument thay white women are put on a pedastool by white men, and in turn they shit on their men.

          • We finally agree on something!

          • Kellygirl

            When the poop you just took was so big, it no longer deserves to be called a deuce.
            I just dropped a massive trey. Definitely a triple flusher.
            #trey#poop#deuce#shitting#shit#pooping look

          • Such a lady.

          • Kellygirl

            I know. I just looked up the name and look what came up!?

          • Kellygirl

            Oh. And you are shit!!

          • Endymion

            Of course we white nationalists define what the alt-right is, we are the alt right.

            You’re gonna come on here talking about white male privilege and claim to be alt-right? Fuck off! You’re not white and you’re not a part of our movement.

            Go be alt-lite somewhere else.

          • Kellygirl

            Lol. You do not define alt right. Not you or trey. You are white supremacist. White nationalist. You have no right and are in no position to define what alt right is.

          • I am definitely a White nationalist. 2nd point we agree on today.

      • orbit

        this is nature. sexy son hypothesis. look it up

    • AJ

      Ridicule.We need a ridicule campaign aimed at shaming women into the correct behaviors. Once there is a bug put in women’s ears, and they imagine that some percentage of men are looking at them as absolute garbage, they will become anxious and begin covering their tattoos and casting horrified looks at their low IQ brown children. The next generation will then begin to shift to modesty and better breeding choices. It will happen of its own accord. We just need to get the word out.

      The reason slut culture is so prevalent is that it is *normalized*. Women are not paying a social cost. Even theoretically conservative old men just shrug at beautiful young girls dressed like streetwalkers with black spots all over their skin. This needs to change. It takes *very little* shaming to change women’s behaviors. They are actually quite paranoid about disapproval. Be open about what we think, express how gruesome and pathetic thots and race-mixers are whenever the opportunity arises, and the change will take place faster than any of us may guess.

      I propose a negative branding campaign, using “thot” or some other creative term to do what was done with “cuckservative.” It will likely work even better than “cuckservative,” because of women’s secret terror of being social failures.

      • Zyzz

        Anytime I ever meet a woman who admits to having with sex with a black guy, being attracted to one, or anything similar I pretty much infer they are absolute trash. Especially if I am out on a date with them.

        I was on a date with a girl and it was going really good and then I nudged it towards race etc. she admitted there were differences between races and it’s best to be with someone who is the same race as us. And the I was like oh that’s great you’re not a mud shark. She didn’t know what that means so I told her. She then admits to having a one night stand with a black guy. I end it pretty quickly from there. i let her know that what she did was disgusting and unacceptable. The best part of it all was she was into me. And I rejected her simply because she had sex with a black guy.

        • Kellygirl

          Oh man. Your insecurities scream.

          • Zyzz

            No it is just gross and I absolutely refuse to compromise my standards

          • Kellygirl

            Ok. Ive met black men that would never date a black woman that touched a white man. Lol. They seem insecure to me aswell. Though ive never dated one.

            You scream insecure by the sheer delight you take in turning another person away because of a one night stand. Though ive never had one.

            You’ll grow up some and quickly learn your options will be limited.

          • Zyzz

            No you are retarded. You conflate my standards for insecurity. White girls who are attracted to black guys or even have an accidental one night stand are absolutely disgusting and appalling.

            I don’t take delight in turning her away, it was tough to do; actually. But I am glad I did it because we cannot allow women to get away with such disgusting acts. Additionally, if I would have overlooked the matter I would not be happy nor respect myself for doing so, why? Because I am so morally opposed to miscegenation.

          • Kellygirl

            How many brain cells did you waste coming up with retarded.

            Are you American!? If so, you are a product of miscegenation. You are no “european” you are white. My grandfather was a german immigrant. He explained why white Americans arent “european”….You’re bloodlines are blurred. You dont know whats in thr bread basket. Im sure you have slept with one person that is not ” pure european Caucasian”
            Meaning: youve committed the very thing you are so staunchly against. And why are you staunchly against miscegenation!? Help me understand

          • Zyzz

            Your grandfather is a fucking idiot

          • Kellygirl

            No. He was a german.

    • orbit

      I agree with parts of what you say but like most Beta male arguments they are self serving by virtue of being from a position of weakness – its easiest to blame women for everything because of their higher relative sexual power. But you said it yourself, men want variety, women want the best. Neither of those things are satisfied by marriage.

      So while women can punch above their weight, so to speak, by having short term flings with more attractive guys looking to get laid, even the betas wouldn’t be happy being stuck with some ugly woman, forever, and that’s before she starts aging. A lot of this LARPing reactionary bullshit imagines them getting assigned the beautiful Aryan pin-up girls that they post in these threads, which is delusion.

      The cats out of the bag. No one wants to give up their freedom, especially sexual freedom, even if they think it might be better in the big picture. Its all entirely disingenuous, if these angry LARPers could wake up as as an Alpha Chad tomorrow they would dump this bitter anti-woman shit faster than you can say “fourteen eighty eight”. Besides, the old system was mandatory and a form of control, enforced by elites who didn’t follow the rules themselves, not for any idealistic reason…

      • Return to the Old Ways

        This is the most feminist comment I’ve read on this site. The sentence “if these angry LARPers could wake up as as an Alpha Chad tomorrow they would dump this bitter anti-woman shit faster than you can say “fourteen eighty eight”” reads like it was actually written by a woman.

        • Percival Ruggles

          This is probably some White whore scared we will take her ability to be a thot away.

        • orbit

          nah, a feminist would use a lot of anti-male rhetoric and a whole different type of politicized, gender studies language.. All i did was drop a couple of red pills.

        • Smash Islamophobia

          Actually, he appears to belong to a tribe that is often characterized as somewhat feminine in their thinking, but I doubt that he’s actually female.

      • Percival Ruggles

        That control was good. We need the old system back.

        Are you a woman?

        • orbit

          no.. why would a woman post here

          • Zyzz

            A few do

          • Bob

            You do not find a problem that there are just about no ladies here ??????????

          • orbit

            Women generally get more real life social validation so they dont feel the need to escape into extremist online communities

          • Kellygirl

            White women do. Black women are not welcome to feminist movements believe it or not. We do not cosign on white females needs for attention and adoration for merely existing. While they continue to whine, we are carrying their stereotypes as if they are ours. Sorry. I felt the need to escape to an extremist site aswell. The white in me still believes in a white patriarchal society. Shit. A patriarchal society period. Again, stop limiting yourselves to others that are paying attention.

          • Kellygirl

            Im here!!! A unicorn. Your conservative “black” female.

      • KrugalSvylse

        And you think it’s a sucessful society that turns half the male population into bitter “losers” on the “sexual marketplace”?

        Seriously, this disgusting, idiotic, counterproductive man-shaming that I see all too much of — “haha, you’re an ugly loser who can’t get laid, that’s the only reason you don’t want muh sexual freedomz for women” — is rapidly pushing me towards full-on White Sharia.

        And before you start on me, retard, I’m past 40 and have five kids already so it’s not like I have been a “loser” in the evolutionary race. By your bullshit definitions, I guess I would be an “alpha chad” since I’ve never had trouble getting women (not in my post-teen years anyway) but guess what? I don’t like the modern culture of no-shame whoring around any more than other people with their heads screwed on straight.

        We absolutely have to get the thots under control and into stable marriages if we are to have any hope of getting the White birthrates up and get our society back on track. Anyone countersignaling that and suggesting that the status quo isn’t really so bad is a fool. At best.

        • orbit

          You’re out of the game, what else are you gonna say? Same with the virgins

    • TheLulzWarrior

      1 ) 1960s ≠ Current year, there is nearly half a a century difference.

      2 ) Most normies aren´t butthurt incels.

      3 ) Also, you left out ugly women (both on the outside and inside), being sexless turns them toward feminism and body positivity instead of White Sharia.

      • Kellygirl

        BF as in black female!? Lawd. You are ignorant. Black females are not feminist. It does not benefit us. Your white women have drug us into theor battle against you!!

    • Daisy

      “Easily over 80-90% of the mixed-race couples I see in my city are non-White (usually black) male with White female.”

      You may be interested in this article from the new observer online. It points out that white Americans were the least likely to marry someone of another race, with white women slightly less likely than men.

      • The Dank One

        Hi Daisy,

        When it comes to marriages, I don’t really doubt that study.

        When I say “couples”, I am casting a net over people who are either married, are likely dating, or are likely having some kind of sexual relationship. I also include in my data set White women (and men) I see at the grocery store pushing their mixed-race children around in their shopping cart.

        I am simply reporting what my own eyes (over the past year) are telling me from making observations in the American city I live in. The trouble, though, with using marriage data to track miscegenation is that blacks are rarely married to the White woman they are having kids with.

        • “Easily over 80-90% of the mixed-race couples I see in my city are non-White (usually black) male with White female.”


          And I thought I lived in hell!

          Here in South Florida, I see an occasional black male/white female couple. I saw one yesterday, the female was so hideous that I doubt she even deserved the nog she had. I do also see these couples with attractive females though.

          I would say that those bm/wf couples are less than 1% of what I see. I see even less, but occasional, wm/bf couples. Mostly what I see are White males mixing with South and Central American girls and people staying within their race. I do see the occasional White female with a South American guy, but it is probably 20 times less likely than the other way around.

          That being said, I visited my brother in the Midwest a year or so ago, and did seem to notice more bm/wf couples than I would ever see here. Nothing like the numbers you quoted though. I would consider moving to a better area if I were you.

          • Kellygirl

            In the midwest it is prevalent to see black males amd white females…..its because most of the white females are unattractive and ignorant. They are the white women in this article. So a female like myself has the pick of the best of the best when it comes to white males….
            Black dudes are shiot here.

        • Copyright101
          • Wow, is that depressing! Once you go black, we don’t want you back.

          • Kellygirl

            It is not true for white males who date/marry ethnic females. They have lowest divorce rate .

            A black woman will remind a white male of his privilege and demand he use it when it is necessary.

          • Copyright101

            I think there is some evidence that WM/BF couples tend to be more middle class in outlook than BM/WF and that they are the higher IQ black women on average.

            The key factor is the black male in any couple – they desert the white mothers of their children, they desert the black mothers of their children.

          • Kellygirl

            Exactly why the alt right isnt only for white males. Black males didn’t desert their children always. We had strong black family structures. It was womens rights that took black women from their communities causes to support white women. Black women are the ones that have suffered the most. When media portrays dads as dumb and weak (white)woman always smarter, stronger and kids know more, our family structure suffered from majorities media. Why its necessary for white men to stand up for a patriarchal society. The feminist movement hurt the black comnunity. When the white men start empowering each other aswell as other males regardless of race and make society what it was, as far as the family unit, then will it get better for all.

            White women barely show sympathy for one another. And yet call everyone else to help them fight their entitled battle. Im telling you, society is not better with a ton of white women running shit. We get shit on in their need to conquer you guys.

            Black female just trying to remind the bosses theyre the bosses. SO BE THEM.

        • Daisy

          While I understand your point that marriage data may not work in the case of Black on White relationships, the trouble with including data sets from your grocery store in your analysis is that is that it is very anecdotal 🙂

          Women generally look for partners they are able to settle down with, especially if they are aiming to have children. So in a way, the data on marriage sets can be extrapolated out and used as a rough rule of thumb for non-marital relationships.

          Besides, my experience in Europe is the complete opposite: the vast majority of mixed couples I see involve a White male with some ethnic female.

          The spectrum ranges from younger males with mixed race babies, to greying “gentlemen” with concubines.

          Men say they are not able to develop relationships with White females as they are too “demanding” yet these mixed-race relationships tend to break down within a couple of years by which point these ethnic females will find a way to stay in their host country – moving on to another target for example.

          It is simply untrue in my view to say that this problem is primarily one-sided.

          • Kellygirl

            In America, white men black female marriages have the lowest divorce rates.

  • millermp1

    “Here’s a secret guys, that thot is a damaged basket case on the inside.”

    If a guy hasn’t figured this out by sophomore year in high school, prospects are dim on virtually all fronts.

    • Tragic Comedy

      “If you fornicate with a fire, you burn your penis.”

      • MarlinLover

        If you fornicate with degenerates you lose your soul.

  • Tragic Comedy

    White men must remember, at the societal level, how to tell women ‘No’.

    “I want to go to college!”
    “I want to be a soldier!”
    “I want to kill my baby!”
    “I want to fuck non-Whites!”
    “I want to vote!”

    That last one is really important, integral even, as its existence inherently creates a conflict within the family if not curtailed… Of course, we all know the problem: No democratic system wherein women have the vote is going to permit legal establishment of the disenfranchisement women.
    Which means the democratic system has to go.

    • Johnny Fascismo

      Until the existing power structure collapses it doesn’t really matter who is voting.

      • Tragic Comedy

        Bro, should the existing power structure collapse, there will be no more voting of any kind – the only reason that shit still exists is because the state exists to employ violence against those who would seek to oppose democratic rule.
        As soon as there isn’t someone holding a gun to everyone’s head in order to force them to acquiesce to the whims of the masses, the strong will quickly dominate the weak via sheer physical force/liberal application of violence.

        At that point, women’s suffrage is so far from the list of concerns, its laughable.

        • Johnny Fascismo

          I don’t disagree with anything you just said.

    • No democratic system wherein women have the vote is going to permit legal establishment of the disenfranchisement women. Which means the democratic system has to go.

      Exactly. Democracy must go. It is a failure and must be replaced. The notion of equality has killed Western Civilization and must end.

  • Justin Von-Ungern Sternburg

    Hindi tattoos are fine as long as they reference Evola

    • Cascadia

      Street shitting is not a part of western civilization

      • Marshall Lentini

        Never been to Wales?

      • Justin Von-Ungern Sternburg

        I’ll shit on whatever street I want to, including your mom’s

  • Cascadia

    This is stupid. Any man who doesn’t know tattoos = not wife material is stupid. Being obsessed with thots is stupid. How can you hate these kinds of women and still want to be an alpha male who lifts? The whole point of being an alpha male who lifts is to get these kinds of women. Stupid.

    • Quentin Ackerman

      The point of being an alpha male who lifts is to make your body ready for the physical demands of white manhood (especially if there’s war or conflict), and to be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Lifting is good for testosterone and self-image, among many other things.

      Any man who thinks the point of lifting is to get these kind of women is a beta male who lifts.

    • JosephtheGreat

      No, the point of the alpha is to lead. An alpha is simply the leader of a social group. The idea of an alpha comes from wolf packs in which there is one alpha male and one alpha female. Interestingly, when studying wolves in the wild it was discovered the the alpha male and alpha female are actually the parents and the subordinate wolfs are their kids. Earlier when the terminology had been applied to humans it had been believed that the wolves were unrelated since that is how it was when they created hierarchies in captivity. But it turns out wolves are very family oriented animals and only parents can be alphas.

      • Cascadia

        All chiefs and no indians. Just what you guys need.

    • A hymn to Hermes

      The whole point of being an alpha male who lifts is to get these kinds of women.

      No, it’s to be the kind of man these women want while shunning and ostracizing them in favor of a different kind of woman.

  • adopt from your local shelter
  • USA 1776

    Great article. We need to return to traditionalism where a woman’s greatest sense of purpose in life comes from having children and fulfilling the honor of wifehood. No more divorce, and no more promiscuity.

  • Jen

    This is all well and great, but how does the Alt-Right even begin to counter the overwhelming influence the (((entertainment industry))) and (((mass media))) has in regards to shaping feminine ideals and encouraging exploitative narcissistic behavior?

    • Quentin Ackerman

      It has to start with our own families, and particularly our own daughters. It’s not going to be accomplished just through articles, videos, and social media, though those do help too. But primarily it’s about building our own families and shaping them according to these values.

    • PrometheusReturns

      That’s the big question we’re all having. I was discussing with my family (brothers, cousins) what books and movies we’re going to show our kids. One of my cousins has her daughter reading from her childhood books, the ones she scribbled in 20 years ago. I knew because she was eager to show me “mommy’s book”. It’s an easy decision to make when she’s 5 but what happens when she’s 10 or 15? What about school? Not everyone is cut out for homeschooling.

      There is another big worry, “Our children will never know what it was like to play safely at the park.”

      We talk about that one all of the time.

  • adopt from your local shelter
  • A Wise Man

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The kind of people who get tattoos are either mentally damaged, or were in a mentally fucked up place when they got them.

  • Rotha

    I once asked a guy who had an aboriginal tattoo “So what tattoo do aborigines get? 8 Ball?” Tattoos are for plebs, always were always will be.

  • Fascist Overlord

    Women will never conform to the necessary ideal needed to maintain a healthy society without a modest amount of coercion. It’s defiantly an uncomfortable thought.

    Removing divorce and eliminating alternatives is sufficient to restore balance. Burkas are probably overkill but no one would countersignal that doing nothing results in the dysfunctional shitshow we have now.

  • AJ

    Women are essentially children. Their concerns about the future extend out about a month, and their life philosophy runs no deeper than tracking what the people immediately around them think about them. Jews have weaponized womens hard-wired vanity and hedonism against white men, family-building, and traditional values. Being tattooed porn sluts was sold to them as the cutting edge identity, and their egos demanded that they conform. If you want to fix women, change the incentives. Attach a social cost, in the form of disapproval/ostracization, to self-destructive behaviors, and attach rewards to positive behaviors. That’s what they understand. Carrot=approval, ego gratification. Stick=bad feelings, social anxiety.

    • Actually what you’ve just described is most of humanity, women being only a subset. Most of humanity should be treated like children because that’s all they are and that’s all they are intellectually and morally capable of being.

      • AJ

        Topic is whites, not all humanity. In that context, women are much more susceptible to appeals to their vanity and short-term payoff than are men. This is because, as we evolved, this was advantageous for our women, because they only had to compete for status and good breeding opportunities in the safe and stable societies we created for them. Men were responsible for keeping the societies functioning and safe from outside threats, so we instinctively have a completely different orientation.

        • Whites have a real problem with being overrun by their own lower castes as well. Those of lower intelligence have a low threshold for delayed gratification and tend to fail at planning for the future, be they male or female, white or “other.”

          • AJ

            Not really. Sans Jewish influence white cultures tend toward social Darwinism.

        • “The safe and stable societies we created for them”? Excuse me, but white women did not create mestizos or the “equality” cult responsible for the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. Those “safe and stable societies” were not created by intrepid Mountain Men miscegenating with squaws.

          • Chadwick D. Prestington

            Sadly, you’re right. The Spanish settlers f*#ked absolutely anything from Aztec to Negro to the point where the only whites in South American are European immigrants from the late 19th century.

          • AJ

            The bad breeding choices of certain subsets of whites, and some high-flying equality rhetoric, would not be problematic if not for Jewish influence. It is Jews who pervert the common understanding of the human animal, and it is jews who pervert our laws. Sans Jewish influence we would all be race realists, as we have been since different races have been in contact with each other, and our laws would reflect that.

          • TheLulzWarrior

            The dysgenic breeding and rotten “traditional” societies is precisely why jewish influence ever became signficiant in the first place.

            Your “good old days” was a disaster waiting to happen.

          • AJ

            You’re a shitty troll. Your arguments are strictly rhetorical and boring. Jewish influence is significant because it is designed to capitalize on white habits of thinking and behavior. Your dysgenic breeding assertion is a meaningless generalization. Once again, you’re a shitty troll.

          • Low self-confidence white males always tend toward Asiatic women because they perceive that they are more compliant.

            When men are not sure of their own power, they choose doormat women so that these women do not challenge them. In turn, they miscegenate and create ruined civilizations with genetically destroyed people. Even small amounts of admixture can ruin a tribe.

        • TheLulzWarrior


          If even 10% of men understood the long-term, the big picture and acted accordingly, there would be a serious f***ing ruckus.
          They know marginally bettera s a whole than women but only because the highest pressure of society is on them.

        • TheLulzWarrior


          If even 10% of men understood the long-term, the big picture and acted accordingly, there would be a serious f***ing ruckus.
          The men know marginally better, as a whole, than women but only because they are the most s*** on by society.

          • AJ

            I think you have a low IQ.

          • I tend to agree. Right now, the white man (especially conservative or religious ones) is the bogeyman and prey of this society.

            This means men are waking up first.

            As more understand, people are realizing that our solution is not “more equality” but “no equality” and a return to hierarchical, purposeful civilization.

            This requires culture, which in turn requires nationalism, which is not racial so much as racial-and-ethnic, with the focus on the individual ethnic group.

            “German nationalism” and “Zulu nationalism” make sense. “White nationalism” and “civic nationalism” do not.

    • Karen

      “Women are essentially children”. Funny that back when women were still women they agreed that “men are essentially boys.”

      • AJ

        This is because women used to get what they wanted out of life by manipulating men, and like a boy, the man wants/needs to be rewarded with praise. But the man generally wants recognition for having accomplished something. As we evolved, men had to do things, prove themselves, to get any kind of social reward….Women are designed, physically and therefore psychologically, to get recognition just for existing. They can trade on sex appeal, and used to be able to rely on a standard of chivalry, so are not programmed to take a lot of responsibility for themselves and their choices.

        • Karen

          A woman is designed physically to accept a spermatoza into her uterus, grow a human fetus to maturity, expel it with pain and then nourish it with her breast milk. Psychologically she is designed to nurture this little person offering safety , counsel and kindness. It’s men like you who turn women away from their natural inclinations. What women would want to devote 18 years of her life nurturing a little you?

          • AJ

            You make my point. You describe that women are occupied with short term/immediate goals based in biological functions. Then you try to blame men for women being so commonly shallow and short-sighted that they are easily lured away from their most naturally fulfilling role, and end up miserable cat ladies.

          • Karen

            Raising a child into functional adulthood is not short term/immediate. You should quit now. You’re embarrassing yourself. You’re an embarrassment to all of the great men I’ve been privileged to know. Loser.

          • AJ


          • A hymn to Hermes

            Raising a child into functional adulthood is not short term/immediate.

            It is because the cause and effect of each action in the chain are short-term. Women don’t live unchanged lives for a decade and a half and gain an adult at the end. For women procreation pays off in a baby 9 months later. In the ancestral environment procreation pays off for men many years later when the child can work or provide some other benefit. Men do not even have a hormonal bond with their own children.

          • In an alternative wackadoodle universe where one believes in “hormonal pairbonds” and 15-year-old adults, I suppose it’s plausible for fathers to be motivated by the notion that a baby will support them in 50 years.

          • Percival Ruggles

            What of what he said is factually incorrect?

          • Karen

            It’s pathetic when an underdog rather than seek out the source of his dissatisfaction and degraded status takes the easy road and snaps at the dogs below him.

          • AJ

            It’s sad when a female dog just keeps barking hysterically because she can’t distingush between what is a threat and what is neutral.

          • A hymn to Hermes

            Psychologically she is designed to nurture this little person offering safety , counsel and kindness.

            …devote 18 years of her life nurturing…

            Women are wired biologically and psychologically to nurture children to about age 7 at most. The hormonal pairbond with both her mate and her child wears off at that point. Women’s role is tending children until they become useful to society, which in the ancestral environment was very young.

          • Baltika

            I get that it’s hard to see yourself described in that way, and maybe commentators should try to discuss women in politer terms (though on the other hand, this is an open forum and no one is forcing you to read the comments).

            But like most women who weigh in on this issue, you’re presenting the causality backwards. Women started embracing post-feminine anti-natalist behavior decades before people like AJ came about. AJ, and the alt right more broadly, is a response to the socially negative turn in women’s behavior, not the other way around.

      • A hymn to Hermes

        Funny that back when women were still women

        When was this magical time that you speak of?

        • My grandmothers were born in the 1880s, and I recall one making that remark about men being boys. So it’s at least as recent as that post-Civil War generation that spawned my parents.

  • Rotha

    Women are conforming animals and slaves to fashion. Tattoos are part of hipster fashion. Yes, you’re different, just like everyone else.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      She’s a non-conformist, just like all her friends.

  • Karen

    Trey Knickerbocker, an excellent article.

  • Quentin Ackerman

    I don’t even find these women hot. All those tattoos are disgusting, no matter what their body looks like underneath. I also don’t want a woman who has the muscles of a man. In shape? Yes, we should all be in shape. Rambo in a sports bra? Pass me the barf bag. The white family woman in the picture you posted at the end of the article is way hotter than any “fittie” woman in the Current Year.

    • Soldat für Christus

      Rambo in a sports bra—– that was very funny
      Das war sehr lustig

  • Myles Davidson

    I’ve always found tattoos a shameless display of ego and felt somewhat embarrassed for the tattooee. It’s rare I see a tattoo I actually like.

    Proud to be a cleanskin!

    • Vincent Law

      Great term. We should use it. “I’m a cleanskin.”

      • Myles Davidson

        Glad you like it. It’s got a nice ring to it. Adopt away 🙂

  • Bob
    • Soldat für Christus


    • Bob

      The last Princess of Germany 1914.

      • Bob

        princess viktoria luise of prussia

  • Ike35

    Oh boy, let the white sharia sperg purity spiraling commence! Good article though, can’t find anything I disagree with.

  • A hymn to Hermes

    Most women I see covered in tattoos today have extremely shitty ones. If women with tattoos had the quality of ink of these women pictured in the article do it would be a marked aesthetic improvement. The tattoos that women who aren’t models for some ink-themed magazine actually have look like they got them in San Quentin from some spic with the hookup on ass-bics.

  • Frontierland
    • Soldat für Christus

      Ja sehr korrekt weiß und sauber ist schön
      yes very correct white and clean is beautiful

  • Soldat für Christus

    I think American Mädchen – girls – with taboos are very unattraktiv- they look that they skin sinknesd – my mother and popa would not be liking

  • One Man’s Chorus

    People who get tattoos are saying something about the finitude of life. They’re saying that they will die with their memories.

  • Baltika

    A somewhat more focused, possibly strategic target: no-fault divorce. Remove that, and many (perhaps not all) legal and monetary incentives for post-maternal behavior among modern women collapse. Young unmarried couples would also be far likelier to seek serious spiritual/communal council before tying the knot. Since spiritual/communal institutions are highly capable of imposing stigma structures on community members, these institutions ought to be the primary gatekeepers and stewards of relations between the sexes.

    • WHAT

      Great idea, but the spiritual institutions we have right now are either severely compromised or hold no sway whatsoever. Shaming can`t work if there is no reality of shame…

  • WHAT

    Attention whoring will always be the basis of female conduct before childbirth, period.

    And those good looking white wimminz are not demonstrating self-restraint when they deny sexual propositions, oh no. They just select on the basis of perceived SMV, if we go by pua pseudoterminology.

  • Vincent Law

    Ever meet a Western woman who reads books?

    • Reading is for rich people.

    • “Books are for writing, not for reading.” —Quentin Crisp

      • Vincent Law

        “Quentin Crisp was an English writer and raconteur.
        From a conventional suburban background, Crisp enjoyed wearing make-up
        and painting his nails, and worked as a rent-boy in his teens.”

        You’re on the wrong site, Margot.

        • Quoting Wikipedia at us, Vinnie? Apparently a new name to you.

        • PrometheusReturns

          The three counter-signalers are from

          • Very observant, my brother!! I was thinking the exact same thing. Girls rule, boys drool!

    • Percival Ruggles

      Does “50 Shades of Grey” count?

    • Yes, all the time.

      And one thing of note: it depends on which books they are, not that they are books in themselves, which gives them no particular weight.

      Reddit worships books. Others worship the content of those books.

      • B.S., I am going to have to call BS. You are just very SWPL and like hanging out at Barnes & Noble and Starbucks, lol. The women that frequent those types of establishments do read books; they just all happen to be by Nicholas Sparks, Dr. Phil, and Oprah, which is a point that you have already eloquently made. However, those women are the talented 2%, are they not? This cannot be the rule for most of the women with whom you come into contact. If so, let my brethren know where they should all move because that sounds like heaven on earth.

  • Space Turtle

    Fantastic article. Thank you.

  • orbit

    You guys really have nothing to complain about do you? Anyway : red pill: you would walk over a clean skinned trad Aryan waifu with an ugly face to get to the pretty thot with a few tattoos, providing she would take you, and then rationalize it later. Looks > * , every time.

  • Strac5

    What percent of thots are actually crypto non-white (usually Jewish) or marginally white? I would bet good money the answer is most of them. If you see a thot, first question should be whether she is of Jewish descent. Alt-right needs to learn how to recognize various ethnicities, especially Jews. Don’t waste your time trying to improve them. Focus on white women.

    Also, white men really need to improve personal appearance. If you’re huwhite, can’t help that, but there is no excuse for white men not to shave, to have flabbiness on any part of the body, or to dress like a slob (i.e., untucked t-shirts, cheap shorts, sandals). Self-respect.

    • Jewish descent, or just an Asiatic hybrid. Most of the deranged ones seem that way to me.

  • marijan

    I have noticed so many women and young girls with huge tattoos on their triceps or their neck and back like a biker. Guess what princess, it looks like shit

  • Robert Bruce

    Hypergamy will do the job of stopping the tat craze the natural way. Ever see a tatted girl/woman with a really successful man? Unless she is a Hollywood babe, the answer is a resounding no. The ones that do have successful men, usually only have one on her ankle, etc. Tat removal services are making a bundle from what I have read. The dumb broads wake up once they hit the wall and realize they need a mature, successful male around that can get the job done.

  • IckyDeplorable

    the unmarked will never understand the illustrated.

  • Return to the Old Ways

    I’m honestly getting sick of the whole “white women are precious and pure and the Jews are the ones ruining them,” shtick that really seems to be popular among Alt-Righters terrified of being associated with the White Sharia meme (most of them only object to it on the grounds that it contains the word ‘sharia’) and especially Boomer WNs. It comes off as pathetically feminist and even this article gives off a tone as unwilling to step to any (female) toes that might get them a big slap from a “white” knight. What happened to the “The Alt-Right is a Movement for Young, White, MEN?”

    There’s a lot of talking up about what traditionalism was and wasn’t but I don’t think that matters because 90% of the people that talk about it don’t even know what it was. Fun fact: 50 years ago slapping a woman when she got uppity was considered righteous. But really, all the woman-beating, anti-women’s suffrage, and other edgy opinions regarding women don’t really matter because at the end of the day there’s only one real right that women and feminists care about. The right to female sexual selection. If women cannot practice 80-20 on men, then they will bitch and moan until someone delivers a righteous slap straight to their face.

    The only thing I’m going to say is this: female sexuality is relative, not everyone can be in the top 20% of men. Yes, even if every single man works out, gets nice fashy haircuts, and dresses in suits and ties every day, there are still genetic factors that will put certain men above others. When the other 80% of the young, white, men realize that the world they’re fighting for still doesn’t include them getting a wife and a nice job, they’re going to either give up or join something that actually promises what they want.

    • Vincent Law

      All these “Alt-Right women” are really just racist feminists. I have no idea why anyone takes them seriously.

      Oh wait.


      • Return to the Old Ways

        “But if we don’t become as normie-friendly and feminist as possible, our movement will never take off!”

        Generally the alt-right is a nice place for uncomfortable truths but once you start breaking out the philosophy about how female sexual selection is anti-civilization and needs to be STRICTLY constrained in order for a civilization to function, then they turn into the biggest bluepill social shamers I’ve ever seen.

        I don’t share much with the neo-reactionaries, but at least they have no pretenses about women.

      • Sounds like somebody’s jimmies are rustled.

        • Margot, how is your Upper West Side studio apartment these days? It must be dreadfully difficult fitting all those cats into one room, darling? You truly are oppressed, my sister.

    • Middle aged mother

      Can we please call it something other than Sharia?

      White Patriarchy
      White Warrior ethos
      European Morality


  • Above Ground

    repeal the 19th Amendment for a start

  • Moshe Goldberg

    What is this restraint you speak of? They are all god damned whores.

  • Moshe Goldberg

    Oh, and tattoos are shit. It’s like a dent in the fucking car.

  • Adele Moran

    Seriously? This white sharia crap? Really? You think that denying voting rights to women and treating them like slaves is the answer? (Well, not this author, but, this is the crap I have read elsewhere). The fact that Anglin seems incapable of attracting White women should not be made the basis of Alt Right policy). I have been AR for years. I have also been against feminism in its current manifestation. Why would it ever be okay to allow low I.Q. black men to vote? Actually, the fact that this was the case back in the day was what propelled me into feminism.

    Look, I believe in a meritocracy. You wanna be a fireman, prove yourself. Prove yourself by standards that make sense. You know, being able to lift whatever amount of pounds, etc. You wanna be a cop, well, you need to be a certain height and weight and be able to put down a perp. You wanna go to med school, holy crap, you should be smart as fuck and score high on the MCAT.

    I am opposed to affirmative action. Utterly. You do understand, some White women need to have a job. Some White women want to pursue a degree to do research. Some White women want to be mothers. No woman should be hired to do a job she is not qualified for. No man should be hired to do a job he is not qualified for. The standards to be in college and to pursue a degree in medicine, or law and engineering should not be compromised. EVER. Affirmative action has actually put the lives of all of us in jeopardy. This is complete and total bullshit. This country is falling apart because of AA. Seriously, are we all expected to die before we admit that blacks and women aren’t capable of doing certain jobs?

    Who the hell decided that we all should be sacrificed on this bullshit altar of fake equality?

    • Women shouldn’t vote.

      No one should vote.

      Democracy is cancer. It is Communism lite.

      • Pareto

        omg edgiest comment ever. LITERALLY NO ONE is criticizing the concept of democracy today, especially not the Alt Right! Groundbreaking stuff here folks! Revolutionary!

  • Paul X

    Great article. One wonders, why do women settle for this mess of pottage? Can they honestly not imagine anything better?

    “I am not saying that having a tattoo or two in itself is disgusting or bad.” It is dumb, though. Anything you needed to get drunk for probably was not a showcase of your best mental efforts.

  • Mike Hayes

    Agreed. Tattoos, nose piercings, septum rings etc, all look horrid and are major deal-breakers.

  • None of that will EVER END until women change their ways, and that is NEVER going to happen when they have it so good, with alimony, the cash and prizes divorce, welfare, quotas, no jail time for crime, paternity fraud, and so many other perks ensuring women are NEVER faced with the consequences of their actions.

    Women will NEVER be anything other than whores, what other skills do they have? Go on… Name 5…. without including sex or kids…

  • Kevin_OKeeffe

    “A good-looking White woman receives a ridiculous amount propositions for sex on a daily basis. If men received as many offers, we would never leave our bedrooms. So give White women credit, they do have a whole hell of a lot of restraint.”

    What idiocy is this? One might as well also note that billionaires and paupers are both equally free to sleep under bridges at night, if they so choose.

  • Alt-Right Personal Ads

    Like attracts like. If you are beleaguered by “thots” or equivalent niggerism du jour, it is because you yourself are garbage. I know loads of high-quality white women who don’t have tats but do have normal feminine instincts. I married one. I even met her at — gasp! — college. Maybe it’s because I am pleasant, employed, educated, and not tatted up. Maybe stop looking for women at the gym or bars or tattoo parlors, or wherever else your childless alt-right thought leaders have told you real manly men hang out. You can’t go wrong with attending church if you are trying to save the white race.

    Or, you know, you could just wait until you are 50 and have enough saved up for a nice mail order Filipina.

    • This comment is massively under-appreciated.

      People who behave like upright, productive and sensible people tend to find good mates. They do it by having something to offer other than internet activity.

      There are a lot of angry incel men out there who, having low self-confidence, are feeling personally victimized by the dating scene, and so they hate on white women and run off to fornicate with Eurasians instead.

      It is a mistake.

      • Pareto

        Eurasians? “Eurasia” is a geopolitical concept, not a nationality kek.

        • Thank you, Halford Mackinder. ‘Eurasian’ has long been a euphemism for someone who is half white, half oriental (itself another euphemism). If you say ‘hapa’ most people won’t know what that is.

  • JMB

    As a White Woman, I totally agree with the author & enjoyed reading this article. We all have to know when it’s time to critique one another! He is calling us all out to be better! We have to do everything completely different from other races & from what TV/movies/music videos tell us to do. It all just goes back to separating ourselves from non-whites.

  • Myles Davidson

    Instead of getting tattoos, why don’t people just get a bullhorn and scream “Look at me… look at me… please give my flagging ego the attention it needs!!”

  • Satan

    Sorry YOU can’t get more than a part time job and the ‘thots on parade’ ignore you. Sometimes I gotta roll my eyes & shake my head at the crap I read from “men” who identify as alt right. An endless litany of what is wrong with the white woman from white trash losers that are patently unable to function successfully in today’s society. Absorbed from reality by revisionist history, residing in a cloud of misogyny & the ever clinging smoke of two packs a day. The only question is: shack or trailer?

    • 3 packs per day, fag. Get it right! Just because your mother has the biggest double-wide trailer in the park, that doesn’t mean that you are better than us.

    • Smash Islamophobia

      Someone’s triggered…

  • voiceofreason

    It’s scary how stupid, xenophobic, and ignorant you all are. I’m not mad though. Your ideal America will never exist and the races will keep mixing. Women will be equal to men, and whites will be people, not this made up dying species you pretend you are. Tattoos are sexy, I am black. Hope you all die out soon, but not before your daughters start families with black and Mexican men and get tattoos.

    • Smash Islamophobia

      Why do you hate the Tibetans, and wish to see their heritage destroyed by the forced settlement of Han Chinese in their lands, instead of allowing them to have their own nation? Very sad.

  • Kellygirl

    Ive waited a very loooooong time for american white males to remind their women and feminist they are the most spoiled entitled bunch on the planet.

    Reality check from a black female: Your women are the largest perpetuators of racism. Then turn around and sell you out to benefit their needs, i.e. affirmative action and anti discrimination laws and policies.

  • Bita Miranda Hunt

    I think the over tattooed trend might be a subconscious way of White women becoming more tribal, but unfortunately it becomes misdirected and the end result is aesthetically unpleasing.

  • Mentious

    It’s basic to femininity to get your body physically altered by a male. (Pregnancy.) Because women are not getting pregnant any more, they are paying some goomba with a bone through his nose to do it for them. He becomes, in a real way, her husband, she his turf. He is like a demi-god who alters her body and her destiny. (And women graffiti artists just pale imitations of the male salon demigod women prefer to have mark them.) Tattooed women should be obligated to recite the life story of their demigod-tattoo-artist-goomba on an annual basis — to bring back any dignity at all to her.

    I can’t get any inspiration or attracted feeling to any woman with even one tattoo. My mind always says: “Who is the creep who got to her first and marked her up as his turf? Even her father couldn’t do that. What do they do with cars, merchandise, and food that has marks on it?” Etc.

    • Well this really awful. Awfully good. I don’t ‘get’ the tattoo fad but I do know some girls who got a tat at the base of the spine for some esoteric reason.