The Right Should Support Its Extremist Element

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Yesterday’s radical liberals are always today’s moderates, while yesterday’s moderate conservatives are always today’s radicals. Such is the march of progress. And this march is itself used to constantly justify today’s radical Leftists and to taunt conservatives (and former progressives) in saying that they will be ‘on the wrong side of history.’

And since 1789 (or even the Reformation), that has always been the truth. The conservatives of today are vilified tomorrow, the radical Leftists of today are can expect to be hailed as freedom fighters and pioneers.

Sure, there have been some oscillations back to the Right (especially in the wake of a major Leftist success): the Counter-Reformation, the Restoration in France, the Moral Majority in the US, but they have all proven to be short lived.

But why has this process been going on for so long and why has the Left proven to be so successful?

They would assuredly answer that it is because they speak to some deep human yearning for freedom and of the inherent value of Enlightenment ideas. But I think it is far simpler than that.

I believe it is because the Right has been too quick to abandon its extreme elements.

The extremities are, by definition, where the boundaries get pushed. The Left almost never abandons its extreme elements, no matter what atrocities bob in their wake. Stalin and Mao have a death toll that dwarfs even the highest estimates of that of Nazi Germany, and yet the ideals of the great thinkers of communism and socialism are inculcated in students on practically every University campus in the West.

The Right, however, has been all too keen to abandon and vilify its own past and extreme elements. In the South of the United States, even revered figures like Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee have not proven immune to this process. In Germany, pre-WW2 history is glossed over in favor of a guilt festival. In France, the Revolution is looked at as necessary evil at best and something to be celebrated at worst. The genocide of the Vendéens is practically ignored (for we wouldn’t want anyone to start questioning our dear Revolution or to look into what really happened on Bastille Day).

The Left has done an excellent job of disassociating itself from its extreme elements while not only not condemning them, but using them as a vanguard. For an ever more extreme Leftist element allows the Left to continue its march while never actually looking more radical. AntifaBAMN, communist militants, etc. All of them are a vanguard that allows the Left to keep ‘progressing’ without ever crossing into the zone of ‘radical.’

The Right has been content to just try to stand still rather than actively pull in the opposite direction. If you’re not pulling back you’re going to get pulled forward.

For the last several centuries, the Right has, almost without fail, condemned the moderate conservatives of the past as the extremist boogeyman of today. This has allowed the Overton window to shift Left to such a point that yesterday’s moderate conservatives no longer exist or exist on a margin condemned by both the mainstream Left and Right.

At long last this changing.

Conservative leaders, in some parts of the world anyway, have learned this lesson. Namely those in Eastern Europe. Poland’s moderate conservative party has been more than willing to let extreme nationalist organizations flourish during its governance. ONR and other organizations provide the same canvas for conservatives that Antifa provides for the Leftists. The government can say “See we’re not extreme, now those guys are extreme.” All the while making sure those organizations can flourish and pull public opinion in their direction.

The same can be seen, to a lesser extent, in Hungary. Fidesz, the ruling party, has managed to move more and more to the right without really moving from the Hungarian center. This was only possible because of organizations like the former Magyar Garda and Jobbik before it started moving to the center. And when Jobbik moved left, a new extreme formed as the Force and Determination party. Public opinion has moved so far right in Hungary that supporting EU migration policies would be suicidal.

One can see something similar in Russia with the runaway growth of the overtly nationalist and reactionary Russian Orthodox Church, as orchestrated by the likes of Putin and overt Monarchists like Konstantin Malofeev.

But perhaps the greatest example of this on the planet is Islam. The Islamic Far-Right is so barbaric, so violent, and so, well, Muslim that the standard for a moderate Muslim is unbelievably low. You don’t want to throw certain people off roofs and you don’t support bombings? Congratulations! You’re a moderate.

A moderate Christian, on the other hand, is one that supports immigration, gay marriage, abortion, etc. Why? Because (mainstream western) Christianity doesn’t get more extreme than a bunch of people picketing a funeral.

I will note that I am in NO WAY arguing for an equivalent of Muslim extremism. Every act of ‘Far-Right’ violence will be plastered all over the news and will be used against us at every turn. Further, Islam is barbaric and both their extremists and their moderates ought not to be welcome in our nations. We need not stoop to their level.

What we need is to make room for extreme thought, speech, and opinions on the Right. The Left has already done this and it is why they have been winning since the ‘Enlightenment.’

So, when you see support growing for an ideology that might lie to the right of yours, don’t oppose it. It is far better to let it grow – or maybe even tacitly support it (as the Leftists often do). If the Right in the US were truly conservative, they’d be pouring money into the Alt-Right organizations as it is this movement that makes their own policies ever more palatable to the spineless moderate.

We are already succeeding in widening the Overton window. The Leftists call it polarization, but it’s just the Right finally fighting back.

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  • With all the Anti-White Forces beset against us……..

    I will NEVER let them fully Blacken My Soul……

    I will NEVER let them fully Blacken My Heart…….

    I will NEVER let them fully Blacken My Eyes……..

    They will NEVER fully wipe the Smile Off My Face……

    They will NEVER fully Extinguish my Laughter…….

    And they will NEVER Quench My Spirit……..



  • I respectfully disagree with the author. ‘Extremism’ is almost always synonymous with ‘violence’…as many of the comments on this story have alluded to. Furthermore, I don’t believe it gets much further ‘right’ than the AR. If it does, it quickly enters the realm of speech and though that advocates and encourages violence. We have to reject all forms of violence – including language or thought that advocates any type of violent or unlawful/illegal acts – if this movement is going to be a serious political force. We have to keep violence and those that would advocate for it as far away from the AR as is possible. We must physically defend ourselves at our rallies from terrorist groups like Antifa, but never should we encourage any type of violence (either covertly or overtly, tacitly or explicitly). That is not lip service, either, I believe that to my core.

    The mainstream media and the power-that-be are desperate for any reason whatsoever to annihilate the AR, and they attempt to do so every chance they get. They are waiting for us to make even the smallest of legal transgressions so that they and the SPLC lawyers can dismantle us. If the Altright starts to become associated with violence or any type of illegal/unlawful behavior in ANY type of way, we will give the MSM and those powers exactly what they are looking for: legitimate reason to destroy us. Go ahead and call me a cuck, I really don’t give a shit. To support any type of violence – or even thought or speech that flirts with violence – is short-sighted. In fact it’s downright stupid. It will only damage our cause in the long-run.

    • “I don’t condone what he did, but I understand”…and then you go back into your talking points about how the system’s oppression of whites is fueling radicalization and how moderate pro-white groups need extensive funding so they can catch these kids before they go down the dark path of radicalization

      • That’s not at all what I said, nor is that what I was implying. Did you actually read what I wrote or did you just read the first sentence and imagine the rest??

        There will always be stupid, frustrated, ineffectual people among us (and among any movement for that matter). Those imbeciles will be much more prone to violence, and they will be more prone to lash out violently. They do the most damage to our cause and to the altright, and it’s those people that need to be purged from our movement. We need intelligent, SANE, law-abiding, clean-cut people on our side. Spencer, Damigo, people like that. That is the only way forward.

        Here’s a timely ‘for instance’ for you: are you one of the ones who celebrated when the guy from the UK ran over the ten kebabs outside of prayer? If so, you’re part of our problem. Those types of events will lead to the downfall of the AR. If we’re serious about becoming a lasting, significant political movement, everything we do and say must be above-board. The altright is far-right – blurring the line between us and right-wing ‘extremism’ is a dangerous (and ultimately a losing) game.

        I’ll give you the opportunity for the last word…

        • I was just saying that there is no need to cuck or get distracted from your talking points, just because some bowlcut did something stupid.

          Learn from the moderate muslims or the moderate leftists.

          If you are talking to non-red pilled people about the white van man, then your response should be along the lines of “I don’t condone what he did but I understand”, then get back to your talking points about what Muslims are doing to provoke this, what the government is doing to stifle peaceful dissent, what is going on at finsbury park mosque, etc.

          Conservative normies were taking a very pro White Van Man line in their comments sections, so there is certainly no need for us to go into cuck mode over it. “I don’t condone what he did but I understand”,

    • The Left got where it is today utilizing violence frequently and unapologetically. I’m tired of losing ground. Violence works.

      That being said we shouldn’t engage in senseless acts of violence that will not accomplish anything. But I am deeply opposed to spineless pacifism. Our enemies will use violence against us, and we have to be prepared to defend ourselves. The (((system))) will use violence to suppress us and again we have to be prepared to defend ourselves.

      “Pacifism remains an ideal. War a fact!” Oswald Spengler

      • IN ADVOCATING FOR OR PERPETRATING ANY TYPE OF VIOLENCE TO FURTHER OUR GOALS – TERRORISM, REALLY – YOU AND THOSE THAT UP-CLICKED YOUR COMMENT ARE DOING PRECISELY WHAT OUR ADVERSARIES WANT YOU TO DO. Congratulations, you have fallen right into their trap. The minute our movement starts using or even hinting at violence, we’re done. Mark my words.

        We are not losing ground, by the way, our ideas are catching on like wildfire; they will continue to do so if we play our cards right. We WILL lose ground – most if not all of it – if people on our side start resorting to violence. Articles like this do not help us, and they help nudge the scant number of mentally-ill/autistics/stupids on our side into some very dangerous territory. Spencer started the AR from nothing. Now he’s being interviewed on CNN, he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone (which is how I first heard of him), etc. Hell, Trump was elected on mostly altright principles. What we’ve been doing has been working, and it’s been working very well.

        Our conduct at rallies and basically everywhere else has – as Wolffie James put it – been nothing less than ‘elegant.’ We need to keep it that way. Clean-cut, intelligent, tax-paying, law-abiding gentlemen (and a few women). Be able to defend ourselves from any type of physical threat, always and of course, but never anything more than that. We need to continue enlightening others to our ideas, that is the only way our power and influence will grow in any real, meaningful way. What we really need to do is work smarter and harder at getting our message out to normies, because after 8 years of bullshit (courtesy of the Barack Hussein administration), they are primed for the altright. We need to go full-force into bumper stickers, flyers, stickers, t-shirts, pamphlets, etc. I’ll give you the opportunity to have the last word…

        • I didn’t promote acts of terrorism. I just acknowledged that our enemies will use violence and we should be prepared to defend ourselves. If we are pacifist we will get steamrolled over.

          Isolated Dylan Roof style incidents are inevitable, and while I don’t condone in these actions, I believe it’s more constructive to disavow cucks not martyrs. Lay the blame on the people in power who create Dylan Roofs, not the reactionary movement that shares some of Dylan Roofs concerns.

  • The range of acceptable opinion on the Right certainly needs to be comparable to that on the Left. I remember watching London mayor/assembly election night years ago, soft-right Tory Boris Johnson launch a panegyric to far-left loser Ken Livingstone (who would happily hang Boris from a lamp post) then walk offstage when the newly elected BNP Assembly member Barnbrook had his turn to speak. This was the reformed, definitely post-Fascist BNP. That kind of thing is disgusting and there should be no tolerance for it on the Right. At the same time, purity spiralling should be avoided also.

  • Yesterday I got into a chat with some friends about the glorification of violence by the antifa. One pointed to violence as a “virtue” and not an immoral act. Eventually the conversation led to history and how cultures have seen violence as a tool to be used in various conditions to achieve goals.

    The “virtues of violence” employed by Kings, Emperors, leaders, to movements are part of our development as a civilization. Handled properly it yields progress and develops a civilization. It molds nations and benefits identities.

    The Virtues of Violence have been extensively written by writers in major civilizations across the world and are documented and expounded centuries ago. Some that I know include
    Sun Tzu’s “the Art of War” (China)
    Kautilya’s “Artha Shastra” (India)
    Machiavelli’s “The Prince” (Europe)

  • Keep in mind that extremists could be employees of the state. Any political stance – “left” or “right” – which challenges existing centers of power is going to be infiltrated by Security Services. The agents are used to encourage the espousal of radical positions or criminal activity, which is then used to destroy the movement. The C.I.A has entire departments working on manipulating public opinion and behaviour to generate “Colour Revolutions”, things may not be what they seem.

  • Well, well,,,thank you for validating my posts on this website over the past few weeks. Yes, the AR needs to embrace extremists, and that means (gasp) violence. I’m not saying lets go lynch people or kill others. I’m saying we shouldn’t back down from forming militant groups ready to battle antifa and others physically and psychologically.

    “Antifa, BAMN, communist militants, etc. All of them are a vanguard that allows the Left to keep ‘progressing’ without ever crossing into the zone of ‘radical”

    Oh, I think Antifa is simply dismissed by the mainstream left with the attitude of ‘who cares, they are beating up miserable racists anyway’. The whole ‘punch a nazi’ meme popularized violence against the AR, WN, NS, and other like-minded pro-white individuals and orgs. No one on the left really spoke out against it. They passively condone it, just as they insinuate Trump’s silence about WNs is to passively condone every evil they can imagine (and they have good imaginations!). We desperately need something to counter this. Unfortunately, the (((media))) won’t hesitate to report on the negativity of our side.

    • Of course we need a white block to fight them back, but we won’t succeed if divided. As long as dogmatism preaching people like you here and cernovich on the moderate side are dividing the right there will be no strong white block!

      • What dogmatism do I preach? Entertain me.

        There will NEVER be a strong white block if genocide and the JQ aren’t addressed; that’s not dogma, it’s common sense. Moderates will never jump on your bandwagon if you sugarcoat everything or lose your cool and start making wild claims. I’m guessing your ESL skills may need some polishing.

        • “There will NEVER be a strong white block if genocide and the JQ aren’t addressed”

          That is not true. The opposite is the case! Forgot about Berkely? It was only about “free speech” and it worked pretty damn well. Better than anything in your 20 years of WNism.

          You are right in a way, but really, we do not have the time to fully red pill every white person. You want a future for your people? Start beeing pragmatic in action. Work with what you have and make the best out of it. That of course does not mean to water down your ideas and ideology for just a second. But actually fighting the war we facing you just can’t do it alone.

          • I think Berkeley was merely one of the first culminations of 20 years of WNism.

  • If there is one really big problem with the Right, it is the tendency to utterly run and hide when the Left throws the “fascist” label around. The reality is that the “fascist” label is something that should be unapologetically embraced as a compliment. The real reason the SJW types totally freak out about the fascists is that the fascists are the only ones who truly understand that sometimes you need to kill your enemies before they kill you and that in the real world there is no referee to score points in a knife fight, there is only the winner and the dead, and to avoid being the latter you might need to get down in the dirt in the spirit of an eye for eye, tooth for a tooth.

    The so called conservatives are always moralizing about following some sort of protocol believing that the (((enemies))) will respect the same protocols and that is what causes so many problems in the world. Also, these conservatives really do not want to get their hands dirty because when push comes to shove, they are too worried about their high paying jobs and bank accounts. They cover this up by virtue signalling when in all reality, they are sell out wimps. I know many people who hate the SJW agenda yet will not lift one finger because they are too scared of reprisals. That kind of attitude is not how wars are won.

    • “Fascist” is such a vague term that it really means nothing more than “somebody hated by a leftist”. So there’s nothing wrong with being called a fascist. “Racist” means, “a white person who cares about his own race and recognizes the truth that there are average differences that matter among the races.” Again, this is nothing to run away from. People who condemn “racists” as the term is used today should be required to explain why that is wrong.

    • Yes. Embrace the negative labels and prove them wrong with your deeds. Or just smile and complain about being tickled by the term ‘racist, sexist, xenophobic’. It’s what I do. Kids usually just get red in the face and upset…eventually walking away because they have no argument. If you happily accept labels they think are insults, they have nothing else to say. It shuts them down instead of putting you in the defensive. The biggest wimps in the AR are the ones who try to argue that they aren’t racists, fascists, or white nationalists.

  • The far right and far left are all that really matter.
    The masses in the centre just do what they are told.

      • Rome stood for over a thousand years, and the Romans would be considered off-the-charts right wing by today’s standards.

    • I consider myself so far right, that everyone, even nationalists, are on the left of me… This is the product of completely rejecting the enlightenment and humanism, the two bases of all modern thought… Well ‘xcept reactionary.

      If I was to open my mouth fully I would end up being hunted by everybody so… out of necessity I support the next two groups on the left of me 😀 , that can have any form of support and still would implement policies that I find crucial.

      The center is the most worthless political entity that ever existed Its position is… to do not have a position! This is they epitome of the lack of will of normies. Never support whomever is closer to the centre than you! Except if you are like me…

        • But in a post-modern society there is a guarantee that if you end up a “serf” you will be from the lucky ones.

          I use the term in brackets becuse serfs had it good by comparison: a stable job, no military service and if they bought back their debt they were free.

      • I consider myself so far right, that everyone, even nationalists, are on the left of me… This is the product of completely rejecting the enlightenment and humanism, the two bases of all modern thought… Well ‘xcept reactionary.

        This is the product of being a spoiled modern baby with too much free time and too much freedom in general that his bitter little mind can deal with so he has to become a reactionary in order to “get back” at the world when he has never experienced any real hardship. The cycle countinues..

  • “I believe it is because the Right has been too quick to abandon its extreme elements.”

    This isn’t about “Left” or “Right,” really. It’s always been about caste. The middle class has been too clever for its own good, believing itself to be the equal of kings and that lower classes can be educated to a higher caste. But clever is not intelligent and so we are left with the destruction of Western Civilization so that middle class merchants can be self-impressed with their so-called enlightenment, their equality with kings and peasants alike, and their comfy bank account balances. And no, by “merchant” I don’t mean J3ws. Our problem has always been the same: caste warfare amongst ourselves. It’s the original diversity that begat the current diversity bomb.

        • It is like you are saying caste because you don’t want to sound too marxist by saying class. But I agree caste/class is more important to normies than politics, class is a club, humans are social animals, basically you have your liberal friends and you don’t get upset over political issues because you have a lot in common you like the others sense of humor or something, or you work with coworkers and do not argue with them about politics because your social position in the workplace is more important to your well being today than say caring about 1488 and the future of other peoples children.

          But I do find it of interest you speak of caste and not class. I wish I could find the book that was recently written in the last few years about the nature of going down in class and how that fueled England’s rise to world power. The author had a theory that many people were thrown out of the upper class and readily accepted into the lower classes and this created an enrichment of the whole society. He thought that historically upper class people had larger families and longer life expectancy and lower class people were more susceptible to disease and fatality, and because the upper class could only pass its wealth on through a limited number of heirs and there was a demand for workers among the ever thinning lower class it was a social necessity for upper classmen to be taken in so to speak by the lower.

          So class can change, not just joe schmoe becoming a millionaire, but a man of good birth could lead a rough life and still be a benefit to the society. Of course the second is sacrilegious in today’s wealth worshiping world. And so we do live in a caste system almost. Unchangeable.

          One thing leftists did was to actually grow the class division into a religious caste division. All the old work that was the worst was taken from the whites and given to foreigners, this had to do with class, the lower class was rising up in power and they were not going to trust the upper class with filling the vacancies they were leaving because they were taught to destroy the system by marx, this is also why I see local businesses always have a scorched earth policy, when the owner quits the business gets shut down, and usually an arab buys it up.

          • Caste is about ability and genetics. People are always confusing class and caste: class is about wealth and caste is about birth. Class is mobile; i. e., you can be born poor and rise is wealth and thus change your economic class, but if you are a low quality person all the wealth in the world won’t make you upper caste. These people are what we call the “nouveau riche,” who are people with money but lack taste and discernment (these being qualities dependent on genetics and IQ).

            I have no idea why you would call this a “normie” position or Marxist. It’s as if using the words “class” and “caste” blind people to the context in which they are used. My argument is decidedly anti-Marxist in the extreme. It is pro-Aristocracy, which seems to send the WN, NS, 1488ers into apoplectic fits of miscomprehension.

          • Agreed about your clarification. But to say that whites vary in caste is decidedly elitist and lends itself to concepts like ‘white trash’, which is an adjective amplified by the presence of multi-culturalism and leftist racialism. A strong pro-white view would ignore subjective divisions between whites who lack certain qualities simply because of who their parents were or where they were born. Worth not birth! So yes, I agree that whites should unify and transcend ‘caste’…part of that depends on abandoning the concept in the first place, which is highly subjective and difficult to measure (other than monetary wealth). Still is pseudo-Marxist in the sense that it describes social problems being rooted in one’s position in society, be it via genetics and old money or a lack of budgeting skills, and prescribes a solution based on one or the other being destroyed/eliminated..or in this case assimilated.

            However, your response still fails to address the author’s point; that the extremist elements should be embraced. Journalists, authors and other online media commentators on pro-white issues always include a superficial disclaimer that they don’t condone violence. Maybe they need another strategy.

          • White trash isn’t created by birth alone. Our society has many a pitfall for youth to degrade themselves. Drugs, booze, unwed births, etc all can lead to a lowering of social status. I have more in common with a college educated black man than a blue collar white anymore. I can have an actual descent conversation about poitics, etc with a college educated person, regardless of color than a blue collar kid from the hood. Most blue collar white kids act street black anymore to try and get street cred.

          • The stupidest people I know are the college types. Something about college destroys a persons mind, and alienates their mind from common sense.

        • ‘Caste’ warfare between rich and poor whites sounds like Marxism to me. Perhaps you never read Marx. Besides, ‘caste’ is just re-branding of socioeconomic ‘class’. Ignoring the reality of class/caste and viewing people based upon merit is not Marxist; i’ts likely the opposite. Over-emphasizing class/caste as the source of conflict is classic Marx. Don’t kid yourself.

  • completly agree!
    I allways say my then shocked brainwashed fellow Germans that i have way more in common with the classic skin head neo nazi than with any moderate leftist! The left is my enemy! If moderate or not.
    And who ever fights my enemy is, in the time of war, my alley! If moderate or radical.
    Moderates and radicals must stick together to win and Vincent Law is absolutly right that this is the reason why the left won so often against the right, they NEVER distance from each other!
    And yes, i know that mostly the moderates distance from the radicals in the right but just as a reminder for us(the wiser ones!) i’ll post this here again.

    • That is one way to win over the mainstream right and centrists. It’s also a way to lose half of your base and sound like a pandering (((commentator))) who is subtly flagging others to practice entryism.

      • No, It is THAT way to make a change.
        Untill (((your))) way(did you mentioned one? No? So you must want to hurt the movement with preaching division) will succeed, the genocide of our people will be fullfilled. There is a place for every right winger in a big movement. And if anyone is dividing the right, if from the radical or the moderate side does not matter, (((he))) must get fought from both sides!

        • Yes, you are exactly right, after being a WN for 20 years my sole aim is to come here and create division among pretentious kids. lol

          The ‘movement’ will lose it’s base and no longer focus on genocide or the JQ if the video author’s advice is followed. You’ll end up with someone like Trump who renegs on promises. Or a boring centrist candidate that gets nothing done because you spent too much time pandering to non-whites and Jews that have no reason to be there in the first place.

          • Nobody said anything about jews or non-whites! It is about the RIGHT.
            And how big did your “base” become in the last 20 years? LOL!
            Of course the final goals of the movement must not ever get waterd down! For that we need allways our strong radical dogmatic core, which must be protected by the more mainstream wing, but to even start to make a serious change in this world we have to unite with the other right wingers and their goals, too.
            What is wrong with a Trump that is fighting (((CNN))) instead of THE JEWS?! Everybody in the Alt-Light or the New Right in Europe knows what the (((media))) is about. But to scream it out in every sentence is just hurting our success.

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