“Stop Whining And Have More White Babies!”

Submitted by Nathan Gate


How many times has this happened…you’re in the midst of a political debate with your friend when the subject of White Genocide is thrown on the table. Being the normie, pseudo-intellectual, centrist that he is, your friend responds with a “counter-argument” picked straight from Sargon’s collection:

“Well maybe if you Whites just started having more kids this wouldn’t be an issue. People can choose whether or not to have kids you know!”

Gets me every time…

This response not only ignores the nature of underlying causes of White Genocide but also is a form of victim-blaming at its finest. Allow me to elaborate.

Firstly, Whites are currently about ~11% of the world population, and with the current trend towards mass immigration into white countries, that percentage is set to decline even further.


These people are known for having EXTREMELY high fertility rates. Most notably, Muslims have the highest fertility rate in the world, with an average of 3.1 children per woman.This is the brand of people set to become the new majority in Europe. In the US, the problem is equally as dire. From 2000 to 2014, Latinos alone accounted for 54% of the population growth. According to new Census Bureau population estimates, a STAGGERING 50.2% of babies under 1-year-old born in the US were non-white.

That being said, to imply that we can beat these people in a breeding contest, simply by having more children of our own, is an insult to the facts and our own intelligence. “I know I gave your opponent a 10-mile head start in this race, but maybe you should just run faster!” HAHA no….

The second factor at play here is that declining white birth rates aren’t exactly a matter of individual decisions. They aren’t the result of the average white man/woman just deciding for no reason at all to avoid having children. Anyone who looks at Western Society can see there is an obvious effort by (((somebody))) to stifle birth rates via cultural warfare. The spread of contraceptives, the increasing use of abortion, the emphasis placed on careers over motherhood for women, the economic torque caused by supporting non-whites in our countries and abroad. One only needs to broach the subject of having kids to the average white teen to be met with a negative view of raising children.

We are being groomed from the time we are kids to value narcissistic ideals above the joy of raising a family. All of these things are encouraged and propagated from the top-down in an organized effort to cause social deterioration. Even a peripherical glance at the type of articles pumped out by the mainstream media on a daily basis confirms this.







Even if “free will” still exists for the average individual, the unfortunate truth is that the media and mainstream culture have a significant impact on the way people think and behave. As long as there is a system encouraging whites to avoid having children, our birthrates will continue to decline, because, at the end of the day, the average person operates according to herd mentality.

In light of these facts, it becomes immediately clear that demographic displacement is not something we can fight simply by having more babies, nor is it an issue that is entirely the fault of the average white person. Granted, it is indeed important to encourage Whites to beget more children, but at the end of the day, the issue of our displacement is one that can only be solved by either peaceful separation or physical removal of those who threaten us. You cannot just treat the tumor, you have to cut it out.






Vincent Law
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  • well this propagandas anti children tecnicaly are for everybody (like the black woman that have children before the 18 in the guetos)… not just for the whites but if the whites have ben more inclinated to follow the propaganda … that the others thats a problem

  • As a none white guy ( I’m middle eastern) who likes the white people a little, I stopped by to say something…
    Your GOVTs need more man power to hold their current positions in world, and their only current solution is immigration. (it’s not only you, gulf middle eastern countries take the highest amount of immigrants per capita).
    Personally I think a huge part of your low growth rate is that you are going toward an inferior culture! it is not about Islam and Christianity, I can’t care less about both. our ancestors both conquered places ( yours did more!), so we know about many different cultures. This current culture of individualism of yours that is becoming ever popular is an African culture at it’s very best. This self hate, and frequent homicide, and treating women like trash, too many single white mothers, white gangs, white gays and homosexuals, obsessive drug and alcohol consumption among young whites, and much more…is not your original culture, This culture gets no one anywhere, since it’s against the natural law.
    White culture once was dying for each other, not killing each other for paper money, Stop this and think about what you’r becoming.
    Most valuable thing you could have, is not how many tanks, gold, paper money and etc, that you possess, It is how many good people you have.
    Instead having your women compete you on every level of society, gave them back their femininity and respect their nature the way your fathers did, I don’t mean totally restrict them the way we do, our way is also wrong, but we can agree yours is wrong too, there must be a better way, maybe middle of ours and yours.
    A woman should at least create 2 humans to replace what were there once, if you want to grow, 3 is the lowest number.
    Bottom line is women are creators, If you have them constantly working and do all the things that men are supposed to, then who creates new humans?

  • Minorities will regret the day, when the white man is no longer footing the bill. The world will be complete chaos when we are gone. Look at any country that isn’t white.
    Most are hell holes, nobody wants to go to.

  • interesting how:

    whites don’t have the highest fertility rate
    whites have the highest terminal disease rate
    whites are the most recent newcomers to the human gene pool (check ur dna bb and salivate at your 1-2% african dna and 1% asian dna)

    guess u ladies aren’t the superior race after all
    considering we were eating ram shit and drinking goat piss less than 2,000 years ago around gaul and norway, the historical population supremacy argument is aids

  • Agreed, our vision should be quality of the white. 200 million people can achieve hegemony over the rest of the world if they are better and more advanced than the rest of the world.

  • In regards to having more kids. There are only so many more kids we can realistically have before we transform ourselves in r selection style reproduction. I put this number at 4 max.

    Using r selection reproduction would hurt us more in the long run as we would not be able to invest very much into our offspring which creates an opportunity for others to surpass us.

    • Wrong, wrong, wrong. In the first place r selection is not a human possibility and in the second place the concept has even fallen out of favor as originally proposed in scientific circles.

      Humans are not cockroaches–r selection is not possible for us.

      And, putting the number of children Whites should have at 4 is also wrong. We are designed to have far more and it is false thinking that is holding Whites back from the correct strategy for each White: Expand always and contract never.

      • R selection is not possibly for us? Then what do you consider what blacks, muslims, and Hispanics do?

        Having 3 or more kids is still expansion.

        • r selection is a term of art. It has a definition. No humans have an r selection strategy of births. It is not possible.

          There will never be too many White people on this planet. We are a blessing and we make it holy by our very presence. The more of us, the better the planet becomes.

          And, going forth and multiplying your kind applies to each White male and White female individually. It is a personal responsibility and it ensures that each of us go forward into the future through our genome. No Whites should limit the number of White children we have. Nature (or the Divine, if you prefer) has written the laws for our kind in our DNA Code and throughout nature.

          We are designed to expand our kind, not to contract it. Not having as many White children as possible is a big mistake and is counter to our true nature.

    • How so? Do you have a problem with White women? Turned down often, perhaps? Can’t find White women who are perfect in your eyes?

      • Their main problems nowadays are their promiscuity, hypergamy, and careerism. None of those things bode well for White births or a functional, prosperous, traditional society. I realize that jewish influence was the catalyst for these behaviors manifesting themselves, but our women are still White and thus not totally devoid of agency like the darkies are. The character and behavior of our females will either make or break us unfortunately. We’ll have to get them under control as other races do with theirs so that we have a chance to rebound demographically and reduce miscegenation.

  • The problem is most certainly not too few white babies. Demographic war is the most retarded thing. Whites (and Japs) are hardwired to decrease reproduction when we perceive lack of resources.

    • Nonsense. The problem is exactly that Whites have too few White babies. We must expand always and contract never.

  • Thank you for this article. Having more babies is not the answer. Some people, like myself, can’t stand children. I find them annoying and exhausting, and I pity anyone who has them. The answer is to start sterilizing lowlives of all races and colors, deport any and all illegals, and start enforcing ALL of our immigration/admission laws. Our numbers will then take care of themselves.

    Only the people among us who genuinely like and WANT children should have them (and they for damn sure better be able to raise them right, otherwise they just create more problems for the rest of society). Generally speaking, the more children a woman has the more fucked up and useless those children will be. We need quality, not quantity. If we stop encouraging lowlives to have children (through food stamps an all other forms of welfare), the problem of our dwindling numbers would go away very quickly. Yes there would be whites affected by some of those policies, but I don’t want degenerate whites breeding, either.

    • Who cares if you can’t stand children? Just remain childless and go extinct. You sound like a deadender. My children will dance on your grave.

      • More…Your attitude is exactly what Whites do not need. Disgusting. It’s as though you think your pitiful little existence that will last for no more than 100 years is important. It is not. You are clearly among the unfit and will go personally extinct in a few years and the world will go on as though you never existed. The highest purpose of people like you is as fertilizer to feed worms who have more of the life force within them than you.

  • I still don’t know what to make of this site. Who are these writers? Where have they been for the past 30 years? 20 years? 10 years? Is the movement now just a bunch of kids who got into this last year?

    The Charles Martel Society and the Occidental Quarterly was founded to deal with this very problem. One of the more famous original editors, Virginia Abernathy, has done huge amounts of research on this subject over a many decades long career at one of the more esteemed universities in America.

    We don’t need to rehash the statistics. We have the answers. It is the perception of scarcity versus opportunity that is the root cause of demographic decline, and as always – we end up with the perennial problem of White Nationalism.

    Economic ignorance, primarily due to the pervasiveness of the mad ideas of libertarianism.

  • Stop whining and make more babies. We need them if we want to survive. It does not matter how stupid arguments the opposition has. Stop whining.

    • When white men choose any color women over white women then white woman has no other choice but to be with other color people, there we go! America will never be white. Also single women who don’t choose to be with non whites are using white males bank sperm so let’s thank white women for keeping white race. White man that marry non whites are lost, they reproducing non white kids and half half is not white.

  • Good observations. Over on Sailer’s blog there have been some graphs of UN-based population projections for Africa that are jaw-dropping. There is no way that these people can be outbred, nor any reason to attempt it. We simply need the political will to stop the invasion and let nature take its course (a/k/a the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse saddle up and ride). The “white baby advocates” do have a point in that the virtues of families need to be emphasized. But scaing back on the options that women have and their incentives to postpone families will be an Overton Windown that will have to blasted with dynamite. (True a mixed methaphor, but most readers will understand.)

    • Outbreeding them is not the issue at this time.

      The fact is that the more White people in existence, the better it is for White people and the planet. Just have more White babies and the problems we face will start going away. Trust in the White genome. It is special.

  • Whites need to worry more about taking back their governments from corruption than trying to put the rest of the world down. If we enter an age of prosperity women won’t be mudsharking. Lean or vote conservative/libertarian if you want to do that. Prosecute corruption, stop pandering to marxist media.

  • What needs to happens…………

    Because this Individualistic Orgasmic Enterprise seems to be Failing……

    Who is who?

    Who is you?

  • Both need to happen, we need to have more kids, not at Muslim levels, although if whites want too that’s great, we have decided 3-4 is a good number, but we also need to slam out borders shut, get control of our voter rolls, deport all who have no right too be here, and stop with dem programs.

    • If we start making 10 kids for every family, soon the pressure is making us take back Constantinopol and more lost lands.

  • I’ve done my part. Fertility is an easy matter. They have ovulation predictors now. So long as you have a normal body schedule monthly as a female and haven’t polluted yourself with tons of birth control or had abortions you should be good to go. I don’t buy that higher fertility b.s. if white men have sex with white women unprotected while they are ovulating it will result in pregnancy.

    • The only Women we want to have Sex with and Pro-Create with…….

      ……are WHITE WOMEN……

      Spread the Secret………

      • But I Live in Boston and I don’t see white men are interested in white women. It’s really hard to see white kids this days only few immigrants from East Europe that have white children, Americans are not white. And if Boston is white city then lol I don’t see that at all.

  • And what are we going to do??

    After Endless Eons of Deconstructing Ourselves and Battling against Our Own Peoples….

    We continue to Deconstruct Ourselves from the Lies and Conditioning of the PC Cultural Marxist Pop Culture……

    We acknowledge our GREATNESS in so many Wide and Disparate Fields……

    Look at we produced from all the Endless Fighting within our own Tribes……


    Imagine if we could EVOLVE for 50-100yrs……..

    ……..lay aside the White Infighting and White Self-Hatred……..

    And Fight………..the White Genocide on Hand……..

    Let them call us Nazis……

    We LOVE Art, Music, Poetry, Beauty, and Culture………

    We are NOT Evil………

    We DO NOT Seek to be Violent……….

    We just want to SURVIVE and THRIVE…….

  • Couldn’t agree with this more.

    The only proper slogan is “Keep fighting AND have more white babies.”

    Make sure you raise them right, too.

  • American whites should be segregated into their own unique race. They have little in common with anyone and generally degrade the race.

  • The missing piece in all of this: sterilization. If we were to forcibly sterilize unfit parents of any and every race and color – mainly felons, career criminals, and/or those that cannot afford to raise a child (welfare recipients) – the problem would be helped tremendously (in the USA and Europe, at least).

    • Simply requiring sterilization in order to receive government welfare benefits, early parole, and such would have roughly the same effect with far less fuss and bother, particularly if subsidies were provided to make it easier for the smart, the athletic, and the otherwise gifted to start families.

    • Such a policy would not end ethnic conflict. Peace and happiness require ethnic segregation. The Jews possess a uniquely high IQ, but it does not stop them from leeching from our national life blood.

    • You’re still cucking.

      You’re still making it White Man’s Burden to police all other races.

      Stop being a cuckold. Stop worrying about every race but White people.

    • I know it used to happen, but it’s hard to imagine that in the current year this would be a practical policy that would be voted in through the normal course of politics, at least in a country with substantially non-white demographics like the U.S.

      You aren’t going to trick them with stuff like that anymore, they understand demographic power.

      At this point it may actually be MORE feasible to balkanize the country along (roughly) ethnic lines, since there are some circumstances where more than one faction might see it as benefiting them.

      And that balkanization outcome is also more desirable (who wants neutered nigs around?) and more inline with many forms of morality.

  • Yes whites need to have children, as many as they can – but that’s not going to stop or derail the real problem. This is a conflation of two separate issues meant to confuse and distract – the (((alt-lite))) solution.

    Are whites really going to outbreed muslims, who have multiple wives and multiple children with each wife, or Africans, who don’t necessarily have wives but just rape every woman in sight to ensure all females above age 10 will always be pregnant…?

    Oh and don’t forget whitey, you’re paying for all of this – on top of your own bills, which can barely be met because of the rising cost of living because you are also subsidizing the invaders in your own country – so that when you actually want to have a family you’ll be forced into debt and you’ll be so tired and busy trying to fend off the increasing hatred and decreasing opportunities for your white family you’ll have no energy or power to push back on the real issue.

    • Excuses. Just have them … If you have to take assistance suck it up.. At least you would be one white family getting my tax dough!

      • Of course, I’m not advocating for not having children. Just have what you can support and raise well.

  • Vincent addresses races as equal when it comes to population growth, which is fine but let me add some other factors.
    -Massive population growth is taking place in some of the most poorest regions. They are poor due to corruption, not due to lack of technology or wealth (held by the elite).
    -Along with birth rate death rate is also high.
    -Entire world population is aging faster than birth rates.
    Some of the differences between the white world and the rest include:
    -Wealthiest economies are mostly white. Most innovative societies are white. the Information age including the internet and computers to the “American age” is 2 examples just from America.
    -Highest standard of living, highest levels of literacy, some of the highest levels of mortality where the average age is around 75 to 80 years.
    -The white world has the capacity for rapid change for the better to the cutting edge technologies to expand out into space to even changing uninhabitable lands into into habitats (old examples would be Las Vegas or Palm springs)

    In the 21st century innovation could be far more important than just procreation.

    • John Milton in Paradise Lost demonstrates a white, and his case English, way of thinking when he has Satan and his army of fallen angels engage in improving their living conditions in hell:

      The mind is its own place, and in it self
      Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n.

    • The history of white people blows up this “ascent of man” nonsense promoted by many of our (((intellectuals))). Because if you just look at the demographic reality, “human” really means “black,” namely, the Sub-Saharan populations which stayed in Africa and didn’t breed in prehistory with Neanderthals and Denisovans, the way the ancestors of Eurasian peoples did. This interbreeding gave white people, especially, a genetic boost which made us something substantially better than the ancestral stock back in Africa.

      In other words, mankind as a whole didn’t “ascend”; mainly white populations ascended to become something other than, and better than, the sort of “humanity” we find in Africa today.

  • We want more white babies but only if their parents have IQ’s >120 even though those white people make up a laughably small percentage of white people duuurrrrr

    • Wrong. Have faith in the White genome. We want more White babies from all Whites. The White genome will win in the end if we have the numbers. We want Whites to fill every job in all White societies from the so-called lowest to the so-called highest.

      • Even mediocre white people have more going for them than the alleged smart fractions of POC populations.

  • “We are being groomed from the time we are kids to value narcissistic ideals above the joy of raising a family.” Yes, this is what got me unfortunately and most White women I know who are still childless into their late 20’s to early 30’s, and feel as though their lives have little fulfillment or purpose. If anything, their caregiver instincts are channeled into to academic fields associated with child care in some capacity or advocacy for various non-White victimhood groups.

    • In my perspective (that’s a disclaimer btw) the “joy” aspect of raising a family, getting married, etc. is overrated. I think part of the reason divorce skyrocketed for our people is that one or both parties found marriage to be “too hard”

      I got no kids yet, no wife even. I don’t contest that there are unbeatable joys in having them, there’s also a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

      I got into WN, not because I thought it’d be a joy, but because I felt like it was my responsibility to help the great things my people have created, the truth they have uncovered, live on.

      Marriage, kids, should be taught as a responsibility. One with benefits and drawbacks, joys and sorrows, like other elements of adult life.

      • BAM that last bit you wrote hit the nail on the head. It is your number responsibility if you are a WN.

      • From an evolutionary biology perspective we have two main reasons why we walk this earth: 1) survival and 2) procreation.

    • I see a lot of women choosing to adopt shelter dogs. It seems like that is the primary outlet from my vantage point.

  • Birth rates themselves are overrated.

    What was the Baby Boom, here in Burgerland? A boom in the birth rates of White babies, the vast majority of whom were raised in intact, nuclear family homes with values many of us would consider to be “based” today.

    This is where our nation was, not even 70 years ago in 1950, and it lead us exactly where we are now. A high birth rate and grandpa’s values alone were not nearly enough.

    • Our elites got away with desegregation, civil rights legislation and the Hart-Celler Act in the 1960’s because America had a booming economy where our fathers and grandfathers could find jobs and form families. Even if America’s white men in that decade opposed these developments, they had more pressing things to occupy their daily lives than taking to the streets in white-nationalist marches to put a stop to these abominations.

      Also, the damage this social engineering caused took a few decades to become apparent. We grabbed a hot skillet over 50 years ago, only we didn’t feel our hands burning until the last few years.

      This time around, we have plenty of idle and pissed-off young white men who have nothing to lose, and I think this will make a difference in getting white nationalism to stick.

  • I agree. We need to assert our right to publicly (i.e., non-anonymously) speak up for our race. This includes speaking out against miscegenation. Without this, having more white children will only delay the inevitable. Consider this: What good does it do to have a large white family if one of your daughters ends up having children with a negro? You have to speak up, not just to your family, but to whites in general.

    The following thought experiment helps to illustrate the problem: What if all whites who are currently consciously pro-white stopped speaking up and focused on only having white children? How many thousands of us are there now? How many would there be in 100 years? It would be a drop in the bucket compared to the demographic stew around us. It is obvious that pro-white advocacy is needed.

    • You offer a false choice fallacy in your thought experiment. We can have babies and still speak out. This is the correct choice. It is not one or the other.

      • You are misconstruing my argument. We are in agreement that it is important to do both.

        The title of the article is “stop whining and have more white babies.” It is the people saying this to white advocates who are offering a false choice.

        The author says that the answer is physical separation from nonwhites. I sort-of agree. In the long run, this is the best option, but in the short run we should be focusing on mental separation, i.e., building a community of whites who consciously seek their group interests as whites.

        • “Stop whining and have more White babies,” is a thing easily said, but my guess is that most who say that agree that this is not the only thing we need to do and thus they are not offering a false choice at all.

          Yes, we need separation and we must seek it as best as we can. Complete physical separation is the best, but if not possible then in-place reproductive separation may have to do in the short run. Miscegenation is the death of the White genome. It must be avoided as the great evil it is.

          And, while we are all theorizing and spending time on the Internet, we should also be having pure White babies. We can do many things at once. We are smart people.

          • my guess is that most who say that agree that this is not the only thing
            we need to do and thus they are not offering a false choice at all

            The hypothetical interlocutor was described as a normie, pseudo-intellectual, centrist, so you are going outside of the scenario envisioned by the author.

          • Nope. The author of the article makes it clear that he is responding to a “typical” argument from some of us who urge Whites to have more pure White babies and that our argument is not a good one because of various other considerations. He is mistaken.

            No matter what happens, we Whites are going to be better off if there are more of us and not fewer of us.

          • No one is saying that alt-righters should not care about having white children. It is clear, moreover, that the author was talking about an argument with normies, not someone like yourself. The quote I gave proves it.

          • Nope and it is of little moment who you think he was arguing with, the substance of his argument is clearly shown in the headline and sub-head (below). His argument, when given a fair reading, tends to tamp down calls for having more White babies. My argument is that anything that discourages Whites from having as many pure White children as possible is bad for Whites.

            “Stop Whining And Have More White Babies!”
            Deconstructing this incredibly disingenuous argument.

  • This article doesn’t mention that muslim fertility rates dropped by 50% over the last generation and is dropping further, in some places it’s already below replacement level, e.g. Turkey, Iran etc. So having more white babies definitely makes sense as other ethnicities approach white fertility rates.

  • (((They))) say that Whites are the Cancer of the World. Its called projection. I’ll make a projection. Whites are about to take their own side. Mass extinction of parasites for the foreseeable future.

  • We need a pro-white science fiction again to give us positive visions of the future to work towards, unlike the diversity propaganda we see in the Star Trek franchise and The Expanse on the SyFy Channel.

    I mean, seriously, how can anyone take these kinds of shows seriously when they feature somewhat attractive, emotionally stable POC’s (at least by their standards) flying spaceships, maintaining complicated futuristic technologies and so forth? In our world we see butt-ugly POC’s with low IQ’s and irrational resentments against the white race who can barely handle low-wage service jobs.

  • If Mars colonization ever turns into a reality, the success of the project will validate the Alt Right’s world view. If you had to choose colonists according to objective criteria for success, you would wind up with white, intelligent, wholesome, conservative men and women with normal sexuality. . .

    . . . because any other kind of so-called human you could send to Mars would get in the way and probably endanger the whole project: No POC’s because they have low IQ’s and their resentments against whites would cause racial strife; no feminists because they would alienate the men; and no people with broken sexuality because they don’t breed and their queer drama would spoil everyone’s lives in the colony.

  • Whites will never win a war of the cradles. If we are not able to keep non-whites out of our countries, we will be crowded out.

    • You have the armies of the Roman Catholic Church marching in from Latino America, and the armies of the Jews flying in from Asia and Africa. That’s the facts, no way around it.

        • I take it you don’t think it’s an invasion by the forces of the Roman Catholic Church and the Jews?

          • I think “invasion” is apt and you’ve correctly identified the guilty parties. But the situation shouldn’t be seen as hopeless; calling them an “army” is giving them too much credit.

          • With their numbers in the countless millions, “armies” is not an exaggeration.

    • We could, easily. But we shouldn’t HAVE to. There’s no reason to not raise the birth rate, but at the same time we should absolutely expel the invaders.

    • Why? Are white men somehow weaker in the bedroom? I have 5 children and am under 40. JUST DO THE DEED GUYS. PAY ATTENTION THE DAY SHE STARTS HER MONTHLY COUNT OUT 12 AND THEN GET TOGETHER FOR 3 DAYS….

      • This war is a war that will be fought on multiple fronts.

        As any good businessman knows there are two ways to increase profitability – lower expenses or raise revenues. Same with our population. Have more kids or keep out or at the very least control the population of the invaders.

    • K-selected races of which whites are the most extreme example will lower their birthrates if they sense things are getting crowded or resources low. This means that just the fact of importing millions of non-whites with have an affect on lowering birthrates even before considering cultural warfare also aimed at behavioral trait profiles unique to whites.

      White genocide is real. It probably wasn’t deliberate at first, but I have no doubts that as soon as the dynamics were recognized, they became deliberate policies.

      • Good observation.
        Since I realized what is going on I’m not sure whether to have kids or bunker down for war.

  • Whites must rid ourselves of universalist type of thinking and we must always put Whites before all else. We must ask of everything: Is this good for Whites?

    We must not say “abortion is bad.” Instead, we must say “abortion is bad for Whites but is a great idea for non-Whites.” We must not say “birth control is good.” Instead, we must say “birth control is good for non-Whites but it is bad for Whites.” You get the idea.

    • I’ve framed the Alt Right’s world view as pro-white humanism, in that we have a vision of human flourishing and the good life in line with the humanist tradition, but minus the universalist assumption of 20th Century humanist ethics. Instead we focus on the good for white people only.

      And about time, dammit.

      • Something like this, perhaps…

        WHITE HUMANISM: a variety of ethical theory and practice that emphasizes reason, scientific inquiry, and White human fulfillment in the natural world.

    • Yes, we really need to split out the fight against abortion. Abortion is good for non whites. We need to make it illegal for white women where the father is white.

  • Fertility drops in more advanced societies.. its especially correlated with education. This is a normal trend. Even in countries that probably don’t have a single Jew like Japan, Singapore, Korea, etc with their super low birth rates. The only nations that have high fertility rates are 3rd world countries…. and even those country’s birth rates are STEADILY dropping the past few decades (type “india birth rate” or “pakistan birth rate” in google). Using stormer style super cliche scare propaganda about Jews genociding the goyim is less than I would expect from this site.. i feel stupider just from reading this

    • You’re God damned right! Chalking all our problems up to sorcery-esq (((propaganda))) is demented.

      Japan and South Korea are in the top 5 for lowest birth rates. You think they get taught to hate their people? You think they live in fear of being called “racist”?

      It isn’t subversion that makes a man want to sleep with as many attractive women as possible when he’s young.

      It isn’t subversion that makes a woman want to seek constant praise for her beauty.

      Those things are called human nature. The culture we had before kept those things in check. That culture is now all but vanished and we need a new one.

      • The best part is that a lot of this is (((freudian))) reaction formation or just plain coping, at least by the people who eat this shit up… neets & geeks who have zero intention of having one kid let alone 5.. it would would mean their life is over.. no more freedom to shit post and spend money on urself. Easier to just post memes of Aryan families from Nazi Germany

        Same with the ones that signal against “degeneracy”, that want white Sharia etc. Its just bitterness and revenge fantasies against the women who don’t want them. If they suddenly stopped being losers and girls wanted to fuck them, they would be on Tinder in about 3 seconds and would never look back.

        • Some points by (((freud))) and (((others))) seem very legit, which makes me guess they were plagiarized

  • There are too many people in the United States, a mild contraction in population would be fine if our elites weren’t flooding us with the third world. If the US was white only, we would have a population of around 200 million. If this contracted to say 150 million over 50-100 years, it would not be a disaster, in fact, we would have more space, land and housing would be cheaper, and birth rates would naturally begin to rise.

    • There can never be too many White people. The world is made better by our presence. We make it holy and just.

  • Any browns that want to settle in Europe are welcome to, but only if they meet two crucial criteria:

    1) Both males and females are sterilized
    2) They have an IQ over 115

  • In the next 85 years approximately 4 billion people will be added to the earth, according to midrange UN population projections.

    About 83% of those people will be African.

    Fertility for non-Africans lowers in response to certain conditions associated with modern society. It’s called the demographic transition. It even applies to most non-African Muslim countries and we are seeing a drop in fertility in Saudi Arabia, etc. Africans are not responding to these conditions in the same way, and their fertility is not lowering as rapidly as did for other types of people. The UN demographics guys admit this.

    Ultimately, the fate of all nations in the world is going to depend on the extent to which they keep out migrants from Africa. It can’t be over emphasized how important this period of history is, because never before have we dealt with such large population numbers and such mobility of people. Never before has it been so easy for a leader to completely erase his country and obliterate something that has been the result of hundreds of thousands of years of history.

      • Truth. Not propping up third world countries that breed way too much is even more important to white survival than every white couple having a big family. That’s not to say that whites should be dissuaded from having big families. We do need to get our numbers up to a sustainable rate. But thats only part of the matter.

      • I don’t consider Norman Borlaug a great man. He enabled this mess by making tropical agriculture more productive through his plant breeding because nonwhites couldn’t have figured out how to do this in million years.

        • Yeah but they still don’t farm down there no matter how easy we’ve made it. Cut off the foreign aid gibs, pull up the drawbridge to Europe and enjoy watching the Malthusian Trap from your castle tower.

        • I agree with what Ike sais.

          Borlaug found a method that, on paper, can be used by anyone. Consider that if we survive this onslaught brought upon us we should be collonising the empty space of Africa at least to make sure that we will not suffer from niggerasation again. What is with him that I find ugly is that he might have done what he did in order for non-whites to help sustain themselves, especially the savage ones, as the non-savage ones well they handle themselves.

          In reality the only non-white people that manage to do this are all in all: the Chinese, the Japanese, the Koreans and the Singaporeans… And all of which have a demographic problem that dwarfs ours, with China not being in the danger zone due to its high numbers so…. Actually little harm is done.

          To further indicate what Ike answered already: these people are not only dumb but also lazy, no matter what we may find that might help them by implementing it themselves as long as we do not support that directly in their own lands there is no way that they may keep it. Consider South Africa and Zimbabwe, or post-Rhodesia, face agricultural problems that with white overlords they never had… The white farmer is being killed and no one farms.

      • Fact. We don’t even need to do anything about this statistic other then block immigration/”refugees”, and this is the important part, end ALL foreign aid to the dark continent. That will fix the population issue real quick. Stop giving them food. Stop giving them medicine. Stop helping with water purification.

    • I don’t believe any of that nonsense… Have sex during ovulation. Stop beating around the bush lol. I have 5 children. It was easy. Timing is everything. Go to Walgreens and buy an ovulation prediction kit.

    • Reproduction rate is controlled 2 ways:
      1) Famine, disease, war, pestilence. aka r-strategy

      2) Adaptive behavioral traits. aka carrying capacity (K)-strategy.

      Africa is full of disease, harsh climates, violent people, poor food production. They were made to make a lot of babies so that a few would survive.


  • I don’t think any of us who encourage our White brothers and sisters to have more pure White children think that is the only thing we should do to ensure our survival as you seem to indicate.

    Working on the other things you suggest (such as changing thinking and society) and having pure White babies are not mutually exclusive.

    The problem is that some think just working on the other things you suggest and not having White babies is a good idea. it is not.

    Yes, have many White children and also work to bring in the changes that will have Whites want to have many White children and who will consider this a plus not a negative.

        • Those of us who have had many pure White children are judged by nature as the fittest of our kind. This is so because “survival of the fittest,” is defined backwards, that is, if we have children like ourselves who survive us, then our White genome has gone into the next generation.

          It is not the most muscular, the brightest, the richest who are defined as the fittest–it is those who reproduce and make more like themselves.

          Those who do not make more like themselves are judged by nature as unfit. They are deadenders and when they die, their particular version of our White genome dies with them and they are extinct. And, extinction is eternal.

        • 5 here also, 9 Grandchildren so far.
          But I won’t be rich until they oven me for not being far right enough.

    • I know a married woman with four white children who engages in nonstop leftist virtue-signaling on Facebook.

      • LOL. Ain’t it the truth. Did you notice the Pope of Rome recently had some really nasty things to say about Americans and American leadership. So nasty, no one seems to be able to translate his Italian slang.

  • If we closed the borders tomorrow, removed non-whites and Jewish poison like feminism, then the white population as it currently is wouldn’t be exactly that bad, not to mention everything would fall back into normalcy again (especially young white women who would see motherhood as a cool thing again) so the “moar wyt baybz” thing is a dumb counterargument to our points.

    • Also add that we will outlaw on the pain of death any form of humanitarian aid to the African continent in order for their numbers to plunge. Then the 14 words will be fulfilled… for the most part.

      • Shutting the gibs valve to savages would give us an advantage 100x greater than the most victorious nation to ever fight a war hath enjoyed

        • No war would need to be fought at all, except for a strategic, guerilla war. We just target their power and water. Destroy it and throw them back to the time before we were ever there.

      • That needs to happen. Anyone who suggests “aid” to POCs, Jews, or Muslims should be stripped of all property deported immediately to whatever area they’re cucking for. Just dump them and forget.

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