Keeping Kosher Is Inhumane And Should Be Banned In White Countries

The Jews have a strict dietary law called the Kashrut. It is an ancient rite based on stone-age thinking and science. Additionally, their practice of ritually slaughtering animals which is central to Kashrut, called Shechitahis as cruel as one can probably imagine; it is so unnecessarily violent that it might have made the Aztecs blush. Shechitah is based on an oral formulaic Jewish tradition that has been passed down for millennia. It is alluded to in the Torah, but no clear example or definition of the procedure exists within the actual text.

The rules for Shechitah, according to the Jewish Virtual Library are:

Shechitah slaughtering strives to minimize the pain experienced by the animal before dying and must be done “with respect and compassion” for the animal by a trained and certified religious Jew called a shochet.

An extremely sharp knife – challef – is used to slit the animal’s throat, severing the trachea, esophagus, carotid arteries, jugular veins and vagus nerve, in one swift action causing the animal to immediately lose all consciousness.  According to Jewish religious sources, after this cut is made the animal is insensible to pain and exsanguinates in a prompt and precise action. The blood is then drained in accordance with the biblical injunction to not benefit from the blood of an animal. Likeise, the blood may not be drunk because of its symbolic nature with man.

If the process of shechitah is not done perfectly according to the rules, the slaughtered animal is not kosher to eat, also known as treif. Any animals killed by hunters cannot be considered kosher since the method of killing is not in accordance to the biblical laws of kashrut.

That is the sanitized Jewish version for sure. The truth of the matter is that the animal is not allowed to be electrically, chemically, or physically stunned before the ritualistic slaughter takes place. They must remain completely alive and sentient for the duration of the carnage.

“And whatsoever man there be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn among them, that taketh in hunting any beast or fowl that may be eaten, he shall pour out the blood thereof, and cover it with dust.”-Leviticus 17 verse 13

Warning: The following videos are extremely violent and graphic.


(My caveat to these videos is that while I do not agree with all the leftist propaganda they do really drive home the point.)

The practice has already been made illegal in a handful of countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, and Iceland (all very White-shocker!); nonetheless, for many years in most White countries, we goys have tried to stop this savagery with little effect.

The dismal reality is that these slaughtering practices are entirely hostile to our White ethics and sensibilities. The reason this continues is because of some crazy belief in allowing “Muh Freedom of Religion” to inane foreign races and cultures diametrically opposed to ours, who are merely unwanted squatters within the borders of our lands. This has resulted in a complete tyranny of the minority due to their tribalism, systematic organization, and unwillingness to conform to the people who are feeding and clothing them.

In general,  the Tribe are nothing more than an ethnic cabal whose religious views are only a guise for their political ideologies which are hell-bent on conquering and displacing anyone by any means necessary that opposes them in any way. In fact, approximately 52% of Jews do not even believe in God or a god at all (that’s rather startling for such a pious people). However, most still go to temple and observe all Jewish religious traditions, including Shechitah.

Recently, a group of proud goys stood up to the Tribe in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. The Walloons see the practice of Shechitah as cruel and sadistic as any normal person should. They passed a law that will effectively ban the ritual by 2019. Consequently, the Tribe went next level ballistic as you can imagine.

The Tribe of course is not going to take this uppity goy law lying down; ergo, almost every newspaper run by them worldwide disavowed the law. In one of the newspapers called Hamodia, the Jewish author made his displeasure very obvious. In the article addressing this crime of the goyim, the first line of it read,

“In a significant setback for religious minorities in Belgium, the country’s French-speaking Wallonia region unanimously passed a bill which would effectively ban kosher and halal meat production.”

I mean, we all know the Polish proverb, “the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you“, but come on! These people are always the victim no matter how at fault they are for the situation.

The fact remains that Wallonia banned the brutal practice of Shechitah within the borders of Wallonia-that is all. Something the Walloons have every right to do. The Jews are still allowed to import their kosher meat into the region with little to no difficulty, but the Jews never want us goys to have even the smallest of victories so they plan to vigorously fight the duly enacted and justified law of a sovereign people.

European Jewish Congress President, Moshe Kantor, said of the law,

“This decision, in the heart of Western Europe and the centre of the European Union, sends a terrible message to Jewish communities throughout our continent that Jews are unwanted.”

If only they would actually listen to that message!

Most Whites love animals and hate to see them suffer. Many of us consider some of them to be members of our very own family. We above all other races have domesticated and cultivated relationships with our animals throughout our history. We even prosecute and jail people who have committed acts of violence and cruelty against animals, which many of the Vibrantly Diverse consider laughable.

Very understandably, many of us are also saddened and horrified by this story . We are no longer ignorant of the inhumanity of this sickening practice. Historically, Whites have wrongly believed and mistakenly projected that kosher meant the animals were better cared for due to the religious nature of the practice, and as a result, the meat itself would have to be much higher in quality when compared to most others. The cold hard truth, as we now know and understand it, is that both of these assumptions are conclusively false and amount to the same deceitful disinformation that we have been fed by the Tribe our entire lives.

“The task of keeping kosher is greatly simplified by widespread kashrut certification. Approximately three-quarters of all prepackaged foods in the United States and Canada, at least, have some kind of kosher certification, and most major brands have reliable Orthodox certification.

The symbols of kashrut certification are all widely-accepted and commonly found on products throughout the United States. It is very easy to spot these marks on food labels, usually near the product name, occasionally near the list of ingredients.”-Jewish Virtual Library


    • Didn’t you hear? A few months or so, there was a call to ‘turn’ into the ‘new’ (((Breitbart))) or (((InfoWars))) hang-out.

      Hunter Wallace also said this was the plan.

      So obviously the same Amren-type “Israel and the Jews” are our best ally applies, goy!

    • You should check out the totally anti-German sentiment on this story; it’s almost as if it’s the Brits/Americans/French warring against Hitler’s Germany and then blaming occupied Germany for its modern problems.

      I literally feel sick by this intra-White, Brit-American B.S. You would think with White demographics they wouldn’t be seeking to alienate other Whites, but I’ve seen anti-German, anti-Irish and anti-Hungarian sentiment.

    • Actually, I should take that back. This site is pretty much click-bait and isn’t serious about the problem of White Genocide. What do you expect from Trumpkin online trolls.

      But it really isn’t fair to be anti-German considering Germany’s history and its present state as an occupied vassal of the USA.

      It’s like I’m reading Russia Insider.

  • What a big load of shit you soft cocks. If you think cutting an animals throat is inhumane then become a vegatarian. Its not like they are torturing the animal. Watch a lion kill its prey or an eagle or a shark or any carnivore…get a life.

  • You really have to shop around for non-Kosher food. I’ve yet to find non Kosher OJ. I end up buying oranges & making it at home. I just don’t want some Crying Chuck looking person saying a bunch of mumbo jumbo magic words over my food before I eat it. To me it’s kinda like eating cursed food. What’s the deal with Kosher aluminum foil by the way?

    • Jenny, the KosChertified app is trying to make that shopping experience easier for you while you still have a choice. As the app features food products that have NOT received kosher certification, you can create grocery lists that reflect your conscience and requirements. The content will help direct you on how you were meant to eat, so that you can “become who you are”! Your local grocery store discoveries can be submitted to further improve the choices of others…i.e. you can participate and help in this effort every time you shop. Go to for more info.

  • Driving a wedge between feel-good white liberals and these barbaric Jews seems like a very good strategy.

    Maybe Paul McCartney, Ellen DeGeneres, and Russell Simmons will pick up on this? Pamela Anderson might make a good spokeswoman as well. Need to find a way to sneak her a question about it, in front of the press.

  • Those who wish to learn more about the kosher world and have the freedom to “Exercise their Dietary Free Will” can go to where they can download the app. Lots of eduKational content and a database that may surprise you!

  • A well needed article, as the number of “enrichers” who aren’t equipped with an ounce of compassion to animals is growing rapidly. I hope that I will not live when they have succeeded in making ritual slaughter/sacrifice a normal procedure also outside the abattoirs. Even though I’m aware that such compassion is regarded as weakness (if not mental ilness) not only in the eyes of the enrichers but also of their comrades’, I’m not ashamed that I only managed to look at the picture for a nanosecond.
    How can such cruelty be a normal procedure by people that considers themselves as superior?

    By the way, Poland, a country that officially has no more than 5000 Jews (as the rest was either gassed or had to flee the Polish anti-Semitism) and about 60 000 assimilated Muslim Tatars (who did not demand this “human right” earlier), has revoked its ban on ritual slaughter, as its Constitutional Tribunal had declared the ban unconstitutional. The peculiar thing in it is that Jesus Christ actually was “enthroned” as Poland’s king some months later. Hurra for the by “nationalconservatives” inspired and governed bastion of the European culture and Christianity.

    • Poland is clearly in the clutches of ZOG’s Eastern European strategy to destroy Russia.

      Watch, soon the American negro Army will begin impregnating Polish women in mass.

      Also, Poland will soon have to turn over all the property that the native people took back from the rapacious jews. And that means well, everything of value in Poland. ZOG is working hard on this.

      Poland will cease its insane Russian hatred or ZOG will use Poland and destroy Poland in the process.

  • Go to the grocery store and you will find that nearly every product available has a little “U” or “K” on it. Doesn’t matter what part of the country either. Even in the deep south practically everything must be kosher.

  • Hitler loved his dogs; White men love their dogs; We are bonded to nature in a way that filthy sand niggers and kikes will never comprehend.

    • My two dogs show me a loyalty and love that i have not found in any human.They hunt with me, live with me, protect me they are my best friends.

  • Something I’ve long thought about as it relates to Kosher slaughter. In a traditional Jewish social structure (in particular in western Europe) marriages were to a significant degree arranged. This gets mentioned a lot to explain Jewish IQ, as the yeshiva students who showed the most studiousness and cleverness was forced into a high fecundity pairing.

    So is the faux scholasticism of yeshiva the only assorting of Jews based on cognitive traits into tracks for high fecundity futures? Was the purpose of Kosher slaughter to separate out cohorts of Jews who took sadistic pleasure in torturing animals for the purpose of maximizing those traits in the next generation? Were medieval Jews selectively breeding for psychopathy?

    • The other big explanation is that Europeans forbad them from owning land and forced them into being money lenders and merchants, which apparently takes more brain power than farming. Successful Jews had more kids, less, fewer. This theory is put forward by Greg Cochran, and there’s a bit to back it up. Notably, all the mental diseases and general frailty suggest that Jews were strongly selected for brain power at all other costs. Also, you can tell when the shift happened (apparently), and it matches the time when Jews would have been under pressure like this.

      As to the purpose of kosher slaughter, I’m sure it was intended to be quick and humane for the time but they didn’t have guns or pneumatic bolts back then and the spergier Jews have stuck with it. I wonder, do those branches still believe the Sun goes around the Earth?

  • There are many jews where I live, I shop in the kosher market and buy the kosher bakery stuff because they don’t use milk or butter and I can’t digest that stuff… I think the no milk or butter is not really canonical kosher but simply because so many of us, eh I mean them, are lactose intolerant.

  • Everything semetic is inhumane and against nature. The jews and their cousins the Arabs are noxious, they destroy everything they come into contact with. The Semite mentality evidenced in their religions, halal,kosher etc is weird and invented to control hysterical desert tribes, their Armageddon end of days mentality is unharmonious and destructive. They’re the enemy of mankind.

          • Exactly, there’s a hypothesis that our ancestors defeated their Neanderthal ones which is why they have a DNA hatred of us. Their skulls are Neanderthal shaped. Stands to reason

          • Syd i was wondering if why a DNA test can tell someone they are part jew, surely the test would just come up that they had Semite blood which could be muzlim or jew or whatever?i don,t understand how you can DNA a religion unless they are another species i have always said that jews are not human.

          • Because they are an ethnic group. Anybody can convert to Judaism, but the AshkeNAZI/Khazar Jews (most Israelis) are of European descent, and have zero Hebrew blood. Remember, most settled in Palestine after the HoloHOAX. They are the false Jews Jesus spoke of. We were warned. Most didn’t listen.

          • Thanks for your reply .Do you mean the jews that follow the talmud? because to be honest i hate every filthy lying rat jew on earth false one,s real one,s all the same to me and i think that any thing that comes out of the middle east is trouble.

          • As for Israeli Jews, most are AshkeNAZI, regardless of being Torah or Talmud Jews. Either way, they are fake Jews. Sephardic Jews (minority ethnic Jews in Israel) apparently have some Hebrew DNA. And either way, if they are Zionists, they are evil.

            Here is a few informative articles. This info is claimed to be debunked, but who owns the media & publishing houses? You can decide own your own




          • Thanks again Joel for your reply and the links it will take a little time for me to digest it all, much of it i am already aware of im afraid.A book i can recommend to you and is available free on line is called”Secret World Government” it was written by Count Cherep-Spiridovitch in 1926.He was a Czarist General who fought the Bolsheviks in the 1917 revolution.To anyone who wants to know the truth of whats really going on i urge you to look the Counts work up.

          • You’ve piqued my curiosity.

            Please list the Scriptural passages you’re referring to.


          • Not an expert on DNA, but jew is semetic and that would come up on a test. Jew per se isn’t a religion but a segment of the Semite race with some white admixture usually Russian or German in Europe and pure Semite in the ME and north Africa

          • Much like Hitler said they are the international jew that knows no real home.Thanks for the reply Syd My Best Regards always “Stavros”

    • Well if you want to be technical about it, there is nothing Semitic about the AshkeNAZI/Khazars as in no Hebrew blood. They are of European descent.

    • These semitic tribes make sure the animal suffers as much as possible before it dies. PETA always goes on about loving animals, but when is the last time you seen them criticize halal or kosher?

      I’ve found that a lot of normies don’t even know what kosher meat means. This is why I make a point to bring up halal slaughtering, because they are essentially the same. It’s fun to watch the cognitive dissonance.

  • Just imagine a few years back I was completely neutral towards jews. Then Barb Spectre came along and turned my neutral stance into completely loathing of the tribe. Now yet further down the line, I admit I completely hate their guts! What’s the next level? Going full nazi? Just bring it on, kikes!

    • All it took for me was encountering a few of them and noticing a pattern, they’re vile ,parasitical and completely foreign

    • Adolph Hitler was on to the jew and his corrupt world domination plans you can read it in Mein Kampf it is as relevant today as it was 80 years ago.Heil Hitler

  • Kashrut and halal is all about making the animal feel as much pain as possible before it expires. Even if we didn’t already have 6 trillion reason, this in itself is reason enough to physically remove them.

  • I isolate the cow from the herd. Shoot it in the thick part of the skull with small caliber rifle. This stuns the cow allowing me to safely go in with a heavy hammer to KO the animal. Then i slit its main artery in the neck. The heart will pump most the blood out of the meat. Remove unwanted parts. Cut into Quarters. Load in truck and hang in cool room

    I might be missing something but it sounds like with kosher meat they do not KO the animal first.

    How does Kek want an animal butchered?

  • Kosher method of killing is savage and cruel. It is that straight forward. But what bothers me outside of this form of butchery are the grocery items marked “Kosher” .

    Items marked “kosher” have a small tax to them. The proceeds of this tax are given to around 400 Jewish organizations in the US and abroad. The symbols are numerous so check “Kosher” symbols on the internet. Most Grocery managers are unaware of this tax or how many items are marked “Kosher”.

    Today “kosher” items include Aluminum foil, Cake Frosting to Olive oil. I cannot fathom how Aluminum foil is “kosher”. The only thing linking all these items is that tax.

    There should not be any kind of fee or tax on any product that goes to any religion. But there is.

    • In Australia we have the same problem only it is the money raised from Halal certified food that we object to ,we know the money that is raised goes to middle eastern terrorists and our government (all sides) are all for it because we are told that we should love our little brown brothers from across the sea i say fock em all.Halal or Kosher it is all a tax that most people don,t know about or don,t care about .

      • Same in the UK. You see Halal stickers in the windows of restaurants too. To me that’s a signal to keep moving and seek out some British grub made by my countrymen. I spend my money to benefit my own — always.

    • The way this “tax” works is grocers are pressured (maybe even legally obligated) into carrying certified Kosher products. The certification process has an associated cost (Rabbi not working for free) which is passed onto the customer.

    • Go to and with their app you’ll discover even more about where the money spent on your food is going, and how you can finally have a choice. Yes, you can take an active role in buying a breakfast cereal that is not kosher-certified (there are very few) and receive push updates when a non-kosher aluminum foil is discovered! You have a smart phone, so download the app! It’s time to get K-Wise!

    • Kosher tax extortion appears to be far more than around $60 million per year. The Daily Forward admits true revenues are “a closely guarded institutional secret”.

      If they need to hide it, we can only imagine what the amount is.

      One thing’s for sure: every person in almost every country on earth is paying the kosher extortion tax on TRILLIONS of dollars worth of products every single time they go shopping.

      In 1975, Rabbi Bernard Levy who ran the second largest Kosher-certification union in the US stated the average cost to a business for kosher inspections ran from a minimum $1,000 for a “mom and pop” operation to $40,000 per plant for larger corporations. That’s $186’000 today. Yet he made it clear charges could go much higher because they depend on how often a rabbi decides a plant must be inspected.

      That was in the 1970s. What is the true cost today, given the fact almost every company in the US is “kosher-inspected”?

      The Orthodox Union, just one of 1,400 Kosher certification agencies in the world, is in charge of 8,000 plants internationally. 8’000 plants x $186’000 minimum runs to $1.5 billion per year. Yet in reality this is far more, as this minimum certification fee no doubt increased greatly since 1975.

      Furthermore, larger “supervisory” fees are extracted by Rabbis as factory retooling, travel etc are not factored into basic fees. For example Rabbis travel from New York or Israel to industrial producers in 80 different countries such as China or India to superficially observe every aspect of production as per hair-splitting Kashrut dietary laws.

      They focus on top-down producers in the food industry, requiring ingredients to be certified down to the “micro-chemical”. “If Nabisco all of a sudden says it will only use one kind of kosher oil for its entire facility, which is huge, companies out there will become kosher just for Nabisco.

      Imagine being a startup food company and being told you can’t sell your products until you fork out $20,000 to pay Rabbi Schmuley’s fee for using his kosher symbol.

      By and large, consumers end up paying about a few cents extra per product for the kosher tax (depending on what it is). So in a country with hundreds of millions of people such as the US, Goy shoppers pay anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars every year for something they don’t need or want, which adds up to windfall profits for Kosher certification groups.

      Kosher tax also extends to multiple non-food items such as paper, aluminum foil, styrofoam; drinking detergent, ammonia bleach and even kitchen utensils. Most brands of laundry detergent are labeled kosher. Yet many of the things we do eat, which do have the kosher tax stamp, are full of poisons most Jews won’t touch. Even Jewish sources admit Kosher products are often inferior to non-Kosher products and that their dietary laws have no rational basis in many cases.

      Besides the FDA already certifies food. Clearly kosher tax isn’t about making food safe – it’s about making us pay a tax for every item we buy which gets paid back to jews.

      If you don’t think this is a worldwide scam, a bottle of ketchup sold anywhere in the world will carry the kosher U sign. You might need to search for the little U though as food producers go to painstaking efforts to camouflage or obscure it.

      You can’t escape the tax: every last packet of ketchup sold by fast food places is certified kosher.

      Despite being a for-profit enterprise, Kosher certification enjoys non-profit status, which means all of the money made is completely tax-free.

      In turn Kosher tax money is used to run campaigns to benefit the Jewish community such as pressure politicians to forcing the public to subsidise expensive and exclusive private Yeshiva schools and scores of other projects that are too numerous to list. Yet in the 2000s alone, 1,942 Catholic schools were forced to close, and there’s no public funding or to save the rest.

      One of the reasons jews were banished from England in 1290 was due to coin clipping – shaving gold off the edges of coins in circulation. Today Jews shave off a fraction of billions of purchases through the Kosher tax.

  • That picture at the bottom: I believe that is a children’s agriculture club, where they raise an animal lovingly from birth to a pole-axe between the eyes and then onto your plate. Cuz Vitamin B12, y’know? I hear some kids are just beside themselves when they are forced to sell their pet for meat. No wonder humans are so fk’d.

    All that white man’s “love” for animals is a joke.

    • The purpose of these clubs actually appears to be to destroy the child’s natural empathy and love for an animal they have raised and made to trust them. I have heard several accounts recently of children who have rebelled and refused to sell their pet for slaughter.

    • The purpose of these clubs is to educate children/adolescents how to raise and sell livestock, not have cows as pets. If the child was somehow disillusioned to the end result (auction and slaughter) that’s the parents deception or ignorance and not the program’s failing.

      • Yes, that is the purpose of these clubs. However, because of the daily affectionate and caring contact between the youngster and the animal, they develop into “pets”.

        “Knowledge can bring a mind to water, but only emotion can make it drink.” Whether it’s sympathy for animals or identification with one’s own race.

  • There is never an acceptable excuse for cruelty to animals, and certainly not the vicious adherence to a pointless, unnecessary religious ritual.

  • I am wondering what this means in practical terms, if one wants to avoid buying meat from animals that have been inhumanely slaughtered.

    • only way is to take back our society’s agriculture. small farmers that want to be humane and healthy are constantly under attack. only way to do anything is to take back our courts and deliver actual justice

      • Yes, but if I go to the grocery store in the U.S. and buy freshly cut (not prepackaged) meat, is it from an animal that has been killed inhumanely?

        • farmers markets are best bet. avoid mainstream shops of all sorts for food when you can. some markets allow/encourage you to visit their farms

      • Hipsters have shown us the way, with their boutique farms, free range chickens, and conservationist DIY ethic.

        Which is of course why hipster SWPLs are so hated by the Reactionary Kosher Konserva-clowns who do nothing but counter-signal anything implicitly white.

          • Not all whites can be part of the upper middle class. And the entire ethos of the upper middle class is defined by hatred of prole whites. SWPLdom, ie a weird bastardized form of weak white culture, is allowed to flourish only because of excess wealth nowadays. Proles can’t participate, so its not about being implicitly white, its about living in an explicitly expensive zip code.

          • All Whites can inspire to the tastes and habits of the “upper middle class” which are implicitly White tastes and habits. In fact the entire purpose of drinking crap beer like Pabst is precisely *because* it allows proles to participate and it eases class distinctions.

            “hatred of prole whites.”

            You’re confusing hipsters with David Brook’s “Bohemian Bourgeois” which is a Jewish attitude.


            Hipster SWPLs, and even MacDonald’s “Indigenous Culture of Critique” types idealized the White working class, along with the European Romantic movements.

            As usual reactionaries have allowed the Usual Suspects to turn their hatred inward, towards natural allies, instead of outwards, towards those same Usual Suspects.

          • No, the Jews aren’t to blame here as much as they are just the enablers of upper-middle class desire to differentiate themselves from the proles, to one-up the Jones’.

            There is no room for proles in upper-middle class culture because upper-middle class culture was specifically created to look down on the proles and differentiate the two groups.

            Upper class behavior is more similar to prole behavior. They aren’t that worried about being mistaken for being low-class so they don’t have to counter-signal as hard. They can “slum it” as it were.

            You’re confusing SWPL culture for aristocratic culture.

          • Perhaps there is a difference here between America and Britain – America has simply never had the same class system. In America, you don’t brag about which prep school you attended – you brag about how you came from nothing and made it all by yourself – it’s virtually the opposite of England.

            American hipster/SWPL culture is nothing like you make it out to be and they even invented the term “hipster racism” precisely because it is so implicitly white.

          • Bullox! I’m English and upper class Americans are even more insufferable than ours. The rudest people I’ve ever encountered

          • Just because you are “implicitly white” that does not make you a racist.And what Syd posted is ditto for me.

          • I hate being around upper middle-class people, they’re rude and nasty. Which flipping yuppie can scream louder in a pretentious restaurant,lol, nasty!

          • The upper middle-class are traitors who’ve thrown their brothers under the bus and virtue signal to assuage their consciouses(if they have them) and to feel superior. The communists had that right!

          • Your right Syd they would turn jew to maintain their upper middle-class status, i have seen them in the city walk past white homeless people with mocking disregard while they will fund some starving coon in africa.

    • Any animal killed in a slaughterhouse – stunned or not – suffers terribly. Don’t forget the always-stressful trip to the place of execution. Those big trucks are overcrowded and the animals are transported in very hot and very cold temperatures. Some don’t make it – one reason meat is so expensive. Then there is the pre-stunning slaughterhouse experience. The overall raising and killing of nonkosher meat is nearly as evil.

      You know that saying, “You are what you eat”? That is not correct: the reality is that you want to eat what you already ARE. Meaning – if you don’t get it – you are attracted to a diet that satisfies your particular level of spiritual development and your emotional/psychological attributes. The diet keeps it going. When your eyes are opened, you’ll undergo a change in not only what you eat, but how you try to live your life overall.

      The end.

      • Alas, there is nowadays much suffering for the animals even within our white countries, due to industrialization of “meat production” and ditto transportation, but I dare say that most of us dislike people who torture animals, so unlike Muslims and Jews. I’ve actually stopped eating meat – except (occasionally) some fish – twenty years ago just because of the cruelty you mentioned. So did all my relatives and close friends. Unfortunately, the non-kosher voice of compassion for animals of ours is reduced to silence as racist. Having said that, I do not intend to criticize meat-eaters, only to underline that ritual slaughter is not compatible with the “decadent” European compassion and concept of morality. Both of these specifically white qualities are disappearing at rapid pace, as etnic/cultural groups that stand for the “non-decadent” outlook tighten their grip on our society.

  • The animal feels nothing goy! Watch as we humanely slaughter this cow according to our kosher guidelines

    **animal starts kicking and blinks it’s eyes rapidly**

    Oy vey lets go over here and complete the tour. Don’t worry goy, the animals will be well taken care of.

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