In Defense of A Masculine Movement

In the event any of you have noticed the ongoing crusade against me from Greg Johnson and his crew over at Counter-Currents, here is my brief response.

At The Right Stuff’s forums, Greg called me a “sociopath,” “mentally ill,” “alcoholic,” a “womanizer,” and accused me of collaborating with antifa, then confidently declared that the “movement could not become one big happy family again” until Arktos and I were expelled. Never mind the small detail that he had no evidence to back up these accusations: just take his word for it!

He’s since followed up his histrionics by browbeating some of the cucks in his stable into penning follow-up 5000-word essays about what a horrible man I am (four in a row, without any response from me in between, to be exact — two of which have headlines containing the word “truth”, which ought to make anyone suspicious). Latest out is John Morgan’s fairy tale about what a poor oppressed idealist he is and what a mean boss I was to him, actually having him run errands while being employed by me, while I supposedly spent my time partying in my luxurious apartment — that is, when I was not busy translating O’Meara’s New Culture, New Right into Swedish, writing my own book The Real Right Returns, editing other Swedish books, organizing conferences and giving speeches and interviews more times than I can count. Such is the level of Greg’s insecurity that he needs to pressure people around him to publicly take his side against me.

I could have easily done the same. I could have asked Richard Spencer to write a long article praising my twenty years of contributions to the movement and expressing his support for me. I could have also asked my Swedish colleague, Nordic Alt-Right President Christoffer Dulny, to write something in my defense about how the supposed “sabotage” and “doxing” against the Scandza Forum is a fantasy unsupported by any evidence and that, on the contrary, we helped Scandza guests with lodging and congratulated them on a successful conference afterwards. I could have asked any of the other real men in our circles to come forth in my defense.

But I don’t need to do any of that. I am perfectly able to defend myself.

And since most of the contents in Greg’s and John’s articles consist of petty slander I will just focus on the main accusations and ignore the rest.

1) “Daniel Friberg sabotaged Scandza and doxed the organizers.”

Not true and completely unsubstantiated. This has already been briefly refuted above, and I also received this statement from one of the Scandza recruiters who happens to be a friend of mine, Omar Filmersson, which he told me I could publish. After what I can only assume is severe pressure from Greg he 24 hours later asked me not to publish it. I will however publish it anyway, and I assume this will settle this particular matter once and for all:

“Since my statement on Counter-Currents, June 22, where I made the uneasy decision to support my observations with excerpts from a private text conversation, I have been asked to clarify whether I saw actual proof of adverse actions taken against the conference in Stockholm.

As I want to be as accurate and fair as possible: The indication I saw that would suggest that the initial talk of boycott (originally brought up in the mentioned text conversation) was later turned into action was a statement (not by Daniel Friberg) encouraging others to demand their money back from the Forum organizer if they did not change the decision to not invite Daniel Friberg. That statement was published about an hour after the 22.00 deadline, May 16, in the Facebook group for the Nordic AltRight.

From my position as a recruiter I had no other first-hand experience of any actions taken that were hostile to the event.

In this context it may be helpful to quote from a comment I made to my original statement: “[…] [T]he degree to which I support or legitimize statements or perceptions is strictly limited to what I have disclosed in this account (the title is editorial). My purpose for writing the text was to end ongoing speculations (which were damaging people) where only I had first-hand information. […]”

2) “Collaboration with the antifa”

This malicious rumor is also unsubstantiated with evidence. The only “proof” of this claim is two photos of me and former antifa leader Mathias Wåg that I took when infiltrating and doxing the leftists at a nationalist rally in Stockholm on January 30, 2016. At great personal risk, I might add — as I almost got into a fist fight with a close associate of Wåg who was filming nationalists for doxing purposes, before the police intervened. Afterwards I posted photos of several leading leftists on Twitter, including Wåg. Greg knows this, since it has been pointed out whenever he has brought it up in the TRS forum as well as various Facebook groups. That does not prevent him from maintaining this lie and illustrating every article at CC about me with said photos, pushing the narrative that I am some sort of friend of antifa.

3) Charges of “embezzlement”

John and Greg have both accused me of embezzling money from what is effectively my own company, Arktos Media Ltd., of which I’m also the CEO. This has been refuted by me and my colleagues, and considering John Morgan had access to not only our accountant (who obviously had access to our full accounts) and lawyer, who is a close friend of his, and the fact that the initial blackmail-styled letter threatened with both reporting me to the police authorities and filing a lawsuit, no such thing has happened. Where is the evidence of such a grave accusation? And if they didn’t want to spend money on a lawsuit, why have they not reported me to the police — a very simple and straightforward matter that would not cost them anything — considering embezzlement is a criminal offense? I urge them to either present the evidence and report me to the police — or stop pushing this unsubstantiated lie.

4) John Morgan’s role within Arktos

When we founded and registered Arktos Media Ltd. in November 2009, it was meant to serve as a distribution company rather than a publishing company, maintaining our two separate entities (my own “Nordic Publishing” and the two other co-founders’ “Integral Tradition Publishing”). It was only a while later that I pushed for the idea of total integration, effectively resulting in Arktos purchasing the stock and some book rights from Nordic Publishing as well as the stock and book rights from ITP, all paid for with Arktos shares.

The two owners of ITP added the condition that we transfer John’s employment contract to Arktos as part of this transaction — something my Swedish colleague and I agreed to. It is true that he was one of our first employees, and effectively with us from the start, but he was neither a co-founder nor a shareholder (until a year later, when he received a small share bonus on top of his salary). It is also true that John did a terrible job in terms of productivity for as long as he worked for us, and consistently missed deadlines throughout his entire employment, and he was threatened with termination twice before I finally had enough and let him go. In order to get him to tie up loose ends and finish the long overdue manuscript he was working on, as well as facilitate a seamless transition to our new Editor-in-Chief, Jason Reza Jorjani, I later rehired him as a project-based editor (just like our over ten other project-based editors).

But it needs to be repeated that John Morgan 1) was never a “co-founder”, 2) was indeed fired for not doing his job sufficiently (which could be substantiated with screen shots of our conversations if he persists in denying this, although I am hesitant to stoop to the level of publishing private correspondence), and 3) immediately went working for Counter-Currents afterwards, where he is currently a shareholder and Greg’s second in command. And since most of Greg’s accusations against me are derived from hearsay told to him by John Morgan, it is obvious that I am dealing with a disgruntled former employee wanting to “stick it to the man” by defaming my character with the help from Greg.

5) Greg’s role in the attempted coup against Arktos

In our article, “The Attacks On Arktos”, we never accused Greg of trying to take over or sabotage Arktos. We simply point to the things we know. For example, shortly after it became clear that the rest of the management and I had regained complete control of our company and that there was no way forward to remove me, Greg sent me a buy-out offer. I find that a bit too convenient to be a coincidence, but what do I know. The bottom-line is that we leave it up to the reader to decide instead of making claims we can’t fully back up with evidence.

As Omar Filmersson’s piece over at Counter-Currents (archive) states, it was Greg Johnson all along who initiated this conflict by attempting to get me disinvited from the Scandza Forum (though he denied it). Since then we have stated our side of the story and were hoping to leave it at that. However, some people wish to keep the flame war going.

Greg may have started all of this drama but I intend to put an end to this once and for all. Greg has done many great things at Counter-Currents over the years. However, our movement does not have the time to waste reading 5000 word screeds full of baseless allegations and petty name-calling. I will not indulge them further than this brief comment, and will henceforth disregard all slander from them and focus on more constructive work, with Arktos, my upcoming book and to keep building the international Alt-Right infrastructure together with my friends and colleagues in the Nordic Alt-Right and AltRight Corporation.

We need tough men to deal with the conflicts ahead that await our people. For us to become a movement capable of defending our civilization, we need masculine leadership, and we need to get rid of the passive-aggressive castrati trying to pose as our leaders. If we can’t do this, we are truly doomed. The choice is yours.

Daniel Friberg
CEO, Arktos Media Ltd.

Daniel Friberg
the authorDaniel Friberg
Daniel Friberg is a co-founder and editor of He is furthermore an economist from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University who has conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant, business analyst and as a CEO within the Swedish mining industry. He is also co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (Arktos, 2015). (Official Facebook page)


  • No opinion here either. Clearly an intramural feud between Scandza people and DF that got out of the corral. Don’t see why others get dragged into it.

  • Why would Arktos waste 5000 GBP for an audit (money that could be used for important book projects) when the burden of proof is not on the accused, but on the accusers?

    The fact that none of them, after making that threat for blackmail purposes, did report me to the police when I even urged them to do so, says all that needs to be said on the matter. If someone is gullible enough to believe in that accusation, without seeing any evidence to that fact, I’d be happy to let them remain in their fantasy world.

    • You’re the one with the MBA – because of donor and wider community trust. For the good of the movement. Would it really cost just £5000? That’s chump change compared to what’s at stake.

  • If you are calling this short article an “essay”, I believe we have different definitions on what an essay is. 🙂 With that said, I agree about most of what you are saying, and therefore made sure to keep it brief and to the point, while also mentioning I would not post further public comments regarding this counter-productive drama. It is time to move on.

  • And My God

    YOUR GOVT !!!!!!

  • Kick their f**** a** es….

    Buy guns..
    DEFEND YOUR FAMILY….if you must move to Hungary and get an Alliance prepared to fight to the death


  • And that’s exactly why no one is ever going to recruit me. There is no worthwhile leader in this scene anywhere, period. Either the intelligence is missing, the back bone is lacking, or the diplomacy is on par with that of a pre-schooler. Amateurs everywhere, and not a leader to be seen.

    • You shouldn’t be looking for a leader. Leaders emerge organically. That’s the problem with a lot of people. They follow personalities instead of principles. They want a cult of personality.

      Despite what Spencer says, Alt Right is not about him.

      Mr. Friberg is a welcome public ally of Spencer. He’s a much better influence and spokesperson than Spencer’s past associations with queers like Donovan. This is a positive step forward.

      • I think Dicky is the spokesman/leader at this point .. whether he’s a cult personality or not .. I personally find him entertaining and fairly genuine but not ‘leader like’ which is fine.. he’s more of an advocate for the ideals of a pro-white pro-traditional pro-American policy centre.. that’s anti-war anti-interventionism anti-insane immigration policy .. he doesn’t really strike me as someone who is attention-needy and has stamina and humour in good combination.

        • He has literally said that the Alt Right is his and he gets to decide everything. I disagree with this perception.

    • Somehow, HR, I don’t think this is at quite the same level as (let us say) “Faniel Driberg.” Here we have a chance to inject some levity into this potter’s field and you’re dropping the ball.

      • 1) How’s ’bout Retspir Tsicah?
        2) There was no ‘doxing.’ Initially I had ‘Kicked out of Exeter for smoking’ as the mock bio, and Alexandria as current home (more believable than Hong Kong, given this site and all). Now, this other Hipster Racist claims that while these are not HIS details, they were applied to him by some ex-girlfriend or other person who claimed to be exposing him a few weeks ago. He’s even written it up on one of his 17 blogs. Apparently I’m supposed to be in cahoots with the ex. VERY CRAZY drama, WAY beyond you and Greg!

      • 3) Oh and lastly Daniel, on a parallel matter: way ^^ up there, somebody named Dulny or some such posted a screencap of a private posting from Sven Sontag (aka ‘Seventh Son’). If Sven wants to comment via Disqus, that’s his business, but others should not be permitted to post someone else’s confidential remarks made in the TRS Forum. Bad juju, bad etiquette.

        Word to the wise… Capisce? Please take that down. 10Q

    • I doxed a university campus reverend who was leading a ‘refugee resettlement response coalition’ in my town .. no biggie…

  • When ye fight with a wolf of the pack ye must fight him alone and afar,

    Lest others take part in the quarrel and the pack is diminished by war.

  • Guys who are new and don’t understand the history of Greg Johnson don’t realize what a vicious snake he is. Go over to his website and you can see his messages about Mr. Daniel Friberg. Greg obviously has a nasty, dark side to him and goes out of his way to try to hurt people beyond what is in self-defense. He’s a sadistic faggot, even though to the general public he puts on a nice, cultured, intellectual facade.

      • That speaks to your character, sir. You obviously do genuinely want to be prosocial and come to an understanding to move things forward. Greg Johnson does not. He’s over there saying you’re a spiritual Jew and wants to ban you from the movement. That is antisocial and destructive behavior.

        Greg Johnson is a narcissistic type who thinks that this movement is about him and his ego. It’s not. This is about our people and our survival as a race and culture.

        If we’re going to win we must cooperate as individuals and form an international white alliance.

  • I don’t know the details of the feud, I generally read both AR and CC websites and buy books from both. So, hopefully everyone has spoken their piece and both sides can get back to producing great content, significant intellectual works, and leading our movement. I just finished ‘The Real Right Returns’ and am looking forward to reading more from Arktos’ catalog.


    • “Site Lock” is something you are seeing on someone else’s wifi, like in hotels. It’s something businesses have configured themselves and there isn’t any way around it except for people to mass complain to management.

      If you put “” in the search string that should significantly improve your search results.

    • They made a post about it saying that message is because their server is busy and they need more funding to expand, etc.

          • I’m just bantzing Hipster, it ain’t me. I only troll liberals, Jews, and cucks, not Alt Righters, even one of the SWPL variety.

          • Hey I’ve had “right wing” Jews spoofing my accounts, stalking me online, whining about me to mods, on reddit, twitter, and every other platform for years now. I’m a freaking celebrity over at Hasbara Headquarters.

            Check out – your boy, Joshua Goldberg, was one of the mods on the reddit hasbara forums ratting on me as a “waaaaysis anti-seeemite,” when he wasn’t posting on your favorite website and working for Rita Katz at SITE.

            I’ve got three spoofers on Twitter, two on wordpress. You won’t be the last I’m sure. Obviously I’m doing something right, otherwise, why bother?

          • Also the lame attempt at doxing me is completely inaccurate as well. Exeter? LOL. The Alexandria thing is a dead giveaway- found the hit piece on me by some little floozy I knew in NYC for like three months who’s been obsessing over me for – gosh what has it been, ten years now? Between her and McZOG (another sockpuppet? Or is it Harley?) I’m literally a CIA agent who sells cocaine to rich women when I’m not working for the Defense Department.

            Gosh I wish my real life was that exciting! Write some 50 shades stuff and they crawl out of the woodwork.

          • No, no, I think you were selected more-or-less at random. Same with the Exeter biz. Would have said Phillips Academy but people would only recognize Andover, and I was too pedantic for that, so Exeter it was. Don’t know your NY girlfriend and haven’t read your hit piece. But as Yehudah sez you should feel flattered.

          • More or less at random, by you, you think. And your profile “just happens” to include false information about me included in a recent dox attempt on me.

            And you seem to know Finkelstein here, suggesting he’s Alex Linder.


        • Nothing malicious, you just happen to weigh in on the highly contentious AR vs. CC topic using my name and avatar and you “just happen” to appear to know all about it (which I don’t, have no clue about any of it.) So that means you are some movement trash, stirring up trouble, and decide to try to implicate me in it, even though I have nothing to do with it.

          You and Finkelstein are either the same person or boyfriends, apparently. Sit next to each other at Hasbara HQ?

          Exeter and Alexandria, huh?

          • I don’t knowingly know Yehudah, but it’s entirely possible we all three have crossed paths or bent elbows together. I might well be trash, but not Movement trash. I don’t think the AR v CC topic is particularly contentious. I assure you, you know about as much as I because there isn’t much to know. You just have a few excitables getting their sprinkles burbled. I am so much in the dark I don’t even know how you got the Exeter and Alexandria, random profile info I put in but don’t see now.

          • No, it is not possible that you, Finkelstein, and I have ever crossed paths before, even though it’s obvious you are familiar with my handle, you are familiar with attempts to dox me, and now you are attempting to implicate me in this AR/CC thing which I have absolutely nothing to do with.

            YOU included Exeter and Alexandria in your own profile, and now you’re playing dumb? Nothing “random” about it, you chose to target me. My life may not be all that exciting but you must be bored out of your mind to stalk and troll little old me.

          • OK, we’ve switched the avi to Jack Paar, your favorite talkshow host. I kid you not. Now what’s the skinny on you and Phillips Exeter? Are you saying somebody ELSE put you at Exeter? Can you point me to this attempted doxing? All I know of you is a Don Adams avi and some Skynet blog you have.

  • As an outsider there are two obvious things that make me side with Daniel.

    1. Greg started it despite having no personal grievance. This fits his well established drama queen profile and the narrative of him trying to shoulder in on arktos itself or its market share.

    2. He continues to lie about the Wag connection and to lash out at those who point out its absurdity.

  • Unlike the other accusations, ‘passive-aggressive castrati’ is not really actionable because no one knows what it means or expects it to be true. It’s like cowards who hide behind sarcasm and ‘irony.’

  • You’re wise to cut ties, just ignore the complainers, they probably aren’t familiar with the history.

    The facts speak for themselves. After burning all sorts of bridges with the old movement, he found the perfect opportunity to get in with some WN 2.0 rising stars who also happened to be FAG ENABLERs. But in the end he managed to burn those bridges too.

    Hopefully people will learn a lesson from this and be a little less trusting of sexual deviants who make everything about their fetish.

  • I can’t believe the ladies are still spitting at each other. NO ONE CARES. Can we get our heads in the game please?

  • Arguing on the internet is like competing in the special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

      • I think he’s just jealous he isn’t being included in the inner sanctum/clubhouse stuff.. he really has to grow a set and stop the infighting .. like Ricardo Duchesne says .. Europeans are famous for fighting with one another .. white Europeans are a scrappy bunch…

    • hey those Special Olympics people really fucking rock it hard .. don’t bash them on the internet, fool.

  • this bitching really needs to stopp! Both of them have good points and, from an outside point of view, it is absolutly no way to really finde out who is right here. Both sides got their pretty valid story. OK!

    Both sites and publishers are doing great jobs. We dont have to be all friendly but this bitching around and specially the boycotting, defaming and damaging the other is a typical left wing method.

    Nothing in the world that i hate more.

    Over at CC litarally everybody now told their view of what happend. I hate the fact that Morgan throwing dirt on the history of Arctos like a fucking lefty whore! But seriously, please Mr.Frieberg! It is good now. Do what you said here and end it!

  • You people really all need to bury the hatchet. Most of us are sick of this. “It wasn’t ME, it was THOSE people, they’re twisted perverts, hurr durr.” Just stop it.

  • I repeat what I said in a previous post about this same subject: Friberg and Johnson should put on the gloves, enter the ring and solve this like men. This soap opera drama through front page articles is tiresome.

  • This is gossip. Just like Spencer bitching about Milo. It won’t help the huwhite cause in any way.

  • I have read no more than three sentences from any article related to this little feud on or Counter Currents. The more that appear, the less I read.

  • I like Counter-Currents but out movement is in a very fragile stage right now can afford NO infighting. There needs to be some kind of truce declared.

  • Using this platform to engage in such nonsense is beyond getting old … take it offline.
    Richard et. al. this is a stupid use of this platform.

  • a “sociopath,” “mentally ill,” “alcoholic,” a “womanizer,” Great attributes for leader…. I.E. Winston Churchill

    • Ooo, Greg got Daniel on that one! Greg will never be accused of being a womanizer.

      Sounds like your typical lame fag insult. They also like to call us “breeders” as if that’s a bad thing.

  • Well said. This episode really does not reflect well on the Counter-Currents crowd.

    Reading this piece, as well as John’s article from yesterday, I kept picturing Greg Johnson in the background grinning like Cheshire Cat, ready to pounce.

    Fomenting strife and intrigue is a way for certain people to take advantage and profit from these situations. Some people feed off conflict, inserting themselves at the right moments.

    Whenever there’s a controversy within the movement, a certain someone is bound to show up.

    John seems a good chap, but he allows himself to be dominated by stronger men.

    • Most of it is really jealousy. Never underestimate the motivation jealousy and spite have with women and fags. Greg hates that Daniel and Spencer are more popular than him and his boyfriends.

  • Mr. Freeberg, I would have just sent them a private certified letter that it’s clear they’re engaging in defamation of character and have no proof of any of their claims and you advise them to cease and desist any attacks (without threats), something like “as I’m within my rights to pursue this matter further if I am compelled to further actions on your part.” I don’t advise threats of lawsuits directly in words as that could be considered extortion. But demanding a public apology would be exactly where I’d go from the get go. When you defend allegations and accusations you often say things that can be used against you or give them reason to think you’ve attacked and accused them. Nothing does more work than one certified letter. And as you know you write the letter as if you’re writing the judge himself. As all certified letters are written to be presented to the courts should you not get your wish.

  • One thing that you still didnt address is the screencap of Wags’ post saying “Im with you Daniel.” or something along those lines.

    • Oh, there were plenty of other things I did not address as well, since I didn’t want to write a 5000 word essay hardly anyone would read. And that screencap was made in bad faith, as it was obvious that Mathias Wåg just posted that comment to fuel the flames, since he is delighted with this infighting and wants to feed the narrative. He is not on my friends list and I deleted the comment and made the post for friends only within a matter of minutes. Does anyone believe for real that a former antifa leader in Sweden would post such a comment if Greg’s narrative was indeed true and I *was* collaborating with him? Some accusations are just too ridiculous to address.

    • People can have friendships across political lines. It’s not unheard of you know. It doesn’t automatically mean one of them is a covert op.

    • As far as I am concerned, that is exactly what I intend to do from now on. However, considering they just kept hammering me with four hit-pieces in a row, a final response was deemed necessary. I kept it as short and mild as possible, focusing only on refuting the worst accusations.

        • They were not. We have commented on this issue in three articles, following a few weeks of constant attacks from Greg posting unsubstantiated allegations in Facebook groups and the TRS Forum (which eventually got him banned).

          • No hit pieces published here? i guess no critical commenters have been banned, either.

          • Well, weren’t there two pieces published here and several facebook posts from your side before Greg finally responded? Considering the attacks on Greg and John in the second article I can’t see that they had much of a choice but to respond, just as you couldn’t ignore the accusations they later made against you.

            It’s great if you end this battle now which noone gains anything from. The only thing you can win is to weaken each other which in the end is to weaken the movement which both of you are a part of.

          • Greg Johnson is a homosexual. There are many homosexuals at Counter-Currents publishing. When a cat attacks you it’s not a cat fight.

          • Proof? If you’re going to call schoolyard taunts you’d better be ready to back them up. If you have a legitimate criticism, that’s another deal entirely.

          • Well Matthew Heimbach called Richard Spencer and NPI’s conference a gay-mafia. And Spencer brough Jack Donovan in as the jewel of the evening. So I don’t think the “those other guys are all gays” thing is really a winning strategy when defending Spencer and co. Its not really the anti-gay party over here either…

    • I want to see it end and it can end right here. Daniel gave Johnson and CC an escape route. They should take it and focus on producing content.

    • Somebody with a clue. Glad to see I’m not the only one who notices that the ‘Alt-right’ is one big soap opera of catfighting, backstabbing, and trolling each other. No wonder the movement goes nowhere and accomplishes so little. Weak men indeed!

      • It’s definitely accomplishing something. The needle has been moved and that is a tremendous achievement. The alt-right is the ONLY movement actively fighting for the survival of the West and European people against relentless destructive forces. My point was that we don’t need to know the ins and outs of disagreements that all movements go through.

  • Homos are drama queens – it defines everything about them. No room for homos in any serious WN movement.

    • Good that you don´t refer to factual issues but go ad hominem. So the reader can easily gauge the value of your statement.

      • Actually, Sunshine, I’ve made a generalization based upon pattern recognition – the method of all human learning and the mode of serious discourse.

        Ad hominem? Well, that Johnson fellow fits the pattern of homo drag queen. Every non-fag who’s read his blog can see that he’s a high maintenance drama queen.

        Go watch another video of one of your “Pride” parades, and then try to convince anyone that homos aren’t drama queens.


        • omg omg omg YOU WON THIS ARGUMENT! You are SOO clever! The entire audience reading here understands that!

        • “Actually, Sunshine, I’ve made a generalization based upon pattern recognition through observation”

          Calling people “Sunshine” sounds awfully gay.

    • Fags have no place in the White Nationalist movement. Period. End of story. Fags in the movement are a joke at best (like the ‘übermanly’ [sic] faggot Donovan) or a shame at worst (that bizarre faggot freak James O’Meara).

      Now, I don’t have any evidence about Johnson being a fag but certainly his behavior is that of a effete drama queen, and there are so many rumors about him being a fag that certainly makes one wonder…

    • you know how many great fighters are gay? why do some many men care about other people’s cock? obviously there is no room for any freaks but why do I have to read about fags everyday when it has nothing to do with anything

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