The Corrupt Organization Behind #More Than A Refugee

The #MoreThanARefugee campaign bigly backfired on Youtube. Henrik and Lana talk about the corruption of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and David Miliband, who was behind this propaganda piece. The IRC has an annual budget of about $450 million and makes a LOT of money on the refugee crisis. Source:

This is an excerpt from episode 41 of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members. Watch the entire episode here.

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  • Maybe the Jews are trying to ignite a race war, so they can install martial law and have a true new world order. That’s Soros’ grand vision of the world which he flat out admits, a complete new world order (one world government). So if the Jews are not antiicipating a race war, then they still get a new world order via a universal brown population. So I think the way they see it in their view, they win in each scenario.

  • But I just listened to an interview Jared Taylor did where he said whites blaming Jews is like blacks blaming whites for their problems. Jared Taylor can’t be wrong? He can’t possibly be an apologist for Jews because he’s partially funded by Jews and has Jewish contributors which cause him to cover for them and lie?

    • Racial realism is all you need to understand because eventually the JQ will follow naturally.

    • Taylor is right, whites do have agency. We can easily defeat Jews. We have throughout history. But Taylor’s answer is insidious and was only made due to Jared’s desire to appear respectable. I like Jared Taylor but he is a figure of the past, not the future. And we will look at his faults on the Jewish Question with disdain, in contrast to a hero who stood alone in he 1990s like David Duke.

      • No one said whites don’t have agency.

        Racial nationalism lost in WW2. Germans with superior technology lost to Jews and their lackeys. It’s certainly not easy, but it is possible. It’s just a matter of white will.

        The point is Jared is compromised. I do respect his work of course and he is part of the pro-white pantheon.

        I just like to stress to people that we cannot allow Jews to influence our decisions and have political power in our groups and certainly not in a white ethnostate.

        I disagree with Jared’s idea that Jews “look white to me” just as I disagree with Richard Spencer’s absurd quasi-white standards of absorbing millions of multiracial people into the white ethnostate.

        David Duke is one of the good ones even though he has faded into the background now.

        • Taylor’s position Jews has always been maddening. Perhaps a product of the1990s discourse when Jews truly owned the media? But Jared is still a strong huwhite advocate.

          Spencer’s mixed race polemics were only about Mixed race people of Asian descent. If you think about it, it is actually not a radical position. HITLER advocated absorbing mixed raced Jews. To achieve a political victory, Whites can absorb mixed race Asians and fourth generation Hispanics who are functional Americans. Notice who Spencer does not include. Blacks.

          I disagree that figures like David Duke and Pat Buchanan have faded in the background. Like the Roman, Duke and Buchanan saw that the Tiber was foaming with much blood. In the coming years, we will honor David Duke and Pat Buchanan. Remember Teddy Roosevelt’s quote about the Critic. Those two men took ALL the arrows. Buchanan even more so than Jared Taylor, whose position on the Jewish Question is truly shameful.

          • the reason theirs so much variance of opinions on the J.Q is that “jew” isnt a uniform entity. so different people are thinking about different things when they say “jew”. there is no doubt a significant over representation by jews in things harmful to us. jarred has acknowledged that. but theres also jews on our side. even Hitler was a fierce defender of jews who fought for Germany in ww1.

    • That’s why Richard Spencer is the leader of the movement. When journalists asked him will he condemn the “anti-semitism” of the Alt-Right, he flat out said no.

  • I don’t mind the paywall of places like RedIce near as much as I mind having to give them all of my identity to get passed the paywall. What’s with a canuck alt-right site that focuses on American politics and requires a credit card? Just having internet traffic leave the US is enough for the NSA to not be required to abide by the 4th amendment.

  • David Miliband is proof that you can tell a Jew by looking at their weird, misshapen ears. A product of inbreeding. Other Semitic peoples have the same nose but often are not as odd looking as Jews.

    • (((David Miliband’s))) younger brother (((Ed Miliband))) was the leader of the Labour Party in the UK before Corbyn and almost became PM.

      • Ed Miliband never came close to being PM. He was the worst Labour leader since Michael Foot.

        • Oh contraire, before the 2015 General Election it was all back slapping by British media and (((elites))) about how Cameron was done and Labour would rule Britian for a decade like Blair. Cameron, a piece of human garbage for sure, however employed a rather brilliant ad and funding scheme focusing on specific seats, even though his party only won 38% of the vote they received about 56% of the seats, Labour collapsed (mostly in Scotland) and they have wallowed in a similar position ever since (even May’s blunder a few weeks ago gave Labour almost no real power).

          • Almost victory is no victory. Miliband is confined to the rubbish bin of history along with Hillary Clinton.

            What IS interesting is that the Tories made a recovery in the last election despite May’s moribund campaign. That is the first time the Tory decline was stemmed since Thatcher took a wrecking ball to British jobs and industry. A Sign of rising White Identity in Great Britain?

          • This latest election was a realignment of sorts for the UK. However there is no party and almost no political or organizational infrastructure in Britain to propel white identity. UKIP bickered away to irrelevance, the BNP wasn’t much different, I don’t know. Maybe the DUP could pick up the mantle?

          • DUP is like Jobbik, petty nationalist bullshit that pisses off Irish Britons, of which there are millions. British Identitarians need to just capture and control the Tory party. The fact that left wing Scotland is turning Tory is proof that the Tories are now the default “White party” in Britain much like the GOP in America. Remember, the Scottish National Party is totally pozzed multiculti open borders suicides. So is Sinn Fein.

          • I wouldn’t go so far dissing the DUP, especially now that their in the halls of power they might gain a greater consciousness. I would be wary of the effect of Scottish Tories on the Conservative party, they are extremely cucked as well. Pretty much the only thing they’re good on is not letting Scotland become independent, that’s why so many Scots voted Tory, they see the EU is collapsing and don’t want to leave the warm teat of England.

          • I do agree that the DUP has left behind their strident anti-Catholic and anti-Irish rhetoric. The fact that Ian Paisley worked with Martin McGuinness was one of the most shocking events in British political history. But DUP is a regional party with zero appeal beyond Ulster Scots. Our people in America and Britain must read some Gramsci, play the long game, and undertake a long march through the institutions to capture academia and mainstream political parties.

          • They either don’t vote or vote Torie and hope for something. Brexit was the exception

    • Israel is also strengthening their purity laws to make sure those who claim they are Jewish are really Jewish genetically! Oy vey! That would be horrible racism and “another 6 million” in a white country!

      “Jews did nothing wrong.” – Jared Taylor

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