10 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To White People

1. She Promotes Fat Ass” Culture 

Every single American girl and many European girls now are pursuing the fat ass as a new beauty standard. This goes hand in hand with the “twerking” craze, which, from what I can tell, simulates a she-boon’s mating dance from the jungles of the Congo.  Also, a few words on “thicc” women. “Thicc” is a meme from Black Twitter. It’s not a real thing for White people. Girls can’t be thick; they can only be chubby. If you like chubby girls, just admit it and don’t try to create some sort of new gentleman’s fetish out of what is clearly a result of having few options.

More American and European women are becoming walking hogs at a faster and faster rate. This is only a good thing for Blacks and Browns because, well, that’s what they like.

2. She Promotes Dating Black Athletes 

This one is pretty straight-forward. We know all about the appalling abuse of White girls by Black men.
But in some cases, it’s a two-way street. I reckon many of these girls thought they would take a page out of Kim’s playbook by hanging out with or pursuing relationships with Black athletes, especially in college. Kim made it look so glamorous and fashionable, so, of course, a bunch of dumb chicks decide to imitate her example every single year, with disastrous results. The noticeable uptick in the “mud sharking” phenomenon is directly correlated to Kim’s rising popularity. She’s been with too many Black athletes to count, and so have her whore sisters. You can read some other daft whore’s meticulous timeline of the Kim dating saga here. But really, why would you want to?

3. Kim Is Famous For Being A Dumb Slut 

Why do you and I even know about Kim Kardashian? Oh, right. She made a sex tape that “accidentally” leaked. Overnight, she became a star because of her sex tape with some rapper called Ray-J. Kim has a history of sleeping with famous Blacks, Browns, and other degenerates. Suburban stay-at-home moms can’t get enough of watching her life drama, and they pass on the fixation to their teenage girls. By promoting Kim, our culture promotes being a dumb slut, trading up men every couple of years—or months or even weeks, in the case of Kim—for the newer, bigger, badder celebrity male.

Kim is a household name because of a sex tape. Let that sink in.

4. She Drove Her Step-Father To Cut His Balls Off 

Many people on the Right really hate Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. I, however, have nothing but pity for the man. On the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, he would just shuffle around in the back, try to avoid the cameras and get constantly ganged up on by a bunch of shrieking harpies.

That estrogen-laced environment was clearly not good for his chemical and emotional health. He cracked after enduring years of Kim & Co.’s bullshit. RIP Bruce, Hello Caitlyn.

He went from an all-American Olympian hero…

To just another freak in the disgusting menagerie of Post-First World society.

5. Her Dad Got O.J. Off


Her father got an insane Black man who murdered a White woman off on a technicality. Fun fact: urban Armenians were the Jews of the Ottoman Empire. Unsurprisingly, they make good lawyers who enjoy keeping criminals on the streets in the name of social justice and a fat paycheck.

The greatest of life’s truths can be condensed into a meme.
Their father made enough money to begin funding the Kardashian’s lavish lifestyle and all the rot that followed. In an act of divine karma, his own daughter ended up marrying a psychotic Black celebrity as well.

6. She Is a Minority That Adopted Black Culture

Have you ever noticed how 2nd-gen immigrant minorities all eventually become Black? Kim Kardashian is the perfect example of this. Black ghetto culture becomes the catch-all subculture that minorities drift to after a short honeymoon stint in the United States. Black culture starts to replace or hybridize with their own culture until they all become virtually indistinguishable low-lifes.

7. She Promotes Black Beauty Standards. 

How many times have you heard someone say that a girl is “thicc”? We touched on this in point 1, but it needs to be re-stated. Kim has a big fat brown ass and now White girls are imitating her. But they aren’t just imitating her posterior. They’re imitating everything else as well.

Thick eye-brows. Check. (Like a non-White).

Black hair. Check. (Also like a non-White).

Fake tan. Check. (Need I say it)?

White chicks are starting to actively act more Black because of Kim.

8. She Is A Narcissistic Spoiled Cunt That Never Worked A Day In Her Life. 

For many young girls, she is a role model that tells them that doing nothing except being a whore is a way to get ahead in life. Has she ever worked? Does she know what regular Americans are going through? Or does she live in a sort of bubble, surrounded by other rich freaks and divorced from reality?

Oh wait, I take that back: she’s a “businesslady.” She sells sex- and pop-culture themed curios, which she promotes on Instagram. (Or at least she hired a good social-media manager.)  A worthwhile contribution to the global economy and our shared civilization if ever there was one!

But it’s all going to come to an end very soon. . .

9. She Supported Hillary Clinton

In yet another instance of celebrities weighing in on political issues, Kim threw her weight behind Hillary Clinton. Why? Probably because Hillary is a woman, and Kim is an empowered feminist so there you go, first female president and all that jazz. Actively shilling for one of the most corrupt candidates in American history is pretty low. Why couldn’t she just keep her mouth shut and enjoy the hedonistic self-destructive spiral she had been pursuing for decades now?

Why do the absolute worst people feel entitled to weigh in on these matters, but good people keep their mouths shut?

Well, not anymore. 8 years, Kim. 8 years.

10. She Is A Social Media Junkie. 

Social media is ruining women. The manosphere has been writing about this phenomenon for years now. It’s impossible to get a girl to put her phone away, and worse, the phones keep her plugged into a constant instant gratification portal.
For women, the smartphone is a bridge to receive offers of penis twenty-four hours a day. With text messaging and use of apps that connect her to Facebook, dating sites, Instagram, and the like, your average girl is receiving subtle and not-so-subtle sexual offers every other hour. She even gets to hear a bell tone when a new penis is putting in his attempt. The smartphone is a perfectly designed machine for women to field dozens and dozens of penis offerings every month when in the previous generation your average woman wouldn’t receive that many in a lifetime. – Roosh
Kim is constantly tweeting and doing social media. Not only is she a role-model for degenerate behavior IRL, but online as well.


All in all, the White World would have been better off without the Kardashians.
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