Russia Still Waiting For That Evidence At G20

Ah, to be a fly on the wall during President Trump and President Putin’s long-awaited meeting at the G-20 on Friday.  In my mind, it started out with Trump asking some perfunctory questions about “election meddling” in an almost apologetic tone; as if to say, “Sorry, but I am required to ask you about this bullshit.”

It would be a shame if this matter clouded the meeting and our relations with Russia in general.  But based on the body language in the video clips of the meeting, and on Tillerson’s own description, it seems, thankfully, that that is not the case.

Yet clearly our lying press was intent on turning this meeting into an interrogation against Putin for still to be proven charges of “election hacking.”  It is very important to the neocons that we continue to antagonize Russia, due to their ancestral grudge; and it is also important to shitlibs, due to their delusions of stolen elections.

We did get some insight into what transpired at the meeting, though, because the laconic Secretary of State Tillerson held a press conference.  And I’m sure you can guess the main theme of the reporters’ questions.

The following query was asked in several iterations, but Tillerson had the most noteworthy reply to this one:

Mr. Secretary, can you say that President Trump was unequivocal in his view that Russia did interfere with the election? Did he offer to produce any evidence to convince Mr. Putin?

Tillerson responded:

The Russians have asked for proof, and evidence.  I’ll leave that to the intelligence community to address the answer to that question.  And again, I think the President, at this point, he pressed him; and then felt like at this point, how do we go forward?  And I think that was the right place to spend our time, instead of spending a lot to time having a disagreement.  Because everyone knows we have a disagreement.

Tillerson has proved that he is indeed a diplomat in this response.  In so many words, he just said the following: It’s not a matter of Trump producing evidence against Putin on election hacking.  It’s a matter of there is no f*cking evidence.  And no, “Someone said that’s what happened,” is not evidence.  That is what Putin has been trying to explain this whole time, quite cogently.  Putin has calmly asked anyone who will listen, “Where is the hard evidence?”  Yet we don’t hear Putin’s side of the story in our MSM, so you wouldn’t know it.

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    • It is obvious that Israel’s partisans, both Jewish and Zio-Christian, have at least 1000 times as much influence over our elections as Russia does. Yet there’s never a peep in the media about Israel interfering in our elections.

  • What is the alt-right’s take on Putin?

    Is he pro-white/Western civilization, or is he a shill?
    I’ve been assuming the former, but I hardly know anything about Russia.

    • He’s neither, he cares mostly for himself and reflexively opposes whatever the US supports, as has every Russian leader since Khrushchev. What is pro or anti-White doesn’t figure into his thinking. He completely demolished the Russian nationalist movement that was flowering under Yeltsin and is widely despised by the far right there. Why he’s so loved by Western rightists is still a mystery, though maybe it has something to do with propaganda emanating from a certain ex-wife of a certain alt right leader.

      • My liking of Putin thus far has been for the following reasons:
        – He looks and acts like a normal white male. he’s masculine, intelligent, direct, and has strong body language
        – Russians in general are red-pill, so I assume their leader is as well
        – Russian police crack down on the local feminist movement. Russia is anti-LGBT and cultural marxist.
        – Russia’s Orthodox Church maintains its spiritual legitimacy, whereas the Church in Western Europe/Canada is either ignored or criticized in our post-modern world
        – Putin has never said that he wants mass-immigration into Russia as far as I know. I get the impression he believes Russia is for Russian people.

        But this is all based on impressions over the years, rather than a true study of post-WW2 Russia. In comparison to politicians like Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, etc., Putin has always been a breath of fresh air by comparison.

        • “Russians in general are red-pill, so I assume their leader is as well”

          Depends on how you define redpilled. They certainly aren’t in terms of race, Jews, communism, or WW2. A lot of Russians even pride themselves in not being White.

          “Russian police crack down on the local feminist movement. Russia is anti-LGBT and cultural marxist.”

          Yeah that’s one of the few positives.

          “Russia’s Orthodox Church maintains its spiritual legitimacy, whereas
          the Church in Western Europe/Canada is either ignored or criticized in
          our post-modern world”

          Has the Church ever made a stir over the small matter of some sixty million Christians being exterminated by the Jews under Ulyanov and Dzugashvili? They seem pretty mum about it, probably because “hate speech” against Jews is punished in Russia just as it is in the west.

          “Putin has never said that he wants
          mass-immigration into Russia as far as I know. I get the impression he
          believes Russia is for Russian people.”

          The problem is that non-Whites are seen as Russians. Moscow has the highest number of Musilms of any European city. In the past decade or so there’s been a ton of Asian migration into the European parts of Russia.

          I’m not saying Russia is an enemy, though it sort of is since they celebrate bolshevism and hate fascism and racism, but it’s certainly no ally of Europe, either.

          • The most red pilled people I have ever met on the JQ are Russian, Poles, Ukranians, and other Eastern Europeans. All the Eastern/Central Europeans nations ethnically cleansed the Jews after WWII and there are hardly any left.

            That being said every time I go through Moscow I always see Orthodox Jews. The last time I noticed they were talking American English.

          • “. All the Eastern/Central Europeans nations ethnically cleansed the Jews after WWII and there are hardly any left.’

            What? Jews ran the entire security apparatus in Poland after WW2 and the top echelons of power in Russia are infested with jews as well. Poland pumps out holohoax films constantly and Ukraine has the world’s biggest Jewish political center.

          • Ok then how many Jews live in Poland today?

            The last I read it was less than 10,000.

            Do you not know what happened under communism once the native people took it over? The mass exodus in the 70’s? Read up and go out and live before you write stupid things.

            Have you ever been there? I was there last week.

          • Even if there’s only 1 that’s too many and could cause irreparable damage to the countries in which they reside.

          • Yes, there were some prominent East Bloc Jews like Markus “Mischa” Wolf who ran the foreign arm of the Stasi. But there are very few Jews in Central and Eastern European and this commenter is woefully uninformed.

          • Adam Michnik – aka Aaron Szechter- is since 1989 controlling Poland’s tone giving paper, Gazeta Wyborcza, and the most prominent magazine, Agora. According to Polish alternative media, both are today at the brink of bancrupcy. All of Poland’s communist party leaders and – later on – presidents had Jewish background. President Alexander Kwasniewski (Stolzman) actually did not dare to carry out what president Lech Kaczynski (Kalkstein) did, making B’nai B’rith Polin legal again, in 2007. (Kaczynski died in the aircrash over Smolensk.)

          • The gospel of Holocaust, neither the myth of the Polish antisemitsm after WWII, hardly would be able to flourish if the world knew that so many Jews actually have survived – and that frpm all of the survivers left Poland in 1968, allegedly escaping the Polish antisemitism. What people in Western countries are kept ignorant about is that, those Jews who left Poland in 1968 had other reasons to leave, such as internal fights within the communist party- between Jewish communists (people of the book, Pulawianie) and ethnic Polish communists (chamy/yokels).

          • One of them, can’t think of his name now, something like Sliberski, sits on Sweden’s Supreme Court (Hogsta Domstol).

          • Leif Silberski is Sweden’s most prominent attorney/counsellor; very old now but has yet not retired. Difficult to say who is Jewish, as Silbersky actually is one of the few who didn’t change his surname (his first name is strikingly Swedish). Sweden’s Jews (with Swedish or German sounding names) are before all to be found in the mass media, but they are surprisingly many (regarding their official number) lawyers and medical doctors. Isabella Lövin is the only one among the top politicians of today; she is the leader of Miljopartiet (the Green) that is governing along with the Socialdemocrats. The former PM, Fredrik Reinfeldt, the neo-conservative that secured social benefits to illegals, is only partly Jewish.

          • Poland is indeed run by its “non-existent” Jews. You find them in the Parliament, Government, the media, the universities and on top positions in the church. Most of them have changed their names and pose as greater patriots than the poor ethnic Poles. Those in power now are either Jews who came in Poland with the Red Army or their younger family members. They made an unholy alliance with a bunch of shekel-inspired but soo “patriotic” Poles at the roundtable conference in Magdalenka Anno 1989. Those who were in Poland under the “dictatorship of the proletariat” agreed on that a Lustration (Lustracja) – that Solidarnosc originally advocated for – must be avoided at any cost, as such a thing would mean throwing the “beloved” Poland into an “atmosphere of hate”. The great hero, Lech Walesa – aka Lejba Kohne – naturally has participated at the roundtable-conference, so did also the present leader of the governing party, Law and Justice, Jaroslaw Kaczynski (Kalkstein). The latter was back then Walesa’s adviser. Not a single one of the communists has been accused of anything. Lech Walesa, who informed on his comrades in Solidarity to the Bezpieka (special police force) as agent Bolek, is still respected – at least officially – even though his “heroic” past is nowadays an official secret in the less formal Poland. No wonder that Walesa was present at Krasinski Place, where Donald Trump held his “pro-Polish” speech.

          • Secret jews hiding under every rock is a bit paranoid don’t you think? Fact is that once the native peoples took over communism the Jews fled only to plant their poisonous seed in the West.

            Jews fear all types of White collectivism from Medieval Christianity to collectivist communism to fascism. They want their host alienated and weak so that he cannot get rid of the parasite that is sucking his blood.

            In countries where native White collectivism is strong such as Belarus the Jew has little chance to prey upon the people.

          • On what sources to you base your opinionh that all Jews fled from Eastern Europe? As I already said, the Holocaust gospel wouldn’t have been as successful if the world knew that a big number of Jews survived the war. They were anyway many enough to be able to keep the power in Eastern Europe, after turning their coats- and at the same time intensify the agenda of soft communism in the West.

            When my sister at first gave me some material on this topic, I waved her off as a person hit by paranoia. As I retired (in 2014 ), which gave me time for travel and dig into altrnative sources, I discovered that my sister wasn’t suffering from paranoia. She has left Poland for Sweden, where I already lived, just before the state of war was declared: she was a fervently active member of Solidarnosc. Naturally, I thought she was crazy when she told me that the movement has been infiltrated, eve hijacked- by communists. In Stockholm my sister was straight away ostracized by the (((Poles))) that controlled the narrative about Solidarnosc and the situation in Poland. As I was brainwashed by the secular religion of Holocaust, I simply couldn’t believe in my sister’s tale about the Jewish preponderence in Solidarnosc. With hindsight I feel like an idiot. How could I, a highly educated person, be so naive….

            As my brother’s wife has lately embraced her Jewish roots, I do know that being Jewish doesn’t need to define a person. Unfortunately, the talmudic “elan vital” that Jews in Poland are inspired with is harder to get rid of than that the christian brainwash we all were subjected to.

          • How many Slavs were murdered because of the Jews and their pathologies and hatred for their hosts? If they aren’t red pilled about them then no one would be.

          • The White guy thing was imposed on us by Louis Worth to break up our ethnic Catholic neighborhoods. Poles don’t think about being Whites until they land in London or Chicago where that’s the current reality.

            Europeans are Aryans and Christians and the ones who don’t fit that mold are non Europeans and that’s all there is to it.

      • There is nothing mysterious about why Western rightists admire Putin. He is admired because of his social conservatism, his nationalism (even though it’s definitely not White nationalism), and the fact that he always seems to piss off all of the people that Western rightists hate.

      • The Alt-Right is not responsible for it, a significant portion of normie cons had switched to being at least mildly pro-Russia by some point in the middle of the Obama years.

        That’s why the whole Trump – Russian collusion narrative fell so flat with them, just as it did with us.

        Apparently Russian propagandists flipped conservatives using social conservatism memes and shirtless-Putin-posting. Impressive. But they had a lot of help from Obama’s obvious hatred for everything American.

    • I’d view him as a relatively normal leader by historical standards, who happens to have an incentive structure where he benefits from his country being built up, rather than torn down.

      So, like, he might be really “corrupt” and amass a truly enormous fortune, that could be considered ill-gotten, but he wants a stronk Russia in which to enjoy that fortune and exercise his power, and that forces him to do positive things like force oligarchs to “tone it down” and stand up to (((the West))). Sometimes he’ll still do bad things of course, like kowtow to non-NWO Jewish factions, bring in economic migrants, supress truthful speech, etc., but he shouldn’t want to destroy Russia entirely and salt the earth, like our leaders want to do to our countries.

      He’s not a WN and Russian ethno-nationalists have very legitimate beefs with him, but to Americans saddled with Obama a normal somewhat corrupt leader who is not entirely hostile to his own nation and who at least pays lip service to some normal and healthy values seems like a breath of fresh air.

      There is also a convergence of interests re: opposition to (((Western))) foreign policy.

      • Good one. One part that can’t be overlooked is the general Russian view of themselves, of history, of religion of culture. As far as I can see, Russians see themselves as a bearer of Europeans civilization in all areas: in science, in arts, in culture, in religion. Furthermore they see themselves as a cohesive European people who rule over non-Europeans (this is very similar to the old America) thus there is an implicit White (or Aryan if you will) element to Russian identity and culture.

        I’d put my money on it that Putin has internalized the above and is not apologetic about it.

        Correct me if I am wrong?

        • We’ve got to reposition ourselves back to those old values and send our parasites packing to their state on the Mediterranean.

    • Mine? He’s a normal leader with both pros and cons. But all our other leaders are totally, completely degenerated trash that ought to be ovened ASAP, so he gets to look good by comparison.

  • Putin came to office in 2000. He has met President Clinton, President Bush and President Obama. Putin has faced bad to hostile policies of all 3 Presidents, especially from Obama.

    Under President Obama we sanctioned Russia over the Ukraine even though we are the ones who ousted a pro Russian leader in Kiev and replaced him with a pro NATO leader prompting Putin to retaliate. That led to the Crimea seceding to Russia.

    Our sanctions led to counter sanctions by Russia which hit Europe and her markets which were heavily dependent on trade with Russia.
    Russia took steps to find alternative markets in South America, Asia to Russia and increased her alliance with China formed a while ago between Russia’s CSTO and China’s SCO.

    Because of this alliance or because of the CSTO Russia has the power to place a no fly zone over this massive region effectively grounding all flights both commercial and military from using this airspace.

    The hot war did not stop with sanctions and counter sanctions but direct attacks on the US dollar where Russia (including China) bypassed the US dollar to engage in bilateral trade using other currencies. This is the short version of our relationship with Russia under Obama

    Under Obama ISIS was born and due to Obama’s “Arab Spring” Qaddafi was ousted, ISIS moves into Libya and Europe is inundated by refugees from Libya to the Middle East.

    There are other major issues Russia is engaged in that can only be dealt with if we have a friendly relation.
    Under Putin Russia intends to construct 8 strategic ports around the world. 3 of them are intended for the New world with a port in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. But due to the economic crash in Venezuela I believe Cuba could be the main option.

    If Russia builds a strategic port in Cuba it will be the first time Russia has a military presence in the new world since the time she had outposts in Northern California to owning Alaska (and excluding the Cuban missile crisis since Russia did not have a permanent presence in Cuba)
    Russia also intends to eventually control all of the Arctic since she is the only nation who shares a border with that continent.

    Russia is the only power who is simultaneously a Western Power and an Asian Power purely based on her geography. China gave preferential treatment to Russia in the SCO because Russia is considered an Asian Power.

    Of all the Russian leaders in recent times Vladimir Putin is probably the best person to form an alliance.

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