Traditional Christianity Is Making A Comeback In France

Submitted by Szellem


One of the things that I see all too frequently on dissident sites is a strong distaste for Christianity in and of itself. As the Alt-Right picks up momentum, however, it will become ever more crucial to make sure we don’t push all Christians away.

Now before you skip to the bottom and write an angry comment, hear me out.

I’m a French-American based in Northern France, I moved here about two years ago from the United States and have had the perverse pleasure of watching the country accelerate toward the edge of the cliff. But one of the things I was surprised to find here is a thriving and growing reactionary movement. And I mean reactionary in its original political sense, I’m talking about people reacting against the French Revolution (which I’m sure most of us can agree was a rather negative turning point in the history of the West).

I’m talking about people well to the right of Marine Le Pen and her party and even to the right of her niece, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen. Who are these people? Well, they’re Traditionalist Catholics. When the Catholic Church decided to go full leftist during the Vatican 2 Council in the Sixties, a certain French Archbishop (Marcel Lefebvre) decided to hold back the night and to continue celebrating the Mass as the Church has done for over a thousand years.

To make an exceedingly long story short, he found a lot of success in France, Switzerland, and, surprising, Germany. His fraternity, the Fraternity of Saint Pius X currently rests in a state of semi-communion with the Holy See itself because the Fraternity is just too conservative for the ruling set in Rome right now.

Even within the Church various traditionalist movements have taken root and are growing at a fast clip (almost entirely in Europe and the USA). Organizations like the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, etc. The Catholic Church is an inherently reactionary organization that got co-opted by liberals in the 60s, but there are those of us working to take it back.

But in France, Catholic Traditionalism goes beyond the Church.

One thing that needs to be understood about traditionalism as a Catholic movement in France, is that these people don’t want to just go back to the old Mass and teachings of the Church. They want it ALL back; they want France as she existed before the Revolution. And, yes, that means a France made up of French people, or rather a France made up of the different regional ethnicities. Catholic Traditionalism in France is also very regionalist and the schools they run tend to have a high focus on regional traditions, especially in regions with a particularly unique culture (Basque country, Brittany, etc).

Further, their schools are among the few places safe from Republican indoctrination, as they are all hors contrat (meaning the state pays them nothing, but in return, the school controls their own curriculum). These schools continue to grow at an incredible rate with new ones opening practically yearly.


Because Traditionalist Catholics are one of, if not the, most fecund groups in all of France. As they tend to marry young and place a high emphasis on bearing kids, one can expect these families to have upward of eight or nine children. I’m not even kidding, this is the norm in many Traditionalist communities.

This is possible because Feminism has been thoroughly and completely crushed within Catholic Traditionalism. Girls and boys are educated differently and the expectations are very, well, traditional. Women have an important and respected role to play in this society and it is the role of caregiver and mother.

And it is from this Traditionalist stock that a very large portion of Génération Identitaire is formed (probably the majority in France, I can’t speak for Austria and Germany). ‘Trads’ can also be found in organizations like Deus Vult (yes that is a real organization in France) and older, more storied ones like Action Française.

These people are strong, faithful, and perhaps most importantly, fecund Catholics that believe in a France for the French and a return to traditional values.

And that’s the thing, traditional French culture IS Catholic culture. There is no way around it. As much as certain poorly educated Youtube demagogues might go on about how the true European culture is pagan… well, that’s just not the case in France. We have no connection to that part of our history and, as evidenced by our language, our culture pretty much starts with the Roman occupation and Christianity followed hot on its heels.

All the great works of art, literature, architecture, music, conquest, etc. that came from France, came from a Catholic France.  This is what they want to protect and return to, the dark abyss that is pre-Roman Gaul has very little to offer us.

These Catholics are not backing down and they are constantly growing in number. Already they can easily pull tens of thousands for their major pilgrimages in the summer and their dozens of schools are producing strong, proud Frenchmen with an idea of who they are.

Traditional Catholicism in the future of Christianity in France and it is a far cry from the lukewarm hugs and feels Christianity like that which brought Somalis to Minneapolis or hangs Pride flags on the steeple. The Alt-Right and reaction, in general, is succeeding in France like nowhere else.

The biggest risk is an unnecessary internal divide over religion.

  • Colorado Confederate

    It has long been my prediction that the alt-right will become overwhelmingly Christian, save for the few autistic neck-beard pagan outliers.

    Once the alt-right becomes as avowedly Christian as it is nationalist, then it is marked that the Kali Yuga is ending.

    See, there is a common misconception that Christianity is Jewish.

    Well recently we discovered that the Egyptians were white. Recently we discovered that our Aryan ancestors invaded India and created that great Indian civilization.

    Soon we will understand that the Israelites, those who settled in between the White Egyptians and the White Indians and below the Caucuses, were whites themselves and that Jesus Christ, he who called the Jews by their names first, was himself a white man sent for the salvation of white people.

    Soon we will understand that all great civilization, even those of the Orient, have origins in our blood and our divine relationship with this best timeline.

    The genetic hodgepodge known as Jewry, a group so mixed up that it cannot be considered to have a homeland at all, know that Jesus was an Aryan. This is why they hate him and why they seek to destroy his people.

    The fate of the Alt-Right lay in the souls of us.

    This is not a fight for nation or race, this is a fight for our unique souls and it all hangs within the reflection of our souls in Christianity.

    • Johnny Fascismo

      Good comment. White people mostly have no spiritual foundation guiding them in any way, and the result is the cultural nihilism that has grown so rampant. Catholicism Inc. needs to be thoroughly discarded and the traditional form of Catholicism needs to be re-embraced.

    • The Alt-Right can’t continue LARPING paganism forever. At some point it has to get serious (i.e. accept Christian baptism).

      • Colorado Confederate

        Dont get me wrong, I think there are certain valuable aspect of paganism, but I borrow from Jung when I consider their context:

        The pagan gods are archetypes.

        The pagans gods are personifications of the state of nature as a reflection of humans.

        • Confusion enters, in part, because we use the same word “god” to mean both the Almighty and miscellaneous, imaginary garden-sprite deities. Pagan gods really correspond to Christian saints and angels, and here the “archetype” point is apt. Of course there’s the crucial difference that saints actually exist/existed: they had flesh-and-blood reality and are historical figures, often with great significance in the secular world.

          • Colorado Confederate

            Trying to analyze faith in the realm of reason is your first mistake.

            Why would you ask yourself to see a sound?

          • I dunno…Thomas Aquinas handled it pretty well, as did Teilhard de Chardin.

          • Colorado Confederate

            The point is that one cannot use his legs to walk across a canyon.

            Rationality is like trying to look at the sun of God through a key hole.

            You can only see very little and you can say its a lamp or a lightbulb or whatever.

            Until you open the door, you wont recognize the sun as the sun.

          • You are a secret Mediaeval Catholic, my son.

          • Colorado Confederate

            Maybe, I just try to be honest and love my people.

        • Ken31

          Which is a much better starting point than Sand Jesus. Have you even considered your relationship with life, matter, and the organization of those things and where deities may fit in? Your DNA is the product and progenitor of things, your Jewish Bible only exists in someones mind.

          The relation of race, culture, and evolution should be considered when viewing pagan religions. I am not a pagan and know little about it, but I do ponder on the origin, purpose, and nature of religion.

          Your summary of Jung misses all of those points, but I don’t want to get started on Jung.

          • Colorado Confederate

            The Egyptians were white.

            The rulers of the ancient Indian civilization were white.

            look at a map. Nestled between those two civilizations is the Levant, which was a roman territory at the time.

            Give me a break dude, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Syd


      • Joseph Curwen

        Wow, so much tolerance for your racial brothers of pagan faith….

        • Colorado Confederate

          people worshiping a dead set of ideas (paganism cant even be called a religion) is larping.

          That taxonomy is correct.

          And what is there to respect anyway? They dont have a book, they dont have a moral system.

          All they can seem to do is criticize Christianity.

          Its easy to be a critic.

          Its hard to actually stand up for something the devil people hate.

          • Joseph Curwen

            I’m not going to argue with you about doctrinal aspects of X or Y religion; or their universal validity or if they have some kind of universal truth.

            What I’m going to say is that infighting about how many angels or Valkyries can dance in the head of a pin is counterproductive.

          • Colorado Confederate

            Fighting for my right to be a christian is not arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

          • Joseph Curwen

            And who’s denying you that right? are the pagans putting a 92FS in your head and forcing you to worship Odin or the Great Pumpkin or the Mighty Bolt? are the pagans forcing you to convert to Christianity otherwise you will burn in the stake?

          • Colorado Confederate

            Just because my life is not in immediate danger does not mean that my identity is not being threatened.

          • Joseph Curwen

            So, they are putting your identity in danger just because they exist. That is the same argument that the enemy uses against us: they exist so we must crush them.

          • Colorado Confederate

            No, because they lie.

            We are laying the ground work for the next 100 years, right now, on these forums.

            Its not my problem that you dont have foresight.

          • Joseph Curwen

            Nice ad hominem.

          • Colorado Confederate

            Are we done here?

          • Joseph Curwen


            And just for your reflection: we are a brotherhood of blood, not of faith. We are not religious reformers, we are a political movement. A comrade is a comrade and doesn’t matter if they worship Christ, Odin or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

          • Colorado Confederate

            I agree with everything except that we not a political movement.

            This is far far more than that.

            This movement is based on our souls and without that foundation we will lose that momentum that has carried us this far.

            All, I am trying to say is that Christianity is not a jewish ploy. That is my message and it is not out of hate or contempt that I say the things I say.

            In fact, I love my brothers so much that I am willing to strongly assert what I think is true, because I want to share in the affirmations that I have experienced.

            You dont have to be a christian, I dont care past a certain point.

          • McSwag

            Nobody cares if you’re a Christian…just keep it to yourself.

          • Colorado Confederate

            I do, but just like I will not stand by and let people lie about my people, I will not stand by and let people lie about my religion.

          • McSwag

            Your religion is a lie.

          • Colorado Confederate

            Lol, would like to trant and shake my faith again?

            That was a very low T, low energy attempt.

          • McSwag

            Believe in what you like..
            I Couldn’t care less.

          • Syd

            They can’t

      • TheLulzWarrior
      • From Ohio

        Paganiam is indeed a shallow set of beliefs, there is a reason loses out to organized religion everywhere the two come in contact.

        • Ken31

          Simple is not the same as shallow. Shallow is what I would call the body of the Christian faith.

          • Clytemnestra

            Sorry, Charlie, but in its entire history, Islam has always conquered pagans. The pagans of the Mideast have never been able to repel Islam from their borders the way a muscular, unapologetic Catholic Christianity has.

            I’m not calling the courage of the pagans into question only their lack of organization and cohesiveness which would not exist under polytheism. Pagans worshipped local gods which were probably their family ancestors of great reknown.

            The only way to counter a collective top-down monotheistic organization is with one of your own. The Holy Catholic Church of Rome fit the bill perfectly. She rallied the Europeans to defend their Christian faith and gave them the sanction and support they needed to repel the Mohammedans from their shores.

            Sorry, but it was not pagans who defeated Muslims in Spain, it was Roman Catholics. It was not pagans who defeated Muslims at Tours or at Vienna. It was Roman Catholics. And Orthodox Catholics have as well.

            Europe, and to a lesser extend, America as well, are losing ground to Islam, because we have turned our back on Christianity … true Christianity … not the peacenik bumper-sticker Volvo driving, hedonistic Christianity we see today.

            We need to get back to what has proven to work. Resurrecting a dead, disorganized folk religion is not the way to go.

    • When I see yet another mutterer start to whine about “Abrahamic religions” (as though that were a thing), I reach for my Webley.

      • Colorado Confederate

        Whenever I see an ignorant person like you dispel, without argument, an idea whose time has come, I feel nothing because your shit to me.

        • My shit to you? What means that?

          • Colorado Confederate


        • illkhan

          There’s less than 20,000 LARPagans in the whole world and 98% of them are anti-racist cucks and feminist wiccans. Your time not only hasn’t come but it never will. You’re just another fat loser Ameritard desperately searching for identity in all the wrong places.

          • Colorado Confederate

            > implying an American cares what a non Americans thinks.

            You must be a Swedrcuck.

          • illkhan

            Nope I’m a Leaf. You know, the not fat and not stupid version of America? Enjoy being over 50% niggers and Mexicans in like 2 years, assuming you aren’t already. You Ameritards are doomed, you have too much non-white filth to even be capable of saving yourselves. You’ll be Northern Venezuela within 10 years.

          • Colorado Confederate

            Lol, I live in Colorado leafcuck. We’re the healthiest place in North America.

            You forget that we were smart enough to keep our guns faggot.

            You’ll cry for our help eventually.

          • Bob

            CO is becoming hard left like CA – you live in a dream world dude…

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            There’s weed zombies EVERYWHERE in Colorado.

          • Bob

            Weed or no weed – CO is being over run from hard left like CA

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Correct. But weed does not help matters.

          • Bob

            its like anything else – to much is to much … life is balance .

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Smoking Weed is Low Energy!

          • Bob

            maybe for YOU – don’t be everyone for them . Alt Right needs to grant people the freedom to be themselves – with in a Pro Volk frame work . Now for the rec i do not ‘smoke’ but if others want to like a “fri beer’ that is on them.

          • Syd

            And spics

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Some of the Hispanics in Colorado aren’t Spics but Spaniards who have been there for 400 years. But like the rest of the American West, Colorado has been invaded by squat Indio peasants.

          • Syd

            Which is why it’s gone blue and Dixie’s next

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            YES! Deportation Force NOW!

          • Syd

            Don’t hold your breath

          • Crud Bonemeal

            This is your brain on petty nationalism. Canada has an immigration problem too, if you hadn’t noticed, and you’re still in the “making it worse by electing Trudeau” phase.

          • Jenny

            LOL. Trudeau will fix that for you ASAP. At least we are starting to regain our country. Canada? Still 100 genders away from being a conservative nationalist country.

          • Syd

            And western Europe isn’t far behind, nothing to gloat about

          • LOL – two Catholics are attacking each other because they are seeing pagans everywhere. Hilarious.

          • Colorado Confederate

            proof that paganism is a destructive force?

            You decide.

          • You’re blaming your own fanaticism on a figment of your own overactive imagination.

            When it comes to “chutzpuh” the Jews have nothing on you.

          • Colorado Confederate

            Oh sorry, I realize that you were not addressing me.

            Apologies brother.

            And just so you know, if you were to call for help, I would answer.

          • TheLulzWarrior
        • TheLulzWarrior
          • Colorado Confederate

            Youre posting these pictures as if the people in them are my allies.

            These are not Christians. These are the fools left in the void that Christianity once occupied.

      • TheLulzWarrior
        • Evolver1

          One of these organisms is different and brings goodness, justice and rational compassion wherever his kind are found. This one different organism has evolved higher than the other organisms but is in danger of blending back in with them through miscegenation. Help save him. Help save all Whites.

        • Is this photo from the 15th century, child? Or is it from your present-day atheistic era? Get the point?

        • It did very well, on its own. It was you people, with your freethinking bs and “oh how can you believe in that and why are you prejudiced?” nonsense that caused the mess. Truly.

        • Poignant how when these kids get trounced in arguments they answer back with a slew of chan-memes.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      Jesus was an Aryan = the White version of “We wuz kangs”

      • Colorado Confederate

        Tell me, why do you think Jesus was not white, considering Israel is just below the Caucuses, borders Constantinople (roman city at the time), and in between White Egypt and White India?

        Ask yourself who was the first people to tell you Jesus was a Jew. Was is Hollywood?

        Whoever it was, I am sure you can find a jew nearby.

        Jews need people like you to believe that Jesus was a jew because this idea simultaneously destroy the antithesis of Judaism, Christianity, and gets the church cucks to vote for a foreign policy that defend Israel.

        You got played along with all the losers who worship Israel.

        • “Ask yourself who was the first people to tell you Jesus was a Jew. Was is Hollywood?”

          No, it was the Romans. Remember, they hung him up under a sign saying “King of the Jews?”

          Do you people even read your own Bible?

          The traditional Catholics in France are taking back their traditional culture and having big white families.

          The “Catholics” on Alt Right messageboards are whining about non-existent “paganism” and complaining like Social Justice Warriors that they are being “oppressed” by mean words.

          • Colorado Confederate

            You dont even know what youre talking about.

            It didnt read “King of the Jews.” It read “King of the Judeans.” Again, you fall for the Jewish tricks. Understand that I am trying to help you from being a useful idiot.

            There is a difference between a modern genetic hodgepodge, which has no past, (Jews) and an ancient nationality (Judeans).

            You dont even know why you hate Christianity, because you dont even know Christianity.

          • I don’t hate Christianity. You’re arguing with ghosts in your head. No one hates you, no one hates Christianity.

            Why are you even arguing with pro-whites who aren’t Catholic? Shouldn’t you be fighting to take back the Catholic church from anti-whites? Are you even pro-white?

          • Colorado Confederate

            I’ll take your deflection as your admission that you dont know what youre talking about when it comes to Christianity.

            And yes, I love my people. So much so, I am trying to tell them that there exists the secret to our success, which is that the ancient Israelites were white and we are God’s chosen people.

          • You make up a lot of things, apparently.

            You’re not brave enough to take back your own Christian church, so you are attempting to use the pro-white movement as an entryist – just like a SJW.

            Grow a spine and get your ass back to church and drive about the anti-whites there.

          • Colorado Confederate

            Now youre just being a poor sport.

            This movement is going to be Christian and I am gong to change the Church with it.

          • Bob

            So glad that you have made up the mind(s) of the whole movement – how nice.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Not only is he going to change the Alt Right, he’s also going to fix the Catholic Church! Some agency!

          • Colorado Confederate

            Let’s face it, you commoners need leadership.

          • Bob

            this is the VERY type of crap that will drive us into the ground …. wtf.

      • Syd

        CI bullox!

    • Joseph Curwen

      “(…) save for the few autistic neck-beard pagan outliers”

      You should respect our comrades of pagan faith.

      • Jonathan Doe

        My question, where does such blanket views of “paganism” leave Plato, Plotinus, Proclus, etc.?

        • Colorado Confederate

          You know, you people need to get your story straight.

          On one side of your mouth you say there is no proof that god exists, but on the other you insinuate that a lack of faith might have repercussions on intellectuals.

          • Jonathan Doe

            I’m a former Traditional Catholic, who ultimately found insurmountable problems in the Faith (see my long post below). That made me look for a higher position from which to sift wheat and chaff in Traditional Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. And yes, there is much good in the old “religion that came to predominate in the West”, as Evola called it, as it was a mixture of Greek, Roman, and Germanic thinking and customs, in addition to the New Testament. I don’t know of a better position from which to sift traditional Christianity than Evola, and bypassing Christianity for direct Neoplatonism (which thoroughly mixed with Christianity).

        • Joseph Curwen

          I don’t know about the role of specific aspects of western philosophy into modern paganism (I’m not a pagan).

          Go ask Cleary or McNallen

          • Jonathan Doe

            I meant that not all “pagans” are equal. Evola thought little of attempts at recreating Nordic/Germanic pre-Christian “paganism” (and I’m with him). There were Greek and Roman “pagans” who were heavily drawn upon by Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy, are they to be cast out as well? It’s that stream of “pagan” philosophy that I’m drawn to. Plotinus and like philosophers are something of a substitute for religion.

          • Joseph Curwen

            I have serious problems with Evola’s positions, but we can talk about that later.

            My point, broadly speaking, is the same that I just said to Colorado Confederate: we are a brotherhood of blood, not of faith. Discussions about how many angels or Valkyries can dance in the head of a pin are counterproductive for the movement. We must focus on fighting for the 14 Words. Spending time and energy discussing obscure theological points is useless.

          • Jonathan Doe

            I think a firm, virile, robust metaphysics, which I believe is central to motivating group cohesion and altruism, is vital. Whites will have to weather the coming twin storms of the reign of globalist Last Man, and the Third Worldization of the West with it’s concomitant miscegenation, as a small group. Being a firmly cohesive, in-group oriented diaspora people under such pressures requires a metaphysics, a religion in a sense, to survive. What will whites have as an identity to motivate them, bourgeois living and memes?

          • Joseph Curwen

            Total agreement.

            I respect every form of religion/metaphysics/whatever into the white nationalist movement as long as it: 1) fights for the 14 Words and 2) It is not a problem for the race and for the movement as a whole. Our comrades can worship whatever they want, they can practice whatever they want as long as it fulfills the past 2 criteria.

            My problem with Evola is basically that, his doctrine doesn’t fulfill those 2 criteria. Traditionalism in the vein of Evola/Guenon is just a paralyzing myth teaching men to be ‘aristocrats of the soul’ among the ruins because as long as we are in the Kali Yuga nothing can/should be done to reverse this process (process in which the jewish are just a symptom and not the cause). I wrote a full critique of traditionalism elsewhere, but basically that’s the main idea.

      • Johnny Fascismo

        Pagans seldom ever respect their comrades of Christian faith.

        I don’t even really have a problem with them or their beliefs. Their beliefs are not mine though.

        • Joseph Curwen

          In fact, intolerance in the religious aspect always come from Christians of every stripe, just look at this comments section.

          • Syd

            When the Christians originally tried to convert the Vikings as a compromise they accepted jesus as an additional deity but the christians wouldn’t have it

          • Johnny Fascismo

            I see Atheists and Christians both being intolerant of others beliefs. This site doesn’t really attract a lot of Pagans. If it did, they would be here being intolerant too. Whatever. At least we have our shared whiteness amirite?

      • Colorado Confederate

        I repsect anyone who is honest, but this form of paganism, if it can even be called that, in the alt-right attracts dishonest people.

        If they are willing to have an open conversation (or frankly, if they are willing to just not talk about it), I will respect them, but, I’ve been on the DS for ling enough to know this is not the case.

        Pagans in the alt-right are just like the never trumpers. Essentially, people with fingers in their ears, splitting hairs and crying when people dont agree with them.

        • Joseph Curwen

          So, instead of working in securing the existence of our people and a future for white children, you prefer to pick up fights about how many angels can dance in the head of a pin?

          Instead of directing your hate against the enemy you hate your racial brothers of different faith??

          Look at the big picture, there are better things to do and better fights to fight than arguing with your brothers about angels and Valkyries.

          • Colorado Confederate

            Firstly not every white person is our ally.

            Secondly, I am directing my hate towards the enemy and guess what?

            The enemy hates Christ and dishonest pagans conveniently ignore that fact and then continue to attack me.

            When I fisrt arrived at the DS, I was shocked at how many threads were started by Christ hating pagans who would later complain about religious flames wars on the forum.

            Dishonest people are no allies to the movement of truth.

          • Joseph Curwen

            Well, if you enter some internet forum e-shouting “I’m a christian and everyone who is not will burn in the hell”, “I’m a crusader and shit” certainly you are going to receive some static, don’t you think? where is you christian tolerance and all that ‘love thy brother’???

            DS? Daily Stormer? If positive, do you really think that the DS is an adequate overview of the movement?? DS is full of autistic kids playing Nazi.

          • Colorado Confederate

            I dont shout about that.

            What i talk about is that Christianity is a reflection our unique white soul.

            People dont like that. I am willing to defend my position, but they break down into emtional tirades.

            As for tolerance, that is not a Christian value. I love my brothers, but they are independent of me and if they choose not to believe what I believe, whatever.

            However, dishonest people are not my brother as lying is the language of evil.

            Believe what you want, but there is a serious lack of honesty among pagans in this movement. I will confront them about it.

          • “When I fisrt arrived at the DS”

            So you go to a troll forum, get trolled, and now you’re coming to an international forum for the Alt Right and continuing your troll fest over here?

            How productive, I’m sure you’ll be a great asset to the pro-white cause.

          • Colorado Confederate

            You really are a histper.

            The DS is the most popular alt-right site in teh world. There are plenty of fine conversations going on over there.

            Not my problem you are too arrogant.

    • Jenny

      I got goosebumps reading that. Jesus was not a Jew.

      • Colorado Confederate

        The wheat that is to be sown are those who recognize that we are God’s chosen people.

        It is obvious. It is obvious to anyone who is brave enough to look.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Then the Alt-Right will fail miserably, simple as that.
      India, Bangladesh and Pakistan has a total population of 1661 millions. Some would feed them and give them more medicines while others would let the problem take care of itself.

    • Ken31

      I am highly suspicious of anyone who uses the term “neck-beard” and claims to be alt-right. I don’t have one, but I see a lot of the best Americans of the 19th century in 3-peice suits and “neck-beards”, in historic photos. Is metro-sexual now a tenet of the alt-right?

      • Colorado Confederate

        >implying 19th century rough riders are equivalent to the spergenfags of today.

        You’re just being ridiculous now.

  • If you make a distinction between the European movements and the North American movements, most of these seemingly divisive issues go away.

  • Mojoman_XXXL

    Very interesting article. Would love to know more.

  • Pymander

    It’s a good thing the #3 official at the Vatican isn’t a pedo. Oh wait…

    • Johnny Fascismo

      The article clearly states that Vatican II is a dead zone.

      • Pymander

        So French Catholics have no affiliation with the Pope/Vatican?

        • Colorado Confederate

          The better question to ask is whether or not the Vatican has anything to do with the teachings of Christ.

          • Pymander

            And yet you still send your money and allegiance. So trad.

          • Colorado Confederate

            I send neither if those things.

          • Pymander

            If you support a Catholic church financially (which a good Catholic is expected to do) you are supporting the Vatican financially. If you participate in the mass at a Catholic church, you are explicitly pledging allegiance to the Church (big C).

          • Colorado Confederate

            Well I’m not a catholic

        • Johnny Fascismo

          Trad Catholics want to repair the Vatican which has lost its way since Pope Pius XII died in 1958.

        • Marcus Antonius

          Resistance from inside, so that one day the Church can be fully restored. Abandoning the Church is not an option.

        • A. Markov Citadelius

          Look up sedeprivationism. Its’ what Mel Gibson believes.

          • I just did.


            Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and (implicitly) Benedict XVI and Francis were or are defective Popes in that, due to their supposed espousal of the “modernist heresy”, their consent to become Pope was faulty or defective, so that they became potentially Pope, but did not attain to the papacy. This idea is also described in another manner by saying that they became Pope materially but not formally (the formula, “papa materialiter non formaliter”).

            Well, if Mel Gibson believes it!

            Ok, back to reality, what does any of this ridiculous LARPing have to do with White people in the current year protecting our civil rights, preventing white genocide, and promoting White Nationalism?

  • The Alt-Right’s embrace of Christianity is probably inevitable and certainly necessary:

    • Albionic American

      How does fetishing an outdated religion make any more sense than the cuckservatives’ magical thinking about our 18th Century Constitution?

      • illkhan

        Yeah, LARPing about a “religion” that hasn’t existed in over 1000 years totally makes more sense.

        • There are no “pagans” in the way you think. You are projecting your own religious superstitions onto “pagans” – yet another boogey man Catholics need (like Freemasons.)

          No one takes “paganism” in any sort of literal sense, anymore than people who read Tolkien believe in “Hobbits.”

  • Albionic American

    So basically we should ignore everything we’ve learned in the last 400 years and pretend that Christianity makes sense.

    • Pymander

      “It’s totally going to work this time…” as their priesthood is riddled with homos and the Pope is fully pozzed.

      • Point B is true, no one disputes it. Not for the first time in history. (You want the cuckoo clock or Thomas More and the Borgias?)

        Point A is highly questionable, in good part a media hoax.

        • Pymander

          #3 Vatican official just got picked up for multiple counts covering many years. I know Catholics want to dismiss these events as one-off anomalies, but do you seriously think other people in the church hierarchy didn’t know about this guy’s history? This behavior is simply ignored within the organization.

          • But is there any truth to it, or is it like most of the other stories? I saw a related claim that there was a class of 34 tots, and 12 committed suicide, presumably because Father Jim may have touched them. So they reacted by jumping off a cliff, or whatever? Is that what you’d do if someone tried to “interfere with” you? The story makes no sense. I can find no pertinent details, as per usual.

          • Krafty Wurker

            The Roman Catholics have had problems with their priesthood’s sexuality for centuries. This is nothing new.

            The Roman Catholics got Georgia US Senator Tom Watson banned from the US Mail for bringing up the matter of sexuality & the RC Church over 100 years ago.

          • Syd

            The Papist clergy are all fags

      • Ozu

        That is a result of Vatican II, the consequences of which can easily be avoided by joining the SSPX.

        • Crud Bonemeal

          Ok, go ahead and team up with SSPX to consolidate control over the Church, reverse Vatican II and get back to us when the bad guys have been purged from the Church.

    • illkhan

      The LARP store is that way edgelord —->

    • Arthur Vickstrom

      The issue is that while Christianity doesn’t make sense to you or me – it makes sense to a lot of Whites. Just look at the comments section. We have Christians saying the AltRight will inevitably become a Christian movement and we have those of other faiths saying that Christianity will fade away.

      This sort of internal conflict always arises in a diverse movement and it’s part of why ‘petty nationalism’ actually makes sense. The more people have in common with each other, the less likely they are to engage in infighting.

      My personal 2 cents is that we are eventually going to need to either A) Become a mainstream movement that is secular / irreligious B) Divide up according to religious factions.

      We can’t just go on like this forever. The current state of affairs keeps us week, divided, and ineffectual.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Attacking Christianity is dumb and a dead end. Christianity in its present Western form, whether Catholic or Protestant, is on its way out anyway. I suspect many White Advocates would not have a problem with Christianity if a new, traditional Christian religion arises.

        • Syd

          True most practicing Christians today are shitskins

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            That’s why I often state that Christianity is now a religion of the Global South. Look at the current Pope. He’s a transitional figure, still huwhite, yet Latin American. There will never be another White pope after Francis. The next Pope will come from somewhere like the Philippines.

          • Syd

            Or some African nig

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            An African Pope will be too triggering to White Catholics and cause a mass Schism like Avignon. Filipinos are all over the world and cause little problems wherever they work. Most Catholics will have no problem with a Filipino or Mexican pope.

          • Syd

            You’ve obviously never worked with flips, lol, nasty little wogs

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Yes, I have. Very two faced people. But Flips are not on the same level as Hajjis or Dindus. Which is why the Catholic Church will choose a Pope from somewhere like Mexico or the Phillipines, they’re working towards the Judeo-Globalist end. After the Philippine pope will come the Nigerian pope.

          • Syd

            Stands to reason, but the papists deserve a jig

      • If we don’t become a mainstream movement based on race, then it’s pointless. Christianity still exists, and it’s mainstream. What is NOT mainstream is the pro-white movement.

        So if any religious people come into the pro-white movement and try to change it to some sort of religious thing, they are entryists, by definition, and should be expelled.

        If we showed up at Church and told people “stop worrying about God so much, instead worry about race” – what would they do? They’d show us the door – and would be right to do so.

        This NOT difficult.

        • Arthur Vickstrom

          Very well said, HR. Your post basically sums up my own views.

        • AffanGul

          Not pointless. As you said yourself, Christianity is mainstream. SO if you are so adamantly atheist, subvert it for your own ends. Use it as a beard like the Muslims do. the “Mainstreamness” of it is what makes it useful. Break the shackles of your mind. Your puritanical racism is holding back your movement. That Church showed you the door? Fuck it, start your OWN Church that SUPPORTS your White Nationalism. That’s what America was founded on.

          • “Your puritanical racism is holding back your movement.”

            So we just all give us “racism” and become Catholics holding hands with our non-white brothers and sisters? What’s the point?

            ” start your OWN Church that SUPPORTS your White Nationalism. ”

            Hey – I’ve made this proposal dozens of times, every time I do Catholics start whining about the Protestant Reformation from 500 years ago.

            The problem is the religious people in this movement don’t care about race, they are just here to subvert the pro-white movement. They aren’t even here to recruit for their Church – they are just here to fight, because their own Church won’t listen to them, but people who care about the future of white people do, for some reason.

          • AffanGul

            Yeah, I know. Puritans are the hardest nuts to crack. They have a thick shell of self-righteousness. Brush off the religious fanatics and plow forward. Fascist Unity is the key. FASCIST UNITY. If the Puritans won’t bend, brush them aside.

          • So now we’re LARPing as “fascists” vs. “puritans.”

            No thanks, I’m White. A White American. The point is race, not long dead political movements like fascism or puritanism.

            We’re not here to all be friends, to all join the same club, or LARP as cursaders from the middle ages.

            It’s 2017, we need a White movement to stand up for our civil rights, to stop mass immigration, and to restore our homelands. That’s all, anything else is a distraction.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            Trying to create Fascist Unity in the Anglo-Sphere just won’t work. Anglos are very individualistic people and Fascism just doesn’t mesh well with our mindset.

            I also don’t think that trying to get everyone in the Alt-Right to become ‘cultural Christians’ will work because Christianity is dying out amongst Western Euro youth. If you go to any city in England and start telling the young people that they have to ‘march under the banner of the cross’ they’d run the other way.

            Are you from the American South or Appalachia? That region is very religious and I could see an immense benefit in creating a mainstream pro-White church down there.

          • Clark Kent

            As a Mediterranean I am noticing that about Anglo-Saxons, fascism turns them off.
            Is it an American thing or Anglo-Saxon thing?

          • Johnny Fascismo

            For Med’s the Fascist era is sometimes a point of pride because it represents a period of stability, modernization, unity and strength (prior to WW-II anyways). America and Britain fought against this and defeating the evil Fascists is a point of pride for them.

            They also mostly believe the Jewish narrative of what Fascism was and only think about book burnings and 6 million Jews, when the word Fascism is brought up, so naturally few embrace it.

            Oswald Mosely was an example of Fascism in Britain, but he never obtained power, so they don’t have much to draw from except a now obscure historical figure. In America Fascists like George Lincoln Rockwell or William L Pierce are more associated with White Nationalism, than Fascism proper, and many wrongly diagnose the failure of WN with Fascism, not WN itself. Again few Americans see Fascism as a positive aspect of their history, so are just not drawn to it. There are of course exceptions in both Britain and the US, but I don’t see it ever becoming a popular movement in these two places.

          • Clark Kent

            That sounds about right.
            The Anglo nervousness around fascism I see as a weakness, but maybe there is another way or they just need a different way to brand the same thing.

            Most Anglos I talk to keep discussing diplomatic and political solutions to the situation at large, but I think they are being naive. I went to a Canadian WN meet up last Saturday and they were discussing how to maintain white identity in a multicultural society. I couldn’t help but think this is already an attitude of resignation. This is your fucking country you idiots!

          • Johnny Fascismo

            Honestly, I think that Brazilian Integralism is the most applicable strain of Fascism that has a chance of catching on in Canada or the US. Most whites (Anglo or otherwise) are simply too deracinated for the race based Nationalism practiced by Hitler to catch on here.

            I support the right to self segregate though. A predomiantely Anglo community should be able to declare itself for Anglos only and non Anglos shouldn’t be allowed to own property or businesses in that community. The same could be applied to predominately Black communities.

            Ethno-Nationalism in Europe is a different story. Non-Whites have no business being in any European country.

          • Clark Kent

            Agreed. I’ll check out the integralists. Cheers JF.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            It’s definitely an Anglo-Saxon thing. The two biggest reasons why we don’t click well with Fascism are:

            1) Our culture has always emphasized the idea that hubris is bad and, because of this, most of our (good) leaders have tried to publically display a strong sense of humility. This means that we don’t click well with the theatricality, pageantry, or ‘fuhrerprinzip’ aspects of Fascism.

            2) Our culture has always emphasized the rule of law, so the idea of giving any single man the ability to overrule whichever laws he likes is something that most of us instinctually see as a threat.

            We’re definitely capable of being racialists – our colonies did a better job of preserving their racial character than the Portuguese or Spanish ones – but I don’t think we’ll ever become Fascists.

          • Vincent Law

            Or perhaps Anglos have become too mercantile to care about anything other than getting theirs, jack.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            Our culture has definitely become heavily Americanized / money-oriented, but we’ve always had a strong love of the rule of law and an aversion to personality cults.

            I used to have a small collection of books on the Napoleonic Wars and a lot of the letters from that era gave Horatio Nelson ‘mixed reviews’ because of his theatrical side. Arthur Wellesley was also well known for avoiding excessive praise.

            I’d highly recommend that British Nationalists read Wellesley’s speeches and study his leadership style because it’s a lot more applicable than Moseley or Hitler’s.

          • Clark Kent

            I think us Meds are innately more dramatic and would love to Hail Caesar at some point in our lives. It would seem to make life more than just mere life. Food might even taste better.
            I do see differences in the character of Meds and Anglos, but at least in my case I am loyal to the 14 words first, and ultimately I don’t care how we do it.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            The best way I can think of to convey the difference between the Fascist mentality and the Anglo-Imperial mentality is to compare our songs.

            Here’s the Kampflied Der NationalSozialisten (the ‘Fighting Song of the NSDAP’):


            The lyrics idolize Hitler and present the NSDAP as the one force capable of leading Germany into a new era. The song has a sort of rapturous aspect to it.

            Now here’s the Soldiers of the Queen (the most popular Victorian military march)

            The lyrics give all the credit to Britain’s soldiers and speak of ‘England’s Glory’ (not any specific leader’s glory).

          • Clark Kent

            So it’s less about Hail Caesar and religious dramatic undertones. Thanks this is interesting. I probably know as little about he Anglo military worldview as they do about the fascist mentality.

        • One Man’s Chorus

          They are not necessarily entryists. Europe only became a common civilization when the pagans adopted Christianity. Before that, there was the Greco-Roman civilization and everyone else.

          If whites reject Christianity, then they’ve rejected their entire civilization. Their civilization isn’t based on a common phenotype. If it’s just based on white skin, then why not accept Jews, white-skinned Syrians, Tunisians, Lebanese and Persians?

          It has to be based on a commonality greater than whiteness.

          • Joining a movement for the express purpose of changing the goals of the movement to your pre-existing goals is the definition of an entryist.

            “If it’s just based on white skin”

            It’s surprising I have to explain this on a pro-white board, but: race isn’t about “skin color” – it’s about DNA.

          • One Man’s Chorus

            How would a Christian identitarian change the goals of a white identity movement? Christian or pagan, either way, the goal is the same – the preservation of white people.

            race isn’t about “skin color” – it’s about DNA.

            I don’t know if you’re taking my comment out of context or what. I said, “if it’s [Western civilization] just based on white skin…” I was not saying race = skin color. Are you saying our identity should be based on DNA, or that the scientific concept of race should be based on it?

            It seems like you would have to believe something like that if you’re not a Christian, and that’s even worse, because who cares about that?

            “Hey, guess what white people? Our DNA is similar; therefore, we should preserve our DNA, ’cause DNA.”

          • “Christian or pagan, either way, the goal is the same – the preservation of white people.”

            If that were true, there wouldn’t be any conflict now would there? Nevertheless, just read the comments.

        • Clytemnestra

          As a universal church, the Catholic Church (by its very size and scope) had the mechanisms to also incorporate “racism” or ethnicism, if you will. It still does.

          During the immigrant phase, you’d have a Polish Catholic Church, a German Catholic Church, etc. Even today, there are Hispanic Catholic Churches which are separate from Anglo Catholic Churches.

          Revelations says that when Jesus returns to reign as King over this world that all people will be worshipping him, but in their own nations. Just like there is no contradiction with the Catholic Church being a universal church with parishes set up to service the people in that neighborhood.

          Go back and review that blistering article about the Louisiana small town. There is a White church and a Black church, but both are Roman Catholic, judging by their names.

          Saying that the Roman Catholic Church must be all White is like saying that the entire planet must be all one race (which is what the Luciferian leadership of the NWO is trying to accomplish).

          One universal church with separate parishes, just like one planet with separate continents and different countries, races, and ethnic nationalities.

          I truly wish smart White Protestants like you would not be so resistant about reclaiming and embracing your original Catholic heritage and then reorganizing it with your genius.

          Protestants did so much with the United States and other Anglo countries that they would be amazing if they came back and worked their magic with Roman Catholicism. Oh well.

          • Throw away 500 years of history, in which we literally conquered the world and went to space, all so we can join the majority non-white Catholic religion, which basically only had 500 years of worthwhile history itself.

            Why bother? Maybe it’s Catholics that need to get with the program.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            Nobody is saying that the Catholic Church must be all white.

            We’re just asking the Catholic Church to stop being so ANTI-WHITE and to stop supporting MASS IMMIGRATION and WHITE GENOCIDE in White Countries.

            It’s a reasonable request, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Church to comply.

      • AffanGul

        It is the DUTY of EVERY Right-Winger to set aside petty differences for the sake of UNITY. Every Right-Winger must be willing to embrace sacrifice, suffering and loss for the cause, starting with your petty, assinine pseudo-intellectual wankery about “Paganism,” as well as your Assholish Dogmatic Puritanical Christian Fanaticism. Atheists may have to accept a “Cultural Christian” identity. The idea of “Dividing up by Religious Factions” is the exact OPPOSITE of what we should be doing. We should be forming our Cohorts AROUND each denomination separately, then UNITE them as one Right-Wing and Christian Phalanx. There is room for a Pagan Legion and an Atheist Battalion, a White Power Division, a Fascist Column, a Mormon Battalion, the Catholic Reggio, an Evangelical Division, an Anglican Brigade, etc. etc. etc. Unite the separate Tribes into one Army. That should be our goal.

    • Clark Kent

      I’m struggling with this too, but whites do need something with more spirit than grey conference rooms and crude materialism.

      • So go do something then. No one is stopping any white people from being a Catholic.

        The white movement is NOT a “spiritual” movement. It’s about race, thus, material, as in DNA. It’s political, because white people are under attack.

        Religious people are always trying to hijack the movement and steer it off course because they don’t care about white people, they only care about their “spirituality” (whatever the hell that is even supposed to mean.)

        The white movement isn’t to help you “find a purpose in life” either – go join the priesthood, or volunteer, or take some shrooms. Back here in the pro-white movement, we’re trying to prevent white genocide.

        • Clark Kent

          I think for many normies Christiantiy is code word for pro-white. I get your point though.

      • AffanGul

        Materialism and the Left-Right paradigm are fundamental to Liberal Democracy as well as Socialism. They leave no room for discussion of Spirituality or Race. The “White Movement” is far too tainted with Nazism and Racist White Supremacism to ever approach a critical mass much less a majority. The essential goals of the Alt Right and White Movements can be achieved under the umbrella of a Christian Nationalist movement. The Muslim Heathen effectively use the cover of “religion” to develop and spread their Cultural Terrorism all over the World. I say we take a page out of their playbook for a change and use it to our own advantage. The Fascist “Principle of Negation” comes into play. a) In order to achieve Power, a Fascist Unity must be melded with an Iron Will to Power. b) In order to achieve such Unity, many will have to compromise or back-burner one or more of their principles for the cause. c) It is the DUTY of a Fascist to embrace sacrifice, suffering and loss for the sake of UNITY. It is this call to unity that is missing. We must pick an Identity and unite behind it. “Whiteness” is tainted by the monstrous crimes of the Nazis and can never be recovered. Christian Nationalism is the only hope.

  • Very touching and uplifting indeed. Interesting that the author feels he has to brace himself and be on the defensive when writing about core European heritage.

    There’s a bump in the overall quality and variety of articles here in the past few days. (The murky “Arktos” hoohah notwithstanding.) It has not escaped my notice.

  • Jonathan Doe

    Traditional Catholicism is done for. Theologically, it makes no sense. To be a Catholic, one must have the Catholic faith of the ages, and submit to the Catholic hierarchy based in Rome. The Catholic hierarchy jettisoned the old Catholic faith at Vatican II, and are never going to reverse this. One must choose, the Catholic Faith, or obedience to Catholic hierarchy, which includes the Popes and all bishops with ordinary jurisdiction. Catholic theology does not allow for such a situation. Traditional Catholics are stuck, like Russian Orthodox bezpopovtsy Old Believers, spending centuries in “end times” to make theological sense of their position. And Vatican II and what has followed it cannot simply be ignored. An Ecumenical Council, and a stream of Popes, in union with the overwhelming majority of bishops, have approved the new sacraments, new canon law, et. al. This means that New Church is infallible and binding, at least under the Ordinary Universal Magisterium (and Vatican II itself should have been protected from error under the Extraordinary Magisterium). The Catholic Church’s claims to be the God assisted, infallible arbiter of the Faith are up in smoke.
    And it gets worse. A truly objective observer would have serious problems with Vatican 1 and papal infallibility, from the standpoint of Catholic Tradition. Catholic theologians, like Bishop Bossuet, destroyed it in argument. Read ‘The Vatican Dogma’ by Sergius Bulgakov, and ‘The Consensus of the Church and Papal Infallibility’ by Richard Costigan for more on this.
    And it gets worse still. Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, with their pacifism streak, and universalism, mix with a martial, race realist Rightism like oil with water. Where they developed in Christian European history, it was done in spite of the New Testament, which was thankfully defined away by theologians, and concealed from the masses via illiteracy, expense of book production, and the Latin language. Thank God the Arabs converted to Islam instead of Christianity, or Europeans would have mixed with them like Spanish Catholics in Central and South America.
    The answer is Evola, and direct Neo-Platonism. You don’t need Christianity.

  • Crud Bonemeal

    Can someone post a few news articles about French Traditionalist Catholic leaders opposing miscegenation and telling non-white Christians that they “have to go back”?

    If you’re having trouble finding those articles in English, feel free to post ones in French, we can probably figure them out using google translate.

  • Daedra

    I respect Catholics but not Catholocism itself, it’s the church of Satan and pedophelia. I consider myself agnostic, we should embrace atheists and Christians alike, this is about saving whites and civilization. Anyone willing to put up dogma before our kind, I’m not willing to listen to. Any atheist or christian willing to put up their belief or lack of belief before saving their race, I do not listen to.

    • Colorado Confederate

      Atheism is spiritual judaism.

      • “Atheism is spiritual judaism.”

        That statement is just stupid.

        • Colorado Confederate


          • Yes, “atheism is spiritual judaism” is #notanargument.

          • Colorado Confederate

            Lol, yes it is.

          • TheLulzWarrior

            Not an argument but pretty revealing.

      • Albionic American

        French Catholic philosophers and theologians in the 17th Century invented atheism in the modern sense as a theoretical construct to test philosophical arguments for the existence of God based on reason alone. And they did this in response to the fact that Rene Descartes’s philosophy shook everyone up and got them to thinking about the God problem in new ways.

        Only these Frenchmen did their job a little too well, and atheism got away from them.

        And no, I did not make this up:

        • Colorado Confederate

          What I meant by that is that Jews worship themselves.

          I didnt mean atheism as a theoretical/philosophical contrarian exercise.

          Thats interesting though…

          • Ken31

            I knew that’s what you meant.

        • Krafty Wurker

          Something like that….

      • Evolver1

        Huh? What does that even mean?

    • ThomasER916

      I respect White Catholics with White families and White children.

    • Ozu

      You’re agnostic but you believe in Satan? By the way, it’s not the Church of “pedophelia” that is a relatively recent phenomenon resulting from an unwillingness to come down hard on homosexuals in the Church. Join a trad church like the SSPX and there are no homos and therefore no pedos.

    • AffanGul

      Exactly right. Everyone needs to sacrifice some principle for the sake of Unity. You are an atheist, then form a Cohort of Atheists that support the Movement. If you are a Christian, form a cohort of Christians that support the movement. Unite the tribes under one banner.

    • Clytemnestra

      The creepy pedophiles are everywhere. The only difference is that those in the Catholic Church are being caught easier, because they can’t marry women to use them as beards.

      Why do Protestants act like Protestantism came into existence out of nothing, like the Big Bang? Protestantism came out of Catholicism. Most likely from men who didn’t like Catholic dogma on marriage. Martin Luther was a Catholic priest. One of the first things he did once he was ex-communicated was get married. King Henry VIII who took great pride in being named a Defender of the Holy Roman Catholic Church grew disenchanted when he found the pope would not let him either divorce Katherine of Aragon OR allow him to engage in polygamy.

      Protestants baffle me. We have Protestant countries like the USA, Germany, and England routinely collaborating with Muslims to topple Catholic countries, like Serbia. These same countries will allow Europe to be flooded with Muslim refugees but bar White South African Christians or Coptic Christians from their shores. There are instances of Protestants fighting with Muslims to topple Rome. Germany supported the Turks against Armenian Christians and Serbians in WWI. Can someone explain this to me?

      That said, I don’t deny that Catholicism is not corrupt like any other big organization. But to me, the Roman Catholic Church is like one of those small towns that are dying out, because they weren’t close enough to the new highways being erected by the country about fifty or so years ago.

      The organization and the infrastructure is still in place for any Whites who want to exploit it. The credit unions were the brainchild of Catholics. Credit unions are the only financial institute that have not had issues like the banks or the savings and loans. There is the Knights of Columbus that would fit the bill for the “mannerbund” which HIpster Racist refers to. The Daughters of Isabella is the auxillary for women to keep the girls out of the boy’s treehouse, so to speak. All the raw material is there to work with.

      Not to disrespect the Protestants on this board, but Protestantism suffers from the same problems as paganism. Decentralization. Churches which easily split up, because half support a controversial pastor and the other half don’t. The only unity in Protestantism seems to be the Jew-Israel worship coming out of those with an evangelical bend (and you’d be surprised how many there are) and dislike/distrust of Catholicism which has historically been the best resistance against Semitic invaders … Jewish or Islamic.

      Another thing which seems to come from Protestantism is this notion that Europeans are long-lost White Semites, i.e. Israelites. I respectfully disagree with this contention. Is it possible that some Israelites escaped the mass slaughter of the Assyrians and fled into Europe? Yes. Likewise, some of them could have escaped to Africa. The one thing we DO know is that ALL Europeans are descended from one man and the Bible names him as Japheth, the father of the Indo-Europeans.

      The problem for me with Christian Identity (or British Israelitism) is that it is vulnerable to philosemitism like the Mormon Church (although it was fun watching them annoy the hell out of the Jews by baptizing dead Holocaust victims). If we are Israelites than Jews are kissing cousins who just have not been illuminated by Christianity yet. We can’t dislike them; we must accommodate them and then we inevitably fall into Christian Zionism and become cannon fodder for wars for Israel.

      But if you go with simply the Adamite theme, then the Judahites became corrupted by their Edomite (race-mixing) converts (like Spain was by their Jewish conversos) and rejected Christ, so God broke the Special Snowflake Contract with the Judahites and then chose the White European Japhethites (largely untainted by Edom) to be His new people.

      Prior to Jerusalem being destroyed by Rome, the Church of Jerusalem had seen the signs warning them of its destruction (the crosses the Romans erected around its perimeter) and fled the region (probably into Europe). But in the meantime, Christianity was blazing through Europe and nowhere else at warp speed.

      What a lot of Pagans, agnostics, and atheists don’t know is that Christian used to be synonymous with White European. If someone saw a White European in Non-White lands he was described as a Christian whether he believed in Jesus Christ or not. And while it is not the case with modern Europeans (because they profess paganism, Buddhism, or atheism/agnosticism, they are still seen that way by Non-Whites.

      We cannot see the forest for the trees. White Western culture has been so incubated and under the control of the Frankfurt School and its antecedents that we have forgotten who we are. It’s sad, but those on the outside still think of Whites as Christian and what has been encoded by God into our DNA. We are Christians. We may be disaffected Christians (agnostic, atheistic, pagan), but we are still Christians. Period.

  • Daedra

    The Catholic Church is one of the biggest pushers of multiculturalism and globalism in the world. I will never have respect for the Catholic Pedophile Church. Let the Latinos have that church, if the French had any sense, they would go Protestant. Let the third world have the church of pedophilia, satan, and the new world order.

    • Alek

      Like when the Protestants allied with the Ottoman Empire while viewing other Europeans as the real enemy. Or maybe like the extreme cucking of the Southern Baptists at their recent conference. See? This is really stupid. I think we should agree that cultural degeneracy has influenced all Christian denominations and work towards reversing that trend rather than engaging in more internecine warfare.

    • Syd

      They were going protestant during the reformation and the papists massacred the protestants

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        It was the Jesuits like Pope Francis who undertook the Counter Reformation in Austria, Bavaria, Friuli, and Hungary.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Protestants are even more Cucked than the Catholicks. At least there are based Catholics like Bishop Williamson and Mel Gibson. Prots….Not So Much….

  • McSwag

    ”I’m a French-American based in Northern France”………….Your parents were French?

  • Mark Brahmin

    While certainly it is not useful to antagonize individual Christians or to be uncivil to them personally, we have to be free to discuss ideas. The critical piece of this is understanding how we reached present conditions. A sober assessment of Christianity, its value or its harmfulness, is certainly part of this. In fact, the centrality of this question is probably something upon which Altright Pagans and Christians both agree. The Altright is an idea movement, well before it is a mass movement albeit with a power to influence mass movements, whether indirectly or eventually. It doesn’t require consensus. Rather the best and most favored ideas emerging from it will eventually become consensus among the masses. Hence, so long as we agree the goal is racial survival and amelioration, we should support free speech among our ranks. It exists in any case. So perhaps the best policy is civility toward individuals, if not toward ideas, philosophies or ideologies one has determined absurd or destructive. Of course, on the internet, these are merely recommendations.

  • Daedra

    So let me get this straight? “Tradional Catholics” don’t follow the current Pope? That’s what I’m getting from the article. Like as if it’s a western version of Orthodox Christianity.

  • Crud Bonemeal

    It’s weird that the comments section Christian crew is freaking out over Paganism, which barely exists, while the “nones” are eating their lunch.

    “Religious “nones” – a shorthand we use to
    refer to people who self-identify as atheists or agnostics, as well as
    those who say their religion is “nothing in particular” – now make up
    roughly 23% of the U.S. adult population. This is a stark increase from
    2007, the last time a similar Pew Research study was conducted, when 16%
    of Americans were “nones.” (During this same time period, Christians
    have fallen from 78% to 71%.)

    Overall, religiously unaffiliated people
    are more concentrated among young adults than other age groups – 35% of
    Millennials (those born 1981-1996) are “nones.” In addition, the
    unaffiliated as a whole are getting even younger. The median age of
    unaffiliated adults is now 36, down from 38 in 2007 and significantly
    younger than the overall median age of U.S. adults in 2014 (46).”

    Maybe they just enjoy attacking a convenient caricature of a LARPagan.

    While Christians and Pagans are both welcome in the Alt-Right, it is a heavily “none” influenced movement, in the white tradition of common sense and pragmatism, based in large part on “noticing things” and refusing to believe in social truths that are not supported by the evidence. For example equality, be it spiritual or otherwise.

    I await the attempt to characterize Alt-Right nones as fedora tippers, but the reality is that Alt-Right nones are liable to have a healthy appreciation for the positive aspects of our Christian and Pagan heritage, but simply refuse to make a habit of believing in things they don’t have evidence for… like the stuff their university professor and their pastor are spewing about the equality of the negro.

    • Daedra

      Christianity is only a part of what defines white civilization. There’s also the sciences and the arts. Yes, there is a level of degeneracy in secular life, but only because it’s mixed with cultural Jewish marxism. Remove the cultural marxism from secularism and it’s no different from being culturally Christian.

      • AffanGul

        Agreed. Christianity is only part of what defines white civilization, but the point is that it is the only identity movement that has any hope of ever reaching majority status. If the Right can bring the Churches along, it could form an effective majoritarian movement. Cultural or Tribal Christian is Christian enough. There is no reason to alienate anyone on the Right over religion like the Muslim Heathen do. As they say in Spain, “Even our Atheists are Catholic.” We must find a flag under which ALL right-wingers can march. I say it’s the banner of the Cross.

        • While I can’t, as a pagan (actually, “Asatru”) honestly march under the banner of the Cross, I will gladly march alongside you under the raven banner. We don’t have to agree on religion – we only need to agree that the point is to save our race.

    • “Maybe they just enjoy attacking a convenient caricature of a LARPagan.”

      They are cowards – too scared to fight for pro-white ideas in their own church, so they LARP online as fighting “paganism” which doesn’t exist in except in their own fervid imaginations.

      You think reading them “fighting pagans” is bad – get them started on “Freemasons” – woo-boy.

      • Daedra

        Well I’m agnostic and even I don’t have a good impression of the Freemasons. Bunch of NWO types. You can almost call them the white version of Jews.

      • Ken31

        No. The differences are too great for simple reformation attempts. That may be true for some, but for me it has nothing to do with cowardice and everything to do with humility. I reject the existence of “prophets”, so why would I attempt to become one?

    • Harvest Grain

      THIS IS THE REAL ISSUE, AND IT RUNS BOTH WAYS: “The biggest risk is an unnecessary internal divide over religion.”


      Let’s look at some numbers regarding the physical invasion campaigns against Christianity, from the Wikipedia page titled: “Christianity by country”

      SORTED by the 2nd column (number of Christians), here are the top 25:

      [t] {w} 1) United States: 230,000,000
      {m} 2) Brazil: 180,770,000
      3) Mexico: 107,780,000
      4) Philippines: 86,500,000
      5) Nigeria: 72,881,000
      ++ 6) Russia: 99,775,000
      7) Congo, Democratic Republic of: 63,150,000
      [t] {w} 8) Italy: 53,230,000
      9) Ethiopia: 52,580,000
      [t] {w} 10) Germany: 48,400,000
      11) Colombia: 43,560,000
      {m} 12) Argentina: 37,561,000
      {w} 13) France: 40,000,000
      [t] {w} 14) Poland: 36,090,000
      ++ 15) Ukraine: 34,830,000
      16) Kenya: 34,774,000
      [t] {w} 17) United Kingdom: 33,200,000
      [t] {w} 18) Spain: 33,000,000
      19) Tanzania: 31,342,000
      20) People’s Republic of China: 31,220,000
      21) India: 30,000,000
      22) Uganda: 29,943,000
      23) Venezuela: 28,340,000
      24) Peru: 27,635,000
      25) Indonesia: 24,000,000

      TOTAL 1,490,561,000

      ++ Russia and Ukraine are omitted from the below calculations.
      [t] These countries are Targeted for third-world invasion. Total: 473,920,000.
      {w} These are Indo-European (White) countries. Total: 473,920,000.
      {m} These are Mongrelized countries.

      32% = Christian populations that are Targeted.
      68% = Christian populations that are NOT Targeted
      100% = Targeted populations that are Indo-European (White).

      What correlations do you see?

      Which population is the enemy most focused on destroying—Christians or Indo-Europeans (Whites)?

      There is plenty of room in this fight for any Indo-European (White) spiritual faith that puts the health and wellbeing of the White man as top EARTHLY priority.

    • AffanGul

      I believe there is a tribal element to the Churches that even the atheists will find helpful when the shit hits the fan. Like they say in Spain, “Even our Atheists are Catholic.” There is such a thing as “Culturally Christian.”

  • Evolver1

    If you want to know if any particular Christian is truly pro-White and understands the struggle we are in–and it really is a struggle of good (us Whites) against evil–simply ask them this: You can rescue twenty Black Christians from a sinking boat or one White non-Christian (a pagan or atheist) who will you save?

  • Jonathan Doe

    Mods, my thought out, time consuming post that I really want feed-back on has been marked as spam and deleted three times now. What’s the deal?

  • Daedra

    When we talk about pagans, we are talking about history, civilization, art, and culture. The muslims ( i.e. ISIS) are the ones who blow up the ancient city of Palmyra, walk into a museum and have a desire to blow up Nordic art. There is a level of respect Christianity has had for paganism since time immemorial, otherwise all those beatiful Greek statues would have been smashed up, like how ISIS likes to do it.

    • Syd

      They stole all the pagan holidays and festivals and Catholic saints are their round about versions of Roman deities

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        This is still awesome though:

  • Annie Oakley

    I think the Alt-Right needs Christianity, or at least should not reject it. Perhaps it is Christianity that has made White people so successful? An atheistic movement is born to die. We see that pattern over and over. The Left is out of control, because they are God-less. As a Christian, the rejection of Christianity from the Alt-Right is a little off-putting. I am definitely drawn to the Alt-Right, but I feel like I’m in the wrong place when you reject Christianity. Not to say it needs to be a Christian movement, but it certainly shouldn’t be an atheistic movement either.

  • Nova Slavia

    What a steaming pile of bullshit. Throw the dead Jew on a stick out. Christianity is a cancer.

    • Игор


  • A. Markov Citadelius

    (commenting using Twitter, so this is verifiably me)

    A very interesting read, and I am glad this is occurring, though I am not surprised, considering France has always had a strong Reactionary school. I am rather disheartened to see the stupid comments below on both sides of things. Christians must stop arguing against phantoms, and accept that Christianity has gone through a fundamental degradation in its ecclesial & social aspects in the west, to the point where some kind of ‘reform’ would not cut mustard, and what would instead be required would be a Guenonian ‘renovation’. That is, the change would need to be as drastic as when the religion went from a persecuted sect to a state religion. It would have to completely lock back into a Traditional framework in the political sense, i.e – supporting an autocratic and hierarchic society. What’s more, it would have to abandon the absurdity of universalist ‘ethics’ (an Enlightenment import) and adopt what has long been the more Orthodox character of serving nations, rather than individuals as if they could all me ministered in the same way. The value of paganism lies in distinction, that is, in part because of paganism, there is required a different kind of Christianity depending on the population and its particular needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all model, but the common root can serve as a tool of unity for European peoples in the social sense. To think some kind of obscurantist ‘neo-platonism’ can actually do this displays a stunning ignorance of how religions work in a social fabric. Honestly, I respect pagans who burn things in the woods far more than ‘pagans’ who think Ride The Tiger contained an actual coherent religion which involved no ritual, just thinking about nihilism a lot.

    This said, an ecclesiastic ‘inquisition’ of sorts will be required to root out apostates to liberalism within Christian religious hierarchy (as well as pretty much every institution), and there are MANY to be dealt with, in the harshest manner possible. If you want to see a Christian movement which actually embodies what we require today, I encourage people to read up on the Romanian ‘Iron Guard’, of the interwar period. Hint: (((they))) absolutely HATED the Guard, and often describe it as worse than the Nazis. lol

    • AffanGul

      Read Codreanu.

  • Marcus Antonius

    Traditional Catholicism is the future of Christianity along with the main Orthodox churches. It is an almost wholly European phenomenon.

    Watch this video about the success of the recent Chartres pilgrimage:

    Look closely at the people.

    • Krafty Wurker

      Blah, blah, blah,,,

      • Yehudah Finkelstein


        • Krafty Wurker

          You are trolling again Rabbi—-arguing for and against the stated positions. Don’t be an asshole.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            You remove all doubt that you are an asshole every time you post the same comment over and over again.

  • (((Shill)))

    This comment section is completely retarded. This post is literally trying to present a more unifying message, and I instantly see a bunch of assholes arguing with each other over Christianity. You pathetic crybabies are the very reason that the alt-right could possibly collapse within the near future. When we fail to achieve our goals as ethno-nationalists, I’m going to blame you small minded, half-wits. Good day.

    • Ken31

      Cool story, dude.

  • Been_There_Done_That

    There is only one true, holy, Catholic and apostolic church. And it is the only true church of a Western, reactionary future. It is where it all began..from the rock of St. Peter. The greatest art, music and thought of the last two thousand years flowed out from it. And here we are..full circle. As it was in the beginning, and now, and ever shall be, world without end…Amen.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    The article is long on rhetoric and short on any proof that Traditional Catholicism is coming back in a big way in France.

    The SSPX still expelled Bishop Williamson. Western churches have this habit of trying to apologize for EVERYTHING. That does not happen with the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

  • Tyron Parsons

    To even argue over the truth of authentic Christianity with those who refuse to believe is completely fruitless.


    It’s like trying to argue that altho it’s night (like it is right now) the sun will come and a new day will dawn (authentic Xianity saves Europe and establishes whites/Europeans as the true 12 tribes back in control of the World.)

    It will be done because it’s the prime creator/savior’s will as outlined and revealed to us in his Greek Scriptural narrative as to the fate of his people (us) and this planet (which he owns).

  • Bob

    The AlT Right must be about culture, Identity, Pan Euro Nationalism and our future – where YOU go to “church” should be up to YOU – and all sides need to let that be it – or we will fight ourselves into the ground for the 10,000 th time …

    • Evolver1

      Sounds good on the surface…but what about churches that do not put Whiteness first and which go out of their way to attack Whites as racists and which not only condone but happily accept just about everything that can harm Whites (homosexuality, transgenderism, abortions, etc.)?

      • Bob

        burn them – any questions class?

      • FredAGunter

        Organize, Infiltrate -expose hypocrisy with pertinent questions.

        • Bob

          That is the JBS idea – was in the JBS most of my early years – Debating never got us any place… just saying. (JBS = John Birch Soc).

    • As a pagan of 45 years, I completely agree. I will fight alongside any man or woman for the future of our race, regardless of faith or lack thereof. Follow individual conscience in religion, and let’s kick some butt on our mutual foes.

      • Bob

        Yes. The Alt Right must be libertarian when it comes to ‘church’ or we will never get off the ground – I do not kind what kind of God crazy you’ze is, what i want to know is – do you have a good trigger finger …

        • Gatzke

          The Gary Johnson or CATO brand?

          • Bob

            I called it Libertarian Fascism – total freedom with the laws of a strong Volk – but the Volk before the individual.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            “Libertarian Fascism” isn’t a real thing, and the two worldviews are completely incompatible.

            Christianity is a part of European culture, and if you want to preserve European culture then preserving Christianity is part of that, regardless of how you feel about the Church. Personally I think practicing Christianity should be optional, but the Church should be respected as an important part of the community. If we lose the spiritual foundation of European culture then all whites are is materialistic, hedonistic degenerates, who I barely care to save.

          • Bob

            “Libertarian Fascism” isn’t a real thing – Yes, very true. That is why i gave it a definition – so that people could under stand the general outline. This is a new idea that can work – if you keep it within the way i set it. As for Christianity – it must be kept as a general cultural standard – yes. As for Whites not wanting to save there culture … not true. They are placed in a situation that is not good – the the EU if you stand up and fight back, you lose your job, your good social name and maybe more… the risk is high. If you fight back ‘in the streets’, you are faced with fighting your fellow Whites in national LE. These reality is the way it is due to the fact that we Whites no longer own our national currencies – If you are not the sovereign, then you are the serf… When you are a serf its hard to care about big issues … your working day to day … good day

    • Gatzke

      Pan Euro Nationalism- like what the blue flag and gold stars represent- Omi referred to it as a the United States of Europa project or experiment. And Now, it is what is being destroyed because too many have and are discovering diversity is not all its cracked up to be.. Pan Euro anything is highly unlikely. Regionalism is more likely to happen because it usually does, and has in the past. The cross will be the glue I suspect.

      • Bob

        We were 1/3 the earth only 100 years ago, we also owned 80% of the earth, our commerce was the ONLY commerce… you better get used to the idea of PAN EURO EMPIRE or you and all that you love one day sooner than later will die. The Right in the EU are taking 100% the wrong road – they should be for the EU – but only to take it over – rewrite all the rules and then have a MAGA strong base to clear out the EU States – ONLY a State has this type of power – if you think groups, ideas, debate, and standing alone in your own “national experience” is going to save us your wrong – Peace brother.

  • From Ohio

    Expel the darkies, restore the king! Then France will truly be France again.

    • Syd

      All in one!

  • Will Windsor

    there’s no going back, only forward. Trad Caths can bring the Archaic to Archeofuturism.

  • ThomasER916

    The Alt Right cares about Christianity because it cares about White history, White culture, White people, and White solidarity. When Christianity promotes miscegenation, cuckoldry, Turd World immigration, and servitude to POCs then that Cucktianity needs to die. It’s as simple as that. Any White that supports or defends Cucktianity is our enemy. They need to be cast out into the shit-stained world. Let them save it while they drown in it.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      I offer a caveat to your post. WESTERN Christianity = Cucktianity. Even the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) which the Author cited as “traditional” expelled Bishop Richard Williamson for questioning the existence of Holocaust gas chambers. The problems you describe are unique to Western Christianity and don’t apply to Eastern Orthodoxy. But since Eastern Orthodox churches are sui generis, it is unreasonable to expect Russian or Serbian Orthodoxy which are national churches developed in an ethnic homeland to spread beyond their native populations.

      The death of Western Christianity is a fait accompli. If religion makes a comeback with White people, it will probably take the form of something like Mormonism, which isn’t even a Christian religion when you study its tenets.

      But we should not condemn believing Christians, we need to focus on our enemies without alienating potential recruits to White Advocacy.

      • “But we should not condemn believing Christians, we need to focus on our enemies without alienating potential recruits to White Advocacy.” (Yehudah Finkelstein)

        Exactly. If you’re Alt-Right and don’t like Christianity, then don’t go to church or read the bible. Attacking Christianity is stupid politically. With that said it wouldn’t surprise me if the Vatican turned around and at least became semi-nationalist in Europe. This is the oldest organization in the world and does pay attention to the way the winds blow. The Vatican will never be White Nationalist, but there’s nothing unchristian about supporting national communities.

        The Catholic Church has a YUGE (God given?) opportunity with the refugee crises and cultural Marxism in Europe. While the political class in Europe is totally anti-European, the Church could step in and rally the Continent for a new Crusade to establish order in Europe. If it cares about its existence, then it will have to do something like this. The opportunity will come with a new Pope. The Cardinal from Austria comes to mind.

        This Pope will stand up and proclaim the era of mercy has been tried and has failed, a new era of Order will now begin.

        Deus Vult !!!

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          What Cardinal from Austria? Schönborn? Pope Francis is not that old and will probably be sucking wind while spewing out Jesuit subversion for the next decade.

          The Catholics expel anyone who deviates from the Judeo-Globalist norms, look at Bishop Williamson.

      • Syd

        Orthodoxy is certainly preferable to papism

      • Ken31

        Completely agree with Eastern Orthodox. If there is a true Christian faith, they are it.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          But Only the Orthodox Churches in Europe. Orthodox Churches outside Europe are Cucked. That fag Rod Dreher is Orthodox Christian. Western Europeans and Americans can’t just copy the National Orthodox Christian churches that work in Bulgaria or Russia. Western European and American Christians need to find their own answers. For example, Mormonism in America.

    • Syd

      European pagan religions are ethnocentric when practiced properly, they’re our indigenous beliefs and suit our inate character

  • Jonathan Doe

    Traditional Catholicism is done for. Theologically, it makes no sense. To be a Catholic, one must have the Catholic faith of the ages, and submit to the Catholic hierarchy based in Rome. The Catholic hierarchy jettisoned the old Catholic faith at Vatican II, and are never going to reverse this. One must choose, the Catholic Faith, or obedience to Catholic hierarchy, which includes the Popes and all bishops with ordinary jurisdiction. Catholic theology does not allow for such a situation. Traditional Catholics are stuck, like Russian Orthodox bezpopovtsy Old Believers, spending centuries in “end times” to make theological sense of their position.

    In addition, the Catholic Church’s claims to be the God assisted, infallible arbiter of the Faith are up in smoke. An Ecumenical Council, and a stream of Popes, in union with the overwhelming majority of bishops, have approved the new sacraments, new canon law, et. al. This means that New Church is infallible and binding, at least under the Ordinary Universal Magisterium (and Vatican II itself should have been protected from error under the Extraordinary Magisterium).

    And it gets worse. A truly objective observer would have serious problems with Vatican 1 and papal infallibility, from the standpoint of Catholic Tradition. Catholic theologians, like Bishop Bossuet, destroyed it in argument. Read ‘The Vatican Dogma’ by Sergius Bulgakov, and ‘The Consensus of the Church and Papal Infallibility’ by Richard Costigan for more on this.

    And it gets worse still. Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, with their pacifism streak, and universalism, mix with a martial, race realist Rightism like oil with water. Where they developed in Christian European history, it was done in spite of the New Testament, which was thankfully ignored/defined away by theologians, and concealed from the masses via illiteracy, expense of book production, and the Latin language.

    Another point that is rarely made: thank God the Arabs converted to Islam instead of Christianity, or Europeans would have mixed with them like Spanish Catholics in Central and South America.

    The answer is Evola, and direct Neo-Platonism. You don’t need Christianity.

  • richard garyson

    I am a Christian, myself. When I hear people within the Alt Right criticize my faith, I feel like a parent listening to my neighbor berate my son for hitting a baseball through his window. I don’t like hearing my child be criticized, but at the the same time, I have a hard time responding to the criticism, because the criticism is coming from a legitimate grievance, not malice.

    There is no question that the church is cucked, and this is includes the conservative denominations, just as much as it does the liberal ones.

    Whether it is focusing on building wealth by donating to mega-church pastors, rewriting doctrine to say that Jews are exempt from the requirements for salvation, adopting Africans, or embracing all forms of degeneracy celebrated by the left, most of the church is cucked. As a Christian, it hurts to write that.

    But not all of it is cucked. There are Alt Right Christians like James Edwards, Matthew Heimbach, and David Duke, who have been able to make their faith compatible with their identitarian views. This proves you can simultaneously be a legitimate Christian and an Identitarian.

    But even if you aren’t a Christian, surely out of a sense pragmatism, you must understand that it is not a winning strategy to present the Alt Right movement as anti-Christian. The super-majority of whites in America are Christian to one degree or another, and being anti-Christian might alienate them more than dropping red-pills does.

    I have considered myself Alt Right for nearly two years, and I have to admit that it was initially jarring to me, to hear people, whom I now admire very much, be openly critical of my faith. But back to my example, I understood where that criticism came from and I accept it. Now we Alt Right Christians have to figure out how to red pill our brethren, so that our Alt Right atheist and Asatru allies let up on us.

    • Arthur Vickstrom

      I’m not a Christian myself but I can sympathize with your position.

      Now we Alt Right Christians have to figure out how to red pill our brethren.

      Have you looked into Kinist Christianity?

      It is a Christian movement based in America which is very redpilled and it seems to be growing fast. I think it’d be much easier for redpilled Christians to establish their own Kinist churches rather than attempt to retake control of the cucked churches.

      • AffanGul

        spot ON Arthur Vickstrom. Spot ON!

    • Let us know when James Edwards is trolling pro-white message forums and denouncing imaginary “pagans” and otherwise going out of his way to attack people who don’t follow his specific religious denomination.

      These Catholics spend half their time attacking other Christians, even.

    • AffanGul

      I fully sympathize richard garyson. I look at the problem this way, and I see an opportunity. Agreed that most denominations are cucked. Agreed that you can be simultaneously Christian and Identitarian. What needs to happen is that all of the various tribes need to form their individual cohorts around their OWN identities, then unite under one single Right-Wing and Christian Phalanx. There is room for an Atheist Battalion, a Pagan Battalion, an Evangelical Division, a Catholic Corps, an Orthodox Division, and Anglican Battalion, etc. etc. Keep your Identity and March United under One Banner. E Pluribus Unum.

  • ChippyMcBarkles

    well I would like to join you and learn how to parlay but some of us are not rich trust fund babies

  • Syd

    I’m an Odinist and hate Christianity, it’s a semetic aberration that unfortunately took root in Europe. That said, Christianity for better or worse is an intrinsic part of European culture especially in the non-protestant ones and can be used to fight Islam, all Europeans should unite against Islam and sort out our divisions after. Traditional Catholicism is probably on the rise in France in reaction to islamisation. The author is correct, I lived in France and traditional French culture is nominally Catholic and the French have minimal interest in their pagan past, although in my experience most French people are athiests

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      “that said, Christianity for better or worse is an intrinsic part of European culture especially in the ORTHODOX ones”

      Fixed for you. Protestantism and Catholicism are collapsing all over the White world.

      • Syd

        True, but when the wogs desecrate cathedrals and murder priests it’s an attack on all of us and as I stated I hate Christianity

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          Agree. It’s really sad. Even a wise Muslim like Ataturk could see the beauty in preserving European Christian churches. This is why you’re right, we need to stop attacking Christians and utterly put our enemies under the yoke.

          • Syd

            Kith and kin first!

        • Syd, I am Asatru and I quite agree. There is plenty of precedent – Holger Danske fighting alongside Charlemagne at Tours…and plenty of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who wear Thor’s hammer amulets around their necks. Blood is what matters. I will fight alongside Christians, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, whatever…for our holy race.

          • Syd

            Your hearts in the right place

          • stavros

            Good post.

      • Syd

        Point taken, but paganism is stronger in protestant northern Europe, that’s my interest. I’m an anglo saxon

    • One Man’s Chorus

      What’s the alternative to Christianity? A male fraternal order?

      • Syd

        Something that doesn’t worship some prehistoric jew who walked on water

      • Crud Bonemeal

        One alternative is just believing in stuff that there is evidence for

  • Riopel

    So where’s the evidence that traditional Christianity is making a comeback in France?

  • Ike35

    What’s most important is the survival of White Europeans both in Europe and in the diasporas, so if it’s the case that in some regions, believing in a foreign semite desert religion helps facilitate that survival, I’ll bite my lip for the good of the cause. I just hope they don’t actually read their bibles, otherwise we’ll be in another world of sheeeit! Ya know, “the meek shall inherit the earth.” Actually no, the meek will be steamrolled.

  • Daedra

    Vote up if you think white Christians and Atheists need to be both welcomed and tolerated in the Alt Right. Survival is more important to us than a ideological schism which makes us all weak. The brown people are allied together with the Jews to destroy us, they speak about it openly in the streets, division would be beyond stupidity at this point.

    • Mihel

      Christians don’t need to be “welcomed” to the alt-right, they are not guests or newcomers, they were there from the beginning.

    • Terry Mahoney

      I was raised a catholic. Around the age of 15 I began to become an Anti-theist. I am now 35 and for the last year or two I have felt a compulsion towards going back to Christianity. Something I never thought would happen. As a National Socialist I have become more and more sickened by the degenerate state society has found itself in. Catholicism and Christianity have warned humanity about the rise of this degeneracy. But I see the Catholic church and the pope as a sellout to Marxist ideologies, so I could never fully return to becoming a full on Catholic. But loosely connected to it, which AFAIK, is what most National Socialists are.

  • I feel it’s a key component in the Identitarian movement. Part of the reason we don’t fight back the invaders in Europe is that all the elements of our identities have been delegitimized and pathologized, including our religion.

  • GermanEngineered

    I’m AR, but I’m also a Lutheran Christian. I don’t see any conflict with being AR and being a Lutheran. All men are created equal – that’s what I believe. But, equal does not mean the same. Me choosing to want a white ethno state does not conflict with my beliefs and if it does, someone will have to explain why that is and I’ll leave the AR if you can convince me. In fact, if there is any connection between my religious beliefs and the AR, it is a positive association. By returning people to their proper homeland, I am showing the love that Christ intended. I believe that’s what is best for all people, so I am in fact doing a good work for the Lord. By applying my abilities to such a cause, I can hardly think of anything more worthwhile as a Christian. The world will be a better place for it, and when my time comes to account for what I’ve done, I will not be blameless, so I’ll need to rely on my faith in Christ to cover me, but what I did to further the AR’s cause should not be held against me. This I believe to be true.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      LC Missouri Synod?

  • ChippyMcBarkles

    here is a little more explanation about the trad Catholics, they are really sedevacanistas… people who say the seat is empty, the seat being the papal throne. thus they do not recognize the authority of the Pope… mainly because of the changes made in the church after the last conclave which they called Vatican II, a meeting of all the bishops to set church law. the year was sometime in the early 1960’s. one big change was that latin was no longer to be used in worship with the common parishioners, less discussed today is that the church basically released its own communist manifesto saying things like they want to everyone in the world to be equal and islam and judaism share the same God as Catholics… So who are these trad Catholics sedevacanistas? I have never heard of them in the US or when I was in Brazil, they must be confined to europe, I only know about them from the internet, but they definitely are not Catholic because Catholicism is all about following the pope. I think their position is that if their was another enclave that brought the latin back to the worship then they would rejoice and rejoin the church. But they would need dispensations, official recognition of pardon from the church. I do not know why the author of the above article claims these trad Catholics are in a state of semi-communion with Rome, the priests are excommunicated, but I think a Catholic who goes to a Pius x church as a layman woud not be excommunicated on that alone however

    the thing is it might happen, the whole business with more conservative Benedict stepping down and being replaced by the “who am I to judge the homos” francis is business unprecedented in Rome

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Trad Catholics are strong. There is a weekly Latin Mass at my small town Catholic church where I live. If there is a need for Latin Mass in a tiny Parish hours from any urban area, then I’m sure there are Latin masses all over America and Europe.

      • ChippyMcBarkles

        when i used to go to Church if i was traveling and stopped in some small town like in South Dakota i would see that the churches were full of people. if i went to the cathedral in St Paul by where i live sometimes it would be nearly empty. the Catholics abandoned the inner cities in st paul and Minneapolis now for the twin cities we have Mogadishu and Saigon. I dont bame it on Vatican II however and now I am more of a Satanist than Catholic, I just see Catholicism as some messed up curse I was born into and that was put on my head without me knowing anything about it. by the holy spirit, by the son, by the father in the name natas natas natas

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          Don’t condemn Christians. It is politically retarded.

          Anyways, I always thought South Dakota was full of German Lutherans.

          • ChippyMcBarkles

            the problem is that my ancestors should have left the rosary beads at the door when they got to this country… the whole letting Catholics into the USA was the forerunning to the jew coming in who in turn were the forerunners of the shitskins coming in today

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Not this shit where the Irish and Bavarians led to Jews…GTFO…total bullshit.

          • Krafty Wurker

            The CSU, the Bavarian Roman Catholic political party is Angela Merkel’s political party!

          • Mihel

            CSU is inter-confessional and Angela Merkel is a Lutheran.
            So much for your Mediterranean cult paranoia.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Not only that, Merkel’s father was a Lutheran Pastor! Krafty Wurker is a mentally defective moron, but it can be quite fun and amusing to rustle his jimmies.

          • Krafty Wurker

            Exactly, the Roman Catholics broke down our White Protestant defenses. They are a Mediterranean cult.

    • Johnny Fascismo
  • WR_the_realist

    I’m an agnostic but I’ve never been anti-Christian. I lack faith, but if you believe the Gospels are an accurate description of what happened 2000 years ago you have little choice but to be a Christian. As for Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, I hope he’s the next pope, although I realize the odds of that are near zero.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Marcel Lefebvre is dead. Our best hope is Sainthood for St Marcel.

      However, Richard Williamson illustrates God’s grace. Our wildest dreams for the papacy are for an English Pope (!!!!!!!!) Richard Williamson.

      Hail Pope Richard I !!!

      • WR_the_realist

        Thank you for the correction. Sainthood it will have to be.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          Just like with St. Fray Junipero Serra.

  • AffanGul

    Christian Nationalism is honestly the ONLY flavor of reaction that can EVER make inroads toward a majority. In America, in Europe, in Australia, in the West generally. Paganism is too much associated with and connected to Nazism and “New Age” Culture to ever be taken seriously. Sure I’m in favor of a few swastikas and Nordic Runes to scare the shit out of Hippies with, but beyond that, Christian Nationalism is the default Third Position. The ancient networks, the physical plant and resources, the institutional memory all point to Christian Identity as the ultimate defender of Western Values. Cucked Christian Puritans and Pacifists be damned. Our presence in the pew and parish halls will make itself felt.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      Christianity in the Yankee areas of the US is IMHO unlikely to prove a suitable basis for nationalism, it’s just too perverted, and has been leftist for too long. There are no traditionalist Evolian Christian fascists here, or whatever you’re looking for. More like Christian Utopian Socialist Egalitarian Feminist Abolitionists.

      It’s more likely that normal non-religious / culturally christian would band together under principles of common sense and pragmatism, in opposition to both the left and next generation of Evangelical hard-cucks and their legions of African janissaries.

  • Scotcho Rouleau

    As a Catholic of both Irish and French stock, this article makes me proud. The Catholic Church is simply beyond impeachment with respect to western civilization. Who were the Crusaders? Catholics. Roman Catholicism is the original church as Jesus himself founded it. Enough of that, though.

    If anyone wants to see true shitlord in-your-face altright traditional western civ pride, search for Civitas France on YouTube. Just watch what this author is referring to. This is the real White Shariah.

  • One Man’s Chorus

    If Europeans abandon Christianity, then they can’t really love their civilization, since Europeans only became a civilization through the conversion of pagans to Christianity. If Christianity is a lie, then the West is a lie.

    If the alt-right is devoted to preserving white skin, then why shouldn’t we preserve white skin outside of Europe and its colonies, since there is really nothing uniting Europeans as a civilization?

    • Crud Bonemeal

      Race is real and it matters. Race is not just skin color, human population groups vary in many traits. Most notably population groups vary in terms of behavioral traits, such as IQ and personality.

      And so, while there are certainly real and measurable differences between them, Europeans share behavioral and biological similarities, NOT simply a belief in some stories from Sunday school.

      • One Man’s Chorus

        Race is real, but it’s not the basis of a civilization. Why would people feel a connection to others based on DNA and IQ? Why should Norwegians care about the DNA, IQ and behavioral similarity of Poles?

  • Flavius

    In my opinion, relying on Christianity is not a solution. Christianity
    has a deadly weakness: its core supernatural claims are not believable
    and without them, Christianity cannot exist in any meaningful, useful
    way. Because of that, even an explicitly racialist form of Christianity
    would be dangerous and
    counter-productive. Once its supernatural
    claims are inevitably debunked, they would most likely also compromise
    the racial solidarity for which that racialist Christianity provided

    • Maple Curtain

      thanks, God.

  • Rhino 🦏🥛🐸

    What we must do is refuse the label of “Christian” to the non-traditional churches.

  • bobbert

    I though this was the single most critical failing of le pen and FN. She pushed a hard secularist agenda and socialist policies to appeal to disillusioned communists. That was a colossal mistake.

    There is no secularist future for France, as there is no future in secularism. France will be catholic, or it will the french will become islamic. (I wager that your traditionalists know what I did there.)

    I hope that you are correct on all that you report. I pray that these people can grow in number and in time. Europe needs the holy mother church, and the holy mother church needs her first born daughter. Her first born daughter needs her most catholic majesty.

  • AffanGul

    Alt-Righters listen to yourselves. I KNOW that White Nationalism is the priority for most of you. I KNOW that most Christian Churches are cucked out shells of squishy liberalism. The point here is not to expect the mainstream churches to support or join us, but for US to SUBVERT THEM, or else start our OWN Christian Religious Org and use it for OUR OWN ends. We require a much higher degree of FASCIST UNITY in order to be effective. White Power Nazism is a DEAD END. World War 2 is STILL WITHIN LIVING MEMORY! The mainstream will never accept you in a white-power / NatSoc / Nazi uniform-label. It is the IDEAS that matter, NOT the Branding. If you insist on labeling yourself a Nazi, you will never make it out of Mom’s basement. A Mainstream-acceptable “Christian Nationalist Identitarian” movement with lots of red-white and blue and stars & stripes has a chance. Swastikas are good for scaring the shit out of Hippies and Antifa, but the mainstream will never accept them.

    • So drop the “fascist” LARPing then – why even bring up “fascism” – it’s stupid.

      “Identitarian” is a good label, and seems to work in Europe, but “Alt Right” won out in America. So, fine.

  • Quentin Ackerman

    The alt-right isn’t a religious movement, it’s a movement for the promotion of white identity and the preservation of white people. As long as you aren’t among the (((Chosen People))) or involved in a religion that encourages female genital mutilation and honor killings, your religion should be your business and folks on the alt-right shouldn’t be attacking each other over religion. Period.

    • Evolver1

      The problem is with those who put their religion (which you can change as easily as changing socks) over the White genome which is essential to our identity and which we are born with. The White genome must always be first and everything else secondary. We can lose our religion and still be us, but we cannot lose our White genome and still be us.

      • Quentin Ackerman

        You’re not wrong, but the assumption that alt-right Christians put their faith before their people is flawed. For most alt-right Christians, their faith and their people go hand in hand and are complementary.

        • Evolver1

          Okay. I hope you’re right.

  • Evolver1

    Do an internet search for a photo of Michael Curry, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, all you who are trying to shove Christianity down our throats, and tell us this is good for Whites. And, it is not much different in the Catholic church or many others as well.

    You put religion before the White genome. This is evil.

    • Quentin Ackerman

      Putting disagreement over religion before the white race is just as bad. If you don’t like Christianity, don’t be a Christian. If a red-pilled white person is Christian (or Asatruar, or atheist, or whatever) that’s none of anyone else’s business or concern, and equating an alt-right Christian with the worst leftist examples from churches that are only nominally Christian is stupid. No punching to the right.

      • Evolver1

        Okay, so let’s see where you stand: You have a chance to save 20 Black Christians from a sinking boat or just 1 White pagan or atheist. Who do you save? And, Mihel can also answer this if he or she wishes.

        • Quentin Ackerman

          That’s not a stumper, obviously I would save the white pagan or atheist. That also has absolutely nothing to do with the point I made, which is that we shouldn’t let disagreements over religion divide us.

          • Evolver1

            My point is similar to yours, however, you don’t go far enough. You say “we shouldn’t let disagreements over religion divide us.” I would add…unless the religious views are harmful to Whites.

    • Mihel

      all you who are trying to shove Christianity down our throats

      Stop living in the first century please.

      • Evolver1

        You’re okay with Blacks in charge of formerly White churches? Hmmm. So, White Christians worship a dead Jew and their church is headed by a Black. Something not right with that.

    • One Man’s Chorus

      Better than shoving DNA and IQ down our throats, as if white people are expected to unite on that basis.

      • Johnny Fascismo

        But muh Race and IQ statistics!

      • Evolver1

        You don’t want Whites to unite AS Whites? How silly.

        • Evolver1

          And, I never said we should unite on IQ. However, Whites must unite on RACE (which is the same as our DNA code that makes us Whites).

          • One Man’s Chorus

            Why should Englishmen care about the DNA of Slovakians?

      • TK

        Yes, the obvious answer is to unite around a patently fraudulent mythology that was invented by a Jew. That’s the ticket!

  • Heinrich

    As a former Traditionalist Catholic, is simply cannot bring myself to believe in it anymore. It is a great potential unifying spiritual force for the Alt-Right, and was the religion of Europe during much of European advancement in art, architecture, science, philosophy etc. And it defended Europe against Islam for hundreds of years. However there is simply no reason to believe in its spiritual claims. Not to mention, Catholicism is inherently universalistic.

  • Maple Curtain

    The anti-Christ-ians have no centre, and will, eventually, fall into line once the Church is re-built by the faithful, in whichever form that takes.

    LARPing about wolf spirits making the West or some such nonsense will not carry the day.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      good luck with your efforts to rebuild the church, keep us updated

      Also, let us know if / when it comes up with a pro-white take on the race issue

  • ChippyMcBarkles

    the rise in atheism and Nietzsche being able to say God is dead was not born of some discovery it simply was because the church became too weak to put people to death who spoke against it. Christianity is irrelevant at this point outside of commie Francis fueling the acceleration of European implosion

  • Ghostslider

    If you guys really cared about Hitler and his movement, instead of appropriating them as a pretext for this sham, you would represent him as a pantheist, not as a Christian.

    Richard Carrier’s English translation of Feb. 27, 1942 entry from Picker’s version of the Table Talk is falsified, “this idea” substituting “dieser Sache”, or “this thing”. Carrier even insinuates that Hitler wished for the “expediency of his own Nazi-enforced Social Darwinism”, which is absolute rubbish. “The law of life: Defend yourself” is connected with the following axiom, what is called the law/theory of life: “God helps him who helps himself” in entries Nov. 5, 1941 and Feb. 27, 1942. This same axiom is used or referred to in at least 10 of Hitler’s speeches. In Mein Kampf, he literally said that “permanent struggle was the law of life” and says elsewhere that the eternal laws of life are those of a ceaseless struggle for existence. He reiterates this in a Nov. 12, 1944 speech.

    The fact that people like Carrier and Weronika Kuzniar declare the entire English translation of the Table Talk as worthless due to a few translation differences should be treated with suspicion.

  • Zyzz

    Are there any traditionalist catholic organizations/schools in America?

  • TK

    No idea why any of you think the revival of a Semitic religion will save Europe. Somewhere in Valhalla right now, Nietzsche is saying, “What a bunch of fags.”

  • civiman

    Do these reactionary communities have clergy that are openly on the same page as them, particularly on the France for the French issue?

  • bruno giordani

    Pope Francis, is in fact Pope Mohammed. It is that easy.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Hutton Gibson called Pope John Paul II “Garrulous Karolus the Koran Kisser.”

  • Dominique Nuit

    Excerpt from a letter I had meant to give to a priest . . . .

    “I learned from a French friend with whom I had enthusiastically shared their videos that Les Brigandes are most likely members of an esoteric & anti-Christian cult. It is news that I do not want to believe. Even if the allegations about Les Brigandes are true, however, I think that much can be gleaned from the group’s music & videos, that false & deceitful motivation does not preclude the truth of the artistic-religious statement.

    “Les Brigandes, to my mind, communicate an understanding of Christianity which is (1) ethnocentric; (2) informed by and re-injected with the vigor of the pagan past; (3) closely connected to the land (in their case, a sacralized France); and, most important, (4) able to move the heart and lift the soul. It is this fourth element which makes this Vision of Christianity superior to purely pagan alternatives proposed by most thinkers of the Right. Paganism is overly intellectual, artificial and sterile, and is therefore destined to fail. By contrast Christianity, properly envisioned, can still inspire great emotion and fortify the soul, which is precisely what is needed if we are to produce (and sustain) Charles Martel-like figures to resist Islam and the various migrant invasions.

    “I imagine that you might object to the value that I attach to ethnocentrism. I of course realize that you are the pastor of a very diverse parish, and that you share your ministry with a young African priest. Further, among the coterie of coffee-table participants is Manet (spelling?), who is quite impressive and generous in spirit. Rest assured, it is not my desire to see such individuals excluded from the Catholic Church.

    “Rather, it is a question of restoring strength and cohesion to Europe and the Church together, nothing less than the resurrection of the concept of Christendom. To achieve this project, the Church must give-up its universal and globalizing pretensions. What it loses in spatial extension, it will gain in deepness & expanse of time. Christianity must draw more heavily on pagan spiritual resources, and do so openly and explicitly, to gather the currently “post Christian” European people back into its fold. This “counter reformed” Christianity would be much more rooted in the soil, reaching deep into the European past, before Rome, before Athens, before Jerusalem, before the arrival of the Indo-Europeans, and before the Neolithic. It is a question of recognizing Sol Invictus in Christ. A Christianity deepened & revitalized, yet chivalrous and humane. Morality would be recast in trans-generational terms, duties conceived primarily in relation to ancestors and future progeny, not universally or toward one’s contemporaries at large.

    (Incidentally, this is why the Church’s condemnation of abortion is so ineffectual. How can life be sacred in a world of seven billion people? Rather, abortion is a serious violation of trans-generational morality, a breaking of the bonds of genetic perseverance. This is one reason, among many, for the Christianization of the Roman Empire. The late Romans practiced widespread infanticide. The Jews and early Christians did not. Demographics.)

    “As I said before, whatever their motivations, pure or deceitful, the power of their concept and imagery is undeniable. From the black masks, which elicit feelings of chivalry, and which are the inverse of the hijab, to the presence of young children in “France, Notre Terre” and “Lord, I Don’t Want to Become Charlie,” which reminds of the trans-generational imperative to reproduce the people, this is a music consistent with the objectives of Catholicism. More important, they succeed in re-infusing the pagan into the Christian, in presenting Catholicism as the true composite, the shining amalgam that it was at its height, before it was “reformed” and stripped bare. See the video for “Jeanne,” the bonfire behind the seven maidens as they display the rusted sword of Charles Martel. See the video for “Antichrist,” the tree stumps of a desecrated landscape, and the unconquerable sun from which Christ emerges. Your church is St Michael’s –→ there is a reason that chapels of St Michael were erected in German lands on the sites of shrines to Odin, and in Celtic areas along heliocentric Ley-lines –→ so that the heights would not be abandoned.

    From the opening pages of Jean Raspail’s Camp of Saints, “The last pope had sold out the Vatican. Treasures, library, paintings, frescoes, tiara, furniture, statues–yes the pontiff had sold it all, so Christendom cheered, and the most high-strung among them, caught up in the contagion, had wondered if they shouldn’t do likewise, and turn into paupers as well. Useless heroics in the eternal scheme of things. He had thrown it all into a bottomless pit: it didn’t take care of so much as the rural budget of Pakistan for a single year! Morally, he had only proved how rich he really was, like some maharaja dispossessed by official decree. The Third World was quick to throw it up to him, and in no time at all he had fallen from grace. From that moment on, His Holiness had rattled around in a shabby, deserted palace, stripped to the walls by his own design. And he died, at length, in his empty chambers, in a plain iron bed, between a kitchen table and three wicker chairs, like any simple priest from the outskirts of town. Too bad, no crucifixion on demand before an assembled throng.”

    “The Great Replacement” =

    “France, Notre Terre” =

    “The Return of The Heroes” =

    “Antifa” =

    “Bing! Bang! Bong!” =

    “Etat de Droit” =

    “Let Russia Live” =

    “In Hell” =

    “Unabomber” =

    “Notre Enfance” =

    “Dream of Reconquest” =

    “Chevaucher le Dragon” =

    “Antichrist” =

    “Jeanne” =

  • Dominique Nuit

    It seems that Les Brigandes are members of an esoteric & anti-Christian cult. That they are not in fact Traditionalist Catholics. Even if the allegations about Les Brigandes are true, however, I think that much can be gleaned from the group’s music & videos . . . .

    Les Brigandes communicate an understanding of Christianity which is (1) ethnocentric; (2) informed by and re-injected with the vigor of the pagan past; (3) closely connected to the land (in their case, a sacralized France); and, most important, (4) able to move the heart and lift the soul. It is this fourth element which makes this Vision of Christianity superior to purely pagan alternatives proposed by most thinkers of the Right. Paganism is overly intellectual, artificial and sterile, and is therefore destined to fail. By contrast Christianity, properly envisioned, can still inspire great emotion and fortify the soul, which is precisely what is needed if we are to produce (and sustain) Charles Martel-like figures to resist Islam and the various migrant invasions.

    It is a question of restoring strength and cohesion to Europe and the Church together. To achieve this project, the Church must give-up its universal and globalizing pretensions. What it loses in spatial extension, it will gain in deepness of time. Christianity must draw more heavily on pagan spiritual resources, and do so openly and explicitly, to gather the currently “post Christian” European people back into its fold.

    This “counter reformed” Christianity would reach deep into the European past, before Rome, before Athens, before Jerusalem, before the arrival of the Indo-Europeans, and before the Neolithic. It is a question of recognizing Sol Invictus in Christ. A Christianity deepened & revitalized, yet chivalrous and humane. Morality would be recast in trans-generational terms, duties conceived primarily in relation to ancestors and future progeny, not universally or toward one’s contemporaries at large.

    I tried linking some music videos by Les Brigandes, but this gets detected as “spam.” And to get a true sense of their Christian Vision, you would have to view at least 10 or so of their videos. Too many to link here. So anyone who is interested will have to investigate on their own

  • Virtual Remover

    Oh yeah? Well, I’ve read all of Nietzche and Evola, AND I have an Internet connection I use to type out long-winded screeds like a trve hyperborean. Checkmate, Christcucks.

  • Mario Vratarić

    As a former catholic for 37yrs turned current atheist, I will always jab at the Christ cucks but I welcome all prowhites, Christian or pagan.

  • The altright’s survival depends on its ability to find a way to get along with serious Christians. At the momenet, they’re so contemptuous of us it’s hard to tell the difference between them and the Muslims long-term at times; both hate us, both want us destroyed or at least treated with contempt. It doesn’t add much to confidence.

  • Shrek6

    It is refreshing to finally see something like this appearing on the internet. There are so many prophecies about the Faith renewal of France, that I think it is high time you all started taking note.

    You must however, stay well clear of the Vatican, which to this very day has had 6 Antipopes sitting in the Seat of Peter and is owned by the Freemasons. Plus you must stay away from the SSPX, because they are heretics and schismatics. Also this French Archbishop (Marcel Lefebvre) is a criminal of the Faith. He was a schismatic and led far too many souls away from the Faith. There is even conjecture that he isn’t a properly ordained Priest. Not only the above, the SSPX is now considering coming back into the Vatican II false church.

    The Catholic Church does indeed exist. There is a remnant faithful. The Church is in eclipse as has been prophesied by several Saints and seers over the past few hundred years. The Holy Father is in exile and will not reveal himself until the Great French Monarch has shown himself and who then stands at the head of his army to fight a civil war to rid France of Muslims.

    Your Monarch is living in either Germany or Austria, but is of a very old French royal blood line. According to Catholic prophecy, he will unite France and fight off the Muslim horde, but will then lead the war to rid all of Europe of this plague of evil.

    This Monarch will place himself in the service of the Church and will rule with the power of God behind him.

    You people in France are now paying for your evil. You allowed Communism to come into this world, by allowing your Monarch to be murdered then you allowed the Revolution to occur. This vile stench then spread itself across the globe. You failed to defend yourself against the Freemason horde, just as now the Vatican has been owned and run by Freemasons since the 1958 Conclave when the Freemason Roncalli became Antipope John XXIII.

    It is forbidden for any elected Pope to use the name of a previous antipope. In the 1400s the first antipope John XXIII placed himself in the Seat of Peter, while the true Pope Gregory XII was in exile. To further insult and cause scandal to the modern Church Roncalli used the antipope title of John XXIII just hours after Cardinal Siri was elected true Pope and chose the name of Gregory XVII. He and his family were threatened with death if he walked out on that balcony, so he backed away from the Papacy, but did not resign. Then Satan placed a demon in the Seat of Peter!

    As for you French, you reap what you sow, just as the rest of the Western World is about to suffer for its evil behaviour.

    So expect a lot of bloodshed, but be positive and pray, because France will again become the centre of our Faith and the Bride of Christ will once again dwell within its borders. Keep safe the Holy Land of our Blessed Mothers, mother. Brittany is one of the holiest and most protected lands on Earth, so look after it.

    All people reading this page should understand one truth, which has no grey areas to discuss, no matter what Protestants or Atheists will tell you.

    There is only one Christian Faith on this Earth and there is no salvation outside of that faith. To be Christian, you must be Catholic. And I do not mean the protestant Freemason Catholic that is from Rome!

    Where Peter is, there is the Church. And Peter is most definitely NOT ruling in the Vatican!

  • Kernelp

    Perhaps you are not aware of the work of the catholic ecclesiastical institution in France. My ancestors were Huguenots as were my wife’s. In addition to other massacres of innocent women, children and old people there was the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre on 24 August 1572. Fifty thousand Huguenots were massacred. Our ancestors who lived though the massacre were driven out of France with the last escaping after the Edict of Nantes was revoked by wicked Louis XIV in 1685.

    No, the return of popery to France is not good.

  • John XVX

    Good article Sir. What France needs is to go back to its traditional Catholic roots. It’s the only way out of this mess. The alt-right is an American movement. It is about time you people stop giving importance to the opinion of the anglosphere at large, it won’t lead anywhere. You have a very rich Catholic history and you don’t need the anglosphere. France is not part of the anglosphere. ”White nationalism” is a big joke and ultimately it means the death of all the traditional nations of Europe who are forcefully put together under the banner of ”Whiteness”. No solutions for France (or any European nations) will come from the anglosphere, you have your own language, your own history.

    • Kernelp

      >Good article Sir. What France needs is to go back to its traditional Catholic roots.<

      All popery has ever produced is banana republics,

      Thomas Babington Macaulay
      "From the time when the barbarians overran the Western Empire to the time of the revival of letters, the influence of the Church of Rome had been generally favorable to science, to civilization, and to good government. But, during the last three centuries, to stunt the growth of the human mind has been her chief object. Throughout Christendom, whatever advance
      has been made in knowledge, in freedom, in wealth, and in the arts of life, has been made in spite of her, and has everywhere been in inverse proportion to her power. The loveliest and most fertile provinces of Europe have, under her rule, been sunk in poverty, in political servitude, and in intellectual torpor ; while Protestant countries, once proverbial for sterility and barbarism, have been turned, by skill and industry, into gardens, and can boast of a long list of heroes and
      statesmen, philosophers and poets. Whoever, knowing what Italy and Scotland naturally are, and what, four hundred years ago, they actually were, shall now compare the country round Rome with the country round Edinburgh, will be able to form some judgment as to the tendency of Papal domination. The descent of Spain, once the first among monarchies, to the lowest
      depths of degradation, the elevation of Holland, in spite of many natural disadvantages, to a position such as no commonwealth so small has ever reached, teach the same lesson. Whoever passes in Germany from a Roman Catholic to a Protestant principality, in Switzerland
      from a Roman Catholic to a Protestant canton, in Ireland from a Roman Catholic to a Protestant county, finds that he has passed from a lower to a higher grade On the other side of the Atlantic the same law prevails. The Protestants of the United States have left far behind them the Roman Catholics of Mexico, Peru, and Brazil. The Roman Catholics of Lower Canada remain inert, while the whole continent round them is in a ferment with Protestant activity and enterprise. The French have doubtless shown an energy and an intelligence which, even when misdirected,
      have justly entitled them to be called a great people. But this apparent exception, when examined, will be found to confirm the rule ; for in no country that is called Roman Catholic has the Roman Catholic Church, during several generations, possessed so little authority as in France." “The History of England From the Accession Of James II” vol 1. P 54-55

    • Kernelp

      MICHAEL J. F. MCCARTHY “The Priests and People in Ireland”

      “Protestantism in Ireland, as in all North Europe and North America, enjoys what it possesses by sheer dint of industry, ability, and good living. Those qualities are the dominant note of Protestantism everywhere.” “And to that greatest of lands, that product of a pinch of Puritanic seed wafted across the Atlantic in the Mayflower, and now extending from ocean to ocean, until it embraces every clime and is hospitable to every race, how literally may the parable, enunciated long ago in His voice, be applied to-day ! The United States of America ‘ is like to a grain of mustard seed’ which God took and sowed in His field. And the seed was the God-fearing, truth -loving, falsehood –hating spirit of the Puritan emigrants. And the field was the land of the Mississippi, the Father of Waters. The seed was indeed ‘the least of all seeds’ But, now, when it is grown, it is ‘ the greatest among herbs.’ And it has become a tree, ‘so that the birds of the air’ all the peoples of the earth, ‘come and lodge in the branches.’