Southern Baptism Hits New Low With Confederate Flag Ban

This is a new low for the Southern Baptist denomination:

The representative body of Southern Baptists called on its members to stop displaying the Confederate battle flag.

The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant Christian denomination in the U.S. with 15.8 million members, on Tuesday adopted a resolution that said the flag was an emblem of slavery, and called members to discontinue its display “as a sign of solidarity of the whole Body of Christ, including our African-American brothers and sisters.”

Evangelicals have a problem with race. A huge problem that for some reason conservatives think is mitigated by their refusal to cuck on the issue of homosexuality.

The measure was passed at the convention’s annual meeting, which took place in St. Louis, by the predominantly white evangelical conservative leadership.

Russell Moore, who runs the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the public policy arm of the SBC, wrote in a blogpost:

“As I’ve said before, the Cross and the Confederate flag cannot co-exist without one setting the other on fire. Today, messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention, including many white Anglo southerners, decided the cross was more important than the flag. They decided our African-American brothers and sisters are more important than family heritage. We decided that we are defined not by a Lost Cause but by amazing grace. Let’s pray for wisdom, work for justice, love our neighbors. And let’s take down that flag.”

Possible fallout from this development could drive more and more Southerners into our arms. While we are not a religious movement or a movement based on faith, we are a movement based on shared history, and on blood. Southerners are already over-represented among the Alt-Right. Here’s to hoping that more of them get woke to the attacks on their heritage that are now coming from the Southern Baptists Evangelicucks as well. 15 million Whites is a huge recruiting pool to draw from, even if only a small percentage are amenable to our views.

The problem is compounded by their one-sided love for Israel…and their adoration of everything foreign and other.

See the Left does what it does, but has the decency to not make it about God or Jesus. I wish I could say the same for these…apostates.

Still, we should resist the urge to counter-signal these people and instead lead them out of the cave of self-hate and racial suicide.

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  • As a once Southern Baptist – I can tell you that the Church has done A LOT of harm the the European peoples… How can they not understand that God made many races – if He wanted them all to mix – He would have just made ONE race from day one… If forced to pick Church over race – the Church will not win

  • What is the true origin of Christianity? As Joseph Atwill says in his book Caesar’s Messiah, we cannot accept a supernatural cause for a specific historical event. There must be a non-supernatural explanation for the origin of Christianity. Who created the religion, and why? Atwill thinks that it was a conspiracy between certain Romans and their Jewish collaborators around the time of the destruction of the Hebrew temple. While Atwill thinks that the Romans were in control of this process, I tend to think that the Jews who collaborated with the Romans knew what they were doing and realized that they were helping their own people in the long run.

  • This is one of my rules – “Ryan’s Rules”.

    Anything that once works for us can be corrupted and or infiltrated at the top to become multi cultural, multi racial, even multi sexual – then it moves in to becoming viciously anti White.

    It was/is this way with virtually all tax exempt forms of Judeo Christianity. It was/is this way with the Democrat party which was the pro White party, pro Southern White party for over 100 years from the 1840s until ~ 1960.

    This Russell Moore chap is a typical corrupter at the top. The current CINO Catholic in Name Only Pope Francis is a Liberation Theology cult guy who loves to fly his Pope Lear Jet to Italian islands in the Med Sea overwhelmed by Black/Muslim male migrants. Pope Francis specializes in photo ops of him licking the boots/washing the feat of the Black/Muslim migrant invaders.

    And these corruptions of Christianity are nothing new.

    St. Paul/the former Jewish Pharisee Saul of Tarsus makes the case in Syria to Greek Hellens that

    “There are not Greeks and Jews, No male and female, no free and blond slave – just those who have accepted Jesus Christ” (Words to that effect).

    So somehow St. Paul/Rabbi Saul of Tarsus was stating that the world was now entering a John Lennon style “Imagine” world where the entire world would become won, in peace by accepting Jesus Christ.

    How are those Greek Helens doing in places like Palmyra Syria these days? About as well as White farmers in Zimbabwe.

  • “The Cross and the Confederate flag cannot co-exist…”

    What utter nonsense! The cross represents Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross – the confederate flag represents a movement to break away from the American Union. They have nothing to do with each other!

    I feel this move is similar to the move taken by the (almost entirely white) U.S. government in the 1960s to remove immigration quotas, leading to the rapid demographic shift apparent today. This move will prove to be suicidal. Sadly, considering the Religious folks I know, they will heed this call to denounce the confederate flag.

  • Evangelicals need to get better with race? Is Vincent Law publishing ironically?

    He is talking about a religion that worships a mythical Jew conceived via an act of “divine” cuckoldry. So hardcore the mythical Jew’s cucked stepdad raising him called his bull real father, “God”. At least the Bible didn’t say whether Joseph was forced to watch God The Bull give his wife Mary a divine creampie.

    Judaism co-opted the Pagan sky god warrior as its own and was allegedly founded by a mercenary named Abraham. All Abrahamic religions are war religions even if Christianity co-opted the Pagan Cyble and Attis story of death and resurrection to complement it as well as Hades’ underworld from Greek Paganism for their hell.

    A culture of cuckoldry is quite complementary to perpetual warfare. If you owned and operated a war machine, you wouldn’t care who raises the next soldier to die. Getting as many soldiers to fight and women to breed new soldiers to die in endless wars is all that matters. If another couple wants to raise a future soldier to die in your war campaigns that isn’t their’s for you, by all means encourage and promote it. A defeated enemy is rich in orphan future soldiers that need to be raised for future wars so guilt tripping people who won’t be cucked for someone else’s war profits as selfish and racist becomes valuable propaganda.

    This is why it is just as cognitively dissonant to be a white nationalist and a Christian as it is to be pro LGBT while also being pro Muslim. Any pro white person needs to accept this and move on from trying to “uncuck” the war machine.

  • Two hundred years ago, mainstream Protestant Christianity was racially conscious and would not have supported the Z.O.G. nation of Christ rejecters. Shame on the SBC. I cannot image the fury with which how Stonewall Jackson would upbraid the SBC and John Piper.

      • Hey now, I still like Kenmore appliances. That hedge fund Jew Eddie Lampert who runs Sears hasn’t fucked up Kenmore and sold it off yet like he did with Craftsman tools.

  • The fact that the alt-right has so many white southerners is a bad thing. White Southerners have literally no legitimacy, while whites from other areas have a little. We need voices that are more powerful if we want to have any effect.

  • Latter Day Saints Mormons have decent Church services – just go for the last hour of the sacrament meeting. There is very little or no bad Left politics. The music is OK, traditional, very English/Anglican. They let anyone speak so most of the speakers are just boring, but no anti White Lib Left politics.

  • And not very Christian of them. The Confederacy was full of Good Christians who only wanted to follow Jesus’ instructions when He said: “Enslave Black people, put them in chains, beat them, whip them and make them pick cotton.”

  • The reason given to ban the flag is “the flag was an emblem of slavery”. Slapping this label on a flag or monument validates their actions to desecrate

    My reason supporting the Confederate Battle Flag and her monuments is that the war of 1861 was about the 10th amendment and powers of the States vs that of DC

  • I don’t see why Christianity can’t be pro-white, without necessarily being anti-other races. There are stories in the Bible that can be construed as implying that the races should be separate — the Tower of Babel, for instance. Christians used to believe that the Curse of Ham had racial implications. Some Christians see Ishmael as the patriarch of Arab Muslims, while his estranged half brother Isaac was a patriarch of the Jews.

  • Christianity itself is not anti-White, but American Christianity is and has been for some time, probably because Americans can’t walk down their town streets and see cathedrals that were built 600 years ago the way Europeans can. The abolitionist movement was founded by rabid Christians who thought forcing naggers to pick cotton was a sin and let’s not even delve into the Pastor Hagees who believe America was founded solely to defend Izzy. American Christianity is particularly nutty and I’d go so far as to not even call it Christianity, but a weird, masonic heresy.

    • The issue is not so much that Christianity “itself is not anti-White,” but that it is not explicitly pro-White.

      We need religious and spiritual beliefs that are explicitly pro-White and particularistic not universalist.

      Any religious system that teaches that all humans are the children of God is bound at some point to lead to miscegenation and the genocide of distinct races.

      • Rom 8:29 For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined {to become} conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren;
        Rom 8:30 and these whom He predestined, He also called; and these whom He called, He also justified; and these whom He justified, He also glorified.
        Rom 8:31 ¶ What then shall we say to these things? If God {is} for us, who {is} against us?
        Rom 8:32 He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?
        God has a chosen people, who are predestined by Him. Sorry if some of those people are not white. That’s why you are not God.

        • Quoting a Pharisee. Strong argument. I’m sure Sha’ul had the goys’ best interest in mind when he spread a religion of altruism and universalism that his Pharisaic brethren had already rejected. Like the immigration argument this is Christianity for thee not for me.

    • Slavery was wrong and a great evil was done when Africans were imported by advocates of cheap labor. We are living with the consequences today. If you want to defend slavery you should also defend the importation of cheap illegal immigrants now, done for the same reason.

      The problem with Lincoln was not that he freed the slaves but that he didn’t live long enough to carry out his plan of sending them back to Africa, thus returning them to the condition they’d be in had there never been slavery.

      • I have nothing to say about Whites enslaving non-Whites on moral grounds. On racial grounds, it didn’t make sense to bring the naggers here and it made even less sense to fight for them, either way. The South was misguided, but the North was downright evil to declare war on their fellow Whites. The South should have just shot all the blacks when Lincoln freed them.

  • The fact is no one wants to get involved in Protestant church politics. All the big talk aside from various characters here, no one wants to make the investment of time and money to attend church political meetings & conferences or volunteer their time in numerous church activities. Then those same people wonder why things are so “cucked up”.

    I’m as much at fault as anyone else, I’ve avoided involvement in church politics too. Why, because I would reduce any number of well intentioned souls to blabbering, crying, incoherence. Including any number of ordained clergy. It’s the male & female church lady types who are making these cucked up decisions for Protestantism. You would have to be willing to get into violent arguments with otherwise nice people. That’s what you are up against. James Edwards did his best to explain these people.

    Protestantism is not like the Roman Church which is a top down affair. Protestantism is from the people up, and if the people don’t want to get involved, you have today’s cucked up situations.

      • Tell it to your Roman Catholic parents? I’m sure the Pope & his Priests will do their thinking for them.

        We have had creeping Roman Catholicism for too long in the Protestant Churches. That’s another big issue.

          • I’m all for driving you Roman Catholic bastards over the Alps so you can stomp grapes in Italy. LOL.

          • Must be hard realizing that all of Europe was Catholic. Then the warlords looted a religion and made themselves head of it. Ridiculous.

            But hey, if there is a pagan religion to return to I am all for it. I just don’t see it happening. All we have is our Christian tradition.

    • White baby boomers control Prot churches – for now. They probably control all of denomination churches too, but I am not as familiar with them as I am prots.

      There are simply more of them than there are of any other generation, and many of them are retired and have the time and resources to really dive into church politics.. As long as this is the case it will always be an uphill battle to uncuck the churches.

      What I am waiting for is all the “trad posters” on twitter to stop posting on twitter and create their own churches. Right now that is really the only viable option in my opinion. They don’t even have to have a physical building, they could do it all over streaming if they really wanted to make a difference.

      instead they participate in denigrating White people. There was a time when Christians use to be evangelicals in the true sense of the word. They used to actually recruit people by showing them the power of Christ and faith. Now they expect Whites to attend church under any circumstances, even when those very institutions treat Whites as nothing more than cash cattle. A shame really.

      • Hasn’t anything to do with what you say. Thy are simply watering down their stances to retain or increase numbers. Numbers are in decline in every denomination out there. The ship is taking on gushing water and they are doing everything to keep the boat afloat.

        • They are losing numbers because they are watering it down. What does the modern prot church actually offer the average White family these days? Community? Not if you are a proud White person. Morality? Every prot church around me has a rainbow flag, or a “refugees welcome” sign on it.

          The average Church offers nothing that White Christians cannot find in their own home with nothing but a bible.

          • Dreher or someone wrote that the young are indeed searching for more conservative churches, but still the numbers overall are abysmal. My mom goes to an old school ELCA church in SC and it only has a smattering of kids, with the vast majority of parishoners having one leg in the grave. The Missouri Synod Church I used to go to with my folks 15 years ago here in the Detroit area basically has lost half its parishoners since when I was a regular member there. It is really sad, but like Rascal said, a lot of them sold out and lost focus on why they even exist. When they all decided to become too big to fail and just reduce themselves to glitz and make the whole thing a media production, they lost focus on the big picture.

          • I’ve seen many old Protestant churches become Hispanic Evangelical churches where I live, I know the old Presbyterian church suffered that fate.

          • Christianity is for hags and beta fags. Name me one conservative church that is not in favor of third world immigration, third world missions, racial equality, etc.

          • I agree Rascal, it is a stupid strategy, but what are they going to do? Just say screw it and shut down. Thing is the Church is pretty much a dead husk anymore, as kids for over 5 generations have been fed uber materialism since birth. 90% of kids that go to church think of Santa when they are asked about Xmas, Jesus is a distant second with the remaining 10%.

          • And Santa is Odin, works for me since Christmas is a pagan holiday and we’ve never stopped being pagans, we just lost sight of the fact that that’s the case.

          • Santa isn’t Odin Ike, but Xmas actually is way more pagan than people want to admit. The day, the tree, and all the traditions are pagan. Christ was born between May- Sept, as December was smack dab in the rainy season and the shepherds would not be laying with their sheep.

          • Haven’t you ever seen Santa in a blue cloak? We can argue over who Santa is more based on Odin or Saturn but we seem to be on the same page basically so I’d rather not.

          • I thought that the Blue coated Santa was “Father Frost” from Russia. Doesn’t matter like you said for it very well could be pagan too at this point.

          • The problem is, is that Church is now a business… They literally masturbate over quarterly growth numbers. Christianity used to grow generationally because the Christians in the church would follow biblical scripture and go forth and multiply. Growth from this method took a while, but at least it actually happened.

            Now adays, because the church is ran by boomers who couldn’t be bothered to follow their very own teachings and had an average of 2 kids, they now have to rely on converts for growth. Like the businesscucks they worship, they are literally outsourcing procreation to foreigners to create a mirage of growth.

          • I agree with your post Rascal, but the Boomer thing is off the mark a bit. The birthrate for Boomers was 2.5 kids a couple. I know that not only due to reading, but because I am one of those kids. Most of my friends had one sibling, but some had 2, like me. Very few were only kids, and a couple had 3 sibs. Gen X and Y can be legit targets, but not the Boomers in terms of declining birthrate for Whites.

          • That is true, My post is too harsh on the boomers as far as birth rate goes. I will leave the original comment up, but you are right, they did at least replace themselves… Of course I consider that the bare minimum, of which the following generations cannot even do that properly.

          • There is one thing I agree with the SBC about, and it is the mounting rejection of ‘preachers’ like Beth Moore and Joel Osteen, who have strayed so far away from what Christianity is about, into almost “self help” territory. The rejection of core tenants, and the normalization of post modern ideals within the Church are in no small part because of this shift.

            If that is your thing, fine, but get a life coach or something… Christianity used to be a bed rock for civilizations when it was about morality, as opposed to personal happiness.

          • I don’t think it’s about Old Testament Jewish morality, but, about Christ’s message of Salvation through faith and his rejection of Jewish law. Jesus had a very positive message, if you read the New Testament.

          • I have read the new testament, and you are absolutely right, it is a positive message. USed to the proper purpose it is quite constructive. Unfortunately there are plenty of portions of the bible that can quite easily be interpreted as a form of universalism, or egalitarianism. Thus we find ourselves at the current impasse, where is a perfectly acceptable to love a strange foreigner as much as your love your own children, and it is expected that you forgive sins, that are in some cases, in my opinion, are unforgivable.

          • Faith in Jesus Christ is in itself a limiting factor, if you think about it. There is no Salvation except through Jesus Christ.

          • There is ZERO proof outside the NT stories that your boy ever existed. Christianity is a religion of weakness created and spread by Jew. We on the alt-right have come to recognize the toxic nature of jewish intellectual trends: Marxism, Freudian psychology, Boazian anthropology, the Frankfurt school, etc. Yet when it comes to Christianity we continue to accept it.

          • It isn’t just Osteen, it is Meyers, T.D. Jakes, the whole lot of them. The prosperity gospel, etc stuff is killing mainline Christianity.

          • You should ask them about it. That would be a good first step. Report back to us.

        • Some of these geniuses like Russell Moore, and others in each denomination, think they can fill the pews with Blacks and Mexicans as Whites leave. Won’t happen, but, that’s their mindset.

        • I’ve also heard that the mestizo’s are losing their faith in the Catholic church as well even in their own 3rd world hell holes. I also heard that mexicans once they move to the US, lose their catholic faith within a generation or so, they either become squishy protestants or nothing at all.

          • The Catholic Church is a big scam anymore, just like the mainline Protestant churches are for the most part.

          • I agree. I see little discernible difference between the modern catholic church and your basic bitch protestant church.

          • LOL. Statues, and Confessional Boxes are the next thing in Protestant Church cuckery.

          • Voodoo Roman Catholicism, you even see the Latino/Hispanic Roman Catholic voodoo stuff sold on supermarket shelves today.

          • Mexicans are Catholic because all of the churches near them in Mexico are Catholic. They become Protestant in the US because the churches in the areas where most Mexicans wind up once they come here are Protestant. Low agency.

      • Starting new Protestant Churches, or churches splitting from established churches is what happened in the 19th century over issues like church governance and slavery. That’s an option.

        • Economically starving cucked churches is really the only option. They should not be rewarded for simply being “churches”.

          Whether that means creating completely different denominations, or simply creating news churches within established denominations, I am not sure.

    • They don’t want to get involved because they either don’t believe in it or they’ve been so alienated by the cuckery of these churches that they can’t stand it anymore and leave in disgust.

    • There is some truth to that. I was active in every church I was attending with my family, and only a handful of families actually took any initiative and got things done. This created resentment, but what the heck? Where were these people? As a result of this and some stupid debate on infant baptism, the church split and after the pastor retired it died. We had left right after he retired. It lasted only 4 years after he was gone. All of the people that too charge fled and those that stayed(very few) didn’t have any leadership.

      • When’s the last time you heard a Protestant minister actually preach the basics, even in this year of the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation?

          • Some people look at that way, and it’s a healthy way to look at it. Sort of an old southern Methodist way…

        • The problem with the last church I had attended with my after we left the old one got stale. The senior pastor just gave a John 3:16 sermon practically every Sunday. It got old to say the least and just before my family bolted MI, I quit going.

    • Protestantism has no quality control because any moron with a bible can start a “Protestant” church and teach whatever nonsense he wants. We wound up with dispensationalism this way.

        • I’ve never met anyone who is a “dispensationalist” or believes in a “rapture”, and I talk to one heck of a lot of people. I have encountered more than my share of primitive Baptists, and I will never make fun of them. They are serious believers in Jesus Christ.

          • I grew up with plenty of dispensationalists in Tulsa. The preachers at Southern Baptist youth events in the 1970’s would ask the kids about their readiness to meet Jesus if he returned that day – not what they would do if they died that day without having asked Jesus into their hearts beforehand, namely, the strategy Christian proselytizers traditionally used.

            Just think about the change in thinking this shows: assuming that you don’t have to die to meet Jesus as either your savior or your judge in the afterlife, but that it could happen in this life, in the material world.

          • You must have met an indie thinking lot then. My Dad divorced my mom and then married a Baptist who is big on the Rapture. Go to the Bible Belt and that is all it is. Dispensationalism was a hoax to get Christians to sit on their arses and await the impending “rapture”. It was the ultimate don’t look at that man behind the curtain scheme. Don’t care about this world, think of the next, but in reality there isn’t a next one.

    • People like Russel Moore are at a competitive advantage because he’s getting paid to attend these meetings.

  • Christianity is not good for Whites. It is a faith that worships a dead Jew. No one should be surprised at this cucking by the Southern Baptists. The trajectory was clear many years ago. It is a faith that is okay with homosexuality (whatever happened to go forth and multiply?), and the miscegenation by Whites (whatever happened to multiply YOUR kind?). It is evil.

    • Absolutely right. Xianity is disgenic. It worked (to a degree) in homogenous, high trust white societies. In multicultural ones it is a suicide cult.

      • Nope.” From tradition we can assume that she grew up as a young Jewish girl in a small town in the Palestinian Galilee. “Since Mary was born into Judaism, she experienced the Hebrew Scriptures both in her prayer and her mode of life as a woman of Nazareth.”[11] Mary’s education as a girl included listening to the readings of the Torah and the Prophets in the synagogue. We cannot know for sure but it is quite possible that Mary knew how to read.[12]”

        • Galilee is on the border with Syria. It wasn’t Jewish. Jesus looked more like Bashar Al-Assad than Rabbi Shmuley. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Mary was Jewish or born into Judaism or experienced Judaic scriptures. What you wrote is all made up, probably garbage legacy from the Schofield Bible. Anybody can say anything, but Mary was Canaanite. Period.

  • “Ye are of your father the
    devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from
    the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in
    him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar,
    and the father of it.”

    >muh Israel
    >muh Jews, killer of Christ using the Roman hand and denier of Jesus

    I’ll never understand it. It’s like they have the bible and lack the ability to comprehend it on their own without someone else explaining it to them as if they’re some spiritual slave.

  • They plainly state that they choose to sacrifice their own families and traditions to the demands of black Africans, and seem to make no differentiation between leftist ideology and their own imagined religious dogma.

    • It should be no wonder they are willing, even eager to sacrifice their traditions and the memory of their ancestors. This is not unlike what the early European Christians did to the pagan traditions and shrines of their own people. Christianity is a universal, homogenizing creed that abhors the local and particular as impediments to its spread. Thus it has always demonized them as backward, (“heathen” then, “racist” now,) before destroying them.

    • Thank you for putting it so succinctly. I’ll be using that line, I hope you don’t mind because it’s excellent.

    • Christianity rejected Universalism on Day One. And rejecting Christ only means damnation.
      John 14:6 Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; (rejection of Universalism)
      no one comes to the Father but through Me.
      (rejection of Universalism AND promise of damnation for those who reject Christianity)
      Rev. Dr. A. Blob, BA, MA, Th.D.

        • Ps 14:1 The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”
          One day, you will wish you had never been born.

          • I didn’t say there is no God. I just indicated that worshiping a dead Jew as God is just plain wrong.

          • Jesus wasn’t a Jew. Mary was from Galilee (Canaanite). Jesus has claims on Jews from his step-father’s lineage, which is listed in the New Testament. Nor did Jesus celebrate Passover (read the passages carefully) or express any allegiance to Judaism. Why would he do that? That’s literally a crazy idea. He is and has always been the Christ, the first Christian.

          • Nope. From tradition we can assume that she grew up as a young Jewish girl in a small town in the Palestinian Galilee. “Since Mary was born into Judaism, she experienced the Hebrew Scriptures both in her prayer and her mode of life as a woman of Nazareth.”[11] Mary’s education as a girl included listening to the readings of the Torah and the Prophets in the synagogue. We cannot know for sure but it is quite possible that Mary knew how to read.[12]

          • Since you copy-pasted, I will. Galilee is on the border with Syria. It wasn’t Jewish. Jesus looked more like Bashar Al-Assad than Rabbi Shmuley. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Mary was Jewish or born into Judaism or experienced Judaic scriptures. What you wrote is all made up, probably garbage legacy from the Schofield Bible. Anybody can say anything, but Mary was Canaanite. Period.

      • Negatory Ghost Rider. The accepted definition of a universalist religion is one which is applicable to everyone, in all places, in all times, and in all circumstances. That is why they have a missionary component. Buddhism, though it too is universalist, lacks the missionary component quite possibly due to its origins as an Asian religion. Islam, as we know, is the final growth of universalism. Two of the three had a convert or die stance for far too long.

        • My Doctorate is in the Theology of Comparative Religions, so this one is right up my alley. And it is also in Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.
          Universalism is the teaching that all men will be saved, no matter which religious faith they espouse. Buddhists, Hindus, apostate Christians, Moose limbs, Mormons, witches, Unitarians, etc etc ad nauseum ad infinitum.
          A Universalist religion is what we will have on Earth as the Beast and False Prophet force everyone, under pain of death, to take a mark which denotes they are part of the Universal Religion by which the Beast and False Prophet claim they will be saved. They will not.
          Rev 13:15 And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed.
          Rev 13:16 And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,
          Rev 13:17 and {he provides} that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, {either} the name of the beast or the number of his name.

          Hope this helps, The Blob is a helpful sort of Blob.

    • There is no possible way for Christianity to reject universalism. It is the original universalist religion.

  • Christianity is dying in the West save for Orthodox Christianity. The Protestant churches in America have all collapsed in the past 50 years, the Catholic Church has declined even in traditional heartlands like Ireland, and now Evangelicalism has begun its death throes after peaking in the United States 10-15 years ago.

    The death of Western Christianity is a good thing because it opens up the chance for a paradigmatic shift since most Whites aren’t practicing Christians and no longer believe “all babies are God’s children and all men are brothers.”

    • The Orthodox are just as cucked as any other Christian denomination. They promote the settlement of non-White refugees for one. For Exhibit A, I offer up Rod Dreher. For Exhibit B, I offer the Antiochene excommunication of Matthew Heimbach. ROCOR recently withdrew the Western Rite, which isn’t cuckery per se, but shows they don’t really give a crap about conversion of Western Europeans.

      • I’m referring to the Orthodox Churches in their ancestral lands, like the Russian Orthodox.

        Also, Rod Dreher is one confused Cuck who changes Christian denominations as often as a Jew changes money.

        • I would not compare American Orthodox churches to the national churches of Russia, Serbia, Greece, etc….

        • yeah, aren’t they making a resurgence in Russia? I heard russia is turning over the old churches that had been shut down during the communist days back to the orthodox church, and Putin is participating in orthodox ceremonies.

          • You are correct. The Russian Orthodox Church had made a big comeback.

    • Yehd is right. What constitutes Christianity in the West is just window dressing Christianity anymore. It is all about entertainment. Yeah you might get a great Christian based message, but going to one of these mega churches in TX was eye opening when I visited my sister in the Dallas area this past May. It was a small indoor stadium with nothing more than a praise band singing songs with the sermon in the middle for say 20-30 minutes. No liturgy, time for prayer, etc. My sister really tried to talk it up and she made some great points about how stale the old school way had become, but this was more of a production than a church service. Speakers, big multi media screens, etc. To make up for lost numbers the mainline Christian denominations have to water down the message and this can bee seem as a part of that.

      • How many Protestant Christian churches are total bullshit with rock bands singing songs and coffee and donuts at the service? This crap even exists now in Catholic and traditional Protestant churches. People need to understand that we are witnessing the terminal decline of Western Christendom, this vacuous bullshit infecting all denominations is proof of that, and that Christianity will not be making a comeback with white people.

        • I went to one of those Vineyard Churches when I went to grad school in Dayton, OH. The church was a renovated old store front in a strip mall of all places. The people were nice, and the worship was closer to old school than the mega church I previously talked about, but the pastor was like ok relax, be yourself. If you want to get up in the middle of the service to get a cup of coffee, etc go for it. I was floored and started thinking about where the Church was headed. This was way back in 1996.

          • Part of the reason people go to to church is to their teach kids morals and discipline, like sitting and being quiet during a sermon or praying silently after Communion. What morals and discipline are instilled with touchy feely nonsense with a rock band playing music?

          • the 90s with the purpose driven church is where i think a lot of that started. But to be fair, the church in the 50s failed to stop the cultural dissipation of the 60s because they were too uptight about reaching out to people who weren’t as clean cut or whatever.

        • What have you got against coffee and doughnuts after church. The more treats the better. Hair shirts, Mexican style flagellation, and confessional boxes are for you Roman Catholics.

          • Got it, you go to your church for free junk food and caffeine. Also, pretty sure the evil Catholicks do coffee and donuts as well.

          • I’m not one of the wine swilling Catholicks, but continue to think of me as one if it makes you happy.

          • Protestantism with its emphasis on the OT and its sterile meeting houses is much more Jewy than Catholicism. Not that either one is worth a damn, just pointing out how ignorant you are.
            Is your diet entirely soy-based?

          • Yeah, that’s how the Jews & Roman Catholics portray Protestants, as Old Testament fanatics. Of course we don’t have statues and confessional boxes in our churches.

          • Well, you do in fact come across as a poorly educated Old Testament Protestant fanatic. It’s ok, Trump still loves the poorly educated.

            You know who else doesn’t have iconography in churches? Moslem fanatics and Jews.

      • I was aware about the concept of megachurces but I had no idea that they didn’t offer traditional religious service. I am from Sweden and I am not religious, I am an atheist since I cannot believe in the supernatural, but I have always appreciated the traditional in the service of the solemnly spiritual. A slick produced kind of religious service that involves no traditional elements is absolute poison. Reading what you wrote I guess that these churches will slowly lose any resemblance to a traditional church and just be a place for what is basically non-religious community meetings.

        I guess even the clergy doesn’t believe in the church’s message anymore, since they tone it down to a ridiculous extent and instead preach a version of it that is heavily infested with cultural marxist elements. In Sweden the church has become a hell hole of poz and what is basically islam worship to an extent that makes even people that are not religious upset and I guess it is somewhere similar the american churches are headed.

        Sorry to hear that.

    • True. I’ve seen it happen before my very eyes. I’ve defended Christianity because it is all we got but then if it is dead, what will replace it? That is my worry.

      • Peel away the rotten skin of christianity and you’ll find our traditional pagan religion underneath. Christmas is a pagan holiday and our most important one and theirs nothing christian about it. When you celebrate Christmas or Yule you’re celebrating our organic paganism. People just have to be made aware of that fact once again.

        • Everything about it is pagan. Christ was born between May and September at the latest. Why? Because the winter in Israel was the rainy season and there would be no way shepherds would be laying in the fields at night due to the cool temps or the threat of rain. The tree is pagan Roman , which comes from Egypt, egg nog, mistletoe, and the day all come from Saturnalia.

          • He said shepherds wouldn’t be laying in fields due to cold temps, then you made a comment about photos of snow in Bethlehem. So what is your point, that the shepherds would lay out in the cold and snow? Once again, you don’t seem too bright.

          • You are a real Jew genius at weather forecasting over 2000 years ago. LOL. Ok Einstein.

          • You haven’t answered the question, what was the point of your comment about Snow in Bethlehem?

          • You really are dense. Christ may well have been born in December. Not May thru September.

          • Probably not. That’s why your point about Snow in Bethlehem is retarded. Rob said shepherds wouldn’t be lying in the cold and wet.

          • It’s a fact, Jack. Btw, are you speaking as the #Altright Jewish representative tomorrow?

          • Not an argument. Congrats on proving your stupidity for everyone to see.

          • Ok, Dude. Say what you want about the tenets of Cucked Protestanism, at least its an ethos Dude.

          • That’s right, I don’t need to get bewitched every Sunday by some snake handler moron like you do.

          • Jesus is fictional. Christianity is a religion of weakness that appeals to hags and beta fags.

          • Biblical historians have noted that and it is actually in the Catholic Encyclopedia that he most likely was born in spring to early fall at the latest. It is the rainy season in the first part of October or late September. The texts say the shepherds were laying in the fields, and I doubt they would want to be rained on at night or lay on wet fields

          • I have camped in an ice storm. Keep yer head covered and wear layers. Not a recent idea…

          • More grasping at straws to prove Jesus was born on December 25. I’ve camped in an ice storm! It snows in Bethlehem! None of these anecdotes increases the likelihood of Jesus being born in December.

          • No one is trying to prove anything butthead. Just that it is as likely Christ was born in December, as in July. It’s no make or break issue,

            Did your parents drop you on your head regularly when you were a child?

      • We have to take a “leap of faith” into the unknown because Christianity obviously is not working for us.

      • It’s roots are in Rome. The New Testament was created with Roman values under the auspices of Titus Flavius. We have to separate the Jew-loving from Christianity by pointing out how anti-Semitic the New Testament really is.

          • the messianic jews” Funny how no one calls them Christians – Any other group that would go from XXX to the Christian faith would DROP who they were – cuz “in Christ” is everything … but they are still “Jews”.

          • yeah, i don’t think they called themselves anything other than ‘followers of the way’ back when christianity was new. They have to set themselves apart from the rest of the heathen jews who claim to have a religion but don’t. They’re unique than other religions one might be born into only because jews think abraham being their jagillionth great grandfather means something.

          • I see them as a operation to get people to think that they are “just like you” – If they really took Christ in their lives, they would drop Jew for two reasons. 1. Once you are in Christ that is all you are – Christian. Do Germans, Asian or black Christians say they are a ethnic Christian. 2. The term Jew means in itself anti Christ. So why would you tag yourself to a group, religion, idea that is the very thing that Christ fought against … The whole idea is STILL ZIONISTS. As the Race is still 1st. Good day

          • do they call themselves that or do outsiders call them that? I think it’s because they are notable for jews who have accepted Christ when all the rest didn’t, and Jesus came first for the jews.

          • Jesus came first for the jews.” It is the end result that matters. Which is yet again the leaders of the Judean ‘s killed a Profit – this time the very Christ. For that God split the temple, ripped down the curtain in the Holy of Holys, later sent Rome to rip up the Temple, kill the whole of the Levi priest line and in all effect make what was the Jewish religion DEAD. So again by keeping the tile Jew as being just as and or more important than the title Christian – you are still preaching a form of Zionism, which is not of Christ…. Good day.

    • Many white people are very emotionally involved in their religion, and are not going to give it up. There is room for creative, pro-white reinterpretation of the Bible. After all, the current interpretation is a convenient justification of multiracial multiculturalism, which the authors of the Gospels never anticipated.

      • Most White Christians are older and dying. When the baby boomers go, Christianity will really fall off a cliff in the West. This is true just about everywhere. Examples abound, from the Lutheran Church in Sweden which was a State Institution involving all of Sweden and now is on its death bed, to the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland which defined Irish identity seeing its flock abandon the Church, to the utter collapse of Mainline Protestantism in America.

        • It’s true that Christianity is losing its grip on the West, a victim of that Western discovery, logic. But Christianity is not going away. Lots of Millennials are strong believers. But Christianity did not bless multiculturalism in the past, and it need not do so in the future.

          • Yes, Christianity is going away in the West. Don’t believe me? Look at places like Czechia or the former East Germany, homelands of Jan Hus and Martin Luther. Christianity is dead in most of Central and Eastern Europe and will not return.

          • In any case, it is possible to adhere to a religion without following all of its teachings. Most practicing Catholics use artificial birth control, for instance.

    • Another issue with Christianity is that its black & white nature doesn’t fit our people’s inherent mindset. We’re not ‘Heaven vs Hell’ thinkers, we understand the value of gradations (something Semites tend to struggle with).

      This is why every Pagan European religion had so many different forms of the afterlife.

      Even if you are a complete skeptic and don’t care about religion, it’s obvious that a group of people who created a religion with so many different versions of the afterlife aren’t going to mesh well with a religion that is black & white.

    • the small churches are stable but what we’re seeing is the rise of megachurches. These have a light health and wealth sort of theology, the name it and claim it joel osteen type. Or worse, the Rick Warren brand of purpose driven church and chrislam.

    • I respectively fear with that attitude you are turning off a large portion of potential converts to the alt right. Many times christians tend to be the most thoughtful, culturally aware folks around. At least they are under an influence other than/besides just Hollywood. Take women for example, the only ones you seem to see against the importation of muslims is Christian women who have children and don’t want their children to have to live in an Islamic shit hole. What type of white women is having the most babies? Christian white women. The problem is my religion has been hijacked by cowards.

      • Most young people aren’t Christian, so we’re not turning off that many people. The death of Western Christianity is a fait accompli.

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