Alt-Right Politics – June 24, 2017 – This Means War!

Richard Spencer, Baked Alaska, James Allsup are on Alt-Right Politics to discuss Sunday’s free-speech event at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Who is the real enemy, the antifa or the Alt-Lite? Get the inside take on Rebel Media, the Alt-Right Twittersphere, the e-celebs. In the end, the bluster will not matter. The course of history will be decided on the streets of the capital. Will NPI, IE, and the rest of the maul-Right overcome Ezra Levant and his careerist minions, IRL? Greg Ritter, Hannibal Bateman and Don Camillo also weigh in.

Alt-Right Politics will return to the regular DC politics beat next week.

Outro song “Vincere!”

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


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  • As often, I disagree with Richard Spencer. Some on the alt lite are ridiculous, but others are decent people we can work with. Brittany Pettibone (alt lite) hosts a youtube show with Tara McCarthy (alt right). Laura Southern has worked with identitarians in Europe to protest the “refugee” invasion. The last thing we need to do is make enemies out of people who need not be our enemies.

    Our real enemy is what it has always been — the mass media, the academic establishment, and the diversity pushing, open borders advocating multinational corporations. The alt lite is a sideshow of little consequence by comparison.

  • There’s something that’s always bothered me about this narrative that the money-grubbing Jews just stole all the cash and are now keeping it from its proper white owners. If the white race is so superior, then why does it lose to the Jews who are completely outnumbered? How do so few Jews manage to control so much? And if that is the case, does it not in fact make the Jews the superior race, a few of whom can outmaneuver and defeat their opposition?

    At some point, if you want to uplift the white race, you have to be able to stand on your own without a victim complex – without having to blame someone else for your problems. True strength is able to stand up for itself without the need for a crutch.

    • we need to look at it exactly the same way blacks look at whites, the Jews are the Masters of the plantation, call me a fucking victim

      • Great idea — adopt the tactics and attitude of people we rightly despise for having those tactics and attitude.

  • WTF Spencer?

    You guys are handing over Western Civilization to genetic mutant 3rd world invaders and Muslim savages ALL BECAUSE YOU CANT STAND HOMOS. Enough. This is so fuckin’ stupid. This is about our ppl! Our blood…

    From Cleisthenes to Socrates, Alexander the great to a list of Roman emperors and our greatest writers, ancient to contemporary… Western Civilization was forged by gay men. Period. The most famous genius of our ppl: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci to Lord Baron & Beethoven ….Even the very father of Germany, Frederick the Great ….for Gods sake, Ernst Röhm and the SA WHO PUT HITLER IN OFFICE, who cleared the streets of commies & put the Nazi on the map – all gay. All raging homos.

    You. Can. Not. Separate. Western Civilization from homos. You can’t…. and all this anti-gay shit was introduced to West Civ BY JEWS. Never existed before the infestation of their ideology across Europe and the greco-Roman world. This is basic – how do you not know this?!?

    The effeminization of the Western Male is NOT synonymous with being gay. Learn the difference or there will be no future for our ppl…. Much like Hitlers backstabbing
    treachery against his most loyal & best friend, you will murder any chance to secure a Western Future if you can’t get over this by going after master race BLOOD, just because they are gay ‘hedonists’. Holy eye roll.

    Get over your ego Spencer… This is bigger than you & your personal vendettas against fucking Milo and Lucian. Getting sick of this shit.

    • There’s a difference between homos and homos that traffic in degenerate art, support pederasty, and wear their homo-ness on their sleeve. Homos that advocate for traditional values are OK, but the alt-right will not become STUDIO 54. Someone like Jack Donovan, although not a WN, is a good model for homo-ness in the Alt-Right.

      • I completely agree.

        & I don’t even necessarily disagree with Spencer’s position on this subject.

        But I do believe that there is a LOT of time & distraction being spent on the threat of right wing homos, that would be much better served focusing on the sand niggers raping our women & littering the streets of our capitals with dead children.

        I also believe the war islam is waging on homos is a field ripe for harvest; there are massive flocks waiting to be red pilled over this alone… And it will be a fatal mistake of the Alt Right to sound more like Isis than Milo on this matter. Let’s clean house AFTER the saracen are defeated… within reason, of course.

        Tommy Robinson has the Right idea with his approach. Spencer needs to fall in line if we are to endure to debate another day.

      • Overall, I agree.

        & I don’t even necessarily disagree with Spencer’s position on this subject.

        But I do believe that there is a LOT of time & distraction being spent on the threat of right wing homos, that would be much better served focusing on the sand niggers raping our women & littering the streets of our capitals with dead children.

        I also believe the war islam is waging on homos is a field ripe for harvest; there are massive flocks waiting to be red pilled over this alone… And it will be a fatal mistake of the Alt Right to sound more like Isis than Milo on this matter. Let’s clean house AFTER the saracen are defeated… within reason, of course.

        Tommy Robinson has the Right idea with his approach. Spencer needs to fall in line if we are to endure to debate another day.

  • If there is a way to ping mods someone plz do. Spencer and Co. should be doing advertising blasts on Faceberg and Twitter to get the normies who still dont know or dont know where to look for the alt right. For ~$350 a week you can reach over a million people who are targeted. Ill keep posting til we get some movement

  • I think this can only be resolved by a debate and then boxing match. Spencer vs Cernovich. Make it happen! I’ll pay to see it, seriously!

    • Spencer is an effete snob who has never changed his oil on his car or done a manual labor job in his life. But Lucian is obsessed with Dick.

          • His character was an excellent swordsman. Spencer doesn’t appear to be physically adept. The mannerisms and narcissism are similar.

            Rob Roy is a great movie.

  • The Rebel was formed when the Sun News Media cancelled Ezra… he has done a good job building his site with lots and lots of content and lot of it is free .. but it is a limited hangout in Canada for me.. there are other news outlets just as ‘controlled’ led by non-Jew front man Dan Dicks – Press for Truth comes to mind who is pals with Luke Rudowski/WeAreChangeAgents… Liberty News Machine is one guy on the westcoast who has done a lot more vanguard stuff.. Richard Heathen interviewed Dicky a while back.

  • I noticed this from Cernovich’s timeline. You don’t need any more motivation to hate the Alt Light who support Milo, but Alt Light actually sell pro-cuck shirts.

    Breaking the link because it’s so vile. /Third_Position/status/879123189657415680

  • It’s fairly clear that the about-face of many Alt Light figures who were formerly friendly with Richard Spencer is because of greater Jewish infiltration. Jews always do this. Above everything else I believe this is the #1 litmus test. If a group refuses to discuss the Jewish question then they’re compromised.

    • Jack… if a ‘group’ wants to really begin to think for themselves they’ll really be a threat to the power structure .. if only because they’re not gonna fall into the ‘its the jews’ trap… snap out of it!

      • Do you believe that criticism of Jewish behavior should be a legitimate subject in a society’s political discourse?

          • It’s impossible to understand something like the decline of Detroit without thinking about people as groups and examining the demographics

          • Nothing to back it up? If you don’t think Jews have vastly disproportionate political power and use their influence for an anti-white agenda then you’re the dumb fuck and a willful one at that.

            If you can read and listen to Kevin MacDonald, E. Michael Jones, David Irving, Ernst Zündel and so many others and come away thinking Jews are innocent and there’s no problem there then you have a serious cognitive impairment.

          • So you want to essentially ban talk of the influence of a rival tribe? lol.

            How about the influence of blacks, Arabs, and Asians? Can we talk about their influence, or is that banned as well?

  • Donnie’s anticipated response via Spicer and Conway:
    “I’m shocked … shocked to learn that white nationalists represent a significant proportion of my support base!”

  • Winning! Rally a success, Lauren Southern moving to our side. RamzPaul retweeting the lame Alt Lite Rally with like 12 people. SAD!

    • Lauren just needs an Alt Right man and she will be full Nazi. For a single white woman she is already relatively extreme.

      • Agreed. She’s moving farther to the right as time goes on. In the near future Lauren will go to an Alt Right event, find some fit and intelligent Alt Right man, and get married and knocked up.

      • I don’t find her extreme .. I find her extremely clued in and if she is any indication of the young people coming up in Canada.. she’s encouraging.

        • For women she is extremely rare, especially since she’s coming out of that socialist hellhole Canada.

          That’s not to say she’s perfect. I’ve talked with her. She supports legalizing prostitution.

          I don’t expect women to be perfect, but they need to be willing to learn.

  • I’ll keep typing it until the idiots wake up from their pill induced comas… “Its not the Jews” – Bill Cooper, rip …. its the communitarians… those people who clusterfuck and can’t grasp individualism because they want to be ‘community gurus’ and ‘community builders’ and ‘community leaders’ .. they’re cucks… give them a fucking name already: COMMUNITARIANS .. fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

    • “Communitarianism is a philosophy that emphasizes the connection between the individual and the community.
      Its overriding philosophy is based upon the belief that a person’s
      social identity and personality are largely molded by community
      relationships, with a smaller degree of development being placed on
      individualism. Although the community might be a family unit,
      communitarianism usually is understood, in the wider, philosophical
      sense, as a collection of interactions, among a community of people in a
      given place (geographical location), or among a community who share an
      interest or who share a history”

      What’s so bad about this?

      • oy vey, please site the source for that shit please… meantime… “Communitarianism is at the heart of the French presidential election! I love it that neither candidate likes it. And no matter what I think about Le Pen, she MADE it a central issue, she put the term out there over and over for ALL the world to see, and she forced her opponent to say something I’ve never seen in my entire 17 years of covering communitarianism. I’m getting excited about the rewrite for the Saudis.
        This is the LA Times. Does that mean it’s real now? lol
        “The trap in which you are falling, Mme. Le Pen, with your provocations, is to divide society, that is to say that the more than 4 million Frenchmen and Frenchwomen whose religion is Islam and who are, for the vast majority, absolutely not into communitarianism, to make them out to be enemies of the republic.
        “Well not me! … Don’t divide the French over this. Let’s be pragmatic and responsible.”
        Presidential debate, March 20, 2017
        Le Pen
        “The truth is there has been a rise of Islamist fundamentalism in our country for some years. If we don’t say it, then we are refusing to face reality.… So not only must we promote secularism, but we must fight against communitarianism.…
        “You don’t want to see the seriousness of what is happening. The fact remains that a few years ago there were no burkinis on the beaches.”
        Presidential debate, March 20, 2017.” – Niki Raapana..

    • Mocking a leftist on Twitter is the same as your hero cucking to the Jew York Times saying he doesn’t believe in a white ethno state.

    • Lana is a commie.. she doesn’t want to be called out because she’s a darling of the altright for her blabby videos.

      • Well, I used to like her and followed her on Twitter. Then when I saw her at one event with one arm around gay Donovan and the other arm around some Afro-mestizo Negro talking about “Alt Right” I made a comment about it. She then proceeded to be hostile, condescending and said I should read books about homosexuality and how it’s normal. At that point not only is she being disrespectful but she looked like a fraud.

        She’s Alt Right because of her husband Henrik Palmgren.

        Here’s the thing with women: they are in the Alt Right because of a relationship with a man that is in the Alt Right. Single women are much more likely to be feminist and anti-white, neutral at best, taking their cues from the state and mainstream media rather than a strong white man.

    • You usually have good takes, but this one needs some work. It was an obvious agitator and Lana is right.

    • That was my first thought when I heard that guy yell it out, must be a leftist sheeit disturber got in there, and turns out that’s what it was. You can almost set your watch to these idiots.

      • It happens almost every Sunday, around noon, at the intersection of Route 1 North and King Street in Alexandria. I generally drive by and flip them off or tell them to “Fuck Off”.

        It’s different people almost every time; some celebrating faggotry, some wearing “Democracy Dies in Darkness” t shirts, and so on.

        Today was the first day that I’ve seen the thots, though. Looked like high school chicks. Perfect targets for some education on the realities of race.

          • I’ll get some next week. They’re there every single week. Sundays, around 1230PM. Seems like a different crew every week. Thots this week. Faggots last week. Funny thing is – it’s never the blacks, only lily white liberals.

            The reason they’re doing it, though, there’s a black church nearby and it’s easy virtue signaling.

  • Alt lite is repackaged republican conservatardism. They took Tea Party memes and lolbertatian autism dressed it up in sunglasses made them say fuck every now and then and called it a counterculture. It’s an AstroTurf movement that is already dead and offers nothing.

    • Alt Light’s only usefulness is as a bridge to us. As a movement on its own it’s just conservativism + trolling. In the end they have no solutions. Alt Right white nationalism, not quasi-white nationalism that Spencer advocates, but real white nationalism, has a solution to our problems.

  • I think it’s valid to speculate that something “sinister” is going on with the Alt-Light (although based stick-man has been pointing out White genocide lately). If they spend more time attacking the Alt-Right than the globalist left, that’s shady. Cernovich has done some good work, but he does use underhanded tactics and innuendo. Has he ever explained the sex with she-men comments? In the end I believe the Alt-Right has the more accurate view of the world, and because of this will be proven by history to be the victors. And while the Alt-Light has more money now, in time powerful factions in this world will support the Alt-Right because the organized White populations of the world are the path to global power. And then the Alt-LIght will have to answer for the crime of genocide. I truly believe this.

      • It’s more than just money. Besides trying to divert people from the Alt-Right, I predict that the Alt-Lite will be used as a voice to push hate speech laws. Support for hate speech laws usually comes from the left, but the Alt-Lite will be the voice from the right. They’ll oppose anti-white and anti-murika speech, but also oppose “anti-semitism” and other real talk that threatens the globalist power structure.

        Look for it, the Alt-Lite will support hate speech laws.

        • I don’t get it, apparently there isn’t a single supreme court justice who believes in Hate Speech, so how can the Alt-Lite believe in it?

          Are we sure that “Free Speech Ain’t Hate Speech” isn’t (very poorly worded) way of saying “there is no such thing as hate speech”?

          Weren’t the Alt-Lite obsessed with free speech until this play came along?

          • Although i have very little sympathy for the alt-lite I thought first that “Free speech ain’t hate speech” was maybe a very strange and convoluted way of saying that when one says something that is protected by free speech it can never be hate speech, or something along those lines, but honestly it is pretty retarded.

            If you cannot formulate a simple message for a sign that surely isn’t speaking very highly of your mental powers. The message sure ends up validating that there is something called hate speech.

  • Can’t the alt lite become anti Zionist without becoming explicitly racial, like kikes are cool except for the international banking ones? The problem always been the Jew… The problem is them kikes know how to play every group against each other, we cannot get a popular shoah going because the Jews always convince us that it would be better to shoah the moslem or the negro first… believe me if the Jew was gone first then whites could take care of the other races more readily.

      • its not a jewish problem… that’s perfect for them when we fall into that trap.. don’t do it .. NewRight is fine .. Alt Right is now tarnished as nazis etc.

        • Are you unironically saying that the “New Right” is fine? Some times it is hard to tell.

          I have never seen a more obviously astroturfed “movement” in my life than the “new right”. The stunt pulled by Laura Loom in order to gain street cred to gate keep was amateur hour. The skekel grabbing afterwards was the icing on the cake.

          • She may be referring to the European New Right, which tends to avoid the JQ (presumably because they don’t want to end up in jail).

        • But there is a Jewish problem. Damn, you people are like fucking kikes I swear to God. Its all scheming and shekels and muh optics.
          Have a fucking backbone and stop shying away from being called a fucking Nazi, or you’re no better than the republicucks and their racist-accusation-complexes.

          If you can’t make being a Nazi, the most obviously badass representation of what we’re pushing for, an acceptable platform again, you’ll never succeed at anything but being a slightly less-shit Yeb Boosh. I was bantzing Reactionary Tree about this same fucking shit like 2 weeks ago – if you can’t erase the Jewish wall created around these ideas and that platform, you – we – will be able to build beyond it.
          Its time to stop worrying and learn to love the swastika (again).
          And if you can’t, or don’t want to, then you’re probably still little more than hominid trash lost in Jewish tricks, lolberg faggotry and/or CivNat cuckoldry.

    • The Alt-Lite is basically just Rebel Media and Infowars which are both explicitly and rabidly pro-Zionist. You know, against identity politics except for Jews.

  • The reason why Richard is having a hard time grasping to find the language to describe what Rebel Media even believes should be obvious. And I will go full gerbils by saying that it is because they are Jews. There need be no other argument.

    When you stumble into a spider’s web of inconsistent astroturfed crap you know what you are dealing with. And we know from how Washington works that the MO of these people is to put drug addicted sexual deviants as their front men because that is the only people who will do their bidding. Bill Clinton or Gavin McButtplug, its the same shit.

    • E. Michael Jones talks about Jewish proxy wars a lot. In America throughout the early 20th century, Jews used blacks as Proxy warriors against White America; the WASPs establishment, and Catholic ethnics. This went on from the founding of the NAACP (a Jewish group) in 1909 until the 1968, when the Black New Left embraced the Palestinian cause. The Jews dropped the Blacks and many become “neo-conservatives.” They have now started using LGBT as a proxy force to attack Christian culture and as a sort of fifth column in the American corporate establishment.

      You also see a number of sexually compromised Whites used as front for Israeli interests – see, for instance, Jared Kushner’s father, who placed a homosexual Mossad spy, Golan Cipel, as the boyfriend of New Jersey governor Jim McGreevy, who was a closeted homosexual. McGreevy “just happened” to put his boyfriend Cipel in charge of the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security during the investigation into the 9/11 attacks.

      Then of course there is child pimp Jeffrey Epstein who was best buds with both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, and who procuress was a Jewess whose is the daughter of a Mossad agent.

      All of this stuff is open knowledge and has been covered in the mainstream press.

    • Yes, it was an excellent podcast.

      These “altlight’ characters attached themselves to the Trump campaign looking to turn their involvement into cash & status. I watched most of their evolutions on twitter and elsewhere. They are looking for celebrity status, and the possibility of being discovered as the new media darlings.

      Best wishes for tomorrow’s rally. You should have punched it up a little more—people need to be reminded starting a week to 10 days out that an important tree speech event is taking place.

      Before it’s all over you will have Cabinet Members & other key people’s personal phone numbers. Count on it. You may never call them, but, you will have them. 😉

  • I can’t speak for Posobiec or Levant, but I know Cernovich wants to campaign for closing the border for everyone except 115+ IQ non-Muslims. I know that VDare and people like RamZPaul would likely support any campaign further to the right of Trump. And everyone in the “alt-lite” shares the alt-rights abject hatred for the Republican establishment.
    So my question is: What exactly do you realistically want to happen in 2020 and/or 2024? If a candidate comes out supporting closing the borders indefinitely, deporting illegals including Dreamers, and bringing our troops back home – but he is in, say, an interracial marriage – are you going to not vote for him? Are you seeking a short game (WN candidate in 2020) or the long game a la Vox Day?

    • High IQ immigration is also a disaster and just displaces intelligent Whites from jobs. We need to just defend whites because we are white and want to preserve who we are. Jared Taylor is correct when he says he doesn’t want millions of Asian immigrants coming to America, even though they might be smarter than whites, because he wants to keep America as a White society.

      If Trump faces a strong primary challenge in 2020, then he’s done for, the Republicans are losing, and the Democrats as the opposition party will win. History shows that is always what happens when a President faces a Primary challenge (LBJ ’68 vs McCarthy, Ford ’76 vs Reagan, Carter ’80 vs Kennedy, Bush ’92 vs Buchanan).

      We do need to play the long game, Vox Day is right.

      Finally, please don’t compare the great work of VDare to the execrable shit tier virtue signalling of RamzPaul.

      • So… you would or would not support the race-mixing candidate I described?
        Also what’s wrong with RamZPaul?

        • I’d only support a Pat Buchanan II in 2020.

          I wouldn’t mind RamzPaul except he punches right as often as Max Schmeling when he beat Joe Lewis.

          • Basically, Pat Buchanan was the real deal in the 90s, not this Don the Con job with the Zionism. Buchanan hated Israel.

          • Buchanan is anti-AIPAC, anti-American Empire, anti-immigration, anti-globalism ect, ect….

          • Short of a Trump re-election, I see no evidence of Buchanan 2.0 on the horizon. By the way, like you, I’m a big Beach boys fan.

        • RamZPaul is hated because he outed the fact the fake “Nazi” movement is run by Jews. RamZPaul has never “punched to the right” – that’s a bald faced lie.

          • Nope. Once again, your memory is selective. Your white knighting of RamzPaul is truly weird. RamzPaul is hated because he totally lost his nerve after Heilgate and disavowed both the Alt Right and a White ethno-state. Some White advocate.

            What’s telling is that Spencer still associates with Mike Enoch, who did a Salute, and mocks RamzPaul on Social Media. In fact, Enoch is speaking with Spencer today. RamzPaul also totally misjudged Heilgate, worried about “muh brand,” and is now irrelevant. RamzPaul’s Youtube views are way down from a year or two ago. Meanwhile, Spencer is all over the legacy media. So much for a “demonized and toxic” Alt Right.


            “In the end, the alt-right’s downfall will be itself. In the days following NPI’s conference, some of those affiliated with the movement began to turn on Spencer. Paul (RamZPaul) Ramsey, a featured speaker at the first NPI event I attended in March, stated his intention to distance himself from the alt-right over the “Sieg Heil” controversy that arose from the events on Friday and Saturday in D.C.”


            “Paul Ramsey, a blogger and retired computer programmer in Oklahoma, generally follows an alt-right ideology, though he said he did not believe in a white ethno-state. “ Snip

            “The new Nazism is very demonized and toxic, and associating your brand with that is crazy,” he said.

            As Spencer said in this very podcast, Heilgate and NPI served a purpose. Heilgate distanced the Alt Right from Alt Lite entryists and con artists like Laura Loomer and Mike Cernovich, one dimensional virtue signalling morons like RamzPaul worried about their brands, and squeamish tone policers like you.

          • It’s amusing how you find two or three snipes on social media in order to declare some sort of huge rift that doesn’t exist. You attack a serious pro-White like Ramsey while always running interference for Jewish trolls like “Weev.”

            You act like Spencer is dad that you can run to and say, “well Spencer banned Heimbach two years ago but now he appeared with him so HA, Spencer’s a costume clown too!”


          • Keep White Knighting for someone who doesn’t believe in a White ethno-state and told that to the Jew York Times. That’s called “punching right.” It’s OK, Ramz can have his Civic Nationalism and chumminess with the Alt Lite.

          • You are lying, as usual. You never quoted him, you quoted Jew media. Ramsey is pro-White and an ethno-nationalist for Whites. You go out of your way to attack pro-White people that won’t play act (((Hollywood Nazi))) that’s all.

          • Pathetic. It’s not the Jew York Times’ fault that Ramz told them he doesn’t believe in a White ethno state. He could have just told them “No Comment.” He also never corrected the record or disputed the Times, so their story is accurate unless he has proof otherwise.

          • What’s weird is that Enoch did the salute and RamZ used it as an opportunity to take a swing at Anglin, who wasn’t even there.

      • >High IQ immigration is also a disaster and just displaces intelligent Whites from jobs.


        It also dooms any chance that those benighted countries supplying the immigrants have for progress. High IQ immigration is a win-win for the (((globalists))).

    • Trump held all of the positions you stated, while being neck deep in Zionist, Jewish interests through the conversation of his daughter. I still held my nose and supported him. He is proof that you can never ignore the red flags, as he is now going back on most of his campaign promises that do not directly support the Zionist and/or businesscuck agenda.

      In short, no I would not trust a person who is in an interracial marriage to carry out a set of policies that are sympathetic to White interests, especially if they are part of the boomer generation.

      While I will still vote and probably be active in future campaigns, my activities will be more concerned with developing a parallel culture with supporting institutions in preparation for some kind of balkanization/secession/government reshuffle taking place further down the road. I am quite frankly not convinced that the US as it is now will continue to exist into the future, say, 50-100 years. All bets are off once the country is divided by minority majorities. Too many competing interests.

      • Trump’s daughter converting to Judaism is about the least kosher aspect of Trump. Trump has been a proxy for the Likud party during Obama’s entire two terms and Trump’s entire career has been working as a money launderer for Jewish criminal groups.

        Trump’s Presidential campaign was started by two Jewish Democrats nearly five years ago. We documented it from day one at Aryan Skynet:

        • I am not sure I would categorize inviting Ivanka’s husband into the White house to be a top adviser as “the least kosher aspect of Trump” but I get your point. There were dozens of red flags, that is what I meant by “neck deep”.

    • RamZPaul isn’t “Alt Lite” he is more of a Jared Taylor type except he is solid on the Jew problem. He’s smeared as “Alt Lite” because he correctly predicted that the (((Hollywood Nazi))) types were run by Jews and that many are Jews themselves, and he was proven right three times within a year of making that prediction. They have never forgiven him for outing their scam.

  • Gavin is funny that is why. It’s hard to bash him. Richard you been to his home. Ate with the man. I think he’s stuck in a hard spot. CernoBitch and the rest are Trash. However I’m with you. So I’m bashing them all. Loomer is a money and attention Whore. I was wrong for celebrating what they did. Took me a day to realize it. Heil Free Speech Great show Guy’s. #NeverEverGiveUp

  • This was a great weekend for podcasts, outstanding content. The fake right are in it just for money, like Cerno and Posobeic, or shilling for Jews/Israel like Ezra’s rebel media.

    In the end, everything they do ends with buy my book, subscribe to my channel, or donate to Israel. There’s no end goal they have in mind because the end goal is money (or another country). The exception is Gavin, who at least started proud boys, which does some good work on college campuses. That’s probably why I like him the most out of any of these civic nationalist figures, but even then he still cucks for Ezra’s shekels and won’t take a stand for white people or criticize Jewish power.

    All of this wouldn’t matter if they would just shut up and not try to fuck over the Alt-Right by constantly disavowing and attacking us. Their entire money-grabbing movement feeds off the Alt-Right’s energy, culture, and ideas merely repackaging them in sanitized forms aboiding race and Jews. Of course, since we on the Alt-Right offer the real deal, which is more appealing, they feel threatened by us as a competitor and thus the need to attack us in the most ludicrously hypocritical ways. So fuck them. They deserve to be ridiculed and mocked and we shouldn’t stop until they stop signaling against us at every opportunity.

    • And what happens if Trump proves to be a terrible President? The Alt Lite is discredited and goes away just like the neocons and Patriotards of the Bush years. Meanwhile, the Alt Right will still have relevance regardless of how Trump does.

      • That is an excellent point. I know that many people are caught up in the moment, but few are remembering that Trump is 70 years old, and there are elections for president every 4 years. The details of the current paradigm will shift, and in my opinion, the Alt Right, and other “movements” like it are far better positioned for longevity.

        • BS you moron. What planet are you living on?
          We do not have time. If you can’t see this you are totally deluded.
          Spencers 10 year plan for Senate. He can f right off. We need to reach our people now. This is not about his ego. The person fueling the division is Spencer and his pals.

          • The alt- lite literally put a rally next to the alt-right rally on the same day AND time and they counter signal the alt-right constantly every chance they get, and they invent some chances for themselves too.

            And Spencer was very much into getting along until they seriously started counter signaling him (Cernovich telling his fans that Richard was a CIA plant, even though it was the media that was playing Cernovich like a fiddle). His ego is not a very pronounced factor in all this. The problem is book merchants that lie, a general lack of ideas, degenerates and “cultural libertarians” and trump cheerleading.

          • I regularly compare Cernos twitter with Spencers and I see constant tweets from Spencer punching right and none from Cerno, at least lately. Listen to Spencer
            “They are the enemy”
            “They need to be destroyed”
            “Disgusting people”
            Trump Hat cheer leading idiots”
            “We must absolutely destroy each and every one of them beginning with cernovich”
            And yet none of you consider the damage this will do…
            Spencer is setting up for a battle with the alt right that will last years and totally destroy the right.

          • I should have read this reply before I made my previous comment. You actually expect Cernovich to lead you in any way? lol.

            Spencer tried to get along with the ebook merchant. In return he got called a fed, and was accused of running a gay orgy.

            Cernovich is a fraud and does not care about White advocacy. In fact he constantly counter signals it.

          • I regularly compare Cernos twitter with Spencers and I see constant tweets from Spencer punching right and none from Cerno, at least lately.

            Cerno is not to Spencer’s right.

          • Bro, ‘the right’ is a fucking joke at this point to anyone with eyes. Ziocucking is at an all-time-high and the harder – and you appear to be cheering on the most-obviously subverted.
            Are you Jewish?

          • So let’s review what happened.

            DC rally planned for weeks with a basic tone matching the Boston Rally and an understanding of the kinds of folks expected to attend (New Right and Alt-Lite figures primarily, but Augustus Invictus w/e he is as well).

            New Right figures make plans, allocate resources, plan travel, etc to attend the rally. Organizers know full well the basic approach to this movement that the New Right takes.

            A week or so before the event, the organizer suddenly notes that he’s inviting Richard Spencer, Nathan Damigo, etc. Also folks start seeing this: .. Which we associate with this:

            So the New Right folks did exactly what everyone KNEW they would do, which is say “uhh, no thanks.. and since we already have made plans and planned logistics for a DC rally on this date, we’re doing our own.”

            Meanwhile, Baked Alaska at the same time or just before (not sure which caused which) but I think it was just before the dissolution, posts this:

            The alt-right CONSTANTLY countersignals, purity signals, mocks, etc, the New Right. Great, have it. But don’t be retarded and assume that everyone on this end is just going to yawn and accept it.

            The moment New Right folks say a word in response, it’s “ZOMFG DONT PUNCH RIGHT” which is a meme based on a anachronistic, reductive political axis spawned from a French guy’s observation about seating arrangements in 1789.

            It’s wielded like a club, a mechanism of control, and it’s abandoned any time someone questions the authority or principles of the Alt-Right. The same goes for the abuse of the phrase “virtue signaling”, which has to do with the motivation of the person proclaiming their virtues/principles/values and which is only deployed as a pejorative when someone disagrees with something the alt-right gatekeepers say.

            This whole episode has been absurd, but it has exposed the fragility of an alliance of convenience between two groups that have fundamentally different values. The New Right is pro-democracy, pro equality under the law, pro individual liberty.

            How cucked would they have to be to tolerate natsocs and self-identifying fascists in their midst?

            We aren’t fighting commies because we hate garden tools. We’re fighting them because they oppose the values we believe will MAGA. To the extent that self-identifying alt-righters share those values, great! To the extent that they don’t, stop whining about us “countersignaling” it’s literally the same thing you do, constantly, day in and day out.


            Also, worth noting that it’s incredibly easy to make generalizations about leaderless movements. There are some folks on the Alt-Right that seem completely reasonable to me, and there are some New Right folks that have a lot of influence but I cannot determine why or how they have it.

            Both movements are hazy and have ill-defined borders, so it can be a mistake to generalize. I recognize that. So I’m obviously speaking really generally here.

          • I have never once heard of a Spencer “10 year plan to become Senate”, lol.

            People like you have screwed up expectations in my opinion. The fixes to White people in general may take generations to truly show a payoff. We may be old men in wheel chairs, or even dead when Whites as a whole successfully reassert themselves on the grand stage of international politics, let alone domestic politics within their own countries.

            Also, your opinion that Spencer and “his pals” are the sole source of division is laughable.

            Other than that I will agree with you that time is not on the side of White people. Unfortunately no one here has a magic wand to wave to fix all the problems.

      • 100% Proof Trump is draining the swamp* (Feat DJ Netanyahu

        Published on May 24, 2017

        Once again, the silly Goyim has fallen for the trap. Is America becoming great again, or is Israel? Has Trump effectively trolled the Alt-Right?

        Source : Activist-News (Australia).

      • Just one more from an Australian perspective from Activist-News (and this was before the notorious Saudi arms-deal to further the Military-Industrial-Complex and war against Syria). Don’t shoot the messenger; I’m ‘anti-War’ and against Zio-Jew neo-con wars and those (((lobbies))):

        Donald Trump & Malcolm Turnbull are shilling for Goldman Sachs

        Published on Apr 26, 2017Did
        you know that the push to increase our military expenditure and the
        push to purchase more deadly weapons is currently fuled by Jewish
        investment banks like Goldman Sachs? well, if you didnt know that, did
        you know that war mongering Australian Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull
        use to be a merchant banker, venture capitalist and the previous
        co-chairman of Goldman Sachs Australia from 1997 to 2001?

        point i want to mention, is the fact that oner of Donald Trumps
        promises to the united states was to rebuild the US military and make it
        more powerful, he accused the Obama administration of being a bit limp
        wristed when it came to military spending and given whos trumps close
        mates are, it makes sense, because the fact is, prior to trump taking
        office and despite what he has said about Obama’s military spending,

        Military spending was the single biggest item in the federal budget for
        fiscal 2010 and Obama made a record 708 billion dollars in spending in
        that year alone to fund the Zionist inspired wars on terror, and all of
        these defense contractors get their marching orders from Jewish
        investment analysts who dictate contractors’ business policies from
        their financial towers on Wall Street and their high rise apartments in
        tel aviv.

        dont expect to hear any of this from Wikileaks either, their
        too busy with their red herring propaganda. and the single biggest
        problem here is, if trump reckons the record breaking military spending
        was weak, just what does he have in store? its going to be a very
        interesting 4 years im sure.

    • The “Alt Lite” especially the Ezra Rebel Media faction is literally George W. Bush era neo-conservativism. Spencer says he started the Alt Right specifically as an alternative to Bush era neo-conservativism and the neo-con David Frum has been a personal enemy of Spencer for a decade. It was Frum’s publication, The Atlantic, that started the media demonization of NPI last year.

      What was David Frum known for? He was fanatically pro-Israel, anti-Muslim and also pushed acceptance of homosexuality and “gay marriage” in “conservative” politics and the Republican party over the objections of Christians. OccidentalDissnet even had David Frum’s employee, Alex Knapper, post about how he is a homosexual and a “libertarian” that believes in the Church of Satan. Hunter Wallace and other readers were scandalized that this Frum acolyte was being held up as the future of the Republican party.

      What happened to David Frum’s employee, Alex Knapper? He was outed as making pro-pedophilia statements and fired – in other words, exactly the same thing that happened with Milo. History is literally repeating itself.

      Gavin McInnis’ website says he is “pro-Jew and pro-gay” and of course he is anti-Muslim.

      Nothing has changed in a decade, it’s still the same two factions fighting each other. On the one side are Jews and their proxies, gays, promoting anti-white policies and wars for Israel. On the other side are White nationalists.

      • HR, I may not agree with everything you say but I do enjoy reading your comments when I come across them.

        With all due respect to others – you appear to be one of the few on here with any thought and considerations given to your posts and without appearing like a troll or making ad-hominems and insults. You appear to actually be capable of steering people into whatever the ‘alt-right’ is (I prefer to just refer to ethno-nationalism).

        Have you got a blog/website where you expound upon your thoughts and ideas. I think a mutual contact referred me to a blog/ of yours?

        I don’t think comboxes are sufficient to flesh out ideas.

        Most importantly, I am in agreement with many of your views about being anti-Zionist, pro-Palestine, and most importantly, on the issue of false-flags blamed on Muslims which is the elephant in the room that isn’t tackled (ie, 9/11 ‘Truthers’ are not welcome here).

      • “Gavin McInnis’ website says he is “pro-Jew and pro-gay” and of course he is anti-Muslim.” McInnis is just another Irish Roman Catholic blowhard and wannabe politician.

        “Rodney Kingism”, why can’t we all just get along, is a nowhere political strategy for cucks and weaklings.

          • Yeah, I’ve personally known Irish Roman Catholic assholes with that surname.

          • His parents are from Scotland and he spent time as a kid in Glasgow. Does that chafe your ass?

          • Episcopalians nowadays, Spencer, McInnes, muh self… Apperntly nibiddys aliking the gay marriages the ol kirk be spinning

          • His family were originally Irish and called McGuinness. His grandfather changed the name to the more Scottish sounding McInnes(the exact same name of Gaelic origin meaning son of Angus) because of the anti Irish discrimination he faced from the usual brain dead Protestant bigots.

        • I don’t think McInnis’ former Catholicism, nor his Irishness is particularly relevant and he’s obviously not a wannabe politician. He’s a wannabe comedian.

          Why not just take him at his word? He was a “punk rocker” in the 1980s, which is essentially a form of pseudo-religion like the Hare Krishnas, and he is similarly embracing faux-“edgy” subculturalism now in the form of sucking up to Jew Zionism and homosexual culture because it’s a way to appear to be rebellious without actually stepping over the line.

          His motivations are pretty obviously money and fame, same as any actor. He was on his way to fortune and fame with Vice, but they kicked him out for being too “racist” so he started working for Ezra the Jew which gives him political correctness cover.

          It certainly has nothing to do with Catholicism and even less to do with Irishness.

          • “Rodney Kingism”, “why can’t we all just get along”, is a nowhere political strategy for cucks and weaklings.

          • Yes, he’s Scottish, not Irish, and he did sell Vice but still worked for them which is how they were able to fire him after he lost majority control.

            Five or so years ago he was mildly funny when attacking SJWs, but at this point that stuff is old hat. We need to move on to explicit pro-Whiteness. McInnis can’t do that and even if he could his boss Ezra the Jew wouldn’t let him.

          • Then for umpteenth-time-plus-three: you don’t own the phrase ‘hipster racist.’ If you wish to appropriate it as a kind of trademark, you need to give it a unique orthography, eg ‘HipstRaycist.’ You might think of getting a unique profile pic for the brand too. You’re welcome.

          • How the hell do you equate Zionism and the Sodomite agenda with “edgy subculturalism”? These are mainstream positions.

            He does claim to currently be a practicing Catholic btw. This is what Vatican II let into their doors and why Catholicism Inc. needs to be thoroughly disavowed.

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