Do We Live In A Post-Normie Society?

I’ve always been fascinated by the levels of nonchalance that the Eternal Normie exhibits to anything that isn’t related to Sportsball or celebrity gossip.

Over time, I’ve learned to differentiate between the run of the mill, ‘go along to get along’ type and the actual SJW or lefty propaganda pusher. For example, the die-hard lefty will read Jezebel or watch John Oliver eagerly to lap up their opinions and actively propagate them. The Normie however will just shrug and go along with what his lefty peers tell him to believe. One is convinceable, but the other is the cancer that must be isolated and excised- that was how I conceptualized it.

But I figured that it was only a matter of time before the Normie would start noticing the terror attacks that are occurring on an almost daily basis in Europe now. Self-preservation would kick in at the very least.

It’s been an eventful Ramadan, to say the least. There has been a whole slew of attacks (and counter-attacks) and some are even saying that this is the start of the long awaited race war.

As I write this, there is a Day of Rage in London. 

Rage over the displacement of ethnic Britons on the land that is their birthright and soaked in the blood of their ancestors?

No, its rage over a shoddily built housing compound packed to the gills with immigrants who probably started a grease fire in the living room camp-fire.

RIP to the 3 white people in that Tower. You’re in a better place now.

The Grenfell Tower death toll is at 79 right now.

While more immigrants died from this fire than victims of Islamic terror from this year’s Ramadan, the reactions were completely different.

There were no mass protests or days of rage from White Britons.

I even reached out to some of my Normie acquaintances living in London or busy being expat Bobos in Eastern Europe.

Hey, are you ok? I heard about what happened in London, that sucks…

That’s all I asked.

But instead of being indignant, they simply didn’t know what I was talking about. I know that this a sample size of n=4 doesn’t mean that this is a statistically significant survey, but it was illuminating nonetheless.

‘Ignorance is bliss” I’ve heard it said and now I believe it. Most Normies no longer actively partake in the culture wars. The only thing they are actively doing is turtling up, ordering from Amazon instead of driving to that mall that used to be nice, but which has become dangerous in recent years.

They never connect the dots, they don’t want to. But that also means they’ve stopped bleating about the wonders of diversity. And so they stop listening to the news because they vaguely sense that it isn’t good. The news shows a world of danger and rapidly eroding safe spaces. They don’t like it, but they hate noticing. So they circle the wagons around their own collective ignorance. The failed suicide bomber in Brussels, the stabber in Michigan, and the attack that will go off literally right after I hit publish on this piece- the Eternal Normie hasn’t heard of them, nor does he want to. He is worried and tired. He closes his eyes.

Please God, just make it all go away. I had it all figured out and I knew what was good and what was bad. Where things were going. I believed in a better future and now its all slipping away…

Yes, that is what has changed in the wake of recent attacks. The deafening silence from the great mass of Normies is starting to become noticeable. They haven’t allowed any CrimeThink into their conscious thoughts, rather they have decided to simply keep quiet and see how this all plays out. The herd is confused and shuffling along towards the cliff but without the same zeal that they had just a couple of months ago. They are still plodding along, but their heads are down and they are somber while they do it. No rowdy and jeering laughter from them as they point their finger at the reactionaries who hold back progress.

It’s not a party for them anymore, it’s more like a funeral wake. The sun is setting on Normie-friendly society. Keeping your head in the sand is no guarantee of getting by and advancing anymore. Put simply, things are getting worse, and the Normie feels it. He does not know what to do.

And so in the wake of Ramadan 2017, I proclaim the Age of the Normie to be over. It lasted a long time, but all things must come to pass. The great Rubicon of turmoil has been crossed and there is no going back. The age of the Shitlord has begun.


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  • It seems like years ago on my facebook feed and maybe it was. Friends use to change their profile pic to flag colors anytime their was a terrorist attack. Then it changed to offering “thoughts and prayers.” As the months wore on, it became “what is wrong with people?!?”. Now it is just silence. I believe it will turn into anger.

  • American Nationalism as a movement is a conscious political expression with a well defined identity. This identity stands separate from the rest of America.

    By forming a political base for American Nationalism it allows us to understand the organic nature of nationalism within our culture which has impeded our knowledge and understanding of other cultures, religions and people

  • American Nationalism is seen in how we learn our history. We place far more emphasis on the history from the time of Columbus to the present and less emphasis on the history of the indigenous people we now call “American Indians”

    The “nation” of America has emerged as the most powerful unifying force over all the nations of the indigenous people. To call them “Native Americans” means that their nations, from the Navajo to the Sioux, are now part of the “nation” of America.

    The “nation” of America encompasses all these nations and gave birth to the first nation state in 1776 that included the phrase “from sea to shining sea” as a testament of a sovereign nation. America also gave birth to the “American Age” which plays a dominant role in defining the modern world.

  • there is are good reasons why Americans are not interested in culture wars or even the world at large. One of them is our culture. The way I see it:

    American Nationalism is old. It is a system meant to put America central to our minds. Our entire culture is part of an America-centered-world

    From Hollywood to our education to our pop culture strongly focuses on America. This is partly driven by a need to create an American identity that stands separate and seen as glorious in a world of ancient nations and civilizations.

    In order to make America greater than the old world emphasis was and is placed on our short history over that of the world’s long history.

    American Nationalism permeates our culture in every way. It is considered “cool” not to know about other cultures… even in the age of Information and the internet.

    99% of Hollywood movies are American centered.There are very few Hollywood movies that do justice to other civilizations. Whatever the reasons are and they are many, the end result is a proud but low informed American.

    Documentaries are done in a haphazard manner with little effort focusing on a few civilizations. How many times has the pyramids of Egypt and Meso-America been covered while most of the world remains out of reach even in documentaries?

    This is just a mere outline of American Nationalism prior to it becoming a movement of its own.

  • When does the primary subject matter of articles on Alt move from pieces like the above post and into self defense, how to operate a firearm and basic survival skills for when the inevitable shit hits the fan?

  • We’ll never have normies on our side. The time for appealing to normies was decades ago, before the situation became tribal and violent. Let them all die.

    The j-wish goal was America’s destruction, and they succeeded. We are living cells inside a dead body. You all know damn well there will never be mass deportations or mass migrations of sh-tskins out of America, and you know no politician will ever support us.

    War is inevitable. The goal now is survival. We don’t need to appeal to anyone, all we need to do is lead.

    None of us are ever going to be happy and free. Our ancestors were weak and failed us. They gave us enslavement under the j-ws. Now we have to fight for our freedom. There is no other way out.

    In our lifetimes, most of us are either going to be killed or imprisoned, as the fascists of the 20s and 30s were in their rise to freedom. You better all be ready for the war, because it’s coming.

    • Very well said and unless people start preparing now they will be consumed in the white genocide that the jew has planned not just for the US but worldwide.Good Luck.

  • “mall that used to be nice, but which has become dangerous in recent years”

    Confirmed. Ten years ago my local mall was a SWPL paradise. There’s been 2 shootings there in the last 3 years and now its dying. Half the stores are vacant.

  • “Normies are no longer active participants in the culture wars.” No? Who do you think voted for Trump? Normal white people, thankfully, weren’t as corrupt and degenerate as the majority of other Western countries. Someone like Trump would never been successful in Canada, Britain, Australia, France (they had their chance with Le Pen), etc.

    We can’t really blame Germany because they’re still under Allied occupation.

    So, basically, since NS Germany’s destruction, the future of the West is in white America’s hands. Some point to Russia being an option, but I don’t see it. Russia is still traditional in many ways, but their political structure is not going to save the West.

  • Based in the like to dislike ratio and the comments on the George Soros funded YouTube video called ‘More Than a Refugee’, I’d say there’s a lot of people getting woke.

  • This nation is the conformist capital of the world, thus it is full of “normies” and always will be. That is why things are messed up. Nobody dares rock the boat, but those who dare win. Thus, America is home to a bunch of losers.

    • America is home to losers because it was founded by losers, misfits, outcasts, and weirdos who couldn’t make it in civilized society, i.e. Europe.

        • jews used the mindless, soulless golem that is America to conquer Europe in WW2. Europe is occupied territory. What’s going on there now with brown invaders is a result of (((America’s))) victory there in WW2 and ZOG projecting its power. Nothing happens in Europe without the approval of D.C.

          • Whine some more. Blame America for the problem instead of trying to fix it yourself.

            Americans elected Trump, what the fuck have people in your country done?

    • America is the greatest country in the Western World now. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant of what it’s like to live in Europe and the Commonwealth, or is lying to themselves.

      • What’s it like to live in Europe or the Commonwealth? Do tell.

        • I live in Australia the vast majority of our country is wilderness a place where you can survive undetected easily, as for our cities they are already full of marxist morons and immigrant savages.I have 150 acres of wilderness land or scrub country as we call it and i and my family are stocked and ready for any thing .

        • Well, none of the major political parties offer any substantive value. While healthcare is nice, it is routinely abused and is an overburdened system. People care more about signalling than almost anything else and most consider anyone who questions the government as being “crazy”.

          Oh and you can go to jail for speaking publicly against certain groups of people.

  • I dabbled in normieism for a short spell sometime between when Ron Paul lost again in 2012 and before Trump had announced his run for the Presidency. It was strange and foreign to me and certainly didn’t make me feel better about anything. I’ve always felt most at ease as a fanatical extremist who wants to watch the world burn. The far right is my home.

    • I’ve always felt most at ease as a fanatical extremist who wants to watch the world burn.

      I’d keep that thought between you and your psychiatrist if I were you.

      • I was only being half serious. Sarcasm doesn’t always translate well through text on a screen. The last part is obviously a Dark Knight reference.

      • It’s a perfectly healthy response to an insane society.

        His cynicism levels aren’t even that extreme. Beginner level cynicism as far as I’m concerned.

  • Out of 79 people dead i could only count four anglo looking people;”Sheila Smith,Steve Dower,Tony Disson and Denis Murphy”for them i say Rest in Peace to the others you should of stayed in your own country you filthy invading rats and i bet those poor four anglo,s are in a better place than having to live surrounded by vermin.

  • ALL the history of the 1930’s Europe that Americans – the normies – know or have read or have viewed, is filtered though the Jewish publishing media industry.

  • Normie is just another word for happy goy. Anything goes and they are all free of care. Reminds me of Fawlty Towers. But instead of not mentioning the war, it is other subjects you don’t talk about. Including sometimes also the war of course. You’re not one of tehm deniers, are you? And they roll their eyes.

  • As well as native Brits Denis Steve & Tony, Glorio & Marco were white Italians.

    So that makes 5/79.

  • I admit to being at a total loss about normies. Replacement level immigration, ubiquitous anti-white propoganda and daily Issis attacks. Moronic zombies and it’s most white people.

  • The left is becoming too conspicuously and freakishly extreme to remain an option for those who simply wish to conform and lead a quiet life, and its anti-white agenda is becoming too flagrant for even the most willfully blind to ignore.

    • i just drove by a group of boomers waving signs at cars, one had an upside down american flag, i had to channel all my inner normie to keep on driving

    • It’s becoming obvious that these Alt Right online forums are split into to factions:

      1. People who have lives offline that use the internet to spread ideas, learn about events, learn some new propaganda, etc.

      2. People who live their lives completely online, who want to build community online, who create inside jokes and “memes” and create elaborate fantasies lives online.

      Group 2 are the people who want to “meet up IRL” with people they “know” from anonymous online message boards – the “book clubs” etc. Do these people actually have “normie” friends? People they work with, live next door to, family, people they go to school with, people they meet at the mall? Girlfriends?

      Group 2 does tend to skew younger and they are apparently isolated from “normie” society and want to find some cult group to “belong” to.

      That is NOT the way to build a political movement, that is NOT the way to build a mass movement. One would hope people involved online would be learning facts, talking points, and taking those with them “IRL” and spreading the world with the people they know in real life.

      Or – use the internet as a platform to spread talking points to “normies” – like going to non-Alt Right forums and spreading the word, as Bob Whitaker and the Mantra people are doing.

      The LAST thing we should want is a bunch of kids telling each other inside jokes/memes and then having nerd meetups. That is what leads to all the idiotic LARPing. No one “IRL” goes around giving “Hitler salutes” and talking about GTKRWN – that’s just online internet joking. No one does any of that crap in the real world.

      Shitposting on Twitter can be fun and it’s fun to just chat with like-minded people online. But that isn’t any sort of life to live, that doesn’t give anyone an actual sense of belonging – the BEST you can hope for is to create a stupid subculture or a full on cult.

      Does anyone remember when 4Chan had a “IRL meetup” to protest the Scientologists in Manhattan? It didn’t lead to some real movement – it was a good way to stage a one time protest and get some publicity, but it sure as hell didn’t really shut down Scientology.

      People need to start being serious. Remember when Spencer told everyone to volunteer for Trump’s campaign and “not fuck it up?” I thought people took that advice.

      • When many tribes of White men sit around a table some are violent and extreme some are passive some are calculating and manipulative but at the end of the day they are still all White men .You are a smart fellow you need to find a way to include all white Nationalists .You mock Hitler but Hitler united an entire country with white National pride and you do a great harm to your cause if you alienate those who follow Hitler.All white people need to work together or the white genocide the jew has planned for us will happen.I admit i am not as savvy as you on the current going on,s of the world that,s why i am here as an old white nationalist trying to keep up to date.

      • WTF. Do you even leave your computer chair ever, Hipster Racist? You are a smart guy who makes a lot of sense, but I am starting to think you are a subversive plant (or self appointed subversive activist).

        • He’s got an axe to grind against the more radical parts of the movement and he grinds it every day.

          I suspect he that he has some personal reason for this, although I don’t know what it is. Besides the obvious; he seems to want modern liberalism without Jews or non-whites to spoil the fun.

  • So the three categories are:

    1. SJW or lefty propaganda pusher

    2. “Normies”

    3. Shitlords

    As usual, the pro-white movement wants to position itself as outside the mainstream, counter-signal against “normies” – i.e., the vast majority of White people – and instead react against the “SJW or lefty propaganda pushers” by being their mirror opposite, “shitlords.”

    This is not the behavior of people attempting to draw others to their side in a cultural battle, this is the behavior of people who want to build a subculture, a cult, or otherwise simply react.

    It is also giving ground to the anti-whites, as if the anti-whites were ever “normal” or as if normal white people ever actually internalized anti-white agitprop, instead of simply mouthing the platitudes because they had to to keep their jobs. For 50 years the anti-whites have been complaining about “racism and white privilege” precisely because the majority of whites never actually bought into the anti-white narrative.

    Being “anti-normie” is like being one of the punk rocker kids in the 1990s that would dye their hair orange because they wanted to be a “non-conformist” only to, in fact, simply conform to another consumerist culture.

    Shitlordism works online, it comes across as pathetic offline.

    Normal White people are on our side, it’s just that subcultural freaks have been the public face of the pro-white “movement” for years – oftentimes, literally paid to play that role by anti-whites.

    Pro-white is normal and all White people need is to see other normal people being pro-white.

    • Hence, the true saving grace of the rightwing: Chad Nationalism. Eat right, lift weights, dress well, be charming, and don’t talk about politics unless really pried and there’s no deflection to be made. THAT’S where the leadership is.

      • There used to be a saying, “White, free and 21” – it was what you said when you were young and ambitious and wanted to start your life.

        The anti-white left now has the reputation of being “Social Justice Warriors” – green hair, weird obscure political rants, ugly, sexually perverse, whiny and unpleasant. In America, “normal” has always implied “white.”

        The last thing that pro-whites should do is become the “Fa” version of “Antifa” and LARP like they do. Trump has even made it so you don’t have to bore anyone with long-winded nonsense about “libertarian Austrian economics” or socially conservative religious fanaticism. You can just say, “I’m normal, I supported Trump. Build that wall.”

        • We can maintain morals and at the same time refuse to tone it down.

          We will never win by being nice, the people will never look to submission as strength.

          We might not look nice but we will get much more support by remaining on course.

          The idea that we should now back down just as we are getting somewhere is surely an awful one.

          • What is with these false dilemmas? Who said anything about “tone it down?” Who said anything about being “nice?”

            Being an internet dork, coming across as a loser, and as a fanatic, doesn’t win you friends or influence people. Nobody wants to hang out with the weird autistic kid with some weird fetish about some internet thing.

          • reactionary much? God forbid someone should hold an opinion contrary to your own, are you always this precious? Why attack someone by calling them a dork, loser, fanatic, weird, autistic, has he criticised or berated you for any of your rantings? Why express your insecurities in such a public manner?

          • HR favours the SJW approach of attacking peoples character, not their arguments. It’s beyond pathetic.

          • Most of the guys who talk about the need for ‘strong leadership’ want a Hitlerian figure to rise to power but they have no idea how the NSDAP actually operated.

            Did Hitler & Co. rise to power by publically insulting the German ‘normies’? No, the NSDAP leaders sympathized with the masses and told them that they were a Herrenvolk (real translation ‘gentlemanly nation’) and that they were going to rise to greatness.

            And before the war started, the NSDAP’s leaders normally wore classy suits in public:


            *Not saying we should try to connect our movement(s) to the NSDAP, just showing that the whole ‘ahh but Hitler was a crank who came to power because the economy was bad’ narrative is stupid.

          • i agree, having had their morals spoon fed to them by the mainstream media the normies in their cowardly comatosed stupor enabled commie’s/SJW’s to cause further social degradation in their demands for all manner of regressive, perverse, western culture destroying nonsense. Offended or not, we should strongly and loudly remind the normies that it was they who also espoused the global warming bullshit, it was they who painted a harmless picture of the gay agenda as just an alternative lifestyle choice, who would also remain opinion free on transgender/gender fuild nonsense, it was they who called everyone a ‘racist’ for questioning Europes open border policies, it was they who called law abiding firearm owners rednecks and hillbillys, it was they who called Trump, Farage, Le Pen, conservatives etc bigots and racists. Normies are the enablers of the commie’s and all their perverted, schizophrenic illogical nonsense. Most of my family, once devout Catholics are the success storys of the mainstream medias social engineering but their egos wont allow them to see it, pathetic. Why should conservatives and others who’ve been championing the cause of common sense for years now stick our necks out for a bunch cucked normies? I see these islamic terrorist attacks across Europe and i can only laugh, had normies not been so gullible this shit would have been nipped in the bud ten + years ago.

          • Who is asking you to “stick your neck out for normies?”

            Who the hell was talking about “global warming?”

            Tell us which “normies” are listening to you when you lecture them “strongly and loudly?” Most White “normies” are “conservative” to one degree or another.

            Why this fake false dilemma? No one is oppressing you.

          • Who is asking you to “stick your neck out for normies?”

            Do you believe there wont be a societal collapse and mass anarchy raging across the UK in our life time?

            Who the hell was talking about “global warming?”

            As an example of the media espoused bullshit did the normies or did they not fall for this crap along with every other piece of social engineering to have ever emanated from their TVs? WMD’s in Iraq? Cecil the Lion ‘illegally poached by a rich white hunter’? Bomb Syria for Aylan? Assad gases his own people? It was an example of how jelly brained the masses are to the medias agenda driven rhetoric, i thought i made that pretty obvious.

            Tell us which “normies” are listening to you when you lecture them
            “strongly and loudly?” Most White “normies” are “conservative” to one
            degree or another.

            Im not lecturing them, im reminding them of their gullibility which has resulted in the society we see today, and no, normies have not stood up for conservative values in their blinkered support/denial/gullibility, ive made that pretty clear.

            Why this fake false dilemma? No one is oppressing you.

            Fake? False dilemma? youre kidding right? and no im not oppressed, im disgusted. I live on acreage in the hills on a small island off the southern coast of Australia, every few years i return to the UK only to see society degrading more and more with each and every visit.

            Did i answer correctly? Does my personal opinions from my life experiences require further analysis?

          • “Do you believe there wont be a societal collapse and mass anarchy raging across the UK in our life time?”

            Of course there won’t be. There isn’t going to be a Rapture either. Waiting around for “The Collapse” is just an excuse to not do anything.

          • rapture?? are you schizophrenic? and you call others autistic, weird and a loser? and how the hell do you know there wont be a collapse? You come across like your shit dont stink.
            What the hell is happening this very second in Germany, France, Sweden, UK? Have you ever travelled outside of your little internet bubble? Been to the M.E.? S.E. Asia? Japan? Pacific islands? Many parts of Europe and the US are becoming a third world shit holes, the collapse started years ago in many places.

            ”The collapse is an excuse to do nothing?”, did i not just state where i lived, i thought that was enough of a clue? Do you think i live where i do just for shits and giggles?

          • Tell us which “normies” are listening to you when you lecture them “strongly and loudly?”

            Oh come off it will you. It’s a well known among professional negotiators that blaming people and insulting them is a surefire way to win them over to your point of view.

        • Are you trying to tell me that the left was not successful by promoting subcultures for the purpose of pushing the Overton Window left? What are you smoking?

          • In the 1960s the left was successful because it was backed by the entire mass media.

            In the 1980s, the left’s subculture strategy – via “punk rock” – was NOT successful. Apparently I’m not smoking whatever it is that you are.

      • That’s the kind of thinking that got us into this mess: putting your own life in order and not caring about the bigger picture. Individualism is cancer.

        Also, lifting weights is the new LARPING. It used to be the “hardcore” militias who would dress up and in their camouflage and run around LARPING in the woods with there guns.

        “We’re preparing for the race war!”

        Bullshit! The race war is already here, and instead of doing something that would actually make a difference, “Chad Nationalists” are just LARPING.

          • Been there, done that. I used lift in my late teens and early 20s.

            Actually, there’s nothing wrong with lifting. But let’s be honest. Lifting might improve our own health and energy, but lifting alone will not improve our societal situation.

        • At what point did I say anything about being an individual or doing any of the aforementioned activities alone? “Lifting weights is larping.” I smell a nerd. Somebody needs to logoff and push themselves for once.

          • I used to lift, in my late teens and early 20s, and was on my middle-school football team. I quit sports in high school because I hate niggers.

            I quit lifting in my early 20s because, well, it didn’t make a bit of difference in my life weather I lifted or not. By that time , I was married and had a good job. Lifting weights wasn’t making my life any better, it was just taking up time I could be doing something else. Besides, I never enjoyed it anyway, so why continue?

            Putting the idea out there that lifting weights will somehow fix our race problem is a lie. It’s one thing to spend time preparing for something before it happens. But to keep preparing for something, after it’s already started is just…larping.

            Look at it this way. Niggers are out in the street playing knockout game, beating our people up. They’re out rioting, and doing mob violence. Muslims are out in the streets running our people over, and blowing our people up. Meanwhile, what are our guys doing? Lifting weights.

            Yeah… Sounds pretty pathetic, doesn’t it?

          • Being physically fit, in the event of a physical altercation can not hurt. Few civilian whites are mentally fit for conflict though, and this is something that you can not train yourself for. You either have that instinct or you don’t. If your 30 and you’ve been passive your whole life, your unlikely to learn that conflict mindset.

          • If you never enjoyed it then quite frankly we’re too far apart on this issue to find an agreement. But surely you don’t advocate throwing our guys into combat unprepared? Because that’s what it sounds like your conclusion is. I’d rather not have our able bodies in prison when it’s ACTUALLY go time.

            Coloreds don’t chimp around white men who are competent. Lifting weights is part of making yourself competent. There’s no knockout game victims who actually do their squats, I’ve seen plenty of the videos.

        • Au contraire! It is the busy body do gooder that makes a mess of things. What do you think progressives are? Worry about you and your own(family) and things will be fine. Most modern problems stem from a lack of self control and the development of the self.

      • Not true at all. You’re pushing basic conservative ideals. These will achieve nothing.

        I’m saddened that so many are backing down before we have really got anywhere.

    • We can’t all be whiskey-sipping aristos LARPing as english gentlemen from the 19th century.

      These terms are catching on, people use the word “normie” non-ironically now. No use counter-signaling it so hard.

      • Most popular whiskey in America is Jack Daniels which is associated with county music and rural living, not English gentleman.

        Whatever is going on in England, the constant counter-signaling from “shitlords” in America hasn’t helped the pro-white movement, with the notable exception of trolling the media online.

        • >>Whatever is going on in England, the constant counter-signaling from “shitlords” in America hasn’t helped the pro-white movement,<>with the notable exception of trolling the media online.<<

          I think you underestimate the importance of this. Total control of the Narrative is vital to a totalitarian society. As is an appearance of invincibility. The shitlords punctured that. No shitlords, no Trump.

          • I’m sorry, it was Steve Bannon running in the Rust Belt that won the election – not Pepe the Frog. Although Pepe the frog WAS very helpful in giving the media enough rope to hang themselves.

            But playing “shitlord” online doesn’t translate into real life.

          • Well, at some point during the Obama years and/or the 2016 campaign, all sorts of White Nationalist memes penetrated into the minds of conservative normies.

            It didn’t make them into White Nationalists, sadly, they’re still morally rephrensible, but they suddenly “get” a lot of indisputable facts about crime stats and so on that used to be confined to the pages of Steve Sailer blogs and so on.

            This “success” roughly coincided with a large uptick in online shitlording, as well as the partial collapse of American society into third world conditions and cold race war under Obama.

            Because of multiple confounding factors, it’s hard to say which of these was primarily responsible. But the Jared Taylor approach was tried for a long time and it didn’t work by itself. Maybe it worked when combined with the Obama years.

            But one thing is apparent when you browse the comments of a site like the conservative treehouse; they’ve all been exposed to /pol memes, even if they haven’t internalized the moral lessons contained in those memes and never will, they kind of know that (at least some of) the memes accurately describe aspects of reality.

    • Yes, it never was normal for white people to hate themselves for being white and go along with becoming minorities in all their homelands. When we deprogram them they’ll be like King Theoden when he was released from his mind control.

        • Was Theoden a faggot? Many whites are demoralized by decades of anti-white propaganda. We have to deprogram them one tweet, one article, one comment at a time.

          • Demoralised? the normal reaction is anger, not worshipping nigs. The millennial generation is the end result of social engineering and that’s the future

          • We need to write President Trump and remind him to get rid of all former Obama employees, (his sworn enemies) and eliminate Reverse Racism AKA Affirmative Action. I lost the job of my life to a black woman who we actually took up a collection to buy her a dictionary and a thesaurus so the station’s newscasts didn’t sound like shuckin an jivin…

        • My wife was a woman, so that’s out. And as soon as I am presented with a valid target, I will annihilate it. I am one of those people who has, in the words of HRC, an arsenal.

    • Normie is a label, a somewhat derogatory one in my opinion for those that practice limited engagement within a society. It doesn’t literally mean “normal”. Let’s please not pretend that the majority of people in any given society are actively engaged in fighting over the future of it under normal circumstances. How does everyone think we got to this point in the first place?

      There have been very few times in history where politics has had a large impact on the majority of people in a society at once, and most of them have been wars… Big ones.

      Ironically this is why I am not completely black pilled at this point. I am well aware that a very small percentage of the population are fully capable of leading an entire nation of people down one path or another.

    • All the sub-cultural LARPing of the past decades created a self-filling catastrophe:

      >White Nationalists spent the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s disconnected from the American mainstream while role-playing as badasses in the woods > Very little pro-White progress was made during that era. > Modern era rolls around and America’s children are majority nonwhite > Time is rapidly running out to save White America.

      Constantly counter-signaling one’s own people just alienates people and makes it harder to build a mass movement. The proof is obvious, just look at history.

      • Normies never paid any attention to Jared Taylor and he’s a totally respectable and well behaved person who even sucks up to hebrews and covers for them.

        Next thing you guys are going to say that the extreme element “turned the normies off” from listening to Jared Taylor, right?

        So the only way we win is to tone police our movement until there are no extreme elements left.

        • Absolutely FALSE – the normies DID pay attention to Jared Taylor. They used to broadcast AmRen on C-SPAN. “Normies” WERE listening to Taylor, which is exactly why they had to shut him down.

          • White Nationalism did have more of a platform back then, but there was little discernible effect.

            Maybe it’s my limited frame of reference but I’ve payed attention to politics my entire adult life and I’ve never seen WN ideas penetrate as far into the normie sphere as they have recently.

            Just thinking about GW Bush era conservatism vs today for example. Of course, this may be more a reaction to current events than to any specific WN tactic.

            Anyway, I expanded on this in another post.

          • In the 1990s the whole “race realist” and IQ and HBD thing was getting very mainstream coverage and acceptance. My *dad* read the Bell Curve and gave it to me to read. The establishment press was taking all this stuff serious as the DNA sequencing project was a big deal and the pride of Western science. The Atlantic just did an article about how liberals used to be very skeptical of immigration and multi-culturalism even in the 1990s.

            What killed it? The neo-con George W. Bush GOP, which wanted a nice “multi-cultural” image for the USA to police the world. The “left” wasn’t about to really oppose a war for Israel, so instead we got lots of “anti-racist” crap, fully supported by the Republicans who of course said “liberals are the real racists.” It was under Bush that Jared Taylor was kicked out of the mainstream and under Obama that Israelis were literally phoning in death threats to his conferences.

            I ain’t that old but even I remember all that.

          • Good point about HBD and the dark ages.

            I remember race realism as a vehicle for crypto WNism in the 2000s, that probably influenced a lot of current WNs, but I’m unclear on how much Bell Curve era 1990s HBD influenced mainstream politics, if at all.

          • It wasn’t influencing the masses, but it very much was influencing the establishment. It got mainstream coverage in places like the Wall Street Journal. Republican think tanks were taking HBD seriously and applied it to welfare policies, the black underclass, etc. They weren’t going to stop high IQ Asians and H1-Bs, but the idea of swamping America with mestizos was not on the agenda.

            Until George W. Bush and “compassionate conservatism” – led by the neo-cons. MacDonald and TOO have written extensively how the neo-cons changed the Republican party from being very suspicious of mass immigration into pro-immigrationist – for the obvious (((reasons.)))

            As for the masses – the white masses were always pro-white. The average white person never wanted forced integration and open borders, ever. Hell, the entire “hipster” bs with “alternative music” and the like was nothing but self-segregation from mainstream pop culture which became dominated by Black celebrities and multi-culturalism and the like.

          • Hell, the entire “hipster” bs with “alternative music” and the like was nothing but self-segregation from mainstream pop culture which became dominated by Black celebrities and multi-culturalism and the like.

            One of the things that I quickly realized after coming to America was that the good ole’ country girls are actually more prone to dating outside their race than are the trendy hipster girls. The same applies to hipster men.

            It really is a form of self-segregation.

        • Stop putting words in my mouth. My post said nothing about Taylor or about sucking up to Jews. I’ve actually been extremely adamant about the need to expose the Jewish Lobby for years.

          What I am saying is that vantard dumbasses wasted the valuable 70s – 90s by playing dress up in knock off SA uniforms, hiding out in West Virginia with mail order Eastern European brides (William Luther Pierce didn’t win anyone over doing that), and other nonsense. America had far fewer issues back then and it would have been easier to turn the ship around.

          Put another way: you don’t build massive populist movements by being anti-social and retreating from society.

          • My point is that the suit and tie method was in fact tried, and it didn’t work either.

            Pat Buchanan even tried Trumpism and failed miserably.

            I don’t think we really did anything new, aside from the humor, but conditions changed to make people more receptive to a variety of approaches.

            People in 2016 were MORE willing to listen because of Obama, BLM, diversity hitting younger people hard, etc.

          • When I talk about not counter-signaling our own people, I’m not talking about relying on the suit & tie ‘respectable writers’ to win people over. That crowd is good at building a movement’s intellectual framework but they can’t create a mass movement. They lack the charisma and communication skills required to do that.

            What I am getting at is that we need to publically sympathize with our people’s struggles, relentlessly take their side, and use symbols that resonate well with them. We also shouldn’t constantly talk down to them and describe them as ‘sheep’ (especially not in public).

          • Crud, you are missing the point. The “Suit and Tie” method DID work – it worked better than anything had up to that point. This was BEFORE the internet, when the TV was all that people had and it was nearly completely censored.

            The internet changed everything communication wise – and that is good. No one online can see you wearing a suit and tie obviously.

            But internet trolling is *just internet trolling.* It has not worked – it was not Pepe the Frog that got Trump elected – it was Trump wearing a suit and tie and getting the votes of boomers in the Rust Belt.

            Trolling the “normies” online is good for destroying the consensus … online – not “IRL.” On Twitter? Have at it – troll away. That’s all good. Spreading propaganda online is worth while.

            But that doesn’t translate into real life movements. A Hitler avatar on a troll account on Twitter? OK, sure. Showing up “IRL” and doing stupid stunts – that does not work – that has *NEVER* worked.

            IRL what works is *normal* people doing normal, respectable things – like wearing a tie when it’s appropriate.

          • Says the man (I assume you are a man, as the hipsters I have met had dubious sexuality) who has all the time in the world to lurk here and post on everything and anything. So, when do you have time for this real life you speak of?

          • Calling Mexicans rapists wasn’t normal or respectable.

            It crossed a line and violated a taboo that was strongly enforced.

            But he got away with it and profited from it, because he said what other people were thinking, but could not get away with saying.

            Candidate Trump was radical, but his radicalism was carefully chosen to tap into the frustrations of the public and say what they were thinking, but not allowed to say.

            He was not respectable by the standards of political candidates.

          • Calling Mexicans rapists wasn’t normal or respectable.

            He never called Mexicans rapists. That was just the desperate (((media))) spin. And that spin clearly failed to gain traction because Trump’s remarks, while violating taboos, were measured, reasonable and accurate. Cuckservatives concerns about “respectability” are related to their fear that they might appear disrespectable – but they don’t actually know, so they tread cautiously. Trump demonstrated that pointing out problems with immigration can be quite consistent with maintaining respectability.

          • Trump is the definition of “mainstream and respectable.” Trump was able to get away with talking about illegal alien criminals because Trump spent 30 years being a respectable, famous, wealthy celebrity going on Oprah Winfrey getting his ‘anti-racist’ credentials first.

          • Trump is not the definition of mainstream and respectable.

            Jeb is the definition of mainstream and respectable.

            Trump pushed the envelope.

          • The series of HWNDU ‘engagements’ were legendary and added to the surreal nature of the movement and even the “timeline” itself. You couldn’t buy that sort of publicity. A lot of similar things has happened. All of these incidents have contributed to the creation of a counter-culture that is edgy and attractive to young people. Some of the alt-right fan fiction stuff is brilliant. Personally I find the anime right specifically hilarious.

            The 4chan types are doing their thing and they have been very effective at what they’ve been doing. We need all these different groups to succeed.

          • Your criterion for deciding whether something “worked” is apparently whether it delivered complete victory. By that standard, nothing has “worked,” obviously. But I think it’s unquestionable that people like Taylor, Brimelow, Sailer et al have made greater headway among people who would not have considered for a second the views of a WLP.

            Political change as momentous as what we demand takes time. The Communist Manifesto was published in 1848; the Russian Revolution took place in 1917. ‘Anti-racists’ were agitating for ‘civil rights’ for decades before the 1964 law was passed. Even the comparatively lightning-quick fascist success was built on preceding decades worth of mainstream nationalism and widespread skepticism about liberalism – and still required events of the magnitude of the Great War and Great Depression to put it over the top.

        • I’m not suggesting we “tone it down” neccissary, just focus a bit. Go for hard hitting truth based memes rather than shock style troll memes for “the Lolz”. Pepe might be a symbol that was useful for drawing in the youth “adult swim” generation of internet users but I’m saying let’s not get lost in the shitposting and forsake the broader draw of the pro white movement. I’m here because I can no longer turn a blind eye to what’s happening to our people and our home lands, not because of some frog or “dank meme”. This isn’t an attempt to virtue signal, just an attempt to promote effective communication on a larger scale. I respect what has been accomplished with the methods thus far…hell I’m here arnt I?

          • I do agree that the memes have lost their edge and that we are in desperate need of an articulate, well spoken, normal presenting but uncompromising spokesman to take advantage of the current opportunity.

            I just don’t agree with Vickstorm’s theory of the self fulfilling prophecy, there is no evidence that Americans were willing to accept the truth back then.

            Again, think about how they rejected Pat Buchanan.

          • some people posting on message boards and some writing articles on alt right sites are using their full potential this moment, but many more of us are wanting more involvement and more movement, and a few of us have dictatorial fantasies of shouting speeches of glory to hordes of storm troopers

      • There wasn’t a race problem to most whites during most of the time frame you mention. White flight took care of that. Immigration wasn’t an issue till post 1992 politics. White nationalists were seen as neo Nazis.

        • There wasn’t much of a race problem in 1960s Britain, but Enoch Powell was still considered a hero by most White Brits. It took the entire media apparatus years to finally take him down.

        • “We don’t need to constantly attempt to be appealing to the masses.”

          Then who are you trying to appeal to, if not the White masses – White “normies?”

          “Weakness will never garner support.”

          True, which is why internet trolling only gets you so far – internet dorks come across as pretty damn weak in real life.

          “Just continue to push.”

          Yes, time to push pro-white ideas to the White masses – not circle-jerk with each other online over who can posture as the most “hard core” and the most anti-normal.

          • “Then who are you trying to appeal to, if not the White masses – White “normies?”

            You want to appeal to people who have the potential to become “activated” pro-whites, who will then act on those beliefs in some way, even if it just doing a youtube video or something.

            Opinions will vary on who the potential “activated” pro-whites are, but it should be apparent that it is NOT everyone. A lot of people will never even become “activated” in mainstream politics, let alone radical politics.

            Those activated pro-whites will then produce culture and influence culture, normalizing pro-white ideas for less activated people who passively consume culture and do what’s “cool” and “acceptable”.

          • The vanguard strategy is a legitimate strategy, certainly.

            Internet trolls are not engaging in the vanguard strategy, appealing to future leaders. They appeal to the lowest common denominator – it’s a populist strategy, the least effective kind IRL as opposed to off line.

    • I think you are being too harsh with Vincent Law.
      I feel that Law is essentially correct in these three categories of Whites, [SJWs-Normies-Shitlords].
      I also think he is correct in thinking that they cannot to any significant degree be brought into our camp by logical persuasion. After all, about 50% of the Normies actually voted for Hillary!!!!

      When the shit eventually hits the fan, Whites will only have two choices, SJW or Shitlord. It won’t hurt to try and gain converts whenever possible, but the Normies will be screaming for us to let them in once the cities are burning.
      I suppose we’ll have to let them in but it would be nice to make examples of some of them. It might help to remind the others to never be a Normie again.

      • No, people do not tend to be convinced by logical arguments. There ARE, however, convinced by social factors: what is considered “normal,” what is considered “cool,” what they think their peers are doing. Hence, why you don’t want to concede “normal” to anti-whites. You don’t want your enemies to take the middle ground – that is exactly what the “Alt Lite” are attempting to do (and somewhat succeeding.)

        We also can’t wait around until “when the shit hits the fan” or the “Rapture,” or the “Revolution” or the “Great Economic Crash” all that stuff. Some event, then we “win” then everyone lives happily ever after. That’s not how the real world works – that’s how TV and movies work.

        Real life is about evolution, not revolution.

        • I agree to a certain extent, as we have to get off our butts and get something going to fight what is going on or we can take Spengler at his word that optimism is cowardice and just take it up the ass in a “stoic” fashion. Also, radicals are the world changers, for better or for worse. Normies are the ones who just sit on their collective arses while the radicals gain power and dominate the narrative that is history.

          • “Optimism is cowardice” is horseshit. I can just as easily assert “pessimism is cowardice.” And I can go one better than Spengler and observe that people in life who go out and get things done lean towards optimism – ie they believe their efforts can make a difference. Pessimists, on the other hand, are full of excellent reasons why nothing will work and so never really try anything new and just sit around feeling wiser than everyone.

        • “You don’t want your enemies to take the middle ground – that is exactly what the “Alt Lite” are attempting to do (and somewhat succeeding.)”

          Paul Jospeh Watson proclaims that Conservatism is the new counter culture. He understands that rebellion and fighting against the status quo is edgy and edgy is cool and everybody wants to be cool. That is how you get the normies on your side. Not by softening your message to make it palatable to the apolitical masses.

          • More false dilemma bullshit. “Softening your message?”

            What you mean like smiling cartoon frogs? What’s next, My Little Pony?

            What exactly is “cool” about weird internet memes and whining that White women won’t date you so you need “white sharia?”

            That’s not cool. That isn’t getting anybody on anyone’s side in the real world.

          • I’ve spoken at length here about how I’m against the infantile Pepe memes, and I’ve never advocated for ‘White Sharia.’ I think its a tasteless and dumb meme. Nice try though, old man.

            My point is you constantly signal against ‘counterculture’ when thats exactly what we need. PJW is taking the energy of the alt-right and making it into basic bitch conservatism marketed to young people. If you want to popularize your views, you need to transform the culture, so that those beliefs no longer seem so radical. The focus should be on young people because they are the future. PJW understands this. You don’t.

            The Beats were outsiders of the mainstream. Normies of the day saw them as degenerate weirdos and they were not taken seriously (rightfully so). Then their ideas reverberated into the 60’s counterculture movements, that did have a tremendous impact on America culturally, politically, spirtually. Then those rebellious teenagers became adults, and started pushing their John Leninst policies through institutions such as media, schools, government etc. Now those beatnik weirdos are taken very seriously, and you have a degenerate culture. You’re trying to skip a step, because your operating under the false assumption that most whites share your white nationalist views. They don’t. Most of them either don’t think about race, or they experience white guilt. Build an edgy, rebellious counter culture that is unapologetically white and in a few decades what is possible politically could be radically different.

            Casapound in Italy are doing this successfully, and I’m not the only person arguing that this approach should be emulated on this side of the pond.

          • “My point is you constantly signal against ‘counterculture’ when thats exactly what we need.”

            How many people do you expect to join your nerd club? We need a broad, mainstream White culture, not subcultures.

            You are purposefully pretending to miss the point and arguing with yourself. I never said anything about Casapound – good for them.

            Posturing against “normies” is gay – it makes you a dork. Posturing online as “harcore” is gay because everyone knows it’s just jacking off online – you aren’t putting up pictures of Mussolini at work.

          • Did you even read the article? Clearly not. It is 100% on topic.

            “We need a broad, mainstream White culture, not subcultures.”

            I agree. This is how we create one.

            “you aren’t putting up pictures of Mussolini at work.”

            Of course not. Talking politics at work is unprofessional and only an autistic sperg would do so. I’m very open about my political beliefs with my close friends and everyone in my family knows where I stand politically.

            The only thing that will be created by pandering to normies is a bland, watered down movement with malleable convictions. See the Tea Party. They got absorbed by the system. They did not transform the system.

          • Me. Obviously.

            This is going nowhere. I’m done with you. Have fun advocating for White Nationalism at your “job” tough guy.

            And LOL at calling everyone “internet dorks” while your whole life is on the internet. If you really want to build White Nationalism into a mainstream movement you might start by not constantly trying to tear down everyone who is ostensibly on your side. This is the real reason why White Nationalism is a political dead end right now and that will probably never change.

          • How many people do you expect to join your nerd club? We need a broad, mainstream White culture, not subcultures.

            In fairness, the beatniks and hippies got considerable mileage out of portraying normies as “square” and “boring.”

          • The beatniks and hippies had three major corporations and dozens of magazine companies that monopolized the media on their side. Even then – Nixon won in 1968.

            The personification of a “hippie” was a super-hot 20 year old beautiful white woman showing her breasts while skinny dipping and holding a flower.

            The personification of 4chan culture is a shirtless “Weev” with a swastika tattoo and an Alan Ginsberg beard.

            It’s as if we were trying to describe The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, the goddess emerging from the sea in a clam shell, and something got lost in translation and it turned into cartoon Japanese tentacle porn.

          • “But Muh Gay Frogs & Muh White Sharia!” – AR plagiarises cartoons and the Koran for ideas and then claims this to be an intellectual revolution and Pro-European. Another few months and this site will deteriorate into complete satire and parody. It’s half way there now with the hot new gossip columns.

          • Maybe they aren’t cool. But they are funny.

            (To me they’re the coolest but I’m an eccentric)

    • I hate hipsters but…hipster racist is my favorite!

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been coming around to the whole pro-white movement for a while now and find myself reading, countercurrents, and Amren everyday now. Dispite this, I still find it difficult to keep up with all the subculture references. I no longer considermyself a “Normie” but my point is, we need to be accessible to normies. Simply being an Altright poster boy, shitposting and using all the right jargon accomplishes little in the culture war other than confirming to the other that we are nothing more than Hollywood nazis. I’d like to think we as whites are better than that. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate some of the memes and find them funny but the people that really influenced me weren’t the /pol/ crowd but instead the RamZPauls, the Jared Taylor’s , and the Spencer’s . If we want to build our cause we need to reinforce the call for White interests and the future for white children, not simply attempt to trigger SJWs. If that’s all we are, we lose.

      • Once you have a bunch of “inside jokes” and obscure terminology – you’re creating a subculture, not a movement. Creating a subculture is great if you are trying to build a brand, get hits on a blog, or be a big fish in a small pond. But it doesn’t translate into a mass movement.

        • That is the problem with what I am seeing with all of this stuff in the Alt Right. We still don’t have any manifesto or mission statement and plan from the leadership to get a real movement/party going. I just see a bunch of young people making podcasts. you tube videos, etc. Seems like it is just a hustle to make money off the net almost. Too many people in here seem to have an axe to grind as well. The scapegoating of Boomers a couple months back was totally unwarranted and did piss off the few Boomers that actually came to this site. Not very smart for building a movement. Codreanu met up with a hand full of fellow faithful Romanians, each making a solemn pledge to defend Romania, etc and did some yeoman’s work and created The Iron Guard that consisted of every class of folks imaginable. They created co ops, work camps, had a paramilitary arm, had nests and legions in every university, etc. What has gone on with the Alt Right? A few tangles with ANTIFA and a torch lit procession at Charlottesville. Cheap stunts to get cheap publicity that really doesn’t get anywhere in the long run. Where are the community outreaches, etc? Also, a bit of reality is in short supply here. Demographics are reality and face it, we aren’t poised to win this war. Sure stop immigration, but you have to contend with the big BR, being birthrate. Millenial white women aren’t having kids, neither are the guys for the most part. They can’t afford it, as they are buried in college debt, etc. Militant feminism has killed off gender relations and now young men are going MGTOW. Spengler and Evola were right for the most part. You want to reverse course, go for it, but you better cut out this nonsense and get a plan in order and more importantly get it rolling into action. This keyboard warrior crap is getting rather old and in reality is just mental masturbation.

          • Apparently Pat Dixon and Patrick Dollard are the new guys that are going to build an “IRL” movement. Dixon has started “IRL” companies, he has a budget, and Dollard is forming a real pro-white political lobby – that actually uses the word “white” – not “right” – “WHITE” – and has a new anti-immigration lobby pushing to “keep America White.”

            It’s happening.

          • To be fair SJW’s and their evisceration has been a huge boon to our movement. They’re an easy target and if it wasn’t for their outright lunacy we wouldn’t be where we are today. True, they are useful idiots but we actually are calling out the real powers as well. All the time.

            If we were only up against Bush era liberals we would have a much harder time. The SJW’s are their own worst enemy.

    • Wrong. Normal people don’t associate with right wing dissidents or sexist, racist, homophobes. They go along to get along and don’t hold any strong opinions about anything on the left or right. They won’t come to our side until our side is mainstream and normal… We’re not there yet.

      • Do you know a SINGLE normal person? Every single normal person I know has said plenty of “sexist, racist, and homophobic” things.

        If saying “sexist, racist, and homophobic” things wasn’t normal – WHY are the anti-white left always complaining about how “sexist, racist, and homophobic” people are?

        Trump is LITERALLY HITLER and he won the Presidency while saying plenty of “sexist, racist and homophobic” things.

        Trump didn’t say “Heil Hitler” he didn’t say “F-the normies, White Sharia Now!” He said “America First” – while wearing a suit and tie.

        I realized I was wrong about the Trump Train when I watched a crowd of normal looking White frat boys in ball caps chanting “Trump! Trump! Build that Wall!”

        • I know lots of normal people. Unlike you, my life does not revolve around my internet persona. People are getting fed up with the rampant political correctness which they see as a threat to ‘muh freedom.’ That’s why Trump struck a cord with them. This does not mean that WN is on the verge of going mainstream. Most Trump supporters are more receptive to the alt-lite message that is anti-racist, pro-gay, anti-third wave feminism, I guess, but not really advocating for traditional gender roles either. The Alt-Lite are not my allies just because most of them happen to be white and they are certainly are not going to come around to white nationalism any time soon.

          • Thanks for your bizarre presumptions about my personal life. I’ve certainly never told you to not move to Italy and join Casapound – you should do that.

            Here in America, mainstream White people – especially young men – liked Trump a lot. They are receptive to pro-white messages. Pro-white *IS* mainstream and has *ALWAYS* been mainstream. 99% of White women marry White men, 98% of White men marry White women. Homos are irrelevant and nobody gives a damn about them except for homosexuals and homophobes.

            We should agree to disagree. You go join whatever little subculture group you want to. I’m going to continue to spread pro-white messages online and in real life and not bother to get involved with the rest of the subculture fixations.

            Spencer suggested that young people should join the Trump campaign and “not fuck it up” – in other words, actual normal, not like a “shitlord.” Now that Trump won, one assumes young people should join the re-election campaign, or whatever Republican group isn’t completely cucked. In real life – networking with the “normies” – and *not fuck it up* with online role play.

          • smh the article is arguing that Casapounds approach should be emulated and adapted in the South. You know real life community engagement, real social justice advocacy, political demonstration and civil disobedience etc. It’s written by a southerner, not me.

          • [reposted because was being held for moderation]

            They are receptive to pro-white messages. Pro-white *IS* mainstream and has *ALWAYS* been mainstream.

            “Pro-white” is too vague for this discussion. I can (and do) say n***er around my friends all the time and no one bats an eyelid. But if I were to say, “Man, these fucking n***ers… you know what we need to do, we need to round them up and exterminate every last one of them!”, that would generate considerable resistance (provided they thought I was serious). So both casual contempt and genocide are technically “pro-white,” but the reactions to each vary enormously.

            99% of White women marry White men, 98% of White men marry White women.

            Since fewer people are marrying before they have children, who people marry is a less important statistic compared to who they have children with. According to Centers For Disease Control data, white mothers are currently giving to birth to children conceived with non-white partners roughly 15% of the time, for the nation as a whole. In the more culturally enriched counties, the rate is around 20-25%. In completely hispanified counties like far south Texas, where whites are only 5% or so of the population, the miscegenation rate, iirc, is over 50%. As non-whites continue to spread into whiter areas, this rate can be expected to grow. The trend is as ominous as it is obvious. It’s nothing to be complacent about.

          • I don’t know where he pulled this statistic. The stat that I’m familiar with says that 7% of white males and 7% of white females marry outside of their race, which is the lowest of all races studied. Black Males and Asian Females marry outside of their race the most.

            And yeah, area is a factor too. I live in Toronto, the fourth largest city in North America and very culturally diverse, liberal and progressive. I assure you it is much more than 7% of white people who date or marry outside of their race. I would say it’s closer to 15-20% (but thats just a guess.) I’m sure New York, LA, Chicago are the same story.

          • They count mestizos and Arabs and all sorts of other “off whites” as white, and they have an incentive to increase the miscegenation statistics so I’d take all that with a grain of salt.

            However, Denmark increased their birthrates with a series of funny videos and are strict about immigration. The Alt Right can’t and won’t lead the way to anything like that because it’s dominated by the voices of teenage boys trolling as “hardcore.” “Casual contempt” would go a long way but that is “cucking” we have to instead posture as genocidalists, wife beaters, and cartoon nazis in order to get the traffic of teenage boys with no prospects for a girlfriend anytime in the next decade.

            Our leadership, the ones that should know better, have abdicated apparently.

        • Trump BARELY won the presidency through the electoral college against a literally satanic candidate who was then under FBI investigation. Not exactly a great victory and it actually speaks to how subverted and stupid the average American is.

          And BTW your numerous articles about how Trump was a jew tool helped open my eyes to his bullshit, so who are you to complain now?

          • It’s not about Trump, it’s about his fans. That is who I am to complain. If you ever thought that a President Trump was going to be some great pro-white figure, you were a fool. But the fact the “Trump Train” got whites to start thinking in out own interests, even if it was filtered through “civic nationalism,” is great.

    • The subcultural freaks you think so beneath you are the only reason the movement is gaining traction.

      The masses are inert. Feminism and anti-white sentiment held sway because a vocal minority was forceful, you might truly believe you high-brow attitude is useful, but it isn’t.

      The people look the strength, not to themselves.

      • Good points. Strength is key; and I think a large component of our message needs to be that what we seek is a return to what really is normal and healthy. What do we offer? Healthy families and healthy communities. We seek to restore what the shitlibs have managed to largely destroy in the past half-century. And we need to show that what the shitlibs offer is nothing but sickness, alienation, despair, and a life that ends in a lonely, meaningless, childless death. I never fail to trigger shitlibs in a YUUGE way by saying things like: “You will die a lonely, sad, childless existence because you would rather murder babies than have them. Small wonder you’re a shrieking purple-haired, obese cat-lady freak who’s mentally off the rails!” This is what we need to hit upon time and time again: the shitlib’s have nothing to offer but degeneracy and decay. It’s not hard to demonstrate that all they’ve ever done is target the normal and healthy for destruction. I think part of the rise of the alt-right is that all the destruction the shitlibs wrought (i.e. more and more whites and our communities being slaughtered on the altar of multiculturalism) simply cannot be ignored any longer, even by the normies. And more and more normies will start looking for alternatives. We need to show them that alternative.

      • No, you’re wrong on all counts.

        1. It’s not the subcultural freaks that are growing the movement – it’s the pro-white people that have spent 20, 30 years building up a pro-white rhetoric that the subcultural freaks have finally got around to noticing. It’s people like Bob Whitaker and his “White Mantra” that are getting into the mainstream.

        2. The subcultural freaks are not “strong.” “Weev” can talk all he wants about “ni**ger killing robots” and “white sharia” and none of it comes across as “strong” – it comes across as pathetic. He’s literally an autistic, midget-height Jew with severe Asperger’s syndrome and mental illness. No one looks at a picture of “Weev” and thinks,” wow, what a strong white warrior.” Remember Weev’s first troll act was the “Gay Ni**ger Association of America” where he posted pictures of muscular black men in speedos. Strong? No, he’s the nerdy kid that ate his boogers and no one wanted to sit next too.

        3. Push is ALREADY “to shove.” When white people start thinking in their own interests, they do not join “Weev’s Troll Army” – they do things like vote for Trump. On youtube, the pro-white faction of the “Alt Lite” have 1000x times hits and attention than do the Weev trolls.

        4. The conservative movement has been successful for 50 years, the White Nationalist movement has been a complete, 100% failure for 50 years. Because the conservative movement was led by normal White men – men who looked, acted, and spoke as leaders – while the White Nationalist movement was led by Costume Clown carnival acts like GLR and Frances Cohen.

        Any time someone steps off line, out of the echo chamber for 10 minutes, all of this becomes clear. But like a teenage girl getting “likes” on her Facebook selfies, the online circle-jerk is addictive.

    • The internet is a much better tool because it gets the message out to the key demographic of youth and young adults. The suit and tie method is already used, we already host conferences and presentations all the time. If I bring up the Jewish question while wearing suit and tie do you think the normie will get tricked by the presentation as opposed to jeans and a t-shirt? Maybe boomers need to see a suit and tie first but boomers aren’t the demographic we should focus on they will be dead in 20 years and they are set in their ways by now.

      • There is a vast group of lower to upper middle class whites consuming Jewish media daily, falling prey to cultural Marxism. Most white families are in this category. They aren’t deep thinkers, and they are highly susceptible to social pressure. They need a permission structure in order to move in our direction. They have real lives and can’t be shitlords, eccentrics, etc. Good example of how this works is Trump. He provided a permission structure for a lot of normies to take a very hard right turn and rebel against the Jewish system. He didn’t do it by being an outsider (culturally), he did it by making it mainstream, allowing people to recognize that a lot of other *normal people* felt this way, making it socially safe. There are armies of people itching to move in our direction, but they need a framework within which they allow themselves to commit thoughtcrime.

        • You need to control the “Cathedral” to establish a permission structure. You can have Trump and Marine Le Penn in politics and normies won’t do anything. We don’t control the media and academia and these two institutions are too far gone at this point we need new ones from the ground up

        • It’s sad that you’re so right. People are essentially stupid animals.

          “They need a permission structure in order to move in our direction.” Classic. I’m saving that in my files.

    • All dominant cultures begin as a subculture. I imagine you are a part of the culture of critique.

    • There always needs to be an extreme right, so that we can make the left deal with people who are just ordinary pro white, as you put it. Eventually the sjw leftist/commies will realize if they don’t deal with someone like Richard Spencer then there is an Andrew Anglin behind door #2 waiting for them.

      • No, sorry. Andrew Anglin is not “to the right” or “more extreme” than Spencer. Anglin is a troll, a comedian, a joke – just like Weev. They are cartoons.

        Second of all please stop misusing the idea of an Overton window. When Weev says he’s going to invent “Ni**er Killing Robots” that does not “move the Overton window to the right” and make other people seem more moderate. It’s a stupid internet joke.

        This stupid LARPing as Internet Nazis is just another permutation of what has caused the movement to be a huge failure for 50 years. We don’t want the anti-social losers that can’t get girlfriends so spend their time watching anime and posting cartoon ponies.

        We want winners, not losers.

    • @ Hipster Racist and Phil Airborn — The difference in the points you raise against one another is the dialectical truth of identity-in-difference: normality and subversion; straightforward normativity and meta-normativity; the natural attitude of the moment and the disciplined skepticism of philosophic thought. In Hegel’s image, to the sound common sense of the day, philosophic questions will always appear perverse, even if they ultimately vindicate assumptions of the common sense.

  • It appears that most of the supposed terrorist attacks that have been in the news recently have been hoaxes. Elements within our governments are creating them for some unknown purpose. Reliable YouTube channels giving information on the hoaxes are hard to find. One of them was Kearnsy74, which was shut down by YouTube in the past couple days. It looks like the owner has started over with a channel called Kearnsy74 TV. Here is a funny video showing Nick Bickerstaff, one of the parents from the fake attack in Manchester:

    Another good channel is TrustOne News 2. (The original channel was taken down, which is why it is now “2”.)

    • Why do you insist on spamming your “omg its a hoax” comments on any article describing a muzzie attack?

        • Your video of a man and a chipmunk really activated my almonds, mang. Really cutting edge stuff. Its de gubmint and their paid actors errwhere aint it?

          • More cutting edge and sharp questions. Really got my noggin’ joggin’.

            If I were to hear about an explosion or an attack, I would start worrying about my kid.

            Would I drop on the floor and start bawling immediately? No. Guess I’m a paid actor in your mind.

          • If I were to hear about an explosion or an attack, I would start worrying about my kid.

            And film yourself while you were looking for her?

          • You need to go to prisonplanet where your people are. You can chat all you want about how the British Royal family is really the power behind the curtain. Complete idiocy.

          • Et tu, Brute?

            Prison Planet is no good. I think it is operated by Alex Jones and his associates. Alex Jones is regarded as a shill by the conspiracy analysts I follow.

            Look at the first video with Nick Bickerstaff, for Pete’s sake. Does his anguish look genuine?

          • Guess what, craicher. The author of one of the books you recommended, “They Were White and They Were Slaves,” i.e. Michael A. Hoffman, also wrote “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.” The latter book was written in 2001 just before 9/11. Read the book, and you will see that hoaxes and false flags are a more serious subject than you realized.

  • I noticed this as well. I had a conversation with a liberal buzzfeed reading urban middle class normie acquaintance couple of weeks ago at the time the terror attacks in London and Manchester. I said it was tragic and yada yada and she asked me why it was happening. The normie did not know what to make of these constant attacks, the normie was genuinely confused and unsettled and didn’t have a narrative to explain it and I was kinda at a loss at what to do with it so I involuntarily gave the leftist spin on how NATO imperialism creates a backlash from Muslims to not reveal the power level but that really didn’t satisfy the normie.

    I can just imagine all the conflicting narratives in their heads right now a mash up of facebook click bait, yahoo news feeds and CNN soundbites. “Why is ISIS attacking us?” “ISIS is barbaric” “But Muslims are opressed?” ” These attacks are caused by Syrian refugees?” ” But We are helping Syrian refugees and opposing the Assad regime” ” But the Assad regime is fighting against ISIS or supporting it I’m so confused?” ” Shouldn’t they be happy that we are opposing Assad?” ” Is it because our society is still intolerant” “Are muslims just violent barabaric shits-NO ! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW BRAIN “

    • > so I involuntarily gave the leftist spin on how NATO imperialism creates a backlash from Muslims

      Nobody expects you to go GTKRWN but c’mon that is a weak response. Sounds like something a Guardian journo or ISIS apologist would say.

        • I thought he was being sarcastic in order to elicit a reaction. But nope…

          If I were asked “why is this happening?” by a known leftie I’d just smirk, “Cos diversity is strength.” And if pressed I’d double down with, “Things are pretty good now, but just imagine ten, twenty, thirty years from now as we keep adding diversity how super fucking awesome life will be – I can’t wait!”

  • Amazing! Love it!

    Normal people are going to become either Cultural-Marxist or Cultural-Fascist. There is no middle ground where one can pretend “none of this is happening.” The postmodern “everything is relative” won’t work anymore.

    The weak people are spineless cucks, the strong are chad nationalist, and everyone else is upholding a lie that they know is falling.

    …I have declared myself an Asian-Aryan. It’s safer that way in the Kali Yuga.

    • >declared myself an Asian-Aryan

      You won’t be getting a piece of white land anytime soon I can guarantee you that.

      Otherwise, I agree with you regarding being “on the fence” will no longer be an option and the faster we accelerate the collapse, the more people that will be on our side, especially with regards to Donald Trump not only being a delay but also driving these psychotic maniac leftists insane.

    • “…I have declared myself an Asian-Aryan. It’s safer that way in the Kali Yuga.”

      Explain please.

  • The great Rubicon of turmoil has been crossed and there is no going back

    I’m not a superstitious man, but part of me feels that something has shifted. It’s hard to describe.

    This summer a total solar eclipse – a Black Sun – will slowly arch across America, and this year also represents the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. I imagine that for many there is a sort of significance in this.

    Even if you’re more skeptical, the psychological forces at work here are worth noticing. We are currently witnessing several tidal waves of political thought, technological change, and social decay crash together. The coming years represent something very unique. We are entering the final storm before the dawn of a new era. Whether it will be our era or our enemy’s is yet to be determined.

  • The days of fence sitting have come to a close. Even these normies cannot find solace at a damn sports station- ESPN. The ‘narrative’ has been incorporated in virtually every outlet that a citizen interacts with from sci-fi books to a gay beast in Beauty and the Beast, to every commercial normalizing the aberrant.

    I believe the flashpoint will be the collective wallet. Once the currency fails (or is manipulated southbound) today’s normies will morph into tomorrow’s Saxon- complete with sword and rage.

    • People just tune out. Fence riding is what Western societies do best. It will take more than a lone nut in
      MI to get a lot of attention.

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