The Alt-Right Is A Movement For And By Young White Men

I always hear that the Alt-Right is a movement of disaffected, angry, young, White men. My first thought is, “fair enough”. But for some reason, this is considered a legitimate critique. We are told that our ideology and rhetoric needs to be more inclusive. It’s as if we cannot be considered a legitimate movement unless we have minorities, trust-fund kids, female leaders and respectable old-timers shuffling around…

What’s wrong with advocating for our self-interests? Literally everybody else does it.

See, I have a friend who went to a Mises Institute summer camp back when he was in college.

Although he has moved out of his idealistic Libertarian phase since then, he still has fond memories of his time there with fellow high IQ autistes. Occasionally he would talk to me about the experience and start to point out the merits of Libertarian thinking to me. But I would never really engage him on the finer points of Libertarian ideology, only I would simply point out that all this thinking benefited someone, and that someone wasn’t me.

At first, he didn’t understand because he belonged to the group of people that stood the most to gain from the ideas being promoted by the Mises Institute. As mentioned before, he was very smart and gifted with numbers. He used to go home and do the math section of the SAT just for fun in his spare time after school. And many of his Libertarian friends were tech workers and deracinated cosmopolitans from wealthy backgrounds.

These fiscally conservative, socially liberal types adopted an ideology that just so happened to coincide with their self-interest.

Think about it. For a long time, Libertarianism was a playground for rich legacy-wealthy Whites who didn’t want to be associated with the corn-fed, bible-thumping conservative proles that they had to share the Republican party with. That would mean social ostracization. So they dropped the anti-gay and racial dog-whistling to fit in better with their lefty peers. And conversely, they didn’t favor redistributive policies because that would directly affect their inheritance and their wallets. So they distanced themselves from the Left on those issues as well.

And amazingly, they found an ideology that seemed to fit all the requirements of their self-interest. And the ideology just so happened to be one and only True Way (according to them). I mean, what are the odds of that? No self-interest at work there, right?

Let’s consider the Libertarian issue from another angle. The very fact that there is a Mises Institute and not a Yockey Institute proves that moneyed interests believe that they can gain something from promoting Libertarian ideas. Like big corporations trying to get past government regulations for example. It’s unsurprising then that Libertarianism never had any trouble procuring funds, even if they were always lacking in popular appeal.

I’m picking on Libertarians here, but the same can be applied to Liberals or just Lefties of the Social Justice variety.

We published an article about Swedish cat-ladies sleeping with their Afghani migrant boy-toys AND collecting checks from the Swedish Government for their public service. This revelation would seem to fly right in the face of the theory that Swedes and White people are pathological altruists. In fact, it would seem to prove that some Swedes can be just as selfish and self-serving as any corrupt minority that the Alt-Right so vehemently derides.

We must always ask who benefits before we ever engage or even begin a debate on the merits of one policy or another.

Often times we make the mistake of arguing in good faith on the Alt-Right. We try to appeal to peoples’ better side. We implore them to care about their people, their culture, their people’s future. But most people are not swayed by these arguments because their self-interest directly clashes with White Nationalism.

Think about the typical trust fund college-age Lefty out there protesting for the progressive issue du jour. They mask their pursuit of selfish self-interest with slogans like Black Lives Matter or Refugees Welcome Here. What they are doing is advocating for policies that benefit their in-group in the short-term. And it is pointless to debate ideas with them, the only correct course of action is to call them out on their real motivations.

Take women for example. I guarantee that these advocates of open borders would become Nativists and Nationalists the moment there was an exodus of hot women flooding into their home country. We already see this xenophobic behavior from them when it comes to men importing more feminine wives from Thailand or god forbid, Eastern Europe. These open and welcoming native women lash out with vehemence and bile against these women. But for all their spite and demeaning rhetoric, mail-order brides have a higher chance of forming a lasting relationship with Western men than Native women.

Are these women misguided pathological altruists or pursuing their rational self-interest? I think it’s the latter, and this implies that they are for open borders with the Third World because it is predominantly young men who are coming over.

As for White Nationalism, its quite easy to see who it benefits the most: young, disaffected White men from more modest backgrounds. I have never been able to convince my well-to-do classmates on the merits of Nationalism, let alone White Nationalism. And it makes sense. Their K-Street lobbyist father is doing quite well, and so are all their friends. They even have a few high-IQ, White-presenting non-White friends from their Ivy League University. “See, Diversity isn’t that bad,” they say. Knowing deep down that true Diversity is reserved for the prole Whites (who they hate), why should they then be worried about mass immigration?

Let’s not stop there.

Why does our movement have so little appeal with Boomers? Well, because the Boomers already got theirs, Jack. They’re quite well-to-do, relatively speaking. At the very least, they’ve got multiple properties that have been rising in value over the years because of growing cities, a growing (mostly immigrant) population, and they’re insulated from the effects of Diversity because they all live in Suburbia. Furthermore, why would they go against policies that they’ve been told will guarantee their Social Security and pensions?

Are these all just misguided idealists who are inadvertently turning their nation into yet another Brazil through their misplaced kindness or are they self-serving scum with no modicum of concern for everyone else?

And those churches that are preaching about letting in more refugees and taking in more of the Third World. Is it because of Christian kindness or the fact that Christianity is growing rapidly in the Global South and declining in the Global North? Are they trying to guarantee more tithes from the brown masses or are they just so damn faithful and Christian that they can’t help but lend a charitable hand?

You decide.

But I believe that this line of thinking needs to translate into rhetoric. The Alt-Right tries to keep an inclusive, big tent mentality. But having been at it for several years, we can start to see patterns emerge. Our movement is almost 90% young White men who know that they are screwed if things don’t start improving. We are de facto not a White Advocacy group as much as we are a Young White Men Advocacy group.

There are women who join sure, but most are dating an Alt-Righter who brought them in. Few come of their own accord. And if they do, they seem to quite good at monetizing their newfound beliefs. Do they believe what they preach? I’m sure they do, but I’m also sure that the Patreon bucks help sweeten the deal.

Which brings me to my main point.

We need to be real about what we are and how we frame our arguments going forward. Terror attacks and worsening conditions have not changed the situation at all, despite predictions that people would “wake up” or something similar.

No, not all White people will join the Alt-Right. Indeed, many have a lot to directly lose by young White men of the Gen X, Millenial and Gen Z generations coming into their own and taking political, cultural and economic control of the country. We must understand that going forward and frame our rhetoric so that it falls on fertile ground and a receptive audience.

Lefty women have Slut Walks and “conservative” women have sympathetic churches. Boomers have step-wives, property, and their “hogs”. Minorities have explicit advocacy groups. Jews have just about everything. Young White men do not have any money, or political power or mass-market appeal or even deep-pocketed supporters. But then, they never have. Young White men have always had to make up for this disadvantage through their enthusiasm, energy, and ambition. They have always had to rise up and take what was theirs from all the old interests that were arrayed against them. Money, women, and political power follow soon after.

We should count our blessings and not rue our lack of cross-group appeal. The Alt-Right is making massive inroads into the demographic that shapes the future of nations. And that scares just everybody who has something to lose. We should ramp it up, not dial it back. Advance our own self-interests, not cave for the interests of others who care nothing about us. Ultimately, it is about self-interest and it is about the next generation of White men who have no future except the one they carve out for themselves coming into their own and demanding a seat at the table.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • What these angry young white males meed to do is get better educated so they can benefit from the modern world. White men can no longer make a decent living working in coal mines. Jews are no threat to anyone. They are just educated people who prosper and cause their neighbors to become jealous and blame them for their own lack of education and prosperity. I am a 67 year-old African-American woman who understands how white men who have lost power feel, but they are going to have face the fact that they need to improve themselves rather than hate others. Most Americans are educated and rational people. They have learned from Nazi Germany and do not want Hitler’s kind of country. Their violent acts are going to just land themselves in prison for a long time.

    • We white men also see blacks breeding out of control, just like every other black country/state/city does. Regardless if they do or do not know how to support the number of offspring.
      We weld, roof, build, farm, ranch, create, etc.
      We see no black contributions to level the scales for this large scale genocide.
      The common denominator is always irresponsible black males.

  • Racial Loyalist – re : Matt Hale. If the Alt right ever expects to get off it’s ass it needs to at least learn something from our very large and strong collective past AND learn to us it to their own advantage. William Peirce , Ben Klassen ,Matt Hale, David Duke and Tom Metzger-probably all considered the old radicals ,but all never the less very well informed. I’ve been reading some of the AR articles and am not impressed. Long winded ,very weak diatribes – essentially without much substance or strength????

    Best read the below book and start trying to catch up before the liberals have you for breakfast.

  • Libertarians are [ with the exception of Tim Moen who I have asked directly about open borders here in Canada ] quite keen to promote “Students for Liberty” a D.C. based group that have infilitrated N. American university/college campuses… they have no problem criticizing the nannystate but at the same time — from what I could tell in Canada before getting banned for questions — they have a great enthusiastic spiel for ‘open borders’ advocacy free markets free movement of people etc .. so its not that its just an issue they don’t touch but an issue they have been prepped/’educated on’ promoting open borders … that’s problematic for the universities who are trying to promote some ‘liberty’ on campus .. how clever of these D.C. thinkers to get a head of the ‘liberty’ programming… this is a great recent article from CEC Canada’s Prof. Ricardo Duchesne .. worth printing out…

  • I’m a white female and I’m 49. I’ve led my sons here and any white people who are willing to listen. Let’s face it, once they’ve gotten to the point that they’re looking on the internet for “something”, they’re ready.

    • Have you always been pro-white Pam? It’s rare to hear mothers leading sons into pro-white environments.

  • Is there some reason that a commenter named “guest” had all his comments deleted? He seemed to be chiefly talking about how Gen Xer’s will likely be passed over when it comes to high office. His comments seemed reasonable. It is disconcerting when a commenter suddenly appears to be un-personned like that. I respectfully submit to the editors that an explanation might be in order, unless he himself requested that his comments be removed.

  • Vincent Law read my book, “General Compendium of Sociology” and then the full unabidged source work translated into English as “The Mind and Society”. You will not be sorry.

  • Fairly straw-man description of Libertarians. After spending half a dozen years in the LP and going to some gatherings, a majority of Libs fall into few categories: a) guns-rights enthusiasts that live in rural areas and want the gov to leave them alone, b) college kids who want pot legalized, c) small business owners that hate taxes and want less regulation, d) big business types that resent their wealth and unlimited corporate power being halted or examined closely, and e) middle class white guys that prefer it as the consistent, intellectual alternative to the transient philosophies of the GOP and Dems. Libertarians are often called the philosophy of immature children, naive voters, and selfish, entitled types that don’t want to pay their share. If government is a parental figure, they are it’s resentful children.

  • Sorry to post this here but is anyone having issues getting to the site? I keep getting a SiteLock error code 20.

  • The alt-right has the facts and science on our side. There are are real differences between the races. The IQ data is real. It is simply a fact that black and brown criminals are more likely to violently prey upon whites. Social science studies have proven that diversity leads to distrust and a lack of social cohesion. A reality that many people do not understand is that a lack of societal trust has a negative economic impact.

    Could the fact that the Western world has been suffering through an economic malaise be related to the reality that the Western world is becoming ever more diverse? I suspect that to be the case. This is in addition to the fact that unproductive blacks and browns are a dead weight on more productive whites.

    The alt-right has a logical and rational message, and white people are logical and rational. We are taught to apply logic from childhood, in subtle ways. Logic and rationality made the West great, so the alt-right’s message has an inherent appeal to white people which will help that message spread among us.

    Richard Spencer wants to convert white people to the alt-right with an idealistic message. That’s fine, but I think that a healthy dose of fear is also in order. Blacks and browns do not believe in libertarianism, or any other idealistic political philosophy. Most blacks and browns can’t even understand the concept of libertarianism. Blacks and browns believe in the law of the jungle. When blacks and browns have control of the criminal justice system, the educational system, when they have power over taxation and regulation, they will use that power to prey on white people with impunity. So, be afraid, be very afraid –if not for yourself, then for your posterity.

  • Wow, wow and more wow. All I can say as a middle age White Homo (just seemed both should be capped) is I hope to God almighty that you young White Het fellas continue act on your group self-interest. Personally I don’t plan to gain by a race conscious, masculine, family centered identity taking off among this millennial generation like anal warts among the disco era patrons of the Castro District’s sizzling, salacious, and O so depraved bathhouses. No not in the least. I just happen to believe that on any given day since, o say the Upper Paleolithic era, that the demographic group in question happens to be the most capable. We are all facing a world of ever increasing hurt. To just take my favorite example a culling of the collective human herd is long over due. Decisions about this terrible but unavoidable operation should be placed in the most capable hands. Hands that I believe are connected to minds that, in large numbers, share my deep love of the nature. There I guess I’ve ended up being self-interest about this. It just my self-interest at my present age centers above the belt.

  • The ultimate goal needs to be to do what the Jew does, in reverse. If 2% of the pop can capture all society’s key control points, 5 to 10 %, whatever our active ranks amount to, can turn that around. Remember: Jewish power is illusory. They fight not by fighting, but by whispering in ears and pitting two enemies against each other. All of this does begin with their counterfeiting, that is their linchpin scheme, but counterfeiting is a means not an end. They have to maintain agents and puppets in media, courts, etc., etc., and that is a constant struggle. Nonwhites only hate us because of Jewish narratives. Nonwhites are only an existential threat to us because of Jewish manipulations. Liberals are just zombies animated by Jewish lies. Focus on the points where influence is wielded. Change the public narratives. Shoulder out Jewish agents and puppets. We have the brainpower and ability in abundance. We just need the will.

  • Don’t paint the Boomers with too broad a brush. As Steve Sailer over at Unz Review has pointed out, the Boomers who entered the work force in 1964 faced quite different circumstances than those that entered in 1978. The present White Death is concentrated in these later Boomers. While a drug addict may not be
    a good recruit, there are plenty of Boomers who can see what is taking place. Some of these later Boomers may be just as disillusioned and ready to act as the younger white men who lead the Alt-Right movement.

      • are awful at what? Giving a shit at the last quarter of their lives when they just want comfort and protected quiet lives….. the closer you get to death .. the less collectivism appeals to you.

        • Boomers were handed a Civilization that could land man on the moon and then handed their children a Cultural Marxist wasteland.

    • A lot of boomers were also parts of families who engaged in white flight. Their families had homes in cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Cleveland, and had to flee when the neighborhood became too black. I suspect that more boomers are race realists than the alt-right tends to believe.

  • “Libertarianism was a playground for rich legacy-wealthy Whites who didn’t want to be associated with the corn-fed, bible-thumping conservative proles that they had to share the Republican party with.”

    Libertarianism is to Conservatism as Neoreaction is to Alt Right.

  • My suspicion that this site is full of children has just been verified. Now everyone over 25 and/or female will want to leave…though there seem to be a few self-loathing women here who like to be regarded as inferior to teenage boys.

  • Autism = higher IQ is a false belief. It correlates with lower IQ and furthermore tests done with high-IQ people in the autistic spectrum and similar high-IQ people without autism show that autism has significantly decreased cognitive performance. Autism is a disorder.

    What some people refer to are some autistic people, idiot savants, who have extraordinary ability in one thing.

  • The most important thing to remember when we are singled out and attacked for advocating on behalf of ourselves as white men is that they do this because they know in their gut that we are capable of whatever we set our minds to and it scares the living shit out of them. Deus Vult brothers.

  • I couldn’t finish the article because of this line, “SAT just for one in his spare time after school.” Am I missing something or did you not edit the article?

  • Dang, i’m a boomer and I can’t read three articles on before coming to another boomer bash. I fail to see how my generation has benefitted from America’s disastrous immigration policy over the past 30 years. I never asked for it but I assume most of you know that our politicians do what their owners tell them to do, and like most boomers I’m not one of the owners.

    I am not surprised that most alt righters are young, though. With whites a much smaller percentage of the population than they were when I was a teenager far more white people are being immersed into diversity at an early age than before. Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt. Also, although teachers back in the 60s and 70s were liberal for their day, that just meant being pro environment, pro labor, and anti war. The anti-white animus that pervades education today just wasn’t present back then. Back then an English literature course would cover British and American fiction written by white people (mostly men) and nobody saw any reason to apologize for that. Today the “you are bad because you’re white and it’s a good thing your kind is disappearing” attitude among educators seems designed to send people to the alt right.

    • Yeah, truth be told most of what we blame on Boomers is probably more the fault of the Silent Generation; the spoiled beatniks too young for WWII & too old for Vietnam, but just the right age to lead the Snivel Rights & “Feminist” Movements.

      • Nobody I know personally “led the feminist movement”. Then as now, a handful of elites set these trends and were supported by powerful institutions such as charitable trusts, the mass media, and universities. You seem to attribute almost magical powers to “boomers” and are angry that they didn’t apply them.

        The only good trend is that the internet is slowly but surely killing the mass media. The universities and charitable trusts continue to work against our interests.

      • But the planned dispossession of Whites and Western Civilization has been worked on for generations. This is a much older fight than the Boomer’s time. This predates the Boomers. It predates the WWII generation. It predates the Silent Generation … and so on. I’m not sure exactly how or when this started, but this is multi-generational.

        I’ve been mad at my Boomer parents too, at times, but I’ve also taken a couple steps back and realized that this is a huge, multi-generational fight. Boomers have been blindsided and deceived, just like the rest of us. Those of us who are younger, the Xennials and Millennials, are bearing a heavy personal cost in this battle and we have every right to be mad.

        But our whole race, our whole civilization, is under attack, and has been for generations. Subtly at first, and very overtly today. We must wake whomever we can, regardless of age, and build our path to victory.

      • One can’t blame a generation, this shite was done incrementally starting with the greatest gen. But one can blame whites in general for our greed, individuality, classism and apathy. Play golf, get drunk,watch football, ignore it

    • The feeling is that the elders failed us. My old hippie teachers were like the boomers you describe and I learned a lot from them. They were all White and never spoke badly of Whites or men. Where did it all go wrong? A fatal flaw in leftist, materialist ideology I would say.

      The fact that these old hippies do not come to our side speaks volumes.

    • The 1965 immigration act was done by greatest gen jews and their Mc tools. The anti-white shite started in the nineties

    • “I fail to see how my generation has benefitted from America’s disastrous immigration policy over the past 30 years.”

      The whole generation blaming thing shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

      Only a relatively small percentage of whites actually benefitted from America’s disastrous post 1965 immigration policy. HOWEVER, a significant percentage of whites went along with it and helped mass immigration happen… in order to feel good about themselves and be able to say they “weren’t racist”.

      This attitude is not limited to boomers, but boomers can be some of the most frustrating to talk to about this. And while they didn’t exactly benefit, they have been somewhat shielded from the costs of mass immigration, which are paid more by younger generations. Which makes it harder to talk to them about diversity.

  • One common attitude I think I have noticed since I started in with the Alt-Right is the idea that we have everything figured out.

    I am not trying to say that we should rethink the main tenet of our movement, which is that white people need to conglomerate to advocate for white interests. Not at all.

    What I am saying is that we have not figured out the minutiae of our ideas.

    This article is a good example of this.

    We still have a long way to go if we want to hammer out the solid philosophical framework needed to spread our ideas into the cracks of our society.

    However, and for whatever reason, perhaps a collective understanding of impending disaster, the form of, ultimately, the pan-aryan survival movement has emerged from the ether, where once too many groups were too disaffected or disassociated to forge a meaningful movement.

    This truly is do or die. The Alt-Right is the philosophical vehicle that is taking us to the gates of the promised land.

    Openning that gate is going to require a gargantuan effort and we need to have the answers, those aforementioned philosophical minutiae, if we wish to succeed in arriving at that Imperium Europa that Spencer always talks about.

  • Jewish, black & hispanic supremacy is allowed. If whitey wants to look after his interests he’s a racist bigot NAZI.

    • Whitey no longer cares what anti-Whites think and Whitey likes being a White racist because it helps Whitey survive and avoid miscegenation and to be all that Whitey can be and all that Whitey can be is much more than any other kinds can even think of being. The giants are leaving the closet and they are White and they love themselves and their kind.

  • I find it’s down to social class, working-class whites over 45 put Trump in and voted in brexit, and working-class millennials probably form the majority of the alt right. Our enemy is the traitorous upper middle-class. In England in the 70’s 80’s the NF, skins, hooligans were working-class

  • There is nothing wrong with an identity movement for young white men, but such a movement cannot be considered white nationalism, or at least not the whole of white nationalism. By definition, white nationalism must attempt to unite white people from a variety of demographics and get them to accept a common racial destiny and political program. Nobody is calling for nonwhite leadership on the Alt Right, and each organization can set its own policies in regards to female leadership.

    In the year 1900, the vast majority of whites had views that we today would call “Alt Right.” Even liberals, progressives, and feminists, acknowledged the superiority of the West and the reality of innate racial differences. Indeed, turn of the century progressives and environmental conservationists were some of the biggest “racists” and eugenicists, as cuckservatives consistently remind us with their “Democrats wuz the real racists” spiel.

    Therefore, whatever the demographics of our movement in the Current Year, we should ultimately seek a return to a world in which white nationalism is simply the default and unremarkable political stance among most normie whites, whether they are young or old, male or female, rich or poor. When we have marched through the institutions and shifted the overton window to such an extent, we will know that victory is at hand. However, in order for white nationalism and the Alt Right to be normalized in this way, the movement’s recruitment strategies and goals should take a fairly big tent approach, at least in theory.

    Lastly, I agree that self interest is an important and powerful force that should be taken into account. We should therefore recognize that it is in the financial and personal interest of some on the Alt Right to remain permanent “far right” activists and trolls in a safe niche ideological ghetto where they will never be called upon to assume actual political power or take risks.

  • I think there are plenty of Gen-Xers to be brought aboard. And, it is vitally importand that they become allies.
    I’m 51 with 4 children, young adults or on the verge. My three boys are Red-Pilled and it is all because of me (we are still working on the girl)
    Gen-Xers younger than me will have children younger with more time to be Red-Pilled. WE need to get those Dads on board.

    • Damn straight!!!!!!! Like it or not there are more Xers and Boomers than of the younger generations and they do have some chips in the “game”, namely the future of their kids.

    • We Gen-Xers are just starting to gain enough wisdom to understand what went wrong. Some of us, anyways.

  • Great article. White men should not feel guilty about just trying to advance their interests at all, but to do this you need to get these young men into office and actually change things for the better. Also, we do need allies, like it or not we don’t have the numbers anymore to get the job done alone. There are enough issues that you can find common ground with other groups to get the agenda furthered. A lot of folks, transcending right or left are against globalization for basically the same reasons, and globalization is the main reason the transnational elites want to eliminate our race from Europe and N. America. A rootless society is easy to enslave, and in reality we are already there.

  • For what it’s worth, my take as a boomer:

    Vincent Law is largely right about the boomers – that they are probably hopelessly cucked. Some of those from the tail-end of the boomer generation (myself, for example) perhaps have more in common with Gen X and (to a lesser extent) Gen Y. We are still in the workforce. We are exposed to the supposed benefits of diversity at work and in society at large. And yet we remember the old all-white America (and how groovy it used to be), and the official propaganda doesn’t compute. We have no confidence in social security or the stock-market (through our 401k) to provide for us in retirement. We don’t really have a plan for retirement at all. We know we are living in a nation in decline, unlike the older boomers who think everything’s peachy, or the (now almost all gone) “greatest generation” who died not realizing that thier country doesn’t even exist anymore. My country doesn’t exist anymore – and I damned well know it.

    I would advise you younger fellows not to write off the boomers entirely. They still have an interest in the future, through their children and grand-children. Appeal to that.

    Don’t write them off. Don’t unduly pander to them either. You’re going to shock them with what you say. Shock them. They need it.

    • My parents are mid-60s, typical naive Midwestern Whites. Everything coming in the future will shock them, but I hope to reach them.

    • Why don’t the good boomers do that work for us? Why do they instead close ranks like some minority group and refuse to take criticism?

      Furthermore, how are millenials supposed to convince their elders?

      • “Why do they instead close ranks like some minority group and refuse to take criticism?”

        Remember, they are “The Me Generation”. It’ll take some time for them to realize that it’s not “all about me” anymore.

        I’m not excusing them, I’m just pointing out – they still vote, they still run a lot of things. You need them on your side – the white ones, I mean.

      • I’m not a boomer – I’m too young to even be officially “Gen X” – and I’ve hardly ever shied away from criticizing boomers, especially boomer conservatives.

        But there is no generation that is as touchy and triggery and whines at the slightest bit of criticism than the millennial Snowflake Generation – and that goes double for the “right wing” ones. Make fun of their silly little internet memes and they fly off the handle – just look at this thread.

        If I was a boomer, I might ask “what the hell have the millennials done for us?” The millennials didn’t even vote for Trump – the boomers did.

    • No one is saying that there aren’t NAXALT Boomers but they are few and far between.
      As a group White boomers have been complicit or at best jaw-droppingly ignorant about the destruction of Western/White Civilization. A quick look through twitter finds Alt-Right Millennials being constantly counter-signaled by Boomer Cuckservatives that don’t want to face the ugly truths.

      • I understand the hostility directed at boomers.

        Collectively, we inherited a prosperous nation – a nation that mostly worked – and turned it to s**t. We’ve left you to shift for yourselves in a wilderness of crap.

  • We are told that our ideology and rhetoric needs to be more inclusive.

    1. Who says this?

    2. “move inclusive” to whom?

    This critique is reminiscent of feminists complaining that a disembodied “society” is telling women and girls they have to do this or that. “Society” is pretty broad and it’s a weasel word to suggest something without specifics. Back to question 1, who is saying this?

    It’s as if we cannot be considered a legitimate movement unless we have
    minorities, trust-fund kids, female leaders and respectable old-timers
    shuffling around…

    Telling use of the passive voice there, “cannot be considered” … by whom? I don’t recall anyone saying the Alt Right needs to be more “inclusive” of “minorities” (if by that we mean racial minorities) or “trust fund kids” (odd complaint for a “right wing” movement that constantly tells us “egalitarianism” is the worst thing ever) no one has ever “demanded” female “leaders” and “respectable old timers” one must assume includes the 30 and 40 somethings Daniel Frieberg, Mike Enoch, and Richard Spencer.

    In any case, the idea of a male-focused movement is hardly new: from December 10, 2013

    Four years ago pro-whites were hoping that a “leader” like Spencer would emerge that would push pro-whiteness into the mainstream. Despite attempts to do that, and being somewhat successful, there are still people that want a movement based on their own personal ressentiments.

    The idea that “the youth” or “young men” have interests that are separate and opposed to their larger racial community is, of course, an extremely left wing ideology, and even a revolutionary ideology. It’s the opposite of “right wing” and has more in common with marketing demographics as opposed to a social movement based on tradition.

    • “The idea that “the youth” or “young men” have interests that are separate and opposed to their larger racial community is, of course, an extremely left wing ideology, and even a revolutionary ideology. It’s the opposite of “right wing” and has more in common with marketing demographics as opposed to a social movement based on tradition.”

      Well said.

    • The younger generations of white males are a demographic minority. Do you not think that Boomers or us Xers don’t give a damn about the future of our kids or grandkids? We need allies, and we don’t need to water down our message at all, but we can hammer on issues that benefit everybody ie globalization, the 1% crowd, etc. The 1% crowd is behind the whole kit and caboodle, meaning the influx of immigrants to drive down wages, and basically create a nation of willing serfs. Common ground can be found on certain issues that can further our agenda. Reality has to take over eventually. Democracy is mobocracy in reality and we don’t have the numbers to get anything done if we only have one issue that we care about..

      • It depends on what your goals are. If your goals are the future of the white race, that is one thing.

        If your goals are to sell something to a marketing demographic, like “disenfranchised white males aged 12-26” then pitting them against other whites (white women, older whites, etc.) is great strategy. That’s how “subculturalism” is made – think “punk rock” subculture from the 80s. Sell edgy faux-“rebellion” to teenagers that are angry at their parents.

        • Yeah, but you could actually help the future of the white race by focusing on the globalist vision of the economy, etc. Get to the root of the problem(conspiracy) rather than just a branch or symptom of it. You want to halt immigration? Get people to think how it affects them from an economic standpoint and hammer away on how it will reduce wages across the board. That is one of the main reasons the global elites are pushing it. They are getting ready to eventually introduce austerity here in the US, that should get most whites and even some minorities on board

  • I think the alt-right is about duty, tradition, honor of one’s ancestors, pride in one’s culture, and a vision of beauty and civilizational progress that could occur under a new Golden Age of greater Europe. This is what motivates people in the movement. Very little of it is self-interest from the part of young straight white men, who indeed are very marginalized today.

  • We Gen Xers are pretty middle aged now… We are different from the later generations in that we remember a world of relative liberty in the 1980s, when immigration was changing the West but had not yet transformed it, and the Communist threat kept much of the Elites from turning fully against their own people.

    • Yep. It wasn’t just Liberty, it was the environment of Liberty:
      * All White friends
      * All Which churches
      * All White neighborhoods
      * All White schools
      * Staying out late at night with no adult supervision and being perfectly safe

      We remember a time when the world was free and good, before the POZ.

  • Not just men. My daughters (2 of 3) have gradually come to this side. One issue is the Millenials are quick to segregate out anyone who doesn’t believe in group think and females of that gen appear to be hesitant to go outside the norm. My middle daughter, 21, who works in the summer and college break in a major chain restaurant just came to me two days ago and said “You know, working in a restaurant makes a person racist.” I replied; “No. It simply allows you to view the world as it truly is and see groups of people for who they truly are.” That resonated with her. No knock on women here from me. At all. But from my experience with my daughters there seems to be a reluctance to go outside what is “socially acceptable “.

    • It helps that the social justice movement is now dominated by insane black female ‘queers’ who demand that any white participating keep her mouth shut and do as she’s told. They are doing God’s work indeed!

    • Spot on. Women generally follow what they perceive to be the normal, accepted thing to do. And the fact that your girls are already woke says something about good parenting by the way. 🙂

      • I appreciate that. I try, as I’m sure we all do. We can only do what we can to help them see.

      • That’s a part, but more the behavior of the negro customer. Complaining about the food to get a discount when there isn’t anything wrong with it. Or complaining about service just to get a free desert or something like that. The manager will catch on and they will just rotate days when a different manager is working and run the scam with a different manager.

        • Not to mention that the Negro is notoriously generous when it comes time to calculate the tip.

        • The webmaster/editor could do a whole series of articles on this topic alone with violent encounters to spice up the brew. The series would be entitled: Negro Fast Food Eruptions in the Hood.

  • 16 year old Alt-Right male here, planning to participate in Alt-Right events whenever it becomes an option. I feel like there are plenty more like me out there. 🙂

  • “Ultimately, it is about self-interest and it is about the next generation of White men who have no future except the one they carve out for themselves coming into their own and demanding a seat at the table.”

    I agree, I just think we should sit down at the table though, then flip it over violently, then slaughter some but probably not all of the other people there, and then proceed to move forward from there. We don’t want a negotiated settlement with Negroes and Jews sitting down at the table as stakeholders. We want them gone. We want our own self-determinism racially and that means at its core the right, the duty, to expel other races from our living spaces. What’s the point of sitting down and talking about that? To the other races, I mean.

    • The coming conflict isn’t between Whites and non-Whites, but between Good Whites with their auxillaries and Bad Whites.

      • You’re joking, right? So White genocide is spearheaded by bad Whites? Not by Jews though?

        And where our countries wage war now, it’s all Israel’s backyard. We wage war with Syria and saber rattle with Iran because that is what The Jews want.

        You are smart enough to see that, yes? Or do you just deny it is true?

        • Yes, clearly is philosemitic. You can tell because not literally every single article we publish is about the Jews. Also, because we critique other groups as well, that means we are covering for the Jews.

          You figured it all out.

          • Any other groups besides Jews captaining White Genocide worldwide with little boats of Black people being picked up by bigger boats owned by NGOs and bringing them to Europe? Any other groups responsible for putting terms like White privilege in White kids’ heads or feminism in White women’s heads? Are boomers or women holding our countries’ money supplies in their hands worldwide and effecting White genocide? Or just Jews? Syrian brown baby dead beach boy was all on the Jewish media. Like babies out of incubators. They fake news and attack alternative views as the fakes. That’s Jews doing that too, not women and not boomers.

            You can see I hope now why I focus on the Hebrews. And maybe even why anyone who holds himself out as pro-White and has a pulpit should do so too.

          • Your points are great, but cut the AR editors and writers a little slack. They are doing a good job putting daily content out (which is necessary to grow the site) and helping our movement. Anyway, most of us here agree with your about the JQ, even if it isn’t covered in depth in every article.

          • Well, “bad whites vs good whites + auxiliaries” is an NRX meme, that ignores the fact that Jews also have quite a bit of agency, to put it mildly

            So, expect pushback if you post misleading memes

          • You’re doing this:


            They run where we war. They run the money and the media, which is propaganda, false news mixed with truth smashed out with green screened CNN and commie fag-loving pro-Jew spin.

            They are the enemy, the architect of White genocide, the creators of communism, feminism, all things anti-White, the downfall of the Whites of South Africa, the flood of the non-Whites from foreign wars we shouldn’t be involved in.

            So no I’m not being overly simplistic.

            We should get rid of all the Jews. I consider that statement direct and accurate, not overly simplistic.

          • Translation = Jews are an omnipotent, omnipresent force who’s ineffable, all-encompassing power determines every possibly outcome within the known universe.

            As others have said, you will find no disagreements about the JQ here, however that doesn’t mean the writers have to feed into the myopic paranoia that the Jews are behind all evil in every piece. There are other websites that exist for that purpose…

            Besides, I’m sure the Jews enjoy the high level of animosity they receive from ‘Nazis’, it probably bolsters their own egos. They arrogantly display their identity and interests for the expressed purpose of maddening their enemies into irrelevancy or submission.

          • Did you come to virtue signal to “The Nazis” or did you come to shelter the Jew, who did originate communism, feminism, does run our money, and does influence what goes in our minds more strongly than any other ethnic group? Please make up your mind.

          • Since before you were born. They expend considerable energy pushing the lie they’re a religious group so we’ll think they’re just swarthy Mediterranean Whites like southern Italians or Greeks but Jews are their own tightly bound ethnic group and they are not White.

            Look at Kai Feng Jews and beta Israeli Jews and Mizrahim Jews and then come back here and tell us how White they are. Recognize that the only reason you think they are is Jewish lies on-topic (called Jewish racial crypsis; example: Tim Wise’s book ‘White Like Me’) and because they have heavily interbred with Europeans in order to move among us with ease.

      • The coming conflict is already lost if we are headed in this direction. A minority of a minority of whites will never affect change in an increasingly multi-cultural society. Hopes for separatism are unrealistic, as are a utopian ethno-state. Unless you create a new one. And I don’t see that happening among most white young men at this sausage party.

  • “What is wrong with having having our own identity movement?”

    Nothing is wrong. White men should be proud of the white heritage that shaped and defined the modern world.

  • I’ve watched clips from the film version of the musical 1776, and apart from the virtue-signaling about the evils of slavery, I found it enjoyable to revisit. The number sung by the actress playing Thomas Jefferson’s wife, “He Plays the Violin,” humanizes Jefferson in a way which makes him more accessible than the aloof reputation he has as the Sage of Monticello.

    I always looked to the Founding Fathers as especially accomplished men in my people from several generations back. Yet it strikes me now that the immigrants our elites consider more American than us Old-Stock Americans just won’t give a crap about the Founding Fathers and their accomplishments. We won’t see revivals of this and similar musicals unless they undergo the degenerate vandalism we see in the one about Alexander Hamilton, where they turn Jefferson into a supervillain or something comparably preposterous.

    • Quite true. Expecting foreigners to cherish your culture and revere your culture heroes is like walking up to a perfect stranger – maybe a guatemalan landscaper or an indian Subway proprietor (but I repeat myself) – and handing him your most prized family heirlooms with the admonition “Take care of these. They are precious”. What would that stranger do? Probably drop them in the nearest dumpster. It’s folly.

      • Seriously, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Orcs wind up destroying the buildings Thomas Jefferson designed at Monticello and on the campus of the University of Virginia.

      • Right. We Whites are on our own and this is as it should be, now we have to start educating the unaware among Whites to this fact. We must stand on our own White feet, and not expect non-Whites to respect us or our past greats. It is pitiful to see some Whites try to find allies among non-Whites instead of knowing that we must stand strong AS Whites in all ways.

  • No, not all White people will join the Alt-Right. Indeed, many have a lot to directly lose by young White men of the Gen X, Millenial and Gen Z generations coming into their own and taking political, cultural and economic control of the country. We must understand that going forward and frame our rhetoric so that it falls on fertile ground and a receptive audience.

    I’ve been saying that the generational handoff in power from Boomers to X as the former ages out of power and influence is going to be drastic and profound in ways we can’t even imagine, and not just politically.

    • Is Gen X even going to gain power? I say no. I think Gen X will be squeezed by the larger Millenial Generation just like the Silents were caught between the WWII and Boomer Generations. Gen X will be like the Silent Generation and never produce an American President.

      • I know what you’re saying, and I too think that there will never be a Generation X President. That’s an idea that has gotten some rather wide traction in about the last year. Just like there wasn’t a Silent President. What I mean by handoff in power is in the consummate sense of the word, not restricted to purely political. I think we’re in a situation where generations alternate between being culturally consequential and politically consequential. Greatest, Boomers, Millennials were/are/will be politically consequential, while Silents/X are culturally.

        I expound more:

        • I disagree with your thesis that generations alternate between being culturally or politically consequential. Demography is destiny. By sheer numbers, the WWII Generation, Boomers, and Millenials wielded or will hold cultural and political sway in the future.

          The Silent Generation was called the Silent Generation for a reason. Because the Silent Generation never produced leaders or dominated the culture at any period in American history. The WWII Generation was predominant in culture from the 40s through the mid 60s, while maintaining political power until Bush Sr lost to Clinton. Then the Baby Boomers came of age and their youth culture defined American society. At no point did the Silents exert themselves, indeed, they mirrored the WWII Generation in attitudes and beliefs. This is not surprising, many of the Silents were the older children of the WWII generation, but came of age in the “good old days” the Eisenhower years.

          I suspect that Generation X will have a similar trajectory to that of the Silent Generation.

          • At first, yes, with people like George Carlin and Grace Slick. But later the Boomers quickly just took over and asserted themselves by the 70s. Same happened with Gen X, some huge pop culture figures like Cobain in the 90s, then quickly gone with the wind once the Millenials came of age.

            Boomer culture was also dependent on older intellectuals like Herbert Marcuse.

          • Yeah a lot of overlap between “War babies” and boomers born in the 40s.

            Same with younger Xers and older Millenials born in the late 70s/early 80s.

          • To borrow a phrase, it’s bollocks, my dad’s older sister is a Silent and he’s a Boomer. There are numerous siblings grouped like this.

          • I’m an older Xer and have more in common with boomers than younger Xer’s hate hip hop!

          • We (Xers), have been referred to as nomads in many books that have to do with generational politics, attitudes, etc. I agree to most of it. We were a product of the times and our anthem was Bobbie McFarrin’s “Dont’ Worry Be Happy”!!!!! We saw the hypocrisy of it all(politics and religion) and for the most part didn’t get overly involved in politics. I did, as I was a young Republican for a short time, but most young Xers really didn’t bother.

      • Gen Xers will take power because they’ll follow the boomers. By the time the millenials take power it’ll be shitskin millenials

        • Silent Generation followed the WWII Generation and never took power. Why wouldn’t the same happen with Gen X, which is a small cohort sandwiched between 2 larger Generations?

          • Could be obviously, but the older Xer’s are 50 and could easily produce a Potus although probably not a white male.

          • More likely is that at least the next President following Trump is a late boomer like Pence, and then the Millenials elect their first President around 2032 when their oldest cohort will be around 50.

          • All speculation, I believe Trump will be the last white male Potus, demographics, Potus Oprah

          • Possibly. I do know the Dems will never nominate another White man.

          • Increasingly non-white demographics will change presidential elections in unpredictable ways

            Obama was young, but appointed because he fit the demographic profile they wanted

      • Probably right. Boomers will never give up power and then the Millennials will TAKE it. X-ers were ever more conformist than Millenials, and that spans the whole political spectrum.

    • In my experience/ observation it’s the opposite. I’ve never met or known someone (white) born before 1965 that wasn’t pro-White by default. It’s the 60s and 70s and so on that diluted this original conservativism into its current frayed and cucked state.

    • If you look at voting patterns, if we ever could manage a white ethnostate in America the white population would split down the middle, at best 60/40 in our favor. Of course this would probably change over time as things get worse in liberal states, but never underestimate the pigheadedness of liberal whites.

  • If the alt-right should choose to address only the interests of young white men – which is what I take away from this article – it abdicates leadership of the race as a whole.

    Don’t get me wrong – young White men absolutely DO have right, and indeed a responsibility, to look our for their own interests, and as a Boomer (one who somehow did not get all the perks suggested by the article) – I support them in this. But contrary to the last sentence of the article it is NOT ultimately “about self interest” of any sub-group – It is about the welfare of our race as a whole – men and women, young and old.

  • There’s a fine rhetorical line to be walked here. On the one hand, yes, this is a movement of young white men, and catering to other demographics is just a luxury or distraction at the present time. On the other hand, these young white men should not think of themselves as bargaining for a place at the table with the squabbling, whingeing protected classes of the West. Instead, we should see ourselves as on a crusade to put an end to that particular rigged game, and directly take power from the managerial elites who preside over it, to the end of rescuing our civilisation from disaster.

  • If the Alt-Right should choose to address only the interests of young White men – which is what I take away from this article – it abdicates leadership of the race as a whole.

    Don’t get me wrong – young White men absolutely DO have a right, and indeed a responsibility, to look out for their own interests, and as a Boomer (one who somehow did not get all the perks suggested by the article) – I support them in this. But contrary to the words of the last sentence in the article it is NOT ultimately “about self interest” of any one sub-group – It is about the welfare of our race as a whole – men and women, young and old.

    The mannerbund is not the tribe, nor the nation, nor the race. It serves these larger affiliations, and in turn is (or should be) supported by it.

    • The identity of the Young White Man has been completely stripped from him by the enemy, save a tiny remnant.

      One takeaway from this article is that the Alt-Right, at present, must focus on rebuilding the Young White Man from that remnant, and that can only be accomplished by encouraging him to pursue his self-interest, as is the case with any biological organism.

      As our Young White Men mature, then of course, their racial consciousness will expand outward to encompass all dimensions of our people.

      • The best way to rebuild the young White men in this culture is the example and leadership of older, more experienced White men. I am in my mid 40’s and have raised and am raising a large brood of White kids. I have seen a lot of changes and have a different perspective than a 23 year old. Stephen is right, this is about an entire race. We need the wisdom and resources of older White men, who often have had to deal with non-Whites their entire lives and watched their hard work get smoked and eaten by non-Whites, as well as the energy and enthusiasm of younger White men. Don’t make the mistake of the Left and endlessly sub-divide ourselves into ever smaller and never satisfied constituent groups. An endlessly divided and squabbling White race works almost as well as a completely apathetic White race for the purposes of those who wish to see us extinct.

        • that’s a very important point to make. I thought Vincent’s piece was largely correct, but I want ALL WHITE PEOPLE in the movement. Our people’s future cannot be dependent solely on young White men. The wisdom of older Nationalists is valuable.

          • The only people still talking about ‘white sharia’ are triggered libtards like you.

          • “White sharia” is nonsensical trolling. If people are so retarded to mean that unironically then convert and GTFO.

            If you want to understand sharia don’t read Daily Stormer, read and listen to Dr. Bill Warner.

          • I agree. I always thought it was a dumb meme and never endorsed it. I also never gave it more thought than it deserved. I saw it, shrugged, thought “thats lame” and moved on. Personally, I wish fags like HR would shut up about it and let it die already.

            I don’t read Daily Stormer and don’t care to “understand” Sharia.

          • I agree with what you said except the last part. One must understand your enemy enough to destroy him.

          • It’s just authoritarian Islamism isn’t it?

            I’m more interested in destroying ZOG and Liberalism than Islam. I don’t care what Muslims do in their own countries. It becomes my problem when Islam is imported into my backyard. Zionists and Liberals are the cause of my problems. Muslims are a symptom.

          • True, Sunni, Shia, let them blow each other up but deport all of them from white countries. Goatfuckers

          • You dont have to read Daily Stormer just tell Hipster faggot you do it,s one of his triggers.

          • Woooooossshhhhh!! Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too quick. I would catch it.

          • Yeah, I seldom ever read DS anymore so I don’t really know what they spend their time taling about their. Still, it seems to be on the way out, or at least confined to one space on the internet, so its easy to avoid. ‘White Mafia’ is the new craze sweeping the Alt-Right.

          • White Sharia is on the way out, not Daily Stormer which remains the most popular far right/pro-white site on the internet.

          • i got no use for “whte sharia”

            may as well look to african monkeys for some ideas instead of mooslims

          • Yeah, something not right when they refer to alt-right women as mentally ill. That’s something the left or anti-white people say. Weird. I like DS, but still, it’s weird when they say stuff like that.

          • Yeah I still enjoy Anglins articles sometimes and there are a lot of things I liked about DS, but in the end I decided it wasn’t a good fit for me personally. Attitudes towards women was one of the breaking points. I’m anti-feminism, not anti-women. I’m anti-multiculturalism but I don’t necassarily hate all non-whites. I just acknowledge that their fundamentally different people and we’d all be happier living in our own countries (or at least communities.)

            I think DS takes a lot of unnecassarily extreme positions, but that is appealing to a lot of people. Just not my cup of tea. I also don’t go out of my way to punch in their direction. The movement is still too small to constantly be fighting platforms that you don’t agree 100% with. They have their lane, has their lane. They can co-exist for now since we’re both working towards a lot of the same goals.

          • I still go there, cause DS has bad-ass articles. This site is new to me, but I like it so far.

          • To each their own. There is a lot to like over there. Anglin is an entertaining writer and the board is very active.

        • Young men are thirsty for leadership. Jordan Peterson has exploded in the past year by dispensing traditional manly wisdom to his young male audience. His Youtube channel has millions of views and his patreon is up to 60k/month. Granted, he is ‘anti-racist’ but not anti-white, and speaks against anti-whiteness. Besides, a key part of suppressing natural ethnocentrism is suppressing masculinity – anything that brings the manly virtues back will inevitable also bring ethnocentrism along with it.

          • at some point he needs to wise up and stop giving a damn about these other races

            they’ve revealed themselves to be the enemy

    • Obviously any white person can sympathise with the alt-right but it’s always the young men who have the energy and passion to fight

      • Syd, I too admire the bravery and energy and passion of the young men. I genuinely like the young guys of the alt right I have met – and I wish them nothing but the best. But I, too, have “the energy and the passion to fight” both figuratively and literally. I think that, like the younger generations often do, they underestimate us older guys. I am 68 years old, former Airborne and Ranger, and I can think of no better way to die than liberating Mother Europe, or the country formerly known as “America.”

        • Well done you, I’m 50, fit, do martial arts. We’re all in this together but without young men there’s no future.

    • All else flows from male thought and leadership and boomers have been so brutally indoctrinated with Holocaust and slavery mythology that they generally can’t think or speak with the necessary clarity.

  • This is a really important article because it makes a point we don’t talk about enough. There is nothing wrong with young White men fighting for their interest. And it just so happens that if those young White men win their civilization continues whereas if they lose it is extinguished.

    The future of Western civilization is in our hands.

    • There are those who want to divert the passion and energy of the Young White Man into defense of nationalism for all peoples, which seems disingenuous given that:

      No Mexican nationalist is ever going to fight for you.

      No Japanese nationalist is ever going to fight for you.

      No Indian nationalist is ever going to fight for you.

      They may fight the “globalists” (questionable, at best), but they will never fight for you.

      No Muslim living in Swedish no-go zones cares about your national identity.

      No Chinese real estate speculator in Vancouver cares about your national identity.

      No Aztec living in Tennessee on your gibs and popping out offspring at a rate of 3 to your 1 cares about your national identity.

      And this garbage won’t even join you in fighting the “globalists.”

      Wolf packs know nothing of “nationalism.” Lion prides know nothing of “nationalism.” Eagles know nothing of “nationalism.” We are engaged in a primeval biological struggle for territory and resources. Pushing “nationalism” is a way to get you into your head and out of your instincts, to get you to forget that this is fundamentally a biological contest.

      The Indo-European (White) genome is the only thing that transcends the profusion of self-interests held by our people. We spent, at minimum, tens of thousands of years optimizing our collective genome (likely many more than that). Young White Men are the future of that entity.

      Any camp not explicitly supporting—without condition—the future of Indo-European (White) collective consciousness, as carried in our genome, is operating from a place of self-interest. The genome comes first. Self-interests come second. Without the genome, there are no self-interests for anyone.

      Any camp attempting to forcefully shoehorn (wedge) their special interest into the Alt-Right core is attempting to yoke Young White Men into being dumb grunt ground troops in their pet crusades, and creating needless division (wedges) in the process. DO NOT LET YOURSELF BE HARNESSED BY SPECIAL INTERESTS OTHER THAN YOUR OWN. That is what got us here in the first place.

      The entire world wants to enslave or eliminate Young White Men, who are less than 4% (300,000,000) of the global population.

      Rather than getting your panties in a twist about the ideological differences between you and your Young Indo-European (White) Brothers, you had better concern yourself with the differences between you and the other 92% (6,900,000,000) of the global population that is invading your territories by the tens of millions, destroying your infrastructure and material wealth, and inflicting irreversible damage to your genome.

      Here’s what those numbers look like with the zeros lined up:

      6,900,000,000 = non-Indo-European (colored) global population (92%)
      …300,000,000 = Young Indo-European (White) Men (4%)

      To contrast:
      2,431,209,718 = global population of Christians (32%)


      Young White Men hold the cards (if they’d only realize it, as they are now doing).

      Young White Men have each other, and that is enough (if they’d only organize, as they are now doing).

      UNITE with your Young Indo-European (White) Brothers:
      -whether American European, Slavic European, Australian European, or Ango-Saxon European,
      -whether Protestant or Catholic or Pagan or “none-of-the-above,”
      -whether Imperialist or Southern Nationalist or Scottish Nationalist or National Socialist.

      UNITE AT THE BIOLOGICAL CELLULAR LEVEL. Everyone else is doing it.

  • Boomers have step-wives, property, and their “hogs”?

    Second wives and Harley-Davidson motorcycles??

      • It’s pretty funny watching middle-class engineers and orthodontists LARPing as outlaw-bikers. I understand that Harley-Davidson makes more money selling branded merch than it does from selling motorcycles. They’re a life-style company now – Martha Stewart for Hells’ Angels wannabes.

        • Yeah every spring the older guys are always on their bikes cruising Fort Street in Downriver Detroit or they are in their vintage Mustangs, etc.

          • How many boomers also drive shiny pickups without a scratch on them that have never been used for any type of work?

        • SLCain, didn’t John Travolta make a movie about that?

          I never saw it but now I’m interested. For researching the BQ.

          • Yeah, with Tim Allen, William Macy, and – of course – Martin Lawrence. They had to put a black guy in it – so many middle-class boomer weekend-biker white guys have close pals who are black, so that certainly added a bit of verisimilitude. And Martin Lawrence is one of the least white-presenting black actors, too. I guess Will Smith cost too much.

  • You have support from this Boomer, guys. But then I have a peculiar situation as a cryonicist, like the white nationalist Bob Whitaker:

    I guess Bob and I share the aspiration of revival from cryostasis in a technologically advanced white ethnostate. If cryonics will work at all, it won’t work in the Idiocracy of a brown world run by Happy Merchants, as Kalergi wanted to happen back in the 1930’s.

  • Libertarians of the Ayn Rand sort say we should live selfishly and repudiate the demands of the rent-seekers and parasites that we sacrifice ourselves. What about the virtuous selfishness of white men who band together to oppose the demands of the Orcs with their hands out for gibs?

    • Then encourage them to become teachers, electricians, computer programmers or technicians. You mean well, but you and others like you are not going to be able to bring back the past.

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