The Nation Without a Country

“I wish I may never hear of the United States again!” screams the protagonist of Edward Hale’s syrupy allegory, “The Man Without A Country.” Of course, Lieutenant Philip Nolan repents of his wishes, building a shrine in his room to the country he longer knows, comparing his nation to his mother, and, as he dies, eagerly relating to a visitor how he has offered prayers for the President of the United States for many years.

Hale’s intent was to inspire patriotism in the North during the Civil War, with the story serving as a condemnation of the “infernal rebellion.” Yet it was not the Confederates who lacked a country. Rich and poor, White Southerners were defending their land, history, and heritage in a far more direct manner than Lincoln’s army of conquest, which as the war went on consisted of an increasing number of free blacks and recent immigrants used as cannon fodder to crush the founding stock of the South who actually created the Republic.

How absurd to imply that a man like Robert E. Lee, who opposed secession but refused to wage war on his native state, was some kind of deracinated individualist wiling to turn his back on his country for some individual gain. Lee and those like him fought not because they had turned their back on their country, but because they thought they were protecting what it was meant to be.

It’s those atomized, rootless denizens and transplants, like the banker from New York Terry McAuliffe (who disgraces the Old Dominion as its governor), who are eager to tear down the statues of men like General Lee. In this strange “democracy” the sniveling commissars who pretentiously call themselves journalists claim to be defending, an actual people with longstanding ties to particular land and tradition have far fewer rights than those who just showed up. Both in America and throughout the post-white West, those who rule us openly declare our countries really belong to any Third Worlder who stakes a claim rather than to those Europeans who built them.

Citizenship in the United States of America or in most Western countries has been compared to something akin to a Costco membership, albeit with an ever–increasing risk of death from a sudden excess of vibrancy. This understates the case. It’s closer to a Costco membership where you don’t buy things for yourself, but are forced to spend your money to obtain goods for your worst enemies. Then they kill you.

Not surprisingly, it’s increasingly difficult to string together even the pro forma celebrations of “patriotism” which sustain Western countries. Canada Day is now an opportunity for speeches about how the Europeans should have never come, Bastille Day will be hosted by a new French President who appears utterly indifferent to the existence of his own country, and for all the blather by conservatives about America being defined by its “values,” there is no agreement what those values actually are.

What we call civic nationalism is really just loyalty to a normative White culture and identity that grows ever more distant as The Great Replacement continues and overtly hostile non-Whites make up an ever-greater proportion of “our” citizens. There were no “Native Americans” or “Indigenous Canadians.” Americans and Canadians did not exist until Europeans created these nations.

A White nationalist recognizes this and strives to build an alternative to this genocidal system, to either conquer the state or establish another sovereignty to ensure a future. To hopelessly identify with the occupation regime in Washington is to collaborate in the destruction of your own people. The Americans who are beating their chest aboutthe greatness of the United States are reminiscent of some divorcee’ pining over an idealized ex-wife who already moved on, or an aging athlete endlessly ruminating to a bored audience about glory days on the high school football field.

We know this, and yet the United States and its symbols are something without which we cannot do. At the recent Alt Right march, the Stars and Stripes flew next to the Confederate battle flag. Hats bearing the campaign slogan of the Commander-in-Chief competed with symbols appealing to the ideological legacy of the federal government’s enemies during World War II. No matter how tribal minded or militant, you can’t cut yourself off from the life of the country, even if you want to, even if achieving such a separation is the purpose of your politics.

As with our parents, we are shaped by our motherland or fatherland in ways we don’t fully appreciate until adulthood. And just as, even a bad or hateful parent shapes us, a hostile government imprints itself on our consciousness in a way we can never fully break of. Even today, when condemning America’s aggression against Bashar al-Assad, many might catch ourselves bemoaning how “we” are bombing Syria.

None of us know how this struggle for White survival is going to play out; few in 2012 would have expected a pseudo-nationalist President Donald J. Trump in 2016. But whether we get to where we need to be through secession, a wholesale breakdown of civic order, a nationalist takeover and a long fight to Make America Great (And White) Again, or even some kind of new tribalism which establishes some kind of power base, we must avoid believing we will carve out something entirely unconnected with what came before.

“We have it in our power to begin the world again,” cried the sophomoric agitator Thomas Paine in 1776, whom the far more erudite and wise Teddy Roosevelt would famously label a “filthy little atheist.” Paine would ultimately end up imprisoned by his second revolutionary fatherland during the French Revolution before dying impoverished and almost forgotten.

Enduring revolutionary movements become the culmination of a people’s history, not a complete separation from it. And we will have to draw on the American past (perhaps even some of the parts we despise) in order to build a White future.

Many refuse to accept the reality of race or deny the blank slate on a genetic basis because they don’t like the idea so much of your own personality and identity is unchosen. The perversions of our time, the pregnant transgenders, and the “otherkin,”are simply an extreme manifestation of liberalism’s central conceit that individuals are self-created and self-defined.

Yet something similar applies in a historical sense. Everyone seems to sense the failed American Experiment nears its denouement and the false ideals of the founding are leading inexorably to their logical conclusion. Yet much as Western Europe after the fall of Rome was dominated by the struggle over the Empire’s legacy (and perhaps still is), Europeans on this continent will be defined by our “American” identity for centuries to come. This remains true even if we rise against the American polity itself and even if we build an entire movement in defiance of it.

There’s nothing new about any of this. The ability to reconcile dueling Narratives in the past of a nation is not evidence of doublethink, but a supreme act of artistry necessary for a people to endure. “Creators were they who created peoples, and hung a faith and a love over them: thus they served life.”

The legacy of the Tsar and of the Supreme Soviet was ultimately reconciled in the larger Russian story which exists today, and it is what allows the Russian people to expect a real future for their ethnos. In contrast, contemporary Germany views its current existence as a kind of living rebuke to its entire past; it’s no wonder the nation itself is on the way to extinction absent revolutionary change.

The metapolitics of the American founding were despicable. While the Founding Fathers should have seen where this was going to lead, they didn’t. But in terms of what they actually thought about race and culture, they were close to white nationalists and certainly closer to us than any other political grouping which exists in America today. And the American experience and history contain some of the greatest victories and accomplishments of Europeans worldwide.

Leftists and non-Whites know this, which is why they sneer in disgust at any display of patriotism, even those directed at their golem, the United States of America. In the leftist narrative, America was founded on universal egalitarianism as well as simultaneously being based on White supremacy. The former theory is used to guilt and shame European-Americans away from any policies which could serve their own interests. The latter historical reality inspires the white nationalists of today and the hatred of the anti-whites for this country, even though they control almost every level of power in this System.

Some core idea of a country or an identity remains even after a complete ideological shift or the breakup of an empire. Though we struggle to revolutionize or break free of this System, we must avoid falling into the position of those French exiles who fled the country during the Revolution in order to wage war on the Republic. In so doing, they lost their claim on the nation.

Instead, it is better to look to someone like Napoleon, who reconciled the old with the new, and so united France. “The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people,” and while that relates most directly to blood, most people also feel it relates to some national identity which they will not throw away.

European-Americans are, in the most fundamental sense, the only real Americans. They are the only group which cannot be removed without this country changing in its essence. And so, even as we struggle for a homeland of our own, America still fully belongs to us in the most important sense. Mentally, we have seceded from the Washington regime, but the American identity is still ours in a way the likes of President Barack Obama, Senator Kamala Harris, or Congresswoman Maxine Waters will never understand. More importantly, it’s something they will never feel.

In its current form, America most likely cannot be saved. Morally, it certainly shouldn’t. But whatever comes next, the legacy of our forefathers is not something we can cut away any more than we can cut away a part of ourselves, even if we regard the formation of the country as a mistake, even if we would have been better off under the rule of George III.

Unlike Lieutenant Nolan, I have no particular attachment to the government on the Potomac nor any stake in the success of its officials. The more their schemes fail, the more prosperous and safe my own people will be. But this land doesn’t belong to the bureaucrats, the journalists, and the collaborators. It belongs to us. And even if we are forced from this place and must create a homeland elsewhere, what is essential and worth preserving about this country will go with us.

Without us, it is nothing. Without us, it cannot be sustained.

Whatever the egalitarian tripe of the Declaration, the success of this country was a product of the people who created it and conquered for it. It’s in our European blood.And as the descendants of revolutionaries, we have the unlimited right to do whatever it takes to preserve that legacy.

Happy Independence Day.

Gregory Hood
the authorGregory Hood


  • I thought “The Man Without a Country” was written by Edward Everett Hale?? I nearly said Edward Everett Horton. They both were named after the politician Edward Everett, who gave the tiresome 3-hour speech before Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

    Philip Nolan, incidentally, was a real person, an associate of the Gen. James Wilkinson who was involved with Aaron Burr in the purported conspiracy that forms the background of the story. However, the conviction in the story never happened, nor was Nolan doomed to a lifetime of shipboard imprisonment. Hale took that theme from the early 19th century fictional stories about Peter Rugg, a New England ghost figure who was doomed to wander the roads between Providence and Boston as punishment for blasphemy.

  • “In the leftist narrative, America was founded on universal egalitarianism as well as simultaneously being based on White supremacy”

    Both of those were true in the past. Liberals in the past were still white supreemists, but they held egalitarian views for all white people. Alas, fruit of the poisonous tree leads to what we now have.

    • BTW, anti-whites have updated their criteria for white supremacy, and now it also includes white cultural supremacy. So even the Alt Light cucks who reject racial differences and only want civic nationalism and Western chauvinism like Gavin McCuck are still called white supremacists.

      They will even run you out of business if you’re white and try to sell Mexican food. “That’s cultural appropriation, you white supremacist!”

  • American Identity went from National to Imperial.

    It’s like how Roman identity went from real Romans to the Non-Roman Others in the Empire.

    Once identity becomes de-nationalized and then imperialized, the Core Population grows demoralized as what had once been special and unique to them becomes generic and diluted. And the new ‘citizens’ only care about the identity as a meal ticket.

    Identity became like currency.

    There was a time when currency was backed with precious metals, especially gold. But when gold standard was gone, any new amount could be printed at the whims of bankers or the state. Currency became easier to manipulate.

    Likewise, Identity was based on blood. Once it was cut off from river of history and ethnicity, it was stamped with generic ink. So, anyone can easily become an American, and as Americanization if the globalist-imperium that sets the template for the world, every nation(except Israel with Passover exception) is ‘Americanized’, which means its identity must also go from National(unique and special) to Imperial(generic and mercenary).

    So, there is no longer any difference between American, British, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Irish, Brazilian, and etc. ‘Diversity’ and Elite-Minority-Supremacism define them all.

    So, just as anyone can easily become American, a newly arrived African with no roots in France is just as French as a Frenchmen with racial & cultural roots going back many centuries, and a newly arrived Turk with no roots in Germany is just as German as a German with racial & cultural roots in Germany since time immemorial.

    Americanism is no longer just a national idea that applies only to America but the ONE AND ONLY IDEAL FOR ALL NATIONS(with the exception of Israel that must remain Jewish majority and Jewish ruled).

    The reason why imperialists hate nationalism is two-fold.

    Imperialists are filled with hubris, and their own nation is no longer big enough for them. So, whereas Bismarck was content with German nationalism, Kaiser Wilhelm and later Hitler wanted world empires. And in striving for empire over nation, they brought ruination on Germany.

    In striving for empire, imperialists neglect the interests of their own nation and drive their nations to huge risks… like Japan did in WWII that led to ruination.

    Today, we have Merkel and her Empire of Compassion that is based on Moral Hubris. That too is destroying Germany.

    Another reason why imperialists hate nationalism is undermines the power of the empire. After all, imperialists have majority power only in their homeland. Outside the empire, they are alien minority elites over OTHER peoples. If nationalism were the norm for all peoples, native masses will rise up and push out the elite minority imperial overlords. So, the ONLY way the imperialists can justify their power over Other Peoples is to make them feel a part of a Great Empire that transcends tribal or national interests.
    This is what the British did. Consider how the Brits used to rule over India, Malaysia, Kenya, Uganda, Rhodesia, Palestine, etc.
    By ways of nationalism, each of those peoples would have struggled for national independence & sovereignty, push out the British overlords, and have their own nation. Indians would have demanded India for Indians, Malaysians would have demanded Malaysia for Malaysians, Kenyans would have demanded Kenya for Kenyans, and etc. That would have meant end of empire. So, the British Imperialists wanted to convince their non-British subjects that it was glorious, gratifying, and beneficial to be part of this grand wondrous empire. (Of course, Jews wanted none of that in Palestine, used terror to drive out the British, and then used war to ethnically expel the Arabs to create a Jewish state.)

    Today, Jews think and act the same way. Jews are only a majority in Israel. While Jews want a Jewish state in Israel, their power and influence are precarious in all other nations. Why? Because there are few or no Jews in most gentile nations. Nationalism is a barrier to Jewish penetration and takeover. So, in order for Jews to take over the entire world(by using American neo-imperialism controlled by Jewish elites), Jews must convince the entire world to ‘Americanize’ as America goes from a white nation to a non-white one. So, America is to turn non-white, and Europe is to ‘Americanize’. And then, all other gentile nations must dilute their national identity and formulate a new identity based on Americanism that says anyone can become anyone almost overnight based on ‘rule of law’ as devised by Jewish globalist lawyers.

  • The founding fathers intended, if my understanding is correct, America to be a continuation of Europe, sans some of the flaws of the time, look at some of the architecture from our older cities.

  • I think you’re being a bit harsh on the founding fathers. They assumed as a matter of course that they were creating a new nation for people of European descent like themselves. It never occurred to them that two centuries later the leaders of the country they created would be giving it away and selling it off to the entire world.

    • Until the era of Television in the mid 1960s, “White Nationalism” was taken for granted by the vast majority of American citizens.

      All this nonsense about “the Enlightenment” and “egalitarianism” is just squirting squid ink. America was a White Nationalist state, with a 90% White population, until the era of TV propaganda – let’s face it, the most effective propaganda platform and the most effective propaganda device ever created.

      The very minute the internet went mainstream, pro-whiteness started edging back into mainstream consciousness. It never went away, it was simply denied a platform.

      • Had America been a White Nationalist country, whites would have been 100% of the population. Not the case, right? You guys like money too much.

        • It was 99% at the Civil War and slid to 97% by the 20th century. It did not drop from that again until 1965.

          • If you mean nonwhite percentage of bipeds, including citizens and non-citizens, it actually maxed out around mid-1800s, and then gradually slid into the single digits in the early decades of the next century. (You can Google this.) Yes, it has increased enormously since 1965.

        • I blame Southerners. I will never forgive them for keeping those animals in our nation. Everyone else, especially the Yankees, wanted to send them back. Dixie loves her cheap labor, just ask the Mexicans.

        • back then they didn’t consider negros or Indians citizens or part of the country, just squatters

          • Indeed you did, and were you counting the pigs and cows and snapping turtles and bison and passenger pigeons? Surely they were a portion of the ‘population,’ if Red Indians and negroes were. Or did you mean merely ‘population eligible for citizenship’? No cop-outs, now!

      • (((TV propaganda)))… it all came from seeing the world through a foreign ethnic lens. All breaking apart now, very quickly.

  • >Terry McAuliffe

    It cost my girlfriend and I $200 to meet with Terry McAuliffe and give him a 3 minute “elevator pitch” on issues we were concerned about. For the same price we were able to shake hands with high level NATO officials, Presidential and Congressional candidates, and party functionaries.

    The idea that the White Nationalist movement has been unable to make any political headway, using very normal, regular legal and political measures, is a lie – this “movement” has been, so far, a complete scam – a scam on the same level as “Conservative Inc.” It is extremely easy to go to local political functions, donate small amounts of money to candidates, network, create email lists, and “make your voice heard.” Of course, coming across as some sort of radical nutjob isn’t going to get you very far, but the idea that concerned White citizens have never been able to engage in normal politics, even identity politics, is a lie.

    The White Nationalist movement has had 50 years of cranks, clowns, truly moronic “strategies” like holding up in the woods and “protests” clearly designed to turn off normal White people – the same people that a supposed White nationalist movement would ostensibly be trying to appeal to.

    For $200, my girlfriend and I, in our early 20s, average regular White people, were able to introduce ourselves and shake hands with major political figures. If we had had an organized network of 50 or 100 people, we could have actually applied something close to political pressure.

    Yet 50 years of a White nationalist movement and it’s been unable to create anything, not a political lobby, not a legitimate citizen’s group, nothing. It’s never met with politicians, never crafted a reasonable pro-white platform. It’s a “movement” that has sold a lot of books full of “radical” and “fringe” ideas but can’t even have a decent website for such mainstream rhetoric as

    When I first came to White Nationalism nearly ten years ago, I corresponded with a somewhat well known “leader” in the movement – a man whose name virtually everyone here would know. I offered to volunteer, put some resources I had at his disposal, and laid out a a clear and coherent plan of action to recruit White people based on issues that were known to be popular among Whites.

    This leader was fine with having me donate money, but suggested that it was “too early to be organizing” average Whites, and instead, for the next two or three years, this leader engaged in some of the most asinine and obnoxious political stunts that were essentially *designed* to make the pro-white movement look like a bunch of lunatics – and this “activist” was rewarded with an astonishing amount of media coverage.

    But the idea of building a simple mailing list, regular and email, based on very mainstream pro-white ideas, was “premature” – and instead I was told we needed to do more “street activism” and attempt to get media coverage.

    • I suggest reading the Resisting Defamation website for an example of how one guy with a handful of helpers was able to a) pressure the local newspapers to stop printing anti-white slurs b) marginalize some of the most vicious anti-white writers c) have the “white community” recognized as a legitimate political actor – all with normal, non-polarizing rhetoric, that appealed to mainstream White Americans.

      No cranks, no “radicals,” instead simple and effective tactics that yielded results. His thanks, as far as I know, was complete radio silence from the larger “WN movement.”

      It is well within the realm of possibility to create a pro-white version of the ADL or the SPLC., even though it’s attacked by the SPLC and the ADL, has nevertheless been able to be a public, above ground and overtly pro-white political lobby (just consider the name, Virginia Dare) and has the endorsement of such major celebrities as Ann Coulter.

      The idea that the pro-white movement has been unable to engage in real political work is a lie, it’s a falsehood.

      • You know why “liberal” Whites are always bringing non-Whites to White countries, instead of going to a non-White country to “help” them there? Because there aren’t any Whites to show off to. The purpose of ostentatiously adopting Black babies is to show off how “not racist” you are to your White friends, not to actually help Black babies.

        If I were to file a complaint with the FCC, who is going to know? How am I going to be able to signal what a radical, hardcore National Socialist I am? How am I going to be able to explain how I’ve read lots of philosophy? There’s no chance for me to show off my correct usage of 50 cent terms like “egalitarian individualism” now is there?

        Plus I won’t even get any media coverage of me dressed up in skinhead boots, doing “Hitler salutes” for the cameras, and talking about the “Holohoax.”

  • I’ve been through more Anti-White Violent and Chaotic Insanity from the Multi-Cultural Melting Pot……

    ……than probably most of these Generation Z Neophytes in the Alt-Right……..

    Maybe yes……maybe not…….but, HIGHLY LIKELY……..

    And still I watch the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite……….

    The Alt-Lite seems like a Brotherhood……….even though it’s Multi-Racial……..

    The Alt-Right……not so much……….

    Constant infighting……..

    Maybe you Alt-Right Neophyte Generation Z’ers haven’t suffered enough………

    If you experienced what I’ve experienced…….most of you would be dead or in an infirmary………

    Stop taking your Brothers and Allies for granted…….

    Stop taking the Alt-Right for granted…….

    Look to David Duke……..the GODFATHER………

    And who are you again??

    And what have you suffered??

    No one gives a F about how complex and interesting your dumb posts are……

    GREAT……you’ve consumed all there is to consume from all available Alt-Right podcasts/websites……

    But, your Brother is right here…….

    Your Family is right here…….

    And you’re still circling your Neurotic Ego……..


  • “Instead, it is better to look to someone like Napoleon, who reconciled the old with the new, and so united France.”

    Excellent point. The question is, will we have our own Napoleon?

      • We have Trump, who is certainly better than any Democrat or any Bush/Kasich style Republican on immigration, but whose foreign policy is little better than Clinton’s or Bush’s.

    • What did Napoleon actually achieve? I mean long term, what impact did he make once his empire was destroyed. For all the talk that he was some reactionary his greatest impact on Europe seems to have been the napoleonic code, which was grounded in liberalism, and the emancipation of Jews.


    Within our European Blood is SLOTH, GREED, APATHY, AVARICE, BETRAYAL, and CORRUPTION…..


    Where do we go??

    That’s dependent upon who leads us out of this MUCK………

  • And if you don’t VOTE…..

    … a bunch of IMMATURE, CHILDISH, and APATHETIC Whining Discontents……

    You surely will witness your Self-Fulfilled Prophecy emerge much sooner than later……..

    LIFE is CHANGE…….

    LIFE is WAR……

    Are you going to write about the Revolution or actually do something rational about it??

  • Most Americans believe our history really started in 1941 with Pearl Harbor and with only a few quotable figures and obscure evidents that filled in the for an insignificant, boring “pre-history”. Historical ignorance is what fuels much of the poz and deracination 21st Century America languishes in.

    • Nah, to Americans anything that happened over a decade ago is ancient history. I feel most people have forgotten about the GWOT. There’s already a new, emerging generation who were babies or not yet born when 9/11 happened. I imagine to them it’s a pretty meaningless event, gay marriage and a black president are what really mattered.

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