Russian TV Offers Gays One-Way Ticket To San Francisco

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Tsargrad satellite channel, which has a huge Russian audience, is offering homosexuals a one-way ticket to leave the country and suggests California as their destination. The Orthodox Christian based television channel insists that the offer is not a joke.

TV host Andrei Afanasyev stated “just recently, California – the most liberal state in the USA by the way – proposed to facilitate the granting of green cards to Russian perverts. [We]  can provide a medical certificate proving that they are sodomites or have other forms of perversion”.   The BBC responded by adding that “anti-gay prejudice is rife in Russia”. However, it is worth noting that the description is quite misleading as homosexuality is not against the law in Russia while there are areas in the U.S. which criminalize sodomy.

It is refreshing to hear an organization use the power of free speech and free association to ruffle the feathers of cultural Marxists. Tsargrad channel is what we in the Alt-Right wish Fox news could be like- completely unapologetic. In fact, their name even means Constantinople (just to show you how ballsy they are). Perhaps this is the very solution to fix Europe’s migrant problem? All you need to do is to set up private organizations willing to deport undesirables via payment or elect government officials willing to pass laws allowing allowances for migrants to leave. No matter the price tag of one-way tickets, or even a hefty bribe to get undesirables to leave, it’s a marginal price compared to how much social services immigrants and their children absorb. We don’t need to do that with the illegal Hispanics, we just need to be willing to enforce the law in the United States.

However, Hispanic anchor babies, who have gained birthright citizenship by being born from an illegal alien onto our soil can be bribed to leave. It may even be an easier solution to bribe them out than achieving a law to end birthright citizenship which may lead to years of lengthy court battles and may even be struck down by the courts. It’s hard to imagine how reverse-immigration, as I like to call it would be breaking any laws. If Libertarian or conservative cucks argue against it, we talk about the financial gains of ridding ourselves of welfare-anchors. It’s an investment and we need to inject reverse-immigration into the public consciousness first of all, and secondly elect officials and/or set up private institutions willing to get rid of the trash. Think of planned parenthood but for reverse immigration instead of abortion. It’s hard to argue the legal merits against it considering it’s a voluntary choice by all parties involved. It’s a realistic solution to get rid of undesirables in Western countries.

Our job would be much easier if literally every single institution in our country wasn’t dedicated to the active disenfranchisement of its White citizens. Seeing an institution like this privately funded Russian TV channel fighting back against the Cultural Marxism shows us how things could be here in the West if cultural conservatism had any support whatsoever. Black-pillers need to take that into account. We’re in a steep uphill battle and we are still far from achieving anything that can resemble a pro-Traditional values institution that hasn’t been corrupted here in the West. Russia is far from ideal, but seeing these kind of stunts show us how having just one true bastion of conservatism can help spread a message for society at large. Tsargrad makes its point very clear: gays, not welcome here.

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  • Stripping birthright citizenship would be easier then people think. Setup a new office, have them check every birth certificate for the last 50 years. Then have them check the birth certificates of listed parents. Any non-European non citizens found, strip them of citizenship and deport them. Would pay for itself very quickly and go a long way towards fixing the demographic problems we are having.

    • When Trump ran he talked about reinterpreting the 14th amendment so anyone descended from an anchor baby could have their citizenship revoked

  • ‘The BBC responded by adding that “anti-gay prejudice is rife in Russia”.’ Yes, the Jewish run BBC helped make the sin under Christianity, sexual perversion, an example of “prejudice” when opposed by people and they helped demand people accept the holocaust story, anti-German hatred, under penalty of law, including imprisonment. Isn’t democracy great?

  • We should make reverse immigration the policy platform of the alt right. We can possibly stop immigration, but what do we do with the ones who already came to the West? Roach spray won’t work, so maybe we should bribe them out. It may not be the ideal solution but it’s certainly practical.

  • Right, Russian fags would certainly like a free trip to Calif. but no way are entitled spics going to voluntarily leave the US. Even a one time payment of say $50,000 wouldn’t come near lifetime fibs in the US and they know it. Shitskins bitch but they never leave

    • I’m sure there are plenty of poor anchor spics who work for minimum wage would be willing to revoke their citizenship and get the boot for 50K. Maybe not the middle class ones, but maybe there is a dollar amount high enough to get these brown baggers out.

      • They’re not that stupid, they bang on about how dangerous Mexico is. I’ve known some that went back, always back in 6 months

        • Then make it 100k, it’s still cheaper than the amount of welfare and medicaid services they will use during their lifetime and children’s lifetime, and children’s childrens lifetime.

          • You’re overlooking the typical time preference of the average Mestizo/Indio and projecting onto them the capacity to orient their thinking long-term. How many would realistically defer the instant gratification of a huge sum of money?

          • Actually I know them, lived in Mexico, worked with a lot of them. A few decades ago they came for money now it’s also because Mexico is very dangerous and corrupt, it’s very stressful living there. With say a five figure bribe a beaner could buy a house but they’d still have to live on the economy, cope with the crime, corruption, cartels, no point. The only way they’re going back is “deportation force”

  • I’m rooting for you guys. All it takes is one. One strong white male with the will, the brains, and the orator skills to “speak to the people”
    I think that’s a skill that can’t be over looked when raising your sons and grandsons. Just one, all we need is one.

  • “If Libertarian or conservative cucks argue against it, we talk about the
    financial gains of ridding ourselves of welfare-anchors…. Think of planned parenthood but for reverse immigration instead of abortion.”

    Economic Libertarians are most likely to become Alt Right, in that they can look at the numbers and see how “Diversity” is just stealing from White people and giving to non-Whites. There are countless examples: non-White grants, financial welfare schemes, Section 8 Housing, tax-free small businesses, et al. It’s easy to point out that the US gov is shipping Muslims and non-Whites to America and immediately putting them and their extended family on Welfare programs.

    The Planned Parenthood argument might not work on Liberals because they instinctively view non-White and Muslim immigration to White countries as importing armies to fight against the Evil White people by any and all means necessary. Time and again we are confronted the same genocidal anti-White arguments:
    * We will all be brown
    * Whites stole the land therefore Whites must leave
    * There’s only one race, the human race

    All of those arguments say one thing: No more White people. The Planned Parenthood argument doesn’t address the issue of anti-Whites importing an army.

      • What do you mean Finn… ?? i have been there 5-6 times. Summer is best. Ukr is very nice to. They have done a super job on fixing up Kiev. Next for me is Minsk. ;O)

        • Sydney here, we’re swamped by asians and muslims.
          Housing unaffordable.
          40,000 people per year are leaving sydney and yet sydney is growing at vast rates.

          • Last time I was in Sydney I thought I had gotten on the wrong flight and landed in some sort of post-modern combination of Hong Kong and Beirut.

          • Now you know why the took the guns 25 years ago … same in the UK … There is always Texas brother ;O)

  • Wait a second, how about we ship San Francisco, urine smell and leather clad homos and all, in total to Russia instead and they can keep their sodomites?

  • ” There are areas in the U.S. which criminalize sodomy.”

    If by “sodomy” you mean a euphemism for “homosexuality,” then, no. The Supreme Court struck down laws against homosexual behavior in 2003.

    Anyone who imagines that gay people are like blacks in that their IQ lags that of the general population is delusional (For instance, there is no reason to think that white gays are less intelligent than the white population in general.). If California’s offer is real, and practical, (and not just for residents of Chechnya) I imagine many Russian gays will take them up on the offer, and they won’t need financial assistance from the Orthodox Church. Russia will probably end up losing many highly educated people who were educated at great cost to Russian society. Educating a doctor, an engineer, etc., is a costly proposition for any country. In fact, I suspect that many straight Russians will try to fake homosexuality in order to gain a fast track to American citizenship. It will be interesting to see how this story develops.

    • Pity losing all those sodomite doctors. What a loss for Russia!

      Most homos live inside the homo mafia cocoon where there are a few rich old ones who support and give fluff jobs to younger ones (sugar daddy like). Like a brood of vampires. Good riddance.

  • Probably need a DOTR to get there, but if I had my druthers:

    Expel them all, every last one, muslim and jew. Every western nation, in concert, and forever.

    Next, blacks and browns. Illegals, go over the wall. Criminals, strip their citizenship, and deport. Offer repatriation bounties, attractive enough, blacks can be kangz again, in their own lands, and browns have a good head start, in theirs. This should leave a small, law-abiding, minority.

    Finally, we deal with our own traitorous, bleeding heart liberals, egalitarian cucks, and SJWs. Don’t ask, don’t tell, what happens to them, but that’s what DOTR is for.

    All it takes is Will.

  • We do not want anymore European liberals or communists. it is because of European Liberals, Communists and Jews who came here after world war 1 and 2 that we are in this mess today.

    I hope the altright has a TV station soon. Till that happens Youtube videos will do

  • Tsargrad are Orthodox/Christian nationalists of the Mike “Volt” Pence variety.

    Very patriotic, extremely religious (they are creationists), but not really Alt Right as such since they are not race realists.

    Russia does need an Alt Right or an HBD-informed nationalist media platform as well.

  • After a brief flirtation with what was called “free love” after the Revolution of 1917, the official culture of the Soviet Union became quite socially conservative, even more than the United States. As recently as the 1980s, the commies were tough on gays, lesbians and junkies. Someone writing in The National Review in the 1980s called the Soviet Union the last outpost of Victorianism in the world. I wouldn’t go as far as to say “the world,” but Europe, yes.

      • Sorry sweetheart, NOTHING is free. Someone is paying for that. I wish these idiots would stop spouting that baloney.

        • Right. And we know the American health care system works really well, well for a small percent anyway. Give me “free” healthcare any day over the Amerilooney system.

          • The American system is not what I had in mind you moron. Think harder and maybe you’ll understand what I mean. And you’ll regret it if we get “free” healthcare. You socialist morons are beyond stupid. If we had a real market in healthcare it would be cheap and top notch like we had before LBJ’s bullshit began this crap and made much worse by the Clintons, Bush’s and Obama.

          • Read some more jewish propaganda Grand Master Grant. Meanwhile I will think harder on your words of wisdom.

    • The Russians exported these conservative values to the entire East Bloc from 1945-1989. Strangely, living under Communism for Eastern Europeans proved to be healthier than the hedonism of post war Western Europe. Even East Germany, reintegrated into the BRD, continues to be an outpost of right wing nationalism almost 30 years after Reunification.

      • You should probably look up abortion rates in the eastern bloc countries though. Not very conservative at all. (It used to be well over 100k in former Czechoslovakia, it’s been steadily going down to 20-30k region after the ’89, what % of that is Gypsy, no one has any real idea).

          • Well than I suppose that inability to produce and distribute enough pills among populace makes regime a conservative one…

          • I wouldn’t call it exactly Victoriam, but yes – compared to 21st century Western pozzed landscape, Eastern bloc may have been fairly puritanical (SU possibly even more so that more ‘developed’ sattelittes?). Still, using mass abortion as a go-to form of a contraception is sheer nihilism andabsolutely despicable.

          • The Gypsies always breed like rabbits, they explode then have a die off.

          • Well, “your” (I assume you’re an American) naggers are fairly typical r-selected group and yet their numbers have been stagnating for decades now.
            Might be fairly similar with European Gypsies, although unlike in the US, there are no solid official fertility/demographic figures, so it really becomes anyone’s guess. Their numbers may be dramatically rising in countries with really shit-tier Gypsy population (like Romania or Slovakia), but I’ve never seen anyone produce solid numbers.

          • Ceausescu kind of did things by the seat of his pants.

            Encourage mothers to have babies. Then enact austerity and cut social welfare to pay off foreign debts.

          • Ceausescu was a great leader at first, beloved by his people when he denounced the Soviet Invasion of Prague in ’68. Then he visited Kim Il Sung in North Korea and was convinced he could export the Korean Juche personality cult to Romania.

          • That was the reason. He got starry eyed after seeing how Kim had brainwashed the NORKs.

    • “a brief flirtation with what was called “free love” after the Revolution of 1917″

      Lenin was a German agent and Bolshevism was created to take down the Russian Empire, which was a competitor to the West. Once Stalin took control he purged most of the “social radical” and even favored the traditional Russian Orthodox Church. The de-Stalinization did not reintroduce “cultural Marxism” or social libertine policies.

      On the contrary, the social libertine policies were refocused on the West – where they actually originated and were not reintroduced to Russia until after the fall of Communism and the Yeltsin era (a typical example of which was the new Russia being flooded with commercial pornography.)

      The long suppressed Russian novel, Master and Margarita, describes the early years of the Russian Revolution, where America and Western diplomats were holding “Eyes Wide Shut” parties for the Bolshevik elites.

      Link: Eyes Wide Shut

      The conservatives in America, the anti-communists and the John Birch Society types, always had it wrong. The real “communist subversion” they were fighting wasn’t coming from Moscow, it was coming from New York City. Which is why the conservatives lost so badly, they didn’t know who their enemy was.

      • True. If anyone can read Swedish, read Med Livet Som Insats (With Life as the Price) about the life of Soviet poet Mavjakovsky(spl?). Pure decadence and nearly all chosen ones.

        • Apparently Bulgkov knew, and knew enough not to even try to publish his novel:

          The most damning metaphor comes from Master and Margarita and is Bulgakov’s use of Ambassador Bullitt’s 1935 Spring Festival as the model for the Devil’s (Woland’s) ball.

          Is there anything American about ‘The Spring Ball of the Full Moon’?

          Well, now, let’s see. The guests are all criminals who “welded
          immense power in their own day”; they come from all over the globe.
          There are rivers of champagne; pools of liquor; walls of imported
          flowers; and a plethora of exotic animals on loan for the guests’
          amusement. The party’s servants are not local Russians, but Blacks who
          are either naked or dressed in fairy-tale costumes. The female guests
          are also naked, but wear heels, dazzling jewels and fanciful
          head-dresses. Music abounds: an orchestra and a roaring jazz band
          compete for attention in the same room. The former is staffed by the
          greatest musicians in history; the latter is conducted by a maniac who
          slaps his knees and screams “Hallelujah!”

          In short, this party wouldn’t be out of place in Newport, Rhode Island.

      • The only problem with your theory that ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is an exposé of the elite’s perversion is that the screenwriter is one Frederic Raphael. As anyone here in Britain will tell you who is old enough to have observed his career, he is no friend of gentiles. Surely all his sympathies would be with those participating in the depravities?

        On the other hand, maybe he was willing to write it for the money – and because Kubrick was a fellow Jew. Or maybe he couldn’t resist the opportunity to luxuriate in writing a script where white women are being defiled? So perhaps you’re right after all.

        • That’s not my “theory” about the film, certainly, but even if it was EWS wasn’t the screenwriter’s story. I don’t think every Jewish artist, filmmaker, or screenwriter gets approval from the Elders of Zion, Ministry of Arts Division, before they create a work or that Jews are incapable of making art that reflects poorly on Jews, intentionally or unintentionally.

          I do think there’s a rather obvious “anti-semitic” subtext to EWS and while I suspect the theories about Kubrick being some sort of unimpeachable auteur are greatly exaggerated he certainly seemed aware enough to know what he was doing in that case.

          Off topic for the thread but I would suggest the big “tell” in EWS is not that rich people hold fancy orgies – of course they do, Trump has bragged out them – but instead the socio-political commentary in the film especially about class.

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