Do We Live In A Post-Normie Society?

I’ve always been fascinated by the levels of nonchalance that the Eternal Normie exhibits to anything that isn’t related to Sportsball or celebrity gossip.

Over time, I’ve learned to differentiate between the run of the mill, ‘go along to get along’ type and the actual SJW or lefty propaganda pusher. For example, the die-hard lefty will read Jezebel or watch John Oliver eagerly to lap up their opinions and actively propagate them. The Normie however will just shrug and go along with what his lefty peers tell him to believe. One is convinceable, but the other is the cancer that must be isolated and excised- that was how I conceptualized it.

But I figured that it was only a matter of time before the Normie would start noticing the terror attacks that are occurring on an almost daily basis in Europe now. Self-preservation would kick in at the very least.

It’s been an eventful Ramadan, to say the least. There has been a whole slew of attacks (and counter-attacks) and some are even saying that this is the start of the long awaited race war.

As I write this, there is a Day of Rage in London. 

Rage over the displacement of ethnic Britons on the land that is their birthright and soaked in the blood of their ancestors?

No, its rage over a shoddily built housing compound packed to the gills with immigrants who probably started a grease fire in the living room camp-fire.

RIP to the 3 white people in that Tower. You’re in a better place now.

The Grenfell Tower death toll is at 79 right now.

While more immigrants died from this fire than victims of Islamic terror from this year’s Ramadan, the reactions were completely different.

There were no mass protests or days of rage from White Britons.

I even reached out to some of my Normie acquaintances living in London or busy being expat Bobos in Eastern Europe.

Hey, are you ok? I heard about what happened in London, that sucks…

That’s all I asked.

But instead of being indignant, they simply didn’t know what I was talking about. I know that this a sample size of n=4 doesn’t mean that this is a statistically significant survey, but it was illuminating nonetheless.

‘Ignorance is bliss” I’ve heard it said and now I believe it. Most Normies no longer actively partake in the culture wars. The only thing they are actively doing is turtling up, ordering from Amazon instead of driving to that mall that used to be nice, but which has become dangerous in recent years.

They never connect the dots, they don’t want to. But that also means they’ve stopped bleating about the wonders of diversity. And so they stop listening to the news because they vaguely sense that it isn’t good. The news shows a world of danger and rapidly eroding safe spaces. They don’t like it, but they hate noticing. So they circle the wagons around their own collective ignorance. The failed suicide bomber in Brussels, the stabber in Michigan, and the attack that will go off literally right after I hit publish on this piece- the Eternal Normie hasn’t heard of them, nor does he want to. He is worried and tired. He closes his eyes.

Please God, just make it all go away. I had it all figured out and I knew what was good and what was bad. Where things were going. I believed in a better future and now its all slipping away…

Yes, that is what has changed in the wake of recent attacks. The deafening silence from the great mass of Normies is starting to become noticeable. They haven’t allowed any CrimeThink into their conscious thoughts, rather they have decided to simply keep quiet and see how this all plays out. The herd is confused and shuffling along towards the cliff but without the same zeal that they had just a couple of months ago. They are still plodding along, but their heads are down and they are somber while they do it. No rowdy and jeering laughter from them as they point their finger at the reactionaries who hold back progress.

It’s not a party for them anymore, it’s more like a funeral wake. The sun is setting on Normie-friendly society. Keeping your head in the sand is no guarantee of getting by and advancing anymore. Put simply, things are getting worse, and the Normie feels it. He does not know what to do.

And so in the wake of Ramadan 2017, I proclaim the Age of the Normie to be over. It lasted a long time, but all things must come to pass. The great Rubicon of turmoil has been crossed and there is no going back. The age of the Shitlord has begun.


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