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As befits its moniker, Conservatism Inc. is obsessed with the past. And not in a healthy way.

In the same way that it’s always 1939 somewhere for neoconservatives, for other “movement” conservatives it always happens to be 1955. This was the year that the first copies of National Review rolled off the presses and William F. Buckley assumed his role as grand hierophant, hauling heretics against “TruConservatism” off into the outer abyss. A cabal of commissars still attempt to continue His Jowliness’s perpetual purge, having ordained themselves as bitchy bishops in the high church of conservatism.

Their characterization, not mine. One such cleric over at Commentary puts the age in candid perspective:

For a time conservatism may have resembled the Catholic Church, with Buckley as pope, issuing bulls and ex-communicating heretics.

The revisionist history they tell themselves reads that Buckley purged the “anti-Semites” and John Bircher types from their movement (though this is hardly the full story). These undesirables were cast into the pits of the outer darkness where they have been waiting for just their time to strike.

It is only the ever-vigilant hall monitors over at National Review, Commentary, and the Heritage Foundation that save American “Conservatism” from the foul and odious forces forever banished by Buckley.

Our commissar goes on:

The nasty mouth-breathers Buckley expelled from conservatism have returned. The proximate cause of this efflorescence of the pre-Buckley right is Donald Trump’s campaign for president. Trump has dog-whistled at racists so much for so long that they feel resurgent. They call themselves the “alt-right,” a grab-bag category that includes nativists, eugenicists, bigots, anti-Semites, misogynists, reactionaries, aristocrats, monarchists, isolationists—basically anyone who hates today’s America and the modern world and the men and women, of any race or religion, who flourish in it.

The truth is, this isn’t the return of some long-forgotten enemy from the TruCons’ past. Many in the “Alt-Right,” including your humble author, are below thirty. The history of the conservative movement means little if anything to us.

But the world they helped to midwife, one where shopping is patriotism, Europe is for “fags,” and history starts in 1945, has been pervasive for the younger generation’s view of “the Right.”

For the millenials who make up a large bulk of “Generation Alt-Right,”,we don’t have a past to look back to. If we do, it is always in the vaporwave-shaded lenses of ironic nostalgia, through which we construct a simulacrum in place of actual memory. We were promised a future that saw its first crash in the dot-com bubble of the early 2000s and was bookended by the Great Recession of 2008.

Multiculturalism, far from being some plan being foisted on us from far away, has been our reality. For our generation, we have always been told that “America was a melting pot,” and we were made to memorize the “dream” of America’s King.

In many ways, we are the children of Conservatism Inc. Perfect consumers whose only loyalties have been to brands and whose only values have come from menus. We grew up with everything behind us, and a future as unknowable as our retirement prospects.

At some point some of us got fed up. I know I did.

In our guts, most of us knew there had to be an alternative. The Internet opened entirely new avenues that were closed off to other generations. Many, if not most of us went through several permutations. First, we latched onto Ron Paul and binged on Austrian Economics.

We thought the world could be saved by “Ending the Fed,” or just getting enough people to read Rothbard. Others stumbled through more radical forms of leftism where “socialist” wasn’t the dirty word our elders always said it was. But in our hearts, all of us were just searching for who we are.

For many alienated young White men, our credo could be summed up in that most angsty of films Fight Club:

We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.

However, what we are now learning is that we do have an identity. It’s one that has been suppressed and mangled. An identity that dares not speak its name.

We Whites have been deconstructed down only to find what remains. Our essence is who we are. We are White Europeans, the descendants of conquerors and settlers who brought a civilization to entire continents. A people who survived in the savage wilds of the new world to one day step foot on worlds beyond.

For many of us, these realizations have only come in the last few months. Maybe it was the migrant crisis, maybe it was Donald Trump, or maybe it has just been that nagging search for what’s been wrong since as long as we can remember.

Whatever it was, we found our answer. It’s not in being some John Birch Society reenactment that the gerontocracy (and its doppelgangers) over at National Review and Commentary believe that we are. In reality, we are the post-modern and alienated children that Con. Inc. helped to bring about.

We’re not a ghost from their past. We’re much worse than that. We are their worst nightmare from the future.

Generation Alt-Right is one with nothing to lose and everything to gain. It frightens them, let’s keep it up!


  • The return of chauvinism is greatly anticipated. Feminism, one of the most destructive of “isms,” must be defeated at almost any cost.

  • White boys, I am with you. Get off you dam smart phone and start reading books, the great books, history books. It the only way to be truly educated. Fight with a vengeance. The white race is the most intelligent and industrious race in the history of the world. Explorers, conquerors, inventors, etc. It is in your blood, you will win this battle. I am confident of that.

  • Hey White boys keep up the good work. They are trying to render you totally impotent, literally and figuratively. Radical baby boomers and feminists are responsible for this sorry state of affairs. They are the first post war, spoiled brat generation. Most of us grew up, we matured emotionally and intellectually. However, a significant number corrupted the education system. They passed it on to the most confused of all generations, Generation X. They are now fully in charge. Study this generation intensely, they can be defeated. They stood for nothing. They gave us political correctness, bromides and cliches. Horrify them with the return of machismo with a vengeance.

  • What sort of twisted creature is it that “flourishes” in the toxic degenerate swamp of modern America?

  • I might despise conservative zionists more than liberals. At least a good portion of liberals criticize Israel, albeit for not the most important reasons. The reasons liberals keep losing elections lately is not because of their liberal positions, it’s because they are actively trying to destroy the white race, while being globalists, which contradict their positions.

    • I think you are right. White people voted for Republicans because Barack Obama scared the hell out of them, not because they were in love with the Republican agenda. In the end, Obama was not as bad for white people as Dubya was. Obama detested Netanyahu, and did not get us into any pointless Middle Eastern wars. Obama did not try to privatize Social Security, like Dubya. Obamacare is a reasonable experiment in trying to fix a health care system that was already profoundly broken.

    • I Think your right Syd there are many similarities to the 30,s, once again people are openly talking about the Jewish question for instance.

      • You’ve got jew control of everything, degenerate Weimar republic culture, a crumbling empire and rabbid leftists going for the jugular, very similar except add in white genocide. Politics has become basically insane leftists verses nationalists

    • just WN would be good enough for me although something new as opposed to the usual Dem/Rep would be interesting

    • And when you say fascist do you mean fascist in the colloquial sense or the actual political sense?

          • Because cultural Marxism and replacement level immigration has destroyed our societies and will finish us off in two decades max. Fascist govts are the only solution, deport wogs, purge cultural Marxism and end globalism. Reestablish the natural order

  • Cuck Conservative Americans are brave when it comes to bad mouthing Islam, Russians,, Germans, . etc
    but are cowards when it comes to Jews

  • “Conservatives” only wish we were as easy to dispense with as the Birchers.

    On another note, Fight Club was a proto-alt-right movie Hollywood didn’t realize was a proto-alt-right movie until it was too late.

    • I believe you are correct. I remember seeing the trailers while in the movie theater and no one knew what it was about. TBH, we all thought Fight Club was dumb. In retrospect, it was Hollywood that didn’t get it. Fight Club did terrible in the box office. Once it was released to VHS (yes, it’s that old) the sales skyrocketed. I remember the Blockbuster employee (yes, it’s that old) telling me “You have to see this movie.” I bought it on VHS immediately after watching it.

    • Anyone remember the scene at the end when the skyscrapers get demolished, and collapse with free fall acceleration? When did the movie come out, 1999? Fascinating.

  • We thought the world could be saved by “Ending the Fed,”

    Notice that people who criticize the Fed all they want, like Ron Paul, don’t seem to suffer inconvenience from doing so. This shows that our elites don’t feel vulnerable through attacks on fiat money and central banking.

    Contrast that with how immediately they react when white men challenge the elites’ childish and damaging utopianism about racial equality, immigration, feminism and the project to normalize broken sexuality.

    The difference shows what our elites really care about and what they see as their weakest points. The Alt Right has chosen the right targets to attack to force a degenerate ruling class from power and replace it with men who serve white interests.

    • Well, ending the Fed would be a huge blow to the ZOG but they understand that the common man is never going to understand central banking and so do not fear a revolution in this area. However, visiting your local Wal-Mart delivers a heavy dose of race-realism that takes constant propaganda to counter.

      • “Visiting your local Wal-Mart delivers a heavy dose of race-realism that takes constant propaganda to counter.”

        Brilliant. Lots of affluent, white, social justice warriors avoid Wal-Mart, which is the only place they might experience multiculturalism.

    • Austrian economics is the ultimate example of “controlled opposition.”

      100 years ago the thought that there would be a populist movement of non-wealthy people arguing for hard money and the gold standard … this would make the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers laugh their asses off.

      Didn’t Ezra Pound already go into this? The bankers move the public between gold and fiat once a generation or so. The saying “the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent” also applies to Ron Paul goldbugs and their Liberty Gold Dollars.

      The same goes for Bitcoin – we read all this talk about how revolutionary bitcoin is, yet the governments of the world just leave it alone and barely regulate it – clearly they do not see it as a threat – in fact, it’s almost a perfect honeypot in many ways.

      • You are going to have to do a bit more than appeal to semi-obscure authority to make such an outrageous claim about gold and fiat cycles.

        Correct on Austrian being CO.

    • Probably, because the AltRight has enough college graduates who have taken money and banking, and they understand the alternatives to the Federal Reserve System, their weaknesses and strengths.

      Btw, William F. Buckley Jr. was an Irish Roman Catholic blowhard, and no doubt like the Roman Catholic priesthood a closet homosexual.

  • “We Whites have been deconstructed down only to find what remains. Our essence is who we are. We are White Europeans, the descendants of conquerors and settlers who brought a civilization to entire continents. A people who survived in the savage wilds of the new world to one day step foot on worlds beyond.”

    And, this time we’ll give no quarter!

    • i feel it coming back. the layers of conditioning/brainwashing are almost gone as is the pity i was supposed to feel for the other races. im beginning to see them for who they really are – parasites who come to take advantage of what white people built

  • “Working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need”

    Welcome to the modern world. It’s going to get worse before it gets any better.

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