The Problem With The Alt-Right… According To The ‘Skeptics’ Community

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So It Begins…

The die is cast and with Mouthy Buddha’s new video, “The Problem With The Alt Right”, the ‘Skeptic’ community’s first shot across our bow has been fired.

This has been a long time in coming, and we’re finally here. As the era of the SJW comes to an end, it is only natural that the internet’s favorite pseudo-intellectuals turn their guns towards us. As race realists, pro-white activists, representatives of the Alt-Right, it is imperative that we recognize the nature of this new opponent. Through this process, we must come to understand not only how to defeat this opponent, but also to self-reflect and recognize the areas in which we require revision and improvement.

That being said, let us deconstruct this video.

Mouthy Buddha has decided to engage the Alt-Right on a basis of common values. Rather than combatting our cornerstone issues such as race realism and the Jewish question, Mouthy has chosen to take these issues for granted and combat our ideas on a much deeper level. In other words, he has allowed us to set the ground rules and still believes he can beat us at our own game. I admire his confidence…

Mouthy chose to take aim from two political vantage points, from which he brings forth criticism against the Alt-Right.

Firstly, Mouthy contends that the Alt-Right is doomed to failure from an ethical standpoint. In an eerie shortfilm featuring himself and his Alt-Right friend, Mouthy creates a fantasy world in which the Alt-Right wins. All blacks are deported to Florida where they are doomed to drown due to rising sea levels, and Mouthy realizes as a mixed race person, they will do to him “what they do to the Jews”. As the scene darkens, German foot soldiers can be heard outside, and harrowing footage of Holocaust victims hazily flashes across the screen. Essentially, the classic “muh Holocaust” kvetching, masked behind a façade of rationality.

Through this scene, Mouthy evokes an image of horror, and makes it quite clear that he believes the forcible removal of non-whites from white countries is “unethical”. On virtue of this assumption, he contends that the Alt-Right will never gain traction as a movement because, in current year, the idea of mass deportation or even genocide is far too extreme.

Which begs the question, is Mouthy coming from a position of logic and rationality? Well, yes and no.

“I would even go far as to say that having a political representative be able to stand up in front of America and say that races are different and that voluntary eugenics programs will be available to those who find themselves of lower intelligence and wish to receive financial incentives would be useful. Which is to say that, to have a politician tell the truth like this, stigma free, would be a net positive for the entire world…but I also want to have sex with Kate Beckinsale.”

This statement, in combination with his concern about being executed because he was mixed-race, shows that Mouthy is operating on an instinct almost identical to the one that forms of the basis of the Alt-Right, one of self-preservation. Mouthy realizes that should America ever become a white ethnostate, he would likely not be welcome here, and if the more radical elements of the Alt-Right had their way, he would probably be booted. That is not to say that this is not a very real concern for someone in his position; however, Mouthy disingenuously presents the idea of mass physical removal of other races as one that is objectively, “deeply unethical”, and one that will never be accepted in America.

Thus, as someone who prides himself in dealing with matters logically and rationally, Mouthy ironically makes this appeal to emotion rather early on.

It is universally accepted that in a purely rational world, ethics are nothing more than an expression of human emotion. Appealing to them holds as much weight as appealing to your religion’s god (i.e. Appeal To Authority Fallacy). Ethics are highly subjective and as such cannot be used as an argument; they are only as valid or invalid as the person enforcing or violating them. In the real world of cold-hard logic, might is the ultimate right, the decider of what shall be, and what shall not be.

Whether or not you condone mass deportations, it is worth mentioning that with man-made ethics/morality out of the picture, deportations are a very rational and acceptable response to certain situations. I think it’s safe to say that if you tasked an AI computer (a creation completely devoid of emotion and solely logic-based) with saving the white race, it would undoubtedly consider deportations or other…”unsavory” options.

The point being, ethics are subjective, and if we are operating solely on the basis of fact and logic, there is nothing intrinsically ‘wrong’ with mass deportation.  If Mouthy were actually interested in being completely rational and didn’t have a sense of self-concern at play here, he would acknowledge this obvious fact. I always found it funny that skeptics and Reddit atheists are the first people to defend moral relativism when debating against various religions, but the moment something more extreme is thrown on the table (i.e. mass deportation or genocide) they immediately start appealing to “muh morals” and “muh ethics”. “That is wrong” or “That is immoral” or “That is unethical” is simply, as Stefan Molyneux would put it, NOT AN ARGUMENT.

And as for his assumption that America would never accept such a notion, well…I think history has proven time and time again that publicly-sanctioned mass removal are a very real phenomenon. If you think America is somehow different from the rest of the world, you are sorely mistaken. Human nature will always remain the same; as times worsen, people will turn to more and more “unethical” means of self-preservation.

Which brings us to the second accusation Mouthy Buddha levies against the Alt-Right: that it’s supporters are inspired by emotional rhetorical rather than logic and rationality. Dissuaded by our constant use of buzzwords (i.e. cuck) and racial slurs, Mouthy perceives the Alt-Right as operating a similar political scheme to that of the SJWs, one of emotional vilification rather than strict adherence to logic. While he is not entirely wrong, the fact that Mouthy points this out demonstrates how profoundly he lacks any understanding of human nature, or how it is influenced and manipulated by emotions.

In order for any political movement to be successful, some amount of emotional manipulation is necessary; pure intellectualism will never be enough to inspire the vast majority of people, who by nature, are not particularly intellectual. This has been common knowledge to every great leader throughout history, from Napoleon to Hitler. Even Trump realized this, and his campaign won bigly not only because of its adherence to rationality, but also because of Trump’s effective rhetoric and emotional manipulation. Successfully stirring up the anger, joy, love, and hatred of the masses is an essential ingredient to success as a political movement.

And this is something most of the Skeptic community, Mouthy Buddha included, fails to comprehend. It is logical and rational to use emotional rhetoric to achieve success as a political movement, even if said rhetoric isn’t entirely factual. While it is true that A.I. adheres strictly to logic, human beings do not; we are emotional creatures, and as such we need to be appealed to on an emotional level. When someone from the Alt-Right calls his opponent a “cuck” or a “shill” or “anti-white” he is evoking feelings of justification both in himself and his comrades, and feelings of anger and shame in his enemies. Such rhetoric has the net effect of combating the political opposition in a way that cold, refined intellectualism is incapable of doing. In the ideal world, political movements would not have to resort to such rhetoric; but we don’t live in the ideal world, and people are not inherently rational. That is not to say that emotional rhetoric need not be based in fact; on the contrary, the most effective rhetoric is that which forms its basis on facts, as the Alt-Right does.

This is the reality that ‘Skeptics’ and ‘Centrists’ never seem to understand; that charged, emotional rhetoric is key to largescale success as a political movement. That is why, up until recent times, the Left have been so successful at winning the culture war; they’ve mastered the art of emotional manipulation. What you refer to as “horseshoe theory” is simply the realization of those in the Alt-Right that we should learn from the Left and the tactics they use. The difference is, we also have facts and truth on our side, and unlike the Left, we are going to win; the Alt-Right will be the vehicle by which we secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

I look forward to future videos from the ‘Skeptic’ community regarding the Alt-Right, and I would like to encourage those in the Alt-Right to prepare to defend our ideals against their oncoming assault. While emotional rhetoric is effective, I think you will find with these types, facts and logic are much more effective; luckily, those are on our side.

Tl;DR Mouthy Buddha made a rather professional video kvetching about the Alt-Right because he’s afraid of being gassed and is also mad you guys are calling him a cuck (keep it up). Prepare yourselves for more pseudo-intellectual critiques of the Alt-Right coming from the ‘Skeptic’ community in the near future.

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  • Laws and justice can be based on nature. Pagans, natsocs and fascists talk alot about natural law.

  • There can be no moral argument that a people have a duty to accept their own death, destruction, or decline for any reason. That would be immoral. Other tribes come into America and vote en masse to rob and enslave the historic American people. Over time, they are succeeding. Therefore we are correct in treating any and all non-whites as members of a hostile group and taking appropriate action. We don’t have to prove any particular case because we already know the stats, and it is up to innocents in out-groups to justify themselves.

  • “Never come from a place of force” – Of course…typical Buddhist position, if he is one. Some of the greatest political acts and humanitarian institutions were accomplished through the use of force, but I digress.

    Can we define what ‘pseudo-intellectual’ is? Seriously I hear that word mouthed more times on this site on par with ‘racist or sexist’ at the execrable HuffPo. If a person constructs an argument that you don’t agree with, does it qualify as ‘pseudo-intellectual’?

    I can see some aspects of progressive thinking as such (ie, white privilege, microaggressions), but let’s not make the mistake of overusing the word or applying it out of context (or contempt). It will lose it’s meaning and edge after a while.

  • TL;DR
    Excluding people from your country is literally anuddah shoah
    Stop being so racist you stupid racist

  • As a conspiracy theorist I am intimately familiar with these types of “skeptics”, they are skeptics in name only. They are worthless posers acting like intellectuals, what they really are is gatekeepers for a consensus reality they couldn’t escape even if their life depended on it. They know how to repeat talking points, not how to think rationally.

  • I came here because I recently saw a video of Spencer handling a room full of blacks and Liberals-very well; and was very favorably impressed with his ability-kind of like Matt Hale ;yet -so far- as I look over this Alt Right .com home page , and the associated articles , I still see a mass of confusion ; and what appears to be purposeful misdirection by writers who either can actually write or who are hell bent on twisting events so “colorfully” as to make the readers just loose interest. I had hoped for better from a supposed group representing White interest. Spencer -impressive / alt right- not so much.

    • You mean the Texas A&M ‘debate’? Yes, Spencer has bigger balls than most. It takes a lot to stand in front of a hostile crowd of 100 blacks and their white advocates with only one or two security guards to protect your life.

      Head over to Stormfront, that’s where the harcore old-timers, skins, scholars, and vets like me hang out. There is a share of morons, like with every group, but there are also dozens of wise men who are intellectual pro-white advocates who have been at this for decades. Many of them see the AR as a passing fad.

      • No thanks Dave. I was on SF from day one ; and been in this so called WN movement since the 60’s, and seen many like Spencer come and go. Just seen his message/speech at Auburn University=weak. Unfortunately very amateurish and obviously unplanned. Spencer very desperately needs to watch and listen very carefully to The Real Deal- Dr William Pierce or of course Dr David Duke, Tom Metzger , Ben Klassen or Matt Hale .Spencer is far too soft and childlike to actually expect anyone to believe what he is trying to express. Kids and millennials may “relate” to his message because he’s one of them-but he simply does not resonate real authenticity. If Spencer hasn’t read this book and understood it, then he’s doomed to failure from the start.

      • Seeing as our problems will continue to get worse it’s hard to see how the alt-right could end up being a fad. What’s the reasoning behind this belief?

  • they immediately start appealing to “muh morals” and “muh ethics”. “That is wrong” or “That is immoral” or “That is unethical”

    Just don’t validate any moral system that isn’t your own. Accusations of racism, bigotry, homophobia, misogyny, etc etc ad nauseam don’t work on me because I don’t recognize that moral system as valid. It would be like a Muslim calling me a heretic. So fucking what?

  • It is interesting to note that the Alt-Right will not take a step back on its stances.

    Libs, Liberts, and “Centrists” are usually beholden to the popular societal norms and the prevailing “moral” ad “ethical” standards… their moral and ethical standards are confined to the era they were born in, instead of the cold hard truths of the struggle in nature.
    Preserving our survival is a foreign ethic to these people.

    I do, however, admire Mouthy Python’s expression of self-interest as he openly admits that his attempt to “put the Alt-Right in its place” is basically a way to preserve his way of life in a white country.
    In a way, he admits the truth of the struggle in nature… although he has to disagree with us because of what he is.
    This brings the question of their “centrist” orientation.
    This “center” ground that they stand on WILL NOT HOLD, simply because it is not a true center.
    Rather, it was just a previous Leftist Ghost Town, deserted by the Left as they went further Left.

    As for the Alt-Right, it sits comfortably with its “ethics” and morals, regardless of where the Overton Window shifts throughout the eras. It will not mind labels of Left and Right.
    For these “Centrists”, it’s not clear… perhaps they do intend to remain Eternal Skeptics, without a fixed set of values and morals, but a constant urge to “challenge” the existing norm because “muh skepticism”…

    Anyway, we need these Skeptics to try to “put us in our place”, because they can provide us material for our self-reflection. They can be useful to us this way.
    Of course, self-reflection of our deeper values falls on us, as these Skeptics will not be able to go deep into our psyche.
    These Skeptics are useful to us… for now.

    • agreed, AR needs all the criticism it can get. Introspection and calculated responses strengthen the cause/movement.

  • He’s right to say that joining the alt-right is not necessary to preserve Western values. Joining the alt-right is sufficient to preserve them.

  • You already had me at the name “Mouthy Buddha.” I knew he would be a cuck just from that.

    I’m a huge fan of this site. I read it every day. I don’t think this article was needed though, and I think we’re getting too many articles like these. Unless a squabble with another movement generates free publicity, they should be avoided. Nobody’s going to get red-pilled and we aren’t going to win more people to our cause with these articles. Most people don’t even know who the hell the Skeptics are. Less like this, no more (((Milo))) articles, etc. Please.

    • If Tucker Carlson can call out Jewish neocons like he did tonight, so too can this site. Let’s get back to basics and forget stupid Internet Youtubers and Social Media personalities like Cernovich who are fading after the election.

  • What’s so brilliant about the Alt-Right is it’s heavy incorporation of satire and sarcasm along with solid logic and facts. It’s been highly successful in attracting young people, particularly men, which is extremely essential if we are to accomplish our long term goals. We need to keep doing exactly what we’re doing and continue growing our base.

  • Only criticism I have is we need an actual organization/party started to get candidates to run for office, or just people to get the word out on the street. A manifesto of like 20 some points that define the goals and policies of said organization. Someone in here said months ago that Richard was working on this stuff. Anyone hear anything? Seriously, something real and concrete should be in place for 2018. You want mainstream headlines and free publicity? Get some folks elected and really see the elites squirm.

    • Elected to what? If you’re talking about president, or any federal office at all, I’m sorry but you’re delusional. Trying to play third party politics in the United States would be a fool’s errand and would be playing into the hands of our enemies. There is nothing that could make us less relevant than running a candidate for president and having that candidate be a statistical non-factor, while the (((media))) hammers home the point that almost no one voted for the alt-right candidate. Just ask the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party. If you think the alt-right would be anymore successful, you don’t have any understanding of how rigged the American electoral system is in favor of the (((Democratic))) and Republican parties. It cannot be penetrated by anyone else except maybe a self-funding multibillionaire running as an independent. If you have any of those sitting around on the alt-right, he should form an exploratory committee.

      It may well be possible to elect candidates at a grassroots, local level — something the Traditionalist Worker Party apparently aims to do — and from there to build momentum for state-level runs for office. But there is absolutely no penetrating the federal government with a third party. The best thing we can do is advocate for policies, not run candidates, and those policies should include electoral reform that would allow for the formation of an alt-right party with a chance to actually be competitive. Another possibility would be to make an effort to take over the Republican Party, but that is also much easier said than done. The idea of having something “in place for 2018” for anything beyond local elections isn’t realistic at all. And it shouldn’t even be the focus. The alt-right hasn’t gotten to where it is by electioneering. We need to build a movement first, not a political party. Our enemies would love for us to build a political party instead.

      • The best thing we can do is reject (((democracy))), as it is a failed experiment that is exceedingly easy to subvert.

        • You won’t get an argument from me. I was just pointing out what kind of tactics could maybe work within democracy and which are completely delusional, but I don’t think we should waste any time or resources on political parties or electioneering. We need to build a movement and focus on direct action.

          • Well most Western nations are democratic republics, and the way to gain power(the whole point of getting into politics) is through elections. Building a movement is nice and a start, but what is being done? You have a bunch of people just doing You Tube videos and podcasts, plus us peons mentally masturbating as keyboard jockeys. Nothing real is being done, just online in the blogosphere. If Trump can win in my state of Michigan, why can’t an AR candidate? I agree the odds are long for it to come to fruition, but the only other alternatives are to surrender or full scale revolution 1789 style, which has longer odds of succeeding than having some candidates getting into office. The Iron Guard of Romania and Hezbollah are good examples of movements that became parties. They both had/have effective community outreaches via co ops, work camps, and I think even education. What I am seeing now being done is zilch. It is just a bunch of people looking for clicks on You Tube to get the $ rolling in. They just found a little niche where they have their own little monopoly on the viewership.

          • Okay, you must be a Boomer. Because if you think starting a political party is actually more important than YouTube videos, you have no idea what’s going on. We have to build numbers in the movement, and the way to build numbers is to reach people. How do you reach people in the Current Year — and not just people, but people who are likely to actually respond to our message, which is to say younger people? You reach them through the damn internet.

            You’re right that there needs to be community outreach. You know what that requires? People and money. You know where we can get people and money dude? On the damn internet. With clicks. You have to build a movement one step at a time, not get impatient and skip to the last step and expect that to work out. Everything that is being done here is important. It’s early days yet. You’re expecting Richard Spencer to get up tomorrow morning, eat his Wheaties, and have Rome built by the time you’re ready for dinner. It doesn’t work like that. Relax and concentrate your autism on something more constructive than making it all sound hopeless and criticizing what people are doing.

          • Are you kidding me? Sitting down on a keyboard isn’t pain. Getting out and meeting people is doing something real.

          • I am an Xer, but yeah, he has been around for over 2 years. How can Corneliu Codreanu and a handful of guys create a national movement with groups and associations throughout Romania within a rather short timespan and we can’t at least get some going within a couple years? A national movment would be very hard to do in 2 years with a nation like the US, but get a groundwork going!!!

          • It’s already happening. Do you really have no idea how much the Alt-Right movement has grown in the past year? It’s exploding. Between Trump and the media dropping it’s mask, it’s not that hard to attract young people. The internet is THE best way to do it.

          • And that should make it that much more clear to you as to WTF they’re doing here, and that our democracy has indeed been subverted. Kick out the illegals, bring legal immigration guidelines back to white Europeans only, and make it financially advantageous for blacks & browns to leave the country and/or stop having children.

      • You don’t get elected at the federal level, you are useless. That is reality. Your movement is useless unless you gain power to enact your policies and objectives. Growing the movement is paramount of course, but the ultimate goal is power. Democracy isn’t going anywhere, so you better get your thinking cap on and get real. Mentally masturbating online or having small rallies hasn’t really grown anything from what I have seen. The Charlottesville rally and the rally in DC pretty much had the same numbers, etc

        • Can you tell me the last time a third party gained power at the federal level? It was literally the election of Lincoln. I agree that the ultimate goal is power, but if that’s your goal, the last thing you want to be doing is starting a third party that will be ignored and ridiculed just like the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, etc. The entire system is rigged against the mere possibility of a third party being successful.

          • There is always a first time for everything. If you don’t have the support to get elected when the electorate is getting really tired of the two establishment candidates, it means you probably won’t fare any better with your movement nationally, meaning you should just go home. That is why I agree with you that we need to build a movement, but we do have to get into “the game”. eventually. I mean seriously Quentin, the odds of the movement doing any real good for people of European descent is a longshot in itself.

          • Green Party is for lefty whack jobs that mentally are on another planet. The Constitution Party was dominated by Chuck Baldwin upon its inception and was very Christian in its orientation, when the GOP still had the image of being aligned with the Religious Right when W was the Pres, so its appeal was not that great. Libertarians wasted their first 25 years being known as just free the weed party. The folks are getting sick of the two party monopoly. A party with a focus, but with the potential of broad appeal probably could get their foot in the door. A party that is heavily against globalization, with a solid economic platform could win.

          • It’s not this simple. The United States places enormous hurdles, above and beyond anything in Europe, in the way of a third party succeeding. Third parties have to spend enormous amounts of time and resources — and by resources I mean both money and manpower — just to get on the ballot, and they have to do this in each state and D.C. By the time they do actually get themselves on the ballot, they have very little money left for the actual campaign and their manpower is exhausted.

            The next step is fighting like hell to get enough (((media))) attention to achieve a high enough percentage in national polls to be included in presidential debates. Meanwhile, the media will only pay attention to a third party if it suits their agenda somehow, like when they kept giving the Libertarian Party attention in 2016 hoping it would draw votes away from Trump. They are always careful not to give a third party the kind of attention it needs to actually qualify for the presidential debates though.

            These are the biggest obstacles, but they aren’t the only ones. For a very long time, the two major parties have worked to ensure they are the only ones who can compete at the federal level, and they’ve done an exceptionally good job. Trying to compete with them at the federal level is a fool’s errand and is a great way to black-pill the entire movement and ensure it becomes a footnote in history just like other third parties that have tried and failed to penetrate a thoroughly rigged system.

            If there is to be electioneering at all, it should be at the local level, and then if possible at the state level. We shouldn’t engage in any unwinnable electioneering and risk a mass black pill for the entire movement.

          • Only real hurdle is the signatures. Yeah money will be a problem, but if a proper movement is created, some damage can be done. By 2020 we need to have a solid organization put in place.

          • We need stealth candidates on the GOP tickets. That’s the easiest way to get people in office.

          • Which is why we must break the system. We must continue to stir emotion and get our message out. As the overton window shifts, emotion will rise. The reason why more people don’t come to the rallies (yet) is due to fear of personal backlash (losing their job, being ostracized from family, etc) Once we shift that window, and more people start to come “out of the closet”, the more others will become bold and “come out”. (Literally just like all these faqs did).

          • You might as well say the alt right is a waste of time then since the enemy controls all branches of got and the main stream media. The odds of this going anywhere is the same as a third party.

  • Dear Enemies (both white and non),

    We do not give a flying f**k about you and yours. You never want to make the slightest effort to cooperate with us. You interpret anything less than our race’s martyrdom as jus ad bellum against us.

  • His entire argument was based on emotions and then he criticizes the Alt-Right for being too emotional. It’s almost as if both sides are fighting against each other because they have competing stakes in America’s demographic situation.

    • I noted that as well. He criticized the Alt Right for launching emotional attacks, then just used appeals to emotion against the Alt Right. This isn’t going to work. No one can Out-Pathos the Alt Right because we give zero fucks about offending anyone, so the Alt Right is always going to win that war. Appealing to emotion works. No one cares about facts.

      • I agree that the AR doesn’t care about offending others (something I find admirable), except that the AR doesn’t seem to handle being offended. About a quarter of my critical posts here are marked as spam, and I’m not here to troll. I want to strengthen the AR by questioning what it does so it’s intellectual muscles toughen up and are better equipped to deal with enemies in the present and the future. Because after all, this is a movement for young white men, our future. Not WN, folkish asatruar, Nietszchean Gen X’ers like myself.

  • Mouthy Buddha……

    I studied and practiced Buddhism………particularly Zen Buddhism for years…….

    I experienced and tasted the Peak…….and the Peak is the Valley……..

    Because it’s just another Temporal Experience that you cling to and wish to Impossibly Remain……

    And then you Rebuild Again……

    Look in a Great Zen Masters Eye and you’ll see yourself……..

    And plenty of Great Zen Masters have died from alcoholism or fallen in shame due to Sexual Impropriety……..

    And after all the Self-Deconstruction and Re-Integrating…….I’m now in the Alt-Right………

    IMPOSSIBLE!!………says the Urban Liberal Yoga Hipsters……..

    Why am I here?

    Because Race Matters……..

    And even though Everything is Empty……..

    We’re Finite and Susceptible to Great Damage and Suffering………

    And so a Functional Self needs to Protect and Control…….

    Because, if you don’t…….you’re just a Mouthy Buddha who has attained EGOHOOD……


    • Buddhism appeals to pretentious young urban Americans

      Precisely because of it’s godless individualism and focus on esoteric concepts.

      Who wants to hide under an orange blanket and deny the worldly?

      Its a religion of weaklings that intellectualizes Beta-ness and cuckoldry

      The white man has little use for such mental masturbation

  • Mouthy perceives the Alt-Right as operating a similar political scheme to that of the SJWs

    This is just a rhetorical ploy, political triangulation. Put yourself in the center between extremists on “both sides.”

    Also, the “skeptic community” is a complete misnomer, of course. This “community” was simply left-leaning Democrats choosing the most uneducated fundamentalist religious types to pivot against and attempt to claim science and rationality for themselves. Without liars and fanatics talking about how many dinosaurs could fit on Noah’s Ark, the “skeptic community” are themselves among the most credulous of political constituencies.

  • The skeptics commit a fallacy going back to the Enlightenment that if you don’t know how to justify rationally a time-tested cultural practice – for example, patriarchy – then that practice must have originated through ignorance and superstition, and you can safely disregard it.

    Except that this doesn’t follow at all. A tradition incorporates the real-world experiences of hundreds of generations that have come and gone. Did all of these people make the same mistake through some kind of mysterious coincidence?

    Or has the tradition instead endured because it incorporates valid knowledge about human nature and how to survive in the world?

    I would vote for the latter. We just can’t abandon the wisdom of the patriarchal tradition, along with the wisdom traditions about tribal and national identity, just because these beliefs conflict with recent, untested ideologies promoted these days mainly by Happy Merchants.

  • Mouthy Buddha looks petty White to me.
    What does the writer mean by mixed race?
    Is Mouthy Buddha part Jewish?

    • Just ask Mouthy Buddha what happened to the Palestinians when the Jews created Israel in 1948. It’s not about identity politics!

  • Who the hell are the skeptics and what the hell have they ever done?

    I don’t seem to remember Hillary Clinton devoting a whole speech to Skeptics, or any Skeptic political action IRL, ever.

    • OK, I wasted 10 minutes watching the video. Did this Mouthy Buddha faggot come out of GamerGate? I don’t listen or take anyone seriously if they play video games. This dude is a manchild. His clip is full of stupid Hollywood Jew tropes about the Holocaust. “Mouthy Buddha” learned nothing from Trump. No one cares about practical, ethical solutions. People want raw, visceral emotions.

      Identity politics is lame and doesn’t work guys!

      • Totally agree!!! It will get nowhere, especially when you attack your own(older whites). Millenials are just like any other generation, thinking they will change the world, then reality hits, they get jaded, then sellout. Besides, when the next economic bubble bursts, everyone will be scrambling to put food on the table.

    • I was wondering this myself. I’ve never heard of the Skeptics either. I do understand why articles taking these people on can be beneficial, especially if they generate free publicity, but I think we’re getting a few too many articles like this without much benefit lately.

    • Sargon of Akkad is the queen bee of the Skeptic community. He is the guy we want to beat in a debate. Mouthy Buddah is mostly irrelevant.

    • They have constituted the biggest obstacle to scientific progress in recent times. They are the gatekeepers of scientific orthodoxy. They’re virtually paid shills without the salary.

      The only good they’ve ever done is chasing the SJW’s from Youtube. And now that they’re done with that they’re right back to being useful idiots for the globalist agenda.

    • Must be another trendy label for Millenials that lack foundational principles to live their life by. As we all know, radical skepticism defeats itself. One can never be certain of being uncertain.

  • At the basis of his argument he is anti-White. It is socially acceptable to be anti-White and most people are unconscious of it. He is basically insinuating that Whites do not deserve the right to self-preservation or self-determination. What does he think should have happened to the European settlements during the anti-Colonial movements of the 19th and 20 century? I have a feeling he would be sympathetic to those who wanted the mass deportation of European settlers. He’s anti-White.

  • Just because the term “cuck” is often used emotionally doesn’t mean it is not also a logical argument. The cuck analogy is a very accurate portrayal of self-hating whites, and while it is meant to bring about a feeling of disgust directed at the target, the accusation is based on sound logic. That is why this word is so powerful.

    • It has lost it’s power and has been used to death, often in a way that is devoid of context. Besides, you don’t want to become boring and predicable to the left. New words are needed.

  • The problem with the Alt-Right is that it wastes its time discussing Mouthy Buddha. No, seriously…why are you wasting time arguing with a tosser with a silly name that no one heard of until now? The problem is that it comes across as juvenile, and arguing with people with stupid pseudonyms makes it look even more jew-ve-nile. I post here as the nyan cat so feel like I can ‘fit’ in with the kids lol.

    • Why cede any battle on any front? Why give your opponent who seems small today a chance to grow into a more difficult beast tomorrow. The biggest strategic mistake you can ever make is underestimating your opponent no matter how big or small he may seem. Pointing out the hypocrisy alone is absolutely worth it every time. They’re desperate to find something about us that’s hypocritical, but all attempts just expose themselves so long as we stand by our message and the truth. That’s really all they have. Trying to expose us in someway as hypocrites while being hypocrites themselves.

    • This comment strikes me as somewhat contradictory.. complaining about silly names but using a silly avatar to “fit in with the kids”. Why are you trying to fit in with the kids?

    • Arguing with the people with ‘stupid psuedonyms’, “Lord Momos”?

      Half of the internet would be ineligible. Because you know, they wouldn’t want their friends, fam, and neighbors to know what they REALLY think! lol

  • Mouthy Buddha is fundamentally wrong to Judge AltRight by evoking twisted versions of the Nazi’s. The face of Nazism and how the Jews have portrayed it is held up by the left, as the only example of White Pride.

    Altright is partly responsible for this image. It is not an incorrect image but it is extremely incomplete. The sheer breath and scope of the European world is not credited. The Altright should hold up symbols and images from all the great periods of Europe including ancient Greece, the Minoan civilization, the Roman Empire, the world of Christianity, the Renaissance, The Colonial Empires, to the New World.

    All the great figures should have a play in the Altright. Be they the ancient Greek philosophers, Roman Ceasors, Renaissance artists, Christian Rulers, Conquerors, and thinkers to our Founding Fathers stand along with Adolf Hitler.

    The general rule of thumb is to include all the powerful white men and women the left, the liberals and the Jews have spent so much time and effort demonizing. They should be included as heroes. That includes the Confederacy.

    • Our great thinkers all realized on some level that man finds his fulfillment by living in extended families, tribes and nations of people who share a common historical ancestry and a common culture. The idea that we can just throw people together from around the world haphazardly and create the conditions for human flourishing arose only recently, and in defiance of historical experience and evidence.

  • So you can’t deal with skepticism? I suppose that I consider myself Alt Right, but the Alt Right very recently used to be smart. It’s getting stupider by the month.

    An Alt Right signaling spiral is rapidly rising. Do you really want to be part of that?

    Maybe you do. Maybe the spiral even helps, but I don’t like it. If I did like it, I would probably be a progressive.

    I would prefer more Richard B. Spencer, less Vox Day, please. I would also prefer more research (like Sailer), less uniformed opinion. Yet at least Vox Day is funny. Also, Vox does research, too.

    • Responding to critques made against us isn’t purity spiralling. Healthy debate will strengthen our arguments, and expose our arguments to a lot of people who hadn’t considered them before.

    • What skepticism is it, precisely, that we may have trouble dealing with? There have thus far been three – and only three – responses to the Alt-Right offered up by these denizens of snark-filled YouTube circle-jerks, and those are:

      1. Muh Nazis
      2. The Alt-Right are just right-wing SJWs (muh horseshoe theory)
      3. The Alt-Right is so obviously wrong, why even bother debating them? (Think Jeff Holiday re race-realism)

      The first is played-out; the second is indefensible; the third is an admission of defeat and an abdication of one of their core principles.

      The Alt-Right deserves a better class of critic.

      • “The Alt-Right deserves a better class of critic.”

        Not happening. Intelligent, reasoned leftists like Marcuse, who openly mocked Angela Davis, are a thing of the past.

      • Okay. If you had written the article, then maybe I would like it. Feel free to try sometime.

        Meanwhile, I don’t wish to speak too harshly against this one writer. It’s symptomatic. It’s not just he. Maybe the writer has written better articles elsewhere; and, anyway, I’ve little doubt that he has my family’s ethnic and civilizational best interests at heart.

        Generally, though, the sharp recent rise in political virtue signaling on the Alt Right dismays me. It’s like stupid progs, but now on my side. Vox Day though insufferable is inimitable. Too many are vainly trying to imitate Vox, and they’re doing it worse and worse.

        I’ll support just about anyone who can and will halt and reverse the replacement of European man. I like Spencer very much but the quality and wit of the writing on this, his web site (I do not now speak of the above article specifically), has been much too low.

        In any case, the epigram, “No enemies to the Right,” or the Voxian cry, “Aim fire Left,” cannot be understood to shield the rightmost person from all criticism at all times. Or maybe it *can* be understood that way, only not by me.

        I disapprove of today’s accelerating Alt Right signaling spiral. It is apparent to me that a significant share of Alt Right newcomers have no interest in, nor feeling for, Aristotlean moderation (which is what had attracted me to the Alt Right in the first place). There ought to exist a sane middle ground. If the Alt Right becomes nothing but a great spiral of Rightward signals, each more Righter than the last, then what good is that to me and mine? I want my civilizational and people *saved,* not replaced by some useless Rightward mirrored-progressivism.

    • There’s a time and place for Sailer and Taylor, but they have limited appeal. Both were around for 15-20 years before the Alt Right exploded.

    • This only means our message is gaining circulation. The bigger our movement becomes the dumber it will become. This is because people are stupid. As long as we remain true to our principles this won’t be a problem. The average person is not a critical thinker, most people believe the things they believe because most other people share their beliefs.

      Conformity rules the attitudes of society and by extension politics.

      • And the AR isn’t influenced by conformity? Young people still forming their identity, via psyh development, are more likely to have malleable opinions and be influenced to change their minds easily. I’m willing to bet at least half of the people here that are under 30 will have radically different views by the time they hit 40.

    • More research indeed. Less virtue signalling and collective verbalizations of tired words and mantras. Not too impressed with Vox Day, found him to be a talky bore. He is smart though.

  • We need to emphasize the humanist aspect of the Alt Right’s world view, namely, that we have a vision of human flourishing and the good life in line with the humanist tradition, but oriented towards white people’s interests.

    And we have empirical evidence on our side that forcing diversity into white societies makes white people’s lives worse. The people who point a gun at us and order to us to accept white dispossession have the burden of proof to show that this deterioration in our quality and standard of living won’t happen.

    • Exactly. Arguing for the continued existence and cultural integrity of Tibet is considered a humanitarian endeavor. Arguing for ours should be no different

    • Whites will gladly sacrifice quality of life to take care of brown people. Whites are extremely alturstic to a fault. Telling them their lives would be so much better with out blacks would do nothing. They know this that’s why they whites liberals segregate themselves. Pay the black tax to send their kids to private schools and live in gated community.

      affirmitive action is designed as a system to make up for society but in reality we all know it’s just to make up for biology and I think our politicians knew this. This is an example of having white people in charge is good for minorities in general. Just look at how fast South Africa deterioted under black rule. We have to show them how race realism is good for blacks because it allows use to make policies that help their handicaps and then make policies that help fight against their violence like with stop and frisk.

      • In the end, the logical outcome of the alt rights agenda will be bad for africans and other non-whites, as they will be returned to their homelands, and Liberia is a good example of what that entails. And the browns come to the west excactly because they do better under us than under their own rule. So we really cant make the alt right a case for altruism for all.. But jedem das seine must be our moral basis, to each his own. Thats fair and just, and the only thing that will last. Ultimately multiculturalism leads to ethnic conflict, is the best argument for the alt right being altruistic to non-whites.

        • You also have to take into account that we have a global elite that has purposely created problems as part of their agenda. Without their interference it is possible that even Africa could be mildly successful. Or at least not the failure that it currently is.

          • I think NGO’s operating in Africa is the main problem in that regard. If they weren’t “saving lives” with vaccines etc., there wouldn’t be overpopulation. But there would still be immigrants coming. Even from decently well-functioning democratic african countries with public education are they trying to reach Europe. The africans are not being goated by globalists, as much as they have naive and unrealistic ideas of the riches they will amass, if they merely land on the european soil. Its like when whites went to Klondike and died in scores in snowy mountains..

      • Considering myself a realist, I understand the points, here. I do not espouse to any particular ideology aside from those espoused by the Framers of the Constitution of the United States.

        They existed in a time when men were forced to think things through. They didn’t have the emotional distractions of electronic media. They, consequently, were not effected by the deluges of emotional posits other than the “live,” “person-to-person” or “person-to-group” (speeches) communication, where a dissenting opinion could be immediately debated.

        I was raised by people of religious faith. Respect for others was indeed inbred. Although without a college degree, I have always continued to learn, reading, views from all sides in an effort to weed out the sometimes loud voices appealing to emotion from any particular view, held.

        For instance I’ve learned that the foreign Country of Israel has managed to court and cajole our Government by spending huge amounts of money, lobbying for its county’s interests both in the U.S. and all over the world. while at the same time receiving huge sums of “foreign aid” from our county. I’ve learned that, in addition to enormous numbers ( 6 million by their account) Jewish deaths by the Nazi regime in Germany during and immediately after WW2, there were, in addition, an estimated 5 million Christian deaths that occurred through extermination. The history is well worth reading…not just one man’s or country’s account of what happened but exploring varies sides’ accounts of the devastation.

        I also decided to read more sides’ accounts of the modern-day-accounts of the State of Israel, the Balfour Agreement, how the power-brokers of the U.S.and Europe interacted before, during, and after WW1, WW2, and continuing the time-line through the present.
        Geopolitics became a “hobby” with me. I don’t claim to know it all. I admit that I am not the sharpest pencil in the drawer but, I do make attempts at educating myself.
        I do now know that Israel has their own agenda but, as the media in the U.S. helped indict Trump in the Public’s eye, for what will be proven to be fabrications, Trump has chosen to fight back, defending his position against the “establishment” within the “beltway” of Washington, D.C.. Getting back to the beginning of the previous sentence, my opinion is that ANYTIME one country has such intense meddling in the affairs of a foreign government (that would be us)( ie.: Israel’s over 800 employees in the Lobbying efforts) within our government, it can’t be such a great idea to allow them to do this.
        Couple with that information the fact that Many of all media outlets ( newspapers, radio, TV, Internet) are Jewish owned. So what? Well, if one avails himself to search in an effort to find a balanced viewpoint, he will look at all angles-all sources.

        I have attempted to do this. I have even gone to (GASP!) to get the Muslim view of the Israeli State and it’s relationship with the U.S. and the rest of the world. The information that I have found is almost overwhelming.

        I say all of this, not to be “anti-semitic” or “racist”. “Racist” by the way, needs to be defined. You’ll find that it is defined in different ways by different people, usually for the aid of their own agenda. I have written these things simply to enlighten people, that with the internet in your hands, you have a responsibility to become educated about important issues because we are a Republic, a democratically elected Republic which means you have a say in your government if you can educate yourself enough to become, not just another emotional voice, a voice of reason and understanding in our nation, today.

        There are numerous web sites that devote their space to discussions and education so that well-informed debates can take place. There are some that believe that the U.S. is at a crossroads and is in great danger, politically, because their are enemies, “without and within” that have a different plan for the future of our nation. When Mr. Trump outwitted the “Establishment,” instead of getting different views regarding these positions, the American Public has been fed a constant diet of articles and Media Programs that disparage Trump and make him out to be a buffoon, an idiot, etc. Is it any wonder that he has risen to defend himself by resorting to tweeting news, unless you subscribe to messages from

        There are many voices saying “this is the way.” “That isn’t the way.” I suggest spending as much time reading…many differing viewpoints…as one spends on discussion forums blathering emotional ridicule of the opposition. You may just learn that it isn’t just YOUR way that is the right way.

    • “And we have empirical evidence on our side that forcing diversity into white societies makes white people’s lives worse.”
      It also makes the lives of people in developing countries not better. If we accept the brightest ones among them to settle in our countries, it will lead to brain drain. If we accept the Jihadists it will lead to further destabilization world-wide and money flow towards terrorism, it will also contribute to the perception that the West is weak and Islam is superior. If we accept the wellfare parasites it will lead to our social and economic systems collapsing and our inability to provide development aid.

      “The people who point a gun at us and order to us to accept white
      dispossession have the burden of proof to show that this deterioration
      in our quality and standard of living won’t happen.”
      Not only this, they also need to prove that this will enhance the quality and standard of living in developing countries in the long term, and more effectively so than directly investing in foreign aid.

      If they acknowledged the facts and really wanted to improve lives globally, they would promote the opposite: higher birthrates and a population surplus in North Eurasian populations, and development aid combined with targeted migration from developed countries (Whites and North-East Asians) to developing countries and strict eugenic policies in these countries, to gradually raise the average IQ and the potential for building better societies there.

    • Care to post the definitive ’empirical evidence’? Wondering what your sources are, not disagreeing.

  • I think it’s safe to say that if you tasked an AI computer (a creation completely devoid of emotion and solely logic-based) with saving the white race, it would undoubtedly consider deportations or other…”unsavory” options

    I think this sheds light on why (((Eliezer Yudkowsky))) worries so much about “unfriendly AI,” though I also think he has monetized this worry into a doomsday-prevention scam to trick people into supporting him financially so that he can engage in the theater of trying to create “friendly AI.” (((Eliezer))) has thereby lived to nearly 40 years of age without ever having to hold a real, productive job. (When you look at people like him through the JQ lens, the parasitism shows up right away.)

    Namely, that an unbiased AI, working strictly from data and deep-learning algorithms and given the task of preserving “humanity,” would spontaneously decide that white people have objectively more value than other groups, and it would act to protect our people by advocating “unsavory” courses of action against the lumpen-humans.

    Ironically our futurist nerds keep scratching their heads over why AI’s in certain domains start to show “racist” behavior. You can’t program both objective pattern-recognition and social-justice ideology into the same system.

  • Do we have any youtube representatives to counterattack? If not, I have a youtube channel I will be willing to publish responses on. We have the facts on our side but if nobody hears our response we will go nowhere.

    • There’s a few. Millenial Woes of course is the most prominent and I would be surprised if he doesn’t make a response video to this.

    • This is the problem. There are hardly any prominent alt-right accounts that I know of.

      We should see this as an opportunity, what we have here is a chance to launch a group of people representing our values into prominence.

  • This whole process we make the movement stronger – not weaker – and yes we always need to rethink and make our points better… Mouthy Buddha ain’t nothing compared to the real war coming … he makes you THAT upset set your snowflake meter…

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