Weimerica First: You’re Fired, Whitey!

“It is not enough just to elect your candidates. You must keep the pressure on. Radicals should keep in mind Franklin D. Roosevelt’s response to a reform delegation, “Okay, you’ve convinced me. Now go on out and bring pressure on me!” Action comes from keeping the heat on. No politician can sit on a hot issue if you make it hot enough.”–Saul D. Alinsky Rules For Radicals

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is making a special trip to the U.S.A. on his “Pilfering of American Jobs” tour which starts on Monday. He will be specifically meeting with President Trump and other dignitaries to ensure that the needs of the Indian people both foreign and domestic are being met. Modi is specifically hoping to reaffirm and strengthen the United States’ commitment to outsourcing thousands of American jobs while importing over 45,000+ Indian workers every year via various visa programs, with most coming specifically from H-1B. Trump spoke boldly during his campaign about these practices using harsh terminology and even made some executive orders that favored American workers like,”Buy American and Hire American”, but has recently softened his stance on the matter. So now, Modi is seizing the opportunity to ensure that no White people will never have another STEM job in the U.S.A. again.


According to the American Immigration Council, nearly 25% of STEM jobs in the United States are filled by foreign-born workers who are primarily from India. And that number doubles to over 50% when you are specifically talking about Ph.D.’s. That means in less than a decade White Americans will not possess any STEM jobs if this trend continues (feel like singing the Star-Spangled Banner now?). We, Whites, are stuck in the middle of the kosher sandwich of Affirmative Action at one end and the Corporatocracy visa program at the other.

Why are Indians so sought after; they must be really smart, right? Hardly, the average IQ of Indians is at or below 85. They are one full standard deviation below us on the IQ scale. If it were not for the Aryan invasion, it would be even lower. That means that some guy in White Afghanistan waiting tables at a coffee shop is as smart or smarter than most of these imported Ph.D. professors from that Third-world hellhole, where indoor plumbing is considered a luxury. Yeah, that’s right; drink that in for a minute.

The reason these corporations like to hire Indians and use them in the indentured servitude of the H-1B program is that Indians are basically the same type of ant people as the Chinese, but even more corrupt. In fact, Indians were found to be the most corrupt people in Asia. The country, itself, is not a high trust, honest place to do business like most White countries are. They have made a national past-time out of ripping people off.

Indian corruption knows no bounds. Those Ph.D.’s that they all seem to have are probably forged, unearned, or fabricated. Indians are known for faking their academic credentials or just outright cheating. We all could easily have Ph.D.’s tomorrow if we bribed the right people in India. That is an especially scary black-pill for the next time you have an encounter with an Indian doctor.

If we look at Gypsies (who are Indians genetically), we see how little the effect of being in the cradle of European civilization for over 800 years has helped them. They are known as the biggest group of thieves and con artists that Europe has ever seen. The Gypsies were a huge reason why Romania and Bulgaria had difficulties being accepted to the E.U.  The Gypsies find themselves smack-dab in that same sweet spot of the 85 IQ range, which is known to have the highest rate of recidivistic criminal activity for human beings when compare to all others. Getting the picture?

Some Vibrant Diversity and Cultural Enrichment from Gypsies in Romania.

Also have you considered just how much access to our personal information these Indians have? Indians whether here or abroad have your social security numbers, health records, banking information, credit card transactions, email histories, and text messages.  All of which are not protected by U.S. laws and regulations because all of the information is stored in, you guessed it, India. Where do you think those Cloud storage servers really are located? Definitely not in Kansas.

Now, there are people out there fighting against these sleasy activities. One such patriot of the American worker is an attorney from Florida named Sara Blackwell. She is a fiery vixen who is famous for suing the Disney corporation for discriminating against American workers in favor of these Indian usurpers. She has a reputation for going full Khaleesi on the Corporatocracy. And although she is definitely not Alt-Right, she deserves our respect and admiration for her endeavors because she could have easily cucked-out and sold her soul for quick riches like so many others before her.


Undoubtedly, I am aware that many of you hate when I criticize Trump, which I completely understand. But bear with me. Think about it this way, if we do not criticize him when he deserves it, then what incentive does he have to listen to us or do what we ask? Trump bought us 4 years to organize against our enemies and although I do not consider Trump an ally, for the most part I have to be fair to the man. I do however want him to start delivering on his campaign promises.

When that dunce George W. Bush uttered the words, “you’re either with us, or against us“, most of us shuttered with disgust; nevertheless, those words may be apropos for the Alt-Right’s future relationship with Trump from here on out. We did not vote for Jeb Bush; we voted for a man that was going to stand for America first, above all else. And although we did not agree with Candidate Trump on all of his platforms, we cut him slack because we thought that we were going to get much more of our agenda through when compared to that lunatic Hillary Clinton.

Trump ought to know that Indians are the highest paid ethnic group in the U.S.A, and this is not because they have organically earned the accomplishment through hard work and merit. It is simply because the POZ’d government of this country has bent over backwards to make it happen. If Whites were given half the help as the people from the subcontinent were given, I am 100% sure that we would easily double their income levels without a doubt. Instead, our government takes ever measure to guarantee that we get second-class status in our own country, and helps out those who are not even American citizens.

To make matters worse, Indians overwhelmingly vote for the anti-White coalition known as the Democrats. Indians are known as the Asian group most likely to identify as Democrats. That’s why Obama was so happy to support this import scheme throughout his presidency. President Obama was a huge proponent of screwing over Whitey and supporting the American oligarchy’s kleptocracy, and since Indians are as corrupt as human beings can be, they were and still are completely on board with his agenda.

President Trump, I hope that you are listening.



  • India is a country of haves and have nots. The IQ is not 85 of Indo Aryans. They are the original Aryans unlike some of those that claim to be. Due to the caste system, they are purer than White Americans that are mixed between various Europeans, including Italians (Etruscans), Spanish (Moors), Native Americans, etc.

    If they were so stupid, they would not hold top positions of extremely well performing companies. There are NO handouts for Indians in this country, in fact they suffer from the affirmative action system just as much if not more than White Americans because not only are they (and other Asians), of different ethnic/cultural backgrounds than the mainstream (which subjects them to their own inherent prejudices), they have to work very hard to get into good universities, the same way White kids do. Affirmative action, diplomacy or liberal corporate culture doesn’t land one in the top spots in multi billion dollar companies that are extremely scrutinized at all angles by investors. Performance and merit do.

    A quick rundown: The CEO of Google, Microsoft, Pepsi-Co (which includes Pizza Hut, Pillsbury and Taco Bell), MasterCard, co founder of Cisco, founder of 5 hour energy drinks, owner of Range Rover and Jaguar and many other billion dollar companies are headed by Indian-Americans. The number 2 (or 3) in Berkshire Hathaway is an Indian guy. There are many more examples. You pointed out that Indian Americans are the highest reported earners. Well that means they are also going to be the, or at least one of the, highest taxpayers for everything that our taxes pay for here.

    Additionally, in terms of being on welfare, contemporary European (except British) immigrants have a higher probability of being on welfare than Indian immigrants (Pakistanis and Chinese are more likely to be on welfare than Indians) according to a report by the Pew Center. So you cannot generalize or lump together all immigrants.

    I think the best thing we all can do, including Alt-Right/White Nationalists can do is to recognize facts and educate ourselves.

    I recognize the above does not fit your narrative of “Indians stealing jobs.” But shouldn’t the blame rest with MNC’s and not the workers? And really, shouldn’t the blame rest with us, American consumers in the incessant push for cheaper and cheaper products and services?

    I recall when PCs were selling for $3,000-$4,000 in the 1990’s. Customer services was US based. Fast forward years later and PC’s are selling for $299 and CS is offshore. How do you expect companies like Dell to sell you a PC for $299 and still make a profit and please investors? The costs have to come from somewhere. Same thing with manufacturing. US manufacturing is at an all time low. Why? The push for cheap Chinese products.

    I’m sure all of you on here are WalMart shoppers – why? Do you realize Walmart is probably the largest single contributor to Chinese manufacturing as far as American retailers go? They pay very little to the American worker.

    What about the gas guzzling trucks you drive? How much Saudi Arabian/Qatari/etc. fuel are you buying? Remember 9/11? What about the millions (or billions?) of dollars given to Pakistan each year so that they can support the Haqqani/Taliban network? What about Israel? Last I checked India does not get any money from us.

    I do not think its fair (or logical) to simply blame others when the actions many of us take directly result in everything we may hate.

  • many come here, get cushy government jobs they can never be fired from, then get a GRANT to open a quicky mart or liquor store. meanwhile they think having an engi degree from india is what makes them smart and successful

        • Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (“National Patriotic Organisation”)

          an Indian right-wing, Hindu nationalist, paramilitary volunteer organisation that is the parent organisation of the ruling party of India, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Founded in 1925

  • If there is any nation that must break up it is India. New Delhi controls the lives of 1 billion 200 million. Only then there is a good chance the new nations can lift the people of each nation up.

    South India was never under New Delhi or any northern power till the British Empire. The British made New Delhi the seat of power over many nations now called India.

    At the time of Independence the Tamil party called the Justice Party under Periyar Ramasamy wanted the South to be an independent nation. The Justice Party proposed that India be divided into
    Dravidistan (South India)
    Bengalistan (Bengal and Bangladesh)
    Hindustan (land that does not belong to the above 3). At first the Mahatma, Jinnah, Patel and the British agreed with him but at the end created a homeland for the Muslims but not for the Dravidian.
    Right now India has close to 114 Separatist movements, the largest number in the world. The Maoists are a Marxist militant group who wants to end the government of India and replace it with a Marxist -Communist government. they are not one of the Separatists since they want change within the system. This is also in that book

      • I checked Perry’s book on India and it is incomplete. He gives a summary as to why India is a failure, but his basic knowledge of the history of South Asia is not there.
        Without a basic knowledge of the history and cultures of South Asia one fails to make a good case about failures and reasons to dissolve.
        One example is any mention of South Indian Empires such as the Chola and Vijayanagar Empires. That is vital to give reasons for the independent face of south India to reasons for her independence.

  • Prime Minister Modi & the BJP, the RSS, and the Shiv Sena
    They make the “Trimurti” of Hindu militant Nationalism. For Hindutva (Hinduness) to Hindu Rastra (Hindu world) to Hindustan
    The RSS Doctrine mimics aspects of Nazi Germany. They have thousands of training camps across India.

    The Kar Sevak (Male Volunteers) and the Durga Vahini (Female Volunteers) train in these camps dressed in Khaki pants and white shirts with a bamboo stick while learning martial arts.
    They are a potent Hindu Militant organization. The Shiv Sena are involved in Conversion especially re-conversion back into Hinduism of low casts who converted to Islam or Christianity. Many are forced to convert.

    It was the RSS under the rule of the BJP that tore down the 16th century Mosque in the city of Ayodhya with the force of 150 thousand RSS Kar Sevak. that resulted with Pakistan destroying a few 11th century Hindu Temples in Pakistan. They wanted to do the same with another Mosque in the city of Mathura but were stopped.

    When Modi was Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat over 2 thousand Muslims were killed in a progrom style attack by RSS cadres.
    (Page 163 with illustrations in “India Shattering the Illusion. Birth of New Nations. Kashmir to Elam” by Columbus Falco

      • I can see where you are coming but Myanmar and India are different. The Buddhist order is driving out the Bangladeshi Muslims who settled in that nation a while back while in India the Hindu militant nationalism is against any other faith including Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Muslims.

  • I like Sri Lanka so I will write a bit about her:
    Sri Lanka is the oldest Buddhist nation in the world around 300 BC the son of Emperor Ashoka, the monk Mahinda and his daughter the nun Sanghamitta came to Sri Lanka at different times with him giving that land the Buddha’s tooth and she giving a sapling of the Bo Tree under which the Buddha reached enlightenment.

    One of 2 ancient nations to have an unbroken written history of herself. the other being China. All other kingdoms and and “nations” had gaps in their written history.

    1st century BC King Vattagamini has the Tipitaka (Buddhist Bible) written down and gave the Buddhist world the written Tipitaka. That is as significant as Vatican putting into writing the Catholic Bible. (22 thousand pages- the Bible is 1700 pages)

    -Some of the largest monuments in South Asia. The Jetavaranama Dagoba is 400 feet high and around 70 feet shorter than the tallest of the 3 Pyramids of Giza. with 93 million bricks it remains the largest brick structure in the world.

    -Even with over 100 rivers, the thickest jungles in Asia (more vegetation per square foot than any other place in Asia and 10% of Asia’s elephants) the ancient kings built massive dams and irrigation systems. First hospital only dedicated to man– in the town of Mihintale. 9 specialized hospitals in the ancient capital of Anuradhapura.

    -One of the oldest Hydraulic civilizations in the world. King Parakramabahu once said “let not a drop of water go to the ocean without first serving man”. 1 of 25 biodiversity hotspots in the world.

    and Sri Lanka is truly a paradise. Highest standard of living in South Asia. 98% literate for both genders, 76 years for both genders, jaw dropping island paradise. Also was called Ceylon, Serendip (that is where the word “serendipity” comes from), Taproban, Island of gems.

    -Sir Henry Ward former Governor of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) said:

    “It is possible, that in no other part of the world are there to be found within the same space, the remains of so many works of irrigation, which are, at the same time, of such great antiquity, and of such vast magnitude as Ceylon. Probably no other country can exhibit works so numerous, and at the same time so ancient and extensive, within the same limited area, as this Island.”

        • I’m more knowledgeable about China, other than the raj and mogels don’t know much about India. Read the Mahabharata

          • India defined the face of Asia east of her. Because of Buddhism and because Buddhism took so long before it left the subcontinent a good deal of Indian culture went with Buddhism to East Asia
            To put things in perspective Buddhism reached China in the 2nd century AD or 800 years after it was born in India. Reached Japan in the 6th century AD or 1100 years after its birth.
            That is a lot of reading to read the Mahabharata. In its original text this poem is 100 thousand stanzas making it the longest epic in the world.
            10 times the Odyssey and the Iliad combined.
            The Ramayana is 8 times the Odyssey and the Iliad

          • Buddhism in China was influenced by Daoism hence Chen Buddism which was transported to Japan where it became Zen. I read an English probably abridged version of the Mahabharata, tried to read the Quran, couldn’t get past ten pages, too stupid

          • Zen Buddhism was also a product of India. Bodhidharma an Indian Buddhist traveled to China and at the Shaolin Temple his morning exercises were interpreted and made into the martial art of Kung Fu by the priests of the Shaolin Temple.
            Bodhidharma traveled to Japan and was written up as the “blue eyed devil” and the founder of Zen Buddhism.
            From the face of the Buddha to the concept of the Pagoda are from India.

          • I tried reading the Koran and so far not been too successful. I can only read abridged versions of the Mahabharata & the Ramayana.

          • Buddhism was in India from 500 BC to 1200 AD or 1700 years. That is 300 years longer than the life of Islam (700 AD to present).
            Yet in the following 800 years India completely forgot about Buddhism
            Islam and Hinduism were at each other during this time.
            One of the main reasons Buddhism died by 1200 ad was because Hinduism battled Buddhism in India for over a thousand years. Buddhism was almost dead except for a couple of major sites such as the (buddhist) university of Nalanda. when she fell in 1200 Buddhism died.

          • You may want to google these other Empires:
            Sikh Empire
            and the Rajput Kingdoms (Indian state of Rajasthan)
            That along with the British Empire and the Mogul Empire you have a good idea of that regions history ..through her empires.

  • Gold plays a big role in India. She was the world’s largest buyer for many decades with a thousand tons for many years, most of this is consumed by the people. Gold is such a requirement that even the poor have a bit of gold. Estimated gold in population is around 20 thousand tons.
    -Outside of Jewelry Gold thread is in textiles Gold covered temples (Golden Temple is one of many like that especially in South Indian Temples)
    Gold played such a major role that Indian merchants only accepted Gold as payment and kept barter to a minimum.
    Roman senate complained that India is draining her of her gold. Had the Indian Kingdoms and Empires bartered as much as trading for Gold, that region would have adopted the best of the Roman Empire.

    -Only place where Diamonds were mined and at a place called Golconda. The Golconda Fortress built and occupied by a line of Hindu kings is a massive structure to protect these mines. Some of the worlds most famous diamonds came from Golconda.
    Blue Hope, White Kohinoor, yello Rejent diamond

    -the worlds most oppulant throne the Peacock Throne made of solid gold, had some of the most famous diamonds each held in the beak of a peacock.

    Temple treasures are vast. ,
    “Padmanabhaswamy temple: The Golden idol of Mahavishnu, found in this temple worth Rs. 500 Crore. The treasure that was reported to be found in the Temple includes antique gold ornaments, Golden Crowns, Golden Bow, Sack full of Diamonds and thousands of antique jewelry studded with diamonds and emeralds. The Gold necklace adding charm to the divinity of the deity is 18 ft long and weighs around 2.5kg”.

    • The government has banned gold imports in the past and is considering other precious metals in the future, I believe. The country’s corruption causes Indians not to trust the government-issued paper currency, so they turn to gold as a store of wealth and exchange it for goods and services rather than trust whatever fiat money the government is peddling at the time. Plus, the use of gold and jewelry is an intrinsic and vital part of their culture going back thousands of years as you have so eloquently stated.

      • That ban did not work in 2013.
        Modi came up with a scheme to encourage India’s population including Temples, to deposit their gold estimated at around 20 thousand tons in banks. Only a few hundred tons was deposited and his scheme failed.

      • like a Christmas tree. South India has the most amount of Jewelry. Some styles of clothing are made of gold mesh.

  • The British Empire forged South Asia’
    India was administered under the Bombay, Madras, Calcutta Presidencies. The Bombay Presidency included lands as far away as a part of the Arabian Peninsula, The Calcutta Presidency included Singapore. Sri Lanka was administered separately as a Crown Colony. India was the Empire and most other lands were “territories” of the Empire.

    Almost all the major cities of India were the result of the British including Bombay, New Delhi, Karachi, Madras, Calcutta, Bangalore….

    Because the Industrial Revolution was going on at the time the British Empire formed (1857) India got all the benefits almost immediately from Europe. When the first motion picture was shown in a Paris Exposition the British brought it to Calcutta even before Hollywood got it.
    That included a well educated Middle class who were comfortable with Western literature as they were of Eastern lit.

    The region of India does not have a written history. Oral tradition was the method except for Sri Lanka who has an unbroken written history of around 2400 years. Only 2 ancient nations have an unbroken written history with China being the other.

    From the entire Harrappan civilization to rediscovering Buddhism and that it was an Indian faith created by a Hindu (Siddhartha), to rediscovering some of Asia’s famous monuments (Ajanta, Ellora,) rebuilding collapsed monuments by the thousands, preserving others, exporting her faiths and cultures to the West

    This is a summary of India in 1947. She had far more going for her than we had in 1776 or even at the turn of the 20th century. There is no reason India should have failed when Singapore which was part the administration of India, became so successful.

    Modern day India’s problems are only due to corruption and not the lack of technology, money or natural resources.

      • I have never seen corruption as in India. Her elite are about the size of San Francisco (between 800 thousand to a million) the very rich to rich would be about 20 million and another 50 million who are Middle Class similar to us. Even if you round it up to a 100 million you have another 1 billion 100 million who are dirt poor.,
        Since the elite of around a million control the nation they control the lives of over a billion 100 million or equal to the population of the Americas

        If you can imagine a city like San Francisco having full control of the lives of everyone from Alaska to Argentina (1 billion 100 million) you will see the extreme chasm between India’s ocean of poor and that single city.

  • The Sassoon family also known as the “Rothschild of the Far East” were the head of the Opium trade. Because of that trade 2 famines happened in the Bengal region of India. Around 15 million died in these famines and the years between them. Millions more died in China.

  • So what is so great about the Subcontinent to justify a 19th century world war?
    -Strategy. Control of major connections. from the Subcontinent access to South East Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia) going East
    to the Middle East going west. to some of the largest strategic ports (Trincomalee in Sri Lanka) which can control the Indian Ocean and have equal access to West & East Asia. Himalayas acts like a natural barrier against China and the Russian Empire.

    -Commerce. Spices, textiles, gems (only place in the world at that time where Diamonds were mined), art, antiquities, massive cheap skilled labor force, can have up to 4 harvests per year in some parts and 3 to 2 harvests in most others places. (this led to the estate industry)
    -Massive natural resources. India alone has 1/5 of the world’s Coal

  • I got a degree in South Asian Studies and the AltRight seldom has an article about India or the Subcontinent. I will make a few posts on this subject:

    Sepoy Rebellion,

    India claims this as her first act of Independence. It is not. The Rebellion happened in the early 1850’s by the Indian soldiers (Sepoys) against the East India Company. India had not formed. The region was made of Kings and most of the Empires had fallen apart a few decades ago (Maratha, Mughal, Sikh).
    there was no nation called India, Bangladesh or Pakistan. It was just one region roughly a little smaller than Europe ( 3 million square miles) with a population of 150 to 160 million.

    Several languages, all the races, all the faiths, many of them born here (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism) and powerful representations of other faiths (Christianity with claims of St. Thomas and the “Syrian Christians” ,St. Xavier- Goa (India)-Portuguese Empire-including the Inquisition, Renaissance style Cathedrals. Islam saw one of her greatest empires the Mughal Empire which gave the world the Taj Mahal, Oldest Synagogue in Asia )


    Had the Sepoys won they would have returned to the kingdoms they came from. Most of the leaders were Muslim and some were from the former Mughal Empire trying to reclaim what they lost.
    the vacuum left by the British would have been filled by the French, Dutch, Italians, Portuguese with a strong possibility of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the Russian Empire getting into a regional war with each other to capture as much of the Subcontinent. Long story short the first world war could have happened between the 1850’s and 1899

      • A bit of Sinhalese, I can understand some Tamil words but have a bit of a problem saying them. Nothing with Sanskrit though I wish I did. Tamil sounds the best and is considered the oldest language in the world that is alive today.

        • Interesting, I thought Chinese was the oldest but then don’t know that much about India. The dravidians were the indigenous Indians before the Aryan conquest

          • I was a bit surprised too. I knew Tamil is old but when I googled to find out what is considered the oldest language in the world Tamil came up.
            actually the Tribes are older than the Dravidians. there are around a 100 million Tribals

      • and Sinhalese is one of the oldest Indo Aryan Languages since Tamil is a Dravidian language

  • We need more Indians because all we accomplished without them was the airplane, automobile, electric light, refrigerator, telephone, computer, internet and lunar travel. Never again!

  • Gypsies:

    Left “India” about 2 thousand years ago. Some altercation resulted with this group taking an oath that they will never own land but be nomads.
    They reached Egypt a few centuries later where they got the name “Gypsy” .They fanned out from Egypt and into Europe and Africa. Their common language is an Indian language called “Romani”
    Outside of not owning land they lived at the periphery of societies and felt that the laws of these societies do not apply to them.
    The societies saw them as wondering nomads who are open to any illegal act

  • The British Empire officially formed in 1857 and lasted till 1947 (or 90 years) in South Asia. Independent India began in 1947. Now in 2017 or 70 years later (shy 20 years of the British Empire) India has no reason to blame the West for her problems today, none.

      • Infrastructure is a failure across the subcontinent. Sri Lanka has the best but even she is failing after the Elam war. With a few exceptions India’s infrastructure is antiquated. Showing off the space program while roads to electricity is way behind is a bad job

  • India and the Subcontinent is a disaster:
    Subcontinent has a population around 1 billion 600 million (India 1. 2 billion, Pakistan 190 million, Bangladesh 160 million, Sri Lanka 21 million, Nepal 21 million, Bhutan 1 million. – 1 billion 592 million)
    The Americas are around 1 billion 100 million. Subcontinent has 500 million more. India has 100 million more
    Europe – 770 million
    Africa – 1 billion 150 million
    Some of the problems of India.
    -700 to 800 million openly defecate. India has the world’s largest population who defecates in the open.
    -Some of Asia’s largest slums in some of the world’s most expensive real estate
    -Out of an estimated world slave population of 48 million India is home to 18 million
    -320 Million untouchables (Pariahs)
    -100 Million Adivasi (Tribals)
    both are treated brutally
    -185 million Muslims
    -80% of her surface water is polluted
    -Raw sewage and industrial waste pour into every river
    -Air pollution includes Asbestos. India is the 2nd largest producer and consumer of Asbestos.
    -over 100 million are “Street dwellers” (they are not beggars who make up a different category)

    These are a few examples of a long list.
    “India Shattering the Illusion Birth of New Nations Kashmir to Elam” by Columbus Falco

      • I cannot imagine a worse ecological disaster than India in 2017 but that could be because I do not have a great imagination

        • They’re set to overtake China as the most populous nation. The Chinese have the one child policy but shitskins will just breed until they implode

          • India will. She is supposed to reach 1 billion 4 to 500 million before the population levels. India grows at 13 million per year or 130 million in 10 years.

          • Misplaced Victorian altruism. Before the British nature controlled their population. Stupid wogs

          • Agree.
            Because of the British Empire modern day India was born. At the height of that empire a maximum of 500 thousand British controlled a population of around 200 million. By 1947 when India and Pakistan became independent the shared population between India and Pakistan was around 350 million.
            The whole “anti Colonial” ideology of that region is really anti White. The “Sepoy rebellion” is seen by them as “India’s first act of independence” It is not. Had they lost India would never have formed.
            the book goes into detail about the British empire and the fallacy that had they won the Sepoy rebellion India would have emerged.

          • Interesting, the British had no idea of the monster they created. The Romans were smarter

          • Actually they knew intimately the nature of each ethnic group in South Asia.
            Due to the British Empire India’s past was rediscovered including bringing Buddhism back to India. …and the Hindu Renaissance of the late 19th century. What the British Empire did to the Subcontinent is so massive it would require volumes to cover this time.

          • Your’e something of an expert, had no idea India required a Hindu renaissance. If you haven’t been you should go there.

          • They are fascinating, some are just incredible works of art. But some of the really grand temples as in Madurai are not open to non Hindus.

          • That is just India and not the populations of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Together the Subcontinent will have a population well over 2 billion

          • For a bunch of reasons the Continent of Africa has a better chance than the subcontinent

          • You don´t quiet get it, India has nearly the same population than China despite being significantly smaller in size.
            They can´t be as efficient as in China due to the much lower IQ.

            Yet the medias never talk about any ecological disaster in India…

          • The subcontinent (India Pakistan Bangladesh) already has a population of 1 billlion 600 million and is more populated than China.

          • 1661 millions.

            A massive population reduction is the only viable solution…

          • We cannot have genocide of 100’s millions
            the only option is for that region to break up into smaller nations. there are areas that are underpopulated and some with a lot of natural energy, some have both
            If each region has its own government it would be easier to manage 1 billion 661 million people and their wealth will be much higher. the government will be more accountable. India is way too big for any kind of Democracy to function

  • A good number of Indians who come for STEM jobs have the basic skills of a Programmer. Most Programmers today are as relevant to the information age as Secretaries and Clerks were before the Computer age where basic skills in filing, typing, short hand, and clerical work were needed. We have enough manpower to fill most STEM jobs without importing Indian Labor

    STEM -Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics disciplines

  • All Indians in the US need to be sent back. They can earn their living in their country, not ours.

    • They mosly plan on going back eventually anyways. Their just here for the money. Whatever they retire with goes a lot further in India than it does in NA.

      • That doesn’t help with the situation. The fact they are allowed to be here long enough to earn enough money to do that is the problem. I do think you are correct in they plan on going back, the ones I have to interact with constantly head back their on vacation, to get married, etc.

        • Yup. They come, take white peoples jobs, depress wages, and then go back wealthier than they would have been if they had stayed at home. The only people who benefit from Indian immigration are the Indians and the White and Jewish ruling class. White workers get screwed as per usual.

        • Regularly going back to India or having Indian relatives is what they do. They also hold tight to the American passport or citizenship papers. The Indian community in America are getting a name beyond wealth and that is political clout. People like Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Head of the FCC -Pai, Kamala Harris and some others attracts more

          • I was not aware Harris was Indian. Regardless of which, it is still an issue as it is an ethnic group other then whites which are seizing control of resources, political power, jobs and capital, at the expense of native American Whites.

          • Her mother is (was) Tamil. Tamils are from Tamil Nadu (Land of the Tamils) South India. Kamala Harris’s father is from the Carribean. That makes a lethal combination. I know that because I know Tamils.

            I thought the name “kamala” was odd for this woman. When I checked it all fell into place

      • Indians now form one of the largest populations outside of their homeland. China is higher than India but a good deal have no reason to return back.

        • Tell me about it. The high school I went to was Chinese and Indian Majority. Whites were only about 25% of the school. 30 years earlier it was all white, mostly Anglo. There are more Indians in Toronto today than Italians. In 10 years there will probably be more Indians than Anglos. That’s with many of them eventually going back.

          • Unless we know what is going on in nations like India we are going to be overwhelmed.
            Many families include resettling in America to Australia as part of their future. sending their children to college is a process that includes getting a job in the first world. that is why the H-1B visa is so Indians.

            the middle and upper classes have no intention of fixing anything in their homelands. They leave all that established corruption and make a new life in nations who have our act together.

          • Same with the Chinese, send your kid to university in an angloshere country, they get residence when they graduate. They know China’s going to implode

          • Yes true. The well to do include America or the first world as a goal to leap frog over others.
            One major driving force is they have substandard facilities for their best Scientists, Doctors and technicians. while we have the best with much better salaries and better chance of promotion, to buy a much better home

  • A good article and a timely one because this is a very important issue that is not getting nearly the publicity in Nationalist circles that it deserves.

    One recommendation — explain briefly early on what exactly “STEM jobs” are so that all readers better understand the topic.

    • Thank you! Much like you, I assumed that all our readers are extremely intelligent and already know what STEM means. If not, there is source that concisely explains the acronym. One cannot be overly autistic with terminology, but I’ll keep that in mind for my next posting. Cheers!

  • Back in my days in Russia, once I have gone out to the place on outskirts of a major city near the Gypsy ghetto. It was a Monday night and that seemed to be the only happening place. As it happened, the group of gypsies celebrated a birthday party. I was amazed to see dark kids along with some Russian-looking blond kids sitting at the gypsy table. I asked a local about why would the gypsy table have a few blond-haired kids. The answer was in a typical Russian fashion: “Gypsies do not normally know who are their kids and who aren’t because they still other people’s kids.”

    • Very true! They are well-known for kidnapping children throughout Europe. They put them to work as beggars or thieves. Quite often, they maim or severely injure them to elicit more sympathy and money when the children are begging.

  • Asian immigration, including Indians, is lot more dangerous to the fiber of our society, than Mexican or any other.

  • Attacking Indians as “stinky” and “not really that smart” or “not as creative” is just a controlled opposition pressure valve. The fact is there are plenty of competent Indians that can and do replace White men in higher than average paying jobs.

    But white men whose only allowed ideology is some sort of individualist libertarianism are afraid to see themselves as vulnerable to competition from non-whites.

    I know y’all love Hitler, do you remember what Hitler said about WWI propaganda? In WWI, the German propaganda against the English was that they were weak and clownish characters. The English propaganda against the Germans was that they were inhuman monsters. So when the English fought hard and well, the Germans were stunned and demoralized, they were supposed to be superior to those English ponces.

    But when the Germans fought hard and well, the English expected it and knew it was going to be a hard slog and it inspired them to fight harder.

    But perhaps even more importantly, each and every Indian on a H1-B is being brought over by the White and Jewish management class.

    • The fact is there are plenty of competent Indians that can and do replace White men in higher than average paying jobs.

      And they can survive in tech cities on lowers wages than whites because they just have lower overhead, coming as they do from impoverished places – they eat vegetarian diets, they can tolerate crowding together into small apartments, and they have a reputation in general as tightwads.

      • Back in the 1990s the Indians, basically all single men (the ones with families left them at home) would pool their paychecks and buy gold coins, and whoever was going back to India for a visit would export the maximum amount for the whole group, all in one trip.

        They were organized on racial lines, they were explicitly working as a racial team against white America, in their own interests.

        I once spoke to a white guy at work and made some very benign comment about music that “white guys like us like.” He looked at me like I had just invited him to a Klan rally and started stammering about his Asian girlfriend.

        Everybody thinks in terms of race except for Whites. Add in Jews – Jew management will promote other Jews, but will pass over Whites for non-Whites – that way Jews get all the “white” spots while still being able to claim to be “diverse.”

        Jews think in terms of race, all non-Whites think in terms of race, but Whites are supposed to think in terms of … stupid subculture crap like “geeks and nerds” or ideological categories like “Libertarian” or “right wing conservative.”

        • “Everybody thinks in terms of race except for Whites. Add in Jews – Jew management will promote other Jews, but will pass over Whites for non-Whites – that way Jews get all the “white” spots while still being able to claim to be “diverse.””

          It is amazing that where I come from the ethnic solidarity and nationalism are very natural commandments. I remember my father saying help and teach your brother first, then a relative and then a countryman. We would divide ourselves playing soccer based on our ethnicity even in the eight grade.

          White Americans MUST become a nation first. Then, will come the solidarity and ethnic bond. A race is nothing and people are called racists. The nation is everything and nationalism is a highly valued concept.

          • Absolutely – and for all the haters, White Americans have always thought of themselves as a nation. As MacDonald has pointed out, the idea that America was a white nation was uncontroversial all the way up until the 1960s – essentially, the era of the Television. While the propaganda had existed before, it was mostly the TV that effectively pushed the propaganda that America was “multi-racial” or that an American could be anybody from any country of any race.

            The idea that Sanjay can fly over here, sign a piece of paper, and he’s just as “American” as I am, and that I have to change my ways to “welcome” him, that America must change to make him feel “welcome” is absurd and insulting.

      • They pool resources. Asian families work. One may have a STEM job but the others in the family also contribute
        they work as a team within an ethnic group. The “Patels are a clan. few of the Patel clan hold the professional jobs while the rest work other jobs and pool their money to buy a motel (as an example)

  • Why are Indians so sought after; they must be really smart, right? Hardly, the average IQ of Indians is at or below 85. They are one full standard deviation below us on the IQ scale. If it were not for the Aryan invasion, it would be even lower. That means that some guy in White Afghanistan waiting tables at a coffee shop is as smart or smarter than most of these imported Ph.D. professors from that Third-world hellhole, where indoor plumbing is considered a luxury. Yeah, that’s right; drink that in for a minute.

    You kind of subverted your own argument there, goy. Even HBD spergs accept that environment has a lot of impact on IQ scores.. especially when its 1st vs 3rd world living conditions. A Ugandan raised in America will probably have at least a standard deviation over his coethnics back in Africa. Or, to put it another way, do you think your identical twin who grew up without reliable water & electricity, pediatricians and nutritious food would have the same IQ as you? Assuming you ever actually did a real IQ test:p

      • Actually i wasnt talking about identical twin studies where the environment for both siblings is still some middle class family in the US or Denmark, i was talking about enviroment differences between the 1st and 3rd world

        • They will still have similar IQ test results, only way that they end up with bigger iq test difference is that one never saw pen and paper and doesn’t know how to use it.

          • What did i say about third world immigrants having higher IQs than average when they are raised in the West? Theres so much in your upbringing and environment that can limit your theoretical max IQ. you’re just highly opinionated cause you think you know everything but you’re just a parrot

          • Dude search on internet for lunik 9, and when you see the photos tell me where is the difference from Indian race from India and one from Europe.

          • So you’re saying gypsies are better than Indians? Because gypsies aren’t from europe , they’re from India

  • > the average IQ of Indians is at or below 85. They are one full standard deviation below us on the IQ scale. …. That means that some guy in White Afghanistan waiting tables at a coffee shop is as smart or smarter than most of these imported Ph.D. professors from that Third-world hellhole,

    Someone dump this innumerate dumbass (is he the same guy who thought open source software could be a force for white nationalism, leaving out that Google and Facebook both use it?). Yes Indians’ average IQ is low but with 1.2+ billion of them that leaves plenty at the top.

    Really. This guy will make look bad to any normie and even those alt-right who aren’t idiots.

    • He does take a somewhat narrow outlook, it’s true (Asians are in equal measures brainless grinders as they are frauds and cheats academically, for one) but you yourself are exaggerating to a far greater degree. Not every H-1 bindi is skimmed off the top 1%, especially since they aren’t known as such brilliant employees in the first place.
      An IQ of 106 is entirely plausible for both a white waiter and a brown PhD.

      • > Not every H-1 bindi is skimmed off the top 1%

        Sure, I know. I was speaking about their PhDs being equivalent to ‘white afghan waiters’ though.

        > An IQ of 106 is entirely plausible for both a white waiter and a brown PhD.

        Well I doubt it but not having any data that’s as much as I could say.

        • I live in an Eastern European country with a mean IQ in the lower 90s. Everybody and their cat’s got a PhD. It’s more of a formality, really, once you enter an University. Not even relocated to those that want to pursue a career in academia, like in the US.
          I can’t imagine India being much different. If anything, I imagine it being much worse. Thinking about it, someone should look into how Indian college degrees came to be recognized in the US.

      • Your math is off though

        India has a lot of smart people, even though the average is low

        Of course, we hardly benefit from importing smart, unscrupulous people from the third world to rule us

    • Because of the massive disparity of wealth, those who come here come from a small segment of the population made up of her best. If that group cannot pass the IQ test it could be due to a couple of things
      -They are not familiar with this method of testing . IQ test does not deal with different cultures and how people in each culture will see pictures and questions in different ways.
      -They have a lower IQ. Having a lower IQ could be it. India is also home to the world’s largest number of malnutrition-ed children and the world’s largest number of underfed. Intelligence to phyical retardation takes place when nutrients are denied at a young age. This should not be since India wastes so much food. and exports it too

      • Yeah. The conventional wisdom is that Raven’s Progressive Matrices are culture-neutral, but I agree with you, I’ve always thought that that’s suspect. Estimating India’s IQ is hard: see, many Steve Sailer threads about it. And yes, mere iodine, and eliminating disease-load in childhood raises IQs some. Other than that, I don’t think you’re disagreeing with me much.

  • I wouldn`t put much trust in Trump on any issue at this point. Especially considering what bullshit they just put out on Syria. Muh gas, you`ve guessed it.

    • And the neocons are setting us up for another one. Fox reporting Assad is preparing for another chemical attack and Trump says they’ll pay hard for it.

  • I can personally attest to Indians ripping people off. I did a basement remodel for some son of a bitch named Rajeev. He was the cheapest bastard I have ever encountered – a disgusting slime ball. He tried to screw my partner and me over at every turn. I wish I had just looked at him and went on to the next client.

    • I know what you mean i avoid doing any transactions with them at all i would rather go without than to deal with them at all.Sub continent Sub human.I hope the indians and the paki,s go to war and destroy each other completely .

    • People that grow up in hard cultures have to act hard, or they get eaten. It would probably be something similar in the former Soviet Union. But 2nd and 3rd generations even out – i think. Culture vs genetics argument. Im sure most of the world thinks Americans are loudmouthed, arrogant assholes but do you think some combinations of genes give them that phenotype , or culture? Unlikely to be the former, considering everyone’s a mixed European mutt anyway

  • Indians have an incredible amount of arrogance for people who had to be taught everything they know by Europeans.

    • What was your relation to them? In my experience they’re either neutral or insecure, eager to be accepted, vaguely aware that they’re guests (my interpretation) and are not necessarily welcome. But I was an equal, not an inferior.

        • I find that perspective curious because other people say it too but after working with ~34 Indians I’ve not seen it. What’s your sample size + circumstances? Just whatever you want to say, or nothing – nothing worth doxing yourself over.

      • In my experience they still blame all whites for British rule… Even though their quality of life went up under the British and they descended into civil war pretty much immediately after the British left. Their just jerks, and yes that includes the ones with high IQ.

      • “eager to be accepted”
        India is probably the most race conscious nation on the planet.
        -Hinduism codified what is beauty and ugliness.
        Beauty includes
        Olive complexion, sharp features, black straight hair, no hair on the body except pubic hair, clean shaven, long torso, neck, hands, no body order, eye color depends.
        ugliness includes
        dark complexioned, pug features, bad breath bad body odor,. hairy body, low brow, bad hair to kinky hair
        Gods are shown with pink skin, actors are light complexioned to a dark skinned population. African students are treated badly some are badly abused. One Nigerian College student was stripped naked and paraded around town, in South India about a year ago. Lower casts tend to be much darker than the upper casts.
        There is an undying admiration of Europeans and European achievements. They do not talk about that but the place shows “White man” all over the place.

  • One common interaction that Americans now routinely have with Indians is:

    “This is a final warning from IRS. Your case is being turned over to…………….”

    One thing I’d like to see Trump do would be to put pressure on the PM of India: Shut down these phone scams (which pray on the elderly) or see tarriffs on Indian goods go up. Why is that s**t even allowed to happen.

    As for H1-Bs, there should be no negotiation. The whole program should be ended – we take nobody. You have a position to fill, keep raising the wage till you find an American. If there really are labor shortages (which I seriously doubt) then some limited visa program could be considered………… the fullness of time. But now, and for an indefinite time – not a soul.

  • India is organized by caste. The upper class Indians are very bright, definitely not IQ 85. If America only sent white college science majors to another country they too would be an elite, and their collective IQ would be well above 100, our national average.

    This doesn’t change the dynamics described in this article, but let’s not underestimate our enemies. Sadly they are much more like the Jews than the Mexicans. We need to proceed accordingly.

  • One thing I’ve noticed about the .Indians, though – they have virtually no creative skills. Virtually no ability for independent innovation or really even independent work. They’re decent at the lower ends, but I’ve yet to find any who are actually of higher-end value.

    They’re mainly useful for tedious low-end work.

    A billion .Indians and they’ve yet to produce a single Bill Gates. Haven’t even come close, actually.

    • You just haven’t worked with the high-end ones. They exist. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with low- and middle-end ones too.

    • Agreed. No critical thinking, no creativity, just like the Chinese. Another thing is that they will agree to anything and not deliver, and have poor planning skills. Having to work with people all over the world, I find the Anglophone nations are by far the easiest and best to work with. We don’t come cheap, but us white guys are worth every penny!

      • The Chinks are far above pajeets.

        It makes me laugh when idiots states that India will bypasse China in a few decades instead of an epic disaster.

  • 1. I accept criticism of Trump when the final result is a betrayal. But not when it is something symbolic or part of being president. The Embassy isn’t being moved to Jerusalem though Trump was at the Wailing Wall. One can lightly criticize symbolism, but calling it cuckery, betrayal, or worse is not proper.

    2. The Indian prime-minister is entitled to the same respect as any other world leader. We are not at war so Trump should receive him and give him a hearing. Until Trump changes policies I can’t worry or condemn.

    3. India has a BILLION people. Their 4-sigma intelligent people number in the hundreds of thousands. Yes India is corrupt. And H1-Bs aren’t reliable (as corps will find out). But we aren’t getting the “average” Indian or Chinese, we are getting the top 0.1%.

  • H1-B would be a great issue for the Alt Right to work on. You’d reach a group of White men in their 20s – 40s who have a higher than average income and a higher than average IQ. You are able to point out a racial issue that is also an economic issue – and not a vague economic issue based on abstractions like “the Federal Reserve” or “fractional reserve banking” but something very concrete and everyday: “you will be fired from your job after being forced to train the non-white foreigner in the next cubicle.”

    Any online forum where STEM workers congregate is talking about H1-B and it’s virtually never positive, but it’s still couched in non-racial terms, civic nationalism, or libertarian individualism.

  • I can’t stand the fucking Indians where I work. They’re very arrogant and pushy. The thing that bothers me the most is when I see whites buy into their bullshit.

  • While the average IQ of India is unimpressive, about the same as it is for Mexico, there is a big difference in whom they send here. We are not getting the dentists and the engineers from Mexico. We are getting the peasants. India has a huge (over one billion) population and the right hand tail of its IQ distribution includes millions of people — most of whom want to come to the United States. So we are getting smart people from India. At least the ones who earn their STEM degrees in the U.S. are getting real degrees. Still, we have many capable people here in the U.S. who have been laid off because it was cheaper to hire the imported indians. We should stop the brain drain from India and protect the middle class in America by ending the H-1b program.

    • American guys have told me they wanted to get stem or engineering degrees but opted for law instead because of H1B

      • Yes, I’m sure that is happening a lot — so now businesses insist we must expand the H-1b program because not enough Americans are getting STEM degrees.

      • The US imports basically as many people as there are projections for job growth. So if another 500k jobs are projected to be created we will acquire 500k H1Bs. Tech industries were for years using the “rank and yank” system where they would routinely gut the workforce but it was too much stress on HR, and so now are using a “survivor” system where co-workers give performance reviews, which of course are providing very ethnically tinged results.

        • I’ve never seen either. But then, I’m in mid-tier companies, not top-tier ones. Unless you’re at somewhere like Goldman Sachs though I doubt this narrative. Facebook and Google positively /hoover/ people up because, at least at Google, once you’ve been hired + certified as Google-tier, you’re tempted with offers elsewhere including hot startups. Google wants to hold on to people. So we may be speaking from experience from different worlds.

    • You cannot forget about regression toward the mean. Statistically speaking, it is impossible for most of those higher IQ Indians’ progeny to maintain one or two standard deviations above their median IQ range no matter how many of them there are breeding with each other.
      Additionally, those Indians in the U.S. who are “earning” their STEM degrees also cheat at a much higher rate than Whites do.

      • Regression to the mean only works in a breeding population. India’s caste system has been stable for over a millennia now. We’re getting mostly the high IQ Brahmin class. Not good for us. Just like East Asians and Jews they actually have high average IQs.

        • There are only about ~80 million Brahmin in the entire world, and most IQ estimates for them are roughly 110-115. Around 25% of Whites in the U.S. score at 115 or better. I agree that Brahmins are a stable high IQ population, but their gerrymandered success in the U.S. is much like the comparison to the Jewish acceptance rate at Ivy League schools. Their representation in STEM jobs are astronomically higher than math would dictate.

          • They are overrepresented certainly, and that will only get worse as they acquire more positions of power, and are able to use their nepotism/ corruption that you noted. I was responding to the idea that we’re dealing with something on the level of gypsies or blacks with an average IQ of 85. Never does any good to underestimate a competitor.

        • The Caste system includes ethnicity and language. A Bengali Brahmin engineer will not marry a Tamil Brahmin engineer because of language and ethnic issues.
          Each caste has thousands of sub castes. Matrimonial pages tell a lot. A good number give specifics on caste, language and ethnicity

  • And yet our progressives and celebrities think India offers us spiritual enlightenment through yoga, meditation, tantric sex and Ayurvedic “medicine.”

    I really don’t get this nonsense about turning to these impoverished Asian shit holes for guidance about our well being. Just look at the physical condition of these people. The Chinese have bad teeth, tuberculosis, parasitic worms, chronic skin rashes and goiters; their livestock-rearing practices also incubate the flu pandemics that sweep the world every few years. Yet some white goofs think they can cure their cure their ailments by getting some Chinese shaman to stick pins in them.

  • H1B is a horrible deal for the US government, too. No income taxes paid, so totally depriving the USG of revenue. Time for a better deal. The real deal. Something big-league.

  • 1. It ain’t the Indians, it’s the White and Jewish business class bringing them in.

    2. It’s not just because Indians will work cheaper. It’s to prevent tech workers organizing in their own interests. Whether it’s via a labor union, a professional organization, or something more informal, racial diversity prevents a “brotherhood of workers” from forming.

    3. Silicon Valley in North California would be a naturally friendly place for labor unionization which is why they bring in non-white scabs early and often. The tech types could organize and coordinate easily online and even in the early days of email and “news groups.” Many attempts were made but they never took off because of the foreign non-white scabs and …

    4. Libertarian cultishness and a culture where White men are always trying to posture as “above” the foreign competition, thus are not threatened by foreign scabs. It’s the reason why the tech industry fluffs tech workers with comical praise about how brilliant and smart they are. It’s why there is this completely fake culture of “nerdism” where making better money than a plumber is supposed to make you feel superior to those “bullies” in high school that used to beat you up. It’s why the idiotic “nerd culture” of Star Trek and comic books are associated with tech work even though there is literally no correlation between being an anti-social nerd into stupid crap like anime and Star Trek and high IQ or STEM skills. Other than Asperger’s Syndrome (and there are those types) high IQ in males is associated with good looks.

    • It’s why the idiotic “nerd culture” of Star Trek and comic books are associated with tech work

      Ironically many of the highly regarded science fiction and fantasy authors pursued broader cultural interests, like the Oxford literature professors C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

      So did Robert Heinlein, who stated that education rests as a kind of stool on three legs: mathematics, history and languages; master those subjects, and you learn anything else you want. He didn’t list science fiction as a component of education.

      And Isaac Asimov even wrote nonfiction books about the Shakespeare, the Bible, ancient history and so forth. He didn’t sit around his apartment in New York reading science fiction novels all day.

      • The “nerd” culture is promoted as a way to turn young white male tech workers against other whites to prevent them from having natural solidarity with other workers. Instead of seeing themselves as white men in the same boat as other white men facing competition from non-whites and foreigners, they are supposed to see themselves as raceless (even “genderless”) “nerds” or “geeks” who are smarter than the “lower whites” and who have more in common with “smarter” Indians and Chinese who are also “nerds” and read comic books.

        It’s part of the “expressive individualism” gimmick. No, you won’t get, say, paternity leave, but we have a foosball table in the breakroom, because “nerds” like to play foosball! You’re a “higher class” than those white male frat boys so here it’s ok to wear your Mr. Spock t-shirt to work because we’re all “nerds” unlike the “normies.”

        This nonsense doesn’t fly in NYC fintech companies, it doesn’t fly in defense, both sectors which tend to recruit very, very smart people. But it’s used by the startup culture and Silicon Valley types to isolate young single white men in the early parts of their career.

        Stupid “lifestyle” gimmicks are used to distract attention away from actual working issues: pay, benefits, working hours, etc.

        Plus, these young white men aren’t even allowed to think in terms of competition with other races, because that is to show yourself to be “inferior” and everyone must be a “rock star” who isn’t afraid of the competition – all part of libertarian individualism.

  • Indians are shitskin scum and most of them are autistic. I’ve talked to white programmers to told me they’re useless. They’re part of Zog’s white genocide plan, the part to ethnically cleanse white males from the stem field. I doubt Trump told the paki to take a flying f like he promised

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