Washington Post Attacks Residents of Small White Town in Louisiana

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The Washington Post decided to pick a fight with a small White town in Louisiana and smear them as rubes and racists.

And the MSM still wonders why they lost the election to Donald Trump? Smearing entire rural communities who don’t have megaphones to fight back is the mark of cowards. The Washington Post used an argument based on mendacious statistics to tarnish the white residents of St. Martinsville, Louisiana to paint a bleak picture of rural America. They use an internal poll to conclude that rural black Americans have an opinion percentage of 60% positivity towards rural communities as opposed to 80% for Whites. They use this statistic as the basis for the rest of the article to argue that voluntary segregation is detrimental to happiness (and of course use the basis of this argument to blame the Whites of St. Martinville).

First off, why did the Washington Post not conduct a poll of how blacks feel about living in crime ridden liberal cities? There seem to be no visible statistics on black happiness in cities, however, we do know about black mobility away from northern and coastal cities and moving to the south. Why would blacks voluntarily move to the south from liberal Urban areas if they were happier in these crime infested shitholes? Lastly, 60% happiness in rural areas is still a majority statistic, last I checked.

The article points out the segregation of the town, how one section is majority white and the other area majority black (as if you never see that in cities). Also, it brought up the example of White proms vs Black proms. It seems WAPO has a problem with choice, because I’m sure there are no laws that say there has to be a black and white prom, so obviously the residents have made this choice for themselves. I’m sure the black students could go to the other prom if they wanted to, no law or rule is holding them back, but they choose to be with their own kind. What WAPO has a problem with here is freedom of association. F0rced integration is what they’re pushing, despite people’s natural inclinations to be with their own.

WAPO then goes on to declare a curse on St. Martinsville because of the botched up execution of a convicted murderer:

Local legend says that St. Martinville is cursed as the result of its history of racial injustice. In 1891 — before the failed execution of Willie Francis — the town saw another failed execution when the noose fashioned for Louis Michel, a black political activist, turned out to be too long. Michel, who had been convicted of two murders but said he was innocent, survived long enough to utter a curse before he was hanged a second time. “Until justice is done, the town will not prosper”.

WAPO then delves into the bizarre, arguing that not even a black mayor makes up for the ‘racial injustice’ of the town because he is light skinned:

Nelson, whose light skin and straight hair make his race visually ambiguous, has helped perpetuate racial divisions…

In the comments section, a poster named Tracy Faulkner declares:

One of the best articles to date on racism in America. The comments are eye-opening. Alas, those who should read this, won’t.

You mean the racists? Don’t worry they’re reading and taking notes, Tracy…

The post goes as far as to persecute this town for having its White church have a bigger lawn than the Black church showing a picture of the Black church on a rainy day while showing the picture of the White church with a mostly clear blue sky. A rally against big lawns sounds like the theme of an upcoming Antifa protest.

“Losing out”, is how WAPO sums up the grim prospects of St. Martinsville. Of course, they don’t realize that this despicable hit piece against rural America, and in turn White America, is the exact reason why Americans elected Donald Trump. White Americans are tired of being told they are evil rubes by smarmy coastal elites who live to get high off their own sense of moral superiority.

And the Silent Majority will have its voice heard one way or the other.

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  • I live not far from St. Martinsville, out in the country, and we are all just fine and happy down here. Black or white. We love Louisiana; it’s our home with all it’s quirks. What we DON’T like is a bunch of people who don’t know $h!t from Shinola telling us how awful we are.

  • When is Trump going to send the National Guard to storm the offices of WaPo and repurpose them as a propaganda outlet for the Alt Right?

    • Trump is not the white advocate the Huffington Post claims he is and that we all wish he was. That said, he at least realizes that the mainstream media is a bigger threat to America than the Russians.

  • And the Silent Majority will have its voice heard one way or the other.

    Unfortunately the Silent Majority is soon to become a minority.

    That said, that’s a fine article. It seems no one is being persecuted in that town, the blacks are living with other blacks, the whites with other whites, and they each have their own churches (presumably both of that hated religion, Christianity). This seems about as amicable as things can get in the rural South. So naturally the Washington Post has to come in and try to stir up trouble. There’s a reason decent people despise the Washington Post, and the government it advocates for.

  • It is a safe bet that the editors of The Washington Post all live in 98% white enclaves. The rank and file journalists of The Washington Post probably live in the whitest neighborhoods they can afford, given the high cost of housing in the Washington, D.C. area.

    • An equally safe bet that their contemporaries in the EU will not be opening their homes to erstwhile or ersatz “refugees” with any demonstrable alacrity.

  • “Liberal” anti-white media has two basic objectives:

    1 – Manipulate emotions of women — mainly white women
    2 – Manipulate emotions of blacks — all of them

    This particular article seems to fit in the latter category.

    Now the blacks are probably hopeless, but we should be able to make some progress with white women, through focused educational efforts, without having to resort to full-on white Sharia.

  • Beverly Hills, California is over 60% Jewish, and I’d wager that the goys there aren’t terribly happy, although the Jews probably complain the most.

  • One can only hope that the WaPo’s smug writers end up like the National Guardsman in Walter Hill’s “Southern Comfort.”

  • I don’t want to alarm anyone but Emily Guskin and Abigal Hauslohner, the authors of the anti-white WaPo piece, are both Jewish.

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