Introducing RootBocks: Censorship-Free Crowdfunding

2016 was the year that the Alt-Right exploded onto the stage in mainstream politics. Since then our ideas have been steadily gaining momentum and the entirety of the political spectrum has taken notice. As our movement has grown and transferred over more into real-world activism, the need for funding has never been greater, and so we naturally turned to the far-reaching power of online crowd funding sites for assistance.

However, over the past several months our detractors have made it increasingly difficult for anyone on the right side of the political spectrum to successfully use a crowdfunding service.

The left has been relentless in harassing crowdfunding sites into closing down the accounts of anyone whose socio-political beliefs don’t mesh with their own. To compound the problem, these sites use biased interpretations of their own terms of service agreements to justify these shutdowns, kowtowing to the Left and prohibiting the Alt-Right from using their services.

Fortunately for the Alt-Right, and free speech supporters everywhere, the tables have turned with the release of the latest crowdfunding site to hit the web. was officially released last week as a pro-first amendment, anti-censorship, crowdfunding platform and has already made waves within the Alt-Right community after receiving endorsements from Identity Evropa leader Nathan Damigo, and Jazzhands McFeels of Fash the Nation fame and also a mention from Richard Spencer.


Finally, we have a site that is explicit about its intention to remain true to the First Amendment and not buckle under the pressure of agitators from anywhere on the political spectrum.

RootBocks is an open crowdfunding platform dedicated to the principles of liberty and freedom of speech. We believe that all people have the right to support and promote causes that are important to them without worrying about censorship from anyone.

This is exactly what we needed.

While the site bills itself as Censorship-free Crowdfunding, there are some common sense rules in place to keep the site family friendly and its users safe. Their Community Guidelines are simple and straightforward enough, but the main points can be summed up as:

  1. No threats of violence or terrorism.
  2. No pornography.
  3. No sharing of confidential personal information.
  4. No impersonating people, companies, brands.
  5. No copyright infringement.

The site then follows these points up:

We offer our users a crowdfunding experience free from political or social censorship. This means that we will not shut down a project simply because it is unpopular, controversial, politically incorrect, or because we receive complaints about the person and/or group that created it. As long as your crowdfunding project falls within our guidelines, United States law, International Law, and/or the laws governing the nation you reside in, we will not remove it.

So what does this mean for the Alt-Right? It means that we finally have a funding resource that does not interpret advocating for our own interests as “hate” and won’t shut us down for being “edgy” or “extreme.” It means that we can feel secure in knowing that we can successfully raise funds for personal and organizational endeavors without fear of getting shut down by leftist agitators.

In short, RootBocks has leveled the playing field and the Alt-Right must take advantage.

Apart from its complete support of people exercising their first amendment rights, RootBocks offers many of the same features as most crowdfunding sites out there. At the moment, the available payment options are PayPal, Bitcoin, and credit card payments through Stripe. I won’t go over all of the features here, but a few of the more noteworthy ones are:

  1. Dashboard Profile Donation Button

Every user who signs up for an account is automatically provided with a Donate button in the Creator Profile section of their dashboard. This means that users do not even have to create a fundraising project to start collecting donations. When Donors click the Donate button, they are presented with the option to make a one-time donation, or a weekly, monthly, or annual donation.

2. Anonymous Donations

When a backer chooses to donate to a project, they are presented with a payment options window. Inside this window, there is a checkbox that allows the user to donate anonymously if they wish. 

3. Level-based Fundraisers

Much like Patreon or KickStarter, RootBocks allows project creators to set multiple different donation levels for their backers along with whether the donation should be one-time or recurring. The major difference between RootBocks and some other level-based crowdfunding sites is that RootBocks does not require that a project meet its goal before the project creator gets funded.

RootBocks also only charges a 5% fundraiser fee. The low fee combined with their full on support for free speech, no matter one’s political proclivities may be, makes RootBocks the go-to site for the Alt-Right and anyone else who has suffered leftist censorship for their ideas. 

Jossur Surtrson
the authorJossur Surtrson


  • Anglin should start using it. That would be the real test. So far wesearcher is the only thing he’s used besides crypto and the post office that hasn’t been shut down (yet).

    • I think Anglin has something called HateTreon. Not kidding. And it’s an obvious pun on Patreon.

  • This is absolutely brilliant. The Identitarians and AltRight have WeSearchr and now we have our own fundraising platform.

    I shall be donating continuously.

    Cash is king.

  • If you guys were even more insightful – you would make such a site for the general Right / Libertarians – NOT put your name on it … but just take in the fee for allowing people to uses your service … in other words, make more $$…

  • If the Alt Right wants MORE $$ they should have a section for people to send in cash bought postal money order … Many people want to help out, but they are stuck in some sort of “problem” that will not them be in public for any reason…. Why would the Alt Right WANT the beast to know all the people that support it? Why force people to be public? just saying ;O)

  • Great idea BUT….how anonymous are these ‘anonymous’ donations?? Even if they’re in bitcoin, doesn’t the fact that they go *through* Stripe make ‘anonymous’ donors easily doxxable by pretty much any employee that works at Stripe??

    The people that have the most to give – and the most to lose, both professionally and financially – need to know that there is ZERO chance that there donation can be traced back to them. I’m not one of those people with much to give (or to lose)…at least at this point in time…but there are many among us who ARE loaded and who WANT to support the cause, but who also can lose EVERYTHING if they’re identified with us. How can we assure them that their privacy is absolutely protected (if in fact it actually is)?? Thank you.

  • I put 50 dollars towards the RootBocks development fund. If everyone who likes the idea just throws 5 dollars at that, this will be done in no time. This can be a real game changer.

    • How did you find out about RootBock? I have helped fund before like Vdare and Richard but they asked for donations. How does one find those that need it?

  • Who owns Rootbocks? (I will try to use it, new to me like it is to most of you)

    Heard anything about Facebook alerting Microsoft (MSN) about offensive post to news articles, and Microsoft flagging their IP address temporarily so they can’t post in the conversation section? I fear our liberty is being ‘restricted’ like up in Canada by corporate America.

    • >J&K Business Solutions LLC
      >Registered: 09-24-2010
      >Registered ID: L09000073439
      >Owners: Justin Obrien Barker and Kimberley Robin Barker
      >Address: 532 Nature Creek Lane,New Smyrna Beach, Fl 32168
      >Justin Barker (age 45) is affiliated with the Republican Party. He is a white, non hispanic registered to vote in Volusia County, Florida.
      >Relatives : Casey Gene Barker,Corinne Michele Barker,James Padgett Barker ,Johanna Gene Barker, John Fitzgerald Barker, Joseph Richard Barker
      >Kimberley Barker(age 46) has no political party affiliation. She is a white, non hispanic female registered to vote in Volusia County, Florida.
      >Relatives : Alexis Kubes Gibson, George Samuel Kranz

      Quick web search pulled up this info at this link, it’s not a positive website, throw a dab of salt over your shoulder:

  • That’s all well and good but it doesn’t solve the problem of how to get our message out more effectively. We have no voices in the MSM, no voices in the college system, and no voices in the government. We’re still trapped inside the internet where most people can ignore us.

    • This can be used to help fund new institutions that work toward our goals. It’s definently a step in the right direction.

    • The (((MSM))) and (((academia))) are digging their own graves. They are so repulsive to young White men that those young White men have rejected them managed to find us in spite of us getting censored left and right.

      The internet has allowed our people to find one another and now many of them, myself included are managing to meetup with others, IRL, on the regular.

    • I am in the same boat. Good old grassroots campaign; political canvassing, start w/ the issues (your perspective), build up a network. Key: yes… have to kick back to your down line $$$, don’t be greedy, once you build this group, money will no longer be an issue! All the best to you

    • With funding we can do things like targeted advertising, as well as start PACs, polling, et cetera. We’ve basically been just trolling since like 2011 to create market fragmentation to break off a segment which cannot be served by ‘traditional’ media and other institutions, which has been successful. With more conventional methods we can now start growing that segment, creating demand and finding novel ways to supply them in ways others cannot or will not.

      Regardless, you are mistaken if you think people aren’t paying attention to us. Most people are apolitical and that probably isn’t going to change, but those who are not are absolutely aware of us and responding and reacting to what we are doing.

      • The more popular podcasts succeeded in gaining an audience who regularly donates.
        some cases, I really wonder why, considering the quality of the product
        they provide.
        The technical aspects are my main concern.

        people don’t really seem to grasp the concept of the audio compression
        they use and at times keep talking over each other, the result is
        unintelligible audio salad. Sometimes, points don’t come across as
        intended or at all.

        When people are clearly not a new podcast
        anymore and don’t get the concept of clipping, they demand their
        listeners to be rather indulgent for hours. It’s roughly the equivalent
        of being shouted at while not in a boot camp.

        When people use audio drops and don’t get their volume levels right, they’re basically useless.

        Another aspect of publicity would be the moderately bad use of written English, also on I offered a small, yet relevant correction once and got accused of “’tism” by the author of the article, which should be enough input from me and provide sufficient insight regarding his attitude.
        Greg Johnson might have various issues going on, but his old-style website at least doesn’t have online slang everywhere. if u really fink it dont matter then go 2 ur next convention in a wrinkly tee bro cuz thats the vibe you give people online.

      • The type of moderation traditional media uses appears to be working just as well here and it’s totally freedom of expression and such.

    • I like the way you think, Jarod. The answer, as I see it, lies in what I refer to as ‘trolling IRL.’ Take the same wit and creativity that the AR applied to memes and apply it to bumper stickers, flyers, posters, pamphlets, t-shirts, etc. Their is a tall, thick wall between us and normies, and that wall is the MSM. We’ve got to find a way to go over or under it, and I think trolling IRL is the most effective way. What are your thoughts?
      PS – Spencer already got started on the posters a while back, they look pretty damn good: (the posters are towards the bottom)

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