White Flight Nationalism Is A Dead End

White Flight Nationalism is a term coined by Hannibal Bateman, one of the great writers and thinkers in the Alt-Right movement today. He, like me, is not impressed with this idea of ceding territory to non-Whites in order to run off to some “safe space”. The novel idea that White-Identitarians should all move to a specific place on the map and start over is preached by many. Their argument is that it will be a land mass that we completely control, and our people will be able to flourish without the interference of non-Whites. White Flight Nationalism’s central idea is to run away from all of our current problems so that we can become a stronger, more cohesive people.  I could not disagree more with that position.

Many people have headed out to the hills and mountains of Cascadia or Appalachia to create a new life with other like-minded Whites in the hopes to rebuild and replenish our culture. Their rationale is that the poz’d U.S.A. is in a dystopian death spiral to its nadir, and the laboratory of the American form of republican democracy is reaching its logical dénouement. Therefore, we should mimic the Basques or Scottish Highlanders and remove ourselves from the threats that surround us so that we may better protect ourselves and also promote and maintain our unique culture.

I understand the appeal of this idea, but I completely disagree with it because it is a strategy for losers, which is antithetical to the conquer or die strategy that White people have engaged throughout the grand scheme of history. I am looking to restore the Roman Republic not survive as a footnote in the history of Northern Aztlán.

Likewise, this run and hide concept is also a cornerstone of Boomer Nationalism because they, too, all raced to places like the suburbs to avoid ever having to deal with the explicit non-White problem. In fact, the Boomers ceded almost every major city in the U.S. to non-Whites within a span of thirty years without so much as a whimper or the slightest retaliation.

To be sure, running will not solve anything. The non-Whites will follow us wherever we go because we got the gibs. They know that if White people are in a particular place then that precise location will be infinitely better for them than wherever they currently reside. Non-Whites love to live and be around Whites; it’s an absolute fact. We are the epitome of civilization, and they all know it. Their lives are abundantly more enriched by our presence.

Additionally, just because you move to the mountains, the non-White immigration/invasion does not magically stop. Unfortunately, it will probably become worse. Non-White immigration is by far the most immediate problem facing the White world and has always been a thorn for us throughout our history. We are much too tolerant of non-Whites, and that tolerance has allowed these non-White demographics to grow exponentially within our nation states. Truly the only way that our enemies can win, which they emphatically know, is to keep flooding our countries with these people. Our current modus operandi for this problem is to keep making arguments based on logical civil discourse to try to stem the tide, and our enemies ignore it all and just keep bringing these non-White usurpers, who demand handouts, really hate us, and ultimately want us dead.

We do not have a dying White population problem as much as we have a huge r selection, non-White replacement problem. Our contentions with Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, and Blacks are exacerbated because they are unwelcome squatters who were forced upon us with our forefathers’ tacit acquiescence but definitely never their approval. However, thus far, all of us have been unwilling to really do much other than vote and complain because we, as Western White people, would rather die playing by some fictitious set of rules of engagement and fair play that has been mandated to us even though our enemies are cheating every chance that they can get. Winning is their only objective, playing by the rules is ours.

Don’t get me wrong, I can absolutely see that the miasma of Vibrant Diversity is definitely taking its toll on our people; I understand why people want to turn and run. The goal of our enemies is White Genocide, and they will never allow us a moment’s peace until they accomplish it. Their act of unprovoked and unchecked aggression is mainly due to the fact that our government does not explicitly support us, and within its hallowed halls, our plight seems to fall on deaf ears. In addition, the media, corporate business interests, and Boomers are all lined up against us in their unending support of Cultural Enrichment via unlimited immigration. To this end, I often wonder how much longer Whites can support this Third World undertow when even finding a job is becoming impossible for many of us.

This is why I implore everyone not to retreat any longer. It’s a sign of weakness, and it emboldens them. Plus, it will not help us moving forward. There have been many battles won in the past where the odds seemed insurmountable at the time, but remember, battles and wars are never entirely a numbers game.

Take for example the Siege of Vienna in 1683. The Turks had taken most of the Balkan peninsula and were finally at the gates of Vienna. They had an overwhelming force that outnumbered the brave Whites 3-to-1, and the Turkish army was ready to give the death knell to the Austro-Hungarian and German forces once and for all. Luckily for the men in Vienna, the Poles came to their aid. The collective European armies were able to fight off the Turks and save the city in about 3 hours. The defeat for the Turkish army was devastating. So much so that over the next few hundred years, the Turks lost more-and-more power and began to recede from the European continent after successive White armies began to defeat them with a revolutionary fervor.

This is our only way to win. We must stand our ground and fight. I am not advocating violence, but we have every right to defend our people and lands. Non-Whites do not belong here, and this is not their country. We did not ask them to come nor do we want them to stay, and we should not forfeit to them any of our lands or cities because that is plain madness. Never believe anyone when they state that these people will not just leave. If we make this country as inhospitable as possible, they will go.

This concept has a personal meaning to me to be sure. I currently live in New York City. This is a place that many people call Jew York. In the past, I’ve heard people say and have read many posts where several negative attributes are bandied about this city-all of which are probably true.

This city is poz’d as can be. Its government is run by Jews, who are the worst of the worst when it comes to corruption. Its infrastructure is run by non-Whites, which causes every problem imaginable; if it were not for heavy government subsidies, very few of them could even afford to live in this city. Accordingly, there are drug addicts and homeless people everywhere and on top of all that, homosexuality runs rampant, which results in one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world.

New York City is surely the beating heart of Weimerica.

However, none of those non-White people or social problems represent New York to me. I consider them squatters in my homeland. My family has been on the territory currently called New York for almost 400 years. They fought along side General Washington in the New York and New Jersey campaign during the Revolutionary war. They were there when the island of Manhattan was purchased for $24. They brought with them a rich culture and history that has been ingrained into the very fabric of what defines the word American. In fact, they were the first group of people to call themselves Americans, a term that first was originated by Adriaen van der Donck when describing the collective people of New Amsterdam while he was arguing for recognition of the colonists’ rights in The Hague.

New York City is the homeland of my people. Many of the streets and neighborhoods are named after a relative of mine, so why should I call this city Jew York? They did not build it or make it great. That term offends me more than most people will ever know. Trust me, I am as biased about New York as any of you are about wherever you are from- this is the city of my forefathers. The very foundations of these buildings are built on the graves and bones of my ancestors.

My love for New York reminds me of the recent removals of statues in southern cities and just how connected we, Americans, are to each other. There are streets in Brooklyn named after Jackson and Lee, two heroes of the Virginia colony during the War of Northern Aggression. Many anti-Whites have been trying to get them changed for years. Conjointly, my great-great grandfather also has two streets and a neighborhood named after him not far from there. I’m sure that it will not be long until someone says that he was a racist old White man and that those names should be changed as well.

Cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and L.A. are ours. Why should we willingly hand them over? What is in that for us? Just because a bunch of non-Whites live there now does not make those cities theirs. They have been White cities much longer than they have belonged to anyone else; they were founded and cultivated by Whites as strategic shipping ports and centers for both education and commerce. Non-White people’s ancestors did not possess the capabilities to build such majestic urban centers. How dare people try to counter-signal otherwise!

The before and after of the Lee Plaza Hotel in Detroit.

Our idea for the future should be a combination of Manifest Destiny and La Reconquista. Manifest Destiny was the idea that the current country of the United States should expand from ocean-to-ocean, and La Reconquista was when Spain took back the Iberian peninsula from the Moorish Muslims. Both campaigns took a very long time to accomplish; Spain alone was under Muslim rule for 770 years. Thankfully, we are a race of low time preference and high agency because any other race except Whites would have probably been lost in the annals of history after suffering such high degrees of oppression as the Spanish endured.

Therefore, we must keep these concepts in mind. In many ways, we have lost the U.S.A. in less than one generation or so, but that does not mean that it is gone forever. We must believe in and achieve our goal of the White ethnostate; every other goal is secondary at this point in time. Economic policies, types of government, etc., will be decided down the road.

Remember, it is never good to be a minority anywhere period, but giving up our lands guarantees that our population’s size will always be limited by a much smaller geographical area.

“Land is a nation’s basis for existence. The nation has its roots like those of a tree deep in the country’s soil whence it derives its nourishment and life. There is no people that can live without land, as there is no tree which can live hanging in air.”Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

So let’s put the White Flight tactics aside and start taking up space again. The Alt-Right is already leading the way.