Lauren Southern Apologizes Over Antifa Attacks

Following the G20 riots by Antifa, stories started to come out about how “Alt-Right/Identitarian journalists” were attacked by Antifa.

Lauren made a video where she blubbered about how sorry she was that people she had been chatting with had gotten labeled Identitarians by Antifa and attacked.

Several points.

  1. None of these people are Alt-Right
  2. To be Alt-Right you have to be a White Advocate, counter-semitic and traditionalist in your worldviews.

Phew, glad we cleared that up. I don’t know how many times we have to re-iterate what the Alt-Right is about.

Either way, Antifa didn’t seem to care. These journalists were fair targets for them because they weren’t explicitly pro-Antifa. That’s enough to get you labeled a Nazi and once you’re a Nazi, you’re fair game.

Now onto the videos.

Luke just does the whole “wow, just wow” and the “really? like really?” shtick the whole time. In a nutshell, he is upset that some Jewish journalist tweeted out that he was an Identitarian/Fascist and sicced Antifa onto his location.

Will this be enough to wake him up to the malicious nature of the Tribe?


So instead he tries to justify to the world that he isn’t what this Jewish reporter claims he was. Even when he was getting attacked, he started yelling out, “I’m not a Nazi!” as they jumped him. Did this help him? No, of course not.

When will he learn that “Nazi” now means “a White person I disagree with” in the West?

At the very least, he and the other “free speech” journalists got a taste of what being an Identitarian feels like in Europe. Will this invoke some sympathy for their plight?

Also doubtful.

Chances are they’ll distance themselves from the Identitarians so that the bullies leave them alone. Like what Lauren did when she distanced herself from the Identitarian and Right-Wing groups that were offering protection for her and her crew.

It’s a shame that Right-Wing Identitarian groups are the only ones who’ve got the ability to bring any muscle to these things.

I guess the likes of Tim Poole isn’t enough to scare Antifa off.

The most clear-headed reaction to this debacle came from a Slav. Color me surprised.

He’s right.

This is a dangerous game and Lauren needs to decide whether she is a chick or whether she is a man. As a woman, she gets away with a lot more than a man does. And almost always if a woman is acting up, its the men around her that suffer the consequences. That is the secret to the whole power ranger girl myth.

We’ve seen this phenomenon before. At NPI, a girl who has probably never felt a fist connect with her face decided to wade into the Antifa mob. She came out unscathed. Her cameraMAN got jumped though.

(about 3.33)

Emily seems like a nice girl, and she’s one of us for sure. But it really does underscore the point that I and others have already made.

This kind of behavior on the part of females scores sympathy points I suppose, but it comes with a heavy price for the people around them. Unlike Lauren though, Emily didn’t break down into tears and then start apologizing.

For better or worse, the likes of Lauren Southern are considered Alt-Right or at least Right-Wing now. It reflects poorly on us when they appear so defeated and emotionally upset by our enemies.

I could blather on further about the incident, but I’ll just leave it at this: they all need to harden the fuck up.



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