Handel Is Singing Hallelujah After Winning Georgia’s 6th District

Every time something goes wrong for the Democrats these days, I cannot help but laugh. This party went from a bastion of the White working-class to a noxious group of miscreant anti-White reeeeee-sus monkeys, whose only raison d’être is to find any way possible to discriminate against and hate White people. As a result, woke White people, who are weary from all the self-flagellation, are running from this toxic political party in droves. Let’s be honest, what do they really have to offer White people anymore? Oh yeah, that’s right, not being called a racist if you vote for them. Thankfully, Whites have a loving place to go where their interests and cultural viewpoints are respected and thrive, and that place is called the Republican party (okay, stop, I’m trying not to laugh, too; it’s not easy).

The reason I am doing a stream of consciousness diatribe about this subject is because a special election runoff was held in Georgia’s 6th district on Tuesday. The winner ended up being the Republican representative, Karen Handel, who is a Boomer milquetoast cuckservative with only a high school diploma. Amazingly, she defeated a slick-talking 30-year-old Jew named Jon Ossoff, who has a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and once had a top-secret clearance from the U.S. government. Handel defeated Ossoff by around 10,000 votes to claim the victory. The district had been historically overwhelmingly Republican, but because of recent Cultural Enrichment (we’ll call them Mexicans), the race for the seat is becoming much more competitive.

Mexicans are natural conservatives, eh?

This race was interesting for many reasons, little of which had anything to do with Handel herself. In the original special election, Ossoff almost won outright with 48 percent of the vote. He only needed 50 percent to seal the overall victory, and a runoff would have not been necessary had that happened. The special election was a heavily dominated Republican field, and they spilt most of the votes amongst themselves with Handel coming out on top for them. She ended up netting around 19 percent which set the stage for the runoff.

What’s remarkable is that Ossoff does not even live in the district that he is trying to represent. Really! He could not even vote for himself on election day.


It was also the most expensive House race in U.S. history. The most reliable sources placed the estimate at over $50 million dollars. Ninety-five percent percent of Ossoff’s donations came from outside of the state of Georgia. In fact, almost nine times as many of Ossoff’s donations came from California versus Georgia. This race was a potential tinderbox for the Democrats, and so the big money came pouring in to take this one home for the jackasses. I wonder if Hollywood hates Trump, hmmmm??

Speaking of those same kooks from La-La land, many of them came out publicly to support this relatively unknown upstart. People like Samuel Jackson, George Takei, Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler, Mark Ruffalo, Kerry Washington, and John Leguizamo were all singing his praises and endorsing Ossoff for this congressional seat. These Prozac junkies cannot wait to take an opportunity to counter-signal Trump in any way possible, so many of them used this election as a stage to espouse more of their mindless drivel.

Besides Handel, who is a Trump supporter, taking home the victory, Ossoff’s loss has called into serious question the leadership of Nancy Pelosi. Many of the Dems made statements regarding this right after the official defeat was announced.

“I think you’d have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top,” said Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas) “Nancy Pelosi is not the only reason that Ossoff lost. But she certainly is one of the reasons.”

“There comes a time when every leader has to say, ‘For the good of the order and for the betterment of the party, it’s time for me to step aside.’ And I wish that that would happen right now. This is not a personal thing. I want to get back in the majority.” -Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.),

It’s not that the next leader will be any better for our side, but it is difficult to believe that they would be any worse than Pelosi. I am ready to sing, “Ding-Dong! The witch is dead,” as that ancient crypt keeper has to hand over her gavel for the last time.

Now, what does this mean for the Alt-Right?

If Handel would have lost, every Republican would have used her defeat as an excuse to “run to the center.” When Boomer Republicans cuck, they cuck hard. They would have been preening themselves for every Lügenpresse news network hoping for the a chance to go on tv and get to say, “See, we need to be inclusive . . . try to cater more toward Hispanics . . . tone down the harsh rhetoric.

Now, those pathetic excuses are off the table. Handel’s election should serve notice to us that we need to be even more diligent and bold. Our job is to hold both Congress and Trump’s feet to the fire and leave them with no other choice but to actually achieve some of the campaign promises that these clowns made to us, starting with deporting the illegals, ending non-White immigration, and building that wall.



  • Ossoff looks like he was created in the same replicant factory that produced Macron and Evan McMullin.

    Perhaps candidates for high office should first be given a Voight-Kampff test.

  • The commercial the Republicans ran against the Democrats was masterful: images of Antifa rioters and Black Lives Matter protestors cut with clips of that actress woman holding up the rubber head supposed to be a decapitated Trump. “Democrats have gone too far.”

    Republicans portrayed Democrats as a bunch of radical malcontents far outside of the mainstream. It worked.

    Just consider how much mileage people have gotten from all those “SJW” clips of Trigglypuff and “Big Red” and assorted green haired and tattooed freaks screeching about “white males” and feminism. Then you cut to some normal looking white guy talking about how they are all illogical and hateful. Ever since “Gamergate” the online culture has made SJWs into a toxic liability that can be thrown around the neck of anyone anti-white.

  • Why does Ossoff get labelled a shylock?

    Shy·lock [ˈSHīˌläk]
    a Jewish moneylender in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, who lends money to Antonio but demands in return a pound of Antonio’s own flesh should the debt not be repaid on time.
    (a Shylock)
    a moneylender who charges extremely high rates of interest.

    • Does that bother you? There probably is a reason but I wouldn’t know what it is. I do know Jews are constantly insulting gentiles with labels like “NAZI”, “racist”, “white nationalist” (meant as an insult) and dozen other pejoratives and no one ever asks why they do it. And if someone ever did ask, they would never, ever point out when that insult comes from a Jew, because he is a Jew.

        • Yeah, you’re a Libertarian. You don’t believe Ossoff is who he is because he’s a Jew. You believe in individual atomization. The Alt Right takes the opposite position. Identity drives and defines all of us. Thus, Ossoff a 21st Century Jew who raises money from other Jews engaged in financial Ponzi schemes is compared to Shylock a 16th Century Jew engaged in financial Ponzi schemes.

          • Care to define your perspective? You don’t happen to read Rothbard and von Mises do you?

          • My perspective is 80% orthodox libertarian, 10% Cantwellian, 5% Molyneux, 5% something else. Oddly though I have identified as libertarian since I was 18 years old (I am now 50 years old) I haven’t read a Rothbard book as such. I once ordered Socialism by Mises in my early 20’s but didn’t have the energy or motivation to read it. As a college student I read Atlas Shrugged. As a youth I read plenty of Heinlein.

      • Yes because the word shylock has meaning. If all folks of the Jewish Question persuasion are all about are applying adjectives to a person regardless of applicability then I can simply ignore them.

        • Calling Ossoff “Shylock” is like calling a Muslim a “Jihadi.” Where do you think Ossoff got his $25 million? From pounds of flesh raised by his co-ethnics across America in banking, finance, real estate. Offended much?

  • I honestly think it would’ve been better for Handel to lose. You said that boomers would go out and cuck on MSM–true, but it doesn’t really matter anyway. The only people who watch MSNBC and CNN are left wing radicals and the only people who watch Fox are boomers. No one takes them seriously in political discourse which matters a lot more than who they vote for. If Handel lost, maybe someone Paul Nehlen-esque would have risen up in 2018. The best the left has to offer anymore is mullattos and slick-talkin jews.

  • The Republicans think they’re doing well because so many whites have abandoned the Democratic Party and are voting for them. Those votes are strictly by default, it’s not as though rank and file Republican voters really care about tax cuts for rich people, making the world safe for Monsanto, and having more wars in the Middle East. If a pro-white party came along Republican support would vaporize.

  • Have you read Jon Ossoff’s bio? He’s a not just Hollywood. He’s a Jewish insider from a Eastern Bloc family that grooms politicians.

    • The school Ossoff went to is the Paideia School, that is the same name Barbara Spectre chose for her institution in Sweden to bring about a Multicultural Mode in Europe lead by Jews.

    • If Trump were not president, that would be true. But he is, and that significantly alters the symbolism of even worthless cuck victories.

  • We should support Trump and hold his feet to the fire.Especially on immigration.Donald has all the right enemies and a man’s enemies tell me he is pretty good.

      • In this case, it’s simply not about the man himself; it’s about what he represents. He could fail to deliver on a single campaign pledge and his presidency would still leave us far better off prior to his election. It really is that simple.

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