Melissa Mészáros – How Long Will Hungary Resist the Invasion?

Melissa Mészáros returns to Radio 3Fourteen to catch up and talk about recent events in Hungary. We begin by discussing Fidesz, the political party currently in power in Hungary. Melissa explains that Fidesz, thanks to its hardline stance on the migrant invasion, was originally quite popular; their approval rating now, however, has fallen. We then talk about the Left in Hungary, and consider the effect Western media is having on Hungarian culture. This show covers much more, including multiculturalism in America, the Alt-Right, and Trump’s presidency so far.

Melissa Mészáros is an English teacher and YouTuber. Although she was born in America, Melissa eventually returned to her ancestral homeland, Hungary, where she now lives.

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  • I love my Altight fam. You are all I fear I have left. Tried to redpill my children to fast in there mid 20’s they are so much deeper into Marxism then I. Though they will always be my children.. I really fear they are lost for good. I guess I will see if the seeds sprout cracks in the matrix or just continue to sow resentment. Could take years. I had to expose myself as a more conservative person then they remember me. Time is short and I am not doing well. I had to take the chance.

  • Y’all muricans need to go to Budapest and see what a White public transportation system looks like.

    • This.
      Americans wanting to see real European (White) cities can’t go to London or Paris anymore.

      Good thing Budapest is so affordable. You all should take a vacation there.

  • Hungary seems so based, with the UK lost in cultural marxism, degeneracy and migration, it seems an attractive proposition to become a migrant to Hungary. I worry about the future for my four children and want a more traditional environment for them to grow up in.

    • We all worry about our White children. That’s the key because they will be marginalized, discriminated and reduced to the near slave status. Even an elephant knows it. Nevertheless, the French vote for Macron. Macron is the epitome of what is wrong with this world! He is here to destroy, to rot and vomit on the French culture. How stupid is one to vote for Macron!

      • White people are already marginalized, discriminated against, and reduced to near slave status by Western governments. That is why we are taking a stand.

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