Yoko Mada – How Right Wing Is Japan Today?

Yoko Mada is a vlogger, musician and artist.

Yoko joins Lana to discuss Japan, America, and the ongoing struggle between globalism and nationalism. We first talk about Yoko’s YouTube channel, and what led her to begin making videos about Donald Trump. This leads to a discussion on Japan, with Yoko explaining how her perspective on her homeland has changed over the years. Later we talk about Cultural Marxism, gender differences, and Japanese religion. The show concludes with a call for cooperation between nationalists against the globalist agenda.

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  • I hear the Orientals spend a lot of money to make their eyes less slanty. All nonwhites wish they were White, yet there are a lot of Whites who are ashamed of their own race!

  • Japan is hands down the greatest non-white nation/civilization on the planet. I have nothing but deep respect for the Japanese. They even still have an emperor.

    • I hate the fact they are harvesting dolphins and whales. Why must the slopes kill all the animals that shouldn’t be hunted?

      • Sure they hunt whales, and we let Jews run all our nations.

        I don’t really see the benefit of attacking a friendly people that are nationalist and aesthetic. Spiritually they are in exactly the same boat as us, carrying the beacon of enlightened humanity in the face of third world savages.

  • Japan? Who cares. They’re not White. I practice indifference and non-interference in the business of all non-Whites. They are not my kind. They are not my responsibility. They are not my concern.

    • They certainly have a right of self determination, nobody is arguing this. But how can you fail to see the value of having the honorary Japanese as an ally? They are ridiculously intelligent, naturally conservative, beauty is clearly evident (culture, architecture, ancestor worship, not to mention the beauty of the people themselves) they absolutely respect European culture and our knight like ancestors; yet you demonstrate nothing but contempt over a people who have a far older and richer history then our own. You sir, are dishonourable.

      • You, sir, are a fool. The one thing they don’t have is being White and their genes can destroy our White genes..

        In our White struggle for existence, all non-Whites are struggling against us in the eternal gene wars. This is a natural part of evolution and is usually fought without conscious knowledge that all similar genes struggle to be the only kind of genes for their characteristics and this carries over into entire genomes.

        If you don’t understand this, I’ll explain more.

        • The fuhrer gave them the status of honorary aryan for a reason. The more sovereign nations, the better. Thank goodness heirarchy exists, you shouldn’t be making any decisions.

          • I am dedicated to the survival and thriving of Whites. Whites need to be wary of slipping into accepting this or that non-White race as so close to us that we excuse miscegenation, which destroys our White genome.

            The greatest danger to us as Whites is miscegenation and this is the same danger that all other distinct organisms face with other organisms that can breed with them.

            Miscegenation by Whites will destroy Whites in favor of a blended Tan Everyman.

          • More…

            “Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for MATES and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with].

            “They must avoid predators and other dangers [including miscegenation]. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection.” — Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) (emphasis added)

          • You sound like a columbine killer in the making. Cut the shit with your survival of the fittest bullshit. What’s your solution then? Blow the whole world up? Resentful to the core, sort that shit out. Dishonourable weasel. We need to learn how to get along with other sovereign people’s who deeply respect ours.

          • You tiny brain cuck. Go post on some anti-White site. Meanwhile,fuck yourself. Spit!

          • Columbine in the making here. We’re talking over one another. Even the Japanese consider race mixing wrong because it infiltrates their culture and tradition.

          • Race mixing is wrong for Whites because it destroys our White genome. And, this is far more serious than simply having race mixing infiltrating a culture and tradition.

            The point that you try to evade is that what is essentially important is our White genome. Culture, tradition, politics, economic systems, religions, philosophies are all things of the mind which is a product of the brain which is a product of genes. All of these things can be rebuilt or remade if the genes are not destroyed–this is because they are secondary things and are not essential to being the flesh and blood organisms that we are.

            Your Columbine reference is childish and nonsensical.

      • Sovereign nations has nothing to do with my comment or the essential issue here that we Whites must understand that we must remain separate from all other kinds of humans and not mix and mate with them or we will go extinct.

    • I agree essentially, but there is nothing wrong with dispassionately admiring them for the qualities they possess that we would like to see more of in our own people.

      • We can and should learn from everyone and everything, but that is not the point of my earlier post which for the sake of brevity I kept short.

        My point there and here and everywhere where I write is that we are in eternal gene wars to be and to be more. The “enemies” of Whites in the gene wars are other races of humans who can mate with us and destroy our White genes and our White genome.

        The eternal gene wars are a natural part of existence and are necessary for evolution to work, but as thinking beings, we Whites need to now know about them on a conscious level and we must consciously work to remain White by avoiding miscegenation.

    • Yeah well the Japs fought on the right side of WWII. The British and Americans, not so much.

      Japan has a rich culture and history and I respect them more than any other non-white group. We can learn a lot from them.

    • yeah yeah, we get it. don’t sperg too hard.

      Japan is interesting because it is very “first world”, but it took a different path from mass immigration and multi-racialism. A path that seems to be working out a lot better, despite the fact that Japan still has some significant problems.

      Much that the left likes to portray as inevitable, Japan provides a counter-example to.

      At the very least they’ve helped us win A LOT of arguments, heh.

  • Since I don’t really care anything about Japan……

    I’ll post this…….

    Since we’re experiencing the Summer Heat…….

    And with the Liberal DNC Fake News Cultural Marxist Propaganda Ubiquity………

    A Reminder of Factual Scientific Reality…….

    HUGE Amounts of Sea Ice in the North/South Poles……..

  • It doesn’t seem that she knows who (((they))) are. It’s a big redpill to swallow, but I think we would be doing a service to the Japanese to make the JQ known to them. Only question is how to do it without looking crazy.

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