The Joe Rogan Experience Always Lets Me Down

Joe Rogan is a former Fear Factor host, a UFC host and now he has a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan had a lot of things going for his show. Most of his listeners seem to be average joes and the show’s main appeal seems to be Rogan’s pleasant baritone and almost Morgan Freedman-esque ability to slowly explain what his guests came on the show to talk about. He doesn’t interrupt, and he’s not particularly high energy, in fact, he has this sort of soothing, calm persona on air that you wouldn’t expect from the guy who was trying to get people to eat bugs and crawl around with spiders on round two of the Fear Factor many years ago.

He’s had some interesting guests on that no one in the MSM would touch. Most notably, he had Alex Jones on. They got high together and Alex Jones spilled the beans on interdimensional alien child-molesters trying to take over the world.

Much has been written about the epidemic of loneliness, alienation and low social participation in the United States and even more has been hinted at. Joe has started to pick up on and address this rather taboo topic.

He has had a lot of guests on talking about similar topics, like Jordan Peterson among others.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Surely, Joe must have mentioned that increased diversity leads to alienation and low social capital somewhere in the podcast, right?

Nope, no mention of that.

They skirt around the issue. They just talk about how shit’s fucked up, yo. And they talk about how the internet has become a substitute for IRL interaction, and why it’s a bad thing.

Well, I’ll give them that because they have half of a point there.

I spend hours behind a screen both blogging, researching, doing schoolwork, some business on the side, chatting with friends in different countries. And because of that I sometimes feel like garbage because of all the time I spend in cyberspace. I need to get out, get some fresh air, talk with people in meatspace more often. It’s one of the areas where I know I need to improve. But many young men are nowhere near my level because they are just completely checked out of society. They are alienated and atomized and the only interaction they have with people is through online gaming communities, anonymous message boards and the like.

And I would mention women, but they seem to be fine, relatively speaking. The anti-depressants help.

The real question though is whether we really want to solve this problem or whether we just want to talk around it.  If we do, perhaps we should mention feminism, the constant anti-White propaganda in schools, and the media. Perhaps we should talk about Calhoun’s rat experiment or the criminalization of masculine nature. Perhaps we should mention that you can’t trust anyone anymore, should you slip up and say something…unorthodox.

And it’s not just normal men that are suffering though. Virtue-signaling and being a cuck isn’t really a good lifestyle choice either. Liberal men aren’t exactly thriving, despite all the brown-nosing and self-flagellation that they engage in.

In general, people are turtling, they are going out less. They don’t go to the mall anymore, and group activities like bowling seem to be a thing of the past. Is it their fault though? Society has changed a lot in just the last eight years. It’s extremely noticeable if you visit from abroad every couple of years or so. Every time you notice the changes more and more.

I have several friends who don’t leave their house except for work now. They shop online now too, over Amazon. When they go to work, they don’t use public transportation, they of course drive.  They keep their heads down at work. And most of them are in their 20’s like me.

This alienation seems to have been growing since the 90’s in particular.

William Luther Pierce even commented on this topic in the context of the Columbine shooters. They were angry at everyone, filled with rage and felt completely isolated from the world.

The Columbine shooters were not White Supremacists. Quite the opposite. It’s not healthy racial feeling that leads to mass shootings. No, it’s the opposite feeling of alienation that leads people to lash out at everything and everyone.

They were totally alienated. This sickness around us…this liberal, jewish, egalitarian sickness corrupts everyone… the world young americans are growing up in is profoundly unnatural and unhealthy. Some adjust to it more or less, but a growing number do not. Instead they become alienated. They become filled with rage. And in the years ahead there will be hell to pay.

Now, this problem is not distributed uniformly. There are still nice, upscale, upper-middle class neighborhoods where community of some sort or another still exists. But those areas are getting more and more expensive. More and more out of reach for the average Joe.

Joe Rogan owes it to his listeners to mention that. To mention the vibrant diversity, the cultural dispossession, the freefall that we seem to be in. He is just like Bill Burr in that sense. A masculine-presenting guy who appeals to regular guys because of the dearth of other masculine commentators and content producers. But they aren’t anything special, they just come off as less crazy than everyone else offered up by the mainstream.

I used to think that Joe had potential and the ability to present a non-pozzed form of entertainment for American men with his program. But his constant deflection and inability to really address any of the pertinent issues of our time continues to disappoint me. More and more, I am of the opinion that he shouldn’t talk about the big stuff anymore. All of his podcasts start with a topic that is of great interest to me and many men in the West in particular. And every single time, Joe manages to avoid getting to the heart of the matter on just about anything. I had high hopes for Joe once, now I think he should just stick to MMA and marijuana.

And on those same topics, the Alt-Right manages to produce content, answers, and explanations that are so much more relevant, useful and overall closer to the Truth than anything Joe has been able to produce. We really are the only game in town in terms of genuine dialogue and social criticism. This goes double for actually prescribing solutions to the problems society faces. Everyone else is just spinning their wheels and collecting shekels from the lost masses.

I hope that in time, some of his fans will realize that.




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  • No, my sperm shots won’t reach another person’s back. The cum just dribbles out from a wank. It’s not the projectile it was when I was young.

  • Rogan did say that the races differ in intelligence during an episode where Gad Saad was the guest. Saad then brought up Philippe Rushton. Rogan didn’t explore the issue in depth, but that’s to be expected.

  • “But many young men are nowhere near my level because they are just completely checked out of society. ”

    HAHAHHAAAA. Oh, come down off the cross!

    • Sargon of Mossad: When someone stumps me in argument, I spam them with interracial porn.

  • And most of them are in their 20’s like me.

    Vincent’s in his 20’s? Well that explains why he knows everything. I shall doubt him no more.

  • The Alex Jones thing was hilarious and even had a hint of truth, hidden behind wild conspiracy.

    Oneness is real

  • Same thing with Alex Jonestown… except he’s ten times worse in dealing with actual issues and what is actually going on. Absolutely pathetic that they’re both usually better than the mainstream/corporate media in America. Altright types need to replace all these people by stealing their implicitly white audiences.

  • I’m 47, single, never married. I don’t go out and I don’t do.. anything. I have a job, but that’s all I actually “do”. I’m not kidding. On my time off I read and surf the web. Bowling Alone indeed. I did date a woman last year. She was nice, but 42 years old and too late to have kids. So why continue with her? She was nice and all, but so what? What would we do together? Read the paper while eating cereal together in the morning? I decided I’m happier being alone. And there you are. White Death and The Great Replacement is a real thing.

  • Japan, China and Korea have many of these problems you mention of guys “checking out” into the internet yet they have zero diversity and much more traditional socieities. And no jews. Nice try tho

    • Asians don’t interest me in the slightest … what happens in Asia .. stays in Asia .. which is cool.. their culture is no more connected to me and my life than a flamer at a gay pride parade.

      • You dont understand.. These are issues all developed countries have, not just the US etc. Your understanding begins and ends at “muh diversity”

        • That two places have the same problem does not dictate those problems derive from the same source, and beyond that, the Asians have a whole set of problems which are unique to them (albeit, in many cases, caused by the same things that cause our unique problems in the US and Europe).

          And come on m80, you’re being false.
          China has no Jews? Tip Top Kek.
          Korea and Japan have Jews, or at least, the touch of Jewry – the US brought it with them, and as the US never left, you should be able to guess (((who else))) stuck around.

    • There are numerous causes or risk factors that lead to social isolation. Diversity certainly increases the odds of isolation but it’s certainly not the only thing nor does it guarantee that someone is going to withdrawal. The internet and other technology escapism has certainly been bad for social capital. Genes can also play a role. Some people are just more predisposed to being introverts because they have higher anxiety levels. Your physical attractiveness also plays a role. People who are less physically attractive are more likely to withdrawal.

      When we talk about human behavior, direct one to one relationships very rarely exist. Most of the time there is no one thing that will guarantee a certain behavior. This why predicting mass shootings is so difficult. There is no one thing someone can look at to say “Yes this person is
      going to go on a shooting spree.” There are things that increase the probability but nothing that guarantees it.

      Take cigarette smoking for example. Contrary to popular belief, smoking cigarettes does not cause cancer. At least scientifically it can’t be said to. The reason is because not everyone who smokes cigarettes gets lung cancer and some people who never smoke do get lung cancer. It’s not a one to one relationship. If I stick a needle in an air balloon, that balloon is going to pop 100% of the time – that’s a one to one relationship. With cigarette smoking there are more factors involved that determine whether or not you get lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes merely increases the risk by a good margin.

      • Uh.. they cause cancer, in that even background solar radiation causes cancer, but its the job of DNA repair mechanisms to handle it. Obviously those can get overwhelmed

        Anyway i admire your nuance but the AR doesn’t tolerate that. Its black and white thinking. A group is either an evil parasite, a barbarous leech, or the savior of mankind. There’s no talk of “risk factors”, no spectrum or degree.

    • East Asians are much more in the autistic spectrum culturally if not literally. For example in our culture you’re a loser and nerd if you play video games. In East Asian countries it’s totally normal and they even celebrate video games. It’s part of their culture. Their iconography is very childish and strange.

  • I started following Rogan a long time ago at the beginning of his podcast activity because he’s a commentator for the UFC which I have watched since the old days when they were kicking teeth out.

    I stopped watching Rogan because the degeneracy became unbearable. When Rogan and that disgusting loser Redban started laughing at sex with babies I was out.

    Rogan et. al are drug-addled degenerates of the lowest order. He’s a jock douchebag on psychedelics who doesn’t have the prerequisite IQ to discuss serious topics. Rogan consistently shows his idiocy and illogical mind. He didn’t know what a concussion was after being involved in martial arts for decades.

    Rogan tries to play both sides of politics. He hates the right, is anti-white, even hates his own Italian ancestors calling them savages, but then also says leftists are too hysterical. It’s true they are hysterical but then so is he. For evidence just watch his interview with Crowder where Rogan becomes highly triggered and hostile about marijuana. Marijuana and psychedelics are central to Rogan’s identity. That’s what he lives for. He somehow believes being out of your mind is a good thing.

    • Everyone had their escapes.. for him it might be the herbal Jew, for you it might be sitting around on disqus or forums, signaling to anonymous strangers on the interwebs how reactionary you are. Is one any better than the other? At least people like Joe Rogan and want to hang out with him, can you say that about yourself?

        • Appeal to popularity is a fallacy.

          Hey, Bieber and Perry are the top two Twitter accounts. I guess we should all listen to those buffoons? Wrong.

      • A troll who calls himself a nationalist attempts to attack me as a reactionary? You don’t even understand the words you use. You’re a hypocrite and a moron.

        Is this your troll account you switch to to attack someone because you’re too much of a pathetic pussy to use your normal account?

        A reactionary is someone who wants to return to a previous political time. No such time existed in America. I don’t want to go back to segregation. You’re an imbecile.

        No one likes you. Girls laugh at you and avoid you. You have a low IQ. You have a small penis. Your own parents hate you. Your mother wishes she had aborted you when she had the chance. How about you drink some bleach and do everyone a favor? No one will miss you. It will be like you never existed.

    • great comment.. Joe does not appeal to me at all because of his big shiny bald head and tattooes.

    • No one cares, Jack, no one cares. Now go home and face your wife’s mulatto son like a man.

      • Alex Delarge’s whore of a mother was gangraped by retarded niggers with AIDS and that’s how he was born.

        Alex Delarge and his cucked family get DP’d by Third World subhumans every day on the street corner for pocket change.

        You should have been aborted. Do the world a favor and kill yourself immediately, Alex, you worthless cuck POS.

  • Wouldn’t listen to Rogan. He announces for that drizzling shit UFC that features young women beating each other’s brains in.

    • UFC didn’t have a woman’s division for a long time. Dana White even said it would never happen, but then he met Ronda Rousey who was a phenom for years until she got destroyed by other skilled women.

      Here’s the problem with the female division which we see happening now: it’s become dominated by lesbians and masculine women on steroids. Then there is that trans freak Fallon Fox which is a disgrace. I don’t think UFC would go that far, but if they do they’ve fucked themselves.

      UFC started out great. They wanted to answer the age-old question of which style is the best. It was no holds barred. Get in there, do your worst, anything goes. It was Blood Sport for the masses and it was mostly white. The problem was that model was too brutal for our cucked society. Politicians denounced it. That old faggot McCain was bellyaching about it all the time calling it human cockfighting. So they lost money, it was going under, then the Italians came in, bought it out for peanuts, regulated it and turned it into a legitimate sport. They grew the sport and sold it to Jews for 4.2 billion from a 2 million investment. That’s an unbelievable return. The only problem is, Jews eventually own everything. Whites sell out because whites like the easy life, and Jews run the show. That’s why we’re in the situation we’re in now.

      • Women shouldn’t fight.

        And yes, UFC was once great. I remember growing up watching Oleg Taktarov and Tank Abbott throw blows. I can’t watch that watered down UFC shit now. Same with boxing. I’ll just watch old fights from the 90s.

        • I instinctively don’t like to see women fight. I don’t watch female sports in general except for female beach volleyball. Now that is a good time.

          • Sports like gymnastics, swimming, and volleyball are great for women.

      • I know it would be cool to have bloodsport style multiple discipline no holds barred fights like in UFC: The Beginning with teeth flying out of motherfuckers mouths and shit, but realistically, it’s hard for stars and champion fighters to arise when you could get completely fucked up in one fight because some dude is allowed to use your head as a soccer ball when you’re already down. Competitors shelf lives would be extremely short. If you wanna watch no rules brutality, check out Felony Fights..

      • Jack, why won’t you acknowledge your sexual orientation? Drinking isn’t going to help.

        • This is the second retarded attack I see from you. I click on your name and I see your entire list is you taking shots at me as if I give a damn what some Asperger clown says.

          You’re a loser on the internet and even worse IRL.

          I’m physically and mentally in the top 2%. I’m a millionaire. I own real estate. I can destroy you verbally and physically.

          You’re a pathetic loser. You are nothing and you own nothing. You’re a useless prole wasting oxygen and that’s all you’ll ever be.

  • I knew Joe personally for many years. We met through his forum. I haven’t spoken to him in many, many years. Some history:

    Joe has articulated, in detail, his views on race many times on his forum over the years. Like so many Hollywood goys, he was Jew Aware, and he was (is?)

    He began his transformation by washing the forum of all racial shit he had posted over the years, all the doxing his forum mods had done (including the doxing of an overweight Jew who lied about lap band surgery, much to the laughter of Rogan), and everything else potentially (((damaging))).

    Around this time, he called a female reporter a cunt over some trivial UFC thing. He then made what seemed to many old-timers on the forum as a major career decision: he was going to cuck for sheckles from here on out. He produced a profoundly embarrassing novel in which he “retired” the word “cunt.” The same week he stickied a forum thread titled “cut out all the racist shit” (the board made 2006 /int/ look like childs play at that time). He also cleared the forum of a famous thread titled “Dear riddler,” where Joe detailed his opinion on normal working people (“dumb, weak, cunts of men” IIRC). The Doxxing also slowed down, as one of his dox-friendly mods- an IRL friend- committed suicide by cop while on a meth binge (srsly).

    Fast forward a bunch of shit, he found an angle with the self-helpy, positivity shtick. Ya know, a country full of nihilistic goys and all. This has been the genesis of his persona.

    Fast forward to today: he literally knocked up an upper middle class Jew with a kid from another guy (she claimed it was an accident looool). He’s now worth between 20-30 million, has 3 mansions at last count and is living up the good goy life.

    tldr; he’s a traitor, obviously, but the real interesting thing about him is how dark a person he is. If he hadn’t scrubbed his forum ppl would be amazed about how Mr. Nice Goy really thinks about the world.

    • I’ve always gotten the vibe that he’s very calculated about what he’s saying with his centrist bullshit, basically he’d shill for whatever as long as he got the money and material possessions. Your story fits the profile.

      Is it true his step kid is black?

    • I’ve met Joe twice at his standup events and only briefly, but the way he behaved seemed at odds with his persona, which at the time was very self-help guru-ish (2011-12). He definitely has a dark side that doesn’t mesh with who he purports to be on camera/wax.

      He also has a deep wealth of knowledge about what goes on behind the scenes, which he’s been increasingly cagey about after distancing himself from his conspiracy roots and going mainstream (Alex Jones called him out on this during their interview, and rightly so). I remember during one podcast he rebutted something a guest said with, “Secret societies run the world,” so matter-of-factly it made me wonder about his affiliations.

      Point is, Joe is extremely disingenuous, and the fact he married into the Tribe seems to me a strategic move on his part. Joe Rogan is a mercenary; he’s out for himself, and shouldn’t be trusted to say or allow on his platform anything that bites the (((hand))) that feeds him.

      • It is confirmed that Rogan’s wife is Jewish, Schimmel. That explains it all.

        I couldn’t confirm with a quick search that his eldest stepdaughter is half-black from his wife’s last relationship or infidelity which would make Rogan a literal Negrophilic cuck.

    • Joe has always been a Negrophilic cuck. Just because you’re aware of Jews doesn’t make you “our guy.” NOI are Jew-aware and they are not us.

      Rogan was a manosphere, Alt Light type at best. He’s very politically correct now.

      • Jack, please stop calling me up drunk at 3am, crying about how your wife’s mulatto son threw you out of the house. Get a pair of balls and deal with it yourself, you closet homo.

  • Rogan has always been that kind of entry level red pill for about a decade or so now. Same way Stefan Molyneux was before he jumped over that edge to a much deeper level, and he was a student in philosophy, yet it took him considerable time and effort to touch those topics. The luxury of the philosopher is the ability to seclude themselves from the world around them while answering to no one. It is, after all, a fairly limited field that pays little and few take seriously these days.

    Rogan on the other hand, like many other public figures gravitating to these topics, is too involved in the society around them and has too much to lose. It’s almost a reverse natural instinct they have to avoid such topics that are going to put them in danger, even though they realize not addressing said topics are going to put them in even bigger danger.

    He’s just another stepping stone the way I see it, but we’re reaching a point where it’s time to stop building new stones and force people to make the bigger step themselves. In my opinion we’ve already reached that point where adding new stones for the masses to slowly ascend upwards is hurting, not helping, the situation.

    • If Rogan ever had potential that was a long time ago and it’s long gone. Stefan went towards the right because Stefan is interested in truth. Rogan is interested in profit, degeneracy and psychedelic drugs, and he went towards the anti-white left.

  • Joe is married to a Jew, daughter of Robert Schimmel, and has jewish children. His Onnit business partner, Aubrey Marcus, is a polyamorous Jew who pushes jungle psychedelics as the key to fixing societal problems. Most of Joe’s sponsors (Dollar Shave Club, MVMT, MeUndies, Draftkings, Audible, etc etc) are founded and run by Jews. It is not a coincidence he avoids the deeper truths of race, and when put on the spot he will always shit on pro-whites.

    The only thing he will ever get passionate about is easier access to drugs. He is a shill.

    • “pushes jungle psychedelics”

      There has been a relentless push in recent years to reintroduce LSD and similar drugs to the populace, using the exact same tactics they used in the 1960s (including a lot of fawning mainstream media coverage about how “all the cool kids do them” – the latest is how the “geniuses of Silicon Valley all micro-dose.”)

      Beware, it’s a coordinated campaign.

    • Thanks for pointing out Joe’s connection to the Tribe so I don’t have to. Gets repetitive…

      Joe is a clear-cut example of a media gatekeeper who appeals to fringe demographics, but still keeps them from going off the reservation. He also revels in his status as a quasi-cult leader, although it seems he isn’t as guru-ish as he used to be. This is why we need religious icons – so people will stop worshiping/modeling celebrities.

    • Don’t ever forget that they don’t let White Nationalist have any quarter. It’s something that they hate us for deep down in their bones because they know we’re better then them and only we will be a deterrent to tikkun olam.

  • I think Rogan is responsible for the cuckening of a great many young men((((possibly by intention))). I was almost one of them.

    I listened to him for a couple of years. I really like the shows with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. One such show with Randall Carlson, Joe suggested Carlson check out Red Ice radio. I did as well. This was just a few months before Henrik changed focus of his show towards ethnocentric ideals.

    I like to tell people that Joe Rogan turned me into a Woke As Fuck White Nationalist Fitness Enthusiast.

  • Joe is a quasi boomer, caught between his macho instincts and the critical theory puke he’s been wading through his whole life. Doubtful that he will ever change. He’s got too powerful a pavlovian dread of anything “racist,” “homophobic,” etc.

    It is too bad, because he does bring a certain demeanor and overall presentation style that allows “edgy” ideas to get properly expressed. He’s just allergic to any ideas that Jews have placed off limits. It’s a generational thing.

  • The solution to this process of atomization/isolation is to build organic autonomous communities based on shared identity, values and worldviews. IE not staying in miserable multiculti environments and fighting for what you think is your birthright. Pursuing happiness is not cowardice. Call it white flight is you want to, but the cities are a dead zone, even if your wealthy enough to live in one of the predominately white neighborhoods.

  • Much has been written about the epidemic of loneliness, alienation and
    low social participation in the United States and even more has been
    hinted at. Joe has started to pick up on and address this rather taboo

    Hmm, I wonder if rebuilding the civil society institutions that were lost during the age of TV might be a workable solution:

    Putnam notes the aggregate loss in membership and number of volunteers in many existing civic organizations such as religious groups, labor unions, Parent-Teacher Association, Federation of Women’s Clubs, League of Women Voters, volunteers with Boy Scouts and the Red Cross, and fraternity organizations (Lions Clubs, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, United States Junior Chamber, Freemasonry, etc.).

    I’m going to say, “yes, absolutely” because anytime a good and workable idea is proposed the Usual Suspects come out of the wood work to attempt to scare people away and instead shift the focus to anything and everything *except* for workable, practical solutions: ideology, fantasy, etc.

    • One of the things that was lost during the age of TV was laws that put people who disseminated pornography behind bars. You sure you want to back to that?

      • I don’t want to “go back” to anything nor have I ever suggested as much.

        What is your obsession with “pornography” exactly? Do you enjoy reading women’s erotica? Fascinating. Are you a homosexual?

        • “What is your obsession with “pornography” exactly?”

          Lack of willpower (hich they conveniently blame on watcjing it).

          Same reason a +200 kilos fattie would tell you that fast food is addictive, because it can´t stop eating like a hog.

      • No. Death penalty. Maybe we could draw a line and say soft porn dissemination gets 10 years in prison. But Hard Core porn(recorded genital penetration) dissemination gets death penalty.


        And I’m someone trying to kick a relatively mild habit.

        It was easier kicking hard drugs(very easy and successful) than it is to kick porn.

        I will be overjoyed if the next time I try to open a free porn site and it’s not there anymore. I may even cry with happiness if that happened.

        Getting back towards the original subject of the article. Aubrey Marcus, Joe’s partner in Onnit was the creator of the “FleshLight”.

        The more I learn about these guys the more I’m disgusted that I got caught up their bullshit. Maybe someone like Aubrey is, in his own way, turning away from his past degeneracy. I mean, he is promoting fitness in all his followers and I believe that is good, even if he charges a shit ton of money for Onnit products. But I can’t help think that it’s all a ruse to capture a bunch of white men and turn them into a bunch of deracinated cucks.

  • Since you’ve been to Russia, based on your observations and experience, how would you describe the “social environment” there as opposed to Western Europe or the US, in terms of this feeling of alienation, loneliness and atomization?

    In my own travels between Slavaland and the West, I’ve noticed differences but I’m always curious to see if other Western-raised Slavs pick up on them as well, if at all.

    • It’s pretty cozy here. People are much nicer, will hang out with you and invite you places even though they don’t know you.

      In the West its, “ummmm, like who do you know???” Western people are profoundly undemocratic and constantly grouping themselves into smaller and smaller cliques and counter-signaling everyone else.

      Here, its much freer. Not so much anger and “loser vs winner” mentality. Hope to write about it soon.

  • Rogan is an open borders cuck too. Left-Libertarian to the max. Vincent you need to work to get Spencer on there. The exposure and refutation of Joe’s arguments would be huge. A lot of normies would be exposed.

    • I promise you, Greg: Rogan would shoot himself in the dick with heroin before he ever had a guy like Richard on.

      It would literally cost him 7, possibly 8 figures of income.

      • It would be a career ending decision, that’s for sure. But then that would be true for anyone even remotely connected to the (((entertainment industry))).

    • He would never have Spencer on. He won’t even have Cernovich on even though they’ve talked about him.

      Spencer actually isn’t good at debating. Spencer panders to leftists and blacks and concedes points even if they’re not true. He admitted that himself.

      Jared Taylor would be a better representative of pro-white statistical arguments.

      It would still be funny to watch.

      There was hysteria over Alex Jones being on his show even though Alex was married to a Jew, has Jewish kids, and is pro-miscegenation. “I don’t care if America is 80% Mexican as long as they believe in freedom and the Constitution!”

        • “Jews did nothing wrong.” – Jared Taylor

          Taylor is definitely soft on the Jews, but he’s much better at debating. Just watch his appearances on TV compared to Spencer’s.

      • It’s nice to see you have taken a brief time-out from all the drinking and the crying, Jack. You should try to stay sober more often.

        • You’re wasting oxygen and resources. Your Negrophilic whore mother regrets not aborting you when she had the chance. Do the world a favor and kill yourself immediately, loser.

      • Yes, Jared is one of the best representatives for debating pro-white issues. He stays cool under pressure and stays on topic with facts.

    • I tried to watch the Sargon of Akkad episode, bailed after about ten minutes. Then I saw the run time was like 4 hours. How can anyone talk about nothing for 4 hours?

      • You can literally listen to hours of Rogan ramble on and learn nothing. Rogan speaks in fallacies and half-truths. What they refer to themselves as “bro science.”

    • LOL, you’re a little slow on the uptake. He’s married to a Jew. He’s suspected of being cucked by his Jew wife and raising her half-nig kid.

      Watch his show and you constantly see a picture of nig Hendrix in the background. He’s a drug-addled imbecile. He’s afraid to even have Cernovich on his show. He got a lot of blowback for having cucked Alex Jones on. His politics are leftist and anti-white even though he does speak out against micro-aggressions and Jews being harassed by black students, but that’s just comeuppance.

    • Joe’s a big star .. he doesn’t need altright for anything in this lifetime.. he’s got his big fat nest egg.

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