Massive Alt-Right Rally At Lincoln Memorial In DC

The Alt-Right came out in force on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Alt-Right heavy-weights like Mike Enoch, Nathan Damigo, and Richard Spencer spoke.

Mike had a very powerful speech. He spoke about what Diversity really means for White people. Nathan spoke about the importance of responsibility and using one’s freedom, not just ceaselessly advocating for more and more freedom. Richard spoke about the dynamic growth of the movement and ended the rally on a rousing note:

Next year, let’s come back with 10,000 men…

Baked Alaska also gave a speech from the perspective of a recent convert. He made the point that for some reason faux-nationalists felt that they should have their rights to criticize Muslims respected by the US Constitution, but that they believed that any criticism of the Jews should not be allowed. He held them to task for this ridiculous double-standard. All in all, for his first major speech, it was an impressive show.

There were other speakers as well, and you can listen to them all here.

Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to snoop around. There were other groups in attendance.

The Alt-Lite

The Alt-Lite was NOT in attendence. They decided to branch off and hold their own “free speech rally”. It was a complete flop. Our side came out in greater numbers, and with a powerful message, they did not. More on the “controversy” here.

Antifa and the Counter-Protestors

Antifa was a no-show. Some left-wingers showed up to counter-protest. They were mostly college-aged Whites with nu-male physiques and/or not straight. There were some shrill White women with dyke hair and tats as well. And there were the token minorities that were dating these crazy bitches.

I had a chat with one of the guys who seemed like the most normal guy there. I asked if he was with BAMN or Antifa or part of some other similar organization. He said he wasn’t and that he was with some No Borders movement. He also said he was a socialist.

He was very polite and was able to hold a conversation with me about his take on current affairs. To my surprise, I found out that he was WOKE about many issues. He was aware of the JQ, even though he preferred to refer to them as Zionists. 

It turns out that we both had attended Occupy back in the day. I told him that I had become red-pilled when I realized that the 1% I was protesting was predominantly Jewish. He didn’t have a rebuttal and seemed to accept that point. He even added on that he believed powerful Jewish families had disproportionate control over the West. He leaned in conspiratorily:

Let me tell you about the Rothschilds…

I wanted to break out laughing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of these veteran lefties were aware of these issues. The only problem was when he started to talk about how this was all part and parcel of White Supremacy. He seemed to be under the impression that Jews were White. I emphatically informed him that they were not, and that they seemed to have it in for White society, but he didn’t seem convinced.

I came away from that encounter with new ideas about key propaganda points that the Alt-Right will have to push. We found common ground on anti-Globalism, anti-Zionism, anti-Big Business. But the racial self-hatred remained. He saw the immigrants pouring into White countries as his brothers in the struggle against Capitalism.

It is hard to argue with such reckless cuckery.

The Kekistanis

I wandered over to the Kekistanis next. They had shown up to the rally but kept their distance on the periphery. They welcomed me politely though.

I told them about my amusing encounter with the Socialist and I crowed about how we were able to find common ground on several issues. They stiffened when I started talking about the whole Jewish thing.

We’re not about that…

That floored me.

In fact, they weren’t about anything really. They had no beliefs about anything other than free speech and “freedom”. Yes, they were for freedom and weren’t really able to articulate more than that. I asked if they were from /pol/. They shook their heads emphatically. No, they didn’t like /pol/.

They were all Redditors.

In fact, they didn’t seem to understand that the flag they were flying was a Kriegsmarine variation cooked up by /pol/ as a not so subtle trolling effort.

They were all dressed eccentrically and came off as very strange. They also had 2 non-Whites with them. One of them looked like a Filipino and he had massive gauges in his ears. Another one of them had a Sargon of Akkad shirt on.


I also walked around and asked tourists what they thought of the rally. Most had absolutely no clue what was going on and kept their distance. Others were more confrontational.

A Mexican man ran up to the rally and yelled out that he wasn’t going to leave the United States no matter what Nathan Damigo had to say.

Another older man recognized the Kekistani flag- that is he recognized the Kriegsmarine flag- and he thought that they were neo-Nazis. He said that the organizers of the rally should distance themselves from those green-flag wavers.

Two black/hispanic mixed looking men wearing rasta-themed clothing threw a pepsi can into the rally as it ended and then sauntered off.

Some crazy white women showed up with their black boyfriends to taunt the rally. They looked like complete trash and they were mostly boomer women.

An obese white family with a white daughter and a coal-black son showed up as well. They were just tourists, but they made a point of clucking their disapproval of the rally as they shlubbed on by.

A Jew even showed up, and tried to sell “Jews for Trump” signs.

Identity Evropa

I spent a lot of time talking to IE guys who were the bulk of the rally. Other groups like American Vanguard and Traditional Workers Party showed up as well, but IE was really out in force. They had their White Bloc polo uniform on and they looked impressive. I had a word with one of their main organizers, Ajax.

He explained that the organization was doing its best to reach out to college men who feel alienated by the hostile climate on campus. Identity Evropa makes it their mission to support these young men and to foster camaraderie among the ranks. Ajax bragged about the phenomenal success that IE had had in recent months.

The organization has really taken off.

I asked why they recruited from places like Berkeley or on college campuses in general. It seems counter-productive after all. Why go into the den of the enemy and try to recruit there?

Ajax explained that it was exactly in these hostile environments where they had the most success. The Left lets the mask drop on campus and bares its teeth against all White men in ways that it doesn’t off campus. Furthermore, in conservative red states in the heartland, people are somewhat insulated from the craziness going on in big coastal cities and college campuses. The older conservadads who form the red state electorate don’t feel the need to engage in identity politics because they don’t experience the POZ as badly as younger generations or Whites working and living in cities.

In short, IE has found an incredible niche where they grow stronger as the Left gets crazier. Good on them.

Going Forward

We continue to grow as a movement in both size and professionality. It is amazing what the Alt-Right has been able to accomplish on a shoe-string budget. Meanwhile, we have outstripped and out-performed the Alt-Lite, which really should be called the Fake Right seeing as it is led by hustlers and charlatans.

Selling actual blue-pills

Antifa is cowed. They don’t even show up anymore because we are no longer soft targets. I hesitate to proclaim victory just yet, but they have all slunk away into the college dorms, for now, making organization on the East Coast much easier and allowing us to step up all of our activities and our events.

We have a lot more planned for this summer, so stay tuned. This year and every year onwards belongs to us.

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  • Massive? The event wasn’t even recognized by most people outside of the movement. The article seems like a self-congratulatory circle-jerk. Besides, who cares about what some of the protesters thought. Are you really interested in their reaction that much? Is the alt-right only about striking a pose with pretty words to get a response, or is it actually going to DO something?

    Spencer may fashion himself as the new Rockwell, and he has accomplished things to spread the message, but an armchair politician can only do so much organizing. It may instill ideas and formulate beliefs in young men…but what good are beliefs if you don’t act on them? I don’t care what you believe about Israel, immigration, or how you perceive capitalism or socialism. I care about what you DO to affect change. The consequences of actions and deeds are the true measure of change.

    Priding yourself on a successful event with a couple hundred people, most of whom are so diverse in their attitudes and positions that ‘unity’ is but a fleeting ideal, may be a first step. But appropriating the Nazi battle flag? Gimme a break, I’m willing to bet the people carrying that flag have never spent a night in the woods alone or used a firearm, much less managed a large knife. What an insult to the real Nazis!

    Gatherings and speeches are a baby step forward, and I applaud that. But let’s not start the backslapping just yet. Words die and are forgotten. Deeds live forever. If the Alt-right is ever going to be a viable political force, it has to attract 10k or 100k to it’s rallies, lobby Congress, get bills passed, eliminate Antifa and other violent opponents, or help build that wall. That requires most of it’s supporters to get out from behind their computers with stupid cartoon avatars and leave the house.

    It would be nice if the Alt-right could actually unify, mature, and stop all the childish infighting and hating on each other. I would take it more seriously. But until that happens, it will unfortunately continue to be an impotent movement in it’s intellectual infancy. Forward…

  • Good work! But as we have seen in almost all movements in many years, as soon as a solid movement that is pro-white, like Alt-Right, starts, there are copy cats who want to weaken the pro-White aspect by starting their own astroturf movement such as Alt-Lite. We saw this with Skinheads. Suddenly a ((( ))) group started up that said they were also Skinheads but they weren’t racist (read they weren’t pro-White).

    The struggle we are in is not about political views, but about the very survival of Whites. Anyone who denies this is either stupid, lying or against Whites. It’s no more complicated than that.

    Ask of everything: Is this good for Whites?

  • LOL, plenty of the Kekistanis are anti Jew, go to the facebook page and it’s full of red pills!

  • They had no beliefs about anything other than free speech and “freedom”.

    This is just virtue signalling. It’s unfortunately impossible to actually know most American’s stance on anything because of this obeisance to civic piety. I’ve been hearing my entire life from almost everyone I meet that they’d die defending someone else’s Right to their freedom to speak and otherwise. Meanwhile we passed bills which basically have repealed significant portions of the Bill of Rights including Obama detaining without trial a 19 year old who made an off-color joke on Faceberg. Predictably none of these ardent liberals and libertarians stormed the Bastille.

    Supporting “free speech” is a nonsensical stance. You support it by using it. These people are basically declaring themselves the groundskeepers of the battlefield, making sure the lawn is pristine but not actually desiring or expecting people to use it for its’ actual purpose. These “Civic Nationalists” are going to eventually endorse curtailing Free Speech as reality runs headlong into their 1st principle of “anti-racism”.

  • Phash McQueen posted a great pic of the “Jews for Trump” guy on Twitter:

    Based black guy and a funny boomer poster (far left) at “alt-lite” gathering:

    And a great meme from Milesius over at Daily Stormer:

  • Just because you say it’s ‘massive’ doesn’t make it true. It looks there are only 50-100 people max there, including the protesters.

  • Ditch white sharia and accept Dunism. We are the Fremen. Our time has come. A storm is coming. Our storm. And when it arrives, it will shake the universe. Love live the fighters.

    • In the novel the Fremen are said to be “in league with the future.” Which I have to say is a much better rhetorical flourish than being on “the wrong side of history” and a good rebuttal to that lame platitude. There is a Spenglerian quality to the story which sees political conflict as a mechanism of life itself merely manifesting in banal forms.

      I agree that we should be viewing ourselves more as a personification of a force of nature, beyond the rational.

  • “The only problem was when he started to talk about how this was all part and parcel of White Supremacy. He seemed to be under the impression that Jews were White. I emphatically informed him that they were not, and that they seemed to have it in for White society, but he didn’t seem convinced.”

    There are two theories on where Jews originate from, Palestine/Israel or Khazars. Both are non-white. Both are non-European. The word “NAZI” was an epithet made into the ultimate object of hatred by Jews, with their influence in the media, to convince countries around the world to attack Germany. I’ve never actually seen a German politician from the WW II era use the expression “Master Race”, but I assume it must have been used at one time or another. But that term was around for 12 years at the most, the length of National Socialist rule. The expression “The Chosen People”, the self description of Jews is thousands of years old. And I recall Sean Hannity calling the USA the greatest country in the entire history of the world, greater than the Roman Empire. This was around the time of Gulf War II. In fact, Americans have been calling the USA the greatest country in the world for many decades already.

    White Supremacy is an erroneous label that Richard Spencer and most, if not all Alt-Right people reject. It is an epithet used to discredit, weaken and shut down people. It is used by racists that are leading the genocide against the white countries of the world. Just as “NAZIS” have no rights, “white supremacists” have no rights and that leads the way for Jews like Barbara Specter to lead the genocide against whites.

    Jews will lead the way to make Europe non-white (destruction of Europe’s ethnicities)

    The socialist doesn’t realize this battle has been fought before. It was called WW II. The sides were the fascists, which rose to oppose the communists. Communism was founded by Jews (Karl Marx) and the first country they took over (the USSR) was dominated by Jews. Among the laws they established, Christianity was outlawed (churches were burned down and violence against priests and nuns was initiated) and “anti-semitism” (or criticism of Jews) was made illegal. During this time period millions of Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death by the Jewish lead government. Millions of Russians and others were also murdered by the government. This was during the 1930’s and while this was going on, the largely Jewish run media in the US covered this up. The New York Times lied and said no such thing was going on.

    Meanwhile, prior to the war starting in 1939 there was very little violence in Germany. There was some. Two National Socialist politicians were assassinated by Jews, prompting a response, but there was almost no violence. Jews were being pushed out of universities and other influential positions and being encouraged to leave Germany. That was about it and that was enough for the Jews to immediately begin their propaganda campaign for war against Germany. Within two months of Hitler being elected, World Jewry declared an international boycott of Germany to strangle the country economically and began holding massive anti-German hate rallies attended by leading politicians.

    While the Jewish owned New York Times, and I would guess most of the media in the democratic countries was covering up the Jewish led atrocities in the USSR, Germany was reporting on the Holodomor with nationwide broadcasts.

    President Putin speaking to a group of Jews. He informs the group Jews made up 80 to 85% of the Soviet government.

    WW II was a war of ideologies, between Jewish lead communism and fascism, which rose up to fight it. Jews had the influence to push the democracies to attack Germany, so Germany essentially ended up fighting the rest of the world. The Jewish side won and now they run everything in the most powerful countries in the world.

    Prior to overthrowing the Ukrainian government and installing the current Jewish lead government, the Ukrainian government was preparing an official case against the Jews, accusing them of carrying out the murder of millions of Ukrainians. Incredibly, Ukraine is now lead by a Jewish government.

    • blah more hitler did nothing wrong bullshit. He was conquering in self defense, doncha know goy!

  • While I would hesitate to call it “massive”, the showing was impressive in my opinion considering the topic and location. DC isn’t exactly a “right wing stronghold”. Well done to everyone involved.

    • This is also the least politically engaged part of the American election cycle, before even midterm campaigning kicks into gear. A lot of people not really paying attention.

  • Congrats on the successful rally.

    Also good to see that Ezra Lavant’s Rebel Media has no natural constituency. It’s just yet another Israeli astro-turf group, one that puts gays up front to draw attention from the fact it’s really about Zionism.

    Levant isn’t against Muslims because Muslims are anti-gay, he’s against Muslims because Muslims are anti-Israel. Levant isn’t against SJWs because they are anti-white, he’s against the “left” because they increasingly criticize Israel and Zionism.

    So Levant started a fake “right wing” group to promote the Jew agenda while hiding behind a fig-leaf of “free speech” and “gay rights” and “anti-racial Islam.” He’s not the first and he won’t be the last.

    But offline it amounts to nothing.

    • Against my better judgement I went to one of the “Against M-103” (Canadian anti-Islamophobia bill) rallies in Toronto organized by (((The Rebel))) a few months ago. There were JDL goons everywhere. It was sketchy AF.

      They do have a natural constituency in Canada where their based. About 500 people showed up to the rally I went to. Most of them were decent white folks, who hate what Trudeau is doing to this country. Levant is a greasy slime ball leading them down the Zionist mudslide.

      They’ve only recently started expanding into the States and Europe, so probably still don’t have much of an audience there. Hopefully, it stays that way.

  • Alt Lite was cringeworthy with Weird Mike telling people to use their phone and Jack singing “Give Peace a Chance.”

    Alt Right was an actual message of saving White Identity, Enoch was once again the best speaker and attacked Jewish Privilege.

  • We need to organize some events out West. Right now all the action is still in the East. We had the “Battle of Berkeley”, but the AltRIght in the Pacific NW is still not as visible as the AltLight, threepers, and weirdo religious Free Speech guys (Patriot Prayer team).

  • >It is amazing what the Alt-Right has been able to accomplish on a shoe-string budget.

    It’s realizing your inner power and that money actually holds nothing over who you are. Once you are spiritually attached to a greater cause than just yourself and awaken to your individual power, your inner truths you know them to be, and understand the power of collective thoughts of others like minded and steeled in their conviction then you’ll never be defeated.

    Our words, our will, and our conviction is stronger than billions of Soro’s bux because that money will be wasted on ideologically and morally bankrupted individuals anyways. Money just makes it easier, but if the struggle wasn’t difficult to begin with then it wouldn’t be worth it. It keeps you grounded and always focusing on what actually drives you to begin with. I never want us to get to the point where finances are not a problem until we have control over our own financial system and determine how we want it to work for our people.

  • Thanks for an interesting report. I’m curious about attendance – WaPo claimed the Alt-Right event had 100. Some of the Alt-Righters themselves said it was 500. Knowing that this is tourist season and it might be difficult to separate them out from the legitimate attendees, what do you think?

    • From what I could see on the videos, this was by no means a “massive” rally. My own guess would be a little closer to the WaPo estimate–about 200. Let’s be real–it’s good to be optimistic, but there’s still a long way to go.

      • There’s an interview at Amren, posted in the last day or two, with Nathan D’Amigo and Jared Taylor. D’Amigo’s last estimate of the crowd is 200. While perhaps a good showing under the circumstances, it does no one any service to describe it as “massive.”

    • Actually, my favorite part of that clip is the Good Christian in the windbreaker “putting the boot in”. Yessir, “what would Jesus do”?. Cracks me up every time.

      • I assumed he was non-white so it didn’t surprise me. Was that really a white Christian doing that?

        • That is what is incredible, the way people ignore what a belief originally stood for and make it fit what they want. I know Christianity today seems to be used by many people to justify being anti-White. You look at all the good White Christians adopting African kids, and telling us we have to love the people who hate us and want us gone. My church attendance has pretty much disappeared in order to hold down my blood pressure. The anti-fa’s should follow the Red Pope Francis and become RC’s.
          Well, I’m too swarthy to worship Odin, maybe I should try my Roman ancestors’ animism.

          • The Etruscans were the mortal enemies of the Romans. They fought a lot of wars with them before being defeated. Today they live on as the Tuscans. They kept the artistic talents though. The Tuscans are poets and painters and sculptors. The Romans in contrast were lawyers, and engineers and soldiers. Those Etruscans were a bunch of soulful, damn hippie types while the Romans were the pragmatic no nonsense guys. Etruscans always had better Public Relations than us but I prefer running water, sewers, central heating and baths to romanticism.Their religion was a little of a mystery. I knew a guy who had a farmhouse in Tuscany with an old Etruscan tomb he wasn’t allowed to touch and wasn’t sure had ever even been opened. He claimed the funeral statue with its eyes closed was late Etruscan, becasue they depicted their people with their eyes closed instead of open to reflect their fading away as Rome eclipsed them. Of course my friend romanticized Mussolini and was always telling me stories about all the cool things Il Duce did before the foolish war ruined everything. Poor Benito thought he was leading Romans, but instead they were Italians.
            The Romans started as animists who believed there was spirit in everything. Even after they adopted the Greek gods, changing their names, every household still had a little altar dedicated to their ancestors and the domestic gods of home and hearth. I have to admit there was a powerful poetry to those old pagan gods.

          • Interesting. The cultural Buddhists in Thailand still have spirit houses in front of every home, building, structure where they make such offerings.

          • I hear you. I continue to call myself a Roman Catholic out of loyalty mostly, because I was raised as one. But I don’t have any use for Vatican II. Paganism makes a lot of sense to me, but I’m not Nordic/Germanic. Odin means nothing to me, beyond an intellectual curiosity.

          • Other European polytheims have been reborn: Hellenisimos, Religio Romana, Celtic, etc., it’s just that Steven McNallen has popularized Asatru in the Alt-Right.

    • I love that film clip it makes an old mans heart happy to see that filthy jew lovin marxist slut get hit in the head.

      • This skank came to the habbening with weighted gloves and a scalping knife. She’s also a c-tier porn slut.

        • What kind of sick pervert would want to see her in a dirty movie ? she,s got a head like a robber,s dog .And she turned up carrying weapons well she should have had her stinking box kicked in.I really hope that thing never breed,s could you imagine the offspring.

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