Cuck Cop Arrests White Male For ‘Offending’ A Drunk Asian Girl

One of the fundamental pillars of Weimerica is the ready supply of bread and circus.

Your right to go out, get drunk and get laid was left alone and enhanced for the most part throughout the 90’s and early 00’s.

But those days are over:

Little incidents like this really start raining on the parade.

Cop: “Were you offended?”

Asian Girl: “Yes”

Cop turns to White dude: “Put your hands behind your back”

And that’s all it takes, nowadays. All the White guy said was that she “looked like a mom”.

In Game parlance, that was an attempted neg that came out a bit too heavy-handed. The guy could have probably saved the routine if the cop didn’t interfere.

Is this what reverse White Shariah looks like?

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  • There’s been a lot of talk about Muslims and Jews, now it’s tie to expose a smart race of people who will rule over us if we get replaced!

  • The alt right need to talk about the problems with Asians more with these kind of stories. Also their infiltration in universities via the communist party that China Uncensored talks about.

  • My guess is they were going to go with the tried and true drunk and disorderly……..I agree dude needs to get a lawyer and sue that PD for 1st amendment violations, as well as unlawful imprisonment

  • Sounded like he said bomb not mom. “OMG did you call her a mom?” To feminist whores that’s the worst thing imaginable.

  • The Left will make every incident a racial thing, and this article shows the same kind of mentality. Ask yourself, could you imagine this happening if the girl he insulted was White instead of Asian? Yes, easily, and I’m sure many of you have seen things like that happen, I know I have, in the case I’m thinking of, the guy didn’t just get put in handcuffs, he was actually arrested, officially for the crime of “public intoxication,” a crime that was overlooked in the girls who insulted him. It’s a real injustice, these white knight cops, but it’s got squat to do with race.

  • Normally I don’t like the whole the worse the better thing but ill make an exception to this because the acidic foundation of our modern “civilization” are eating away at eachother

  • Don’t try to play PUA games with nonwhite thots, and 99% of this problem goes away.
    I hope this site doesn’t make a habit of calling out white police for handling shit within the confines of present reality. I don’t like all the shit-lib-ertarian anti police signaling. WN should back law and order and decorum not drunken misbehavior in public places.
    My 2 cents take it or leave it. I won’t respond further to this post. Thanks

  • The guy broke no law, he needs a good solicitor. Its a crazy world were saying a woman looks like a mother is an arrestable offence. We need a means of striking back at this type of cuck.

  • All it takes for an arrest to happen is for someone — preferably a “person of color” — to take offense at some offhand innocuous comment by a white. Absolutely outrageous. Cops are supposed to protect the innocent, not arrest them.

  • These trashy women were allowed to physically assault him over and over (slapping) – but the White boy was targeted for the arrest? These are the same trashy females who if given the chance – would cry RAPE!

    • They racially harassed him and assaulted him. That would qualify as a hate crime. He offended a female and is unlawfully detained. The cop even said, “You called her a mom? Okay put your hands behind your back.” That’s totally illegal and unconstitutional.

  • Stupid arrest. Dumb cop. Yellow whores.

    But the white boy is a dumb-ass too. Didn’t his father teach him to be a man?

    What is he doing wasting time and energy talking shit with moron whores?

  • glad people are finally starting to realize who the real enemy is. no1 has done more harm to our people over the last 50 years than our own courts/police. left counter signals them just so dummies on the right support them

  • I hope that guy gets a lawyer because he didn’t break any law. It’s not illegal to offend someone, so much for freedom of speech. We’ve crossed the rubicon, muh feelz trump all. I’m so triggered right now I could shank someone.

    • He didn’t get arrested, they took the handcuffs off after they realised nothing serious was happening. There’s nothing for him to lawyer-up for.

      Why is everyone in this thread acting like weird anarchists, who can’t let police make snap calls while they are doing the job of policing?

          • how would you like it if I walked up to you and cuffed you for no reason? sure they didn’t do 2 much damage other than emasculate him stop his free speech but that was this time. people are arrested for nothing all the time

          • I hate to take it to the ‘snowflake’ territory, but don’t you think this kind of hyperbolic reaction falls into the ‘snowflake’ zone? To the police, it appeared that he was becoming the centre of some kind of situation that was developing, and having come in at the middle of it all, they just handcuffed the guy who was doing the trolling.

            Then they realised it was basically nothing and people had dispersed away from it, so they just removed the handcuffs and he was free to go. He wasn’t subjected to any abuse, he wasn’t arrested, he wasn’t charged, he wasn’t even given a verbal warning. It’s literally nothing.

            Sometimes these things happen. It’s not a ‘police brutality’ story, it’s not another ‘freeze peach’ story, and it’s definitely not a ‘Asian hegemony’ story, and it also isn’t a ‘feminist gynocratic conspiracy’ story.

            It’s just police, at an event, doing their job, and they just temporarily put a guy in handcuffs and then took them off when they realised he was totally peaceful. If you can’t allow a police officer to make that call, then what can a police officer do other than act as mere ornamentation?

          • you cant just cuff people that’s now how men work. i would have went to war right there but the pig would know not to try that on any real man. did you not notice her try to slap him 4 times? if you like the police state so much why are you on this site?

          • The last question is the most important one. Part of the reason that I scaled back my participation with the whole WN sphere is because it stopped being a matter of “are there shared goals or some input I can make?”, and it became a matter of “does any of this actually add up by itself to begin with?”

            Think about it. You are an adherent of an authoritarian ideology that involves the creation of an actual ‘police state’, and you are right now asking me why I am here promoting a mentality that is conducive to the creation of a ‘police state’. How can you be both for and against the authorities having latitude to act when they feel they need to?

            Basically you all have not been able to escape from the American mode of thought, and there’s probably nothing that I or anyone else can do about that.

          • When he was cuffed, he was arrested; i.e. detained by the state, lawlessly. He was then released without charge – different subject. Leftist anti-white whore.

          • Regarding whether I’m ‘anti-white’, I don’t have any animus against white people. I just say what I think is true, and people then perceive that to be an attack on their ethnic identity for some reason.

            Don’t mistake lack of emotional empathy for hatred. I don’t ‘get’ why you guys behave as you do. That doesn’t mean I hate you. It just means I don’t ‘understand’ on a deep level why it is that white people do some of the things that they do. Nor should it be expected that I would.

            From my perspective, this whole affair is nonsensical.

          • was nonsense till an innocent man was detained by his government when he didn’t commit a crime. I want to destroy the enemies of freedom not rule over anyone

          • By that ridiculous logic, if a police officer pulls you over while you are driving, asks you to step out of the car, walk in a straight line, and blow on a breathalyser, and you are found to be not-drunk and are subsequently allowed go on your way, then that police officer is an ‘enemy of freedom’, who ‘must be destroyed’.

            You are basically a hair’s breadth away from declaring that “all cops are tyrants”.

          • are you fucking a cop?

            can you really not see the wrong?

            thought you bucket-heads were smart..

          • Can you really not see that if you argue that no one should be held by police for any reason until a crowd of men has reached consensus on whether he or she is actually already committing a crime, it means that you are actually arguing against the essential feature of the modern law enforcement and legal framework that separates advanced countries from legitimate garbage heaps like Afghanistan or Bangladesh?

            It’s precisely because I’m smart, that I can extrapolate your stance its logical conclusion and see that it’s absurd.

          • legal framework that separates advanced countries from legitimate garbage heaps like Afghanistan or Bangladesh” has nothing to do with courts and everything to do with the creativity and productivity of a white society. they have rules there 2 wtf are you talking about? our country isn’t great because cops can cuff whoever they want.
            as it gets easier for police to detain people, freedom get lessened and war becomes inevitable. modern law is becoming tyrannical. no1 is going to bother keeping you under heel but the people that can actually do things to work and protect the land do feel it
            Afghanistan has had plenty of good times when they weren’t being invaded and exploited so your wrong there as well and no it is not ok for people to be harassed with breathalyzers when they are sober. if they hired real men who weren’t “overqualified” to be police maybe things would be different

          • That’s a ridiculous response which does nothing to engage with what I actually wrote.

            The most absurd part of that is the part where you come out against breathalyser tests. How in the world is a police officer supposed to know that you are drunk before he or she pulls you over, and also know that you are drunk before giving you the breathalyser test? In some cases it’s obvious. In other cases it is not. Hiring ‘real men’, isn’t going to assist in the matter, unless by ‘real men’ you mean ‘psychics’.

          • it doesn’t engage what you wrote, it shows it is nonsense. they hire weird people to be cops because they can be controlled. any able true American can tell without a problem if someone behind the wheel is safe to drive or not.

            anyway ill just leave this

            think what you want it means nothing to me

          • I just absolutely love how the first guy they nicked on suspicion of DUI in your video literally is an African-American man who exclaims, “I dindu nuffin” as they strap him to the table to draw a sample of his blood.

            Your entire position is literally a goddammed real-life meme. I would say more if it were not for the fact that I’m responding from my phone right now. In summary though: LOL.

          • how is it a meme? your lack of creativity explains why you are unable to even make reasonable arguments for your muh police state is great position. maybe you are on the clock fishing for responses idk

          • I don’t deny that you’re smart, but your argument is not. In fact, it’s very disingenuous. The young man is a jerk, but he violated no laws on the book when he offended the woman and her friends.

            That said, the cop has a lot of latitude where it involves keeping the peace. It was obvious that neither the Asian women (who didn’t worry him that much) nor their large, aggressive Black Knight in the Yellow Shirt (who concerned him very much) were going to let this guy go with a mere apology (which he gave).

            So the cop gave them the appeasement they were looking for by humiliating and handcuffing the young man.

            Darren Wilson Scenario averted. He is one day closer to retiring on full salary. Mission accomplished.

          • My whole argument is that he did not violate any laws, and that is precisely why the handcuffs were removed, as it swiftly became obvious that what had actually happened was nothing.

            The racialised thought process that you have mapped onto this after the fact, is actually an invention that you Alt-Rightists have put on after the fact, since it’s clearly visible that the policeman does not show up until most of the action has already happened, and actually does not know what happened besides the short summary that: a guy with a microphone and camera said something and that someone is offended.

            The policeman made a choice on the spot, and then swiftly reversed that choice.

            You guys then started acting like crazy civil rights lawyers. I’m sure that the 60 seconds the guy spent in handcuffs, which seems to have done no actual harm to him physically or emotionally, is basically nothing. No laws were broken and his rights were no violated.

            For you guys though, it seems to be the civil rights violation of the century. A complete atrocity that sears the conscience of all good people. Possibly on par with the shock and dismay at the Bowling Green Massacre, in the sense that neither of these things exist in reality.

          • That’s because no one here is actual for a “police state”, but instead the recrudescence of a paterfamilias and are willing to use state force to achieve it. By your logic we should all be big fans of the Bolsheviks because of some universalist bond of fellow “authoritarians”. A municipal police force using a Feminist rubric in determining who has force applied to them is contrary to our interests.

          • The logic

            No, my logic would be that if you are going to create a gigantic surveillance police state, then you cannot also be parroting memes about privacy and free speech as though they are a bedrock founding principle of your worldview. Those things would be instrumental to accomplishing other goals at best, and subject to having other concerns take precedence over them at certain times.

            Is there something to be learned from regimes that we don’t like? Absolutely. For example, I think that there are even lessons that can be learned from the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Does that mean I want to create literal East Germany? No. It just means that I’m not going to argue against ‘X’ on principle, if I’m also supporting ideas that could be considered by a reasonable person to in fact be comparable to that same ‘X’.

            For example, can a person argue on principle for the inviolability of a person’s supposed to ‘right to privacy’ on the basis that the Stasi is ‘fundamentally an awful idea’, and then later turn around and support the Patriot Act or the Investigative Powers Act? No. Can a person argue against detention camps on the basis that ‘no human should be subject to unusual punishments in weird locations’, and then turn around after that a seriously defend Guantánamo Bay, or MI6 black sites in Libya? Obviously it would be absurdly inconsistent.

            But it’s nice to be able to support those things without having to be inconsistent on the way there. My objection to the GDR is based on the fact that it’s the effing GDR. Not the fact that it spied on people.

            Divergent goals

            Regarding the paterfamilias thing, yes, that is why I came to realise that I don’t really share anything in common with the general WN movement as it presently exists, at all.

            My reasons for getting interested in WN at all, was because I perceived it as a social force that could be able to actually defend modernity from medievalist Islamists, and to defend the innovative power of western economies by having nationalists defending the demographic engine — ie, the Europeans themselves — which power that engine today.

            However, that was only my perception.

            The presently existing movement is essentially trying to recreate a form
            of white patriarchal medievalism, and state power is just the vehicle they
            happen to want to use to carry out that retrogression. That is completely useless from my perspective. In fact, it is worse than useless, it’s flat out undesirable.

          • Let me clarify a few points in this interesting little screed.

            “Nationalists defending [Western modernity]” – this means, in practice, organised groups of white men fighting a corrupt elite and foreign invaders at a vast cost in time, energy, and personal risk, with the nice result that you get to keep your modern conveniences and not have them confiscated by Koran-toting hajis.

            “All this manosphere/MRA gender stuff…useless from your perspective”, and “white partiarchal mediaevalism” – these signify, respectively: 1) the reality that white men are not going to rescue a degenerate modern West and then go right back into the low-status, powerless, paycheck-providing box provided for them by that society; and 2) the irritating male habit of thinking about things, in this case the reasons why Western society degenerated to this point in the first place.

            Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the knight on the charger, without the pesky fact that he is also the lord of the estate? What happened to high-mindedness? And logical rigour? And principles? 世も末だね!

          • Your response does more to illustrate your own mentality than to clarify anything that I already clearly stated. Let’s break it down!

            Let me clarify a few points in this interesting little screed.

            Does no one who accuses me of writing ‘screeds’ know what the definiton of the word ‘screed’ is? A screed is a very long and very boring angry rant. A screed cannot be ‘little’, nor can it be ‘interesting’ by definition.

            If you think that what I write is short and interesting, then what that means is that it is not a ‘screed’.

            Because I don’t write screeds.

            “Nationalists defending [Western modernity]” – this means, in practice, organised groups of white men fighting a corrupt elite and foreign invaders at a vast cost in time, energy, and personal risk, with the nice result that you get to keep your modern conveniences and not have them confiscated by Koran-toting hajis.

            Yes, that is a correct description. In the context of the west, that is exactly what it means. You say that as though that’s a bad thing. It isn’t.

            1) the reality that white men are not going to rescue a degenerate modern West and then go right back into the low-status, powerless, paycheck-providing box provided for them by that society;

            Several layers of deception in your writing here.

            Firstly, you are pretending that the Alt-Right is the only ideological group that offers to use military force in the west in the Global War on Terror. For the average reader caught up in the thread, they might forget for a moment that the Alt-Right is less than 15% of the population of the United States, and even less in Western Europe. You say “white men”, but you actually mean “a select group of Alt-Right white men who want to make themselves appear hegemonic when they are not”.

            Secondly, you refer to a “degenerate modern West”. Among Alt-Right commentators ‘degeneracy’ seems to be an infinitely expanding word which has come to mean ‘whatever the people on 4chan /pol/ or 4chan /r9k/ think is icky today’. This can even include heterosexual sex in the missionary position if you catch them in a particularly cranky mood. It’s like having a supreme court with only one judge on it, and that judge is a 12 year old boy legislating on the basis of the Quran, the Sunnah, and Elliot Rodger’s manifesto.

            Thirdly, this stuff about “low status” and “powerless” white males who are “paycheck providing”. What a joke. White men do not have a low status and are not powerless. However, white men are not the sole paycheck providers, because women are working and making money as well. Also, even at face value, if a person did believe that white men are both “powerless” and “paycheck providing”, that would require some incredible cognitive dissonance, given that if white men were the only people paying for anything in society, their power would be even greater than it presently is. In fact, that is the goal of the patriarchy that you are trying to revive. In patriarchy, you would be the only persons paying for anything. All women would be reduced to economic deadweight.

            Fourthly, you seem to think that you are driving a bargain here. That if people want to be saved, they will have to consent to ruled by a kind of white Taliban. No one is going to take that bargain. They will simply choose any group that doesn’t name “get ruled by a white Taliban” as the price of victory over largely Islamic ‘migrant’ invaders.

            and 2) the irritating male habit of thinking about things, in this case the reasons why Western society degenerated to this point in the first place.

            More like the irritating male habit of being prone to autism, in this case leading to the astonishing conclusion that all the ‘killer apps’ which made Western Europe into the crucible of the industrial revolution and which constitute the socio-economic bonuses found at the apex of the union of the French revolution and German idealism, are somehow ‘bad’.

            And that because that idiot Angela Merkel let in a bunch of refugees who raped some women in Cologne in 2015 and everyone felt bad about it, it means that somehow the only way for you to defeat these literal savages and regain your pride, is to adopt facsimiles of the Middle East and North Africa’s socio-sexual norms so that you can become failures just like them, meaning that you too will someday blow up your own society and be consigned to roam the earth, getting tangled in other people’s border fences.

            Your stance doesn’t sound so smart when I explode it out like that, does it?

            Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the knight on the charger, without the pesky fact that he is also the lord of the estate?

            It would be very nice. It’s called the modern standing army. And the modern police. And the modern security services.

            What happened to high-mindedness? And logical rigour? And principles?



            Your argument is basically “the world is going to end” unless you are allowed to basically destroy the modern world. Writing it at me in Google Translate-tier Japanese, isn’t going to make me any less inclined to laugh at it.

            In reality, you are on an agenda that places your gender politics ahead of your ethnic group. All policies are being bent in order to make them support the patriarchal future you are lusting after, to the extent that you even are saying that you would not resist foreign invaders unless everyone complies with what is basically your semi-pornographic sexual master-slave LARP elevated to a political programme.

          • Kumiko, thanks for this: it’s a hilarious example of what you get when you scratch the surface of 99% of self-described “smart people” on the internet, and I’d let it speak for itself if I thought you had the wit to reflect upon it.

            The aspect that really jumps off the page, and makes your criticism of “male autism” so unintentionally funny, is your pedantic literalism combined with zero self-awareness. For instance, you pull me up for daring to say that you write “screeds” – and then proceed to write a tiresome screed several times the length of my original comment! Later you take 「世も末だね」 as a literal argument that the world is ending, when it is obviously meant in a sarcastic “O tempora” fashion, a dig at your praising modernity while expecting selfless chivalry from men.

            Why is this relevant to your arguments? Because this literalism, and spergy inability to perceive context, is the reason why you cannot comprehend the anger over this video. Your facile debating-hall abstractions, like “should society have cops herp derp”, are irrelevant to the context of this episode: the cop was faced with physically aggressive women, a physically aggressive black male, and an admittedly annoying white male who was nevertheless stepping back and trying to escape, and he chose to handcuff the white male – because he knew that remonstrating with protected classes on camera, and risking escalation, might lead to public exposure and personal consequences. This is the everyday reality of our inverted privilege society, and it is difficult to see why white men should be happy about it, given that they are on the bottom rung.

            When we get to your botched dissection of my argument, your literalism disintegrates into the most arbitrary and foolish ass-umptions. Where, for instance, did I express support for “white Taliban” or “African sexual mores”? My only position is that the managerial state has usurped the role of protecting and disciplining women from husbands and fathers, taking this power for itself – and leaving us with a female population of “imperial concubines” who are haughty, unmarriageable and unlikely to reproduce in stable families. Putting the husband-father role back into the hands of ordinary men is a necessary prerequisite for restoring the security of marriage, and thus returning our people to reproduction; it is your vision of a hedonistic and morally degenerate West, which still somehow manages to protect itself from demographic oblivion, that is the epitome of “LARPing” and “cognitive dissonance”.

            As you so smugly point out, women have no need to take account of men in the present day, because the “knight-on-the-charger” role is fulfilled by the security services of the managerial state. But that state is not protecting the borders of white countries, or protecting women in the West from foreign sexual aggression, is it? So you, by your own admission, initially looked to an uprising of white men (“WN”) to restore such protection – only to recoil from it after realising that these men were not just disposable objects for your use, and would make demands of their own in the event of their coming to power. Well, given that you are just bumming around in the West, that is no hard choice for you to make; but it may yet become so for the women whose lives are actually invested here.

          • Your entire overly-long response revolves around the idea that asking people to defend the country they live in without rewarding them by granting them something as arbitrary as ‘revived patriarchy’, means that somehow I was making an appeal to chivalry.

            No, I’m making an appeal to accept your paycheck, and maybe you won’t get your head cut off by Islamists. I’m not sure how that constitutes me asking you for a selfless sacrifice. It involves your own survival, so it’s not selfless.

            Your entire argument rests a top that stupid assumption about ‘selflessness’, and with that pulled out from under you the rest of your argument collapses.

            Also, yes, I don’t get emotional like you want me to. This slightly psychopathic behaviour on my part is what makes me better leadership material than you.

            On a humorous note, replace the word ‘Islam’ with ‘White men’, and ‘bomber’ with ‘racist’, and this genuinely comedic impression of how to be a whiny man, is essentially you, and it’s the broader Alt-Right movement too, you are now just like the Islamists:

          • Folks with your tin ear for social context can’t do man-shaming, silly. More importantly, you misunderstand an important point: men do not have to “ask” women for any sort of “reward”, or even discuss anything with them. Whichever set of men happen to be in power will play the role of protecting/controlling women, and set the terms of reciprocity on the female side (putting up with leery migrants and men in the toilets in the case of the managerial elite; giving sexual loyalty and a modicum of civilised behaviour in the case of patriarchal husbands and fathers).

            Still, I have a suggestion – if not a request – for you: put your unintentionally hilarious Dunning-Kruger spiels onto a blog site, and try to make a few thirsty beta shekels as a sort of contrarian mascot/jester of the Alt-Right. It’s got to be more productive than the role you’re playing vis-a-vis our movement at the moment.

          • Not interested in being productive for you in any sense. I’m the enemy, silly. The comments I make here are mostly for my own amusement, and to get a gauge on what you think.

            If I were interested in actually helping anything, my behaviour would be completely different.

            Also, regarding men having to ask or not ask. I work in the defence sector. I’m part of that thing which you refer to as ‘in power’. This is part of why your smugness has no real effect on me. This whole conversation is a farce. The fact that you have a penis does not place you above me, and it never will.

          • That’s ok, Kumiko. Just knowing that the halls of enemy power are staffed by people of your calibre is enough to brighten up any Alt-Righter’s day.

          • nor do we care to behave in any un-American manner.

            your snotty know-it-all routine is weak.

            go virtue-signal elsewhere.

          • Oh, so you think that clinging to the constitution and screaming about how obeying law enforcement is “un-American”, while I laugh and call you a cuck, means that I’m the one who is virtue signalling?

            How old are you? 12?

            Also, being a know-it-all is a not a routine for me, it’s a state of being.

          • The US Constitution is clearly the basis for your snivelling and whining. You believe that the man’s ‘freedom of speech’ was violated. You are wrong, by the way.

          • freedom of speech goes back farther than the constitution in most white societies. kind of a big deal. honestly its not like a woman can really understand how important freedoms are to avoid conflict. you cant comprehend how close we are to war

          • free speech goes back to rome. it got shut down here and there from time to time but it’s just something white civilizations have done for a long time

          • Of course the man’s freedom of speech was violated. Wounding some woman’s ego is not against any law on the books. And before diversity “enrichment,” it was unheard of for any cop to arrest some man for disparaging some woman’s looks (unless he was sleeping with her or wanted to, I guess).

            In fact, it has been decades since I did the bar scene but I had my share of unpleasant encounters which is why I easily illustrated the Standard Operating Procedures for dealing with some jerk in the throes of “in vito veritas.” And the SOP would have played out the same way IF the women had been White or the man had been Asian.

            You can say that freedom of speech is limited to not putting somebody in jeopardy (like yelling fire in a crowded theater). In view of the menacing presence of the Black Knight in the Yellow Shirt, the only thing that was in potential jeopardy was the cop’s law enforcement career, so I guess he made the correct call where that was concerned.

          • The man’s freedom of speech was not violated. He was able to have his joke and no one is prosecuting him for ‘hate speech’ or any other imaginary offence, because the man did not actually commit an offence.

            That’s why the police actually released him pretty swiftly from those handcuffs after everyone calmed down. However, this did not prevent you all from transforming it into an abuse of power sob story, because nothing will ever be enough to satisfy you.

            The message I’m getting here is “police should not be able to put anyone in handcuffs unless they know exactly what is going on”. That is insane.

          • Oh, he knew exactly what was going on all right. I would say he sized up the situation pretty quickly and accurately and acted correctly under the circumstances. Obviously, the cop passed his sensitivity training classes with flying colors and knew what he had to do to defuse diversity at its most triggered.

            The little White jerk had angered some Asian chicks and stirred up the latent hostility to Whites always simmering in the bosom of the Black Knight in the Yellow Shirt. He came up on a fight that was not yet in progress, but “read the air,” so to speak and could see that one was about to start, because there was no way those Asian girls were going to let the White Smart Ass just offer an insincere apology and walk off from that remark without getting humiliated in return.

            If he had just followed the usual SOP and dispersed everybody as would be done thirty-five or so years ago, there is no doubt in my mind that the Asian chicks would not leave quietly, but goad the Black Knight into giving Smart Ass a righteous beat down.

            Of course, the cop would then have to contend with Black Knight who would have violently resisted any attempts to stop it possibly resulting in another Darrin Wilson Career Killer, because the media isn’t interested in what preceded a White cop having to shoot a Black suspect. They just howl for his blood.

            The cop did precisely what I would have done in his shoes.. Gave the Asian chicks their “pound of flesh” by humiliating Smart Ass with handcuffs until they went away satisfied that “justice” was done. Because, “no justice, no peace!” That way he keeps Black Knight out of it. The kid is saved from an ass-whooping and most importantly his law enforcement career isn’t derailed by Black Lives Matter.

            Just because Smart Ass was not hauled to jail in handcuffs and prosecuted for “incitement” as would probably have happened in the infinitely more politically castrated UK does not mean that his freedom of speech was not violated. It was. Basically, he was handcuffed and detained for what amounts to a unofficial speech infraction. What went down was comparable to someone being stopped (arrested) for a traffic violation and then released with a warning.

            Do I disagree with the way the cop handled it? I do not. To his credit, the cop did the very minimal he had to in order to appease Black Knight and his Asian “mobettes”. He could have issued the young man a citation for public intoxication. If the guy was under age, he could zap him again as a minor in possession. So the kid shouldn’t complain too much. Hopefully, he is reading this and doesn’t act so stupidly in the future.

            The cop is empowered to do whatever he has to in order to keep a tense situation from escalating into violence especially violence that degenerates into either a cop being killed or a cop having to kill a citizen.

            Any complaints about “abuse of power” is not directed toward the cop but at the politically correct system that enables the people intruding into his country to abuse its hospitality by expecting nothing but deference and preferential treatment. But I think you are smart enough to know that.

          • The authoritarianism is a knee-jerk reaction to the senselessness of the left. It’s the dialectical response that is to be expected to such a massive overreach.

            Don’t take it for the final say. I’d say the alt-right is more of a stepping stone than anything else. It’s essentially an emotional backlash in political form. Personally I find the infatuation with fascism somewhat juvenile.

            The alt-right is saying a lot of necessary things but gook or slant-eyed whore is not among them.

            Why were you involved in white nationalism to begin with?

      • you dumb gook, the police had no reason to detain him whatsoever other than some slant-eyed whore talking shit. he very well might have a legitimate case against those cops.

      • Wrong. Arrest means stopped, detained. He was even handcuffed for something that isn’t officially a crime by a lazy cop who did so, simply because he was smaller and easier to control than the large, aggressive African-American in the yellow shirt.

        Mind you, the cop observed that the smart-alecky blond kid was already inciting the usual over the top reactions from touchy “minorities” ever on the alert for “microaggressions” from White people. The cop was justified in thinking that this little jerk would drag him into engaging in some godawful Darren Wilson-Mike Brown Fandango with the AF-AM in the yellow shirt.

        The blond kid DID apologize before the “Mom’s” bestie slapped him four times. If there was any cause for arrest, I would think ASSAULT would trump OFFENSE. Assault is actually on the books as an arrest offense. But HE NOT SHE was arrested, because thanks to the dubious enrichment by vibrant diversity Whites are reluctantly gifted with, THESE are the times we are living in.

        Standard Operating Procedures would call for the Adult in Charge, i.e. the COP to break the kids, i.e. childish drunk people up by ordering them to disperse in different directions. Of course, I am talking about the SOP in place when the USA was ninety percent White before the Social Engineers decided to enrich them with diversity.

        If those girls had been White, they would have accepted his apology, insincere as it was, they would have dismissed him as a socially inept jerk, and walked away with their heads held high. They probably would have warned other women about him and he would have found himself shunned and ostracized by every woman before the night was over.

        Moreover, I strongly suspect that it would have gone down exactly the same way I described in the preceding paragraph if the young man had been Asian. The girls would have handled it with dignity and he would have found himself going home alone that night. In neither case would the Black Knight in the Yellow Shirt get involved.

        But, thanks to vibrant diversity enrichment, those Asian girls and their Black Knight would not be appeased unless the young White male was handcuffed and humiliated, illustrating why White race realists interact with so-called people of color as little as possible and why Kennedy, Hart and Celler should burn in hell for all eternity. This incident only underscores the desperate need of White people to be separate and apart from Non-Whites to live and breathe free.

        • If you actually believe all that stuff you just wrote, you shouldn’t have bothered saying it to me, because I am the exact demographic that you say you should not be engaged in conversation with anyway. After all, I’ll be incapable of reaching any agreement with you, because I’m Asian.

          That said, I agree that the US needs to be balkanised, at least.

          • You seem to be a rather intelligent woman. Is it really wise to tout the benefits of balkanization to someone whose ancestors hail from that region of Europe and is familiar with its history and effects?

            You’re the one who decided to camp out at this board to get an honest perspective on how we think. Why do people who say they want honesty always get their panties in a twist when they actually get it?

            You might feel more comfortable hanging out with White elites at Salon who are educated how to speak to so-called people of color while having the ability to live as far away from them as possible. Those are the liars and hypocrites who merrily chant “diversity makes us stronger” from their lily-White gated communities.

            As for me, I believe in reciprocity, i.e. courtesy begets courtesy. There are certain universal protocols of conduct that need to be observed by everybody in every country for everybody to get along. Increasingly, I do NOT see so-called people of color observing these protocols in White countries.

            Moreover, you would not see ME moving to your country and then demanding that you partition its most prime real estate and deeding it to me and my folk to settle. Do you understand why I do not appreciate your offer of “balkanization?””

            You did not refute my contention describing how this scenario would have played out IF the girls had been White or the man had been Asian, did you? I stress this point, because if the girls had simply grown some ovaries and handled it with any dignity or maturity, told him he was being a jerk and made sure he was shunned by other women, I would have laughed at him and drove on without giving the matter another thought.

            An African cop would not have arrested an African male if he had offered offense to an Asian girl in Africa. He’d believe that she should consider herself lucky that his aggressions didn’t go beyond getting her pwecious widdle ego wounded. An Asian cop would not have arrested an Asian male for upsetting a White woman.

            In countries where Africans and Asians are the majority, it is the minority that must toe the line not the majority that have to tip-toe around hypersensitive minorities looking for microaggressions. Yet in White countries, Whites are expected to defer to Non-White “minorities” even to the point of arresting other Whites if minorities feel offended.

            And your solution, to me, of all people is balkanization. No, ma’am. I think this only reinforces the need for repatriation on steroids to me.

          • There’s no twisting going on here. It’s just that you’re mapping a racialised narrative onto something that wasn’t actually about race, until you all chose to make it be about race and so then it was. The reason I never tried to refute your claims on that, is because there is nothing to refute because none of that stuff that you’ve described actually happened.

            Regarding the idea that my tolerance for the police having the latitude to do their job in the way they see fit, within reasonable limits, is precisely why people like me need to be removed from white countries — I suppose it comes down to what kind of country you wanted.

            The positions that you all are taking in this thread do show that you have more in common with the African-American community on this issue than you have in common with any of the Asian-American communities.

            Regarding forced repatriation of Asian people because we disagree with you on stuff, there is one card that Asians have in the deck to prevent that. The upper class. The richest Asians will buy off your legislature in order to avert that possibility. I’m the only person who is willing to tell you it in such straight language!

          • LMAO. Jack Manley be a good boy! He dindu nuffin. It’s worked like gangbusters for the African American community, so don’t be surprised if we are tempted to go there, too.

            Regarding Asian repatriation, I assume you are telling me that, if presented with the options of looting and leaving the country ASAP or Riding the Tiger, many of you have decided to gamble on the latter. That’s fine.

            We DO have the best Congress money can buy … to a point.

            But there’s a couple of things I’m submitting for your consideration.

            More money was spent to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton president than Trump who had to self-fund himself. More money was spent to elect Ossoff than the Republican he challenged.

            And yet no amount of money enabled the Wicked Witch to park her broom at the White House again and Ossoff isn’t a Congressman is he? It looks like money doesn’t buy what it used to. At least not the presidency nor a congressional seat.

            Now let’s look at Breivik of Norway. Let’s look again at James Hodgkins. Put politics aside to examine some over the top reactions of people who feel that TPTB have wiped their own asses with their ballots. What happens when people feel like their ballots have been rendered useless by moneyed interests?

            Recent history proves what lengths such people have to resort to when the ballot box is obviously not the answer and they don’t have funds to match those of people who buy politicians. How many Breiviks and Hodgkins do you think it will take before politicians become too attached to their own skins to honor their commitments to the moneyed classes any more than they historically have to the voting classes?

            Do you really believe that Alt-Right is an outlier where Whites in Europe and America are concerned? Or do you ever visit more respectable boards? When you do, do you ever ask yourself why the comments have been disabled? Maybe you should.

            Whites have a ridiculously long fuse. That and the White culture of Xenos leaves Whites open to abuses by grasping, predatory aliens who tend to confuse courtesy and kindness with weakness. But at the end of that fuse is something you don’t want to be anywhere near when it finally explodes and it’s coming sooner than you think.

            The legislature won’t turn down your money I’m sure they’ll take your money. You can bank on it. Bank! Get it? LOL. They certainly took the votes of all those constituents they have routinely betrayed over and over and over the years. But I just how tempted will they be to simply take your money and do what you want rather than take your money and do what we want especially if they are looking down the barrel of real power? I guess we’ll have to see.

            Good luck.

          • That will never happen.

            You’re smart but this comment betrays your lack of insight into the actual political landscape and where we’re headed.

      • Ummmm, because a cuck cop put him in bracelets for “offending” someone, that’s why. Guarantee if the roles were reversed they would have not done that

  • wasnt asian…latina…and they liked it..constant need for physical contact…one feminist nig nog

  • She didn’t look like a mom. She looked like an old prostitute. I think he was trying to point out that she was too old and fat for the outfit and she got triggered. You aren’t allowed to criticize women ever, even if they are being ridiculous. It’s against the law.

    • He was out of order,he also touched her. When the jig got involved the cop took him away to prevent the situation from getting violent. He was let go right after, he’s an arrogant frat boy and if the skanks had been white the same thing would have happened. Adolescent behaviour

      • No. The girl pointed her finger at him first,stopping just short of touching him. It does look like he made contact with her and immediately backed off when she made it clear she wasn’t happy. This kind of interaction occurs often when people are out at night. The cop is a real idiot but reversed his mistake, probably after someone smarter told him to take the cuffs off. He probably wanted to be the hero to the drunken girl. They’d probably make a good match.

        The problem in the US or Europe isn’t “frat boys” (who often are white), but the out of control rapists (mostly non-whites) that commit rape and if that “frat boy” had been black, there is very little chance he would have been arrested.

        • I worked security for 20 yrs. The cop was text book correct and the bloke was released without being charged.

          • But you’re weak on the constitution and apparently unaware of what happens when young people go out at night. He overstepped his bounds. He had no right to arrest the guy.

          • I guy stated he wasn’t arrested, he was released. The cop made a snap decision which is often the case, he might have prevented him from being attacked

          • The idea that people should be handcuffed for their own safety is flagrantly ignorant. If anyone should’ve been handcuffed, it was the guy in the yellow shirt posturing like he was about to escalate to violence. This video shows a disturbing trend of men to white knight random drunk girls (cop, guy in the yellow shirt), and women to shame men – in this case white men – if they get so much as slightly offended by their behavior. This because women are well aware how effective male-shaming is nowadays.

            Is the interviewer a giant douche-bro? Absolutely. But it doesn’t mean he deserves to be detained for offending a woman. Women can quite literally assault men in public and get away with it. The double-standard here is crystal clear.

            White Sharia now, brothers.

          • There is a double standard here, but you are missing the real point. If the girl had been White, she and her best friends would have handled it themselves by appearing to accept his insincere apology only to make sure he was shunned and ostracized by all women before the night was over. He’d definitely go home alone.

            The cop had his own safety in mind when he handcuffed the blond kid. He could see that the situation was escalating to where the big, aggressive African American in the yellow shirt was going to raise a row. Everything he did was done with the spectre of Darren Wilson’s dead career dancing in his head.

            I have sons in this age group. I intend to show them this video with the Asian girls to make sure they really rethink engaging with them whatsoever in conversation. I suggest that anyone else with young male relatives do the same. Yellow Fever leads to bad things; rethink it!

          • he might have prevented him from being attacked

            This is so obviously idiotic. The idea that it is the police job to prevent criminals from committing crimes by detaining and removing their potential victims is a huge part of the problem in our society. “Law Enforcement” working to keep crime prone people on the streets and out of ‘the system’ until after a history of escalation finds them in court facing charges for an ostensible 1st offense for a major crime is so transparently contrary to the idea of policing.

            Police are agents of the court primarily. They are not bouncers hired to keep the employers property safe and his business running smoothly, which factually if they were removing douchy white frat boys on the behalf of violent nogs they wouldn’t be doing anyway.

          • White knight pussy detected.

            So for 20 years you’ve been a pussy licker. Got it. Go join the Left pal, it’s where you belong. The cunt should have been in cuffs for assaulting him instead of arresting someone for calling her a mom. What a little faggot you are pal. Piss off.

          • I work security in bars, bouncer etc when a situation heats up you act fast to end it. The cop acted fast, handcuffed him, didn’t know if he had a weapon, was on something, the muds could have kicked his ass

          • should have cuffed the black guy if anything. didn’t know if he had a weapon? should they just cuff everyone at the drop of a hat?

          • Should have shot Trayvon for all I care but the cop did what he felt was required. No harm, no foul

          • could have turned into a death match if that wasn’t some kid who was willing to just let some1 cuff him like that. plus his free speech was stifled and he was emasculated . I don’t care what they do to trayvon but oppressing my people hiding behind the law is unacceptable

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