Retiring The Theory Of Pathological Altruism

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I don’t like the idea of “Pathological Altruism” as an explanation for what is occurring in the White world. The suicide can be explained in many ways, however the theory that White people are just too damn nice and that the further north you go, the more altruistic people are does not pass the sniff test.

Proponents of this theory say that White people are so naive about the nature of other peoples that they just welcome them into their country out of a misplaced sense of love to thy distant neighbor.

Exponents of this theory like to cite the Eskimos as an example. (No, not the Jews, but the actual Eskimos.) In theory, they’re super nice to one another because they have no enemies other than the harsh elements so far up north..

Does this example apply to White societies?

No, of course not.

Do some traveling in Europe and you will see exactly what I mean. When I was in Sweden I wasn’t offered hugs and easy women just because I was a visitor from the outside world. On the contrary, my buddy and I had a very hard time. People were very aloof and hard to talk to. Even our hosts were cold and distant.


Perhaps. But it seems to conform to national stereotypes that people have of the Swedes. And stereotypes do not come out of thin air. So maybe there is something else at work in Sweden?

But alright, no more picking on Sweden. Do you think the French are these open-mouthed, blond, defenseless golden retrievers that just can’t bring themselves to say no to the poor migrants out of the goodness of their hearts?

No, of course not. The French can be quite rude to foreigners and are famously standoffish and snobbish in Paris in particular. Most tourists have remarked on this before.

So are the French closed off or are they pathological altruists? What about the “hon hon, stupid amerikan!” stereotype? Where did it come from? Are all these tourists wrong about the French? Did they not see the bleeding heart underneath all of that snootiness? Doubtful. More likely than not, this theory doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Europe is not suffering from an overabundance of altruism, but a deficit in concern for their less well-off countrymen, for their own future generations, and for their racial brethren abroad.

Let me be clear about what is really happening. There are people that stand to benefit from the migrant wave. Let’s put aside the machinations of the Tribe for a moment and focus on the people within our own society that stand to gain. And please, no diatribes about the need to close ranks with our racial brethren. The concept of a self-serving traitor should not be foreign to you at this point, dear reader. Idealism is good in small doses, but the truth is that there are indeed White people that benefit from this system.

And you know that.

For every shifty eternal merchant, there are dozens of acquaintances that will ruin your life if you CrimeSpeak in their presence. “Oh, those poor dears,” some say. “They’ve been brainwashed by (((Hollywood)))” or “they’re pathological altruists.” I should point out that whole PA idea just turns a weakness into a seeming virtue. Similar to what a sore loser might say after the game to make himself feel better.

I only lost because I played by the rules, therefore I’m better than my opponent.

Regardless, we have already published several articles with egregious examples of traitors benefiting from mass immigration. Like the aging Swedish cat-ladies who were banging their wards AND receiving money from the state for their benevolence.

Why did no one comment on the phenomenon before? Did people not know? No, the theory was out there, floating on the anonymous imageboards for awhile. People would mention it from time to time. I believe that many just didn’t want to listen. It seemed too gross to be true. It didn’t jibe well with the Narrative that our side was pushing. That our people were all good if a bit too naive.

Propaganda from our side is all well and good, but not when it covers up important, but unpleasant truths. Besides, the truth is a far more potent propaganda weapon anyway.

Were these cat ladies pathological altruists or where they horny shrews with no modicum of self-respect, restraint or care for future generations?

What about the people that think that the Third Worlders will pay for their pensions? Self-serving or just too damn nice?

And the White Elite that lives sheltered away from the impending Third World flood?

Oh, that reminds me. Another place to go visit is Ecuador or Peru or any similar countries in South America. See how the White Conquistador elite lives there. I’ll save you the trip right now: gated communities with armed guards. And within the community, everyone is a liberal. How could it be any other way? Gotta make sure you fit in with the values of the Globo-Homo-Elite! You see the same phenomenon with well-to-do gated communities in South Africa. Everyone holed up in there is a liberal there too.

Our Elite is getting ready to do the same thing here. You can see them already preparing for it. And let’s be real, there won’t be any room on that Ark for you and me. These Whites aren’t getting White-Genocided anytime soon. In fact, they stand to gain from becoming more like their already self-segregated South American elite counterparts.

There are others, plenty of other Whites that are benefiting and they’re not going to get a pass from us on the Alt-Right. We’re going to shame them, as they deserve to be shamed. And it’s about telling harsh truths, not about deflecting blame.

In all honesty, it seems to me that the only players in this whole sordid affair that are suffering from Pathological Altruism are the White Nationalists who can think no bad thought about their own. Let’s not be naive here. Let’s not fall for our own propaganda.


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  • I don’t like the concept of “pathological altruism” either. But that’s not a reason to “retire” it. There’s nothing here that impeaches the fundamental ideas expressed by “pathological altruism” so I don’t see any reason to “retire” it. Are we going to “retire” every idea that makes us wince?

  • I don’t think anyone has ever argued that rich white liberals view ‘rich’ and ‘liberal’ as mutual companions. Pathological altruism has always been used to explain why the poorer and middle-class/lower-middle-class whites dye their hair and become SJWs.

  • r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K r/K …

    How often does one have to state that it’s r/K Selection Theory at play here, before the point gets cross? Are so many AltRighters scared of r/K that it could upset their pet peeve race mumblings? It’s always about race, tribe, jews, goyim, blacks, … but nobody dares to mention that there are two fundamentally opposed reproductive strategies in every race competing with each other? It’s not (pathological) altruism, it’s not narcissism, nor virtue-signalling, or all of those other bullshit ideas, that fail to pass any critical examination. It’s #r versus #K strategies (if we ignore the few libertarians for a moment).

    A little obvious history: The jews didn’t create all those leftists in America, and neither did the blacks create the leftists, nor the mexicans, or whatever. The leftists existed before the third world migrated to the US, because the leftists opened the door in 1965 with LBJ. The leftists started anti-white policies before the first black affirmative-action student became a prof. Where did all those leftists come from? All those anti-white leftists were – and still are – born to white families, traditional white families. And unless you understand r/K Selection Theory, you will have a hard time preventing the rise of leftists again.

    For example, Richard Spencer’s goal of a national single-payer healthcare system is one of those utterly stupid ideas that turns good folks into leftists in the long term. Enduring hardship creates conservatism, but ease breeds leftism. Give people taxpayer-funded schools, healthcare, transportation, w/e and you will soon see the first transgender Mexican to become POTUS. Have people work for their living, take care of their families themselves, and stop bailing out the losers, and you will see another American Renaissance. But as long as you blindly follow “good for the white tribe”-policies without understanding how these policies affect people, don’t be surprised to see your precious tribe turn into a bunch of Somali-cock-sucking sissies.

    Nothing short of understanding r/K will help us survive & bring back glory to the West.

    • Humans are a type of herd mammal. Tribalism is much stronger than r/K under normal circumstances.

      The Anonymous Conservative is a disinformation agent who tries to make everything r/K and pretends tribalism doesn’t exist. He literally believes in creating a multiracial K-selected utopia.

      • Humans aren’t herd animals. Herd animals are prey species, humans are predators. Individiuals in herds display the same behaviour, while individuals in groups exhibit differentiation/specialisation (e.g. sports teams, families, communities, army unit, …). You can have herd behaviour among humans in certain circumstances (mobs, riots, mass panic, …), but that doesn’t make humans herd animals. You’re using scientific terms in a very vague way: Herds aren’t defined by merely large numbers of individuals being together.

        Tribalism is nothing but K ingroup preference, something all K selected species exhibit. Humans aren’t special.

        And no, he does not believe in a multi-racial utopia. But even if he were to, his belief wouldn’t matter, as his work is based on vast amounts of solid science – unlike your ad hominems.

        By the way, since this a very common mistake I see among people on the right: Proving leftist theories to be wrong, is not the same thing as proving your own theories to be solid. The former only requires a single point of data to refute the theory, while the latter requires large amounts of data to test against your claims.

      • I’m critical of AC too, but what you said is unfair to put it kindly. He does not pretend tribalism doesn’t exist. Let bad actors prove themselves to be such. You don’t need to make up lies about them to make them seem worse.

    • r/K is great, but understand that it is a religion for some people, like Anonymous Conservative (who is great). To AC, r/K is *literally* a religious/moral system of right and wrong. r=morally wrong, K=morally right. Everything else is just pure manicheanism. But the r/K stuff is really interesting and explains a lot. Just need to be careful not to allow it to take over everything and become a religion.

  • Arguably, our sense of guilt, coming from our inherent demand for honesty, is a far bigger problem than altruism. Other cultures just don’t have it and the ones that come closest (Asians) are still not on the same level. I wont go all Serrano, but I think it was an flaw that jews recognized millennia ago and finally civilization got to a point where they could propagate that guilt across a whole nation with impunity (mass media).

    Hyper individualization is also a far bigger problem than our altruistic ability. You bite the altruistic hand once and the good person learns. If that person ignores the bitten hand then it’s likely because they’re cowards and see themselves as inferior to the opposition that continues to demand from them.

  • Those white elites better watch out and be careful. As they well know by now, more cattle wake up every day to their machinations. They better have plans from A to Z just in case. If they make just one simple mistake, they might wind up somewhere they never expected. Surrounded by the same cattle they are so willing and eager to sacrifice so that they can have the whole planet for themselves. They won’t get any empathy from me if I’m still alive at that point. None of us want to go to prison so I’ll stop there. But I guess we all know what to do when the SHTF.

  • I’m curious. Being of an advanced age, I can remember very clearly when White Americans were not at all interested in having anything to do with Blacks etc except as entertainers and housecleaners. The idea of interracial marriage clearly horrified them. This “pathological altruism,” which is now rampant, seems to me to have been virtually non-existent prior to 1945 and only gaining ground around 1960. Unless I am missing something, this is a ten-minutes-old phenomenon. Not to deny its lethality at all, But I don’t see it as being part of us til now.

    • Miscegenation between Whites and non-Whites including Blacks was rare until the government started getting behind the concept.

      It has disgustingly become “normal” as a result of the sociological principle of stateways vs. folkways.

      In essence, once the government enacts laws and puts pressure on people to think and act a certain way, many sheeple do it and simply say something like “it’s the law,” while thinking it must be right if the government and also well known private citizens say it’s a good thing.

    • The civil rights era of the 1960s, the laws passed by Kennedy and LBJ (the execrable ‘Great Society’) is the piece you are likely referring to

      • Yes. Although there were precursors, that is when the great mass of Whites welcomed the Trojan Horse into the city.

  • The greatest enemy of Whites is other Whites. It’s always been that way, and it will probably continue to be that way. Whites are not monolithic. Never have been, never will be. Are you a blood and soil kinda White or a rootless, globalist kinda White?

    The WNs have a blindspot for their greatest enemy.

    • Wrong. You take the short view of existence. The greatest enemy of Whites are all non-Whites. This is so, because they can breed with Whites and make White family lines no longer White. This is genocide.

      Even the worst White, if pure White, carries the sacred White genome and his or her offspring may turn out far better–and, this has often been the case through our long history.

  • Whites have a history of building civilization, importing brown cheap labor, having to flee or get mixed out of existence, then having everything going to shit and having to flee west. This time there is nowhere left to run.

    • Perhaps, this no where to run is a good thing. Now, we start fighting back for our survival. Now, we will be rid of weak seeds among us. Time will tell.

  • In Sweden they have “welfare entrepreneurs” who make millions running refugee homes. More or the less the ruling political elites saw that if they threw the oligarchs a bone in the way of refugee sheckles that they could get them on board for the population transfer/replacement

    How many property owners (absentee landlords) butter their bread by having mass immigration, thus an overcrowded market, into London and NYC?

    So, a few White or not so White landlords and the like make a killing while Whitey foots the bill and gets genocided in the process. Who could have thought of such a thing? Possibly the Dark Lord himself.

  • The fact is Whites are the only race that display any kind of altruism. The colored races perceive that altruism not as kindness but as a weakness to be exploited.

  • Well stated. It will only be once the traitors learn to face and fear the consequences of their treachery that the (((tribe))) can be confronted/overcome.

  • Their Vampiric Pearly Dentistral Perfection……..

    Gives me LSD Flashback Tremors……


    White Social Climbers (Backstabbers)………

    ZERO Values besides Climbing (Over Whose Backs??………..Their Own)……..

    Can we try Climbing a New Way??

    An Alt-Right Way??

    Hand in Hand……..

    An Incremental Revolution………

    All Hands on Deck……

    Dirty Hands……..Sink Ships……..

    We’ll see…..

  • Off-topic but I thought this was interesting… See this article:

    So… First Things is a rather prestigious journal of religion and politics. Their office is in Manhattan, Pope Benedict XVI chose them to publish an article of his — basically anyone allowed through the door went to an Ivy League (or equivalent) school. They’re generally philo-Semite, but have held the line on certain issues, mainly homosexuality and modernist aesthetics.

    On a personal level, they were the main drive for me moving from liberalism to conservativism. As I said they are kiked-out politically, but can be savage when it comes to cultural issues like (((modern art))). They’re similar to but not as bad as National Review because they are less political (more meta-political/cultural/aesthetic, kind of like the New Criterion which is more kiked-out) and have an explicit mandate to uphold Catholicism (it was founded by a Catholic priest). As I said they have held the line at least on homosexuality and gender theory, but tend to cuck out on race and sex issues.

    Anyway, my point here is not really to defend them, but to point out that they are rather influential. A lot of high-level people (including Jews, especially rich religious Jews like David Goldman who used to write for them but got fired) take them pretty seriously. So there was one sentence, preceded by a lot of “woah those Nazis” type things, that I think is significant: “We do not need to be chastened by Auschwitz.”

    That’s right, goys. You now have official, gold-stamped permission from elite bow-tie Ivy League Manhattanies to not care about the Holocaust. That sentence is almost illegal in a lot of European countries.

    Now, I’m not arguing that you should necessarily care about what the bow-tie crowd thinks. I’m just pointing out that EVEN THEY are starting to tire of “muh Holocaust.” Of course you have to be aware in a workplace environment or whatever of what is “acceptable.” The Ivy League Manhattanites determine that. And it looks like they just don’t care anymore about the Holocaust, even if they think it really happened.

    Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła!

  • It’s about attitude and energy. The whites being left behind are the ones with a chip on their shoulder, with resentment in their hearts and a victim complex. Those are the people being left behind. Personal attitude is everything. Your personal vibration / or your personal energy level, basically how positive you are, supersedes race. The only people dealing with the angry non white hoards will be the whites who energetically are similar to them. You can’t keep the highest vibrational humans out of America, regardless where they’re from. Happier Chinese, or happier Mexican people will replace resentful and angry whites unless those white people get their attitudes in line and learn it’s about spiritual evolution. The fact the Alt-Right completely abandons spirituality and personal responsibility will be its eventual demise. I root for Western Europeans to get their act together and to “get happy” and leave behind resentment, self pity, and anger, despite how seemingly justified. The spiritual masters are correct as they argue for us to drop the negative attractive fields and align with the positive ones. I want to see people like me survive.. I root for “us” too. However I realize that personal vibration will transcend genetics. However genetics does trump “diversity” when we’re all at the same energy level… However, we are not all at the same energy level, and thus it’s the miserable vs the happy. If we want to destroy leftism.. you have to get happy…. this truly destroys the left, who are a miserable bunch. Many “cucked” whites are happy and peaceful whites who know nothing will bad will happen to them… as nothing bad happens when you have good energy and have given up resentment of people different then you.. So cmon my brothers, raise yourselves up.. it’s the only way to rule and to dominate the culture……

    • happier Mexican people will replace resentful and angry whites

      Have you ever even met any of the Mexicans here who you aren’t paying to smile at you? They are a bitter and resentful people. Regardless, ignoring your entire woo-based “energy” drivel, and looking at things on a purely psychological level pessimists are more successful than optimists. Our emotions are an evolved response to environmental stimuli. Dissatisfaction drives effort. “Happy” people tend to actually be losers and the drive to improve ‘self-esteem’ among underachievers has also almost certainly harmed them. Self-satisfaction is a hallmark of the lower classes.

    • “Many “cucked” whites are happy and peaceful whites who know nothing will bad will happen to them… as nothing bad happens when you have good energy and have given up resentment of people different then you.. ”

      This is the exact Silent generation/Boomer sentiment that got us into this problem to begin with.

    • This is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. Do you have some magic crystals to sell us next?

  • I agree that pathological altruism is not a particularly useful or accurate theory.

    But I do think you might be able to argue that White Evangelicals suffer from it, at least to some extent.

    It’s not an extreme case because they do still generally vote to restrict immigration, etc., but at least some of them really are too nice and it’s not just signalling.

  • You seem to be confusing altruism with being social. Altruism is about helping people it doesn’t mean white people are like puppies waiting at the door to greet anybody who shows up. You should have pretended to trip in France and see how many people come to help you that’s altruism. You do that in Africa and you are just gonna lose your wallet.

    Take a white women to a animal shelter and watch her beg to take home one of the poor animals. That’s altruism. That’s how whites treat minorities as poor helpless animals desperate to be saved. Do some people profit off non-white immigration? Of course, but most of the whites in those refugee welcome parades only benefit by feeling good about themselves not in some financial way.

    Whites are pathologically altruistic. The Jews know this that’s why all their propaganda uses children and women that are in pain and suffering because it makes whites want to help them.

    • I maintain the pathological altruism seen in far too many Whites is not genetic but is learned (largely due to Christianity) and that they can be deprogrammed from the most serious types of pathological altruism: helping non-Whites survive when it should be clear that this is always harmful to White survival either in the short term or the long term or both.

      • There is more to this pathological altruism by some Whites and I contend that it is a form of noblesse oblige racism in which the White who practices it believes that he or she is superior to all other peoples and must mother and father them as though they are little children and can’t take care of themselves.

        And, this noblesse oblige racism is then reinforced by society that holds such Whites as paragons of virtue who sacrifice themselves to help others. In fact, however, these altruistic Whites are getting hits of feel good chemicals into their brains by the praise and are thus benefiting emotionally from their do-goodness.

        They are pitiful and sad souls and should have light shined on them.

        • It’s the new white man’s burden. Let’s take in these blacks and browns. With our helpful nurturing, their IQ’s will skyrocket within a generation, and many of them will become the elites of our society.

          • Right. In addition to feeling superior, many of these sad sack altruistic Whites, who will drive right over needy Whites to help non-Whites, believe that all humans are the same except for different paint jobs and that the non-White ones can be lifted up by the mothering and fathering of these Whites.

            You’d think a little self-analysis would inform such Whites but perhaps most of them are incapable of self-analysis.

      • I disagree that it isn’t genetic, but I’m studying evolutionary biology in school so I exlain almost everything with genetics.

        Whites and dogs have a long relationship. Somewhere along the way our parental instinct mutated and it not longer just for our own children, but for things that weren’t genetically similar. Things like dogs for example. What benefit did we get from feeding dogs or other wild animals? We most likely did it because of this mutated parental instinct. Obviously this was very benifcial for whites because we got dogs and other domesticated animals and even domesticated plants. Asians on the other hand don’t have the same problems with altruism that whites do. Asians see animals as a mean to to an end. They will boil dogs alive and not even think twice about it or will watch someone’s child get run over and continue on with their day. This is unfambodle to whites no matter what religion they are be it atheist or Christian.

        Now I do agree that Christianity and others use this genetic instinct against us. Corporations(which includes greedy whites) use against whites to import more cheap brown labor(their favorite guilty pleasure.) this is also caused by how rich our nations are. We have money to spare to take care of people. You don’t see Eastern Europe despite it being very Christian bringing in large amounts of refugees. My reasoning for this is that they are poor so they aren’t going to take Care of other people when they can barely take care of themselves.

        • A slightly different reply from my previous ones: If it is proven by true science that pathological altruism has a genetic component in some Whites, I would argue that it was a survival mechanism to help Whites, but that it has been perverted so that Whites are actually helping those who will harm them and other Whites.

          I would also argue that if it is a genetic component that like the genetically determined “playing dead” of possums is outdated and no longer a proper survival mechanism for Whites and we must overcome it.

          About possums: Their playing dead used to help them survive when their primary enemies were other animals that wanted to eat them. The possums were able to survive because these other animals, for the most part, had instincts to not eat something that was found dead since it may have died of disease or poison.

          Today, however, one of the main enemies of possums is the automobile, and it will just run over and kill a possum playing dead. As a result, more urban possums have
          apparently overcome the playing dead gene and simply run when in danger and they survive to make more like themselves.

      • Since you, like the other anti-Christ-ians, fail to provide evidence linking Christianity to your theory, I’ll just assume that you are extremely ignorant of Christianity. The organized church in the Anglo West is not recognizably Christian, having been thoroughly Jewed, and that includes the Catholic Church, so you might want to do a little research on the actual faith before you spout off.

          • But according to you it’s a religion, or “faith”, that cannot be practiced in the real world.

          • Non sequitur.

            Someone who cannot discern between “cannot,” and “is not,” or between “church” and “believer,” or, more likely, one who feigns not to know the difference, is not worthy of debate because they will not do so in good faith.

            You’re fundamentally dishonest – stop shifting the goalposts if you want a serious discussion.

          • All I’m saying is that your Christian religion is not based on reason. Nor is it based on actual historical events or people. It’s just a Levantine myth /superstition.

          • Bully for you. Believe what you wish and shout it from the rooftops, too.

            However, the claims that you made above were disingenuous non sequiturs having nothing to do with either the original comment by Evolver1 or with my reply.

            So, given that you are so transparently dishonest, how many people do you expect to convince that your claims are truth or are politically/culturally relevant?

        • I’ve done the research and I stand by my comments. In fact, I should have made them even stronger. Go check out websites of various Christian churches and you’ll often see them overflowing with pictures of pathological altruism.

          BTW, I was born and raised Christian but left it and am very happy I did.

          • Those various “Christian” churches don’t define the faith – try quoting from the Christian Holy Book, in context if you please and are intellectually capable, about this pathological altruism, and then you’ll have some chance of contributing to a debate about the future of the White race. All you’re doing now is trying to score cheap points by posturing. You’re a LARPer and nothing more.

          • Okay, so to be clear do you mean you want me to quote from the Old Testament and the New Testament? Let me know and I’ll give you some quotes that should shut your stupid mouth.

          • Triggered much, son?

            You’ve done the research. OK. Now, enlighten us with your argument, supported by reference to the faith not some cucked “church,” if you don’t mind.

            Or, you can go back to LARPing and we’ll all go back to patting you on your head.

          • Once again, do you want quotes from your Old Testament and your New Testament?

            It’s a simple question. Let me know and I’ll supply them right here.

          • Grown-ups make arguments.

            Kiddies make unsupported assertions and then, when challenged on them, tell their interlocuter to shut up.

            This is a site for grown-ups, kiddie.

          • Lol, get real. Arguing you with you true-believer Christcucks is like arguing with race-deniers.

    • I went to college with plenty of politically correct, social justice warriors. These college students were not thinking practically about how they could milk the diversity system. They were just profoundly naive upper middle class white kids. The only knowledge they had of race relations was what they had seen on TV and at the movies. In Hollywood products, dark skinned people are always intelligent, hard-working, and noble in their endurance of suffering. In Hollywood, blacks and browns would have been successful if not for white oppression.

      • were not thinking practically about how they could milk the diversity system

        They don’t have to be. Going against it would be harmful to them. Ipso facto they are not motivated by “altruism” but by self-interest which in this case means kowtowing to the social mood on campus. Altruism, in terms of evolution, means self-sacrifice for the group. The whole idea of “altruism” in evo-psych is to rebut the Selfish Gene/sexual selection model which should dictate that no one is ever altruistic. SJWs aren’t sacrificing anything. It’s mostly non-costly signaling. The ones who do actually self-sacrifice are obviously motivated by ideology which informs their ingroup/outgroup modelling of reality.

        The idea of Pathological Altruism is that whites routinely self-sacrifice without any inherent CBA mechanism which causes us to collectively harm ourselves on behalf of hostile outsiders because we have no way of telling the difference between friend and foe. But we only really started doing after every household got a TV.

        • > SJWs aren’t sacrificing anything. It’s mostly non-costly signaling.

          Nailed it. For all their talk about “privilege,” SJWs never get just how privileged their ritualized self-loathing really is. Minority communities generally have strong taboos against airing their dirty laundry in public: remember how Blacks were outraged when Bill Cosby talked about various self-destructive Black behaviors? They felt that people hostile to their community would use his words as evidence that yes, Blacks really are stupid and criminally inclined — and they were absolutely right.

          White kids yammering on about “White privilege” and “White oppressors” know they will face no consequences for these disclosures. They “own their privilege” but they don’t give it up: they just show all their like-minded friends just how tolerant and enlightened they are, unlike those bad White people. They will face no real consequences for their heartfelt confessions, and they know if those poor oppressed People of Color don’t accept their apologies the police and government will put the darkies back in their place.

          (Wanna reduce an urban White liberal to frothing rage? Tell them that their occupation of gentrifying neighborhoods in places like Oakland and Bushwick is exactly analogous to the Han Chinese occupation of Tibet, right down to the militarized police force protecting the settlers. Then point out that their coffee houses and art galleries do more damage to established communities of color than 100 rural White towns ever will).

          Note also that “bad Whites” are typically presented as poor, stupid meth-addled racists unlike the prosperous college-educated “good Whites.” Most of the kids screaming most loudly for MOAR DIVERSITY and MOAR INTEGRATION grew up in largely or exclusively White neighborhoods and went to schools with, at best, a smattering of wealthy brown folks thrown in to make everyone feel good. Their “Pathological White Altruism” is more precisely a pathological willingness to offload the costs of their virtue signaling onto other White folks.

    • most of the whites in those refugee welcome parades

      Wouldn’t be there if the refugees were white. When you push people on their opinion on these subjects and reveal how it will harm people including children they revert to the Omlet argument. Rotherham which preferenced the feelings of adult male rapists over 11 year old girls wasn’t altruism either.

      This is all ideologically driven and the ideology dictates a scenario wherein white suffering and non-white prospering are both seen as good in and of themselves. These people, including very young women, do not mean well and when pushed on it will tell you plain as day that they think it’s good when bad things happen to white people.

      • Of course it ideology driven, but you are putting the chicken before the egg. Whites are genetically altruistic. Elites use this altruism to their advantage to push their neo-liberal agenda. The ideology is social Marxism. Nonwhites are oppressed. Whites aren’t. That’s how they see the world and that’s why they would have parades for white refugees like the ones in South Africa. They see those whites as perpetrators of apartheid.

        So yes they think when they are fighting whites it’s a good thing because whites are evil oppressors.

        Try these ideas in Asia. It would never work.

          • I have no source unfortunately it’s all just conjecture based on my observations of the world around me. I’m studying genetics so maybe one day I’ll do some research and be able to give you a source. Racial science like that is pretty taboo though. Scientist still believe the lie that we are all the same based on a bogus study that forgot to include frequency of genotypes.

  • Start with shaming Lutheran Social Services (and the Catholic equivalent)! Identify the people in these agencies that keep bringing incompatible aliens into our communities. Put it all over social media and YouTube.

  • Vicent Law is right! Again! But he clearly forgot about the fact that most whites, specially in europe are just cowards. They vote globalist patrtys that are responsible for the great replacement and they ain’t benefitting at all from that besides of not getting called rassist or nazi! Specially in Europe it is really just that fear that makes whites kill their own nations!

  • Altruism is a misnomer from an evolutionary perspective, since all acts of goodwill have some kind of reciprocal motive, even if it’s merely a feeling of moral superiority. But even though the term “pathological altruism” may be misleading, it’s still a major contributor to our current predicament. It’s ingrained in the Western psyche as a result of the prevailing *cough* Christian *cough* values over the last millennium that preach charity as a spiritual virtue and give social brownie points for doing so.

    The idea those with sinister or overtly self-serving motives make up anything more than a minority in white western countries is conspiratorial at best. And the argument collapses under the weight of its own justifications like the France example, which IS on a whole pathologically altruistic, as evidenced by their recent election. I can also give anecdotal evidence of my travels through Europe in late 2015, when (female) hostel employees were clamoring to get unpaid time off so they could go volunteer at refugee landing points. The majority are certainly pathologically altruistic lemmings, and I have no qualms bashing them for being compassionate to a fault, despite their sharing my ethnic makeup (nor do most in the Alt-Right).

    Honestly, this article seems to take a contrarian stance for the sake of clicks. And whaddya’ know, I fell for it.

    • I would argue that it didn’t begin with Christianity for Europeans but with the Germanic pagan religions. Hospitality to travelers was a big deal. It was said that Odin wandered the land, sometimes stopping at people’s homes. So, if a household turned away a traveler and refused him hospitality they could be turning away Odin essentially. It’s where the old tradition of setting an extra place at the table came from.

      • True, but that norm existed in an ethnically homogeneous society and didn’t extend to the nation in its sentiments to outsiders en masse. And pre-Christian Europeans didn’t glorify charity, peace, altruism, etc. – in many ways they vilified these traits as weak. So I don’t think you can make a case for that in the way you’re trying to.

        On the other hand, I believe a clear progression can be charted from early Christian values to Communistic thinking of today. In fact, before it was secularized, Communism was practiced by splinter groups throughout the history of Christendom. This is no surprise as it’s literally the culmination of the Christian ideal, as is multiculturalism, which is a secularized form of the universality inherent in Christianity as well.

    • Yeah, the author is off. An American tourist in Europe is NEVER a charity case, as a matter of fact they’re a safe demographic to hate on. Media in Europe has never presented Americans as charity cases.

      Sub-Saharan Africans and Arabs on the other hand have been hawked as victims of oppression since at least the 60’s and if you get caught saying bad things about them you’ll be in a world of pain.

      • I think it’s worth noting here the ironic tendency in white western countries for those from a so-called marginalized group to be treated better than those with whom one shares an ethnic link, even though they may also be hard-up in some way. That to me is pathological altruism par excellence – when someone is less likely to help one of their own in need than some stranger with no ties whatsoever.

  • It was a confused old theory made back in the infancy of the movement. We now have a better idea, self serving virtue signaling and ignorance and exploitation of white people’s empathy by outgroups

  • Excellent article! This crap about muh pathological altruism needs to end once and for all. I mean most white liberals are some of the shittiest people on the planet. By any measure most are utterly depraved and disgusting, filled with an insane amount of hatred for various groups of people (like say Christian rural US Southerners). Many are completely ignorant about so much and yet they all consider themselves part of a unique group of enlightened people.

    Think Bill and Hillary Clinton… Two of the most influential and powerful white liberals of the last 20-30 years. Do these two seem to have ‘pathological altruism’? Do standard fuck party going homos? Do mudsharks? Do drug addicts? Do white people coopted by the system that make millions of dollars from it? I mean seriously…

    Also why do people forget about Communism? Today white communists are a joke, but historically there were plenty of white communists who committed the most disgusting and horrible crimes imaginable against their own kinsmen, traditions, religions and culture. Were those also ‘pathologically altruistic’? Is burning nuns alive in 1938 Spain pathological altruism? Is massacring the women and children of Ustashe fighters in 1945 pathological altruism? I mean you can blame Jews for Communism in an esoteric way I guess but ultimately there were a shit ton of gentile Communists eager to desecrate the most important elements of their civilization.

    The same thing with cuckservative whites, where was the pathological altruism of normie conservatives when they supported the bombing of a dozen muslim countries because some jew on TV told them they should?

    In a way this pathological altruism meme has been the most subversive one in this whole alt right thing. While I don’t believe at all that the people who propagated said meme are themselves subversives I do believe they are flat out wrong about it. It’s because many of these intellectuals tend to view things at face value and through statistics. But shitty character is kinda hard to quantify on a blackboard.

  • In all honesty, it seems to me that the only players in this whole sordid affair that are suffering from Pathological Altruism are the White Nationalists who can think no bad thought about their own.

    We need this kind of insight into our own behavior if we are ever going to move forward in any meaningful and lasting way.

    I can’t help but think that a lot of this altruism is really masking a nasty ego trip. We’ve elevated a lot of white people into roles and jobs that don’t suit their actual skill sets, so we end up with a lot of middle managers that think they’re kings when they’re really turnip pickers. These people need dumb brown people to boss about so that they can act like kings. Our society resembles a rap video: a weird self-glorifying wish fulfillment. Of course this is at the expense of our culture and civilization.

  • The Tribe, Illuminatis, or any other secret society hovering over White minds, are not omnipotent and do not have infinite powers. The receiver should be molded to accept the destructive ideology from the transmitter. Unfortunately, most of Anglo or German minds are tuned to this self-destructive teachings and seemingly impotent to resist. Greed, individualism, cancerous ideology have pushed Anglo-Germans to the brink of extinction.

    Remarkably, it does not happen to other or all White people on this Earth. Why Tribe does not impact Visegrad, Greeks, Caucasions from Caucases or other non-Anglo White people in the same destructive way? Search for answers there.

  • Loyalty to the race, without a mechanism that holds it together into an intentional and conscious ‘we’ that treats all outside of itself as foreign, is itself a form of pathological altruism. It means being loyal to people (for no reason other than they are White) that will not be loyal to you in return. This is stupidity. You simply open yourself up to exploitation. Race is a necessary but not sufficient condition.

    What is needed is some sort of racial/ethnic “unionism”, using that term loosely. Rather than being loyal to “the race”, you would be loyal to the racial union. The union would abrogate ‘race’, effectively replacing it in practice because only through said union can there be racial unity and loyalty at all. After all, the union only exists for the sake of the race. To be White, but not part of the union, would in effect mean to be a foreigner at best, and a traitor at worst. Such a mechanism would divide humanity into two categories: Whites and non-Whites, and then further divide ‘White’ into unionized and non-unionized, with the latter being in the same “foreigner” category as all non-Whites since neither are part of this ’we’ i.e. the unionized Whites. Without this internal distinction necessitated by organizational principle (the union), race loyalty is a waste of time.

    • You wrote: “Loyalty to the race, without a mechanism that holds it together into an intentional and conscious ‘we’ that treats all outside of itself as foreign, is itself a form of pathological altruism.”

      –The mechanism that hold it together should be a conscious sense of oneness with all other Whites based on a common White genome and the knowledge that this is the source of our flesh and blood and the best of who and what we are and can be.

      And you continued: “It means being loyal to people (for no reason other than they are White) that will not be loyal to you in return. This is stupidity. You simply open yourself up to exploitation. Race is a necessary but not sufficient condition.”

      –It is not so much loyalty as that word is commonly used but the knowledge that what is most essential in us as Whites is our White genome and to have the White genome survive and thrive, we need as many more carriers of that White genome (aka White people) in existence.

  • Mr. Law, this is exactly what a (((tribe))) would say to misdirect. Do you really think that cat ladies, who signify Whites with self-interest, would be able to destroy Our Civilization the way it is being obliterated. No, they can not. They are tools of the destruction at best. All they can do is to take advantage of the opportunities to satisfy they pathological needs. The actual drive comes for the (((tribe))) who masterfully use our weaknesses to destroy us.

    • They’re getting laid and they’re getting paid. They’re not doing it out of misplaced altruism, but self-interest. We should lay into them and others who do the same for similar reasons. That is the point I’m trying to make.

      • Basically the Jews set up the incentives, but the white leftists and cuckservatives respond to them. Yes it is the Jews, but it is also white liberals. People who want to let cat ladies off the hook should actually interact with said cat lady (seriously do it now on twitter) and say some non-PC thing as a straight white male. You will be confronted with viciousness you never even thought of being possible.

        Just look at the hate Spencer gets from these people, cheering when he got sucker punched from behind, and he is on of the tamest and non-threatening of the whole alt right lot.

        My point is most of these people are not altruistic nor honest.

      • Yes, you are right. And yes, it is still misdirection. They are traitors and they benefit from it. But, let us be honest who does not? Anybody who makes a living from finance is a traitor. Anybody who is connected to judicial system is also one. A politician, an educator a retailer and on, and on. If you want to survive you must become one. That is why it is important to be clear about who is really killing us. It is very important to let our people know that there is war going on and we are being genocide, not displaced but kill off. And, most of all, who is doing it to us.

      • Ya, but unlike the French after the liberation of Paris, we can’t shave their heads to shame them. Who would notice? The only way to shame women in the West now would be to force them to grow their hair long, forego tattoos, piercings, and KoolAid hair, and dress like the Mennonites. Meaning they’ll have to be caged or watched 24/7.

  • It’s not altruism and it’s not pathological. It’s goodwill and honesty, which is an excellent, self-serving strategy in a society where the standard is goodwill and honesty. It’s only pathological when the society is infected with a (((virus))) that destroys the standards we’re adapted for.

    • Agreed. It’s a combination of factors. As a more individualistic society, we are inclined to put ourselves in the shoes of the other person leading to more goodwill and honesty by asking “what if that was me in their situation.”

      There’s also many white people who derive great satisfaction in helping others they deem beneath them–poor, sick, foreigner, etc– which is better defined as narcissism than altruism because it makes them feel powerful and superior to the weak people they help.

      Undoubtedly, the greatest factor is the drive for social status. Ricard Duchesne and many others describe westerners as having the “Faustian” spirit, which leads us to want to be the best at everything. Unfortunately, the values of society are inverted have been inverted, leading our best and brightest towards being the best diversity, anti-white cuck as this has become the sign of moral superiority. None of these people are “altruistic,” they all want the praise and adulation that coms with being anti-white

      • Yes. Empathy is an evolved strategy for engendering goodwill. It’s strictly self-serving, rather than altruistic..It’s easy to do business when it can be assumed that people mean what they say, and when we can speak directly about intentions and goals, because everyone is not on the lookout for ulterior motives.

        Whites have been able to accomplish so much because our transactions are not cluttered by hidden agendas. We can meet each other in many different settings, coming from many different backgrounds, and start making and executing elaborate plans.

        This is precisely what Jews are evolved to capitalize on. This is why lies are their stock and trade. We instinctively assume that people who look like us wear their intentions on their sleeve, like we do, so they have figured out that they can tell us anything and get away with it. Although we may dispute their logic, we don’t have it in us to dispute their intentions, because *we* would never lie the way they do.

      • Helping others in need is almost always based in narcissism, even if the ‘help’ is for free. The only time it isn’t is in emergency situations when a person is at risk of immediate death, especially a child. There is a good Mencius quote in there somewhere….

    • It is pathological as long as we, as a race, do not change our response to the tread. Be it altruism, goodwill or honesty. However you call it, it is pathology as long as the deadly tread implies a pathological response of self extinction.

    • Asserting that our enemies, many of whom are white, are motivated by “honesty and goodwill” is a metapolitical own-goal. Anyone who thinks these people “mean well” is extremely out of touch. When a judge lets a serial rapist go free because ICE is coming to determine his immigration status that judge is not motivated by “honesty and goodwill” and frankly we can’t ever win so long as this “altruism” narrative is promoted.

    • We can’t blame the jews for everything, they simply know how to take advantage of our stupidity and use our shittiest people against us.

      • We are hard-wired for honesty. It serves us in our civilization. Jews are a disease specialized to capitalize on that trait. Their stock and trade is lies, because our empathy makes us believe people who look like us. They can say anything, as long as they pretend to be sincere, and we give them the benefit of the doubt. It amazes them. We would never lie the way they do, we cannot imagine anyone wanting to lie the way they do, so we have no instinctive equipment for defending against their type and level of dishonesty.

        • Part of that is religious and ethnic; Orthodox Jews and those to the right are taught that lying to gentiles is not a crime, and that paying goys less than Jews for the same labor is acceptable as well. The fake sincerity you mention is actually condoned by their religious and in-group cultural teachings. Christianity, neo-Judaism as I like to call it, is quite the opposite, and effectively produces stooges for the Jew to manipulate, as xtianity teaches honesty above all else, fairness, etc. Partly why I chose to practice the traditions of my Northern Euro ancestors…the Havamal teaches specifically that one is not obligated to be honest with one is dishonest, or one who is not of their tribe/community. Fight fire w/ fire.

    • no, as the article above states correctly, the real enemy is our own white elites who are profiting from mass immigration, which is being used to prop up the ponzi economy so that white CEOs can keep making millions

    • Yes, in other words the problem is Multi-culturalism…honesty and goodwill in dealings with others is only functional and productive in homogenous societies, or those with a large population of people with shared racial traits, customs, etc. Reminds me of pre-Muslim Scandinavia and why they enjoyed the highest standard of living (and self-reported happiness) for decades.

  • Great point. Needs to be levered in any discussion to unmask the humanists. However many liberals believe in their altruistic ideals being true as they feel this is proved by their material efforts (money, time, even cultural losses donated to the big good thing). It’s the old christian idea of sharing your coat with the poor who’s feeling cold. At the end of the day, you cannot discuss ‘pro’ and ‘cons’ on that intuitive positioning. At the end of the day the intution has to change, and this – to my view – can only happen if things escalate to the worse. As long as gating your community is the easier deal than fighting, the gating continues.

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