Why the Deep State Wants to Destroy Donald Jr.


  • The liberal, left wing, knee jerk media is like a dog with rabies – foaming at the mouth and attacking everything associated with President Trump. At this point they no longer need or want a reason-just blood. Their ultimate fear is that President Trump will continue to do what’s he’s doing=Winning x100%- and this makes them and Obanjo and The Butcher of Benghazi look very bad. Plus…….if Trump gets reelected – then their liberal little dream comes crashing down even further. Plus………… the Trump’s are obviously a class act and could very well start a dynasty where any of his remarkable ,well qualified, children could follow President Trump’s second term and continue Making America Great Again-Again ,and Again ,and Again, and Again…………… Eric, Don Jr , Ivanka or the Jew son in law ;then there is Barron bring up the rear in 20??

  • Pro Liberty/Anti Deep State sentiment is growing all over … It will be interesting to see if Oliver Stone does a documentary about Ron Paul .. in a recent interview between the two — apparently their first meeting of minds .. Stone suggested he should do that biography film project of Ron .. I see the nationalist movement only growing as people wake up to the reality of globalization / global gulag. On a positive note for me a by chance meet up with ‘Canada’s Ron Paul’ [at the Casino in Moncton New Brunswick Canada on the past weekend] Tim Moen, 43, shows me there is a lot of promise in the youth in a growing resistance to status quo politics .. next election 2019 in Canada.

  • The term “Deep State” actually comes from a specific incident:

    Now everyone is lazily using the term “Deep State” to mean “the liberal Democratic wing of the CIA and their media assets like the Washington Post” they are missing the complexities. George H. W. Bush is on his deathbed, so are both Rockefeller brothers. The American post-WWII Deep State – the group that built and maintained the US Empire through the Cold War and post-Cold War rollback, is basically dead, and the third generation doesn’t have the personal or political clout that they used to. A couple of reasons: USA has lost a lot of its economic power to EU (Germany/France) and China, a resurgent Russia, … the internet has made NSA a lot more important than the old rich playboys at the CIA like Richard Fuisz … , the eclipse of the WASP ruling establishment by Jews.

    Trump has, of course, been a loyal stooge of the Deep State – especially it’s Jewish/Israeli faction – for his entire life, going all the way back to the turnover of the Mary Sue paint company thing. This isn’t Trump vs. the Deep State, as much as people like Ben Garrison wish it were so – it’s one imperial faction vs. another, and Trump has the front man of one particular faction.

    Putin and Netanyhu (and Erdogan) made a deal the year before the election, and Trump’s foreign policy decisions have been pretty much exactly the foreign policy that Netanyahu wanted – putting pressure on Russia when necessary but otherwise accepting that Russia (and Turkey) have interests in Syria and sometimes Greater Israel has to be put on hold in the short term.

    There’s no wall, no real change in immigration policy other than some loose talk about Muslims, no real change in economic policy for either industrial business nor Wall Street. It’s all pretty much business as usual. But the CIA’s publications like WP and their internet sites like (funded by CIA’s I-Q-Tel) simply do not have the cultural clout that they used to – see what happened when the CIA botched their “Cuban Twitter Revolution” thing during Obama’s second term.

    CNN USED to be CIA, then it was sold off to the Jews/Mossad and all they have left is Anderson Cooper – Cooper being the ultimate example of the degeneration of the CIA/OSS’ fourth generation – the no-talent gay son of a CIA family in a propaganda organ that lost it’s importance a decade before he was even hired.

    Hence why the Alt Right gets some play, to keep all the young white guys on board by throwing them some bones now and again.

    • Daniel Estulin (of Bilderberg expose fame) has also described it as a factional struggle between Rockefeller and Rothschild interests (with Trump being a Rothschild asset).

      • I think one of the first persons that spoke in terms of a Rockefeller and Rothschild faction was Peter David Beter. In addition to these two factions he claimed that there was a group of Christian mystics that had wrested back control of Russia from the Rothschild faction. This group would constitute a third faction and apparently this faction was fundamentally opposed to the agenda of the two other factions.

        This is very interesting when looking at recent history and the actions of Russia under Putin.

        Recently others have talked about an alliance within the American military industrial complex that is also fighting against these old groups. According to some, Trump would be an agent of this alliance.

        I guess time will tell.

    • While it’s true that Trump has failed to implement much of the programme he spoke about in the Campaign I don’t believe his Presidency embodies “…pretty much business as usual…” If this was true and was how he was seen by other elite factions in the GOP, the Democratic Party and the Deep State then why would they be moving Heaven and Earth to remove him? It simply doesn’t make sense. Your post suggests that the globalists would be better advised to work with Trump rather than straining every fibre to get rid of him.

      • If this was true and was how he was seen by other elite factions in the
        GOP, the Democratic Party and the Deep State then why would they be
        moving Heaven and Earth to remove him?

        The hostility toward Trump by the opposition party is completely typical and hardly different than the GOP’s hostility toward Obama and the Democrat’s hostility toward Bush. Clinton was impeached for lying about a fling with an intern. This is all business as usual.

        A certain faction of the Republican party hates Trump because Trump isn’t a Republican, he’s a Democrat.

        The opposition to Trump, so far, has been some rather far-fetched conspiracy theories about Russia. Just because the Democrats are hyperventilating doesn’t mean anyone else is.

        • Trump is being attacked domestically and internationally in a way that no other US President since possibly Nixon has been. That was 40 years ago. The global situation has changed in such a way that Trump is perceived to pose a serious threat to globalists everywhere simply by being in office.

          If/when Trump visits the UK there will be serious civil unrest. I wouldn’t be surprised if people died. Leftist thugs here will be actively supported by the Labour Party.

          Trump has global significance because of what he has said – primarily on immigration – which will potentially disrupt plans to move the compliant hoards around the world to replace us. I agree that internally he hasn’t achieved much but internationally he has become a populist/nationalist figurehead and as such we should give him proportionate support.

          • “Trump is being attacked domestically and internationally in a way that no other US President since possibly Nixon has been”

            He hasn’t even had it as bad as George W. Bush did back in 2005 yet.

            “Trump has global significance because of what he has said – primarily on immigration”

            True, even though Hillary and Bill Clinton and even George W. Bush said almost the same things about immigration – Hillary wanted to build a wall on the Mexican border – but people take Trump a little more seriously when he says it. That’s all good. Trump is better than the alternatives and probably the best we could have gotten at this point in time – it’s good that Israel is in such dire straights the Jews had to support someone like Trump to save their shitty little country.

            Trump is a billionaire celebrity and the President of the USA – he doesn’t need me to fellate him on message boards.

    • “Trump was a plant all along!”

      Why would he be needed when they had already choosen Hillary?

  • Distraction city for the plebes. Look at this nothing scandal while Trump goes along his merry way pursuing Russophobic policies. He just appointed Kurt Volker as his Ukrainian Conflict Envoy. The guy is a big neocon and for sure wants a conflict. Why do people still shill for Trump? He is only a half step behind Hillary in the corruption dept and in reality hasn”t drained a god damn thing! Shit he made money when his wife and kid decided to stay in Trump Tower. The Secret Service had to rent an entire floor from him. That was one big wad of dough the American taxpayer had to pay out at the going rate. What Jr did was no big deal, but the cover up was moronic and actually probably done as a major distraction. Nothing changed because of the G20 meeting between Trump and Vlad. The only question is are those two on the take with the NWO?

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