White People Should Stop Tipping Non-Whites

In terms of the history of the world, giving a gratuity (tipping) has a long-storied past. It has been a way for the bourgeoisie and royalty to give a little extra money to lower-classes and proles, while publically displaying their wealth and generous nature. It also ensures that the proles and servants, who are hoping for some extra cash, work that much harder to impress the rich money master.

In the United States, tipping has become a strongly encouraged social custom. Tipping is so ingrained in our culture that if one does not tip then others will judge them harshly or look upon them with disdain. It’s not only tipping, itself, that is expected, but said tip must be a minimum dollar amount or percentage of a bill to be considered good enough. This largesse allows the person doing the tipping to be deemed appropriately decent by their fellow Americans. We are all big winners after all and have to prove it with our generosity.

The corporatocracy loves the custom and social pressures associated with tipping because it means that they do not have to pay their employees very well, sometimes as little as $2.13/hr, and expect the customer to make up the difference to meet the United States Department of Labor’s minimum wage rates. This practice is shady as can be and really reeks of something akin to prostitution. The employee, hoping for a few extra shekels, quite often is sexually harassed, denigrated, insulted, and runs around like a chicken with its head cut off, while the business reaps most of the reward. It is a tradition that must absolutely die due to its exploitative nature, and because it echoes of the malevolent avarice associated with parasitic International Jewry that advances economic systems like Capitalism and Libertarianism to deracinate, atomize, and dehumanize the host nation’s population.

I know that many people in our movement must do this type of work because we are often shut out of many of the professional jobs our Boomer parents take for granted thanks to Affirmative Action and anti-White racism. Even those White people that went to elite schools and graduated with STEM degrees, the kind that everyone fantisizes about, could very well be serving you drinks at your local pub. Do not assume that the guy or gal getting you that beer is a degenerate who did not work hard enough in school.

Unfortunately for Whites, they are even being replaced in these kinds of jobs as well. First, it started with the kitchen staff of every restaurant in America, along with every other manual labor job, that almost instantly became non-White overnight. Now, the people interfacing with mostly the Boomer clientele (let’s be honest, they have most of the money) was almost completely White not long ago but are now starting to embody that Vibrant Diversity that Boomers cherish so much at our expense.

This slow death by a thousand cuts that has been levied against Whites really gets me angry, so I have begun to formulate ways to help our people’s plight. One way is to become much more subversive and start bucking the system every chance that we can. We, Whites, are particularly predictable and dependable for this corporatocracy that obviously despises us. We have been good little worker bees for far too long, and now we have to start drawing a line in the sand. Some would say that the paymasters would just counter by automating everything and leave us starving in the cold. My answer to that is if they could have, they would have. They do not have any special loyalty to us.

Moreover, one such subversive tactic that I really think is overtly clever, and I personally advocate, is to stop tipping non-Whites, or the Coalition of the Ascendant as the Democrats call them. It is a form of boycotting and consumer activism, which I cannot encourage enough.  The concept is a pragmatic and shrewd method of sending a clear message that we will no longer play the White Genocide game and will not assist our enemies in replacing our people nor aid in our demise. Plus, we will be not cucking to the non-Whites and their expectations of Whitey’s gibs, while simultaneously letting the corporatocracy know that there will finally be consequences for their actions.

I was reminded of this idea by a recent post on Twitter:

That led me down the rabbit hole to this:


It is astonishing how rude non-Whites, especially Black people, are allowed and encouraged to be to us in general but especially in the service industry. They feel empowered to treat us badly, and there is little reprisal when they do. “The customer is always right” as any good Boomer would say. Of course, the Boomers are on board with the non-Whites punishing us for the White man’s sins of 400 years of slavery, systemic racism, and White privilege because they are mostly insulated from that type of Cultural Enrichment and Vibrant Diversity except of course when they seek it out or are being served in some capacity.

It must be nice to have all that money.  

A Newsone article stated:

“Whites think themselves Gods on earth and respond to service on their behalf with a sense of regal entitlement.

This almost compels them to demonstrate their grandiosity by lavishing a few lowly dollars on the poor soul that waits on them hand and foot.

Black people, on the other hand, seem to believe that if anybody’s working to serve them, there’s something wrong with the person doing the service.

This arouses our contempt.”

Therefore, I highly encourage everyone to stop tipping non-Whites. You aren’t doing them or us any favors. On a macro level, this only helps management replace White workers, gives them more gibs, and reinforces their malice towards us. Most of them are taking complete advantage of the system anyway. The unwed mother (at least on paper here in the U.S.A.) lives with her children’s father or boyfriend in free public housing (thanks to her being a “single mother”), and they both work as servers, bartenders, or valets with much of their cash off the books. Because they are struggling to make ends meet, according to the U.S. government, they also receive a few hundred extra dollars every month on an EBT card, which is provided at the expense of the hard-working White tax payer’s money that they can then use at restaurants, strip clubs, and Starbucks.

But I suppose they deserve those gibs for having to tolerate so much White racism.

Twitter reactions to the original tweet:

In the land of opportunity, the only way to get even is to hit them in their wallets.


  • I give no profit to any foreign business.I don’t shop at any non white shops,I don’t shop at Zionist places either.Works for me!

  • My husband installs & maintenances restaurant equipment. Non-whites are dirty & very nasty! And most restaurants have an all black or mexican staff! So, I say just cook at home! Grow your own veggies if possible! Even hunt ( I am from the South so hunting for food is still a big thing here) & fish for your meat. We still need grocery stores but the more we as Whites become independent from spending money stupidly like going out to dinner the less non-whites will get out of us & the less success the jew owner will have.

  • I would go one step further and refuse to even patronize a business you suspect is run by non-whites. Screw not tipping them, how about not spending any money on their establishment’s period. And also, that you tube clip you linked in this is pure gold. Exemplifies everything wrong with living in a “vibrant” country.

        • I also have an opinion: you are a complete degenerate and should never read any articles or comment on this website ever again. You are absolutely not our demographic. And yes, that’s called discrimination.

          • JUst because you’re an ignorant shitbag doesn’t mean I am going to leave

          • again that is an IGNORANT opinion. I am proud to be trans and gay because I am happy and comfortable knowing who I am and living as I should be. That’s far from degeneracy. You’re the degenerate here.

          • I am not sure that you have a firm grasp on what the definition of ignorant is. You should go read it again.

            You being a tranny and fag is textbook degeneracy. You are delusional and sad, and you know it. You cannot possibly be proud. You live a hollow superficial existence where you worship other men’s assholes and will eventually die sad and alone from some HIV related illness.

          • The exact definition of ignorant is: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
            I am far from that despite you thinking I am just because of one opinion. I have actually studied this stuff extensively. I know what goes into being trans as well as the definitions of mental disorders (which transgender is not).
            Just because one person doesn’t like it because they were told it was wrong and conned into believing that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s my life to live and I am going to live it how I want to. Get over it
            I’m not saying anyone has to be any way but by telling people they HAVE to live a certain way and pushing it on people as you’re doing you’re now violating that right.
            I don’t worship anything actually. You clearly don’t understand how sex works if you think it means you worship a body part. LOL
            Oh and if you think that all anal sex leads to HIV or other STI’s you truly are the definition of ignorant that you so willingly threw at me so soon ago.

          • Anyone who is a tranny or fag has a mental disorder; don’t kid yourself.

            Everyone has AIDS
            AIDS, AIDS, AIDS
            AIDS, AIDS, AIDS
            AIDS, AIDS, AIDS
            Everyone has AIDS

            And so this is the end of our story
            And everyone is dead from AIDS
            It took from me my best friend, my only true pal
            My only bright star
            (He died of AIDS)

          • It’s NOT a mental disorder you’re just in denial and upset you can’t call it that anymore so you ignore the LOGIC that’s gone into examining it and the science that’s proven it isn’t.
            And not only LGTB people have aids you retard. Staright people can get aids just as easily from straight sex.

          • No “science” has proven anything unless you mean the DSM, which is voted on by other trannies and fags. You have a mental disorder- you know it, I know it. Don’t try to normalize your perverse thinking to anyone; it makes you seem even more pathetic.

            Also, AIDS is fag cancer, and I’m sure you either have it or will have it soon.

          • Yes, the DSM and science, as well as psychology has ruled it is NOT a mental disorder and for good reason. In simple words (since you are a simple person) it’s not a mental disorder because it’s not someone that is effecting the ability to function normally in society and with others its others being isoloatory and discriminating toward LGTB people. Therefore it’s not the LGTB people it’s the assholes. It’s NOT a mental disorder you fucking moron.

            It’s totally NORMAL. And for the last time you fuckhead it is NOT a gay disease. Just as many straight people have AIDS and ANYONE can get it. Straight people can get it just the same. I don’t have it and never will because I am safe but again if ANYONE isn’t careful with who they have sex with or if they don’t use proper protection.
            Straight people or ANYONE for that matter can even be born with AIDS.
            It’s NOT a gay disease.

          • The DSM diagnoses for mental health are voted on during conferences by POZ’d groups of degenerate doctors and therapists. In the 5th version, you are correct in stating that being a tranny or fag is not considered a mental disorder, but only because it was voted down by a bunch of shit-libs and Jews. Shocker! There is no “science” involved.

            In older versions of the DSM, it definitely was by the way.

            Maybe you are referring to the fag gene? The science for that is on par with unicorns existing.

            Just be honest, something is seriously wrong with you. Stop pretending to the world when you know that I am 100% correct.

          • Hahaha so that’s your excuse now?
            “I um…know that people who have studied all their lives to get their PhDs and know more than I will ever know about science or medicine but I don’t like what they have to say so I am going to call them degenerates and that means everything they say, at least to my dislinking, is irrelevant”
            How fucking stupid are you?

            And yes. There is a gay gene, people are born gay

  • It’s all relative. If they paid servers $15 per hr with no tips allowed the cost of the food would go up to cover those wages, which are paid by the customer. So the customer pays their “tips” either way.

  • Stop? I ‘ve never tipped non-whites. Heck, I don’t even type whites half of the time, unless the service is mind-blowing or if the waitress looks like she has three kids to support.

  • Interesting discussion.

    The 1965 Hart-Celler act, which began the tsunami of 3rd worlders coming to America was passed without benefit of a single baby-boomer voting for any of the Congressmen who supported it. The first boomers were born in 1946, and could not vote until 1967, at age 21 under law at the time.

    Politicians elected by the Silent Generation and Greatest Generation created all the social programs that allow parasitic behavior: Social Security, Medicaid, AFDC. Earlier generations also did much to harm the original design of the Republic, including the Civil Rights amendments, granting citizenship and voting rights to former slaves, the amendment extending voting rights to woman, etc.

    Given all this the constant harping on boomers seems off base. The trend of America becoming a universal republic of brown people and not the White Republic of the founders has many authors, most of them contributing more to the program than the boomers.

    While a lot of early boomers may have made out pretty good late boomers have been through every economic disruption since 1980, most have little in the way of savings, entered the work force after the fixed benefit retirement plans were eliminated and replaced with the 401K, have had to deal with feminst oriented divorce courts.

    Many people I know in their 50s and 60s have elderly parents who are much more liberal than they are, and were never red-pilled in the slightest. Growing not just up, but old and rich in Mayberry while voting for one progressive destroyer after another from FDR, to JFK, LBJ and Clinton and supporting social causes and virtue signaling the entire time.

  • Nonwhite servers are generally hard to find and the ones I do see are usually “the good ones.” As a former waiter/bartender, I dislike the whole tipping regime and would love to see it upended.

    • This is exactly why, if you don’t pay taxes because you’re a deadbeat or a spendthrift, the IRS will work with you and focus on trying to collect what money they can, while if you state that you refuse to pay out of moral conviction, your ass is going to jail. But yeah, if you can get a critical mass…

      • Objectively speaking our tax dollars support international terrorism such as The Kurds and such as U.S. covert military actions around the world including and especially Syria currently. Our tax dollars pay for institutionally racist anti-White policies domestically too. These are good reasons to conscientiously object and abstain from paying taxes. If done individually, jail. If done en masse, especially internationally simultaneously, some jail, but many headlines, then many more awake Whites.

        • They are not “your” tax dollars. And what you describe is straight out of some 1970s kook book.

      • Umm. No. One is rebellion, the other is misfortune. Taxes are about establishing sovereignty. It is symbolic. All money obviously is symbolic – it’s just a number in a computer.

    • I agree, but as history shows, tax evasion isn’t particularly kind to pro-white speakers and leaders. It’s how the gov punishes someone if they can’t prove any real crime happened.

    • You suffer from Libertarian thinking. Money is political. Jews, going back to the Phoenicians and the Punic Wars against Rome, have always strived to hide this fact, particularly with the Golden Calf that is now The Mises Institute.

      The government doesn’t need your money. They create the money. You are taxed in order to make you work for the government’s money. This is what allowed tribes to turn into nations and empires. The tax man created an ever larger economy by forcing people to use the same currency.

      This erroneous line of thinking you present has been hugely destructive to this movement. I’ve been in this for 15 years, and probably half of White Nationalists don’t think we have to do anything because eventually there won’t be enough white people to support all these non-whites.

      This is entirely false. The vast majority of white people are just as superfluous as non-whites. They just do different, but no less useless jobs.

  • This is a genius idea that never occurred to me, because it’s almost just reflexive to tip, as noted in the article. I’ll be doing this from now on.

  • Every day I read this garbage & loathe these primitives even more. My gr01d fatigue is through the roof

      • Bro, I don’t get the boomer fixation as a scapegoat here. You know that boomers are the babies that were born when all the American servicemen came back from WWII en masse and also en masse impregnated all of their wives, right? These people were all born in 1946 making them all of them seventy-one years old. So picking boomers out of a hat and deciding to skewer them in most articles sounds very strange. I mean, why not just blame witches? It would make as much sense, that is to say none at all.

        I know many people have been slinging around boomer hate for a year or two and it’s really nonsense, dude. It literally makes no sense. Plus, even if it did, it’s more divisive stuff anyway. Who wants to point to our grandparents or parents as the ones who should shoulder the blame for failing to see Jewish manipulations that went unseen by most even in Henry Ford’s day?

        • I don’t get the boomer blame crap either. The Jew was much less obvious to them than to us today. As for might have beens, I doubt WW2 would have even occurred if they had the Internet back then. BTW, Augur, congrats on the 10,000th comment.

        • I agree. There is no one single generation for us to blame, it has been a very long, very gradual process stretching back centuries, with ebbs and flows.

        • The great Vincent Law’s article sums this up pretty well:

          Pointing out the obvious (hate) facts regarding the terrible decisions, lifetime of maniacal material consumption, crisis of individualism, selfishness, Affirmative Action, unending non-White immigration, rampant obesity, and conferred debt slavery, which are all hallmarks of Boomers, are certainly a fixation of mine and almost everyone else in the Alt-Right. The Boomers have left a wake of destruction all over the entire world based on their self-serving agenda that is summed up well in a term by Nietzsche in Thus Spoke Zarathustra called the “Last Man”.

          Using logical fallacies to try to disparage the overwhelming evidence for my various arguments and rationale is not going to change our current paradigm. I did not create this divisiveness, I inherited it. If a majority of Boomers were sincerely on our side and trying to help our cause, we would welcome them with open arms; however, that is certainly not the case.

          • “Using logical fallacies to try to disparage the overwhelming evidence for my various arguments and rationale is not going to change our current paradigm. ”

            Point to the logical fallacies I allegedly employed. Thanks in advance.

          • That’s a fairly dense argument and self-defeating. No wonder this movement is topping off. The petty infighting, whether it be trans-generational, against other whites, or other pro-white speakers, only ends up stifling the cause. By the way, do you have your Brigade ready to ‘take back’ Detroit?

          • Only one brigade to ‘take back’ Detroit, Dave? It sounds like you are already thinking strategy and tactical planning. I like your passion and positive attitude!! Now, we’re talking!

            To answer your question, I’m pretty sure that if I needed that type of help then men like you would answer the call, especially if you are a Michigander. They are some of the toughest people I know.

          • Is the human gestation period always approximately nine months? So yeah.

            But yeah the term has been diluted and generalized since its coining apparently. So what though? It meant just that and any attempts to change its meaning are attempts to keep the term in use even though it lacks relevance. What do you want to do in the event the term can be stretched to babies born a year later or two years later? You want to make our enemies list Jews, non-Whites who won’t or can’t self-deport, race traitors, and 69 to 71 year old White people? One of these does not fit.

        • Boomer’s authored the modern pro-white causes and have been doing it for decades. Some millenials just discovered this shit only recently.

    • You’re one of these retards who believes White interests are “Leftist.”

      Jesus Christ you people are stupid! No wonder Whites have no country, no culture, and no future.

  • I like this idea. At some point in the future when our numbers are even greater, I would like to see a public boycott of non-white businesses in general.

    • Or an online database of White owned / Pro-White businesses. I’d drive out of the way to support small businesses owned by Whites. Plus, it would be good to know which large corporations engage in any kind of “charity” to the Third World so I can avoid giving them my money as well.

  • Good Stuff………

    The Future of the Alt-Right is looking BRIGHT……..

    The more that Non-Whites do this……..

    The more our Numbers Grow…….

    It’s exactly what we want…….

  • “I know that many people in our movement must do this type of work because we are often shut out of many of the professional jobs our Boomer parents take for granted thanks to Affirmative Action and anti-White racism.”

    Cue the Boomer Kvetching. “Muh feelz hurt!”

    This is a good idea. I’ve been giving non-whites chincy tips for awhile. I used to think that non-tipping or low-tipping was Jew-y behaviour, until I was a supervisor at a Pizza place while going to school. Non-whites overwhelmingly don’t tip at all, and when they do it’s nothing to write home about. We’re not obligated to always take the moral highground. Stop tipping these entitled f-cks. Your generosity will not be returned.

  • As a thought experiment how about becoming transracial on the upcoming census? Census tracks determine which neighborhoods are not diverse enough and need government action through section 8 vouchers. Of course, this is only a joke because lying on the census is illegal.

      • I actually have direct experience with this b.s. The gov. looks at 2 things, census tracks with low income levels, and census tracks having a racial minority as the majority when it does social engineering.

    • This is a GREAT IDEA, This could actually work.
      It might actually throw a monkey wrench of sorts into the governments social engineering plans.
      It might also shock Normies into a panick and wake them up when the census results show them to already be in the minority.
      This is definitely worth a try. We should try to promote this.

    • Actually the Constitution only mandates that you tell the worker how many people live in your home. That is it. The rest is embellished garbage and details they have no business collecting.

  • This is an excellent idea but it could be taken further still.

    My husband and I refuse to patronize non-White businesses and have been quietly encouraging others to do the same for many years. There’s no pointing complaining about all the wogs and darkies nearby if you yourself are giving them the very means to survive and prosper in your community. It’s the sort of thing that can be done without fanfare and without even brining race, etc. into it (one can simply recommend a White business over a non-White one, or just advise folk to avoid latter, on the basis of service, etc.), but that, if done by enough people, can have a real effect.

    • Restaurants are a waste of money. They pad the employment statistics of the (((economists))) while starving the real economy of household goods and national infrastructure. Stormer Book Clubs, are you listening?

        • The food production system depends massively on POC’s to do the grunt work. For example, white people like my hillbilly grandmother in Arkansas used to work in the state’s chicken processing plants. Arkansas must have run out of hillbillies or something, so now these degenerate chicken companies hire Mexicans and Marshall Islanders for these jobs.

          BTW, I wonder if anyone claims that these Mexicans and Pacific Islanders can become hillbillies just like my people because they now live on the magic dirt of the Ozarks.

          • Thanks Don Tyson! I was shocked to learn awhile back that Marshallese have all plunked down in Northwest Arkansas. The Marshallese have the worst diet and highest rate of Diabetes in the world. They need the bennies.

          • My father’s family came from the Ozarks in the early 1900s! Very strong people there back then!

      • Yeah, we should develop our own skills and agency by learning how to prepare our own meals at home.

      • Yes, precisely.

        If any folk here are giving non-Whites their business, they should look at how they can give that money to Whites. (Within reason of course – don’t avoid going to the doctor if the only medic in town is Indian or something!)

    • This woudn’t hurt the Dindus; they don’t have any businesses. Hell, they don’t even have jobs unless it’s a government job of some sort. There is no way to stick-it to someone in a government job.
      I suppose we could make a point to avoid Asian businesses. There are certainly plenty of them.

      Although few people are in a position to do so, the most effective way to help Whites is to hire them whenever possible.
      I have a non-management STEM position. However, there have been several instances when I have had final choice in filling a position. I have always given the job to a White over an Asian (I’ve never even had a Black or Hispanic send a resume for a position).

      It can be really bad in STEM in the Boston area. Asian managers will NEVER hire Whites. It is quite shocking. In fact it is not even just an anti-White bias; it is just full open racial-ethnic nepotism. An Indian scientist or manager will only hire Indians and a Chineses scientist or manager will only hire Chinese. The Good-White cucks must see this but they must just rationalize it away.

    • Exactly,whatever nonwhites inhabit ,associate with or work-do not contribute to their enterprise. You can always go elsewhere or just learn to do with out. If a business hires a nonwhite ,then they are Not employing a white person ,and someone’s out a job. Blacks, Asians, Arabs and Jews often generally only frequent ethnic establishments specifically to encourage their own race to advance-white people need to learn this trick and use same as others do.

    • Exactly. Indian, Mexican, El Salvadoran. Chinese and Ethiopian restaurants in your area should all be avoided. The only problem then is when you go into what you think is a white establishment and they have a non-white working.

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