Russia Still Waiting For That Evidence At G20

Ah, to be a fly on the wall during President Trump and President Putin’s long-awaited meeting at the G-20 on Friday.  In my mind, it started out with Trump asking some perfunctory questions about “election meddling” in an almost apologetic tone; as if to say, “Sorry, but I am required to ask you about this bullshit.”

It would be a shame if this matter clouded the meeting and our relations with Russia in general.  But based on the body language in the video clips of the meeting, and on Tillerson’s own description, it seems, thankfully, that that is not the case.

Yet clearly our lying press was intent on turning this meeting into an interrogation against Putin for still to be proven charges of “election hacking.”  It is very important to the neocons that we continue to antagonize Russia, due to their ancestral grudge; and it is also important to shitlibs, due to their delusions of stolen elections.

We did get some insight into what transpired at the meeting, though, because the laconic Secretary of State Tillerson held a press conference.  And I’m sure you can guess the main theme of the reporters’ questions.

The following query was asked in several iterations, but Tillerson had the most noteworthy reply to this one:

Mr. Secretary, can you say that President Trump was unequivocal in his view that Russia did interfere with the election? Did he offer to produce any evidence to convince Mr. Putin?

Tillerson responded:

The Russians have asked for proof, and evidence.  I’ll leave that to the intelligence community to address the answer to that question.  And again, I think the President, at this point, he pressed him; and then felt like at this point, how do we go forward?  And I think that was the right place to spend our time, instead of spending a lot to time having a disagreement.  Because everyone knows we have a disagreement.

Tillerson has proved that he is indeed a diplomat in this response.  In so many words, he just said the following: It’s not a matter of Trump producing evidence against Putin on election hacking.  It’s a matter of there is no f*cking evidence.  And no, “Someone said that’s what happened,” is not evidence.  That is what Putin has been trying to explain this whole time, quite cogently.  Putin has calmly asked anyone who will listen, “Where is the hard evidence?”  Yet we don’t hear Putin’s side of the story in our MSM, so you wouldn’t know it.

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