The G20 Summit Was All About Fiddling While Rome Burns

I sometimes wonder what the top politicians think. How much do they know that we don’t? Or rather, how deep are they enmeshed within their own internal schemes, their own summits and their own games of 5th-dimensional chess that they miss out on the obvious.

Do they ever look out into the city, into their own countries and wonder what the hell is going on?  Merkel could have just taken a look out onto the city of Hamburg to see what her hand has wrought.

This reaction isn’t logical.

It’s irrational and ultimately pointless.

The people have gone insane and it doesn’t matter what comes next.

Do they feel it? Have they seen how much things have changed? Or do they just not care?

The militant anti-Whites, the weirdness and exponentially growing population of freaks, the cheap sexual thrill-seeking that is commonplace everywhere… All of it has become part and parcel of living in a Western city.

The G20 riots were not a political protest.

This was like watching a child throw a tantrum in a crowded restaurant. The child has no real reason to be acting up, or rather is acting up for the wrong reason and all eyes go to the parents to see how they could have raised such a little monster.

Sometimes it’s clear that the parents don’t care. Other times, it seems that the parent is distracted. They’re on the phone, discussing important matters, probably. The child doesn’t understand though. The child doesn’t care. They’re on the floor, screeching and wailing. They say that they want more ice cream when in reality what they really want is a parent that cares about them and listens to their concerns.

Do the politicians listen? Or are the courtroom intrigues more important than the health of their people?

Life has gotten coarser, more atomized and deeply alienating for many people in the West. People have changed. The social fabric has frayed. And I am not even talking about the effects of Vibrant Diversity yet.

See, a spoiled child will never admit that they are spoiled but will act out for attention instead.

And that’s what we saw in Hamburg. The slogans they chanted didn’t matter. They are political illiterates in the streets, children in that sense. They don’t know why they’re bored, spoiled and unhappy. But they’ll act out to make sure that everyone in the restaurant knows that something’s wrong.

“Down With Racism!” they cry. They don’t even know what they’re saying, bless their little hearts.

The rest of us just shake our heads and sigh. We know it’s going to have to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Vincent Law
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  • See, a spoiled child will never admit that they are spoiled but will act out for attention instead.

    Feh. Even alt right sites use feminazi grammer. As a boomer, I was taught by my female English teacher than “they” is a plural noun, “he” can be used a a generic singular pronoun, and “child” is singular. That should be:

    See, a spoiled child will never admit that he is spoiled but will act out for attention instead.

    Let’s really trigger the left and start using proper grammar again.

  • G20 summit is a bit of a joke when it includes China, India, Mexico and Brazil.
    Just between India (1 billion 300 million) and China (1 billion 350 million) we have around 2 billion 650 million where most are dirt poor and should not be included in this summit.
    failed economies with epic economic problems do not make major economies of the world.

    • My god, do some research on the BRICS consortium. You have no idea what is going on the world, ESPECIALLY given your views on China.

  • All of my normie / Conservative / Alt-Lite acquaintances are (yet again) citing that old, fake Churchill quote (“The Fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists!”) in response to the footage of Antifa setting cars on fire, attacking people and shutting down others’ free speech at the G20 Summit. And I keep telling them, “No, those are COMMUNISTS. The Fascists of the future will be called LIBERATORS.”

  • “The G20 riots were not a political protest.”

    O yes, they were. What else than politics is concerned when young, wealthy people living in the most free society ever with the most opportunities ever decide to riot, burn and prepare killing people with a law-abiding attitude? What we see is the final stage of democracy if on it’s own. It needs a non-civil force to protect civil citizenship, it cannot renew the basis it has build upon by itself.

  • maybe its for the best. bringing it down is better than the slow death. at least then theres a chance to rebuild.

  • Everyone’s life needs two sets of earthly goals, an immediate set, and a long run set. The immediate set historically involved providing necessities for yourself and your family. Likewise the long run set historically involved giving your children the skills to thrive on their own while living comfortably, and set up a comfortable nest egg for you and your wife in your golden years.

    But what do you do if you do not need to work because the government grantees your necessities and retirement. And because you are either gay, or something kind of tranny mutant, or you just don’t like the institution of family, you have no one but your self to worry about?

    What you do is join Antifa. They become your cause…no different than those who moved to Jones town. Weak minds and no life compass. There is nothing in life to anchor these idiots, no good, no family, no personal goals…. just their organization. Without which, they have nothing. Some of them may be capable of being reprogrammed, but some will likely need to be eliminated

  • Look, I’m confused. If you are a member of the Green Party, why would you want your country overrun by people who don’t care about the environment?

    Look, I’m confused. If you are a feminist, why would you support the immigration of men into your countries who think women are nothing but beasts of burden(fellow women) or just expendable meat?

    Look, I’m confused. If you are gay, why would you support the importation of people whose religion requires your DEATH?

    Look, I’m confused. How on earth are any of you people democrats?

    Look, I’m confused, but nearly as much as you are.

    • It’s a weird sort of twisted emotional logic.
      A. They have been taught to believe that environmental degradation, homophobia, female oppression etc. are the toxic products of the Western civilization created by White people.
      B. Therefore if they can destroy the West and replace Whites the root causes of these evils are eliminated, even if the people they use as tools to do it are even worse.
      C. Somehow the ideal society they envision will shape itself from the rubble thanks to their enlightened leadership.
      As you said, they are confused and willfully so.

  • This is good rhetoric if you’re trying to appeal to normies, but we all know they’re in the process of destroying Europe and know that the riot is just a part of it.

  • This is exactly right. The West has no leadership and the masses are literally going insane. We on the Maul Right need to be prepared to seize power when the opportunity presents itself and set things straight with a heavy hand. Politicians, professors, journalists, and business leaders needs to hang in the streets, non-whites deported by the millions, and beat downs for any cucked white who tries to stop us.

  • They need to have one of these G20 meetings in Detroit, the South Side of Chicago, or some similar ‘hood. The blacks and browns would make quick work of these spoiled, soft protesters.

  • From a transnational elite perspective it is great!!!!!!!! You have everyone at everyone else’s throats except for yours, while you take them to the cleaners. Reduce them to slaves. Worse yet, the elites via mass media have made it desirable for the masses to debase themselves voluntarily. Then create robots and ultra advanced AI to replace the losers with. Jobless, they will keep rushing to join the armed forces or other security jobs. All you have to do is read or watch sci fi movies based on the books to see the future. Shoot in 50 years from now we will have replicants running around. Hell they already are making sex bots, next up will be pleasure replicants like Priss!!!!!! NYC, Chicago, and LA will be big prisons like in Escape from NY. Let the rats eat themselves!!!!! The elites know exactly what they are doing. It is their end game for total control over society, but it just might blow back in their faces if enough people wake up.

  • The G20 riot, like BLM, is nothing but a pressure release valve. It lets them blow off some steam and feel like they’re challenging the establishment. Nothing changes because of these riots. The people in charge keep on moving forward with their agenda. The people rioting today are more than willing to take a check from the same people tomorrow. It’s all an illusion.

    • Exactly, but what other activities are safety release valves? How far down the rabbit hole does this go? Fake opposition created to preempt a real opposition party or parties from forming? So much lying going on from both sides that the masses have no way to discern reality from falsehood.

      • I have no idea how far the rabbit hole goes. I would guess it goes further than I can know. It’s like trying to figure out a puzzle with only a few pieces. You can try to come up with a reasonable guess but it will always be just speculation.

        • Exactly, and exactly where the elites want it. Keep people guessing and off balance, then they tend to not do a god damn thing about anything.

  • Watching Lauren’s video about being stalked at the G20 by Antifa and then her follow up “Sorry” video, serves as further proof that a woman has no place among leadership in this movement.

    She has been visibly shaken, confused, and defeated by Antifa, predictably so. Her flippant approach to documenting these protests needs to end, she nor any other woman is capable of leading the front lines on these battle fields, this is war. I hope this naive shock about the consequences of war will be her wake up call to get out and pursue a more feminine approach within the movement.

    She should be aspiring to become like Lana or Wife with a Purpose. Until she realizes that just because her female privilege has allowed her to wear MAGA Helmets at Berkeley and survive doesn’t make her GI Jane, I can no longer support her. Go home Lauren, marry a man and carry out your sacred duty of motherhood.

    • That is the problem with leadership: there are so few good leaders and even fewer of those are women. Until we have some real leadership, we’re going to be stuck with “alt-right” pseudo-leaders like Lauren Southern, Joe Posobiec and miscegenators Mike Cernovich and Gavin McInnis, people who think they are leaders but in actuality have such poor judgment that they should be oppressed.

    • “because her female privilege has allowed her to wear MAGA Helmets at
      Berkeley and survive doesn’t make her GI Jane, I can no longer support

      ^^This is what autistic counter-signalling looks like.

    • 22 comments on that account huh? Typical troll. As for Laurens activism, she is 21 years old and have redpilled more people than almost anyone else. AND she has walked the line and stayed on message and developed ideologically in careful measured steps. She has never done anything gross or shameful even thought she been out there pushing the envelop for several years. Thats an achievement in itself.

      • She’s a young blonde libertarian that’s not a whore. (As far as we know…. Not married, no kids…)

        Wow, real big accomplishment, make some room on that ass for me to kiss it with you bro! Double Pussy Points Power Play!

        Name one “red-pill” she has dropped that wasn’t already safe for an Alt-Lighter…. You can’t.

        • Nice avatar. But 24 comments? Did you wake up yesterday? Or is this your one zilliant account you created for mr Soros?

          • Get an avatar, I’m not NEET like you that faps to LS all day so I only comment when I can or when I feel there’s something to add.

    • Because they are allowed to, and it serves as an edgy, cool and yet socially acceptable activity

    • They actually don’t agree with them.
      They want that wealth is redistribution of wealth, more welfare, “green” economy, more charity for Africa, more immigration, more jobs (easy ones ofc.), more rights for lgbtskfewtr, free Palestine, less carbon based cars. How would it be financed they don’t know.
      And that doesn’t include mental cases, that would organize concentration camps for “racist” or sterilize white men, because you have those also among protesters.

  • “I sometimes wonder what the top politicians think.”

    Most of them are thinking about their own personal interests and ambitions.

    • Yes, their own personal interests and ambitions is the failure of parliamentary regimes
      “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think”. Adolf Hitler

  • Ha ha bigots! I watched CNN and they said the protests were peaceful, you’re just trying to stir up trouble.

    • Rootless radicalism is their tradition in Hamburg.

      There’s a German cartoon, where that nice couple who live down stairs of you, go out dressed up like anarchists on the weekend.

    • The quote sounds nice, but without context it is meaningless.

      Which tradition are we talking about here?
      The enlightenment? Some would argue that the modern west as it is right now is the logical outcome of the enlightenment. Reseting the clock back to zero and expecting a different outcome would be the same as re-doing the USA. The people we hate most are the heirs to this tradition. It is us that are counter-tradition here. We’re the radicals, not the modern ‘enlightened’ white man.
      Or are we talking about Christianity, with God, the Church and the divine right of Kings? Not only can it be argued that the enlightenment itself actually came from the Christian tradition; that it was merely its secularization, one which spawned not only liberalism but also Marxism, but I think anyone advocating a serious re-Christianization is LARPing too hard. Whether a person is a believing Christian or not is irrelevant to the fact that the Church is no longer the literal center of the Aryan social, cultural and political universe. Personal faith is not going to change that. There has been a qualitative change that no amount of quantity will revert.
      Or perhaps we’re talking about the pre-Christian Greco-Roman tradition?

      I think that, whether we like it or not, we, the rejectors of the modern west are rootless radicals to an extent. We are living in the enlightenment, and we reject it. I don’t think we can return to our “roots” because those roots not only led us to where we are right now, but the roots are also dead. I think the best thing we can do, is examine our past, take what we can from it, and lay NEW roots -a new foundation.

      • I didn’t make the meme, WrathofGnon did. He tends to be anti-enlightenment though so Tradition to him would mean pre French and American revolutions. Tradition in the Evolian/Guenon sense. Not the basic bitch conservative sense.

      • There is no going back in time, time only goes forward. The Church is so corrupt with false teachings/dogmas anymore that it would be hardly recognizable to 1st Century Christians if they were brought forward to our time. Once the final collapse comes and there is no “Rapture”, that will be the really big final nail in the coffin for Christianity, as too many people have fallen for that crap.

      • Traditionally, humans did not live in a civilization. We are returning to a hunter father state of existence when all is said and done with. The mathulsian collapse is upon us.

      • Tradition is what is passed from mouth to ear, from example to mind, rather than from paper to mind. And that is done over generations. It is the opposite of intellectualism. The reformation was antitraditional since it is all text. The catholic church still has tradition in it. Hence the expression “the holy church”. It is not the message that is important, it is the wisdom imbued in the organization. Like confession for example. It educates the priest and helps the community.

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