Lauren Southern Apologizes Over Antifa Attacks

Following the G20 riots by Antifa, stories started to come out about how “Alt-Right/Identitarian journalists” were attacked by Antifa.

Lauren made a video where she blubbered about how sorry she was that people she had been chatting with had gotten labeled Identitarians by Antifa and attacked.

Several points.

  1. None of these people are Alt-Right
  2. To be Alt-Right you have to be a White Advocate, counter-semitic and traditionalist in your worldviews.

Phew, glad we cleared that up. I don’t know how many times we have to re-iterate what the Alt-Right is about.

Either way, Antifa didn’t seem to care. These journalists were fair targets for them because they weren’t explicitly pro-Antifa. That’s enough to get you labeled a Nazi and once you’re a Nazi, you’re fair game.

Now onto the videos.

Luke just does the whole “wow, just wow” and the “really? like really?” shtick the whole time. In a nutshell, he is upset that some Jewish journalist tweeted out that he was an Identitarian/Fascist and sicced Antifa onto his location.

Will this be enough to wake him up to the malicious nature of the Tribe?


So instead he tries to justify to the world that he isn’t what this Jewish reporter claims he was. Even when he was getting attacked, he started yelling out, “I’m not a Nazi!” as they jumped him. Did this help him? No, of course not.

When will he learn that “Nazi” now means “a White person I disagree with” in the West?

At the very least, he and the other “free speech” journalists got a taste of what being an Identitarian feels like in Europe. Will this invoke some sympathy for their plight?

Also doubtful.

Chances are they’ll distance themselves from the Identitarians so that the bullies leave them alone. Like what Lauren did when she distanced herself from the Identitarian and Right-Wing groups that were offering protection for her and her crew.

It’s a shame that Right-Wing Identitarian groups are the only ones who’ve got the ability to bring any muscle to these things.

I guess the likes of Tim Poole isn’t enough to scare Antifa off.

The most clear-headed reaction to this debacle came from a Slav. Color me surprised.

He’s right.

This is a dangerous game and Lauren needs to decide whether she is a chick or whether she is a man. As a woman, she gets away with a lot more than a man does. And almost always if a woman is acting up, its the men around her that suffer the consequences. That is the secret to the whole power ranger girl myth.

We’ve seen this phenomenon before. At NPI, a girl who has probably never felt a fist connect with her face decided to wade into the Antifa mob. She came out unscathed. Her cameraMAN got jumped though.

(about 3.33)

Emily seems like a nice girl, and she’s one of us for sure. But it really does underscore the point that I and others have already made.

This kind of behavior on the part of females scores sympathy points I suppose, but it comes with a heavy price for the people around them. Unlike Lauren though, Emily didn’t break down into tears and then start apologizing.

For better or worse, the likes of Lauren Southern are considered Alt-Right or at least Right-Wing now. It reflects poorly on us when they appear so defeated and emotionally upset by our enemies.

I could blather on further about the incident, but I’ll just leave it at this: they all need to harden the fuck up.



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  • At this point I feel like Lauren Southern could be taking out NGO migrant boats with an RPG-7, and she’d still be getting called a cuck over here.

    You know, a big part of winning is the Framing. Trump tends to win because he’s great at Framing events as personal victories for himself. It creates a positive dynamic. Whereas articles & comments saying “Hey, you know that victory you thought we had? It was actually a defeat! Here’s why…” have the opposite effect. Whether it’s being done by Concern Trolls or by genuine pessimists, it’s not a good thing. The broad pro-European-survival Identitarian movement has made huge gains in the past 18 months (and Southern is clearly part of that now). We need to keep moving forward. There is a lot of great work being done. Let’s focus on that.

  • Antifa are just useful idiots. They attack soft targets and may as well be women. When the guns come out, they will be slaughtered. Either by real right wing guys who have had enoug, or by their own side who don’t need their kind anymore. Standing up for minorities is worse than standing against them. Its not ideology for these savages. Its a tribal thing. These low rent Janissaries are not the right tribe.

  • Um, she’s a girl. Girls get emotional.
    I don’t think she was particularly smart to go out in an Identitarian shirt. Richard Spencer wasn’t particularly smart to go to the Inauguration without a bodyguard, either. As is the way of things, Spencer got punched and Southern’s male journalist friends got beaten up. They both seemed quite upset afterwards, understandably so.
    I suppose I could object to her calling it “that stupid shirt” – but she was referring more to her foolishness in wearing it, not that she doesn’t believe in what it stands for. Maybe she should be more stoic, but after all the people Antifa beat up were left-liberal journalists, this wasn’t a great victory for them. If anything, Antifa is pushing more centrists rightward.

  • Women have no place in a nationalist movement, excepting the position of being at home raising children.
    If you’re a woman who calls herself ‘nationalist’, ‘alt-right’ or anything associated therewith, and you don’t have any children, you’re fucking worthless.

    Lauren Southern is a disgusting rat-face Jew masquerading as a European woman.

  • “When will he learn that “Nazi” now means “a White person I disagree with” in the West?”

    More specifically, “Nazi” means a normal White person.

  • From henceforth the white-European nations must become NSP (Nazi is a Jew label – prefers National Socialist Patriots or Fascist.) – by any means necessary (the virtue of violence) – otherwise Western Civilization, the white race will disappear.

  • “…once you’re a Nazi, you’re fair game”


    “When will he learn that “Nazi” now means “a White person I disagree with” in the West?”

    So true.

  • I don’t think it’s off-topic for me to point out here that Lauren Southern is a cryptoJew who worked for Jew Ezra Levant. I’ve fleshed that out numerous times on both Disqus and DailyStormer. There is meat on that bone. She is a Jew. I don’t care if she has a fake DNA test to point to this year or not. Her grandparents fled the Nazis and lost everything, she used them as an example of Jews. She’s said disparaging things about the Nazis and did a really nice Powerpoint presentation a couple years ago on how Israel is the good guy in the region and deserves to exist.

    In other news the ((( fashion industry ))) is pushing the White privilege line even in South Korea now as they attempt to normalize race mixing there, pushing against some heavy local norms.

    P.S. Don’t ask me to re-post proof. I’ve already proved it multiple times.

    • (((Lauren Southern))) is an entertainer who exploits beta orbiters for shekels and, apparently, puts her “faithful” in physical danger. She’s unoriginal, insincere, and opportunistic imo.

      • I think the best mental image of Lauren Southern isn’t even her tweets about her Jewish grandparents or her pic of that fat guy on a scooter with a Nazi uniform saluting, or her ‘go back to Stormfront’ comment. I think the best image of her, the most accurate image, not that all those aren’t accurate enough, is her burlesque routine with Jew Milo back when he was working for Jew Ben Shapiro and she was working for Jew Ezra Levant. They both inserted themselves into a Slut Walk event (run no doubt by yet more Jews), and they carried on as if they were ostensibly pro-White or at least pro-conservative. These two Jews, one a homo, lol.

        Just like theater, this news – like this example – is often written, produced by and starring Jews.

        They just don’t always run the credits with the word Jew after them though because in the context of alternative media, lots of them are trying to get one over on us.

        • Truly. Even if she isn’t an actual Jew (which I believe she is) she still embodies everything an altright woman shouldn’t be: non-traditional, feminist, career gal, exhibitionist, political. I honestly can’t understand why any male (or female) in this movement would support her.

        • It wouldn’t surprise me at some point that she gets caught on film with a non white male. Doesn’t have to be porn, just some still with anon white guy in some TMZ type crap.

          • Some of this I apparently saved.


            And here she is getting her Merchant on:

            Because we all know that the secret to saving the White race from genocide at the hands of Jews who have essentially limitless wealth with control of money and government is for us to chase token income streams monetizing memes, right?

            As to the context of the other photos I don’t remember but I’d say they could be date photos. Or maybe the 3rd photo would be appropriately captioned “This here is Leroy. Leroy has agreed to help us hunt down some Jews he knows about.” But even apparent mudblooding in dating is less important than her being a Jew. In fact her being a Jew could be why she doesn’t date White guys if indeed that is her penchant.

            Don’t care though. Is Jew. That’s all I need to know.

      • It’s so hard for her audience to see this. Just try posting dissent on her YT or twitter and watch the orbiter assault.

    • I think you’re flying off the handle. Get a grip. The author is being very fair and is not suggesting that Southern is an established WN thought leader. She obviously is not and is still forming her own views about nationalist politics. However, she’s got 300,000 YT subscribers and for whatever reason a lot of people listen to her.

      She’s roughly in the WN ballpark and could get a lot of people interested in finding out more and becoming active. She is also active and takes some personal risks. I agree with the author’s point 2) which gives the 3 main principles for the Alt-Right. They are very lose and it doesn’t say anything about not having Jewish grandparents or adhering exactly to the 70 year old programme of the NSDAP. These minimum requirements are sensible for the wider Alt-Right as it currently exists.

      • “she’s got 300,000 YT subscribers and for whatever reason a lot of people listen to her.”

        some of which might be fake. And as to the reason, well she’s promoted by Jews, like Ezra Levant and that cooperative Breitbart stunt I described which itself became news talked about by other outlets.

        “She’s roughly in the WN ballpark.”

        Yes, odd behavior for a Jew, wouldn’t you say?

        “She is also active and takes some personal risks.”

        She’s a Jew LARPing as a WNist journalist. She risks nothing. She started off promoted by Jews, pro-Jew, now she gets promoted by the same circle of people who also LARP as WNists but habitually promote cryptoJews like Southern and like Cernovich and MolyJew. It’s the same people, it’s the same outlets.

        I just thought I’d mention that she was Jewish.

        And look what happens when I do… cockroaches scampering about trying to throw darkness onto the light.

        ” it doesn’t say anything about not having Jewish grandparents”

        No Jews speaking for Whites, goes double for those attempting to speak as Whites.

        They’re committing White genocide or they’re not. They run America strong enough to determine where we war, to take over Ukraine, or they don’t. They run our money supply and anti-White propaganda and the media or they don’t. Which is it? No Jews.

        • Whether or not she’s a Jew is unimportant. She’s on their payroll. She’s shifting the agenda into their ballpark.

        • Jews of a feather will flock together. Notice how Molyneux constantly has them both on his show on a regular basis. Masters of deflection and deception as per the instruction of the Protocols.

          • I will take your word for it but that type of promotion is what I was talking about. What’s more, the people closer to our views than them, still alt-right Lite sort of, but closer, and some who roll with very hardcore outward appearances, do still plug South/Moly/Cerno-Jews, yet it is one way only; never do the more hardcore projections of the alt-Right get plugged on a Molyneux video, never ever. These people do not act as stepping stones to us. They are gatekeepers. The gate is meant to stay closed.

          • I see just what you’re saying, Augur, but I look at them as a vehicle for the semi open minded people to funnel them further to the right. I, of course, do not promote them or fund them in any way.

        • You’ve lost perspective and are sounding slightly hysterical. Nobody is touting Southern as a WN leader, or even as a full-blooded WN. This is all obvious. She doesn’t represent a new direction for the WN movement. We have our own leading figures. Who cares if she’s a Jew? This only matters if she is shown to be using her undoubted influence against the goyim. She isn’t. She’s been very good on immigration into Europe and on the mindless violence of the Left.

          She’s virtually a child and in a few years may have a completely different set of earnestly held opinions. Who knows, or cares? Maybe she’ll decide to join Antifa. That’s how life goes when you are 22 years old.

          At the moment she’s an attractive, articulate ally on some issues, particularly ‘The Great Replacement’. In her YT video of the same name she speaks convincingly about the harm TGR is doing and presents solid background information and reliable statistics to demonstrate its veracity. She’s obviously done a decent amount of research. Excellent.

          The White House are never going to give press credentials to any self-identified white nationalists. Never. Did you SERIOUSLY believe that Anglin would get a press pass? Trump is a little busy with accusations that he is a Russian agent to open up another front where the Media can attack him for inviting N*z*s into the WH. Maybe your real objection to Southern is that you don’t like to hear decent ideas coming out of a pretty woman’s face? I can’t see that the Alt-Right is at a stage of development where it can bicker about such niceties.

  • aww gawd turns out radical leftists really hate us moderate conservatives and are actually against my speech rights and muh consitushion. What happened to reasonable discussion and rational debate huh? Why can’t we just sit down talk and sort out our differences by using facts, logic and shience? I mean wow, just, wow.

    much outrage

    so scare

    very concern


  • Lauren has proven extremely effective. If some men gotta get hurt for her to continue, so be it, thats what men are for. This pathetic handwringing by squatting slav and Vincent law “ooooh, camera man got sooo hurt, buhu” is pathetic.
    Lauren is an effective weapon. Her saying she is sorry is just her being herself and a normal human reaction in those circumstances. Thats why people watch her. Because she is a real person that people can admire or identify with. Its part of the package.
    Silly and out of touch sperg article.

        • But she doesn’t.
          She’s a CivNat Jewess that feeds upon muh dik.

          They watch her because they want to dik her. Thats not a weapon, its just another ‘cute Jewess’ dragging people into the reeds by their cocks.

          • You are so crude and so totally oblivious to politics its just sad. Go virtue spiral in your own little sect. But dont destroy the momentum of the right?

    • Yeah, I pretty much agree with that. In paticular I think she’s very effective at pushing the centre rightwards, where GTKRWN types do the opposite.

      • And the Hamburg events were extremely effective too. These young freelance journalists will become very influential in the future. And events like these will guarantee that they give a much much fairer depiction of the right and the identitarians than the MSM ever did. In many ways this Hamburg debacle worked out perfectly.

        One of the most evil lefties in Sweden, Mathias Wåg, was spotted directing the beating of one of the journalists. Previously he has been given the most prestigous journalist award in Sweden. But these events will discredit him and the MSM alot in Sweden.

        Imho, the bitter spergs in the comment field have a really strange attitude. Does anyone know them RL?

        • GTKRWN = “Gas The Kikes Race War Now” – Nazi, like 14/88er only more hardcore. A lot of them seem to turn out to be Jewish kids with mental health issues.

          • Aha, thanx. Well, I actually think the alt right tactic of sending out a GTKRWN skirmish line has been successful. It accomplishes so many things.
            It exhausts the lefts outrage muscle so that they lose some of their ability to attack healthy policies, Its like, therightstuff publish alot of well thought out hard hitting intellectual articles. But instead of using their usual destruction tactics against these the left is busy persuing the skirmish line. And the skirmish line being so totally hyperbolic can always retreat and say “oh, that was just ironic, dont tell me you took that stuff serious, haha”. So you wont hear any criticism from me of this tactic. However, some people forget its a tactic. And thats a mistake, imho.

  • Women need to learn to be women again. I’m a big fan of Emily Youcis but that was the most cringe video watching her walk around and get spit on by anti-fa. I appreciate her passion for the 14 words but I wish she’d find other avenues to express it.
    The worst thing the tribe did to our people was convince women that femininity is shameful and worthless.

    • Emily and Lauren would do more for this movement by having children and nurturing them than throwing themselves into men’s world of politics and war.

      • I dunno about this talking point.

        You can create new pro-whites by breeding, but it’s a slow process, and resource intensive. If you’re really good at producing pro-white media content you can influence thousands of people or more in the same timeframe.

        Ultimately your 4 kids are only a drop in the bucket and they don’t really have a future unless people who are currently alive can engineer some kind of soft landing for them. Closing the borders, sending invaders home, securing some kind of autonomous white oblast or getting freedom of association back, etc.

        Action is needed now and in the near future, not 18 years from now, and memes can flip people much faster than you can breed them.

        I tend to find these female youtube stars to be cringeworthy and they can do a lot of harm by holding people back or spreading bad info.

        But in theory the best thing you can do for the movement is “be Andrew Anglin” not “have 5 kids”. It’s unlikely that a female can be Andrew Anglin but they do seem to be able to produce (derivative) pro-white content that a lot of people look at.

        • Negative.
          The best thing a woman can do is produce children, because they can never ‘be Andrew Anglin’ or any equivalent thereof.

          Women are baby-making machines, that is their objective purpose in existence – they exist, as organism do, to reproduce, and they are the mechanism via which that is brought about.
          If every White woman, even if only those in these sort of movements, had 3-5 kids, instead of becoming degenerate skanks or shekel-grubbing fame-fiends, we’d be in a lot better shape.

          • I agree with the above in aggregate, especially re: the role of women

            However, women seem to be useful propaganda tools for every other organization, including fundamentalist Islamic organizations. So why are we different?

            And while there will never be a female Andrew Anglin, they seem to be effective at getting people to pay attention to them and then regurgitating somebody else’s ideas

            My criticism of female youtube personalities is mostly that they’re likely to have bad views that hold people back, because those ideas are profitable and don’t get you banned from youtube.

            I kind of think it might be effective to hire some attractive woman to popularize legit far right talking points, although there would be a danger that they’d get out of control.

          • Why are we different than extremist Muslim mudpeople?
            Did you really fucking ask me that dude?
            And as for ‘every other organization’ – this is explicitly false. Pretty girls as propaganda material =/= Pretty girls expressing political outrage while having no children.

            Women. Do Not. Belong. In. Political. Movements.
            And men lured into a movement by ‘muh dik’ are men you are better off without – because if pussy could contribute in any way to their getting there, they’ll get there in time without a vagina baiting them into it.
            You want pretty girls in wheat fields to remind men whats worth fighting for, fine, but thats the extant – women are not thought leaders, they are poor ideologues, and their presence as equals in political movements never brings good.

            The best thing a woman can do for a movement like this is have children with an upstanding White man, is contribute to the future of our people in the way that only women can.

          • What’s an example of a successful political movement that does not use any women as propagandists?

            I dunno, I don’t have a strong opinion on this, there is certainly a tension between the really bad ideas that women tend to have and their enhanced ability to attract attention to whatever it is that they’re selling.

            I just haven’t seen any evidence that it would actually be counter-productive to have an attractive female doing something like narrating (and popularizing) some content that we would otherwise strongly approve of.

    • Protip: If either of these women – if ANY woman – is actually ‘passionate about the 14 words’, they wouldn’t be walking around in public trying to become famous. They’d be at home WITH THEIR CHILDREN.

      Neither Youcis nor Southern have any children… Tells you all you need to know.

      • None of the famous Altright women have children yet… but they’re still young… that’s not unusual in our culture to wait until 30, 35 etc.

        • And our current culture is dogshit, its exactly what we’re fighting against.

          Why should we seek insight from those who espouse the culture of our enemies and our downfall, while doing so instead of contributing to the future of our people.

          If you won’t do that, nothing else comes close.

      • Agree. However, I think regaining your femininity and dealing with feelings of shame is a process. We all grew up with ZOG controlling our culture and education and blasting us with feminist memes. These women were probably told from the moment they were born that they are “strong independent women” and that “they can do anything a man can do” and “fight like a girl” because girls are “brave”. You can’t just snap your fingers and be wearing a drindl, homeschooling your 7 children and tending to your small herd of hobby goats just like that.

        • Agree, however, if you don’t even have your shit together, why should I listen to you, especially as a woman?
          In trying to excuse their inadequacy, you’ve given perfect justification for their exclusion.

          You wanna shill for shekels in a right-wing traditionalist ethnocentric movement?
          Go have 5 kids, with one good man who you don’t divorce, then we’ll talk.

    • She moved to Korea because she was under attack / in danger in her old ‘hood .. so yeah I think she is actually passionate about the altright.. she might be back now in Burgerland.. there’s an interview she did on youtube.

  • Maybe this was her real ‘red-pill’ moment? When people come out from behind their Youtube fantasy and hit the concrete, they realize that this isn’t a safe position to take, and that antifa act like urban apes.

  • Be fair. Lauren Southern simply apologized for not taking sufficient care to hide her identity from antifa thugs and thus inadvertently putting other people at risk, some of whom got beat up as a result. She certainly didn’t apologize to the antifa thugs.

    • It was in the script … Lauren is a crisis actor… anyone connected to her and her Rebel alliance are also crisis actors…. including Luke “We Are Change Agents” Rudkowski and Tim “Bald under the beanie” Pool…. you have to know they’re controlled opposition/fake alt media

      • She’s not a “crisis actor”. Lauren Southern is not alt right but she really does oppose the Afro/Islamic invasion of Europe.

  • Two things occur to me:

    1. We shouldn’t give this woman anymore attention unless she actually identifies with the alt-right. We should never accept that she is alt-right just because (((the media))) say she is, anymore than it would have been a good idea to accept that (((Milo))) was alt-right. We should distance the alt-right from her anytime she’s brought up, but quietly, so as not to give her more undeserved attention.

    2. Women shouldn’t be leaders in the movement, because women shouldn’t be leaders. They apologize when they shouldn’t. They cry when a man wouldn’t. They do this because they’re biologically hardwired to do it. If we don’t want to appear weak, we can’t have women as the faces of the movement. Aside from that, we can’t count on antifa not to do violence to them. There is no honor among our enemies.

    • What movement? A bunch of guys/gals making you tube videos and podcasting isn’t a movement. Just floating ideas about doesn’t constitute a movement. How old is the alt right? Not very old, but it is old enough that something concrete in terms of organization, etc should have been set in stone by now. What you have here is a lot of folks getting clicks to get bucks by being bold and finding a niche that hasn’t been exploited yet.

      • I totally agree with you. Alt-right so far is fun to watch, as an oasis within all the diarrhea that pours from the media and press. However, the alt-right, at this point it is absolutely nothing real. In the matter of one year or so, this should get consolidated or perished: too many chapels thirsty for clicks.

        • Policy isn’t ‘nothing’ and wrong, altright is a policy advocate, idiot. ie. National Policy Institute Richard Spencer and ‘fuck that immigration act that screwed America in the 60s’ dude…

          • I see what you mean, but the day that the NPI gets to do effective national policy, call me back.

  • Lauren is attention whoring herself for beta thirst and shekels. If she was really “on our side” she’d be using her most fertile years to make White babies.

    NONE of these women are helping us, they are using us to feed their vanity. Even Emily is concentrating on her animation career instead of making babies and setting a good example for right-wing women.

    We need to shame and ignore these attention whores. We don’t want fertile young White women putting themselves or others in danger just to give speeches and interviews. They can do these things from home while caring for their White children.

    Why are we letting our women even enter a potential battlefield? What good could possibly come from it? Are their speeches and interviews really that important? No, of course not.

    • NONE of these women are helping us, they are using us to feed their vanity. Even Emily is concentrating on her animation career instead of making babies and setting a good example for right-wing women.

      Oh, but they’re just waiting around until the right guy comes along. In the meantime, they’re spending their fertile years working cool jobs and (in Lauren’s case) dressing up in slutty costumes for Patreon bucks. This is the value, apparently, of having more women in the movement.

      No matter what these broads say, they’ll never be one of us as long as they have careers. What Southern is doing would have been considered very progressive just a few decades ago.

      • From a European point of view, the quality of the material that Southern does is for hormonated high school students. Her “book” is pathetic. Zero ideological contribution, just a way to get money from thirsty betas.

    • Women of Lauren Southern’s ability can do a lot more for the furthering of our goals than having white babies. There is a lot of prole housewife material out there to. Go merry one and stfu.

    • Making babies is fine if you can guarantee a Traditional and Cultured upbringing, but popping out kids without the intelligence, will and means to guarantee your offspring will carry on the torch and not succumb to media brainwashing only means more useless consumers. Savitri Devi was childless and contributed more to White consciousness than any man on this site.

      • The future belongs to those who show up. The White liberal birthrate is far below replacement (thank the Pill and abortion) while the conservative birthrate is near or at replacement level. Under these circumstances, it’s pretty safe to just say more White babies.

    • Lauren is pretty to look at and people want to think she is on their team but she is not, she is in for money and fame … she’s a narcissist and she’s able to get into a lot of places.. you have to ask why? More controlled opposition/shill agent/managed asset/crisis actor..

  • “To be Alt-Right you have to be a White Advocate, counter-semitic and traditionalist in your worldviews.”
    Though this is suppose to be a fight for and by young white men, I count myself in decades beyond young.
    There is a really good case for supporting Alt-right – like staying alive, which should drive a lot of people into the movement with the right branding.

    However, imo, “counter-semitic” screeches the brakes. The revulsion of the Holocaust is on people’s minds because they know it is their white asses this time. War, rape & death is coming from the moslems (and in part fascist Antifa). Though I know that semitic encompases both Jew & Arab, most people don’t, they think of it as Jew-Hatred. I like millions who understand the psychopath Mohammad and his ungodly book detest his dogma and jihadis. Thus I am a White advocate, anti-Islam, and (super)traditionalist in my worldviews.

    As far as young inexperienced Lauren Southern, she’s like a rape victim and blames herself when it wasn’t her fault. It’s part of the psychological death process; she’ll enter the anger phase. She just jumped too soon in video. The attitude must be: these are vipers, either stay away or kill them, especially since they are breeding more.

    Wars are won by numbers, not purists’ at this point Alt-Right purists may push people out.

  • In a sane society they won’t last ten minutes
    There is no convincing these abnormal’s – the solution lays elsewhere

  • This is good and better.
    Anything that forces people to take sides and hastens the coming of a hot-civil-war can only help us.

    Oh, and by the way, fuck that pussy in the first video. I’m glad he got roughed up. I’d have been happier if he was seriously hurt.
    I guess groveling “I’m not a Nazi” didn’t do him any good.

    I wonder if he would try the same protestations of innocence if some Muds were about to knife him?

  • To be Alt-Right you have to be … counter-semitic …

    What we don’t want is people trying to shout down statements about Jews as Jews. (Of course, statements calling for violence are another matter.) If someone is new to the alt-right and doesn’t really “get” the JQ, then we should be patient with that person. On the other hand, if someone claiming to be on the alt-right remains obstinate for many years about the JQ, then we should wonder what he/she is really up to.

  • Women apologize when somebody gets hurt, emotionally, physically. Men apologize only when they think they’re wrong. And sometimes, not even then. Heh. 😉

    This is why women shouldn’t lead movements, and shouldn’t be spokespersons. We’re good at cheerleading, and excellent as powers behind thrones.

    Men are the warriors, and natural-born leaders. Theirs, to select their battles. The best thing women can do is stay out of their way, and not weight them down.

        • Don’t sweat it Sandy. Looks don’t really matter to real men. What we need in this world is considerate feminine women, qualities that you have in spades.

    • Lauren Southern seems to suffer from a gender crisis. She’s stepping into men’s world too much, and keeps forgetting her place as a woman. She’d do best by hanging in the back, bringing water and making food for the men, even then just staying home raising children.

      • The objective truth is that she can gather a far bigger audience than you can ever possibly hope to achieve. The 3rd wave manospherists in our movement can’t even half-launch a meme (a retarded one at that) for frustrated channers without being btfoed. That’s how pathetically inept at spreading a message you are.
        Do you realize how cringey you sound when musing about what others should do? I’m sure you’re well aware of your place as a nobody with an account, what about showing that awareness when you post?

          • That you’re too worthless for the movement to have the moral authority
            to attack someone who’s actually valuable. You also seem to have a
            nagger level of intelligence, since my point was pretty clear.

          • It seems you can only reply in manosphere boilerplate. Arguing with you worthless wastes is like arguing with a bot.

          • These kinds of conversations show that the alt-right is no more than a bunch of youtubers eager for clicks. There is a very long way from this to create a solid movement. TBH, I see it almost impossible.

          • That is my main concern. Keyboard jockeying doesn’t make a movement that is REAL!!!!!

          • Sargon has a bigger audience than Southern, but you never hear anyone leap to Sargon’s defense in the hope that he might embrace race realism and red-pill his much larger audience.

            Both Sargon and Southern have disavowed white nationalism, so this idea that Southern might be open to it, but not Sargon, is wishful nonsense.

          • A lot of guys have a self-imagined idea of Lauren being their girlfriend so they all rush to her defense for “pussy points” as Squatting Slav said. What they don’t realize is they can never cash those points in. Lauren doesn’t care about them.

          • That’s a bold faced lie! She can see any comment section mentioning her name and she knows who is defending her and who is not. She keeps a list, and once a month she is letting out Aryan Princes squirts on the white knights that most aptly fought for their lady’s honor!

          • Actually you do. Millennial Woes has a certain respect for him and there are guys that still see him as an entryway to the Alt-right, apparently because his videos are what drove them to it.
            Southern is significantly more to the right than Sargon, and never actually attacked the Alt-right. She also has the trappings of an actual independent journalist, as opposed to just some guy on you tube drawing on disenfranchised NEETs. Hell, she informed most of you about how serious Anti-fa actually is over here :))

          • Millennial Woes does not insult and shame people who criticize Sargon. He doesn’t tell his fans that they are “worthless” because they have a smaller following than Sargon.

          • I remember when the trs guys were dissing natsoc’s. People need time to take it all in.. and when they are turned, those who follow them take the kourney with them. She did a video with Martin Selner who has an ns past…

        • Why does it matter that she reaches a bigger audience than a disquis commentator? Why is that even relevant? Cenk Uyger reaches a bigger audience than any of us ever will. Does that mean anyone with a smaller audience than TYT is worthless? By your logic, the alt-right is worthless compared to the mainstream media.

          You need to consider what Lauren Southern’s appeal is. Just because she has a big audience doesn’t mean she’d be useful to the alt-right.

          Southern does not have a large audience because she’s a rigorous thinker. Her ideas are not interesting. Men like her because she’s hot. Men will not join a movement because an attractive person does. If they do, they will drop out of the movement in short order because they don’t believe in its principles, which are intellectual and have to be articulated and accepted intellectually.

          • Because it doesn’t matter this entryway pathway to the movement is often overstated. It’s about getting the right audience not so much the quantity of audience but the quality of audience. It is also about clarity. Vincent does a terrific job in a single sentence defining the essence of the alt-right. The alt-lite or whatever they desire to be called are trying to reason and distinguish with a group of irrational douche bags who hate them not because of what they say or believe but because of what they represent

          • Why does it matter that she reaches a bigger audience than a disquis commentator?

            I was referring to potential, to the innate worth of the person that achieved those results. Someone like Southern is innately more competent at popularizing ideas than that Santos guy.

            Cenk Uyger reaches a bigger audience than any of us ever will. Does that
            mean anyone with a smaller audience than TYT is worthless?

            TYT just repeats talking points that the public already wants to believe in and does so with a faux edgy tone. Do you really believe that’s a relevant comparison, even with the Alt-light? And isn’t Cenk Uygur a competent mouthpiece, professionally wise? Why shouldn’t we welcome one of our own?

            You need to consider what Lauren Southern’s appeal is. Just because she
            has a big audience doesn’t mean she’d be useful to the alt-right.

            You have to consider what the Alt-right’s immediate objectives are. Most white people already agree with the nearest aims we are proposing. Over 60% of Western Europeans want fewer muslims in their countries. Most of white America voted for Trump as an implicit nationalist.

            What stops us connecting with these regular Joes is only our own image. Don’t make a hyperbole out of the media or the leftist intelligentsia! — most normies don’t trust them as it is. And another thing they don’t trust is overly-excited weirdos that stress on them how “they’ve been lied to!” and how “the holocaust didn’t happen!” or how “women are irrational and destroy society!” with a passion worthy of someone who gets his self-esteem by preaching to a captive internet audience that already believes the same.

            Lauren Southern looks and acts normal. That’s where her value lies.

            Southern does not have a large audience because she’s a rigorous
            thinker. Her ideas are not interesting. Men like her because she’s hot.
            Men will not join a movement because an attractive person joins it. If
            they do, they will drop out of the movement in short order because they
            don’t believe in its principles, which are intellectual and have to be
            articulated and accepted intellectually.

            Lol. That tells me you’re 19 and read some Schopenhauer and Evola because they were “the fashyest”. And also a bit of Nietzsche to feel more serious with yourself. At least don’t go following a STEM degree from now on — it’s the humanists that build a political movement. And if you really care about your intellectual “depth”, be prepared to put some back into it.

          • TYT just repeats talking points that the public already wants to believe in and does so with a faux edgy tone. Do you really believe that’s a relevant comparison, even with the Alt-light?

            It’s pretty much a direct analogue. I’m not as down on LS as many in this comment section and she has done a few good videos which are effectively ‘playing footsie’ with the Alt-Right to a greater degree than the rest of her Neo-Neoconservative cohort are willing to do.

            However “repeats talking points that the public already wants to believe in and does so with a faux edgy tone” is exactly what the “alt-lite” is about. They are all style, no substance. We are the wind in their sails and they are under the impression they can cater to an audience of our collective creation and fulfill that demand based purely on ‘style’. So far that has been a failure and they have simply cultivated an audience of obnoxious, faux conservative Jews and other non-whites who are actively hostile to any deviation from the status quo. As soon as the election was over they started pushing for amnesty.

            If LS wants to attract something other than the Anti-Alt-Right coalition as a fanbase then she’s going to have to specifically rebuke them as she has done to us. Frankly I’ve got about zero respect for the hypocrisy of disavowing White Identitarians because “identity politics” is philosophically immoral and refusing any association (such as cancelling a Red Ice interview) while associating with groups who tolerate outright Jewish supremacists, as well as tacitly accepting Latinos for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Gays for Trump et al. Either your “Civic Nationalist” non-philosophy accounts for “identity politics” or it doesn’t. For LS and the rest of the Fake Right it seems all identity politics are actively endorsed except for White Identitarians.

            She (they) are going to have to explicitly endorse the validity of both our existence and our vague political aspirations as a “special interest” or explicitly endorse the desirability of destroying Jewish identity, their special interest groups and their State. I, nor anyone else, has any reason to cater to this incoherent and hypocritical anti-identity politics civic nationalist stance which is simultaneously pro-Jewish (et al) identity politics. Aiding in upholding this status quo is about the most overtly harmful thing which one can do to our people, and I am not going to disrespect these people by assuming they are so stupid to not understand this.

          • I wasn’t aware of the Red Ice interview bit.

            For what it’s worth, White Nationalism is a more natural conclusion to race realism than the basically nothing which the Alt-light preaches. They might as well stick to facts, as Stefan Molyneux is doing and serve a purpose. Yes, actively shunning the Alt-right or even providing an alternative is indeed damaging.

          • I was referring to potential, to the innate worth of the person that achieved those results. Someone like Southern is innately more competent at popularizing ideas than that Santos guy.

            She appeals to the senses, not to the intellect. That’s why most of her output is visual. She will never have a podcast because that medium wouldn’t take advantage of her “innate worth.”

            If she was a podcast host, and we never saw what she looked like, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. No one watches her for ideas.

            Ideas are transmitted intellectually, not via the senses. She popularizes herself popularizing ideas.

            If we can’t get past that basic premise, we’re wasting each other’s time.

            And isn’t Cenk Uygur a competent mouthpiece, professionally wise? Why shouldn’t we welcome one of our own?

            It doesn’t matter, because she has openly disavowed our views.

            And if you really care about your intellectual “depth”, be prepared to put some effort into it.

            Then raise the bar. That’s like asking an Olympic sprinter to give a career best performance against an 80-year-old paraplegic.

          • I was referring to potential, to the innate worth of the person that achieved those results. Someone like Southern is innately more competent at popularizing ideas than that Santos guy.

            She appeals to the senses, not to the intellect. That’s why her output is visual. She will never have a podcast. If all she had was a podcast and no one ever saw what she looked like, we wouldn’t be having this argument. If you can’t accept that basic premise, then we’re wasting each other’s time.

            Ideas are absorbed intellectually, not visually. All she can do is popularize herself popularizing ideas.

            Why shouldn’t we welcome one of our own?

            Nothing is stopping her from joining us except her own greed and fear of social rejection. If there was money in the alt-right and the thirst was strong enough, she’d be queefing Horst-Wessel-Lied on her YT channel this very moment.

            And if you really care about your intellectual “depth”, be prepared to put some effort into it.

            Then raise the bar. That’s like asking an Olympic sprinter to put more effort into a race against a paraplegic. Southern is not an interesting thinker; she’s a greedy, opportunistic attention whore.

          • She’s pretty clever. You have to give her that, and she’s still basically a kid. She has great potential.

        • This!

          If they had the capacity to realize how cringeworthy and emotional they are, then they wouldn’t be 3rd wave manospherians…

      • I dont think many women will be thought leaders or find themselves on the front lines confronting “Antifa” but they can do more than make food and bring water. I see nothing wrong with Alt-Right (even Alt-Lite) female voices disseminating counter-semitic ideas concerning White advocacy, traditionalism and race realism. I look to Lana from Red Ice Radio and Tara McCarthy from Reality Calls as examples of this. Is it not important to reach the minds of as many people as possible? If the person is not fully Alt-Right like Lauren Southern, so what! it often takes incremental steps to transform one’s belief system and world view. To some extent these Alt-Lite voices may serve as a transition point for those seeking truth.

      • Any man that shifts his ideological views based on some bleach-blonde Jewess spewing PJW-tier nonsense and stale memes, well… Not exactly a significant contribution, ‘getting’ those people. IOW: Men who follow women are barely men.
        That’s just facts.

        • Hehe, so when it comes to your sperg preferences “no attack to the right” goes out the window? Sad.

          • Hehe, so in your world you will be allowed to piss all you want on anyone you deem less right than yourself? Didnt you know, solidarity is a two-way street. Or not at all.
            I mean, this attitude just sums up this commentfield. Im sure you guys would be extremely good at building a strange little sect of virtue signalers. A movement that actually matters? Not so much.

          • Our job is to push the overton window to the right. Compromising with those to our left does not accomplish this.

            The only argument being brought forth is that Lauren Southern is popular and will bring horny teenagers to our cause. Great. We’ll stay in our lane, and she can stay in hers. Can I go back to ignoring her now?

          • BUT DONT COUNTERSIGNAL? You people in this commentfield are the teenagers with no maturity at all. It would have been perfectly ok to write an article about gender roles for anyone who felt it was needed right now. But this article is written to attack LS. Which is idiotic.

          • LS’s buddies over at the Rebel countersignal us all the time. Who cares?

          • The Rebel is a hostile. Or at least has an agenda that is contradictory to the alt right. This does not mean we should attack them necessarily, that is a tactical descicion. If you recall she left the Rebel? If anything LS Trajectory shows how useful the alt lite can be.

            Sheesh, you people. You start with a hatered of LS or people slightly to the left of you or women in general of something else. And write your story backwards. Go form your sect.

          • The issue is that she is putting out a message to young women that we don’t approve of. When she goes out to these rallies, it inspires other young women to do the same. The difference is she is there guarded by white knights. If something does happen to her she still benefits as its good footage for her, and her patreon bucks are inevitably going to rise. Other young women should be aware that these rallies are dangerous. The probablity of them getting assaulted is high. And unlike Lauren Southern they don’t stand to gain anything by being there.

            Lana Lokteff is doing a good job of promoting traditional femininty to young women and you seldom ever see any of us signaling against her. I’ll respect Lauren Southern when she uses her platform to promote the 14 words. Till then I will continue to ignore her, and when necassary criticize her.

          • Thats WAY to much planning. LS gets peoples attention and looks like she is having fun. Thats awesome. We are all aware that traditional gender roles is the way to go. There is a huge consensus for this in the alt right. So LS wont start any rival movement or perspective on this, no chance of that. But she brings in young people and is high energy and is really enjoying her activism. Who knows, maybe she changes direction into becoming just a journalist. These new barefoot journalists are a hell of a lot better than MSM.

            There is a famous swedish nationalist that was active since her teens. She went more the journalist route and she been in any hell hole across the wrold and done fantastic work. SA, Syria, Donetsk etcetera. These kind of girls are gold for the movement. And when i see the autists on youtube and on this board griping about it from some introvert autistic virtue signalling my heart just sinks. Not because LS feeeelings or anything like that but because, what hope is there when people are so blind?

          • WAY to planny. Lauren get peoples attention is high energy and looks like she is having fun and excitement. Thats awesome. Lauren is like the embodyment of Rules For Radicals. Holding the enemy to their standards, using ridicule, having fun, creating a ruckus. And the tactics in that book let misanthropic bad people push a crazy ideology onto society. Imagine what can be accomplished with an ideology that is actually good for people? And its not like anyone can turn the alt right away from promotinig and cherishing traditional gender roles. Thats core ideology so no point in countersignaling an effective activist over it.

            There is a famous swedish nationalist that was active since her teens. She went more the journalist route and she been in any hell hole across the wrold and done fantastic work. SA, Syria, Donetsk etcetera. These kind of girls are gold for the movement. And when i see the autists on youtube and on this board griping about it from some introvert autistic virtue signalling my heart just sinks. Not because LS feeeelings or anything like that but because, what hope is there when so many of us are so blind and so utterly unconstructive?

            In Sweden nationalism had popular apeal 1985-1995, then it spiralled into competing sects fighting one another about ideological minutia until alternative media and the utter crazyness and evil of the establishment broadened it again in 2008 or somesuch.

          • Yes. She does get a lot of attention and we do share a lot of the same enemies. That being said her message is not our message. She has her lane. We have ours. She, and people associated with her, will sometimes criticize us, and we will continue to criticize her and those around her when it’s appropriate.

            I approve of her interviewing Martin Sellner and Generation Identitaire. That is one example of how she can be useful. She has yet to use her platform in anyway that directly benefits us in North America though, and people associated with her frequently punch in our direction. It is what it is.

          • I mean, just read the article again and the bitter comments on this board. Against a 22 year old?!?!? Who actually doing stuff and waking people up and bringing in money and attention. Its unreal. I mean, i could understand if someone said wryly “how is the babymaking going lauren, we want more of you” or something good natured like that. But just read the shit in this comment field? Its crazy.

          • No, there must be an outlet for Incel rage.

            1 ) Compromise? Nobody sane will go left because of Lauren Southern.
            2 ) But many will be turned further on the right. Don´t let these teenagers become normies.
            3 ) Lauren Southern is what? Only 22? Pretty sure she will turn further to the right due to both life experience and audience appeal.

          • Good point. Christ Cantwells transformation has been surreal to watch.

            I don’t know. Due to LS’s past association with (((The Rebel))) I’m skeptical as to her motivations, which is healthy. We’ll see what happens. As of right now I will go right back to ignoring her. My assertion that grown men shouldn’t be going to 22 year old girls for thir politics still stands, but she might be a lot of teenagers first exposure to our kinds of ideas. Hopefully the Alt-Lite act as a gateway and not a clog.

          • It is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one but objective paranoia remains sanity.

            The reality is that the great majority of grown men are still lagging far behind her and that this situation is actually a radical improvement over just a decade to half a decade ago.

            Both the mainstreamers and the vanguardists have their tasks in the struggle, wherever the Alt-Lit is a clogged toilet or a gateway is the job of the Alt-Right.
            As far as I am concerned, I try to keep up to date things and she is a somewhat non-pozzed journalist and is on the terrain, there are a few things she said about antifa tactics and a question in the Molyneux video that should be noteworthy.
            She showed at the G20 and other such places, that is way more than what antisocial wizards screeching about women in politics can say.

          • Um, Lauren is to the left of us. We’re punching left.
            That’s just facts.

          • Your lack of perspective is just sad. I answered this point in a reply to Johnny.

          • Yea, that reply sucks.

            Lauren defines herself as to the left of us and so do we. We don’t “demand loyalty.” If she wants to go full red-pill, have a bunch of White babies and discuss White Genocide, we’d welcome her with open arms. As it is, she signals against us and tailors her political views to be just edgy enough to make the most possible shekels.

            A movement that actually matters? What “matters” about Lauren? She doesn’t do anything some other random, attention whoring hot chick couldn’t do. Seriously, if she was horribly disfigured in a car crash she’d lose her audience overnight. She’s unwilling or unable to do or contribute anything that “matters” to the alt-right.

          • Just sperg yourself into irrelevance already will you? Oh! You already did. Bye bye.

          • You didn’t answer anything, all you did is shill for pussy points and endorse LS’s brand of Libertarian Civic Nationalism. That’s all she is, plus blond hair and a pretty face.

            Your admiration for her is pathetic, and you cannot possibly consider yourself Alt-Right if you shill for her this hard, Alt Lite maybe but not Alt Right.

            A woman cannot and should not be participating in political action, period. It is impossible to have LS come anywhere near our message without distorting and perverting it in nearly everyway. She is cancerous like Milo, and just like his time ended, her time will soon end.

          • All our time will end son. But you simply do not understand politics. You are only capable of creating a shrinking sect. Im sorry, but thats where your mentality leads. Dont attack folks that are doing good works just cause you are jealous or for some other reason. Well, go ahead. But ill point out your failings then. Noone likes you. Noone is attracted to you. Which makes politics impossible for you.

          • The general election is over, this isn’t about politics it’s about culture and pushing the Overton Window. LS doesn’t help on either of those fronts by being a crypto-feminist libertarian.

          • Oh, so you mean that LS is NOT pushing the Overton window? Seriously, she is pushing the Overton window more than almost anyone else. But i guess to you autists “she is not doing it in the right way” huh? As I said, your mentality can only ever create a shrinking sect.

      Nothing has changed. The internet rather than waking men up to the power of a pretty face and how it can sell any product is being used by the Usual Suspects to derail what originated (by a minority of Boomers, by the way) as a Wake Up Call to Whites into a Jew friendly movement that serves their purposes, not ours.

    • She’s hot, so kiss-less virgins and other assorted betas hang on her every word.

      That’s it. (Pretty sad, huh?)

    • Some are holding out hope that she will eventually proclaim she’s a WN and bring her large following with her. Right now it seems the alt-lite is just in the way – diluting the truth, making drama and drawing attention to the more trivial issues (muh free speech, muh CNN is fake news), all while shekel hoarding.

      • Even if she proclaim herself WN (which I doubt), her large following are behind her for the wrong reasons:

        1. Maybe 70% of her followers are there just because she’s hot. If she proclaim herself WN most of them are going to run away.

        2. 20% of her followers are maybe politically motivated, but for the wrong reasons, like you said muh alt right. If she proclaim herself WN they are going to run away to (((Rebel Media))), Gavin McCuck and (((Cernovich))).

        In the end, it doesn’t matter if she proclaim herself WN because most of her followers are of no use for us.

        • Fucking this, so much this.
          Men who follow women are barely fucking men at all, let alone when they’re calling themselves WN while being bleached Jewessi.

          Anyone who takes on a political ideology because some e-celeb hoser does so is someone said movement is likely better off without.

      • 1 ) Nobody sane will go left because of Lauren Southern.
        2 ) But many will be turned further on the right.
        3 ) Lauren Southern is what? Only 22? Pretty sure she will turn further to the right due to both life experience and appeal to an increasingly right-wing audience.

  • Lauren had better protection at Berkley. In any case, she doesn’t belong in warzones, no reporter does, really. What is there to report? Here’s a group of irrational, damaged people who are unwilling to talk. What else can be done but fight them? Antifa pretends to fight imaginary Nazis…by being so awful that they’ll end up manifesting the real thing.

      • >They are manifesting as Fascists

        “Antifa are the REAL fascists!!!”

        Good Lord. Are you lost, Ann? Is Breitbart missing a boomer-poster?

        >Fascism is right-wing authoritarianism
        >Antifa are the ultimate pawns of communism/Marxism

        Big difference.

        And why would anyone in the alt-Right even consider calling our enemies “Nazis”? The National Socialists were the good guys and fought the same enemy that the White race still faces today.


          • While I’ll never convince ol’ Ghost of Jefferson over at ROK that Hitler was justified in his invasion of Poland and France (to protect ethnic Germans in Poland and right the wrongs of the Treaty of Versailles), I do indeed believe he was.

            The Allied Forces didn’t “crush evil and tyranny” in WW2 as so many Whites believe today, they instead destroyed the one thing standing between the good peoples of Europe and the communist scourge to the East that we are still dealing with today. We are so far beyond the pale that even (non-Jewish) commies in the early 20th century would be embarrassed by the faggotry we see around us today.

            While the Iron Curtain only engulfed part of Europe, the ideas of Marxism penetrated to the very core of all White nations. One can argue the finer points about how great Europe would be today had the Reds been crushed and Britain and America decided to stay out of. I am *positive* though that it would be BETTER than what we have today. Much better.


          • This is probably the hardest red pill to accept for proud Americans.
            GOJ is clearly brilliant and means the best for his kids and those he cares about, but I think in some ways he doesn’t fully grasp what is going on.

            He hasnt watched an entire cosmopolitan city get taken over by brown over the course of a few years, only to then realize that this is now going to be happening across all white countries. He understands it, but it hasn’t truly hit him yet I don’t think.

            I won’t unironically say Hitler did nothing wrong, because I simply don’t know the history in enough detail. But if the white race becomes subjugated by Judeo-Muslim rule in the coming decades (by the free choice of its own ignorant masses and politicians!), at least some of our kids will look back to Hitler as some kind of holy figure.

          • Hitler was justified in his invasion of Poland and France…

            I agree that the invasion of Poland was morally justifiable, but was it a good idea?

            It’s obviously easy to play armchair general and hindsight is 20/20. I don’t think we can second guess decisions made in the past but I’m also uncomfortable with a fatalistic view of history that makes everything seem inevitable.

            Anyhow… Stay awesome and keep up the good work, Dank One.

          • I remember you asking me about this between 1-2 years ago (hard to believe we’ve been on here doing this for so long!). I had a well thought out answer at the time so I went back and copy and pasted the relevant parts:

            Could WW2 have been avoided? In his book “Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil”, (((Gerard Menuhin))) argues that nationalizing the Reichsbank was what sealed Germany’s fate, and I tend to agree with him. The (((international bankers))) wouldn’t have it, just like the outbreak of the War of 1812 was related to the charter for the First National Bank NOT being renewed by those uppity colonists! (Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson campaigned AGAINST such private banking; I believe the Founders would have approved of his methods according to their own Constitution). The Great Depression in America was in large part caused by the Federal Reserve (a private bank) withdrawing a relatively large percentage of currency from circulation. The (((media pundits))) and (((economic experts))) will lead you to believe it was because of “tariffs” or something (then they naturally attack Trump for his view on tariffs).

            Yes, I believe the German defeat was inevitable. Once you’ve got America, Great Britain (who used disgusting methods such as terror bombings of civilians), and the Soviet Union after you (who had EXPANSIVE amounts of territory and depths of reserve troops), you’re in DEEP $HIT! I don’t think it was meant to be, Joseph. Once the tribe decided that Germany was a target to be taken down, they used their massive influence and tribal networking to mobilize other Western nations against the Germans.

            The National Socialist ideal is still obtainable in the current year. If a White nation in Europe decides to go full-on ethnonationalist, the (((usual suspects))) are going to have an incredibly hard time rallying other White nations to go and kill their own kind to crush the “rebellion”. Why is this, you say? Well, because in 2017, almost ALL White nations are facing extreme feminism, banking usury, massive non-White immigration (both regular non-Whites and Moslems), problems with the lying mainstream media, a degenerate film and music industry, etc.

            In other words, we’re all in a similar boat now, and I believe we can set aside ethnic conflict within our race to do what must be done to save ourselves. Nobody is going to care anymore if Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC say that “Trump’s Poland speech sounded like Hitler!” or “Fascist Brits voted to Brexit!” The mainstream media is losing credibility around the world because of the internet; folks during the WW2 era didn’t have that distinct advantage that the digital age of information provides us with. I just don’t see the media being able to run a propaganda campaign strong enough to get thousands of Whites to kill other Whites in order to save Moslem immigrants and because “muh 6 million”.

            Germany’s loss was indeed a tragedy, but just because they lost that war doesn’t mean that a long-term triumph of international Jewry is inevitable. Perhaps that tragedy had to occur so that in the modern age, we can educate our people as to just how evil our (((enemies))) truly are? We can teach them about the firebombings of German civilians and the Rhine Meadows Death Camps (atrocities that Patton described as “Semitic” in nature), teach them that the alleged Holocaust is mostly myths (especially the “6 million” figure), teach them that Whites fighting Whites is not natural (in the face of a common enemy) as we are the creators and maintainers of Western Civilization.

            To sum it up:

            The next time a “Hitler” emerges and comes to power, the goal is to make sure that the world DOESN’T rise up against him, because the world will understand that he is RIGHT! One of the main parts of my mission is laying the groundwork for this understanding so we can avoid another devastating (and perhaps final?) brother war.

          • Thanks for reminding me about that. You’re brilliant.

            I guess my approach to history is to try to understand why events unfolded as they did and figure out how things might have been different, partly as a fun thought experiment and partly to determine what lessons might be learned for the future.

            I don’t really disagree with you. I just hate to think that defeat in a given conflict is inevitable. To think that war was unavoidable and victory was impossible is too depressing. Maybe by 1943 it was “game over” but I’d like to think that if things had been done differently from, say, 1933-1939 there could have been a happier outcome. Maybe not.

            Thanks again.

          • >To think that war was unavoidable and victory was impossible is too depressing.

            I know how you feel. It is depressing.

            1.) From 1933-1939, I believe the NSDAP probably did too much damage to international Jewry to avoid some kind of hot war, but had *perhaps* different strategies been used a massive conflagration could have been avoided. You may remember seeing pics of that headline from the Daily Express in 1933, “Judea Declares War on Germany – Jews of All The World Unite In Action”.

            2.) Also, the damaging economic and territorial impact of the Treaty of Versailles on the German people, coupled with the humiliation inflicted upon the German veterans of WW1 (many of whom went on to form and/or join the NSDAP) would have been tough to peacefully overcome.

            >Maybe by 1943 it was “game over” but I’d like to think that if things
            had been done differently from, say, 1933-1939 there could have been a
            happier outcome.

            You may very well be right, because indeed, it wasn’t until June 15th, 1939 when the Reichsbank was subordinated to the state and removed from certain (((greedy hands))). From there, it really began to escalate, and Poland’s aggression is either ignored or not known to most. Here are some excerpts about some of the shenanigans going on behind the scenes between Poland, USSR, and Britain:


            If I had to guess, based on all of the information I have consumed so far, it would be that between 1933-1939, international Jewry went into overdrive planning the downfall of Germany. I believe that upper-level Zionist Jews (the same or similar ones behind Germany’s WW1 defeat) did what they could to manipulate a situation in which many within the diaspora would return to Palestine, and Marxist Jews realized the truth that National Socialism would be their global downfall if such ideas were to spread throughout the White world.

            This is why, IMO, if we are to survive as a people, then we have to put aside ethnic conflict within our race and form pro-White political parties or organizations with an understanding of the JQ in ALL modern-day powerful White nations. That way, we will be shielded against the possibility of another brother war. Germany lost that war because White Nationalists/National Socialists didn’t have a world-wide and powerful networking scheme (and alternative media apparatus) in place to help resist inevitable Jewish backlash. We must not make the same mistakes again!

          • “The National Socialist ideal is still obtainable in the current year. If a White nation in Europe decides to go full-on ethnonationalist, the (((usual suspects))) are going to have an incredibly hard time rallying other White nations to go and kill their own kind to crush the “rebellion”. Why is this, you say? Well, because in 2017, almost ALL White nations are facing extreme feminism, banking usury, massive non-White immigration (both regular non-Whites and Moslems), problems with the lying mainstream media, a degenerate film and music industry, etc.”

            A powerful idea.

      • They’re manifesting as commies. Fascism was an answer to communist street thugs by using their own tactics against them.

        The Nazis were the good guys. (If you’re a boomer, I’m sure your head just exploded)

      • Jesus Christ woman… I wish I could see your face when you realize we are the real Nazis, and that its perfectly acceptable.

    • In Europe, street politics gets real. Bimbo and her stupid helmet LOL are not ready for that.

    • It brings views and subscribers. Which equals money and power. I want more money and power for those that are on our side.

  • I fucking hate (((this fake blonde wannabe-bimbo))). Could we stop making publicity of (((she)))?
    We don’t need (((her))). (((She))) is just a parasite and attention whore.

  • If Lauren is going to enter the war zone she must be protected by someone–preferably the Alt-right.I like southern but she must realize that this is NOT a game.The commies are the enemy—a pack of violent,thugs.Laure,it is time to man up and quit placing other journalists in danger.Cover the commies but come defended by tough guys like Nathan Damigo.

    • That was the problem with Spencer and others. They lack any security. They have balls, but having a brain in dangerous situations helps too.

    • Any revolution will be driven as much by thirst for adventure and glory as by ideology. So far noone have died so security have been acceptable.

    • > Time to man up.

      That’s the problem. She’s a woman and has no business deliberately putting herself in a position that will endanger our men. What did she prove? What did she report that was so important for men to have to physically defend her and themselves?

  • This was a comment that got deleted from that video:

    I’ve been in this for over 20 years, so no one better lecture me about anything. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, because I’m right. No, those before me were right. The people you want to stay away from your gay little peaceful rallies.

    I don’t feel sorry for you and do us all a favor, no more weepy videos. Imagine going through that for over 30 years being the only white kid in a neighborhood where the public school conditions the kids to hate you from cradle to grave. I told you this is a war. And it’s racial. Don’t let “Antifa” fool you, they’re more anti-white than they are anti-fascist.

    Embrace White Nationalism or die. This is a war. Everything else, your alt-lite bullshit and even the alt-right…pussyfooting around. The racists they demonize daily? They were right the whole time. The radical anti-communists, including the Nazis? Right the whole time.

    You’ll either walk into the welcoming embrace of White Nationalism, or you’ll watch things get worse.

    • I second this man’s entire motion. He spoke the truth. Any one of us willing to be honest with ourselves can remember the hatred we saw in niggers’ eyes as they attacked us in school for being white. I knew that was the only reason. You could feel it in your bones. So, they only thing they respected and understood was fighting back, even if you still lost. Finding the Alt-Right was the only thing that made sense for me in this modern world full of hostility to European peoples. Thank you.

    • Yea, exactly that attitude is the secret behind the fabulous success of the 1488 movement the last 30 years!

  • Seems it would be best at this point if Southern stays out of these affairs all together. Oh yeah, and don’t apologize to people who hate you. I can’t believe that still needs to be said.

  • Yea Lauren is entirely too soft for this war. It’s not surprising considering she didn’t grow up in a “diverse” area.

    • When shit hits the fan, cunts automatically disappear. Violence does NOT go with women: it is as if they were biologically wired to avoid it. I still remember rioting before the smartphone era: zero womyn.

    • A woman is too soft for war…? Whoa bro. That’s kinda sexist, don’t you think?
      I mean, who DOESN’T want to follow a bleached Jewess in a bicycle helmet into battle?

  • Antifa loves going around attacking white people who don’t agree with them- all the while claiming they are fighting ‘Hate’ and ‘Racism’. These despicable hypocrites are the problem.

        • It just bugs me when people post the most obvious stuff. Black commit more crimes, no shit! We need these type of posts on NORMIE sites on google or YouTube comment sections. I don’t think many normies peruse this site. If I’m wrong, newbies are welcome to disprove me and post here

          • You are wrong in that more normies realize that everything is becoming more polarized. So what is it that you know that we don’t? That is why I have book marked so I can find out and then post to other normies. I gotta keep going from somewhere. There is no ifs ands or buts that Replacement thru Coudenhove-Kalergi is the name of the game with Soros paying for it- even the moniker Replacement is just getting out.

            I have to say there is a sort of snobbism here that is not becoming, HOWEVER as more people come in, I think, I hope, y’all will put up with it. People want to share and realize we are in a world of assassination, so now what to do about it? In the US the rednecks have plenty of guns, but will they kill? They know they are the ones to go to prison while the moslem rapists go free. Right new it is being armed with information, but it needs to go to more than that because this IS war. Y’all may know that, others are have just become woke.

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