La Raza Brazenly Spreads Flyers Advocating White Genocide

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Job fliers were posted around San Diego. They were your typical advertisements, just drawing peoples attention to businesses, job offers, and white genocide.

The fliers come in several variations but all have the same tone. One was placed on the windshield of a car promising to “make you rich if you join us” and declaring that they “are killing off the entire evil white race by making them addicted to cocaine, crack, spiked marijuana, spice, meth, heroin, hash, and other poisons, to kill them”.  The fliers also end with the phrase “Latino Power – Viva la Raza”. The definition of La Raza is ‘the race’, La Raza is also the name of the National Council of La Raza, which is the largest Hispanic advocacy organization whose goal is to shut down deportations. San Diego police have not responded to concerns about whether or not the fliers are being investigated.

Next time a ‘patriotic’ libertarian tries to convince you that legalization of drugs is good, be sure to cite this article. There is some slightly good news, however, as immigration arrests in San Diego have doubled under President Trump. Make no mistake, the Hispanic population views the United States as a land for their  ‘raza’ and Whites as an obstacle to that path.

Pat Buchanan wrote an article asking “Is America Still a Nation?” professing a clear war on whites without actually saying it:

We no longer have the same ancestors. They are of every color and from every country. We do not speak one language, but rather English, Spanish and a host of others. We long ago ceased to profess the same religion. We are evangelical Christians, mainstream Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, agnostics and atheists.

Federalist No. 2 celebrated our unity. Today’s elites proclaim that our diversity is our strength. But is this true, or a tenet of trendy ideology?

Diversity is only maintained when races are not blending together, what we have here is an agenda of destroying a historically White country with Hispanic supremacists who break our immigration laws, rape, kill, steal, and whose only loyalty belong to their ‘raza’. So when  Donald Trump pointed out this fact along with the ‘drugs coming across the border poisoning our youth’, he was labeled the villain by the lying media.

But here’s the truth. Hispanics are a race dedicated to hate and breaking the law. What utility do they have in our society besides picking lettuce and washing cars?

Here are some more HateFacts. The “conservative” bugmen elites who want to bring in this hateful race for the sake of big business interests are not part of our nation, but a parasite upon it. We should recognize the immediate threat Hispanics pose to our way of life, as Muslims are nowhere near the demographic levels in the United States that Hispanics are.

Muslims are not at a threshold which could drive Whites into minority status in the near future. But every Hispanic baby born in the United States is a demographic bomber, using their place in the United States to further expand the interests of their raza.

We should thank them for finally being so open about their intentions.

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  • La Raza is pale when you compare it to Reconquista. This group is communist in its roots. But their take is the whole Mexican/American War in the 1840’s was an illegal land grab by Anglo’s. California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and even Utah were part of Mexico at one point and Reconquista wants it all back. Their mantra is all Anglo’s must live east of the Rockies or Mississippi River. They are a little inconsistent in that regard. They are taking their country back in two ways. Obviously illegal aliens are the first threat. But there is an event in every young female mexican’s life, The family celebrates a girl’
    s 15th birthday with a semi formal affair called a quincinera. A girl is deemed a woman at that point. Since she is unlikely to finish high school her “job” consists of having as many babies in or out of wedlock as she possibly can. The latino birth rate is far higher than other races and it is only getting worse. That is their plan and it seems to be working, especially in California.

  • Funny thing is that those 4 guys in the picture are WHITE. Latino is not a race, it’s a culture, but I guess the latinos are too stupid to get that. As a matter of fact, the majority of US latinos are WHITE.

  • Use those flyers to fight back. Collect them and add the words “FIGHT BACK” on our own flyer with a copy of their flyer attached

  • When you use the word “hispanic” or “Latino” as these lobbies do, you are helping them. The all-encompassing label has been traditionally used by white and Jewish elites in Latin America to try and stave off racial conflict among the people they rule, as they are usually outnumbered.

    Most of these La Raza groups are run by largely European descended people like that Mexican judge Trump was attacking. They hide among 75 IQ mesoamericans in order to get special institutional privileges and affirmative action that genuine low IQ brownies never see. Looking at “affirmative action” benefits, I’ve noticed (anecdotally, but I think there’s data out there on it) that Iberian descended Cubans are heavily privileged when getting into harvard under their “hispanic label”.

    I even knew a 100% German engineer from Brazil that would use the Hispanic label to get a god-mode leg up. He was genuinely talented too.

    The better strategy here is to separate these shameless whites (or in the case of California and Southwest, white-ish Mexicans) from their brown alibi. La Raza is a sham that can easily be broken since its a purely ideological construct and not even based on an actual ‘Raza’.

  • PLEASE HELP. I have not been able to visit the site for over a week. This has happened at several private residences including my own home. I have tried to show the site to a couple friends of mine & Sitelock blocked us. Sitelock is KILLING YOUR VISITORS. I was told here that this was a thing that only happened at hotels by someone at the site. I saw a comment from someone in Germany saying the same thing the last time I was visiting the site. But no it is happening at private residences. I try and visit daily. Today was the first day in approximately 10 days I made it without the idiotic Sitelock blocking me. I find it VERY BELIEVABLE that this site is being blocked in “unconventional” ways. Thank You for the content. I want to let you know THE BEST THING ON YOUR SITE IS THE POLITICAL PODCAST WITH RICHARD. Please at least upload them to YouTube so that I may get to them if Sitelock is blocking me. Also I had seen Podcasts with Richard talking about the philosophy behind certain movies. I have not been able to find them again but they were extremely enjoyable. Please post these as well on YouTube as they are very interesting for the many who are thirsty for intellectual conversation. Thank you again & in advance for all of the content. ALL OF YOU ARE EXCELLENT. If there is a way to get around Sitelock I will be able to see responses in my email even if I cannot get to the site. Also I cannot suggest enough to post those podcasts on to YouTube, so many look for an intellectual alternative and are stuck watching Molyneux but the people that are intellectual want an INTELLECTUAL ALTERNATIVE that is found on the podcasts. I suggest more of these.

  • I am not sure “every hispanic baby” is a bomber, but the moslems are more of a threat as far as furture population bc the men don’t believe in birth control, and women have no choice in the care and bodies.

    Breeding Jihad
    1 moslem + 4 wives = 22 kids on average. This includes expendable martyrs who bring honor and money to their families

  • Here’s the funny thing: A lot of people including Spencer would call these people white if they just said the right things. That’s pretty stupid don’t you think? One can change their race depending on their political view? That’s nonsense.

    So actually mestizos and castizos being hostile towards whites HELPS US. Yes indeed, it inhibits miscegenation, increases our group genetic integrity and strengthens our white racial resolve even when we have cucks in our own movement willing to let them in if they just claim to be white. So I fully support La Raza identity, even though they are in fact NOT a race but rather hybrids.

    Latin men made a real mess of South America and now we’re all paying for it.

  • This only means now we have justification to return the favour?

    We will use scalar weaponry to turn all of Mexico into a graveyard.

  • the red man has every reason to hate us but would let it go if they could get away from us. we should have them invade south America and get all our people to come to north. then we can trade phones medicine ect for their farm work intercontinentally. just saying I don’t care ill be king of Valhalla before too long anyway but it could be a good alliance and even get the civic cucks behind us if we need to march

  • Piss off the white boys, good idea minorities.
    When there’s 30 million white kids reaching into their backpack your race is going to be in serious trouble.

  • Who was the First Woman to publicly stand with the Alt-Right??

    Irma Hinojosa…..

    A Mestizo Latina……

    Most White Women would NEVER be seen at an Alt-Right Rally/Event……

    They’d rather be seen on Big Brother F**king Black Men on Camera……

    They’d rather be seen at Pink P**sy Marches……

    They’d rather be seen attacking White Men in Public………

    They’d rather be seen at a FEMEN Lesbian March……

    They’d rather be seen at a Planned Parenthood March with a White Baby Doll sprayed with Red Paint and with a Hanger through it’s Head…….

    Whatever all that means is what it means………

    We all know what it means……..

    It’s Our Struggle……

    And Our Struggle isn’t mitigated by attacking the Irma Hinojosa’s…….

    …who empathize with the State of Affairs……

  • I actually believe hispanics are part of us. They are part of The West is what I mean. They speak Spanish, a European language, and are Catholic, probably the very spine of western civilization itself.

    • Well, there is a big controversy over mestizo immigration that your concept of “the West” apparently ignores.

      Mestizos may have some surface level cultural similarities with us, but they are racially different. These racial differences manifest in different behavioral traits, for example an average IQ of 85-90… and these behavioral traits are relevant to all aspects of human behavior, not just IQ. Big five personality traits for example.

      And so, even if they have some surface level cultural similarities, societies run by different races may have surprisingly different results. Despite being “culturally similar to the West”, some of the Mestizo societies that are sending their people to the US have among the highest murder rates and levels of corruption in the world. So apparently “Western values” don’t explain everything.

      • To be clear, I accept that for the most part hispanics are indeed Mud People: short, squat brown mestizos. Ultimately I compare what we have and what Europe has, and in the end I feel that we’re better off. In other words, I’ll take a Mexican anyday over an Iraqi, Nigerian, Syrian, Saudi or Turk.

        • I’m not sure which is better. It depends how whites end up responding. Muslims are so assertive and annoying that you’d think Europeans would have a better chance at kicking them out wholesale. Of course, if they don’t then the enriched parts of Europe are totally screwed.

          Mestizos seem harder to get rid of, without the jihads, bombings, sharia law, etc. Their presence will just drag down everything they touch, like a subtle biological weapon that doesn’t kill, but just gives you some harmful mutations that interfere with cognition

  • Last time I checked……

    Spanish was a White European Language in Origin……

    I can speak Spanish at a Semi-Intermediate Level…….

    It’s quite useful…….

    And it’s pretty closely related to the English Language in many ways…….

    Are White Spanish People…..banned from the Alt-Right???

    That would seem Contradictory……

    • If you’re talking about Spaniards and Portugese from Iberia, then no, they’re not banned. Neither IMO should unambiguous whites from the southern cone.

      • I’m a Racist…….according to PC Orthodoxy and even Alt-Lite Orthodoxy….

        Whatever… means NOTHING…..

        People like Irma Hinojosa???

        I’d welcome her into the Alt-Right…….with her being Mestizo…….

        Her Character is grounded in her Genetics…….

        I would GLADLY add her to our Gene Pool…….

        Genetic Changes are happening whether we like or not………

        Irma Hinojosa would rather Pro-Create with her Own People……..


        As would we…….

        But, if we had MORE White Women resembling Irma Hinojosa on our Side???

        That would be a Big BOOST…….

        • Well, if you would welcome a Mestizo into the Alt-Right because she may agree with some of your view, why not welcome Blacks who also agree with your views. Geez. A White movement is by, for and about Whites. It is the genes that give entrance not personal views on things.

    • Are Spaniards White? The question is as non-sensical as asking are Americans White. The answer in both cases is that some are White.

      Some on here are conflating Mestizos who are not White with Whites.

  • While many in the Alt-Right consider the Alt-Lite to be their Enemy…….

    The Alt-Lite is interesting to Study……..

    There are PLENTY of Hispanics that are Alt-Lite, Pro-Trump, and Civic-Nationalist………

    There are PLENTY of Hispanics who have Significant European Genetic Ancestry………

    We are living in times of Great Brainwashing even though we consider this the Modern Scientific Age……

    Society is moving towards Beige…….



    Why do most White People like getting Tanned in the Summer, think they’re peaking, can’t stop looking in the Mirror and taking Selfies??

    White Self-Hatred RUNS DEEP…….

    We have a White Problem, Folks……

    Thank you, Richard……

    • Good grief. Now, you’re mouthing the nonsense that Whites don’t want to be White because some like to get tanned. Look at the tanned Whites. Do they look non-White even with their tans? Of course not.

  • “But here’s the truth. Hispanics are a race dedicated to hate and breaking the law. What utility do they have in our society besides picking lettuce and washing cars?”

    C’mon, Bro….


      • Ha!!

        I don’t eat Lettuce……

        It’s pretty much Depleted of anything Nutritional……..

        …..except Water and Fiber……

        I wash my own Car…..

        • Ah, so you not only lack discernment about the different races of humans but you also lack it about the different varieties of lettuce.

          Actually, lettuce may be a good metaphor for race and for those who don’t understand (like you).

          Ice Berg lettuce has very little [nutritional] value (it is like Negroes and Mestizos and all non-Whites). On the other hand, Romaine lettuce has lots of value (it is like pure Whites).

  • We can not accept people from brown countries where they can not manage demography and establish any livable societies.

      • Absolutely right!!! It is not because they can’t manage this or that or whatever. We simply can’t accept them BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT WHITE! They are not our kind. And, their very presence in our lands increases miscegenation of Whites who stupidly mate with them and produce non-White children.

  • This could be an attempt to discredit the white genocide meme by:
    1. Saying it is from drugs as a distraction form the actual method of genocide by force blending,
    2. Associating it with the holocaust and anti-Semitism,
    3. Generally making it look silly.

    They’re going to find out that you can’t discredit an effective meme that’s true. All you can do is spread it or ignore it. We call this “rolling in the grey goo.” @14:43

    • Honestly, I don’t like the ‘white genocide’ meme. It reeks of the worst kind leftist slave morality. We should be promoting white empowerment, not white victimhood.

      • You’re saying you don’t want to do what works. That’s the attitude that has kept anti-whites in power all our lives.

        • Whites didn’t conquer the world by asking our enemies to feel sorry for us. The White Genocide meme will only only attract the weak to our movement, and our enemies certainly will NOT take pity on us.

          • Whites didn’t conquer the world through endless counter-signalling.

          • I love how you both equated my criticism of the white genocide meme as me saying we should abandon all propaganda efforts.

            Richard Spencer has criticized the term ‘white genocide’ too. Our enemies don’t suffer from the same pathological altruism as whites do, which is why I don’t think it will work the other way around. It can work to wake some whites up I guess, but it’s only going to take us so far.

          • “Muh Criticism”

            You never push the Overton Window by telling people exactly what is happening and doing so in the safest terms imaginable. You push the Overton Window by going beyond what is happening and taking the discussion into the future. The people will acknowledge “it’s not that bad” but they will internalize that something isn’t right and then look at the trajectory in demographics. People can look at the present and experience the open hatred and hostility that is never questioned or policed. This allows us to move the O-Window for changes in policy and thought.

            What’s the point of talking about genocide after the fact?

          • I think you misunderstood my critique. It puts out a message of weakness and victimhood, where we should be promoting strength and empowerment.

            Like I said it’s useful for waking people up about demographics. But it’s usefulness is limited. You’re overreacting.

          • It does not put out a message of weakness. And, we are victims. Speaking out about it is necessary to awaken more Whites that we are being erased. It makes absolutely no sense to try to deny it and pretend this isn’t happening.

            Put it this way. First we must think a thought, then we must share the thought and then others may be convinced and join. That is what we are doing by speaking out about White genocide. We are not trying to hide it or keep a stiff upper lip.

          • But it does. Blaming our declining birth rates on the Jews is a mentality for losers. Jews hold no power over us when weak willed white people are unwilling to buy what they are selling.

            As long a we are thinking about ourselves as victims, thats exactly what we will be. We have the agency to fix our demographic slump. The only thing preventing us from doing so is our own weakness. Empowerment > Victimhood.

          • Where did I blame Jews for the genocide that is being done to us? They may be part of it, but I didn’t bring that up. In fact, it is more than Jews who are involved. It is everyone who fails to understand the basics of evolution and how organisms (including humans) survive and why they should survive at all.

          • Fair enough. I just hear the same arguments so often that sometimes I jump to concusions. My apologies.

          • The white genocide meme works. You’re like a private telling a general how to fight a war. What’s the track record of your type at taking power?

          • How have you done against the anti-whites who have been in power for decades?

          • The wrong side won WWII. If the good guys won, we wouldn’t be in this mess now.

          • We’re in this mess because there’s too many people like you who don’t know how to fight a propaganda war and take power. You don’t know how anti-whites took power and you don’t have a clue what to do about it.

          • They took power by exploiting white weakness. I don’t see more weakness as the solution. It’s not going to work the other way around. Just my 2 cents.

          • They took power by winning the propaganda war. They were very strong and disciplined in this effort. We need to just as strong and disciplined. You need to do a lot more listening and a lot less talking.

          • I didn’t say anything about abandoning propaganda as a tactic. Whatever I’ve already said my piece.

          • I totally agree we need more bravery. A lot of pro-whites talk tough on pro-white message boards but they are terrified of confronting an anti-white for fear of being humiliated. We need more moral courage.

          • Bob Whitaker was a boomer!

            Who are you going to trust? A professional propagandist that literally brought the pro-white movement into the 21st century – or my twitter account full of the Rarest Pepes?

            F-YOU DAD!

          • The white genocide meme is a meme intended for OUTREACH.

            Non-Alt-right whites are mostly still in a slave morality mode, so slave morality memes may work on them.

          • Yeah, good point. I was probably too harsh out the gates, but I stand by the point I was initially making. I don’t want to see the Alt-Right become a left wing oppressed grievance group like BLM for white people.

          • Nope. Talking about White genocide is a plus for us. It will awaken many more Whites and maybe we can then help many Whites see the light and who will avoid miscegenation.

          • I’m all for the 14 words. White genocide promotes whites as a victim group and thats why I criticize it. Clearly its a sacred cow that people don’t want to see criticized. Oh well.

          • Whites are being victimized. The establishment is doing it. Non-Whites are doing it. We need to shout out that we’re not going to take it anymore and if we’re going to shout that out, we need to shout out exactly what it is that we’re not going to take anymore and the attempted genocide of Whites is at the top of the list of what we must not take anymore.

  • Spics have told me this, it’s all over their media, I speak Spanish. These evil Aztec cannibals are invaders and should be deported through anchor babies and their descendants. Unfortunately Trump is amnesting the daca ones

  • I sent an article link to a friend, who reported that he was unable to view it due to SiteLock. This is the second report of SiteLock blocking that I am aware of, someone else mentioned it in the comment section on an article last week.

    SiteLock is a private company that claims to block mal-ware. You can google them at

    It might behoove the site admin for AltRight to contact them and seek an explanation of why they are blocking access to the site.

    Error message friend got:

    You’ve requested a page that currently is on the SiteLock network.
    SiteLock was unable to connect to the server.
    Suggestions :

    If you are a website visitor, try to refresh your browser and connect again.
    If you are the website owner, please ensure that your server is up and running and that access to it from the SiteLock network has not been blocked in any way. see here

  • La Raza is a good, juicy anti-white target. But it’s pretty obvious that those flyers are fake.

    Fortunately, La Raza is on the record with all sorts of anti-white hate speech, and La Raza is also in a precarious position because the larger umbrella group includes the radical, borderline illegal factions along with “moderate” group well integrated into the mainstream.

    In fact, White people have been complaining about La Raza’s open anti-white hostility for 30 years. The original Tea Parties, the earliest conservative websites, and many implicitly white conservative groups have long had La Raza as a target.

    Conservative Inc. and the GOP spent a good deal of time and money to bring in “conservative Hispanics” to counter-signal against the “radical liberal La Raza” types.

    Steve Sailer, especially, being from California, has done good work deconstructing the social constructs of “Hispanic” and “Latino” and documenting the anti-white rhetoric coming from otherwise mainstream “Latino” groups.

    • Are Brazilians “Hispanic”? How about Belize-ians? Are Cubans? Yes, OK, how about Haitians then? Too black? How about Dominicans – same island after all?

      Yes the category is ridiculous and contrived.

      • It isn’t necessary to pick the fly specks out of the pepper. We know who isn’t White, but maybe you just want to confuse things to the point where Whites are just mentally paralyzed by trying to sort out who is White and who isn’t.

        Here’s the rule of thumb: Use your sight. If they don’t look White they aren’t White. Finer distinctions can also be made, but your sight is a good first line of defense and that’s why sight is so important to humans.

        • It wasn’t my intention to create confusion about who is white. I was just pointing out how ridiculous the terms “Latino” and “Hispanic” are, a point Hipster made in closing. They are totally made up terms, created by the Left to move their agenda forward. When looked at even a little they make no sense.

          But then again, as you point out neither Brazillians, Dominicans, Hatians nor even run of the mill Mexicans are white, so perhaps it’s a useful category for us after all.

        • Hispanic essentially means Mestizo. There are no white hispanics or black hispanics when rubber hits the road.

      • I live in Spain and even the Spanish refer to the mestizos from Latin America as “hispanos” (Hispanics).

        My theory is the category has a twofold purpose: 1) as an anti-White grievance group when applied to non-Whites and 2) for divide and conquer purposes when applied to Whites.

          • Spain is a great country, precisely because Western man defended her against the alien invader/occupiers and expelled them. Had he not done so, Spain would look like Morocco. “Racist!”? You’re an illiterate fool who either doesn’t accept or hasn’t seen the reality across the Straits of Gibraltar.

      • at this point people from each race have been born there and are technically Brazilian. it was native americans till Spanish and other Europeans moved throughout south america. they mixed in and separated rather that just kill them like in the north

    • Yeah; I’d guess this thing is bogus. No point to the thing whatsoever. I mean is it trying to get someone to call a number and sign up to be a drug dealer? Not how it works. Then it’s supposedly geared toward anti-white mexicans, but they put it in english? Including marijuana (deaths=0) as a drug to genocide people with?

  • I think it’s good for us that they keep being so open about their hatred of whites. They’re shooting their load way to early. Boomers are hopeless but the young people who see this are reachable. They’re growing up in a time were anti-white hatred is right out in the open.

    • Boomers put Trump in for what that was worth, 80% of millenials identify as democrat. If 50% of them(Bernie supporters) wouldn’t have stayed home we’d have Hillary. Millenials are deluded

      • There are good reasons to point out the failures of the boomer generation, but 90% of the “anti-boomer rhetoric” is just young millennials screaming “F-YOU DAD” to distract from their own utter failure as a generation and the fact the “alt right” millennials have yet to get serious about a pro-white movement.

        Yes, it was the boomers that voted for Trump. Let’s also not forget that plenty of people in the Rust Belt that had voted for Obama and the Democrats previously – people who might even be considered “liberal” – are the ones that put Trump over the top.

        Antifa, the “Social Justice Warriors,” the crazy feminists, the miscegenators, the most radical of the anti-whites – they tend to skew millennial.

        If you want to sell product to disaffect young white males, it pays to play the “F-YOU DAD” card and to posture as “edgy” and “radical.” I mean back in the 1980s, no one actually thought green mohawks and facial piercings looked good, but the purpose wasn’t to look good, it was to piss off your parents and distinguish yourself in an easy way from your peers.

        Getting good grades, starting a business, winning at high school football – that is difficult and requires hard work. But dying your hair green and being “punk” is easy.

        • I’m 50, I’ve experienced boomers, greatest(who were better), X’ers(my crap vapid generation) and now millenials. I live in a former working-class now gentrified by them area, work as a bouncer in their bars. The entire lot are corporate tools, wigger, vapid locusts.First generation in history that can’t even make music.They won’t get their hands dirty and have given all the blue collar jobs to the nigs who they worship and they cop this vanguard based shite.

        • Hip, a lot of millenials have Xer parents. 1965 birth date is the beginnings of the Xer generation. That means the oldest Xers are 52. The younger millenials doing crazy stuff are telling their Xer folks to F you as well. What ever happened to Gen Y, the kids born in the late 70s to mid to late 80’s? There is too much confusion about the younger generations, as there seems to be a lot of overlap.

          • I’m pretty sure Gen Y is Millenial. Their the same thing. 1981-1997. Gen Z is 1998-present.

          • It’s pointless to expect dumb kids to be anything but dumb kids. Frankly, I blame the leadership class. Instead of LEADING – they are catering to the lowest common denominator because that is what gets the hits. Then, to make up for this, they will occasionally pull out some high-brow stuff to maintain some kind of credibility. But they cannot connect the high brow stuff to the lowest common denominator stuff in any meaningful way.

            The entire movement has a huge split – we are top heavy with brilliant academics like Kevin MacDonald, and we do have some energetic young folks – but there is no middle ground.

            You know why Kevin MacDonald is so great? Because he’s a scientist, not merely a culturalist. I wish people would stop looking to theologians and philosophers from hundreds of years ago and instead take a serious look at social engineering – and we have a great resource of the what and how of social engineering: it’s 50 years of declassified CIA documents telling us how they did it:


          • This x1000, The KGB wasn’t the only Alphabet Agency to terrorize the populace they were ostensibly created to defend. The CIA campaign of Social Engineering waged against White America is the domestic version of the Soviet Psyops Yuri Bezmenov warned us about, to wit;

          • I spend a lot of time reviewing declassified CIA documents and trying to understand the techniques of social engineering that were used against White America from WWII on.

            However, I don’t just complain about them, or just try to understand how to defend against the tactics. I want to co-opt those methods and use them for our purposes.

          • Indeed, we need a Charismatic Counter-March through the Institutions rather than Day of the Rope fantasies. And, yes, the time for kvetching is over, Acta non Verba, Invert the dominant paradigm & make Racism Hip again!

          • Well, they will all be purged with extreme prejudice. There is war within the military industrial complex, do you not know this?

            They won’t be able to put the genie back into the bottle, people are now more than ever awake to social engineering agendas.

            I could tell you more but you obviously don’t have the requisite security clearances.

        • “and the fact the “alt right” millennials have yet to get serious about a pro-white movement.”

          The alt-right made white nationalism mainstream, turned it into a counterculture and the worth of that alone is staggering, we’ve done more for white nationalism than any other generation. Still, this was because the time for the idea had come.. What the fuck were you people doing for all of this time? Virtually nothing, because the times weren’t conducive to the spread of these ideas until very recently.

          I never was a 4chan user but 4chan did more for the cause than any other single entity did, they turned reality into a circus.


          • Boomers are the REAL snowflakes.

            Seriously though, Millenial criticism of the Boomer generations legacy is entirely valid. We’re obviously not saying all Boomers are horrible. Personally I get along well with my parents. And there were Boomers who have been woke for alot longer than any of us. But all of the things that the Alt-Right is reacting against happened under the Boomers reign. It is what it is.

          • They’re not mutually exclusive. There’s widespread recognition of the alt-right and its ideas, i.e. white nationalism has gone mainstream. Before the alt-right white nationalism was fringe politics, now we’re continually expanding our reach to a young audience which is exactly what is needed. Now we’re virile and vibrant, morale is up and it’s not because of sweater-douches like yourself.

          • To be fair White Nationalism is still fringe politics and has a long way to go before it becomes mainstream.

            The Alt-Right is a growing counter-culture and an alternative to the POZ’ed mainstream.

            The older folks who are already ‘red pilled’ should be respected, but it’s the younger people who are going to make the difference in the long run. Our propaganda efforts should be targeted at Gen Z and younger Millenials. Those who are 30 and up are already stuck in their ways, and it gets harder and harder to teach an old dog, new tricks.

          • I don’t know, since 2016 things have changed. Trump was pandering to us, or maybe to the alt-lite more specifically. But no-one had ever heard our arguments before, it was truly fringe at that point, and it still is in a sense but now people know about us. The media is covering us now. We’re going through a political paradigm shift, we’re still in the early stages but it is happening and our ideas are resonating with people more and more. Hell, even a god showed up and picked our side, the hippies never had a patron god but we do.

            Fringe or mainstream, I suppose it depends on how you view things.

          • We’re on the rise for sure. I just wouldn’t say our ideas have achieved mainstream acceptance yet. David Dukes run for Senate last year is a better indicator of the electability of WN positions right now than Donald Trumps campaign, which was only implicitly pro white. Never explicitly.

          • I don’t know. David Duke has a lot of baggage attached to himself, I wonder how much more successful someone from the newer generation could be – not in terms of electability necessarily but general popularity.

            The question I would ask myself is: to what extent could the alt-lite be considered a gateway to the alt-right? They lack substance, they’ve got nothing new or interesting to offer. They need to be comfortable for a while as they move along the political spectrum, but the truth is they could never win in a debate with us.

            Another question to ponder is: just how valuable is truth really? The masses have always believed in massive lies. Anyone that sees the obviousness of racial differences know that facts doesn’t really matter, not even in science. Have you ever studied ufology? The way white nationalists feel about the JQ and race denial is exactly how I feel about ufology. People know nothing about it but their expectation is that the issue is largely settled or a non issue. Nothing could be further from the truth but by and large people are immune to certain facts for certain reasons. They cannot assess facts, especially when they clash with some political or intellectual allegiance of theirs.

            So where does that leave us? Hell if I know but the World hasn’t been this interesting for quite some time.

  • Deport them all. Then check the birth certificates of those claiming to be citizens, if they got anchor baby status, send them back as well. Sorry Paco, you and your papi have to go back.

  • Our most important automatic instinct is self-preservation (aka survival). Why? Because we must survive as individuals to make more like ourselves and this is the purpose of our lives, as it is the purpose of all life after their own fashion.

    If you are not making more like yourself, you are a dead end and may not have lived at all.

  • Every White should be trying to make more like himself or herself. Nature screams out to every type of organism to make more like themselves. And, every White has to understand that non-White races are not the same as Whites and that non-White babies are not our future as Whites. ONLY pure White babies are our future as Whites.

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