The Alt-Right Triumphant

Richard Spencer gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the Alt-Right’s “free speech” rally at the Lincoln Memorial on June 25, 2017.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


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  • Next time you should have people guarding the cars. Give any leftists trying to slash tires the beating of a lifetime.

  • Is there a truly dumber person on the right than Baked Alaska? It’s as if Jeff Spicoli from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” read “Mein Kampf.” Seriously, look at any interview with him. He is dangerously stupid. It doesn’t matter if he’s “woke” when it comes through a Tard Filter.

  • No, Richard. The triumph happens when we get our way, both politically and socially.

    The Alt Right’s world view has to become socially acceptable among normie white people, and I think that will happen by the 2030’s, as white Americans feel increasingly besieged and we develop our message to show what they have to do to protect themselves and their families. We have to play a long game here, in other words.

    But then we white people already display a lower time preference and a longer attention span than our adversaries. Let’s show them what our natural strengths can really accomplish.

  • How old are some of you guys? Getting your panties all in a bunch over some dumbass name calling is well boring.

  • You got some security, finally. Nice to hear you are reaching out for unity. But that was only a prologue for the garden-variety infighting that this site is known for. Keep thinning out your own herd.

  • Pubesobeic is an idiot for using leftists language like hate speech. You only validate them when you do that. You acknowledge that such a term exists and has their specific meaning. You’re accepting their frame and arguing on their terms. This is the move of a rank amateur.

    • Like Gertrude Stein said about Oakland, there is no there there with the Alt Lite. No real thinkers like Spencer, street activists like Damigo, academics like Kevin MacDonald. All the Alt Lite has is online activism and trolling. Completely one dimensional. And even then, the Alt Right BTFOs them online. It’s why Breitbart bans everyone and Cernovich is quick with the Twitter block.

      Cernovich knows this and recently admitted his movement is a bankrupt, spent force.

      • The alt lite proved they were only ever interested in their own personal acquisition of power and money.

        Under no circumstance can these shit tier con men be allowed back into the alt right. They have nothing we need. Their twitter followers are brain dead idiots. They are dangerous loose cannon liabilities who wreak disharmony, division and destruction wherever they go.

        It is time for them to GTFO, and for the alt right leaders to make an example of them to all who would challenge us by enforcing their banishment. They must be limited to riding the next waves of their parasitic ‘careers’ somewhere far away from us.

        There is no right thinking scenario where bringing them back into our fold can be considered to hold any positive potential for us whatsoever. Anyone in the alt right who attempts to convince the alt right to allow these parasitic shit tier scumbags back into our racial movement should be immediately considered as subversive entryist enablers, rather than brothers in arms.

        • Yes, most of the Alt Lite people commenting on Twitter and sites like Breitbart and Daily Caller are absolute rubes and total sheep. The trick is in converting and winning them over to the Alt Right.

        • Are Lauren Southern, Baked Alaska, James Allsup etc. not more part of the Alt-Lite set than Alt-Right proper?

          • The more effective question is whether those you named
            are shit tier parasitic con men trying to co-opt the alt right for personal power
            and profit.

          • Time will tell. It’s easy to hate Cernovitch and The Rebel people.

            I personally would be skeptical of a lot of these women who have entered the movement over the last few months. Women make more effecive infiltrators than men (especially greasy Jewish men.)

  • So Greg Johnson will be speaking in Norway today. Perhaps Daniel Friberg will show up and these two can settle their beef and stop sending wrestling promos back and forth. Red Ice is streaming the event. Attendance is mandatory niggers.

  • Alt-Light Slovenian girl gets trashed for going out by herself with a Negro and staying in the same room. Feminism makes women stupid, irresponsible and degenerate.

    • Girls in regular everyday life do things they horribly regret, but then immediately forget about because white knights will still accept them regardless of what they do.

      If they can just replace the men through immigration once everyone gets sick of their shit. I don’t think they care if they become a dysgenic slave class on par with farm animals. So long as they aren’t expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour they seem to be happy.

      Sadly, I think things might be able to continue for a long time with this setup, until the whole thing collapses in on itself. Tower of Babel 2.0.

  • I watch Alex Jones from time to time. Roger Stone claims to have been poisoned by polonium twice within a year. That’s radiation poisoning. That is typically fatal and he recovered from it in a few days twice? BS.

  • I support Spencer and the work he is doing. That having been said, that picture looks really gay.

    One guy has frosted tips and an over-manicured beard. The other guy is wearing a white blazer with a gold trimmed pocket square. They are both giving an odd hand gesture, which I guess means #1, but if you didn’t know the context…

  • When the dust settles it really does come down to standing for something real and truthful. White nationalism is simply the default setting for Europeans when not subjected to decades of programming and criticism. Even with years of brainwashing most whites still surround themselves with other whites when they can. The alt-right simply stands for telling the truth about human nature.

    Trump won’t be around forever. What will the alt-light even stand for then when they can’t even admit that people are more than interchangeable raceless consumers and that race matters?

  • Awesome videos. Nothing on youtube is more relevant right now. Too bad the viewcounts do not reflect the the quality, yet.

  • Why the hell is Spencer speaking with Nazis like Matt Heimbach? Look at this flyer, it’s like something Hollywood dreamed up to discredit the movement! I’m surprised it doesn’t feature a burning cross! This “Faith, Family, Folk” slogan reminds me of Rudolf Heß screaming “Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuehrer!”

      • Have you seen the Synagogue meeting with the staff of The Atlantic?

        They explicitly compare the Alt Right to ISIS at least a hundred times. Red Ice covered it here:

    • Heimbach doesn’t have anything to do with that flier. The flier is from the League of the South and Heimbach is associated with the Traditionalist Youth Network/Traditionalist Worker Party.

      I don’t see anything wrong with the flier. Are we supposed to repudiate the core values white people have held for centuries because the left will call us Nazis? They already call us Nazis, and millions of Americans share the values on that flier. Let them call us Nazis for proudly displaying our values, and then let them alienate the millions of Americans who share those same values.

        • Well thats a relief. Beating up malnourished Antifa is the only thing he’s good for.

          I think Augustus Invictus is his attorney, and thats why he’s gonna be there.

    • Good. Hitler did nothing wrong – except not Holocausting the Jews for real.

      That ‘deus vult’ shit is cringey af tho tbh famalam.

  • The Alt-Lite are wannabes. Wannabe journalists, political operators, social commentators and above all wannabe intellectuals. They’re a bunch of pretentious intellectual snobs but the great irony is that they don’t actually have any intellect (Pretentious Joseph Watson is the worst culprit). They will fail because in the end their ideas are stale and the people they are trying to endear themselves to and emulate, the mainstream they profess to hate, don’t take them seriously and never will. There is only so far twitter and youtube can take you before you actually have to get out there and manifest your cause. This poses two problems for the Alt-Lite: A) They don’t have a cause B) Everytime they appear in public they make fools out of themselves.

    Harsh, but fair.

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