Who pulls the strings of the Islamic State?

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Suppose ISIS was the puppet, then who would be the puppet master and what would be their motive? We’ve heard conspiracies from the mainstream media and U.S. government in the past of Bashar Al Assad’s government colluding  with ISIS (or the very least tolerating or ignoring them) in order to have a convenient bogey man to prop up the Syrian Arab Republic. This theory hasn’t been regurgitated recently, but has been put out nonetheless. It’s logically unsound, but I started with the least controversial conspiracy to open up the doors to the possibility that ISIS is not self-sufficient.

Let’s first ask what the Islamic state achieves? Mass migration of the third world to Europe and the United States via their creation of millions of displaced refugees. Infiltrating the West, killing random civilians, shared goal with “moderate rebels” of displacing Bashar Al-Assad from power, and overall instilling fear on the nightly news broadcast. What a convenient, evil bogeyman army that seems to have appeared out of nowhere on its own with no help whatsoever, or so it seems on the surface.

We know that the U.S. government insisted on “arming the opposition” in the early days of the Syrian war despite allegedly not knowing who the opposition truly was. What if the U.S. government knew who the opposition was? That being ISIS. We now know the Israelis from their own admission have also sponsored “moderate rebel” groups in Syria as well. We also know that Syrian chemical attacks were not carried out by the Syrian Arab Army. SyrianGirl, an information guru on all things pertaining to the Syrian war, predicted a false flag chemical attack a year before it first happened via leaked documents from British intelligence. We also know that historically, terrorist organizations have declared Israel their number one enemy, yet ISIS seems to have Israeli targets on a very low radar screen, they seem to prefer attacking citizens in England, United States, and the European Union.  Why is Russia considered a greater nemesis to the United States security apparatus than ISIS, and why does the U.S. security entity insist Russia is not fighting ISIS. Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of Russia to fight ISIS?  They are operating on their doorstep, after all.

In the middle east, it is widely known that many people hold a suspicion that ISIS is an Israeli intelligence operation, via Mossad. Well if this were true, it would make a lot more sense from a motive stand point than the ridiculous Assad-ISIS bro-mance conspiracy that used to be put out by U.S. intelligence and media in the past. Who is ISIS fighting in Syria? Bashar Al-Assad, Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran. All primary enemies of Israel. Who has to gain from this so-called civil war? We all forgot about “arming the opposition” and “arming the opposition”. Can you replace “arming the opposition” with “weapons of mass destruction” and it all becomes a bit more logical.

Let’s suppose Israel and the United States intelligence had the most to gain from controlling ISIS. What would be the motive? Mass displacement to implement mass immigration to further anti-white “diversity” and degenerate culture? Erasing ethnic identity from western nations could be the pre-texts towards a uni-polar world and governance. As a goal, eliminating all the top enemies of Israel via proxy, or at the very least, use the conflict to further isolate an enemy, via Russia and Iran.

Don’t forget about Saudi Arabia, they conveniently get their blood thirsty fantasy of a Shia genocide in the Levant and Iraq, where they see Arab lands being tainted by Iranian influence and demography. Not to mention they want to topple Assad simply because he’s a Shia Alawite leader in ‘Arab lands’. It’s no secret that the Saudi’s are obsessed with Iranian influence in the middle east.

To be fair, it seems like a very blood thirsty alliance is behind the Islamic state. Being Israel, U.S. deep state, and Saudi Arabia as the principle puppet masters, however I suspect Israel as the primary culprit being that they have the most to strategically gain from the Syrian war. For the Israelis, not only does the motive to fight all their enemies at once (Hezbollah, Bashar Al Assad, Iran, Russia) in one location without sending a single battalion into combat seem too good to be true, but it also fulfills their geopolitical global motives of weakening white countries towards a uni-polar world order. If you need hard evidence that you’ve been flat out lied to about what is going on in the Syrian war (not civil war), I suggest visiting SyrianGirlPartisan’s YouTube channel. She posts relevant documentation and debunks the scripted narrative of the war, especially showing Human Rights Watch and CNN blatantly fabricating evidence in the war to the point of making your blood boil at their bold lies.

While we cannot definitely prove right now who is the puppet master of ISIS, we do have evidence that we have been lied to about what has going on in the war and we know who has been doing the lying. We also know who has the most to gain from the war. “arming the opposition” is circumstantial evidence so to speak. My educated guess is ISIS is a Israeli Mossad joint project spearheaded by the Jewish state (and heavily supported by the U.S. deep state). The rise of ISIS, the destabilization of middle-eastern countries, and the promotion of mass migration to White countries, I believe is not a coincidence.

‘Order out of chaos’ goes the old saying.

Globalization is more than economics; it is bloodshed and war on civilization itself. Oh right and don’t forget, that when all else fails, blame Russia. Wasn’t it the Western media who came up with the conspiracy that Russia was destabilizing Syria in order to create a mass migration of immigrants to destabilize Europe?

So it’s not that hard to imagine, just replace the word ‘Russia’ with ‘Israel’ and it all becomes clearer.

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  • Every decent investigative journalist has followed the money, weapons, etc. Of course ISIS was created by the US and its ME satraps. The only thing keeping the US afloat is the petrodollar and constant war. Constant war is the new norm and will be for some time. The are taking their playbook from Orwell’s 1984 with fluid warfare, where the front lines of the global wars between the different trade blocs rarely move, and there is a domestic terrorist to keep the boobs at home full of fear, who also is a product of the government. If Americans were not so stupid, this scam wouldn’t have a chance at working.

  • Spot on article, all in one. The neocons cleaverly used proxies;Iraqi baathists, jihadis, Saudi and Qatari funding. One big jew clusterfuck!

  • I don’t know if Israel is directly supporting ISIS. But wounded ISIS soldiers have been treated at Israeli hospitals, and in a speech before some Yeshiva students Netanyahu did say that he preferred Islamic State to Assad.

  • Back in the summer/fall of 2013, when the usual suspects (the State Department, FOX News, neo-cons, neo-liberals, etc.) were beating the drums for U.S. military intervention in Syria, I wrote my Congressman to tell him, in effect, been-there, done-that, I’m agin’ it, no-way, F**k-NO! My congressman is a Republican stalwart, he “supports our troops”, he represents a thoroughly MIC district, that largely makes it’s living from the warfare-state. And he (well, actually, one of his staffers) wrote me back to say that his correspondence was running 100-to-1 against getting involved and that, consequently, he opposed any involvement in the affairs of Syria. People – even people who suckle on the government-teat – are just f**king sick and tired of the never-ending war in the middle-east, which has – by now – gone on longer than World Wars I, II, and the Civil War combined. This is one of the reasons why John McCain lost and Barack Obama won.

    Are you listening Washington? We’ve had enough. Basta!

    Then, in 2014 – miraculously – up pops ISIS – dastardly villains straight out of a comic-book movie. Why they might as well have twirled their mustaches and laughed maniacally. They were like an over-the-top parody of the bad-guys in action movies. They were Hydra and Cobra and Spectre rolled in to one. Okay America – you don’t want to go to war against Bashir al-Assad? Here’s a villain you can’t help but hate. What do you think now?

    The whole thing is such obvious bullshit. ISIS clearly has to be some kind of US Deep-State / Israeli / Saudi / Gulf Emirate creation – a proxy army raised up to counter Iran and its’ proxies. They didn’t manufacture the whole thing; the whole region is awash in crazy head-cuttin’ people – all you have to do is put out a casting call. But they funded it, encouraged it, nudged it this way and that, and gave it plenty of air-time on Western TV.

  • I think it’s a mistake to view ISIS as a puppet, to believe that they are dancing to the tune of a particular entity is quite far-fetched. More likely ISIS is a dog purposely injected with rabies. They’re not directly controlled but are a known quantity that are openly belligerent towards everyone making them easier to supply for someone.

    Have American, Israeli, and European arms and intel made it to ISIS? Undoubtedly, but they are formulating their own goals, which are strategically limited and easy to predict.

    • ISIS/Daesh was started on an American military base by Iraqi prisoners, supposedly. Apparently, the US Army in Iraq allowed dangerous Muslim radicals to socialize and plot together, then let them out and they started ISIS.

      The US military introduced ISIS to the world by pretending that ISIS had hacked their Twitter account, then the Washington DC based “SITE Intelligence Group,” a low-rent Israeli propaganda outfit run by Rita Katz, started releasing the infamous ISIS videos. Joshua Goldberg, the Daily Stormer writer and full time “neo-Nazi” and “radical ISIS jihadist” was also a part of the introduction of ISIS to the world, and was given publicity by SITE Intelligence as well.

      There are mercenaries and fanatical jihadists on the ground in the Middle East that are not directly controlled by anyone, and also various proxy groups run by Saudis and Israelis and Americans and others. But “ISIS” is, as they say, a “social construct.”

      After all it’s called the “Islamic State” which in theory includes all Muslims anywhere in the world.

      • I don’t really disagree with you. ISIS conceived out of American incompetence, not connivance, at the Abu Graib prison where we locked up thousands of Islamists and Baathists (Saddam had tried to islamize his Baathism after the first Gulf War). Since then we let thousands of former Iraqi soldiers (particularly the cream of their officer corps) join jihadists and we (along with the Israelis and Europeans) gave them weapons to fight Assad without bothering to figure out why they wanted to. Effectively we let this dog for feral and now it’s collected a pack and his ravaging the neighborhood.

  • I agree with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Deep State being the primary beneficiaries behind ISIS activities.

    But what about Qatar and the controversial Qatar Foundation? What about the UAE?

    The Gulf States realized that the “moderate opposition” would not be able to topple Assad, so they engineered the project ISIS. For ISIS to be more self-sufficient they allowed them to take Mosul.

    What about Turkey? They are involved too.

    • turkey is a wild card. I think they will do whats best for turkey. for now they have to shill for israhell to some degree at least but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the first to nuke em. I say if turkey does the deed we make em part of Europe provided they restore Constantinople

    • All is under Jew control including Turkey .The founder of modern Turkey Mustapha Kemal was a jew dictator who once wrote” Bolshevism is the creed of which contains the very highest precepts of islam ,has triumphed over an enemy (Imperial Russia),who was threatening our existence” Kemal Attaturk August 14 1920.Israel orders the American military to turn the middle east upside down and cause havoc and destruction among its neighbors while Israel sits in its isolated bubble while at any time the Turk and Arab combined could wipe Israel of the map but no this does not happen.Israel borders Syria but the hated jew seems immune to trouble except for a few Palestinians who lets face it has Palestine under control while Europe suffers more terrorist attacks than Israel and still people don,t get it THE FUKIN JEW CONTROLS EVERY THING.Sorry for shouting.

    • I think you’re overestimating the intelligence and competence of the Deep State, Saudis, and even Israelis here. ISIS’s conception was a side-effect of liberal interventionism that shattered the European designed nation states of the Middle-East that we wrecked out of moral self-righteousness and Jewish lobbying. Across the world we’re seeing the most primitive places regress into the degenerate tribalism that existed before the white man came. That’s why the established powers are so afraid of the America First policy, they know Muslims, Africans, and even Metizios are incapable of running nation-states and as they coast on post-colonial momentum it’s largely an orgy of violence, poverty, filth, corruption, and poverty of arbitrary regimes. The billions of dollars in foreign and military aid that always seems to end up in the hands of people like the Clintons and Soros will dry up.

    • Turkey supports them financially and by allowing transport thru their territory but it’s enlightened self-interest interest, anti-Assad and anti-Kurd

    • I believe you’re replying to my comment below. I don’t really care about the Stormer, don’t disavow them, if Anglin wins people to the movement, good.

  • I agree everyone has different tastes obviously. I have never watched a meme on dailystormer its mainly articles just like this site. I would not say this site is more analytical at all. This article for instance is elementary level stuff at best. Many times on the stormer they have charts, graphs, archives, and links that back up what they state. Much more than what I have seen here. I think its probably more of this site is packaged more politically correct. So really its not as alt right as the name implies.

      • It could be a good thing if managed right.At least i don,t think the jews have much influence in it.

          • Thats true it is different and i like reading whats on both ,What i meant by my comment was i think the daily Stormer has so much potential not that it is not a good thing just that it could grow into a major right wing publication with money and management.Always good to hear what you got to say Regards “Steve”

    • When ISIS first came on the scene, I distinctly remember Anglin getting all excited and thinking they were going to lead the charge against Israel, when it was obvious from the start that they were just another Al Qaeda. Anglin is funny but sometimes lacking in sense.

  • DUH! Is there anyone on here who doesn’t know this. DailyStormer is a better site by far. No offense Richard.

    • Yehudah: Are you posting satirically, pretending to by a Zionist? Your posts are a little confusing, since sometimes you come across as satirical and sometimes as a white nationalist. Maybe you should create two characters, one for satirical posts and one for straightforward white nationalist posts.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein jay donnelly • 6 hours ago

      Stormer is full of ridiculous memes and sensationalist headlines. Come on

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