Americans Have A Winner Mentality That Destroys Their Society

There’s an odd show that a fellow CrimeThinker recommended to me. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that can be interpreted through a very nuanced red-pill perspective. In it, you have two brothers. One loves his brother and tries to do everything to make his brother proud of him. That’s Jimmy. The other, Chuck, loves his career and his company and doesn’t care for his brother at all.

There is this unreciprocated relationship between the two of them, and I can’t help but see in the prim and proper older brother everything that is wrong with America. The law-worshiping, cold and socially correct brother is the American ideal incarnate. (If this were really realistic, the other brother would probably turn out to be a half-Italian with no actual blood relation.)

But why write about this?

Well, after a sort of pump-up Fourth of July article, I immediately felt guilty. I felt like I was faking it. A lot of fluff and very little substance was in the article, but my heart wasn’t in it. Hell, I totally forgot that it was the 4th until I opened my computer midway through the day, so I overcompensated. I decided to write an article that came off as pro-American.

But now that that’s done and there’s no holiday to celebrate, I can organize my thoughts around a topic that I’ve been developing for some time.

There is one thing that I hate the most about Americans and that is how they are always at each other’s throats.

They love to win. To see themselves as winners, and by extension, everyone else as losers. In that same vein, they love euphemisms and of all peoples I’ve met (except maybe Swedes) seem the most averse to reality. I could go on to say that they’re lazy and spoiled or that they’re fat and their women are completely out of control. I could complain about how they take pride in not knowing anything, in being completely ignorant, in being slobs and turning every single vice into a celebration of Freedumb.

But these are all criticisms that all sides have lobbed at the American lumpenproletariat before.

No, my problem with America is how dog eat dog it is. How “fellow Whites” will go out of their way to pull you down, just so that they can scramble up over you. They’ll side with minorities to do it to you as well. It’s not right, and it’s not healthy. This lack of solidarity steadily chips away at the fabric of society.

You see this a lot when you travel. See, White peoples are very different, and for a movement that talks a lot about White identity, we do very little self-reflection.

There is this belief that we are perfect the way that we are, and that all our problems can be blamed on external forces and external tribes. While there is more than enough evidence to prove that there are indeed hostile groups within our societies that blend in and want to corrupt us, do us harm and eventually destroy us, that’s not all that’s at work here.

Americans need to take a long hard look at themselves.

Most White Americans feel alienated from one another in ways that other groups of people, even other groups of White people cannot fathom.

Americans are a strange people because in many ways they are not a people at all. They are an anti-people. I believe part of this stems from the American experience compared to the European experience. Europe was racked by many absolutely devastating wars. Everyone was hurt, and from mutual suffering, a shared consciousness grew. People understood that bad things could happen in life that could hurt everyone. You could die one day from a bombing raid through no fault of their own. You weren’t a loser because you died in a war. You weren’t a loser if you wanted socialized medicine to take care of you in case of misfortune. You weren’t a loser if you were a factory worker who considered himself working class and wasn’t ashamed to agitate for his class interests instead of LARPing as the Monopoly Man.

And it is all about money, let’s not kid ourselves. It’s about membership in some club, about getting in while others are left out. It’s about competition, not cooperation. Capitalism, not community. It’s about cutting your opponent down, instead of working on yourself. About dressing a certain way, from a certain brand, with a certain logo to push away those that don’t. They’re not on the inside of the velvet rope. They’re not winners like you.

This translates into the political climate as well. There is a quote about Americans that I recently discovered:

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

Mass immigration only hurts the poor, dumb, unskilled laborers of this country. The losers. You’re not a loser, are you? No? Then you should keep your mouth shut about immigration, about lower wages. Only dirty Commies (or I guess Nazis) care about stuff like that.

Why do Americans care about the inheritance tax? Few of them will be multi-millionaires, but to admit that to themselves, they have to admit that they aren’t millionaires. They aren’t winners…they didn’t pull on their bootstraps hard enough, maybe. Hell, they might not even be middle-class, but working class…

No, no, better to take up the rich man’s cause and pretend that they might one day make it.

Americans lurv Winners, that’s why they elected Trump. Trump appealed to their wounded pride and their desire to be in the winner’s circle again. He framed himself as the choice for Winners, and his opponents as the Loser candidates. Winner winner, chicken dinner, that’s what Americans wanted to hear…

But maybe it’s time for some tough love instead.

Americans need to rediscover their sense of community again. And not in that phony, “let’s have a bake sale to raise X awareness” way. They need to start thinking of the Jones’ next door as in the same boat as they are, not as competitors. People who talk about the poor as if they are subhuman need to be shown the door, even if they are in the Alt-Right. Americans need to start seeing each other as comrades, fellow citizens, maybe even racial brothers in the future.

Suffering might help. Suffering helps close the ranks, helps build an identity. Just ask people from the American South.

We need to start acting like the minorities that come here. They help each other out, always. They get their cousins jobs. They help each other bid on contracts. They aren’t at each other’s throats. It’s them, their brother, their cousin against the world. We need to become a lot more like them if we are to make it through what is to come. Less individualistic, and more community-thinking.

Seriously, if you’ve ever been friends with an immigrant, you know exactly what I mean. They have something now that Americans are missing. And it is one of the reasons that so many Americans decide to “go tribal”.

How many White boys dip into Anime and totally lose themselves in Japanese culture?

What about White boys that start wearing chains and acting Black?

How many Hipsters with Maori tattoos and tribal piercings  do you now see in the big cities?

What about White hippy chicks LARPing as Hindus?

Ever notice how SWPLs pretend they’re European?

We need to become warmer again, more open to friends and less concerned about keeping up appearances. Less worried about how we look in society’s mirror. Less worried about the rules and more concerned about our family, our friends, and our comrades.

Less like Chuck and a lot more like Jimmy.


Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Fantastic article… I would like to mention that this dog eat dog mentality doesn’t exist in certain areas of the heartland of the U.S. less nihilism inducing materialism to cause that i suppose… still great piece!

  • Obviously your right-but-in reality Kumbaya doesn’t actually translate into white western European culture very well. Try not to base your future theories on losers like Saul/Jimmy and his idiot brother. A fool and a con man aren’t good role models The reason minorities “appear” to be more united than white people is white people’s perception of nonwhites – which has been fundamentally wrong forever. Just because a pack of dogs or wolves function to feed themselves by attacking weaker animals ; doesn’t make their group more cohesive or stronger. Minorities have “targeting” white people since they saw the first one. Who is the Alpha predator is always the ultimate question. What will breed white success is white Power ,nothing less. White money ,white education ,white strength ,white courage and white intelligence-it’s attractive, addictive and essentially infinite.

  • Best article I’ve read by Law. Getting past the seemingly inherent tendency towards intra-racial competition and violence that Whites seemed plagued with it part of the solution.

    Collectivism, or tribalism on a local level as I practice, is something foreign to the American psyche. Most associate it with communism, socialism, or some from of totalitarianism. Nationalism IS a collectivist ideology. Libertarianism isn’t. The latter values selfish indifference above all. The former eschews it.

  • You guys only seem to want to bitch about problems… I’m offering you a solution.. I’m buying a mansion this year and opening it up to alt right applications.. the purpose is self development, character development, and towards a spiritual consciousness.. interested or not… let me know…

  • People know Robert Putnam as the political scientist who first proved that diversity leads to distrust and a lack of social cohesion. But in his latest book, “Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis,” Putnam (who is 76) writes about how social classes lived in closer proximity when he was a child growing up in small town Ohio. This was of great advantage to bright working class kids who could find upper class adult mentors, and could go to school with kids who had more advantages. Nowadays, the affluent and working class and poor people rarely reside in the same neighborhood. Putnam doesn’t say this, but I think that the classes have moved further apart because of diversity. Affluent whites have moved as far as they can to get away from the blacks and browns, and these affluent whites really have no sympathy for the poorer whites who have no choice but to stay in neighborhoods that have deteriorated. White social justice warriors who push for diversity and desegregation know that blacks and browns can’t afford to live in their neighborhoods, and these whites really don’t give a thought to the people who will have to endure diversity — poorer whites.

    • I agree… this is why you have to create a city, or take one over where it’s legal to discriminate..

    • I have lots of sympathy for the poorer whites stuck in Appalachia. I can only give them opportunity. They must recognize it.. I’m creating an alt right boarding academy and will bring people in ….. interested.. you just want to pontificate your whole life?

  • Of course, Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman is just a fictional character. The man behind the character, Bob Odenkirk, has predictable Hollywood tendencies:

  • We don’t need to become victims that is for sure….. what we need is a few successful people who are willing to bring in other members of the tribe… I’m close to my financial goals and then you will see who i’ll be looking out for….. I’m a proud WASP.

  • I agree with Vincent Law on his over-all thesis. The winner-take-all mentality that is so apparent in America (and, perhaps, in the american character) is deleterious. Central europeans seem to have more communitarian instincts, and it shows in the kind of societies they build. The kind of trait that Law identifies is, I believe, a characteristic of the anglo-saxon people (by which I mean the peoples of England and low-land Scotland) who first settled this country. One might call it the Anglo-Saxon disease.

    That, however, doesn’t mean I would embrace socialism. What I think would be required for a stable and good society would be some kind of enlightened communitarian paternalism.

    • Eastern and Central Europe suck. they lack creativity and inventiveness. THE WASP created a great country and society until the 1960’s when they gave up their power to diversity, multiculturalism and feminism.. they lost confidence….. We can have creativity, new inventions, and an amazing society if we focus on nurturing the best and achieving our own personal best…. TOGETHER. We need more organizations and fraternities to help each other out… vs doing it behind a keyboard…

      I’m creating a pvt club for christian men where they can live, eat, and work on their character.. Yes, our society lacks, stability, community, and camaraderie…. This I am working to change….. We don’t need to compete with each other.. We just need to use our full potential to set a good example and help one another out……..

        • Totally. What good music ever came out of Germany or Russia? Look at how ugly, drab, and boring an Orthodox Church is. I much prefer the ornate Protestant churches of America.

          • “What good music ever came out of Germany or Russia?”

            Or science? Or technology? Agreed/ Central Europe has just been a stagnant black-hole of a place. What have they ever produced that can compare with Disneyland or Las Vegas?

          • Not only that, just visit St. Petersburg and compare it to London to see how much better WASPs are than Eastern Europeans.

          • Traditional London – the London my ancestors might have known, the London of even just forty or fifty years ago – I would probably like. The London of today? The London with a mayor named “Khan”, the London of Adele and Coldplay and Muslim Rage-Boy? Not so much.

          • That’s just the creativity of inventiveness of WASPs at work as new Brtions reinvigorate London!

      • Sure buddy. Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Wagner suck. Mendeleev and the Periodic Table also suck. WASPs were so much better because muh Adam Smith and capitalism. Who needs art and science when we have free markets?

      • Historians point out that new ideas tended to spread faster in Western Europe because those countries were on the Atlantic coast, and ideas could spread with maritime trade and travel. It took longer for new technologies and social developments to move overland to the east. For example, Russia was the last European country to abolish serfdom.

        • I’m guessing he’s never listened to fag Classical music like Mussorgsky or Dvorak either. That would be, you know, gay.

  • It’s not about working hard folks.. it’s about your mindset and gratitude…. don’t give away your power to others….. we are creators.. we build civilizations…..

  • Here we go. I ask Richard Spencer how a centralized white empire is possible, given the egoistic, decentralized nature of the Teuton (the ethnicity of most whites). The solution here is: Make the Teuton non-egoistic. In other words, change the nature of the Teuton like a progressive social engineer would.

    The problem is you cannot change the Teuton without breaking him. If you really tried this consistently, you wouldn’t morph him but disassemble him. He would degenerate into nothing in the attempt to become something he cannot be. We are what we are. We will retain our competitive and individualistic natures, and we’ll just have to find a way to make a system that takes into account and even leverages this aspect of our nature. After all, whites are the *most* capable of organization and cooperation, and it is in our own self-interest that whites survive and thrive.

    Observe the military – it instills high standards, an optimistic outlook and winner mentality, tremendous personal pride, individual pursuit of excellence, and competition between individuals and units. Yet it also ingrains exquisitely precise cooperation with others, unit pride, the ethic that the mission comes first, and the moral expectation that the needs of the unit and of subordinates are above one’s own needs & personal conveniences. This is the right model for all our civilization. I believe it can be done.

    • Most Whites are not Teutonic.

      Also, Spencer did not author this article. Ask the author for clarification.

        • Then prove it.

          Finns, Magyars, Russians, Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Frenchmen, Irishmen et al are Teutons?

          • I say “most.” And not all the groups you mention here are not of Teutonic descent.

          • At any rate, unless you are proposing that Teutonics be forced to live under a system designed to accord with the nature of the exception groups, you have not addressed my argument.

          • The notion that most whites are “Teutonic” is ridiculous in and of itself. What does Teutonic even mean?

            There is huge cultural difference just within Germany itself. A Bavarian is not a Rhinelander. A North German is not a Swabian.

          • Your first paragraph is pure subjectivism. If you don’t believe words have a meaning or that they reference reality, why bother joining a movement at all. “Teutonic” is far less of an abstraction than “alt-right.”

            Northern German or Southern German, Gaul or Anglo, Pole or Amerikaner…the bottom line is we are descendants of a certain people that exploded into Northern Europe three millennia ago, and we have inherited their egoistic and decentralized natures. It’s just a fact.

          • “If you don’t believe words have a meaning or that they reference reality, why bother joining a movement at all. “Teutonic” is far less of an abstraction than “alt-right.””

            Then why are you using a dated, ahistorical term to transmogrify all European peoples into Germanics?

          • The word is “dated” in your opinion, but not in mine. Stop quibbling about the categorization of various European peoples. The descent lines are real, and the effect is real. I have not seen you dispute this. FYI, arguments like “Germans are different from each other” only buttress my assertion that they are individualistic.

          • You’ve made a claim that most Europeans are Germanic without any proof. Go into Warsaw or Moscow, tell a Pole or a Russian he’s a Teutonic German, and see how well that goes over.

          • I made the claim that most whites are of Teutonic descent, not that most “Europeans” are “Germanic.” At any rate, if Poles want to take great pains to distinguish ancestral lines from Germans, that is all the more proof that they are individualistic and not amenable to the solutions suggested in this article.

      • I disagree completely. There has never been a Continental empire. Where have Teutonic peoples even managed to sustain a true collectivist culture over any significant period of time? Nowhere. Teutonic peoples are too individualistic and competitive with each other and simply do not accept centralization. Cf Brexit. Sam Huntington named individualism as one of the six essential distinguishing features of the West in ‘The Clash of Civilizations’ – and that book was prognostication on a grand scale.

    • White people believe in individualism and a meritocracy. People who have a clannish culture have learned how to “hack” white societies. Why are all of the top executives of CNN Jews? It’s not because of meritocracy, even if Ashkanazis have a somewhat higher IQ than the average European. There are plenty of high achieving whites who would make excellent journalists. Jews predominate in the media because they promote each other. Why do Jews become enraged when anyone points out that they run the media? Because Jews know that they have broken the rules of white society, and they don’t want anyone to know what they are up to.

      • I agree. What this implies we ought to do is a separate question, given our paradoxical nature. Whites will usually take a resistance course of action resulting in every sides’ death before they cede some principle of control, even if they would be much better off capitulating. However, whites also cooperate to successfully remove common threats under the most long-odds circumstances when those threats reach a certain level (but not before).

  • Collectivism is destroying the West not Individualism. Feminism is collectivist. Gov union employees are collectivists. Critical theorists have exploited white man’s altruism his religion and his fair shake ideals, not his individualism, in order to provide collectivist benefits to certain descriminated groups.

  • This is real. When my newest neighbors moved in next door they literally said that they weren’t interested in being friends with anyone around them.

    What was it D.H. Lawrence said about America being a negation of civilization, not a continuation of it?

  • As I get happier and richer, only then can i give back… once my cup overflows then I can serve as inspiration for others similar to me. Of course my message would be available to all people, but other white men would be inspired to do as I have done because they would relate to me genetically more than if I was a black leader……

  • The Alt Right is populated by young naive men who really don’t quite know how natural law works. Once again, you can’t change society without changing your personal perspective. Reach for better feeling thoughts and the world changes around you…..

    You can’t sacrifice for the collective… It’s stupid.. If you focus on making yourself happy, the world gets better. Most people just settle and blame. The alt right would be majorly powerful if it was about personal responsibility, not blame the jews or blacks or society for being so fucked up and diverse…..

    You can be pro white, but you also have to be pro happiness and pro personal responsibility…….As you raise yourself up others of similar genetics will be inspired to do the same.. Nothing wrong with helping each other.. which is exactly what I am doing by commenting on the alt right/pro white message board…..

      • Hopefully natural selection will take you and your loser mindset out of the gene pool…..

          • You need a winner’s mindset… The blacks in the inner city and poor latinos in crappy neighborhoods all have negative mentalities and beliefs that they are entitled to things…. When you use your mind properly you can create a lot of wealth (like the jewish community) and then give to causes that support pro white organizations…. Memes are great and all, but positivity and money go a long way. When you’re happy and rich (BOTH, not just money) then other whites see your example and are more likely to emulate.. so in fact you’re changing the entire culture by changing yourself. You start by just using positive affirmations… so your mind is drawn to opportunities…

            White people don’t need jobs to attract lots of money. We are a creative people… So take responsibility and start creating something and moving towards it

          • Just telling people to suck it up and work hard isn’t going to change anything. If that was a winning strategy, the Libertarians would have got more than 1 percent of the vote.

            And who exactly is advocating against self improvement? You’re creating a straw man. People can work hard, succeed, and set positive examples but we still have Jewish control of the media, culture, and government to contend with. There’s nothing wrong with pointing it out.

          • It’s not even about working hard… it’s about your thoughts…. thoughts can be easy if you focus on controlling them… stupid wasps stopped wanting to govern and be in charge.. probably cause they got mentally lazy since they were rich… then of course jews took over… if you’re using jews as an excuse not to succeed and not to create and using “votes” as a reason you can’t make things happen in your own life (which u can do anything btw) then you’re never going to win a vote or win popular opinion……. plus who gives a shit who’s in charge… they can’t stop you from making your own damn life… take some responsibility and create something awesome… you think help people who refuse to help themselves .. and that includes any whites who play victim and shoot up heroin into their veins…… just like another group of people who lack of success u may heard of….. they think negatively too…

          • More straw man. No one is saying people shouldn’t strive for success. But just striving for individual success isn’t going to change anything. Otherwise, why hasn’t the Libertarian message resonated with anyone? Because people want a message that is deeper than “pro happiness and pro personal responsibility.”

          • The more self esteem you have the more connected you’ll feel to your peers… What one white person does ripples into the collective bro…. we use our individual achievement to inspire each other and look out for each other as well.. You can’t get rich thinking u need a job. Maybe whites are discriminated against.. who cares… u are a creator of your own life… work on that positive affirmations … create a pvt club or organization…… then bring others in… thats what the wasps did.. they created a country… created institutions… then brought their people in…. eventually they got tired of it (they’re great great grand children gave away the farm) and allowed anyone to come in…………. I’m starting an organization of personal improvement for men… free housing… food… recreation….etc… willingness to follow the program is what I am looking for….. you think i can do this without the $?

          • You keep ignoring the question I raise. If just personal responsibility and self improvement work so well, then why have the Libertarians utterly failed as a social-political movement? How are your solutions any different?

          • Apparently libertarians don’t have confidence in themselves … maybe they don’t believe in themselves…. It’s one thing to believe you’re right about something, It’s another to belief it and get the masses to belief it……. gratitude and belief will create movements that inspire the masses……

            Look at Trump’s movement.. He’s one man and look at his influence….

          • Or it could be that people aren’t attracted to your own and the Libertarian mindset of “pro happiness and pro personal responsibility” as a panacea for all of society’s ills.

          • Hey, cut the guy some slack. He’s building a civilization. He doesn’t have time for literacy.

          • You can live a libertarian reality if u wanted… u don’t need other people’s approval to live how u want to live….

          • look at the muslims who just show up and create no go zones.. they live according to their own rules….. why not you?

          • Muslims want to live as Muslims because being a Muslim has deeper meaning than “pro happiness and pro personal responsibility” Libertarian pablum. No one wants to live as a Libertarian, at least I haven’t heard of any Randroid or Paultard planned communities.

          • You sound like Shirley MacClaine – you’re just making up your own reality as you go.

            It must be nice………..

          • Other people’s beliefs and voting records don’t matter. If you build it.. they will come… if u want to stay limited… then stay down there and compete for scraps with the masses…. I know my own power because i’ve seen others like me create magnificent cities and institutions… I will do the same

          • Please tell us about how you made $12,000 last month, while working at home.

          • Yes. I am pretty powerless.

            So are you.

            The difference is, I know it.

            You, however, ………..

            ……..seemingly know very little.

          • Yea those Whites who were too lazy to go pick money off the money tree deserve poverty and oblivion.

            People who lack empathy are sociopaths. Understanding human nature and how people will react in a given situation is part of natural empathy.

            Those who lack empathy for our people and their fate, rich or poor, have no place among us. They destroy our community, our cohesion and ultimately our nations and peoples.

          • Quick to judge.. what have you done to unite anyone? I don’t have empathy … you come up to me.. i’m not going down to your level… the invitation is here…. i’ll have an open invite for 20 Alt right men to join me.. free room and board, free food… free community.. I m going to buy a mansion soon….

    • You’re just preaching “I’ve got mine, screw the rest of you” basic conservatism. It won’t matter how much you have when you’re surrounded by blacks and browns. They will take everything you have, rape your women, and ultimately, kill you. You need other whites if only because there is safety in numbers. Even if you could build a castle to protect yourself from the feral blacks and browns, you would be very lonely, since you would not be able to relate to non-whites.

      • A poor white can’t help others . A rich white can…… It’s not about numbers.. it’s about level of consciousness…. guess you’ll just have to watch it in action……

      • It’s about transcending the ego bro.. If you’re stuck in ego mode, you’ll be invaded probably.. and by the way.. that’s a shitty mindset you seem to have.. you need to change it…..

  • It’s not possible to judge someone’s worth or merit or worthiness by their group or collective identity. There are happy people of all races, but law of attraction brings similars together………. You can only figure out whether an individual is worthy of your time and attention based on one thing…… It’s based upon personal vibration (your energy level/your happiness-misery level).

    Law of attraction brings people of similar cultures and backgrounds together… but one white englishman who is always miserable and negative will not be able to live or interact much a happy englishman……Their attitudes keeps them separate in both daily interaction and neighborhoods. A negative white guy will attract other negative whites and other negative situations.

    However a happy englishman will usually attract other vibrationally similar as well as genetically similar white or english people because the vibrations are mostly in harmony…..

    Anti Discrimination laws force people together against natural law in situations of commerce/trade/ public accommodations…etc… They are against nature to a large degree….

    The only way to begin trusting each other and our neighbors is through personal improvement and mindset improvement. The better people feel the easier it is to trust and the less likely we’ll value diversity. As people who experience diversity (as insecure 20 year olds in big cities, …etc) then choose harmony because it feels better being around people who have the same social cues and styles of communicating., similar genetics… strong social trust… this is why rich old people all clump together eventually… everyone who experiences diversity (and lack of cohesion, no social trust) eventually grows up and prefers strong social bonds with vibrational and genetic equivalents…….


  • It’s insane for a white European to be more worried about what some Frenchman or Pole did to them 300 years ago than what their own anti-white elites are doing to them RIGHT NOW.

    White Americans have transcended petty nationalism. Time for Europeans to do the same and join together to fight their common enemy: the anti-whites in power who are committing genocide against white people worldwide.

    • I’m not saying there isn’t a replacement attempt happening… but the best way to fight this is through personal responsibility and taking full responsibility for your happiness. Observing negative trends and getting angry and upset isn’t changing much but making the problem bigger. The solution is making yourself more grateful and happy… the happiest people conquer the most miserable, even if they’re out numbered……

        • Yeah, I don’t see Jews only focusing on themselves and personal improvement. Lotta ethnic nepotism, grievance and propaganda organs like the SPLC and ADL, and coordinated attacks using pop culture and the press. Of course, we need high standards for our people.

  • Less like Chuck and a lot more like Jimmy.

    I can only hope for Vinnie’s sake that he’s not a fan of the show.

    Otherwise wtf, Jimmy McGill an example of all that is good and wholesome? Lol.

    Jimmy McGill is a thoroughly selfish sociopath with a severe self-destructive streak, who adheres to no principle he’s unwilling to compromise in order to get ahead. Jimmy may well sincerely love Chuck, but his often astonishing social blindness not only causes him to continually hurt those he’s close to, but to fail to show the remorse requisite to genuine forgiveness – and who’d ever believe such a practised liar anyway? (All this makes his enduring relationship with Kim Wexler the show’s most conspicuous incongruity.)

    While Chuck is not imperfect and not above scheming, he is highly cultured, mild-mannered and reasonable. Of the two brothers, I could far more easily see him demonstrating sincere compassion for those less well off. Indeed, Chuck’s compassion towards his younger brother repeatedly brings him to grief. His life would have been much easier if he’d simply cut Jimmy off completely.

    A better example of the “winner” tendency is the unctuous Howard Hamlin. He is very successful and driven, firm but fair, and at no point in the show can he be said to be acting unconscionably; his readiness to lose by the very same rules he wins by is surely an admirable quality. All this “winning,” however, almost unavoidably engenders callousness towards the lower ranks, who are often perceived as unjustly demanding more than they’re entitled to, and which in turn leads to viewing even those very near one’s rank – particularly up-and-comers – as sources of competition rather than (or more so than) resources for cooperation.

  • “Anti-people” is a pretty good way to describe Americans.

    One of their fundamental problems is that they are atomized, and this makes a meaningful gemeinschaft impossible. I tend to see social relations as a bunch of circles interacting with one another. The problem with Americans is that these circles represent the literal individual, instead of something that transcends the individual. Rather than, as individuals, seeing themselves as part of a social unit or circle, they see themselves as a self-sufficient unit -they are their own circle. The atomized white man sees every other man as essentially a foreigner -because every other man is not him, and so this foreigner is not only ripe for exploitation, but has to be fought if he tries to take something from me -Rosenbaum was an individualistic xenophobe, with the ‘xeno’ being everyone but her.

    The “us-them” distinction for the atom means that he literally stands alone because he is his own ‘us’, but for the “social-ist”, the man who is part of a circle in which he is not the only member… this man has backup and a support network. His ‘us’ and thus ‘me’, contains many people. It reminds me of my time in high school; The Anglos and Arabs would often get into disputes, and the Arab would have all of his cousins standing behind him, urging him to throw the first punch. Meanwhile the Anglo stands there all alone because he is his own tribe, brother and cousin. A “one man army”, so to speak.

    Based on some of the comments, I’m beginning to believe that the atomized mind is truly incapable of imagining any sort of social relationship with others other than through the State. They can’t fathom any sort of social unity other than one imposed top-down by the state, and they fear this because it means some foreigner (everyone but the individual himself) is going to get their stuff. If for some reason, the US became uninhabitable and all Americans had to migrate elsewhere, it would not take very long for “Americans” to vanish entirely. Their peoplehood would completely dissipate because they, as a whole, are nothing but a bag of sand. Why the hell would one grain of sand help another, when the only “us” is an external bag holding all the grains together?

  • I think this article complements the other from Benoist very well. America is anti-European. Your raison détre is greed brought to the extreme, that’s why you did not kick the blacks and screwed up. TBH, I don’t think there is a solution at this point. Most “white-americans” I know are so individualistic that are incapable of organizing themselves with other WA to push in-group interests and loyalty. And during the last 50 years, minorities deny any kind of identity you may have. And again, you’ll not be willing to risk a single cent to unite together against them.

  • Just an awful article. If you want Socialized medicine to”take care of you”, at the expense of another man’s effort you are a degenerate.

    I don’t know where this site is going with articles like this, but I will continue to promote Manifest Destiny and Rugged Individualism. Your collectivism and wanting someone to take care of you, based on your need, is sickening.

        • At least ants have a society to live in, where every ant has a place and role -where the entire colony gives every individual ant meaning.

          Furthermore, when an ant colony is invaded by a threat, the ants deal with it collectively. They don’t invite even more intruders and then allow them to burn cars, rape women, blow up buses and buildings and hijack the system to suit their own interests.

          That’s more than what most “western” ants do today.

    • I agree. I don’t think Whites aren’t meant to be drones in a hive. We are pioneers and innovators.
      We do need to band together though; I see no other way out of this mess than to form at least some kind of collective.

      • I don’t think Whites aren’t meant to be drones in a hive. We are pioneers and innovators.

        This is why Richard Spencer said, some time ago, that the root of Western European society and identity is hierarchy. We strive to improve ourselves and create a hierarchy so the best move to the top.

        The opposite of Western European society is the hive, which can be seen most clearly in Asia but is in all third world societies. A vast horde of equal people all do the same thing and compete with each other, producing the individualism that Vincent Law writes about in his article.

      • Another problem with socialized programs (medicine, welfare, free school, etc) is that they are the opposite of Darwinian evolution.

        A better solution would be to drop all of them so that the sane, intelligent, moral and effective whites could rise and we could all benefit from them.

        Regardless, the point is well-made that an economic system alone is not a society. We need a sane form of leadership, a social order, culture and an inner drive to virtue.

        Leftism and anything tainted with it will never provide those.

  • Your WHOLE society is run by the money – it sets the tempo, the expectations, family life, child birth rates, marriage being a plus over a failure, your own personal iner power and self worth,…. So if the enemy owns your Nations money and you have about zero say in social policy and the banking social policy wants you to never be thinking about GROUP POWER… why would you not be a ‘hyper individual’?

  • I disagree with some of the points the author tries to make here. I wholeheartedly support the idea of winning, viewing yourself as a winner (when you win), and just essentially achieving all you can…….but with the caveat that you don’t step on people’s heads, Especially your own people, to get there. And there in lies the rub. Ethics have been eroded in so many aspects of American Life that fair competition is nearly impossible. In fact, those who operate by a classic code of ethics are a joke in many circles.

    If we look at America in the 40’s and 50’s, men worked hard for themselves and their families, and women worked at home for the same reasons. But, there was an understanding that when the country called, or your neighbor called, you answered. And you wouldn’t screw that neighbor over to get ahead….if only because it wasn’t right. Also, it was embarrassing and shameful to receive government help.

    These people had what the author described…via WW1 and WW2 in that the war affected Everyone. But today, few in this country have ever sacrificed anything for the country. Somehow today, putting American and Americans first has become devicive.

    I’m not sure there is anyway to get back to the 40’s or 50’s type of society without a common cause, a war, to thrust us forward….and I don’t mean a conflict where 100k men go fight halfway around the world. I mean one that affects every single family in America, with part of it fought on our doorstep.

  • The economy drives the culture; not the other way around. The reason for that is when the economy and the culture conflict with each other, the economy has the leverage.

    Many foolish people tried to change the culture first hoping that the economy would be forced to change with it failing to realize that the culture is not the stronger of the two.

    As long as there is a laissez faire, neoliberal, globalist, hypercapitalist economy, society will have to adapt its behavior collectively known as culture to survive in it. Whatever cultural changes anyone would like to make has to first change the economy to something people will have to adapt their behavior to in order to thrive in.

    • I would recommend you check out Max Weber’s book ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism’.

  • Community is the only way to avoid enslavement by the New Aristocracy. You can’t organize a resistance, if you don’t know people.

  • Hmmm. Really!? So the answer is more big government and hand-outs? Sounds like a dirty communist actually did write this. We have it way better than any other Western country being invaded right now and it’s because our ancestors knew our people might lose control of the government one day.
    An average person with a middle class home, a bank account, and a small business with a few assets is easily a millionaire these days. If you can’t work to set your children up somewhat in the future there is no point! You might as well call yourself a neo-Boomer and go blow your life savings on a hot tub, an RV & facelifts for your third wife.
    Why do we need the government to remove wealth from average people and prevent them from passing their life work onto their descendants? Because some of our people have Havenotitis? So we can fund more gibs to our vibrant neighbors in Detroit and breeding programs for people who live on kibbutzim in Israel? I’d be happy to pay more taxes if we lived in a closed border ethnostate and social shame kept people from squatting in public housing, neglecting their children, and spending their SNAP on cigarettes. However, that’s not reality. We live in hostile ZOGlandia. The best you can do for your people is fight the government from stealing their wealth for redistribution to minorities and foreign nations.

    • So the answer is more big government and hand-outs?

      My guess is that Richard Spencer wants a Galt’s Gulch strategy: if our government is spending itself into oblivion, it might as well spend some of that money on white people as well as Others.

      In the long run, whites need to realize that socialism is never our friend. That does not mean we run to the opposite extreme of the American Republicans, where the only social order is “working hard, making money, going to church and waving the flag.”

  • This is the million dollar question: why have whites failed to unite?

    I guess that after several centuries of class warfare, no one trusts each other.

    As usual, the culprit is individualism, which made people think that being equal was more important than serving their role in a social order.

    Now that individualism has taken hold, people are in it for themselves because they see no hope of reciprocity from others…

    However, I think you will find that there are exceptions. For example, on a street I lived on several years ago, there was a high degree of helping each other, even though people ranged from “barely making it” to “millionaires.”

    Then again, we were all Western European in descent and identified as WASPs, so we had more than race going for each other; we were co-ethnics. I do not see the same on a street of whites from radically different places.

  • Me, Mine…….

    My Rights, My Happiness, My Life, My Problems, My Suffering, My Thoughts, My Opinions……..

    My Perspective, My Feelings, My Choice, My Story……..

    The Self is Burden…….

    But, we all hold onto it so dearly……..

    Because at the Core……

    ……we’re all Needy, Vulnerable, and DAMAGED……..

    And DAMAGE is everywhere…….

    Just waiting to inflict itself more onto us………

    And so the Self is also our Sword and Shield……….

    And for White Americans whose Ancestors arrived long ago into this World of the Liberated Individual…….

    The Self-Centered and Narcissistic Life Paths/Ruts that we have all found ourselves mired in……

    ……WERE and still ARE a Given……..

    And the way back towards White Communalism is going to be the Real Battle which determines our Future…….

    And it doesn’t involve Trashing the Self that we have amassed over the years…….

    It involves Integrating, Digesting, Owning, Embracing……..

    And Transcending while still Protecting……..


  • I think the problem lies in identifying as “American,” which is a completely meaningless term. The term “white” is also fairly meaningless. There is no unity when a person is cut off from their national origin and its culture. We had more unity here in the states when we viewed ourselves (rightly) as descendants of the founding Western European stock and we chose to live near those like ourselves. Now my neighbors are all strangers, some mixed-up mash of “white” who possess no judgment or awareness of much beyond what’s new on Netflix. This is no culture. I identify more with my home state than I do this nation. At least it has some sort of unique culture (The South) that I can identify with and has standards to which I can aspire.

  • Fantastic article and great point. But for this we need something more than race since many whites are nothing more than traitors. We need what the religious have, a group with well defined borders, in and out, us and them. Because the biggest enemies we have are white traitors.

  • I agree with everything but the inheritance tax bit. Why should I work really hard if I can’t pass it down to my children and their children? My family is more important than the people that use food stamps.

        • Who profits from the non-profit Roman Catholic hospital systems you find in every major city? The Roman Catholic Church? The Nuns who run them? The Roman Catholic and foreign doctors who work in them? All of the above? Someone is obviously making money off of all of these so-called Roman Catholic non-profit charity hospitals.

          I find it amusing that these Roman Catholic hospitals are now starting to get stadiums and other public facilities paid for by the taxpayers named after themselves. I thought there was a law against this?

          • The RCC in Poland is said to be partly financed with tax money. According to the non-kosher Polish media, “partly” makes an understatement as no more than 5% comes from the rather poor churchgoers.

          • In many European countries, people declare their religion to the government and they are then taxed to support their church.

          • You spend as much time fixating on Catholicks as David Duke does on Jews.

          • Don’t kid yourself, the big Roman Catholic political support for ObamaCare and other government healthcare schemes means a big payday for the Roman Catholic hospital systems and those who profit from them.

        • It makes sense to note the problem of Leftism, and that any future for nationalism is on the Right.

          In the meantime, why not bleed money from the city elites to subsidize the rural and lower middle classes?

          Of course, by so doing, we will mostly subsidize the Mexican immigrants who are coming across our Southern Border, but if we were to replace EMTALA with nationalized healthcare which required citizen, that would be positive as a start.

          For a long term plan, it makes no sense. Socialism always reverts to its essential form.

          • “any future for nationalism is on the Right.”

            A right wing agenda is political suicide. Notice how Trump didn’t run on cutting Medicare or Social Security? Spencer understands this. Advocating for social programs that benefit poor whites in places like Appalachia serves to triangulate the one real winning issue the left has against the right. Social medicine in America will also bring home the real and huge costs of third world immigration and accelerate calls for immigration restriction.

          • Medicare and Social Security are insurance programs that people and their employers pay into over the years of their working careers, and cannot collect until they reach retirement age. Don’t believe any of the bullshit about these two programs they are fully funded into the future. It would take about more than 30 years of zero or negative economic growth to cause these two programs to go into a deficit in 30 some years.

            Medicaid is a WELFARE program. It is financed by a combination of federal & state tax revenues. In other words someone has to pay the taxes to support Medicaid. It’s not a free lunch, and, it is NOT based on a payroll contribution.

            There’s no real good numbers on how may people are on Medicaid in any state. That in itself is scary. Pick 3 major newspapers in your state, and you will get 3 different numbers on the how many people in your state are on Medicaid.

            The Roman Catholics and the Jews are playing politics with this issue—because this is where the support for ObamaCare or some other government health insurance/healthcare scheme is coming from.

            Dick needs to remember when a Jew runs against a Jew, a Jew wins. Or when a Roman Catholic runs against a Roman Catholic, a Roman Catholic wins.

    • The rent seekers should receive no protections. Rent Seekers hide behind people like you, who made their wealth legitimately. The productive people vs the parasites in fancy suits.

  • Great article and very true. I avoid Americans abroad. But really it is a western issue. The British are worse. Germans and Swedes are similar too, in some ways anyway. I think it has nothing to do with WWI or WWII but with the enclosure of the land, the destruction of the Medieval way of life, the introduction of private property, capitalism and so on. Those things were less prevalent in Southern and Eastern Europe,

    Even in Eastern Germany the people are said to be less alienated, individualist and atomized.

    • “Even in Eastern Germany the people are said to be less alienated, individualist and atomized.”

      Can confirm.

    • “Even in Eastern Germany the people are said to be less alienated, individualist and atomized.”

      The situation is better in Eastern Europe, where I live, but younger generations, particularly the more educated segments, tend to have an American-type mentality.

      • They are getting it from the media. If you are in an Eastern European nation in the EU and English is the second language and is widely spoken then your chances of getting out of this unscathed are limited.

        • Where is English not the second language in Europe?

          The old East Bloc nations had to learn Russian as their second language, but that hasn’t been the case since 1990. So all young Europeans learn English as their second language.

          • Yea I know. I meant if they are good enough at English to have American media supplant their own and for the messages to set in. Like the Swedes who are very much Americanized.

            If English is taught yet not well understood it is in their favor. Each nation in Eastern Europe is different in that regard. Hell I even met a 20something girl from Quebec who could hardly speak English.

            Being outside the EU like Serbia means it is more likely they will drift towards Russia and thus away from Western influences.

          • It’s capital cities that are problems, in basically all capitals in Eastern Europe you have concentration of neomarxists and neoliberals that whine about lgbt rights and poor refugees.And one big issue is that they are infiltrating universities.

          • In Poland you hardly find a university that isn’t deeply ingrained with a diversity of neo crap. Not even the Catholic University of Lublin is free from it.

          • Yeah that’s a serious issue, while so called “nationalist” are bragging how Muslims aren’t welcome ( totally ignoring other groups) , lefties are laying foundation for not so good future, by getting into institutions.
            Not to mention disdain among nationalists toward political parties, literally no one is joining them, meanwhile leftist don’t care about it and are infiltrating all parties.
            That’s a serious problem incoming, and personally this “east is the future of white world” that’s coming from western nationalists doesn’t help. People are taking things for granted.

        • Not just from the media. The worst influence, as far as I can tell, comes from the so-called “corporate culture”. It generates extremely selfish attitudes and a high degree of disdain towards working class people and poorer people in general. In effect, it makes young urban professionals almost completely cut off from their own nation – they even speak in a specific way, in a half-English, half-Romanian language.

          • Without a doubt. And the corporate culture in former communist countries is a complete import from the West. They had (or have) fertile ground to plant their rotten seed.

            But in some nations anyway even big city dwellers still have a village house where they grow vegetables and are thus not completely urban.

            The Western media in Hollywood is the corporations. The banks and corporations finance it. It’s the propaganda arm of the System. Of ZOG.

            I would like to see Eastern European nations start to pick it all apart and teach children in school how it all works. They wouldn’t need to ban it as soon as the people understood that it is like Soviet propaganda but just more slickly packaged and sold.

    • The British are worse. Germans and Swedes are similar too, in some ways anyway.

      Sounds like too much Renaissance, Enlightenment and egalitarian thought to me.

      When you make everyone equal, each person sees everyone else as competition. When you give them social order, like a hierarchy through a caste system, each person has an approximate place where they are stable.

      Did capitalism do this? Nah. Equality did.

  • This. There’s no point in establishing an ethnostate if
    1) it’s just gonna be the same selfish, hyperindividulist society as Murica.
    2) if it doesn’t improve the lot of our fellow White people, even the lazy and low IQ ones.

    If you can’t buy into that, why are you here really?

    • I think an ethnostate would improve the lot of the lower IQ whites simply by not having to complete with minority labor. Remember, our race can survive bad political ideas, plagues, vicious internecine wars, but it can’t survive demographic and genetic replacement.

    • Subsidizing the reproduction of lazy and low IQ whites is totally antithetical to the continuance of the white race. It is a formula for extinction. If you care about your race, you want the best for it, and that means its members must be of the highest quality.

      • Yes. I don’t like the anti-American tone of it. It seemed that the author was particularly putting down old stock Americans, since he seemed to be citing Italian Americans as an example of something better. I have known a few people of Italian descent. They are not all a-holes, of course. Actually, my brother-in-law is half Italian, and he is a great guy.

        I don’t think there is a problem with only white Americans. There is a problem with all white people. (The situation is a little different in Eastern Europe, of course.) Look at the situation in Britain. The white upper class doesn’t care one bit about what is happening to the white lower class, which amounts to genocide via demographic displacement in some cases. The royal family is worse than useless.

        • We need to be more assholish. White people, WASPs especially, are too nice. 1 Tony Soprano is worth more than all the old-stock, Unitarian Boston Brahmins put together.

          • We need to be more assholish.

            It depends on the context. Tony Soprano was a murderer (albeit, a fictional one).

          • Jews don’t care about being nice, they care about money, power, and staying hidden. Look where they are and look where we are.

            Just sayin mane

          • They have explicit racial/ethnic solidarity. That is the most important thing that whites lack. If “nice” means working with instead of against other white people, then we need to be more nice.

          • Most Askenazis do look a bit down on Sephardis, but their hatred is reserved for Whites.

          • Just because they clash, that doesn’t mean they don’t have explicit racial/ethnic solidarity. They have organizations explicitly dedicated to Jewish interests. They have explicit Jewish identity politics.

          • He’s just butthurt that I don’t indulge his “every shooting is a hoax” comments.

          • Shouldn’t you send some more money over to the water filter merchant?

        • The white upper class doesn’t care one bit about what is happening to the white lower class, which amounts to genocide via demographic displacement in some cases.

          The white lower classes have been waging class warfare in Britain for decades, and won with the vote, and effectively made it a neo-Communist country.

        • Eastern Europeans, Poles especially, are stupid in their own way, as they seem to care much about which version of history is more true, ignoring the fact that the vulnerable position of Whites in Europe absolutely needs us to stick together. But of course, there always is the “charitable” tribe that helps the from communism newly “liberated” boors to discover the right truth.

          • My maternal line is from that neck of the woods and my WASP aunt by marriage and I love to tease them about how an insult offered eight hundred years ago stings worse than the one offered eight minutes ago, because they’ve had time to stew over it. They laugh but don’t argue.

            Like Italians, Slavs are very close-knit and clannish. But they are balls to the wall loyal to friends and family. Hence Russia’s attempts to stand by Serbia and Syria. Contrast Russia to the United States of whom Henry Kissinger famously said, “To be an enemy of the United States is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”

            The English have done great things but they have their own fatal flaw. Of all Europeans the British are mostly likely to cut themselves off from their own flesh and blood. The upper classes have children only to ship them off to some boarding school ASAP. They can afford private tutors and nannies, but even that’s not enough distance from their own children. I don’t see that with the aristocracy of other countries.

            As an aside to Bret Stephens, who remarked that the White working class of Great Britain wages class war against the elite, it is not one sided and it took place after centuries of their elite pulling stunts like abducting working class children and shipping them off to American and West Indian plantations as slave labor. The English comprise the only nation which created a word to describe such antics. It’s called KIDNAPPING.

            I recently had an argument with one British guy who kept declaring that he was not a European?! He was real bitter about the USA usurping Great Britain as The Super Power. I pointed out how every politician that was voted in by Americans ran on either an implicit or explicit isolationist agenda and that Americans would cheerfully give the dubious honor of defending them back to the British if they could stop pulling us into any pissing matches they engage in with the Germans.

            He was a curry-eating Brit who claimed to Love Diversity … the more Vibrant the better, because he was not a racist, but hated Poles. He was working in the United States illegally but in one of the Whitest areas I had ever seen. I told him that just as Cape Cod is part of the United States, Great Britain is part of Europe.

            It was this attitude of his that not only contributed to Britain’s Pyrrhic WWI and WWII victories, but caused the sun to set on the British Empire which then brought a flood of its former colonized into his tiny island country. This guy demonstrated that the British have their own kind of stupid and it was these genetics that caused the Anglo-American founders to not only encode their own anti-European doctrines into their Constitution, but both their domestic and foreign policy.

            Or how else can you explain the American Brain Fart of doing handstands to isolate, weaken and antagonize a White Christian Russian Democracy while investing in Communist China and empowering it not only to engage in financial warfare against the USA bug enabling it to militarize effectively against us if we ever wake up and try to put a stop to it?

            What is most ironic to me is I would say that all Europeans (except for the Irish and the contrarian French) are Anglophiles to certain degrees. Germans, even Hitler, were the biggest Anglophiles on Continental Europe and if the “Anglo Saxons” of Great Britain could have felt any connection to the Germans, then they would have had the opportunity to impose their culture and traditions on the rest of Europe without firing a shot. But you’re talking about a country that couldn’t accomplish any real unity even with Protestant Scotland.

            I am just hoping that the Great European Melting Pot of America can keep the best of that quirky Anglo brilliance while infusing them with the self-preservative aspects of more clannish Europeans. Keep those book smarts while infusing them with some street smarts. My father’s side were First Wave Immigrants and my mother’s side were Second Wave Immigrants. Even though both waves were Catholic, both sides assimilated enough to Anglo America enough that all my cultural touchstones originate in Great Britain just like the founding Heritage Americans and my allegiance and loyalty are to them.

            I have hopes that such fusion is possible. After my Grandma died, it was my uncle’s WASP wife who painstakingly put together a cook book of all the recipes Grandma taught her. She made copies of them and makes a point of distributing them to the kids after they get their own places. Sadly, she’s closer to my mother and aunts even after my uncle died than she is to her own siblings. She sees them every few years, but goes out with my mother and aunts at least once a month aside from celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

    • Well Italian Americans still tend to have strong family units, we’re proud of our identity as Italians and we help each other out when and where we can. We’re much less deracinated than the WASPs tend to be.

        • The North Italians are White. The farther south you go in Italy though, the more admixed the population becomes.

  • Good article.

    The #1 thing holding WN back is the level of infighting and lack of solidarity between people who should be comrades. If we can’t put our differences aside and focus on our shared interests then we’re all done.

    A lot of Alt-Rightists come from a libertarian background, and after getting red pilled on race issues, continue to be libertarians basically who don’t like blacks. Nationalism is inherently a group based ideology. Stop thinking about your individual interests. Libertarianism/Liberalism isn’t compatible with Nationalism and never will be.

    “The nation is not simply the sum of living individuals, nor the instrument of parties for their own ends, but an organism comprised of the infinite series of generations of which the individuals are only transient elements; it is the supreme synthesis of all the material and immaterial values of the race.” – Benito Mussolini

    • “Borders and the nation state aren’t real but I’ll shoot anyone who walks on my artificially constructed private property.”

      Libertarianism/Liberalism isn’t compatible with reality. Neither have logic, only autism.

    • You’re right, libertarianism is incompatible with nationalism. And, in my real life experience, most libertarians are anti-racists and extremely pro-Israel. Of course, they support a type of meritocracy which would lead to some sort of natural racial hierarchy and racial segregation. However, for them, a rich black will always be acceptable, while a poor White will not be.

      • Libertarians promote basically the kinds of values and projects our elites want: deracinated, atomized individualism; open borders; endless immigration; mindless consumerism; race-mixing; sexual degeneracy and god knows what else.

        Given that much agreement with our elites’ priorities, the elites just ignore the libertarian critiques of fiat money and central banking. No one has denounced Ron Paul for “hate speech” because he complains about the Federal Reserve System, for example.

        • Check out ‘Open Borders: A Libertarian Reappraisal’ from the Mises Institute on Youtube. The have some interesting critiques of the open-border movement within libertarianism.

        • Libertarians promote basically the kinds of values and projects our elites want: deracinated, atomized individualism; open borders; endless immigration; mindless consumerism; race-mixing; sexual degeneracy and god knows what else.

          This is because libertarians are egalitarians.

          The root of the problem is Renaissance, Enlightenment and Leftist values based on the idea of human equality.

          • We’re all equal capable of creating our own lives.. but white people seem to be the only people in the last multi millennia to create prosperous societies and growth… They think in the biggest possible picture… I don’t think “i just want a house and family and a nice car” I think “i want to create an institution or build a revolutionary city that inspires the world…… Jewish leaders don’t think in such broad terms… Maybe the guy who is trying to rebuild detroit might be.. but he hasn’t been very effective like The Tycoons during the guilded age… all White Christian Western. European men…..

            During the European Renaissance and Enlightenment most of the highest consciousness work and culture was created….. White people need to wake the fuck up and stop denying their creative power.. We are creators… Brett.. you need to be a leader for these kids…. they’re lost as fuck…. By 2018 i’m opening up a pvt boarding academy to help raise the spiritual consciousness of willing young men….

          • The root problem is young white men need to take responsibility for their little fragile minds and stop blaming others.. We are all creators…. I have compassion for those in Appalachia.. but i can’t help them by justifying their victimization. I can help them by creating institutions that bring them in and nurture and teach them how to be happy and fulfilled, not resentful and alienated….

          • how does one be happy and fulfilled?

            do you need a firm handshake and a power tie?

          • It’s a good start… then it takes a non whiney alt right WASP to go in the middle of the country and build and defy the 1968 civil rights act until we are our own province or country… why the fuck not..?

          • it takes a man with class and character vs a stupid white trash troll who has a blackface emoticon on his profile…. fucking white trash dude……

      • Of course, they support a type of meritocracy which would lead to some sort of natural racial hierarchy and racial segregation. However, for them, a rich black will always be acceptable, while a poor White will not be.

        Conveniently, this will create a mixed-race group, much like we see in most former white empires.

      • If any of you knew anything much about Libertarianism you’d realise it has nothing to do with Israel.

        And you just elicited exactly what the article was talking about.

        Funny how all the national socialists who cannot point at a single economy that’s ever worked with socialist ideas want yet another try.

        And don’t act like central planning isn’t central planning everywhere.

        • Spain under Franco in the 60’s was the 9th strongest economy in the world, right behind Canada.

          It depends on what your trying to accomplish though. A wealthy nation of atomized, deracinated, unhappy individuals =/= success to me.

        • “If any of you knew anything much about Libertarianism you’d realise it has nothing to do with Israel.”

          Maybe you’re right, but in my personal experience, most libertarians I have encountered have been very pro-Israel. I have heard them speak about Netanyahu as “the leader of the free world”.

          • Agreed, the stuff pisses me off too, but Libertarianism = Israel is stupid.

        • Scandinavia was doing quite well with their mixed economy until they started importing the 3rd world. Last time I checked Denmark was rated as the happiest country in the world. They seem to be much less insane than their Swedish brothers.

          • I’d agree with you until I realised they were stifling dissent and cooking their stats.

    • Nationalism is inherently a group based ideology. Stop thinking about your individual interests.

      Ideology? I would not consider something of practical value to be an ideology. Ideology is pure moralizing, and almost always is egalitarian.

      I would say there are three options for organizing a society:

      1. Act in favor of yourself alone
      2. Act in favor of the group
      3. Act in favor of an organic abstraction like culture or nation

      Nationalism is not just acting in favor of the group. You are acting to make the civilization healthy, and from that everyone benefits. When you act in favor of the group, that inevitably becomes egalitarianism.

      In my view, whites have too much egalitarianism going on. We do not need a movement dedicated to including everybody; we need a civilization that favors those who do well and throws out or penalizes everyone else.

      This is after nationalism is achieved, which means removal of anyone who is not of the founding ethnic group.

      • Perhaps ideology was the wrong word.

        I totally support Italians returning to the motherland. Your plan of removing all who are not of the founding ethnic group gets messy though. What about the French, Germans, Swedes etc. Their countries of origin are not necassarily going to take them back. It’s easies for a Somalian to be given citizenship than ethnic Europeans in America in a lot of countries. Italy and Ireland not being among them.

        • The founding group is Western Europeans, so Swedes and Germans would be part, as well as most French.

          As far as their ethnic homelands taking them, almost every European country is short on people, and Eastern Europe — our traditional overspill zone — has a need for many of the skills that Americans have.

          I suppose my rule of thumb is that if it is genetically most Western European, looks Western European and acts Western European, it should stay.

        • Take a look at the ethnic makeup of America circa 1783. That’s what we are talking about when we say “founding stock”. It was solidly Anglo with some other Germanic groups like the Dutch or Germans.

          • Mostly. The founding stock was predominantly Anglo with a little bit of Dutch and German depending on the region.

    • That and controlled opposition. Controlled opp is sometimes organic as has been spelled out by this website, recently. People with means co-opt for their own self-interest, sometimes without any deliberate intention. Other times people with means deliberately undermine something against their self-interest by leading it.

      Always be critical, always beware the Jew.

    • I think it’s useful to place libertarians into two group, left and right. The right is with us. The left is silly and ineffectual and barely worth discussing. I came to the alt-right from right libertarianism and I can tell you that 90% of the people in that group are at a minimum very sympathetic to our ideas and many if not a majority will eventually move to the alt-right.

      Left-libertarianism is essentially an astro-turf movement. You have billionaires that want to teach a radical free market mindset so they bribe young college kids to participate by putting on seminars, events, and sponsoring college clubs. If the money stops, the movement would die in a heartbeat. If you look at events like LibertyFest, it’s basically a seminar on entrepreneurship with one speech on ‘liberty’ at the start and no further serious discussion of politics.

      At any rate, I will say that without minorities we could have a radically lower tax structure and much lesser burden to raising children, in addition to more personal freedoms including the critical right to free association. What’s not to like about that?

      • It depends on what exactly do you mean by “left and right libertarians”, but my personal experience is different from yours. All the libertarians I have encountered, in real life and online, have been at least partially hostile to our goals. They don’t like immigration because they don’t want to pay higher taxes, not because they feel any kind of loyalty to their own people. They’re not loyal to their nation and race, but to a set of abstract ideas, most of which are fundamentally incompatible with nationalism.

      • I come from a right libertarian background too. After getting red pilled on race issues I went through a period of trying to reconcile libertarianism with racialism and found that I couldn’t do it. We have a broken culture right now, and to fix it will require strong central planning which might include infringing on peoples personal rights.

        • “Muh freedom” and “muh rights” are two of our biggest impediments.

          The other is actual individualism, which demands that every person be included in society regardless of the outcomes of their actions. This is dygenic and creates the conditions in which Leftism thrives.

        • But the US historically was a very libertarian country and also had very sensible laws to preserve the white race (segregation, anti-miscegenation, low taxes) which worked for many years. Then it all collapsed in the mid-20th century.

          Frankly, I don’t think whites breed well under captivity. A low-tax, low welfare regime with laws that protect social mores (i.e. restrictive property covenants, no race-mixing on TV, etc) would be the ideal setup to restore our civilization.

      • All libertarians (“classical liberals”) are Leftist.

        They accept egalitarianism, but want to be able to climb above the herd by making profit.

        It is essentially a third-world philosophy.

    • Libertarianism is the preferred ideology of the ruling elites and the managerial nerd autistes in their employ.

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