Arktos Newsletter #60

Latest Publications

Titans are in Town

by Tomislav Sunic ($19.50)

Svenska folkets underbara öden: Äldre Vasatiden (Band II)

by Carl Grimberg (379 SEK)

The Rise of the Fourth Political Theory: The Fourth Political Theory vol. II

by Alexander Dugin ($21.95)


Ur ruinerna by Joakim Andersen ($22)

Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age by Ricardo Duchesne ($21)

A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth by Julius Evola ($27)

Coming Soon

Articles and Reviews

The Birth Of Arktos And Its Role In The Alt-Right

Charles Lyons, ‘Arktos has since it was founded in 2009 become the by far biggest publisher of traditionalist, conservative, nationalist, identitarian and overall alt-right literature in the World. How did this occur? Charles Lyons had a brief discussion with Daniel Friberg, Tor Westman and Jason Reza Jorjani about how this happened.’

Review: ‘Money Power’ by Isac Boman (German)

Yannick Noé, Arcadi Magazin: ‘Boman hat mit Money Power ein interessantes und kompaktes Buch (knapp 90 Seiten) verfasst. Wer sich generell für Wirtschaft interessiert, wird sicher das meiste aus diesem Buch schon wissen.’

Interview with Daniel Friberg: ‘We’re Making Anti-Globalism Global’ (Russian)

VESPA Interview with Daniel Friberg, CEO of Arktos and European editor of

Alain de Benoist: ‘Macron Was Underestimated By Many And Le Pen Proved To Be Incompetent’ Arktos’ author Alain de Benoist shares his thoughts about Emmanuel Macron following the French election.

Review: ‘Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age’

Rémi Tremblay, ‘Duchesne advises that today’s youth should turn away from the brainwashing going on in the universities, and, instead of buying the lies and rhetoric about the baseness of their ancestors, should look towards the White explorers, who can teach “the meaning of endurance and hardship and the inimitable European thirst for adventure and risk.”‘

Ricardo Duchesne: Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age ‘We are pleased to announce the publication of Ricardo Duchesne’s book, Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age, by Arktos Books.’

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Fantastic line-up .. I want them all .. and I want to have a bookstore called “Dissident Readers” within which to sell my wares… Dugin is awesomesauce..

Billy Brown

my dong is a titan



Zachary O. Ray

Why hasn’t anyone published Foundations of Geopolitics in English yet? It’s evidently the blueprint for Putin’s foreign policy. Arktos would make a killing to publish it in the American market.

Daniel Friberg

At Dugin’s request, because it is slightly outdated, and there will be a new edition forthcoming.


Listen, guys, I want to ask all of you guys in the alt-right, what do you think of Joseph Sigur?

Watched some of his vids. He seem like another goy who’s trying to make sense of a nonsensical world and not doing a great job of it. He has that high-honor mentality so characteristic of Whites we used to say, “That’s mighty White of you”, meaning “That’s mighty honorable of you to do that when you didn’t have to.” For example, when he finds out he’s been blocked by Renegade on Twitter but he’s OK and friendly about it. More importantly, he’s constantly searching for an honorable truth among Whites. EA prime example is he doesn’t support Nathan Damigo punching… Read more »