The Curious Case of Laci Green

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A little over a month ago, Laci posted a video entitled, “Taking the Redpill?” In the video, Laci muses about how she has come to see the hypocrisy of the far-left, and in doing so, has become more open to discussion and debate with her opponents. This newfound attitude was apparently the result of her romantic relationship with Chris Ray Gun, a Youtuber well-known for his anti-SJW videos, most notably his parody work, “Ain’t No Rest for the Triggered”.

Following the release of her video, the internet was ablaze with talk of Laci’s “awakening”, with many members of the Skeptic/Centrist community ecstatic over her apparent conversation. A recent picture of Sargon (who is almost as fat as Laci) embracing Laci at Vidcon 2017 perfectly epitomizes the internet’s overall attitude towards Laci Green following her announcement, one of complete forgiveness.

One must wonder though, has Laci Green truly opened her heart to the red pill?

Not necessarily. In proper cryptic fashion, Laci queries at the ends her redpill video by saying, “…and as for that redpill, well…” *cuts to black* almost as if to reveal her true intentions in the subtlest of ways. There are multiple factors at play here which suggest Laci’s recent actions may stem from far more devious intentions. Allow me to explain.

Since her inception on Youtube, Laci Green has enjoyed a successful career as a Marxist shill, instructing her apt viewers in the wonders of sex-ed, feminism, and social justice.

However, with the steady decline of Marxist influence and the massive reactionary backlash against the Social Justice movement, Laci’s popularity stagnated and began to dwindle. A look at her recent subscriber count shows a steady decline in users over the past few months.

Enter her “Taking the Redpill?” video…

Here are her stats:

  2. – a nice graph showing her dip and surge in views
  3.– same thing with subscribers

Immediately after making this video, her views shoot up, her subscriber count shoots up, her ad revenue shoots up…that’s a fat bag of ad shekels right there…

I think you can see the direction I’m going with this. It seems rather obvious that whether or not Laci Green is actually sincere about her newfound political openness, this sudden change of heart comes at a most opportune time to save her failing career as a Youtuber. It’s almost as if the gain far outweighed the cost of agreeing to debate a few left-leaning centrists about feminism.

Since then, Laci has enjoyed continued growth and success. Her viewership and subscriber count has completely skyrocketed. Her last two videos, “Caught between two extremes. [Red Pill 2]” and “How Many Freakin Genders” both feature a centrist take on gender and the genetic realities, rife with middle ground fallacies and pseudo-intellectualism. The latter even made it to Youtube’s trending list, which features videos that have been specially selected for viewership by Youtube’s staff, based of course on popularity, and of course which videos are acceptable to their political agenda.


So, Laci Green, daughter of the Tribe, is back in action thanks to the millions of Centrist, Skeptic, Alt-Light, and Kekistani cucks who are desperate to believe that a rabid Marxist’s claim of redemption is something other than a potential scheme to be relevant again. Also they’re all thirsty manginas with no real beliefs, which makes it easier for them to change their minds on a dime.

But only time will tell the truth, I suppose.

If Laci Green is indeed a reformed individual, and indeed interested in exploring the truth, I cordially invite her to do a video covering White Genocide and the JQ. This goes out to the “Skeptic” community as well. After all, if you are truly open minded, no topic should be off-limits.

Wouldn’t you agree, Laci?

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  • Good piece. Well written, though I’m not sure it’s a great idea to give additional attention to an obvious distraction like this nonentity.

    Of course, you answer your own question, “Laci Green, the e-celeb and SJW poster-child of Youtube Marxism claims to be red-pilled. Why are there so many betas that believe her?” at the end:

    “thirsty manginas”

    So an (((e-celeb))) who was previously an open anti-White has now decided that she is “red-pilled,” and has the official backing of (((YouTube))) in her red-pilledness? And she decides to focus exclusively on the more ludicrously nonsensical aspects of leftist ideology in the current year, while leaving its core aspects (including anti-White hate) untouched?
    ” “How Many Freakin Genders” both feature a centrist take on gender and the genetic realities, rife with middle ground fallacies and pseudo-intellectualism. The latter even made it to Youtube’s trending list, which features videos that have been specially selected for viewership by Youtube’s staff, based of course on popularity, and of course which videos are acceptable to their political agenda.”

    Now what could be the reason for that? Apart from shekels, of course. It almost seems as if she’s attempting to claim an established term for herself, while distorting its meaning, and leading people away from any real challenge to the anti-Whites. Controlled opposition, in other words.

    Now who would do that?
    “Laci Green, daughter of the Tribe”
    Well OK then. I suppose you could have just started off with that, but some people need to be walked through it, I guess.

  • A minor celebrity SJW (with her own MTV show, as I recall) switches to Alt-Lite, causing much SJW rage and tears. What’s not to like?

    Anyway her Youtube views were down because she wasn’t posting, and she wasn’t posting because the little SJW caterpillar had gone into its chrysalis, to emerge as a Totally Based Butterfly.

    Hail Laci! Hail our People! Hail Victory!

  • Hmmm. Some say she is not ((( ))), yet she has the ((( ))) big mouth smile of a ’50 Buick. I rest my case.

  • I can`t help but chuckle everytime I read about the “skeptic community”. Since when a couple of camwhores fishing for approval in the interwebz constitutes a community?

  • Ahhh…. diluting the message. If you can’t beat them join them and destroy them from the inside.

  • We are well past the proverbial crossing of the Rubicon. In the past struggles between the West, Semites, and Islam were fairly regionally localized. The primitive nature of the weapons allowed the losers an avenue of retreat. Given what is taking place across Western countries, the next struggle will be spread across 3-4+ continents. The losers may have no where to hide. The 21st century appears to be shaping up as the stuff of eschatology.

  • I trust her about as far as I can throw her…and she does not look like one who could be thrown easily (without the aid of some type of large catapult). For the love of God, just please don’t post any more pictures of her.

  • The “skeptics” will never talk race realism or JQ. Essentially these people aren’t interested in truth or actual skepticism. They stay within the bounds of what is acceptable but take a far less retarded approach so that they can spend all their time signaling to the world how “smart” and “objective” they are. In reality they’re just feeding their own narcissism.

    For these reasons we are going to destroy them. I recently read on Daily Stormer that the “skeptic” community has considered punching right as the SJWs die off and we rise. Ultimately I would love to see this happen, because the centrist base of the internet will die in such an attack. These people will have to side with us, side with the Jews, or admit intellectual defeat and fade out of the limelight.

    The scariest thing that this will bring about is that the internet will become polarized to the utmost. Without centrists there will be no more discourse. Dialectic will cease and this will become a war of rhetoric and propaganda. My main concern is how many people we will have on our side in the end. Destroying the skeptics will give us plenty of recruits online, but when it ineveitably spills over into reality the majority is still going to be pozzed and if they find us to be too much of a threat we might be faced with violence, and we don’t want to be massively outnumbered and caught in open battle.

  • Sounds like Pharisee Paul suddenly switching from persecuting Christians to selling Jesus to theGoyim.

  • White Infighting has lasted Millenia…….

    It has led to to Infinite Cultural Flowerings……..

    Our Freedom and Space for Independence……….

    Which then Transmuted into Open Border and Multi-Cultural Suicide, Self-Hatred, Dissolution, Replacement, and Genocide………

    Someone much smarter like Kevin MacDonald can explain this all……

    Until then, I’ll reminisce about when our Artistic Revolt was an Intra-White Thing…….

    And interestingly had the Power of Touching Souls all over the Non-White World……

    They’ll miss us…….

    No Doubt about it…..

  • We shouldn’t ever accept opportunists like this into our movement, we should let them spread our message to the extent they’re capable of of course but we should never embrace and transfer authority to them.

    In fact, once we’re in power we should annihilate them with extreme prejudice.

  • Next to the Return of Kings – copycat- listicle, this is becoming the second favourite genre of this site: pick somebody way more successful from the spectrum and then bitch and brag how far more redpilled and uncucked you are.

  • She’s ((( ))) and not my kind, so why should I care if she is “awakened” even if it is real? I am indifferent to non-Whites and I don’t care what they think or believe.

  • Who cares! I never heard of this chick, and most folks in here probably didn’t as well. Obviously Vincent is right, that she changed her tune to get the $$$$$$$$, but why give her free advertising? She might get a few extra clicks just out of idle curiousity.

      • Well I don’t bother looking at sjw stuff. One good thing about being an Xer. Not that hooked on social media. That sucks she gets that many hits. Just means there is a ton of work to do.

  • This is BS to me. These people are like pro wrestlers who switch from “face” to “heel” as often as the wind shifts where the money blows. The fact that she was profiting from ads, that revenue fell, she switches sides and it shows an uptick is about all I need to know here. Just me.

  • If some African migrants rape your girlfriend, would you shoot them with a gun made & sold by Jews, or would you prefer remaining “ideologically pure” while she gets defiled?

    Sometimes a lot of people here seem to be overly obsessed with some sort of ideological/moral purity, instead of focusing on winning the goddamn war for our peoples. Andrew Anglin posts better articles these days, because he is focusing on whether something advances or retards our efforts:

    I don’t care if Laci Green is this or that. I wouldn’t trust her; but the way she currently behaves is a wonderful thing to rub in the face of feminists and other SJWs. Focus more on winning, by any means necessary. For I don’t see the point of musing about the motivations of some hairy youtuber while Muslims are invading our home and raping our women.

  • Why the copious labels? If you truly want to appeal to the interests of other whites, as the readers in the ‘WN Flight’ article seem to indicate, then using the word ‘cuck’, ‘mangina’, ‘beta’, and “psuedo-intellectualism’ ad nauseum is ultimately counter-productive. It’s makes the writer and his message seem weak and limited, like the SJW essays in which ‘white privilege’, ‘oppression’, ‘microaggression’, and ‘racist’, sexist’, homophobe, etc, are buzzwords that are highly subjective and have meaning only to those faithful to the in-group dogma.

    Don’t get me wrong, these are labels that have an appropriate context within the AR and WN communities. But when we limit our vocabulary to these in-group nouns and adjectives they come across as superficial projections on the writer’s part. Or worse, they turn away true intellectuals and potential adherents to the AR or WN cause.

    And since when is “Youtuber” a profession? By validating such nonsense it only condones and legitimizes their message. Ugh, millenials. 🙂

  • I don’t think any nation can be successful without jews. They have a lot of extremely smart individuals, just look at science nobel prizes. Should they be excused from criticism and get away with anything because otherwise you’re branded nazi? Of course not.

    • What the Jews are successful at doing is capitalizing on others’ work. We don’t need that.

      • Lol, that’s the same stupid argument you here from blacks, “whites only successful cause POC built america for them”
        Jews are successful because many of them are very smart, deal with it.

        • The difference is that whites actually did build America, and Jews did not. The difference is also that black people are imbeciles.

          I didn’t say Jews weren’t smart, I said that they don’t use their intelligence for anything useful that whites should value. They use their intelligence to further their tribe by taking from others — namely, us. I suspect (((you))) know all about it though.

          • Jews have never built anything on their own. They just parasite off of us. They are genius’ at manipulating bureaucracy to their own advantage though.

        • Smart enough to manipulate and engage in genetic nepotism. Read MacDonald to understand how they take over powerful positions in a society.

        • Who cares if Jews are smarter than whites?

          Jared Taylor once said he doesn’t care that Jews or Asians may be smarter than whites. He wants white society to be preserved because he wants to save white culture, even if that means shutting out smarter people. No one says “Papua New Guinea should get inundated by Jews and Asians to make Cannibal Head Hunters smarter.” Everyone just acknowledges that Papuan culture should be preserved (well maybe not the cannibalism).

          • Sure, that is a very solid plan to rely on others mercy for you to be preserved… I think if papuan culture can’t preserve itself than it should be destroyed or colonized by others. Because eventually that’s gonna happen anyways, there’s no need to keep something “artificially” alive.

          • Yeah, but difference is that Whites will be fine on our own. We don’t need Jews. Do the Japanese need Jews? The South Koreans?

          • A species doesn’t need permission to seek to survive and thrive. The same goes for a race. We don’t have to ask God, or you, if we can be allowed to struggle against the opposition to multiply and succeed. Survival of the fittest is hardly a novel principle and all life on Earth is contingent anyway. If we are hit by a planet-killer next month then that’s the end. What point are you trying to make?

        • @neobarni:disqus That’s too simple. It’s quite possible to be very smart and not be commercially and/or politically successful. Getting to be rich and powerful takes some other ingredients, both internal and external, apart from being “very smart”. Think about it.

          You could be a great mathematician but that’s not necessarily going to put money in your bank account or make you politically influential. You might have a great and logical mind but if you never get to train as a lawyer you could just spend your life annoying people. Higher IQ means zip unless you get the other advantages and opportunities that convert it into something with social and economic significance.

        • Are you totally innumerate? Jews are outnumbered by white gentiles alone at stratospheric IQ tiers like 6:1 and more so at lower plateaus where influential people actually cluster. But we live in a globalized market so Jews should be facing even more competition than from just white gentiles further crowding them out.

          Jews run things like every other ethnic minority. Once a Jew gets into position as a gatekeeper he fills an institution full of Jews regardless of merit, and any position held by a Jew becomes an official “Jewish Position” which is a sinecure for all time.

    • Most Jews aren’t annoying Media personalities, Hollywood celebrities, Hedge fund managers, and leftist college Professors. Jews are in fact WAY overrepresented in the professions like Architects, Doctors, Lawyers and just lead normal lives. But it doesn’t matter. There has been a tendency among many in the Jewish community to become involved in left wing political causes at home and foreign policy that fucks over America but benefits Israel.

      For the normal, non-fucked up Jews who just live their lives, it’s too bad, but they will have to live in Israel so the pathological Jews in politics, finance, and entertainment don’t subvert White societies.

      Most Whites seems to understand this point with Muslims. The vast majority of Muslims aren’t terrorists, but a great deal are and this combined with their foreign religion makes Muslims incompatible with the West. The same holds true with Jews, their religion is alien and enough Jews push deleterious causes to make the position of Jewry untenable in the West.

      • For a population that identifies at around ~2-3% of the population, they are over-represented in almost every profession. Partly due to their strategy of nepotism that has enabled their parasitic survival for 1000s of years. Ex: Hollywood producers, directors, actors….about 80% Jewish. The clearly dominate that field. But if you look at areas which require manual labor or physical ability…they practically don’t exist. How many Jews in the NFL, NBA, or MLB?

        • My parents once rented an apartment to a Jew who owned a transmission shop. I was shocked he was a mechanic.

          Jews are now pro sports owners, they took over pro sports when the old money WASPs sold out in the 90s.

        • That’s a good point about Jews in the manual trades. I think they avoid farming too since it involves getting your hands dirty (literally). But this can’t be true in Israel, there must be plenty of farmers, electricians, plasterers, etc etc. Another reason why they should all make Aliyah, like Reactionary Jew says. It would increase the range of skills available to their community. Someone is going to have to do the plumbing.

    • So you want to force every country in the world to accept rootless cosmopolitans, whether they want them or not? That’s the very definition of jewish supremacism, of course. This sort of toxic, hate-filled semitism is very problematic in the current year. What do you think this is, 2015 or something? smh

  • hmmmm……I’m not white-knighting for Laci Green but her shift in stated political views is another datum point proving that the overton window is seriously shifting in our direction. So even if she is 100% disingenuous and opportunistic this event is still a good sign that we are winning. There’s less money and views these days for being a shitlib and leftist feminists have to now parrot Alt-lite talking points just to remain relevant.

    That being said we shouldn’t be putting her or any other woman in a position of leadership in the Alt-Right.
    White Sharia now!

  • Green’s alleged red pilling can best be summed up as a marketing decision. She moved to the center to target the centrist Sargon crowd but will never go any further because it will threaten her revenue stream.

        • Late response: I second “The Culture of Critique.” Any perspective that is such a challenge to the accepted taboos of our time is going to be difficult to convey effectively in any kind of short form. MacDonald’s work is good because he uses almost entirely Jewish sources, which makes it difficult to refute (which is why it has been ignored, rather than demonized, by the mainstream).

          A more focused look at just one aspect of the problem is MacDonald’s “Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy.”

          Or you could start with Mersheimer and Walt’s “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy,” which doesn’t address the core of the JQ, but does do a lot to reveal the harmful effects of Jewish political influence in one particular area.

          Or you could just ask yourself, “Why is ‘anti-semitism’ a thing, but ‘semitism’ is not?”

  • I’d like to know more about Laci’s Muslim Persian father who converted to Mormonism, migrated to the U.S., married a white Mormon woman and then tried to larp as a dorky, wholesome American Mormon guy for the rest of his life.

    His story combines deracination, atomized individualism, proposition nationalism and identity shopping all in one package.

    • It’s also interesting to think about the unpleasant fate of his daughter and the various unfortunate behaviors that this society can facilitate in 2nd generation immigrants

  • I want to get the facts straight about Laci’s background because it doesn’t help our credibility when we misidentify non-Jewish people as Jews.

    Her mixed-race background as a factor in her damaged personality actually supports the Alt Right’s world view just as well.

  • Does Laci Green spam people with interracial porn like Sargon of Mossad when she loses a debate?

  • The AltRight is EXPLICITLY:

    * Pro-White
    * Anti-Degeneracy
    * Counter-Semitic

    No purity spiral B.S. These three core basics can and will defend us. They are not negotiable. They MUST be maintained to avoid subversion.

  • Stupid chicks belong in mental wards designed for stupid people so as to keep them from breeding

  • According to Wikipedia, she has a Persian father who converted from Islam to Mormonism (not that much of a stretch, if you think about it) and a white American Mormon mother.

    That explains much about her right there: Like many other Lost Children of race-mixing modernity, she has a void where an identity would have gone in a child conceived in an organic family, and she has had to go identity-shopping to try to fill this void. And it wouldn’t surprise me if she tries out some other identities in the coming years.

    Children born and reared in their own people can lose their way as well, of course. But it adds to children’s burdens unnecessarily when people alien to each other meet and breed haphazardly.

    • Really? Because a Tweet from 2013 has her talking about her “Jewish/atheist” household. Google Laci Green Jewish and it comes up.

      • This tweet does exist on google

        somehow in our jewish/atheist household easter fell through the cracks. how am i gonna eat 10 pounds of chocolate now

        One possibility is that “Iranians” who say they are from “Muslim families” can also be Jews

        • She probably referred to a live-in Jewish boyfriend she had in 2013, not that she grew up Jewish herself.

          • Good point, I guess it could be the current household rather than the household she grew up in, the phrasing seems conclusive at first but is actually ambiguous.

          • Still, the fact that she would date a Jew shows the identify-void she has tried to fill.

        • It’s apparent she was talking about the present from the second sentence.How am I going to get 10 pounds of chocolate now? Well, let’s hope anyway, that she wasn’t talking about chocolate from her childhood. I’m pretty sure chocolate has an expiration date.

          • Growing up in a Christian household doesn’t necessarily mean that a person with Jewish roots would refrain from putting Jewish interests first. Christened Poles of Jewish descent in Poland’s elites definitely set the interests of the tribe first.

    • It also gives them a sense of ‘oppression’ and a hyperbolic association with those they perceived as being oppressed. Mixed children are by definition, psychologically abused in American society.

    • More probable is the lack of a strong father figure. A muslim male converting to the religion of his wife and now has a feminists slut for a daughter who talks about things like lesbian sex on youtube? Her father must have been super beta.

  • The Skeptic community, everybody say it together: WORTHLESS!! Let her jew them and stay away from us.

    • The skeptic community has promoted beliefs about things which violate their own standards for evidence, like how Carl Sagan assumed that exoplanets had to exist when we had no evidence for such things before the 1990’s – the aliens he also believed in had to live on something, you see. At the same time these skeptics mocked UFO cults, Scientologists and Mormons for their respective beliefs about the goings-on on these unobservable exoplanets.

      Until astronomy caught up with the exoplanet belief, these imaginary bodies in the universe fit the characteristics of the invisible dragon in Sagan’s famous essay, “The Dragon in My Garage.”

      The skeptics got lucky on exoplanets, but their frontier of woo has moved over to their denial of the evidence for human biodiversity and the disaster of forced diversity on white societies at the point of a gun. I have to wonder how they will rationalize their folly when they finally come over to the reality-orientation of the Alt Right.

    • Skeptics are potential members of the AR and WN movement. Or do you want to stay in the ass crack of American politics forever?

      • No they aren’t. I predit they’ll stay in the middle and the current left will be forced to go to them. Then they’ll be the new Left. Our job is to keep pushing the overton window to the right. Not compromise with those who are beneath us.

  • If she’s a Jew, by definition she can’t be red-pilled unless she self-deports herself to Israel and leaves white people alone forever. And that’s a generous offer, most would probably just say a Jew can’t be red-pilled at all because the JQ is at the heart of red-pilling. They’re probably right.

    That aside, anyone who’s trending on YouTube instead of being suppressed and demonetized definitely hasn’t been red-pilled. It’s entryism and opportunism, the hallmark of Jews, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the alt-lite cucks are falling for it hook, line, and shekel.

  • These people are very good at rethorics. Like, havent they taken away Kekistan from the alt right? By embracing it and turning it into something it is not. If so, it is amazing how they can even coopt a flag based on the Kriegsmarine. Thats probably what Lacy is trying to do with “the red pill”. Dilute it to pink.

  • On the one hand this is a clear sign that we are winning the propaganda war and that SJWism is on the way out.

    On the otherhand, f-ck Laci Green. She’s an opportunistic Jewess, and the alt-k-ke and skeptic communitity embracing her move to the centre just shows how spineless and soft they are. We shouldn’t be satisfied in mearly defeating our enemies. We should utterly destroy them and everything they stand for.

    • It’s very risky letting “reformed” Marxist Jews be your spokesperson. Right now, they’re just alt-lite, but as the overton window shifts, they’ll have to go alt-right in order to get clicks.

      We should be picky who we endorse as our spokesmen. They need to prove they’re not crypto-Jews, then show us the White children to prove they have skin in the game.

      • In the case of Laci Green one is forced to ask themselves if she ever even believed in the degenerate nonsense she was peddling before, or she just saw a market to summon sheckels from captivated and confused goy. When the sheckels start to dry up it is clear she is willing to adjust/abandon her former positions in favour of something more popular (for now.)

        Jew or not this kind of turncoatism is suspect. I would have the same attitude if out of the blue Sargon started talking about the JQ and saying “Hitler did nothing wrong.”

        • “Jew or not this kind of turncoatism is suspect.”

          No one has a plan to make Laci Green the leader of an Alt Right movement. Literally, no one is saying “Step aside Spencer! Laci Green is here!” Simultaneously, there’s no reason to counter-signal anyone who is promoting our message.

          The Left is making it easy to show how deranged and anti-White they really are. Let’s not waste any opportunities in amplifying that message.

          • She isn’t promoting our message and neither is the Sceptic community. Now that the SJW trend is dying down I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sceptics aim their sights on us tbh.

            And yeah, when someone goes from full on third wave feminism to sceptic overnight that is suspect. If there was a clear progression in her thought over the years that led her there then that would be a different matter… But theres not.

          • “And yeah, when someone goes from full on third wave feminism to sceptic overnight that is suspect.”

            That literally didn’t happen, but you think it did because you’ve only been paying attention since yesterday. Laci Green has been interacting with Alt Lite for half a year.

            Let’s all pretend that no one ever converted to Christianity.

          • No. I saw her ‘Red Pill’ video about a month ago, and immediately thought it was suspect. She was one of the most notorious SJW’s up until now pretty much.

            I havent spoken on it here, because there wasn’t a reason to before this article.

          • I wasn’t paying any attention to her 5 months ago… Or to the Alt-Lite, Sceptics, Kekistanis etc. I don’t really care tbh.

            I saw the ‘Red Pill” video and thought “this is suspect” and then stopped thinking about it. Then today this article was posted, so I commented on it.

          • It’s obvious to me you weren’t paying attention to our opposition for the past 6 months and commented off the cuff. It doesn’t do us any good to mislead our own people.

      • “then show us the White children to prove they have skin in the game.”

        LOL. 80% of people in this comment section have no children. You win today’s award for Internet LARPing.

      • How about looking objectively at what the spokperson say? See if they make a good argument and a good impression instead of being raging autists with obvious personal issues?

        • Oh, so you just want to speak in metaphors without every doing anything. I see. There I was, thinking you were legit. You can stay here and talk about destroying things in your mind. It won’t get this movement far.

          • Neither will talking about specific acts of violence against specific individuals on a public forum. Don’t be an idiot.

          • Nothing ‘specific’ about what we said. ‘Idiotic’ is alluding to violence but not having the balls to come out and say what you really mean. Seems to be a trend around here.

          • One can be destroyed in many ways that don’t involve pipe bombs.

            If I was going to do something illegal, I wouldn’t talk about it on here. I would just do it.

          • >calling for someone to build explosives and perpetuate violence
            Get out, shill.

          • Building explosives is building explosives. No one ever said where or when to use them. Nor is it information that cannot be found freely on the web, just like this site.

            Get out? I’ve probably been in pro-white groups before you were born. I’m not going anywhere, kid. Read the new article on ‘accepting extremism’ on this site.

    • Laci Green is not jewish. If you call everyone you don’t like a jew ultimately it will make the word meaningless. That’s a lesson you should have learned from the left.

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