White Flight Nationalism Is A Dead End

White Flight Nationalism is a term coined by Hannibal Bateman, one of the great writers and thinkers in the Alt-Right movement today. He, like me, is not impressed with this idea of ceding territory to non-Whites in order to run off to some “safe space”. The novel idea that White-Identitarians should all move to a specific place on the map and start over is preached by many. Their argument is that it will be a land mass that we completely control, and our people will be able to flourish without the interference of non-Whites. White Flight Nationalism’s central idea is to run away from all of our current problems so that we can become a stronger, more cohesive people.  I could not disagree more with that position.

Many people have headed out to the hills and mountains of Cascadia or Appalachia to create a new life with other like-minded Whites in the hopes to rebuild and replenish our culture. Their rationale is that the poz’d U.S.A. is in a dystopian death spiral to its nadir, and the laboratory of the American form of republican democracy is reaching its logical dénouement. Therefore, we should mimic the Basques or Scottish Highlanders and remove ourselves from the threats that surround us so that we may better protect ourselves and also promote and maintain our unique culture.

I understand the appeal of this idea, but I completely disagree with it because it is a strategy for losers, which is antithetical to the conquer or die strategy that White people have engaged throughout the grand scheme of history. I am looking to restore the Roman Republic not survive as a footnote in the history of Northern Aztlán.

Likewise, this run and hide concept is also a cornerstone of Boomer Nationalism because they, too, all raced to places like the suburbs to avoid ever having to deal with the explicit non-White problem. In fact, the Boomers ceded almost every major city in the U.S. to non-Whites within a span of thirty years without so much as a whimper or the slightest retaliation.

To be sure, running will not solve anything. The non-Whites will follow us wherever we go because we got the gibs. They know that if White people are in a particular place then that precise location will be infinitely better for them than wherever they currently reside. Non-Whites love to live and be around Whites; it’s an absolute fact. We are the epitome of civilization, and they all know it. Their lives are abundantly more enriched by our presence.

Additionally, just because you move to the mountains, the non-White immigration/invasion does not magically stop. Unfortunately, it will probably become worse. Non-White immigration is by far the most immediate problem facing the White world and has always been a thorn for us throughout our history. We are much too tolerant of non-Whites, and that tolerance has allowed these non-White demographics to grow exponentially within our nation states. Truly the only way that our enemies can win, which they emphatically know, is to keep flooding our countries with these people. Our current modus operandi for this problem is to keep making arguments based on logical civil discourse to try to stem the tide, and our enemies ignore it all and just keep bringing these non-White usurpers, who demand handouts, really hate us, and ultimately want us dead.

We do not have a dying White population problem as much as we have a huge r selection, non-White replacement problem. Our contentions with Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, and Blacks are exacerbated because they are unwelcome squatters who were forced upon us with our forefathers’ tacit acquiescence but definitely never their approval. However, thus far, all of us have been unwilling to really do much other than vote and complain because we, as Western White people, would rather die playing by some fictitious set of rules of engagement and fair play that has been mandated to us even though our enemies are cheating every chance that they can get. Winning is their only objective, playing by the rules is ours.

Don’t get me wrong, I can absolutely see that the miasma of Vibrant Diversity is definitely taking its toll on our people; I understand why people want to turn and run. The goal of our enemies is White Genocide, and they will never allow us a moment’s peace until they accomplish it. Their act of unprovoked and unchecked aggression is mainly due to the fact that our government does not explicitly support us, and within its hallowed halls, our plight seems to fall on deaf ears. In addition, the media, corporate business interests, and Boomers are all lined up against us in their unending support of Cultural Enrichment via unlimited immigration. To this end, I often wonder how much longer Whites can support this Third World undertow when even finding a job is becoming impossible for many of us.

This is why I implore everyone not to retreat any longer. It’s a sign of weakness, and it emboldens them. Plus, it will not help us moving forward. There have been many battles won in the past where the odds seemed insurmountable at the time, but remember, battles and wars are never entirely a numbers game.

Take for example the Siege of Vienna in 1683. The Turks had taken most of the Balkan peninsula and were finally at the gates of Vienna. They had an overwhelming force that outnumbered the brave Whites 3-to-1, and the Turkish army was ready to give the death knell to the Austro-Hungarian and German forces once and for all. Luckily for the men in Vienna, the Poles came to their aid. The collective European armies were able to fight off the Turks and save the city in about 3 hours. The defeat for the Turkish army was devastating. So much so that over the next few hundred years, the Turks lost more-and-more power and began to recede from the European continent after successive White armies began to defeat them with a revolutionary fervor.

This is our only way to win. We must stand our ground and fight. I am not advocating violence, but we have every right to defend our people and lands. Non-Whites do not belong here, and this is not their country. We did not ask them to come nor do we want them to stay, and we should not forfeit to them any of our lands or cities because that is plain madness. Never believe anyone when they state that these people will not just leave. If we make this country as inhospitable as possible, they will go.

This concept has a personal meaning to me to be sure. I currently live in New York City. This is a place that many people call Jew York. In the past, I’ve heard people say and have read many posts where several negative attributes are bandied about this city-all of which are probably true.

This city is poz’d as can be. Its government is run by Jews, who are the worst of the worst when it comes to corruption. Its infrastructure is run by non-Whites, which causes every problem imaginable; if it were not for heavy government subsidies, very few of them could even afford to live in this city. Accordingly, there are drug addicts and homeless people everywhere and on top of all that, homosexuality runs rampant, which results in one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world.

New York City is surely the beating heart of Weimerica.

However, none of those non-White people or social problems represent New York to me. I consider them squatters in my homeland. My family has been on the territory currently called New York for almost 400 years. They fought along side General Washington in the New York and New Jersey campaign during the Revolutionary war. They were there when the island of Manhattan was purchased for $24. They brought with them a rich culture and history that has been ingrained into the very fabric of what defines the word American. In fact, they were the first group of people to call themselves Americans, a term that first was originated by Adriaen van der Donck when describing the collective people of New Amsterdam while he was arguing for recognition of the colonists’ rights in The Hague.

New York City is the homeland of my people. Many of the streets and neighborhoods are named after a relative of mine, so why should I call this city Jew York? They did not build it or make it great. That term offends me more than most people will ever know. Trust me, I am as biased about New York as any of you are about wherever you are from- this is the city of my forefathers. The very foundations of these buildings are built on the graves and bones of my ancestors.

My love for New York reminds me of the recent removals of statues in southern cities and just how connected we, Americans, are to each other. There are streets in Brooklyn named after Jackson and Lee, two heroes of the Virginia colony during the War of Northern Aggression. Many anti-Whites have been trying to get them changed for years. Conjointly, my great-great grandfather also has two streets and a neighborhood named after him not far from there. I’m sure that it will not be long until someone says that he was a racist old White man and that those names should be changed as well.

Cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and L.A. are ours. Why should we willingly hand them over? What is in that for us? Just because a bunch of non-Whites live there now does not make those cities theirs. They have been White cities much longer than they have belonged to anyone else; they were founded and cultivated by Whites as strategic shipping ports and centers for both education and commerce. Non-White people’s ancestors did not possess the capabilities to build such majestic urban centers. How dare people try to counter-signal otherwise!

The before and after of the Lee Plaza Hotel in Detroit.

Our idea for the future should be a combination of Manifest Destiny and La Reconquista. Manifest Destiny was the idea that the current country of the United States should expand from ocean-to-ocean, and La Reconquista was when Spain took back the Iberian peninsula from the Moorish Muslims. Both campaigns took a very long time to accomplish; Spain alone was under Muslim rule for 770 years. Thankfully, we are a race of low time preference and high agency because any other race except Whites would have probably been lost in the annals of history after suffering such high degrees of oppression as the Spanish endured.

Therefore, we must keep these concepts in mind. In many ways, we have lost the U.S.A. in less than one generation or so, but that does not mean that it is gone forever. We must believe in and achieve our goal of the White ethnostate; every other goal is secondary at this point in time. Economic policies, types of government, etc., will be decided down the road.

Remember, it is never good to be a minority anywhere period, but giving up our lands guarantees that our population’s size will always be limited by a much smaller geographical area.

“Land is a nation’s basis for existence. The nation has its roots like those of a tree deep in the country’s soil whence it derives its nourishment and life. There is no people that can live without land, as there is no tree which can live hanging in air.”Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

So let’s put the White Flight tactics aside and start taking up space again. The Alt-Right is already leading the way.


  • The Sun will ultimately prevail, and White skin that has only been around about 9000 years, a period not worth mentioning in the span of time, will become extinct. The “Inbreeding” that produce the Genetic Mutations that suppress the production of Melanin also carry the means for extinction.

  • A while back, I read something called the Pioneer Little Europe Manifesto. It was posted on SF way back when. The idea is to identify a neighborhood in a city (preferably a large city), which has a post office, VFW, parks, small and large church buildings, etc — essentially the resources of a neighborhood. Then move in with sound individuals who are dedicated to the cause. When homes come up for sale, pass the word so one of us can buy and move in his family. An apartment unit comes up for rent, pass the word and move in one of our guys. A shop comes up for sale, buy the business and run it in support of our community. Our military veterans can join the neighborhood’s VFW. Slowly, but surely, the neighborhood takes on the character of our movement. This would be a visible nucleus in every major city. From this nucleus could come the re-conquest of our cities. This idea really needs the right kind of people behind it. I think it’s something that Identity Europa could take on someday.

  • “This is our only way to win. We must stand our ground and fight. I am not advocating violence, but we have every right to defend our people and lands.”

    And fight how? With more worthless essays like this? The WN crowd has established an intellectual platform, despite it’s questionable integrity of alleged strength. The next logical step isn’t to bend over and ask them to be gentle, it’s to arm ourselves and fight. THAT is the next rational step for this movement, not more political articles and poo-pooing others with the pen. If the people you champion truly want to stand your ground “and fight”, then you must start using violence. Start bombing property, torching unwanted businesses and residences, and fortifying your homes with semi-auto firearms. People don’t have to die. You can do all of the above without casualties. But the question is, how many of you (or YOU, Knickerbocker) are ready and willing to do that??

    • You’re a bit triggered, eh? If 150,000,000+ million people decide not to comply with a government apparatus, they would be difficult to control, correct? Do not discount rampant civil disobedience with continuous showings of force if need be. Remember the Koreans during the L.A. riots? The police left them for dead, but they stepped up and repelled the Black menace. There were only a few hundred of them at the time. How many thousands of British troops were in Northern Ireland to attempt to control a few violent members of the IRA? The Mujahideen, ETA, etc. Strong-willed and cohesive dissidents have the ability to defeat an entire army. Remember, it is never just a numbers game.

  • “However, thus far, all of us have been unwilling to really do much other than vote and complain because we, as Western White people, would rather die playing by some fictitious set of rules of engagement and fair play that has been mandated to us even though our enemies are cheating every chance that they can get. Winning is their only objective, playing by the rules is ours.
    Don’t get me wrong, I can absolutely see that the miasma of Vibrant Diversity is definitely taking its toll on our people; I understand why people want to turn and run.”

    This is when I realized you had no idea what you’re talking about. People advocating for Secessionism do so with the understanding that the community itself will be made up of like-minded people who will form the bulwark to resist the encroachment of foreigners, liberals and the U.S. government. Eventually creating the ethno-state when the moment is right, preferably via referendum.

    People like yourself just sound like petty idealists, people that contribute nothing of substantive value. Whaaat? Is your plan to take over the Entire U.S., Canada, Australia, NZ, Europe, South Africa and Rhodesia and hey why not Turkey as well. Just ethnically cleanse the place and put in some Greeks and Italians. Good as new.

    If you feel so high and mighty lead the way. Instead of empty platitudes and references to military combat of Princes and Kings against equally formidable opponents instead of the realistic scenario of random civvies vs the world’s top militaries, why don’t you provide a detailed plan for everyone to pick apart how your great Reconquista plan will work in theory.

  • White flight is extremely important. We are reclaiming the countryside which has been virtually empty since the 1970’s. If single whites or white couples want to reclaim our cities then have at it. I have children and will not tolerate living in anti white, homosexual crowded, drug infested, gun controlled and anti homeschooling areas. I have children. I will not relinquish them to the hood just because my forefathers made it grand 100 years ago.

  • Why are Whites fleeing? Cuz they tell their own Gov’t GIVE the right to make credit to the Zio Banking Mafia… If you do not own your own means of production your title will be : goy bitch… next!

  • The answer to White Flight is easy – Start privet towns and public policy has ZERO say… you become a club and that privet club sets the rules as to who can join… Whites are 75 years to late on the easy ideas….

  • I agree, no White Flight Nationalism. While possible to carve our small white enclaves, I think it near impossible, long run, to hold them, against the full force of government. We have to take the whole damn thing, all, or nothing. It’s ours anyway, given by our forebears, in trust, for our children. How to get there?

    1) Expel every muslim, every jew. Every western nation, in concert, and forever.

    2) Blacks and browns. Illegals, over the wall. Criminals, strip their citizenship, and deport. Offer repatriation bounties to the rest, attractive enough, blacks can be kangz again, in their own lands, and browns have a good head start, in theirs. This should leave a small, law-abiding, productive, minority.

    3) Of course, deal with our own traitorous, bleeding heart liberals, egalitarian cucks, and SJWs. Don’t ask, don’t tell, what happens to them, it won’t be pretty.

    Now to find the Will.

  • The yiddnocracy seems determined not to have a white safe space doncha know.. rather … it wants to mix the races like f*ck.. just for shits and giggles and shekkels.

  • Whites represent only 8% in the Old Dutch Family, settlement, The Bronchs, now known as the Bronx. It is lost. It happened in one generation. I hate it. I am the minority with no special protections, and affirmative action is still used against Whites. browns, blacks and jews ruined it. I live in a third world county. The laws and rules of the Constitutional Republic does not exist here. Assimilation turned into multiculturalism that turned into White Genocide.

  • I do not know. I would agree on partition along the racial lines as long as we get New Europe with closed borders and MANDATORY population exchanges. Living among Black&Brown is a continuous stress and financial duress. There is no end happiness.

  • The best reason for whites to stand our ground and fight rather than retreat is this quote from the article:

    “The non-Whites will follow us wherever we go because we got the gibs. They know that if White people are in a particular place then that precise location will be infinitely better for them than wherever they currently reside.
    Non-Whites love to live and be around Whites; it’s an absolute fact. We are the epitome of civilization, and they all know it. Their lives are abundantly more enriched by our presence.”

    • If you go far enough out they will need cars and money to pay for cars to follow you. And they’d better enjoy shoveling snow for a significant portion of the year.

      There are still a lot of places in this country where you can go full VARG, without having to see a non-white for months at a time.

      If you’re considering a move from an activism mode, to a family raising mode, it’s worth considering the fact that you can still offer your family something that at least resembles the old normal, for another generation.

          • the rural areas of eastern Canada seem fairly colour free at this point .. mostly white enclaves .. and they like it that way … the ones who have lasted here thru generations don’t take kindly to this ‘diversity’ building but they’re biding their time and keeping their mouths shut, imho

          • Yes, large towns, medium towns and even some small towns are getting HEAVILY enriched at this point.

            I am in no way suggesting the situation is sustainable, I’m just saying we can go into the rural areas and get off like one more generation of kids who won’t have to go to school with random pygmies and yanomamo tribesman.

            We just have to ensure we pass on our values of white ethno-centrism, rather than allowing them to turn into gullible naive Wisconsin type people.

  • Hmmmm do any of you want to move to Detroit or south
    Chicago? Southern blacks came up north looking for work and the cities started to do down hill. The choice was stay and live in a slum or move outside of the city. Most people of the Springwells area of Detroit were European immigrants and just moved due south into Downriver. The white kids that did stay act and talk like they are black. Retreat can be the only option and the best one at that.

    • White people must have lost billions of dollars in real estate value when blacks invaded Midwestern and Northeastern cities during the so-called Great Migration. Some day a white nationalist historian will write the story of this massive destruction of wealth.

  • Western White people, would rather die playing by some fictitious set of rules

    How come that Whites are unable to stand up against the Negro? I have already often argued that it´s for pity, with the obviously inferior, but there´s an even more important aspect: rationalism. Whites do everything with the head and not with the gut, with feeling, i.e. intuition. So Whites “know” that collectivism and equality adds to the greater good. Yes: in White societies. But then, Whites can´t let go this logical construct although it doesn´t apply anymore: in mixed-race societies. It´s so logical, isn´t it: when everybody contributes in good faith, what could go wrong?

    But the very, vey simple solution is: FEEL IT ! The White does feel: and appropriately to this article: the expression of White feeling, White intuition, IS White flight: do as I do, not as I say: with his moral corset and his logical fixation, the White is unable to verbalize what he feels; but he can yet act upon it.

    So my urgent suggestion for the solution of this problem is: Whites get access to their feeling… yeah call it gay but there´s more to it. We have a logical construct and think we are obliged to act accordingly. But this is the wrong priority! In the question: “what shall I do, how shall I act”, we have to ask our feeling, not our mind !

    And as soon as we ask the correct instance as to what we are supposed to do, we have the answer easily ready! Everybody knows it: non-Whites do not belong here. Blah Christianity blah values blah humanity this is mindfuck! We know very well what is right. But we Whites are terribly easily led astray by the mirages of the mind.

    So: get to the feeling, to the gut feeling. Then we know immediately what we have to do!

    • Dumb, absolutely dumb!!!!! Reality trumps all kid!!! What happens if say a couple white families stay in an almost all black neighborhood in today’s political/ social climate? They will be targets of theft and violence.

      • Hm. I trust in gut feeling. It tells me to go to the big city? Maybe… but at the same time, it tells me to avoid negroes. It tells me to prefer my own kind. Do I need the mind for that? Nope. Jews will convince the mind every time that race-mixing is good. The only one that tells me otherwise is my gut, i.e.: what am I attracted to. How do you see a contradiction to reality? It´s the very reality my gut reacts upon, no….??

        • Reality is there is no incentive for white families to stay put if the neighborhood is changing for the worse. A white male who is married with 2-3 kids has an obligation to look out for his family’s well being. What good will come out of living in a ghetto? That is the reality of which I speak of.

  • History however, is also filled with retreats that turned into triumphs. Maos the long march. The Mormons trek to Utah. The Amish flight to the USA. The USA in itself could be seen as a regrouping to a place to gather strength.

    The most effective way to exert ethnic pressure on the surrounding is to inhabit a place where noone else want to live or can live or to have an unassailable position in some other way. For example, the scandinavians throughout most of the history. The somalians today. The arabs in antiquity. Since noone can invade them they are free to always invade others.
    The gypsies from eastern Europe with their absolutely repulsive lifestyle is a way of creating a place that can not be attacked, we find nothing we value with the gypsies so we do not spend energy to take what they have.

    I guess the most important thing is to become a people. When we are a people we will gain room to manouver, wether on the retreat or the attack.

  • I agree with the sentiment. Buuuut, But the main problem we have now is the white liberal and his offspring. It’s all very well and good defending yourself against the Mexican invasion, but what do you do with the white traitors who watch you get your ass beat and blame you? We need to get away from them too as they are more dangerous.

    Fallback, regroup and meet up with white family units holding the cities down in another generation may not be such a bad idea.

    • When affluent, white social justice warriors insist that integration is necessary, what they really mean is that working class and poor people need to integrate with blacks and browns. Rich people will still be free to live in 98% white enclaves. We need to challenge these race traitors, and insist that integration begins with the rich. After all, imagine how much black and brown children will benefit from exposure to rich whites and their children!

      Recently, I was disgusted while listening to an interview on NPR with MSNBC crackpot Chris Hayes. Hayes was bemoaning the fact that integration has failed in America and that this country has failed black and brown people, blah, blah, blah, the usual social justice warrior crap. I suspected that Chris Hayes was a hypocrite, so I decided to look up where he lives. I couldn’t find Hayes’ address, but I found out where he aspires to live. Hayes recently tried to buy a townhouse in Brooklyn. He was outbid, with the townhouse selling for $3.2 million.

      Something tells me that there aren’t too many black and brown people living in that section of Brooklyn. So, yeah, Chris Hayes is another “do as I say, not as I do” liberal who needs to be challenged to take his own medicine.

      • “When affluent, white social justice warriors insist that integration is necessary, what they really mean is that working class and poor people need to integrate with blacks and browns. Rich people will still be free to live in 98% white enclaves.”

        Perhaps they know that technology will replace the need for most humans and are trying to rid themselves of their competition?

  • I see I got my daily dose of boomer-bashing from again. Laws were passed long ago forbidding discrimination in renting or selling property. These laws are regularly enforced with government paid testers, as landlords and real estate people well know. So when your traitorous government opens up the borders and lets the third world flood into your neighborhood, just what action are you supposed to take? If you commit acts of vandalism to discourage the new entrants you are committing a felony and will eventually get caught. (And they’ll throw in a hate crime charge to triple your sentence.)

    I can understand your loyalty to New York City. Some of the greatest museums and concert halls in the country are there, and NYC still has an active classical and early music scene. It would be tragic to lose these things. But what is a middle class couple to do when the government diversifies their neighborhood, with the full blessing of the corporate class (by no means entirely Jewish), so the public schools are unusable? Private education in NYC is at a price scale that only makes it accessible to hedge fund managers. I can understand the argument against always running away, but that does not lead to a practical program for making it possible to stay.

  • I hate to piss on the parade but demographics are destiny. The weight is pulling us underwater, therefore if we cut what we don’t need, then we should stay afloat for awhile (repairs must be made). This needs to be nation of islam or la raza sampling voting white people out of there homes and into are arms. There’s no point in staying in conquered territory when you can rally and win elsewhere, this is the point of falling back, ruthless offense is not an option when the conquered territory is empty wilderness. without violence requonering the deep south or the environmental southwest for a handful of people is pointless. a proper nation that is settled with modern industry and a coast line is need (the proper coastline means the pacific northwest, sorry new England). trenches must be dug and the machines of war must be build. new York my be able to be retaken because its no mans land. LA or new Orleans not so much as there more monoethnic.

  • “In fact, the Boomers ceded almost every major city in the U.S. to non-Whites within a span of thirty years without so much as a whimper or the slightest retaliation.”

    I’m a Gen-Xer, you really can’t print what I think of Boomers, but…

    The American city was surrendered to the Supreme Court and the FedGov as a result of the civil rights (((coup))). The Boomers weren’t in power, and neither was the Me Generation. That was all the doing of the Greatest Generation, aka the parents of the Boomers.

    That the Boomers took the path of least resistance is a given, but it wasn’t a failure to resist minorities, unless you’re referring to traitorous Yanks and the (((Chosenites))).

    • but still they could have won revolution easy during nam or either Iraq war but now we are going to have fight already surrounded and against drones. still will win in 3 months but will lose a lot of good people

  • I agree with the OP up to a point. If you got strong, deep roots to a now heavily enriched area you shouldn’t turn tail and run immediately. However, if the White community and culture that gave that Soil meaning is long dead, practical concerns like your family’s safety and cultural health come into question and probably take precedence. There’s nothing shameful about a tactical retreat from a hopeless position to a temporary but more tenable one.

    What we need more than anything is not land per se but real communities, implicit volksgemeinschafts. Once we have organic, rooted social networks: fraternities, unions, fashy boy scouts all dedicated to maintaining and uplifting our people we’ll be able to reclaim everything. But it begins with rebuilding our communal foundations and that doesn’t mean some compound in TX or some mythical Whitopian state in the Northwest, it means relocating to the quiet, 80-90% white small towns that lie outside the diversifying suburbs/urban areas in your state. Building connections in the community, bringing in redpilled friends/families, and being an example to the whites around you.

    • I’m not sure that’s enough. My grandparents moved out of Chicago and into a suburb that was close to 100% white. Everyone on the block knew each other, everyone went to church, etc. etc. But once you get a significant number of blacks moving in, the property prices start going down, and once that happens it’s very hard to stop the process from continuing.

      Rolling back equal opportunity housing and restoring freedom of association in terms of selling property, renting and providing services is IMO essential. You can have the most tight-knit community in the world, but you also need the legal right to exclude people from that community.

    • There are cultural social groups out there that in many areas are dying out because those under 50 don’t bother to join them.

  • Normie white flight i agree doesn’t solve a thing but when Our people do it, they’re doing it for specific tactical reasons. We’re spread quite thin here in America so banding together with other woke whites makes good sense strategically. One stick can be broken but a handful of them cannot. We have to regroup and we’re not gonna be able to do that in a place like Detroit for god sake. Demographics is destiny and these cities have been given away years ago. We need our own places. We also have to remember that the powers lined up against us are incredible. The political class, msm, law enforcement, military and academia are all working against us.

  • How much are you paying in taxes, and where exactly are you living? In a multicultural building or in a segre-gated community? What is the risk of crime?
    There are also structural difficulties for people who want to be on welfare to go to the country. It is easer to be in cities with stores nearby and where someone will plow the snow and the welfare office is a short trip. Other than farm workers, there aren’t many minorities.
    The other element is lack of crime and the rest of the social ugliness like the gay pride parades and such. You didn’t mention raising children.
    It might be reasonable under some circumstances to live in the big blue city, but you are living in occupied territory and it will take an economic and spiritual toll.

  • Should the transnational just-in-time economy and supply chains break down, for whatever reason, there will be a massive culling of the worlds population.

    In terms of Mestizos see Venezuela for an example of what happens when the economic, industrial, and social institutions created and maintained by the American Empire (aka Whites) break down. In terms of Blacks look at the situation in New Orleans after Katrina where many 10s of thousands were helplessly stranded.

    The vast majority of non-White people alive today would not have existed were it not for cheap fertilizer, electricity, and antibiotics. If those disappear…

    A wildcard is China and their ability to project power across continents, something for which Han Chinese have no historical precedent.

  • I live in South Africa and I share these sentiments. I have often come across white nationalists that would say something like “why the hell are there still whites that did not leave yet”, my response to this is to point out that if fleeing is the solution to everything then eventually you will run out places to flee to.

  • In the Current Year, whites should focus primarily on building up a sense of common identity and (re) learning to think in tribal, not individualistic, terms. The borders of the future white ethnostate are unknown and unknowable, as it will likely be for future generations to decide. We should neither LARP as crusaders or concede territory in advance. Of course, whites should try to recover as much of their ancestral lands and colonies as realistically possible when the time comes, but you have to walk before you can run.

  • Whites will Endure…….

    I have ZERO Doubt about it……..

    While we’re experiencing a Hemorraghing Bottleneck which will only be exacerbated in the Future……..

    We will carry on…….

    We will Survive……

    There is a Revival and Awakening happening……..

    It’s spreading…….

    Have Faith…….

    The Selfish White Gene doesn’t want to die out yet……


  • Spencer has been (((echoing))) Ben Shapiro’s call for population transfers. If Jews can call for Arabs to be transferred to the West Bank, then white people can call for Hispanics to be transferred to Mexico and blacks to be transferred to the black belt South.

    • You’re going to transfer American Citizens out of America based on Skin Color??

      Please describe how this happens realistically/politically……

      ……as Whites creep closer and closer to losing Majority Status…….

      • We’re talking the end of America and a Soviet style disintegration along ethnic lines.

        In that scenario, Yes, you do transfer “American citizens out of WHITE America based on skin color.”

          • There is literally no way that can possibly work for the United States, it’s far too late.

            Average age of US whites, 42. Average age of US born Hispanics, 19, Hispanic Americans overall, 28

            We must be very close to being a minority already among reproductive age folks

            And we’re not even allowed to TALK about reducing legal immigration

          • White people will have more children if we can achieve economic stability. The Baby Boomers had lots of kids — they raised a huge generation called the Millennials. But Baby Boomers were also able to leave high school and get middle class jobs in steel mills, auto plants and other factories.

          • Not to mention that mudsharking was strongly controlled by social ostracism and even the law in many states.

          • What? The so called greatest generation had all the children. I know maybe one white boomer in ten that had over two children…

          • C’mon, we’re allowed to talk about reducing immigration now with Trump in office, that was basically his whole campaign. All you have to do is get rid of affirmative action, welfare and equal opportunity housing. Most blacks and Hispanics are only able to survive here because of those things. Mexicans will stop coming if they know they aren’t getting any welfare. Plus, with increasing automation of service jobs, they won’t even have jobs.

            Whites are still the majority and are quite powerful in financial terms compared to blacks and Hispanics. Look at how much power the Jews have as only 2% of the population. If we can get our shit together and start thinking in terms of tribal self-interest to even a small fraction of the extent that the Jews do, we can completely dominate this country.

    • Transferring blacks to the black belt South (and encouraging them to form their own country) is probably the most practical solution to the black problem. But Trey Knickerbocker doesn’t want to lose any cities, and a southern African-America would necessitate giving up Atlanta, among other cities. Florida would be a problem, since it is heavily Latino, but half of Florida may end up under water if climate change continues.

      • Ok, so let’s imagine partitioning of the country into different ethnic countries. What’s to stop, a black country in the south from converting to Islam (or something) and now we’ve got an Islamic country on our borders? No, we need to keep the whole continent. because the oceans are really nice barriers.

  • Teilen -From a book I found -by Columbus Falco Fascism and Dharma
    This book is dedicated to the
    Axis solders of World War 2.
    Though maligned by the
    victor’s history – it was due
    only to the immense courage,
    bravery and sacrifices of
    German, Italian and other
    Axis forces that Soviet troops
    did not succeed in raising the
    Red flag over Paris,
    Amsterdam, Copenhagen,
    Rome, Stockholm, and,
    perhaps, London.

  • So when you say stuff like this the next obvious question is “just how extensive will your violence be to achieve this?” This is why leftists get hysterical and ask you questions about that. Its the next thought in everyone’s head, it logically follows. What are you going to do about the 150 million non-whites here if you want the whole continent? Real talk, what you want requires some shit to go down that would make Stalin and Mao faint. When you dance around that and won’t own it you sound like a bullshitter.

    • That isn’t the next obvious question, it’s not the thought in everyone’s head, in 100 years all of those 150 million non-whites will have either passed on or in the old folk’s home, and none of what “we” want would make Stalin or Mao faint.

      The only people that sound like “bullshitters” are the people that want to say crazy shit online about violence to prove how “edgy” they are.

      • Yeah but what are you going to do about the 150 million non-whites here if you want the whole continent?

          • I just hope the dream of taking back the United States doesn’t distract people from doing the work that is necessary to face the future as a minority.

            And I hope that the dream of taking back the US doesn’t prevent people from taking advantage of possible escape opportunities that may arise.

            A white group with a strong sense of it’s own SEPERATE destiny might be able to take advantage of future opportunities to escape the fate that awaits them if current trends continue. But if they feel duty bound to defend every bit of the former United States, they might decline to take advantage of those opportunities.

          • Besides “consciousness raising”, which I agree is important, what else? Anything concrete?

            Civil Rights Movement had concrete demands that if enacted the blacks (and their sponsors) felt would help and empower their race:

            * An end to black voter suppression in the South.
            * An end to White’s Only housing and business
            * An end to segregated schools
            * An end to segregated public facilities, like buses and pools

            They grew a big movement with these simple ideas, their protests were designed to SHOW dramatically that the current conditions were objectionable, and promise that they would change them. And in 1964 and 1965 they won.

            One problem we have is that once you get past the “Whites are not evil, have nothing to be ashamed of, and much to proud of, and logically have the same rights to organize for our own self-interest as any other group” — there is not articulated set of grievances.

            Of the three laid out above (EEO regs, welfare and Afirmative Action) only AA could plausibly be reduced, though the powers that exist will try to end-around getting rid of it. (I’m talking corporate HR departments, college admissions departments, etc.)

            It would be good if we could think-tank the “big five” gets in bullet point format, like MLK’s list above.

          • Getting more White people to think in terms our own interests is the only thing that is important right now. Everything you list is fantasy with no support – at this point in time. But when more whites think in terms of white interests – then, and only then, are all those things possible.

      • So you’re going to sterilize them then? Have you forgotten that they breed like rodents? What do you do if they don’t want to be sterilized? If they rebel, revolt? Someone is going to have to get dirty.

        • Who me?

          I’m concentrating on getting White people to think in our own interests, not coming up with fantasy answers to hypothetical future scenarios.

          What about you? What are you going to do?

          If you had a choice between saving one little baby about to be run over by a train, or a family of four driving over the train bridge, and moving six elderly people underground to protect them from an asteroid hitting earth …

          who would you save? Who would you callously let die?

          Answer the question, it’s really important, you don’t want people to think you’re a bullshitter right?

          • I’m sorry, but “what are you going to do with all those non-whites?” is not nearly as hypothetical as you think. It’s astonishing you’d claim that this question never occurs to anyone. I couldn’t disagree more emphatically.

            In my experience, it’s one of the first things obstructionists go for, some because they’re genuinely concerned, while others (particularly the parenthetic types) simply exploit the vulnerability – ie they understand that making “pro-white” imply something impossibly difficult turns whites off the idea.

            Just compare these two statements: (a) “Pro-white means white people have a right to a racial identity and a right to defend their legitimate interests” (b) “Pro-white means all non-whites have to leave the country.” Nuff said.

            We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, we have plenty to work on right now.

            This response is a good example of what Futurist called dancing around the issue. I wouldn’t say it makes you sound like a “bullshitter,” but since the implication is that mass expulsion is on the table at some future point, it causes a reaction akin to that to (b) above.

          • Why should we be concerned with tailgating anti-whites? They will come up with all sorts of excuses for anti-white policies, we can’t and shouldn’t constantly be on the defensive over their unlimited excuses to be anti-white. The onus is on them to defend their anti-white policies, not the other way around.

            Talking about some hypothetical future “expulsion” *is* just an exercise is bullshittery – not the other way around.

          • That works as long as you stay away from “solutions” talk. But if the question does arise and all you can say is “we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” it doesn’t do much for your credibility. What makes that response even worse is that there are plenty of sound and reasonable ways to deflect that question without having to seem like you’re hiding something.

          • You seem to be under the mistaken impression that anti-whites are interested in some sort of reasoned debate, or that they can be persuaded to not be anti-white by rational discourse.

          • I’m talking about the reactions of normies for whom pro-white politics sets off alarm bells.

          • Normies don’t need long and complex fantasy future plans about “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to understand that whites have collective interests and that some people are anti-white.

          • Yeah, I know, and that’s why sticking to points like that is a winning tactic. But every so often the question of “what to do with all the non-whites” does indeed arise, and I don’t think playing dumb about it is a very effective response.

          • Most whites HAVE already though of their own interests. You aren’t doing anything new. What James is getting at is that there has to be a next step in order for this idea to progress, or it stays an idea and eventually winds up in the dust bin of history.

      • Non-Whites aren’t going to be convinced of anything. They either need to be deported or sterilized.

      • You are right. They will just publish more essays about the subject and nothing will get done. But it will certain FEEL good to say it. Hopefully the Alt-right doesn’t reduce itself to a large prayer meeting around a bonfire.

    • The death of millions is a statistic. Having said that, I would personally go with partition, wanting it all in terms of the USA is too much, Europe however must remove all non whites without exceptions.

    • Remove them all by force. No exceptions. Unless you want your descendants to be mocha colored.

      • Your logic requires removing all non-whites from the planet. Is that really something you’d stand by?

        • No, it requires removing all non-Whites from White countries. It’s a necessity if we want there to be such a thing as White people in a couple hundred years’ time. Without complete physical separation there will be amalgamation.

          • The lines (“borders”) between white and non-white countries are arbitrary. There’s no important difference between removing non-whites from (formerly) white countries and redrawing the borders, so far as racial survival is concerned. If American whites can survive while bordering Mexico, they can survive bordering new non-white territories created within existing U.S. territory.

          • It’s about the degree of proximity. Political separation doesn’t allow amalgamation to take place in the way that informal segregation within a single territory does. Borders demarcate zones of control for a country’s core ethnic group. Control the borders and you obviously won’t have a problem with interracial relations.

          • Borders between a partitioned sections of existing U.S. territory need not be “informal”; they can be just as sturdy as borders between countries – which is in fact exactly what they’d be. Creating new political units out of existing U.S. territory is simply more morally plausible than presenting WN as the political conviction that every last non-white must be evicted from every last inch of U.S. territory.

    • Third time posting the same comment here, but if you get rid of affirmative action, welfare and EEO housing, they will have no choice but to leave. Robots are going to be running the McDonalds so they won’t have jobs.

      • OK, but there is not even a speculative plan that would make that happen. Look at Affirmative Action. It’s deeply embedded in both law and culture at this point.

        One of the last-gasps of the conservative majority in California was a proposition to eliminate affirmative action in the state. It passed, it’s law, but the universities have responded by creating a new admissions process that still admits less-qualified blacks in preference to more qualified whites and Asians, but in such a way that it’s hard to prove in court. The anti-bodies of the left defeated the frontal assault and victory of the Right in the implementation-after-passage phase.

        So, in practice even after dozens of Citizen Initiatives and some successful lawsuits AA is the law of the land everywhere.

        Obama undid Clinton’s Welfare Reform (5 year time limit) sort of quietly. So we have good old “welfare as we know it” again.

        Trump is a pretty conservative POTUS, as recent POTUS’s go – and we have a GOP Congress (both halves)… do you see any push to legislate around Affirmative Action, Welfare or EEO?

        EEO – again that’s an old law at this point. Do you really expect anyone to stand up and say: “We want to get rid of fair-housing laws?” “Or we want to get rid of discrimination laws for hiring?”
        Not going to happen.

        Actually, Rand Paul did try that in an interview with the lesbian news commentator Rachel Maddow. He got smashed for it, and not just by Libs, but by the entire GOPe, and eventually he walked it back. I would humbly suggest that he’s the most sympathetic person in the Congress, I’m sure he learned the Evil of Fair Housing at the feet of Big Daddy Ron Paul, but even he can’t carry that forward.

        So, IF we could get rid of those programs – yes IF we could, good things — BUT, so far there is no indication that we can. USA is pozzed, and once pozzed wants to stay pozzed. No cures will be permitted.

        • In my defense, I was in this case merely answering the question “How can you get them to leave without violence?” It was a hypothetical answer.

          But looking at it more realistically — it is, yes, far-fetched to the mainstream consciousness to get rid of these programs. But it is less far-fetched than gay marriage would have been to a normal person in 1950.

          Normies have undergone a radical sea change in what is accepted as “normal” since 1950. Normies are essentially mindless cattle who accept whatever the powerful tell them to accept.

          If it is possible to get normies to move one way over the course of one generation, then it is possible to get normies to move the other way over the course of one generation.

          The liberal strongholds of California, New York, and Illinois are billions of dollars in debt. The programs are financially unsustainable.

          Once robots replace service labor, blacks and Hispanics will be 100% dependent on welfare. At some point the financial burden on Ethan and Meghan is going to be greater than their desire to virtue-signal to TyJeezy and Sharmonica.

          What was done can be undone. White kids today who went to a 30% white public school and were told the whole time that they’re “racists” just don’t care anymore. Any residual guilt from the “holocaust” or “slavery” or whatever is gone now. The left has cried wolf far too many times.

          I honestly think that once the boomers are gone, you’re going to see a vicious backlash against those who would exploit the kind hearts of the white race.

        • Look at Affirmative Action. It’s deeply embedded in both law and culture at this point.

          Damn man, that’s an insurmountable impediment then. Because we all know that once something is a law, it cannot ever be changed, no way, no how. Human beings just don’t do things like that.

    • You make a very good point. However, that is a question for the far future. If we don’t get the current crop of young white women who have delayed motherhood to have white children, even if its only 2 and in their thirties, we are doomed to extinction – there’s no way we can come back from losing an entire generation of women to cat-ladydom.

      In my opinion, this is our most urgent problem. Larger questions can be dealt with later.

  • If you run away the anti-whites in power will chase you down and dump 3,000 Somalis in your lap and tell you to feed them. You have to win the propaganda war and take power. Only after you are in power can you do things like control the border.

    • Yes, but as current trends continue the demographics will make it harder and harder to gain power by voting

      • Whites will be the largest ethnic group for decades. We have to get them to vote pro-white. The Democrat party will fracture along ethnic lines.

    • Right, you can try and run but they will keep coming after you anyway. There are suburbs in Chicago that used to be white flight destinations but are now 80% black.

  • “There are streets in Brooklyn named after Jackson and Lee, two heroes of the Virginia colony during the War of Northern Aggression.”

    The Virginia colony. War of Northern Aggression. I hadn’t realized such characterizations were favored by New Yorkers.

      • Staten Island especially has a lot of Confederate historical monuments. It also heavily favored Trump in both the primary and general election.

        Confederate monuments may not have the sentiment in NYC as they do in the south but they are indeed there. Then again, few monuments have sentiment in NYC. People there don’t seem to care too much about these things which is ironically why no effort was made to take them down in NYC like there has been all over the south.

        • Do you know the locations of any Confederate monuments on Staten Island? I can not find any information about them on the internet.

          • I apologize for not being able to find you a page.

            The reason is that there isn’t a museum like tribute to them on Staten Island. I grew up there so I have seen the statues and street names all over.

            The reason you won’t see anything on Google is people really don’t care about these things on Staten Island and NYC in general. A confederate soldier statue can be next to a union soldier statue in a SI Park and they will both have the same amount of bird poo dumped on it and surrounded by the same garbage that no one bothers to pick up. A majority of the people usually cannot identify who a statue is supposed to honor even in a neighborhood they lived in all their lives without reading the plaque.

            When I stated people didn’t care about these things, I didn’t mean it in necessarily a positive way unfortunately.

          • You needn’t have apologized; I appreciate any effort you made to find a webpage with the information I requested of you.

            Below is a Google Maps street-view that would seem to bear on this subject. It shows the Gardiner-Tyler House, which is in Staten Island’s upper northeast (north of the Staten Island Expressway). It was the home of the mother-in-law of President Tyler and then of Tyler’s widow. As you may read in the New York Times piece I’ll link below, the said widow, Julia Gardiner Tyler, moved to the house, from Virginia, during the Civil War itself. She was a Northerner, who’d been born on Gardiner’s Island, off Long Island, and been raised on Long Island. The Virginia-born Tyler, who married her when she was in her twenties, was thirty years her senior. After his presidency’s conclusion, in 1845, she’d moved with him to the Virginia plantation he’d purchased the year they got married. She left it after his death, in 1862.

            During her decade-and-a-half in Virginia, Julia Gardiner Tyler became a Southerner in spirit–to put it mildly. In 1853, she wrote a defense of slavery. In 1865, she would seem to have begun the diehard Confederate tradition of disingenuousness about the meaning of the Confederate flag. Three Staten Islanders had invaded her home, hours after the assassination of President Lincoln, to destroy a Confederate flag there. In a letter she subsequently wrote to a New York newspaper, Mrs. Tyler said the flag was only an ornamental bunting, without political significance.

            All this makes me wonder whether Staten Island became home, after the Civil War, to some sort of Southern community–a Little Dixie, if you will. The home page of the New York City camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans says the following:

            “The camp was formed as a result of thousands of Southerners who fled to New York from the horrors of the Federal Military Occupation of the South that terrorized the region in the years following the end of the War.”

            Even though that doesn’t mention Staten Island, which didn’t even become part of New York City until 1898, I wonder, as I say, whether the presence of the widow Tyler, there on the island, might have made it a draw for Southerners who were coming to the New York area. She was there until 1874, when she returned to Virginia.

            The following links might interest you:

            (“The Gardiner-Tyler House, West New Brighton, Staten Island; Where a President’s Widow Backed the Confederacy”)

            (“Forgotten New York: Grymes Hill to Clove Lakes, Staten Island”)

            (“Later Life, Julia Gardiner Tyler” — Wikipedia)

            (Archibald Gracie Camp #985 — Sons of Confederate Veterans – home page)

            (Archibald Gracie Camp #985 — Sons of Confederate Veterans – history page)

            As you’ll see in the street view, the Gardiner-Tyler House is now without the grounds that were long-ago sold off as building lots. It’s across the street from an ordinary-looking cemetery with the graves of fifty-five Civil War veterans, though I don’t know whether any of those were Confederate soldiers. Whether any of the Staten Islanders you knew when you were growing up told you they had Southern ancestry, I, of course, don’t know.


          • Thanks for the SI education on the topic. When I was attempting research for you, I came across an article that stated confederates took refuge on SI during the war but didn’t say anything about remaining afterwards.

            You are probably familiar with the NYC Draft Riots of 1863. There were also draft riots on SI in an area known then and today as Grant City. This I read a couple of years ago.

          • You’re welcome.

            Yes, I’m familiar with the NYC Draft Riots; but until I read your comment, I’d had the impression they’d taken place solely in Manhattan (which, at that time, was, I guess, New York City). Interesting that they were on Staten Island, too, and maybe also in Brooklyn, as I gather from some quick Googling I did after I read your comment.

          • I’m glad to help you expand your research to beyond Manhattan. Let me know if you find anything on other boroughs in NYC or something interesting about the SI ones.

            Riots is a euphemism for the armed insurrection that occured in Manhattan. It was completely like a successful coup attempt complete with guns and all except that it lacked any political goals just like a riot. Even after the law was neutralized, the insurrectionists didn’t know what to do except destroy some more even after they had control of the island without realizing it. They could have installed their own sovereign government that would have lasted until federal troops arrived and didn’t know it.

          • Yes, if I encounter anything interesting about Staten Island or the other boroughs outside Manhattan, I’ll let you know. The one or two things I’ve come across are summaries, which almost certainly don’t contain anything you haven’t already read. In fact, I’ve learned more from your own paragraph, about the nature and might of the “riots,” than I’ve learned from anything else.

          • Learned about that on some history documentary. It makes sense since it answered an apparent question of mine for many years. Why would the Union Army endanger national security by leaving the front lines in Southeastern Pennsylvania for a public safety problem over 100 miles away? The answer is it wasn’t a public safety but a bigger national security problem.

            It wouldn’t have taken Boss Tweed and others much longer to realize that they effectively have a sovereign nation for an island and organize to start operating it that way starting with looting everything of value for themselves. That would have encouraged other seditious revolts all over the north.

            Knowing how total slave insurrections and political conflicts like Bleeding Kansas were up until that time as compared to modern riots, it also makes sense. That was just the level of violence rebellion and political conflict worked at in those days.

          • What you say sounds right. It is interesting how social organization has changed. Well–to go farther back in time: The Emperor Trajan, I guess it was, in one of his letters to Pliny, denies the latter’s request to form a volunteer fire company out in, oh, wherever Pliny was stationed–somewhere in Asia Minor, I think. The emperor’s concern is that such an organization could be a body of insurrection. Nowadays, we have corporations that have scores of thousands of employees; but back there in whenever it was–early A.D. 100s maybe–the emperor of Rome had to be careful about allowing the growth of a volunteer fire company that would have had–what? One hundred fifty members tops maybe?

          • Rulers had more wisdom then than they do today. They knew corporations would eventually become more powerful than proper rules. This is why merchants have always been a tolerated evil bottom or near bottom class.

            The main reason John Gotti and other Gambino Family mobsters whacked their own boss (Paul Castellano) was because they resented someone who they seen as a businessman that never paid his street dues and didn’t understand what their thing was about. Even mobsters have more sense about letting business people rule than common citizens.

            The Nika Riots in 532 started out much like any other football hooligan riot of the Modern European Era but morphed into insurrection because the Byzantine Empire made chariot racing a more classist experience than a trip to the new Yankee Stadium.

            Greens were the underclass and blues were the privileged class. An earlier riot killed 531 people. Justinian put the suspected rioters to death but two escaped (one blue and one green) and took sanctuary in a church. In rare class unity, blues and greens United to demand that Justinian pardon them and all mayhem broke out when he didn’t.

          • That’s very interesting, especially to someone like me, who really never grasps political machinations. “John Gotti” and “Gambino Family” are things I’ve heard–and I know Gotti went to prison–but I’d not heard of the killing of Castellano, whose name I might have heard but couldn’t have identified as that of a mafia guy.

            The same is true of the Nika riots, of which I’d heard and of which I’d read a little but whose political nature I hadn’t recognized. It’s interesting that you imply that a visit to the new Yankee Stadium is a “classist experience.” I hadn’t been aware of that either, but I did get an impression, a few years ago, that San Francisco has a new ballpark, which has replaced Candlestick Park, and where many seats are now very expensive. Probably, that came to my attention because I have relatives in the Bay Area.

          • I take it by your username that you are from Philadelphia which would explain why you aren’t too familiar with NYC. Also, Castellano was killed in 1985 so I don’t know if that was before your time since this site is targeted for people born near or even after that year.

            I left NYC over a decade ago and haven’t been back since so I am not personally familiar with the new stadium but I’ve read and even seen empty sections behind home plate because ticket prices are several hundred to over a thousand dollars while more affordable areas are packed including standing only sections. I’ve read that the new stadium resembles an upscale shopping mall with luxury boxes blocking views that fans had in the old stadium.

            AT&T Park isn’t probably a whole lot better so that experience probably gave you some idea. The name changed a few times since it opened so it might not have been called that when you were there.

          • Yes, I’m from Philadelphia, but probably the main reason I’m unaware of many of these things is that, well, I’m simply unaware of many things. Having been born in 1953, I am certainly old enough to have been aware of the Castellano killing; but except for the “Godfather” movies, mafia things have never really caught my attention. (From the little bit I have, in fact, read or seen about real-life mafia people, I have the impression they don’t quite have the style of the “Godfather” characters.)

            StubHub, for instance: Until I read your comment, I’d not heard of it. Your comment prompted me to go to Wikipedia, where I found out it’s “the world’s largest ticket marketplace.” That should give you a good idea of how much of life doesn’t register in my narrow consciousness.

            AT&T Park: I haven’t been there, but my San Francisco cousin mentioned it–by whatever name it then had–in a phone conversation he and I had some years ago. His wife, I’m pretty sure, said something to me about its being–what’s the word?–upscale, I guess. She said something to the effect that ordinary baseball fans can have trouble affording a seat there. My uncertain recollection of that is what came to my mind when you talked about the situation at the new Yankee Stadium.

          • I so apologize for the age assumption. You are two decades older than me. Your demeanor doesn’t come across like someone born in 1953 which I guess should be a compliment but not sure if you see it that way. I apologize in advance if you don’t.

            The Godfather was probably the most inaccurate portrayal of real world mobsters than any major mafia movie trying to portray them as a pseudo aristocracy. It was so flattering that real world mobsters made attempts to emulate the fictitious ones, ironically.

            At least Goodfellas and Donnie Brasco get the mannerisms and behavior somewhat accurate even if history is quite fictitious. There were two Gotti movies made. I only seen the 1990s one not the more recent one this decade.

            No shame in not knowing about Stubhub. I haven’t gone much of anywhere in a long time so most of what I know is from reading rather than doing.

            Your cousin’s description I am sure is quite accurate. Many ballparks are like that these days. It is difficult to even afford to live in NYC or SF let alone buy baseball tickets.

          • No apology was necessary. I wasn’t and am not offended.

            Yes, I guess the unrealness of the “Godfather” movies is what made them fun. I haven’t seen the other movies you mention–“Goodfellas,” “Donnie Brasco,” and the two about John Gotti.

            In the manner, I’d guess, of most persons who visit this website, I wonder what places like NYC and SF would be like if America had stayed white and if there hadn’t been all the socialistic modification of the medical industries, the schools (at all levels), and probably several other things.

          • I now live in the Portland Oregon Area which is the whitest major metro area in the nation. Ironic how the more liberal an urban area is the whiter it is as well. All the elitest race shamers live in the whitest neighborhoods with either a mansion surrounded by a wall or thick hedges effectively functioning as a wall or a high rise apartment with doormen to act as security. Some buildings even have dedicated security staff to free the up the doormen to act as dedicated concierges for tenants.

            Portland is the closest thing to what SF would have been had it stayed white but even that isn’t a decent comparison since it operates in an anti-white political superstructure that once white NYC and SF didn’t have to.

          • Yes, your last sentence gets at what I was wondering. Portland might be plenty white, but it’s hipster white, not real white. That would be my guess, anyway.

  • 5pt is very poorly thought out for a number of reasons. If its creator had given any more than a superficial thought to his scheme, the first thing he would have noticed is that there is no room in Dugin’s system for a “5th” political theory. The four political theories are arrayed in a circle with Liberalism at the top, Communism on the left, Fascism on the right and the “4th PT” on the bottom. There’s no room here for a 5PT. Not that this in and of itself invalidates the ideas, but it shows that the author has not really thought his system through and has gotten way ahead of himself. So the very first thing he needs to do is rename is his system to something other than “5th Political Theory”.

  • Easy to say when your children don’t have to live around black people and risk rape or death. I’d move my family.

  • National Vanguard 7-6-17
    Jewish CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals Drives Up Price of Medicine for Big Profits

  • Unless we can openly discuss black and brown IQ, and why we need segregation and hard push-back from our people, the only option is white flight. We can’t live among the savages on their terms.

    Once we are able to openly discuss racial proclivities, white flight will be a non-issue. We will do as we please, where we please.

    • Although racial IQ disparities are hugely important, we often forget, or are unaware of, the rather massive gulf between racial personality traits such as conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, and especially psychoticism. A practical example is that even after controlling for IQ, blacks are still 2.5 times more likely than whites to commit a violent crime. Richard Lynn has written a few papers on this. Also Michael Levin’s Why Race Matters is devoted primarily to such considerations.

      • Indeed. We are different animals with a host of different traits and tendencies. But IQ is good shorthand for all that, and addresses the most telling difference.

      • Right – I’ve been reading about heritability coefficients for big-five personality traits and the recent research is eye-opening. This is also an area that many whites still deny or are unaware of. We need to spread the word.

  • Whites must move en masse to the old Southern states and take over the governments through sheer numbers. We can then vote to secede from the Jewnited States and start our own, all White country and reclaim the lost territory later. We can invite Whites from Europe to move to our new country. The coal and oil in those states will allow us to generate energy. The other states, without the Whites, will sink into third world status and then we can eject the non-Whites from those areas. Eventually, we can retake Europe, too. This should be a lesson to Whites and how Jews destroyed our civilization.

  • Nice sentiments, but they miss the point, that Whites need to increase our numbers. That is how we always won and conquered in the past. We filled our lands to overflowing with Whites and then we spread out. We are not going to take back any U.S. cities unless we start having more White babies–so many that we overflow and fill all lands with our kind and only our kind.

    Has the writer of this article brought forth as many White children from his loins as possible? Has he brought forth any White children at all?

    When we Whites teem, we win. I’m doing my part, and my descendants (or at least some of them, I hope) will avoid miscegenation and other dangers and help fill the earth with my DNA code that I have passed on to them and which I got from my pure White ancestors.

    • Increasing the number of white people is important, but increasing the percentage of whites who are consciously pro-white is even more important. Trying to bring new consciously pro-white white people into the world via the reproductive route is all well and good, but we need white people to wake up more quickly than that. We have to get the word out through all available means of communication.

      The most important aspect of pro-white racial consciousness to be opposed to miscegenation. There is safety in numbers. We need to work towards reaching a critical mass.

      • We are all doing that by commenting pro-White messages. But, what we really must do is increase the sheer volume of White genes on the planet. We do that by having as many White children as possible and by living as long as possible.

        Lands full of Whites are always nice places.

      • “Increasing the number of white people is important, but increasing the
        percentage of whites who are consciously pro-white is even more

        You can do both by having kids and raising them properly. There need to be a -lot- more white children, but I hope I’m not alone in saying that I’d prefer white liberal “progressives” to have zero while white “racists” have half a dozen or more.

        • Having kids and raising them properly is important, but it works on a relatively slow timescale. Communicating the message to other whites (besides your own kids) is also very important.

          • We’re in this for the long haul. Have pure White kids. You can’t go wrong.

    • When whites can’t find jobs, and jobs that pay a wage that can support a family, it is tough to tell us to have more kids. Whites are not the only race that is declining in numbers. The population of Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, and even the Han Chinese are decreasing. China is still a poor country, and I suspect that globalization has made earning a living more difficult for South Koreans and Japanese, too.

      • There is no excuse for pure Whites to not have pure White children. If Whites must go on welfare to be able to have them, so be it. Nothing is more important than making more like yourself if you are pure White.

    • I’m with you brother. Hell or high water I have consciously made it my duty from youth to have a large family. It is sad so many white folk feel they are to retarded to manage a large family.

  • Perhaps the most important article on yet.

    Whites are now, have always been, and will always be, a global minority. We really can’t outbreed non-whites. We can have our own nations and our own communities, but first we have to take control of the system, as it exists.

    There isn’t going to be some “Final Battle” like in a TV show, where the White hats and the Black hats have a shoot out at the OK corral, the White hats win, then everyone lives happily ever after in Whitopia. That’s not how the real world works, that’s how Hollywood works. The real struggle is an evolutionary struggle, not a revolutionary struggle. Traditionally, the “right wing” has always understood that.

    If you can’t even be in the same room with a non-white without losing your White identity, that’s a problem. White people in the South lived cheek and jowl with Black people, and they never lost their White identity. Afrikaaners lived as a minority and even though they lost physical control of their country, they never lost their identity and they never outbred.There are British that have lived in India and Hong Kong for generations, and still maintain their British identity.

    • The argument that we can’t out breed non-Whites is a defeatist argument and can lead to our extinction. The next and unspoken thought after that is “so why bother?”

      Well, we Whites should bother. We should breed to our maximum and things will work out–but, only if we increase our numbers of pure Whites.

      No matter how many the non-Whites make like themselves, we Whites must still make as many pure Whites as possible. Have some faith in the White genome and multiply it.

      • No, it’s a statement of fact. Whites have always been a minority, yet nevertheless Whites are still the most powerful people on the planet and the White world, in fact, defines the “First World.” Our only competition is Japan, and Japan is basically an also-ran.

        Think quality, not quantity.

        But of course I’m all for making pure White babies, the more the merrier. 14 words.

      • We need sustainable birth rates. We don’t need to be competing with India for who can produce the most amount of children that their landmass can not sustain. India and China are the two most populated countries in the world. Their also the two most polluted countries in the world. It’s not a coincidence.

        • Wrong, wrong, wrong! There are not too many White people on this planet. There are far too few of us. We should never even think of holding down the White birthrate just because there are so many non-Whites. Screw them. Make more White people!! Flood the earth with White people. Fill every square inch of land with White people.

          • I’m not opposed to increasing white birth rates. It’s a must. But personally I like having green spaces and breathable air. Nature > People.

          • I’m Canadian. So theres all kinds of wilderness that I can go to. I have to wage cuck in the city for awhile longer before I can leave once and for all, which I have every intention of doing, sooner than later.

          • Once we get more white people, out go the browns. Also, having white children is a great redpiller, especially for their mothers.

      • Bingo. There’s no reason middle class families can’t support 3 or even 4 children. Maybe you can’t send them to a $50k / year Kikeversity, but frankly that’s all the better.

        • Right. And, I would go further. Too many Whites overvalue the supposed value of their parenting skills and also the material things (such as money) and speak of not being able to “afford” kids. I say, trust the White genome. Just have White kids and if you need welfare, take it. If you are a single parent, so what? The value is in our White genome and some of our best people in history have come from less than stellar parents and situations. TRUST THE WHITE GENOME. It is very special and will find a way if it is only given flesh.

    • Actually, we can easily outbreed nonwhites, provided we allow them to fall into the Malthusian trap, and ourselves escape the (((cult Marx))) trap.

  • “Likewise, this run and hide concept is also a cornerstone of Boomer Nationalism because they, too, all raced to places like the suburbs to avoid ever having to deal with the explicit non-White problem. In fact, the Boomers ceded almost every major city in the U.S. to non-Whites within a span of thirty years without so much as a whimper or the slightest retaliation.”

    NOT QUITE. This did not begin in the “Boomer years” of the 80s and 90s, it was a trend that began in force decades before and peaked immediately after WW2, before most Boomers were born. History goes back much further than 30 years. You need to go back at least to your grandparents’ generation, and maybe before.

    • Woodrow Wilson, elected on a platform of strict non-intervention in European conflict, took the USA into WW1, the completely destructive “cousins war” that signaled the end of the age of the great European empires in 1917. Wilson also oversaw the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, supported the new 17th Amendment for the direct election of US Senators. It would be another 30 years before the first Boomer was born, but already the USA was abandoning the plan of the founders in favor of internationalism, central banking, pointless foreign wars and demagogic democracy.

      FDR was elected in 1932, the first of four times. He oversaw the institution of Social Security and Medicare, creating the core socialist programs that clearly violated the intentions of the founders and inexorably led the way to today’s parasite class. The first of the hated boomers was still not born, much less electing and re-electing the socialist FDR.

      JFK was elected in 1960. The oldest of the boomers was 14, the youngest still not born. They had no effect in his election, nor in the disastrous Hart-Cellar immigration act of 1965 that, over the next 60 years would fundamentally transform the USA from White Republic to a rainbow socialist democracy. In 1965 the oldest boomers were just 19 years old, too young to vote in Federal elections.

      The first election that most of the boomers could vote in was 1980. The youngest boomers, born in 1964, are still just 16, but by this time the voting age has been lowered to 18. Since the 1980 benchmark, when the boomers have been fully enfranchised there have been 6 GOP presidential terms and 4 Democratic ones.

      If anything the boomers have been the ones trying to tug the USA back to the right and undo the lurch towards socialism and liberalism that their parents and grandparents understook, beginning with the original “progressives” of the early 20th century.

      • Fascinating analysis. I don’t think that there is any one single generation of people whom we can single out, it has been a gradual process, with ebbs and flows, over centuries.

        • Agreed Marcus. Perhaps this is a case of the sins of the father and the father’s father.

          • I’m currently reading Race, by John Baker (a truly authoritative treatise on the subject), he discusses how enlightenment thinkers discussed classing the orangutan as human. But, of course, they harboured no illusions of the equality between all human subspecies.

          • You should definitely read it. It is basically a taxonomic treatment of the human races (classifying the human races in the same manner as we would classify every other species). Race is, by far, the most fascinating book I’ve ever read; but it is very heavy reading. It was written by an Oxford biology professor in the late 70s and was the last overtly racialist major work published in the hard sciences, as the environmentalists(biological creationists) had, by then, almost fully taken over.

  • Why are you running? The enemy is inferior. They have no more troops. North Korea shows how weak they are. Again they want to send you to fight and die somewhere. Why? To reduce your numbers while they drop Xenomorphs on your families to kill you and rape your women. These Amaleki scum are worthless and weak. They have no real followers. Do you believe blacks, Mestizos and Muslims follow those stupid nose goblins? Oh come now. Together the White Men can crush these deluded misshapen ugly obnoxious freaks in less than a day. What are you afraid of? They want you ALL dead. They will use your women to breed something uglier and dumber than they are. I doubt any of that will survive. That brown freak mongrel race they are putting together will be a Frankenstein Monster that KILLS THEM. They are already DEAD.
    COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE. Crush your enemies, see them fleeing before you, and listen to the lamentations of their women. What do you want? Women, riches and land are yours for the taking. Crush your enemies and everything you desire shall be yours. Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish.

  • REVANCHIST SENTIMENT is a good thing. And must be maintained. Yes, it’s rightfully our land and will be again some day.

    However, let’s get real here. “Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Jacksonville, New Orleans, L.A.” and more besides were ALREADY handed over.

    Supposedly L.A. is like 29.4% white. It’s not a white city. And living around non-whites involves many costs and indignities that are well documented. And in L.A. they will be in positions of authority ruling over you. See how the authorities treated Trump supporting normies in some of these areas, for a small taste of the future.

    As such, it is generally rational for whites, especially whites with families, to continue to consolidate into white areas where they can enjoy the benefits of living around other whites.

    And this process of demographic sorting potentially increases polarization between the white and non-white areas. Which makes it increasingly possible to imagine balkanization, secession or zero sum interactions between the white and non-white areas. Which would all be strong positives.

    If something interesting does happen to shake up the political order in the US, you will be glad to be in a white area with white neighbors and whites in positions of authority, especially if we’ve managed to make whites less retarded by then. The future is shaping up to be kind of nasty, given that both sides want the real estate, but neither side really wants the other side’s people around.

    • Detroit, L. A., Baltimore ect, ect… You’d have to be insane to want to raise a family in those shitholes. And if you tried to “stand your ground” in such places you’ll end up dead or in prison. Sorry my family, muh principles and sheeeeeiiiiiitttt.

    • Gotta agree with this. While the article makes a good point about our cities being OURS, no one is saying we should give them up permanently. But Detroit and cities like it are basically burned out hell holes at this point.

      I can work, raise a family, and vote for the right people in a completely white area, so why shouldn’t I? There’s a difference between a surrender and a tactical retreat. If you’re determined to conserve every bit of land in America at all costs, you’ll end up conserving NOTHING. Though to be fair, half the reason I’m determined to leave Texas is the weather (the other half are the non-whites). Triple digit temperatures make me feel like death warmed over, and I’m still in my 20s, if barely.

      There’s power in numbers, and our numbers aren’t so large that we can afford to not concentrate them, at this point. It’s why I’ve always thought the idea behind things like the ‘northwest front’ is solid. Imagine the political victory that getting say… Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor voted in as Governor of Montana would be.

      There were 500,000 votes in 2016 for that particular office. Can we not muster that many people?

      The white ethnostate IS the ultimate goal of all of us, and it should be. But who said that ethnostate was going to encompass the entire U.S. from the very start? Who said it COULD?

      Far easier (and indeed, plausible) to start small and expand. Look at the Amish if you want a model to retake the entire continent in a century or two (or less!). Insular communities, high birthrates and rates of retainment to the ‘church.’ If we get the same for our people and maintain exponential growth, we can easily retake our lands. But yes, that DOES mean a TEMPORARY retreat from some of it will be necessary.

      Unless the author figures out a way to wake up all whites within the next decade, of course. Good luck on that, but I won’t hold my breathe.

      • This makes sense to me. About 15 years ago there was “The Free State Movement” and a spin-off “Free State Wyoming”, whose goal was to get freedom-oriented people to relocate to Wyoming, which is the smallest (lowest population) state in the lower 48. So a relatively small number of people moving there could have a big impact on the politics of the place.

        Well it’s already pretty right-wing and pretty white. Look at how it voted in 2016:
        Trump Hillary Gary J.
        174,419 55,973 13,287
        68.2% 21.9% 5.2%

        Altogether less than 250,000 votes total.
        If you could get 250,000 Americans to move to Wyoming you could elect Richard Spencer even if everyone else voted together against him.

        Montana had twice as many voters (about 500,000) and only went 55% for Trump and 5% for Johnson, so it’s more Tard infested, too.

        Your vote is 2x more powerful in Wyoming. If you want to take over a State as the base for future power it’s the clear choice. (Alaska is runner up).

    • It’s an energetic war.. we are vibrational …. the better we feel the more influence we have over the world. If you full take responsibility individually as a white person… then white people can overtake an apartment complex, a neighborhood, a section of the city, and then an entire city…. If you dream it.. it can happen…. you can’t wait for a leader.. YOU HAVE TO BE THAT LEADER……

  • Your article is valid but there is one huge problem that I dont see being dealt with at all – that one group controls the media, academia, finance and is deeply entrenched in the govmt. As long as they control these areas what we have now will continue to expand indefinitely until whites become a nonentity. If you say anything about this group they will destroy you. Its very easy for them to do so – broadcast your name all over the media, get you fired from your job. This is their mechanism to keep you on a leash.

    So the big question in regards to white flight is this? Where is the fighting? I am not seeing it. The public voted for Trump and than he stuffed his administration full of the very kinds of people that people were voting against.

    Make no bones about it, this is a war. Until whites take back media, academia, finance and their govmt it will continue.

    • The internet is helping a lot. That group is losing one of their main power sources – the media. The “paper of record” is now just another web site. “Where is the fighting?” Right here. They no longer control record labels, few people go to the movies anymore, etc. Another major power center is academia. That’s a tougher nut to crack, since you need a degree from a ((( good school ))) to get a good job. But I think the internet will help us there too, with the ability to self-educate and/or get a degree from an upstart alternative online program, without the Cultural Marxist brainwashing. The final boss is of course the financial system. I guess there all we can really do is hope that, with the other two pillars weakened, it collapses under its own weight. I guess maybe bitcoin and things like that help a little too, but for now that’s pretty much limited to criminals and nerds.

  • People are saying that I’m counter-signaling too much, so I’m not going to do that. I’m simply going to say that I agree with Varg on the solutions to our problems.

  • Like Harold Covington would say, “To those who want to stand & fight, do you see any standing & fighting going on? Anywhere?
    Northwest migration is the only workable solution.”

    • There is nothing wrong – and a lot right – with the idea of White Americans moving to the North West and starting families and communities.

      But Covington has always paired that idea with absurd fantasies of hiding out in the woods and guerrilla war with the government. He’s also courted as much *hostile* media attention as he can, thus ensuring the failure of his own idea.

      People who are going to do White Homesteading are going to do it for the practical benefits, not fantasies of future race war and not with lots of mouthing off about it to the media.

      • You denigrate “Mouthing off in the media” about White homelands. Actually, I see it as advertising. You can’t hide what you want to promote. You have to let people know about it.

        And, who knows the future? It may be that some of these small White homelands will be the source of new Adams and Eves who will save Whites from extinction as they remain pure in a miscegenating world.

        We know from geological time that bottlenecks happen. Who will get through a coming bottleneck? Maybe it will be those in such separate communities.

        • Covington’s “mouthing off to the media” was advertising alright, it was advertising why “White Nationalism is lame and scary” and not at all why “White Nationalism is good and healthy.”

          The proof is in the pudding: the people doing actual White Homesteading, in the North West in Montana, complained about Covington and his tiny faction of people – they were always causing trouble, they were posturing as violent and bringing hostile attention from the media and law enforcement onto functional white communities.

          The one group has families, Covington is recruiting young single males. In fact, the last time I listened to a Covington podcast, he was complaining about a young single White guy in his 20s that wouldn’t move to the North West because – I’m quoting Covington here – he “wanted pussy.” This was a huge failure on his part, according to Covington.

          Of course what possible good is it going to do have a bunch of single young White men move to the woods and hang out with Harold Covington? They would be better off – OF COURSE – staying where they are and starting a family – getting that “pussy” – because, hey, that is how White babies are made.

          “Maybe it will be those in such separate communities.”

          Maybe, but Covington isn’t starting any communities, he’s starting a cult.

          • If you don’t have anything good to say about some on our side, just say nothing. Are you just trying to fragment us?

          • Covington needs to take that advice. The people in Montana never asked for his “advertising” and were doing just fine until he started posturing for the media.

          • You asked:


            I hoped that just trying to promote the NW migration would be enough common interest to get HAC to stick to the issues and actually get something productive done. But I have come to learn that no matter what the situation he will always resort to lies and attacks on fellow WNs, and he is quick to overlook major character flaws in some of his followers just to be able to continue to use them, no matter what the risk that creates for the rest of us. [April Gaede, VNN Forum, 6 June 2011]

            The only problem we have had in Kalispell is with Harold Covington’s Northwest Front followers, Colonel House, his rotten raving drunken webmaster, Axis Sally the former torture porn queen, and the sweet little chain smoking thieving couple from Georgia who have a half black child and a retard they left behind. Harold is so jealous he can’t contain himself so he keeps writing this trash about us because we are successful and he is not. [April Gaede, VNN Forum, 20 September 2011]

            That is why you need to distance yourself from any people who like to talk about illegal activities. We have had to do this many times up here in Montana. So far Harold Covington’s Northwest Front members have been the worst offenders, talking about all sorts of illegal practices, after we ostracized them and had nothing to do with them they threatened to kill me and my family. That is how THEY roll. [April Gaede, Stormfront, 23 March 2012]

          • What you’re basically saying is you prefer dead end jew politics & larping about a rahowa that will never happen over the only viable solution because reasons. No movement can get anywhere while you denigrate the efforts of seasoned veterans because they are not perfect people. Small minds focus on ppl, great minds focus on ideas. That’s from the mouth of the man himself. The only way the plan works is if you work it. Harold should really be just a spokesperson, but he’s stuck being spokesperson, chairman, & administrator. That’s because of the blood fued mentality that’s been prevalent among WN’s for decades now. Don’t reject a good plan(& the only real plan) because of style over substance. Chip in & make it better

          • “What you’re basically saying is you prefer dead end jew politics & larping about a rahowa that will never happen”

            No, that is the precise opposite of what I’ve said.

            “seasoned veterans”

            LOL – HAC? Try that on the younger crowd who don’t know of his 30 year, documented history as an FBI informer.


          • Hmmm. April is a long time stalwart in the movement, and she has her views as we all do. Her suggestion to never talk about or do illegal things is certainly a good one. However, those who hate Whites will often come to activist Whites and say things such as: “So and so has said this or that, will you now disavow that person?” Too many activist Whites, fearful of being painted with that brush then strongly disavow some other activist rather than simply saying: It’s not my place to disavow anyone, however my way is to never do anything illegal and to be moral and ethical in all that I do.”

          • Yeah, whatever. I know of Covington’s 30 year history as a promoter of terrorism, illegal activity, his costume clownery, and his collaboration with the FBI. It’s all on the record. As well as his use of copious sock puppets.

            He’s just another Hal Turner type.


            The kids may not know about Covington yet but if they choose to get involved, they will soon. As for me, since I wasn’t born yesterday, I’m already wise to his type.

          • Obviously you did. Right here:
            “For $200, my girlfriend and I, in our early 20s, average regular White
            people, were able to introduce ourselves and shake hands with major
            political figures. If we had had an organized network of 50 or 100
            people, we could have actually applied something close to political

          • Except it does not say “were” when referring to your age. Meeting a politician in the past tense could be yesterday.

            Maybe you are a fraud?

            If you lose those hipster skinny jeans and get you some big boy britches your nads may not be squeezed so much, your testosterone levels may recover and you won’t be so pissy.

          • Don’t be petty. To a native English speaker, his manner of speech conveys a distinct impression that the event referred to occurred in the non-recent past – to put a number on it, at a minimum five years ago, but more like ten or more.

          • Ummm…no it does not. Were could be 5 minutes ago or 500 years ago. It would have to say “when we were in our early twenties” for the sentence to mean HR is no longer in his early twenties.

            I just caught onto it because HR is quite possibly not who he/she pretends to be.

          • Were could be 5 minutes ago or 500 years ago.

            Yeah, it “could” mean that. But the vast majority of native speakers would interpret it as I did.

            If you want to keep embarrassing yourself, by all means, please continue to deny the obvious.

          • The biggest problem with the Kalispell PLE turned out to be April herself. There is a reason why most of the PLE have abandoned her and want nothing to do with her. She’s not quite as against illegal activity as she acts. She was also shit at vetting new people. She was the one that brought in Sally and other creeps like Lenio. The one person that was decent at vetting was Scott, and he left.

        • I think the target of the NW Imperative is wrong. Covington has called out Oregon, Washington and Idaho as the location he wants WN’s to move to. Washington’s population is 7.2 million. Oregon’s is up to 4 million now, and Idaho is 1.6 million.

          Washington had just about 3 million people vote in the last general election. It would take millions of people moving here to change the politics of the region, which is Left and trending Lefty.

          You could try for a PLE (Private Little Europe) city in the sparsely populated eastern 1/2 of WA or OR and maybe get something interesting happening.

          But even in Burns, OR which is WAY out there in Eastern Oregon we saw in the Malher Refuge Standoff that Portland called the shots. Literally. The Oregan State Patrol shot and killed Finicum, they report to the Gov. who is a proud leftist, out lesbian, etc.

          You also can’t do stuff like buy 50 acres and build a house on it in most of Oregon. The Leftists have put in a state-wide land-use plan that doesn’t allow new houses outside of Urban Growth Boundaries in most of the state. The Portland Yuppies like the wild part of the state to stay empty, as their giant weekend playground, and they have the votes to ensure it.

          I’ve lived here (WA and OR) for more than 20 years. It’s not nearly as white, or conservative as it was even 20 years ago. There has been a massive influx into both Portland and greater Seattle (which is a huge urb covering several large counties). Seattle is full of Hindus, Tacoma is full of blacks and hispanics, there is a statistically significant AmerIndian population here.

          Do the math on Pierce Co., the second most populous county in Washington, with Tacoma, the Seattle Airport and Mt. Ranier in it. Per Wikipedia

          6.8% black
          6.0% Asian
          1.4% American Indian
          1.3% Pacific islander
          3.5% from other races
          6.8% from two or more races.
          9.2% Hispanic or Latino

          Amazingly this is the county that Harold Covington lives in, in the State that Harold Covington is encouraging whites to move to to form a white homeland!

          365,000 people voted in Pierce County in the last election. Hillary won with almost 50% of the vote to Trump’s 42%. Covington would need to add 30,000 people just to this one county to stop it from electing more insane liberals.

          Once you realize that there is almost zero ability of gaining any real political power in the three states comprising the future desired Northwest Republic the idea becomes much less attractive. There are probably some nice out-of-the-way towns that would be a great place to raise a family, few undesirables, but also few jobs.

          The simplest modification of his plan would be to tell everyone to go to Idaho. The mayor of Boise was elected with 22,722 votes out of only 33,000 cast. You might make a change in Boise politics if a lot of people moved there.

          I offer this as a constructive criticism of his plan, without weighing in at all on him as a person.

          And, if you really wanted to get serious about seizing a State Wyoming (pop. 586,000) would be much easier than Idaho even (pop. 1.6 million). Three times easier.

          If there a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand committed people who would take the initiatieve to move to Wyoming, so that we might actually “own” a single state and have a foundation for expansion and contesting aspects of the Republic, then I think neither the “We will regain it all” theory of the article above, nor the “Northwest Republic” dream has any chance of happening. (Total current population of NW Republic states: 12.8 Million and growing fast, mostly via 3rd World immigration).

      • There are lots of small cities and large towns all over the country that are dying out because they aren’t on a big highway. They’re old but they have the infrastructure and it would not take much investment for a young family to live well there. They are not isolated at all but are connected to each other by smaller country or farm market roads and highways.

        People there could better control their children’s school curriculum by either home schooling or installing some kind of private school curriculum in their local schools, making their children very competitive to the high IQ Asians being imported for their vaunted STEM skills.

        Such towns and cities are the best defense against an Argentinian type financial meltdown. They are also the best answer to our shrinking numbers where cities expecting People of Pallor to pay for massive handouts to People of Color makes having children nigh impossible for People of Pallor.

        Because such towns and cities have little to no amenities, they don’t appeal to People of Color thus they represent no Attractive Nuisance to People of Pallor. Moreover they are about the same distance from big cities for any People of Pallor who wish to visit museums, ballet and other cultural events, assuming they still exist and have not been phased out to pay for welfare benefits.

    • Why do you think the Jews won’t follow you there? The Jews got where they are by always going directly to the most influential areas and institutions and subverting them.

  • We have to preach aspirationally while remaining grounded in reality.

    There are places that are lost to us. A tactical retreat may be in order from some places while others are (metaphorically) burnt to the ground.

    If people want to move somewhere I would tentatively suggest Detroit in perhaps another decade. Reclaim the ground for whites once the other has burned itself out.

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