Bret Weinstein: Jewish Progressive, White Supremacist

Despite being such a shining beacon of progressive values, there exists a deep, seedy underground of hatred and racial supremacism at Evergreen State College.

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  • “Bret Weinstein: Jewish Progressive, White Supremacist”

    What???? WWHHATT??? Man I’m happy I didn’t see this 2 months ago and replied.

    Anyone who believes that shit literally has no actual knowledge of the man. Hilarious. But I won’t make an argument, we all know that will be pointless lol.

  • Since the subject is Jews and since Trump is in Europe I post a comment related to it.

    The Holocaust remains the ONLY part of history no one is allowed to debate or discuss. It is forbidden.

    By 1989 the official number killed in Auschwitz was dropped from 4 million 500 thousand to 700 thousand.

    The Red Cross was allowed into all the camps during the war and by the permission of Adolf Hitler. The Red Cross have their own numbers.

    The Prosecution and the Defense in the Nuremberg Trials never asked the Red Cross to be witness. The attorneys representing the German Government were appointed by the allies.
    Since 1945 no discussion or debate is allowed over this single issue. Nazism died in 1945, communism thrived to this day. Communism killed well over a 100 million.

    Under Stalin 66 million were killed, 20 million Ukrainians and around 46 million Russians. Under Mao over 60 million Chinese were killed by other Chinese during the Great leap forward & the Cultural Revolution. Marxists killed a quarter of Cambodia’s population under the Khmer Rouge.

    During the cold war between the Communist Soviet Union and NATO there were many hot wars including the Korean wars, Vietnam, Koso wars, to Middle Eastern wars which claimed a few million more lives.

    Communist China brutally annexed Tibet destroying 6 thousand monasteries which held the sum total of Tibet’s culture, history and Religion. Yet all the genocides of Communism is pushed aside for an endless drum beat on Germany’s third Reich.

    We can even discuss openly the Armenian genocide that killed 2 million Christians by Muslim Turks but we dare not discuss the Jewish “holocaust”.

    We can discuss the holocausts of Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, London, or even the 10 to 12 million German citizens killed by the end of world war 2 including those death trains Germans faced… but not the Jewish Holocaust.

  • Oy vey! The Jewish golems are turning on their masters and now Jews run to whites for help and feign innocence! “We didn’t know they would turn on us! They’re supposed to attack the white goyim!”

  • I never considered the possibility of weaponizing anti-white hatred against their (((kind))). It would be great sport to watch them cannibalize their own.

  • It’s certainly interesting that most nonwhites tend to regard Ashkenazi jews as being white. The Chosen must have a really hard time on those rare occasions when they end up in prison. The dindus see them as prime targets for ass-rape since they consider them white, while the neo-nazi Aryan Brotherhood skinhead types won’t protect them since they see them as nonwhite.

    • I would have continued to believe so had I not been red-pilled and then exposed to several of them. We are cattle to them. Literally/ I heard it explicitly articulated. but non-whites, why, they are the salt of the earth. The world would be a grand place without the white people, says the Jew professors.

      I do not forget. And I will be among them, because I will not let the Jew deny my pursuit.

    • That needs to be ended. There are literally hundred, if not thousands, of examples of Jews saying “muh fellow white people” one minute and then calling for the extermination of white people the next minute.

      They may have the same skin tone, but they are NOT us. We are better than that. We do not seek to destroy and subvert. WE seek to make our little slice of the world a better place for our children.

      • Need to fight fire with fire. We must be offensive with Jews just like they have been on the offensive with us. Defensive wars are terrible wars to fight.

    • A bunch of rabbis and Orthodox Jews got busted in NJ on big time fraud charges (medicaid, SS, etc.). They swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars while living in McMansions in a ritzy area of NJ. I will love to see what happens to those kikes in prison.

  • Well, well, well now. So jews are white supreeemacists too hey. Looks like someone is gonna have their privilege checked. I guess we can call this ideological blowback for the chosen people. You done fu#cked up son.

    • The shitskins always turn on their white liberal allies, they hate jews more than whites and despise cuck whites more than normal ones. I’ve seen it time and time again.

  • I love how Leftists fight ‘White Supremacy’ by using their institutional tyranny to discriminate against whites and only whites. How Tolerant of them.

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