The Mike Cernovich Surprise

Originally posted at Occidental Dissent (March 16, 2017).

Mike Cernovich is really mad at us for making fun of Paul Joseph Watson.

In a Periscope video he posted to Twitter this evening, he lashes out at Richard Spencer, David Duke, the Manosphere and the entire Alt-Right. Unlike his friends MILO and Alan Dershowitz, Cernovich claims we’re all a bunch of moral degenerates.

We discovered this evening that Mike Cernovich spends his free time ranking the lady boys of the world and observing lady boy action in Paris. In 2012, he wrote a post on Danger & Play called “What is Sex with a Tranny Like.” By my count, it has been through at least four different versions. I’m told the story was first published as a matter of fact blog entry. When his readers made fun of him, he posted an update that said “LOL, guys, this is not my story. It’s from a reader.” He later changed it to clarify that he is into “rough sex with women.” Even more recently, he has changed it yet again to a “guest submission” that he claims was posted to a messageboard:

“When we left the club she came back to my place, she had some coke so I did like 2 lines. I was so fucking horny, and fucked up. We just started going at it, I took her pants off, and there was this shriveled black thing. I forgot what our exact conversation was, I was too fucked up, I remember her being embarrassed and saying she told me and she didn’t think I cared, I was shocked but also too horny and fucked up to say no and I already went too far. We kept going at it, and one thing I remember is her pushing her shriveled little prick into my face when she was deepthroating me, in the 69 position. I kept trying to move away from it, but I eventually just gave in and let it penetrate my mouth. I remember tears coming down my face a little when I vaguely realized what I was doing, it had this weird chemically, salty taste.”

Yeah right.

Does this sound like the kind of story you would just let a reader post to your blog under your own name without attribution? I don’t think so. Still to this day, Cernovich’s website is #1. in Google search results for the query “What is sex with a tranny like?”

This gets even weirder. Mike Cernovich claims to be transgender:

“Although I always felt like a man inside a man’s body, biology began to do its thing. Around my 35th birthday I felt my testosterone levels begin to decline. I had less energy and found it harder to recover from workouts.

I thus began testosterone replacement therapy, a form of hormone replacement therapy transgenders use when undergoing the process of transitioning. …

Some, such as male-to-male transgenders, believe aging is a disease. We believe our male brains deserve to live in healthy male bodies.

Because of this, we undergo testosterone replacement therapy – or TRT for short.

Under the supervision of a physician, I self-administer 200 mg of Sustanon every 5-7 days.

Male-to-male transgenders suffer massive amounts of transphobia.

As a result of using exogenous testosterone, a man’s testicles begin to atrophy. …

What is it about having “big balls” that makes a man a man? Saying my testicles are small is based on outdated models of gender identity and construction. It is also transphobic. …

I also believe transphobia against male-to-male transgenders such as myself must end. …

The decision to make the transition to a male-to-male transgender was fully-informed and fully personal. …”

Cernovich likes to visit Thailand:

“As much as I enjoy the busy streets of Saigon, my mind requires large open spaces. I do my best work near the ocean or mountains (ideally both). Koh Samui, an island in Thailand, was just what I needed to relax and unwind.

Like all of Thailand, Koh Samui is hot. Heat has pros and cons. I love swimming in the ocean, but the oceans in Los Angeles are frigid. …”

What kind of place is Koh Samui, Thailand? Who would go there?

“What makes Koh Samui unique is that every possible vice imaginable swirls tangibly through its streets, yet with a bright, fluffy PG-13 bow on it all, sort of like if Disney managed Hooters.

Illicit transactions occur late at night, in the back alleys of Chaweng, but an appropriate level of discretion is maintained. Tourists walk alone at 2 a.m. without fearing anything worse than a sudden infatuation with a gorgeous woman who turns out to be a man or coming across a vendor selling neon plastic light sticks for roughly 5000% percent of their value. …”

It is a place known for ladyboys.

In searching through Cernovich’s blog “Crime and Federalism,” I was struck by how often he blogged about “homophobia.” He repeatedly returns to the issue.

At one point, Cernovich even says “may God have mercy on your bigoted souls”:

“You know what: My mind is now closed on an issue. I used to give people who opposed same-sex marriage the benefit of the doubt. Many of my friends oppose gay marriage on religious grounds. But I’ve seen the light.

If you oppose same-sex marriage, you are a bigot. I grew up around racists, and I know bigotry when I see it. You may as well throw around the n-word so far as I’m concerned. You’re not different from a hateful racist who burns crosses into the night.

Sure, your interpretation of the Bible might support bigotry. But guess what: Two-hundred years ago the popular interpretation of the Bible supported slavery. And one-hundred years ago, the popular interpretation of the Bible supported segregation. The popular interpretation of the Bible was wrong then. And it’s wrong now.

It’s time to reflect: Does the Bible truly support your views? Does Christ ever speak on the issue? Or do you simply harbor a disdain for those who are different, and thus feel inspired to read words that are not even there?

I’m reminded of Thomas Jefferon’s remarks on slavery: “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice can not sleep forever: that considering numbers, nature and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an exchange of situation is among possible events: that it may become probable by supernatural interference!”

May God have mercy on your bigoted souls.”

Interestingly enough, Cernovich took to Twitter in 2015 to rank the lady boys of the world (Thailand has the best) and to post photos of such illicit encounters in Paris. We know from his passport that he has been to both Thailand and the Philippines.

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
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  • Male to male Tranny? You do realize he’s being satirical right? Good grief you guys are so dense it is painful.

  • Mike Cernovich also said in a Telescope that when his baby daughter is old enough to go on the bottle, he will take over drinking his girlfriend’s breast milk. “Why wouldn’t I? Full of protein and other stuff that is good for you,” something like that. Sick mind.

    He ruined his skin with drugs so that the face is sagging in his thirties. He writes lyrically about hallucinogens and steroids. He wrote a post about his back burning, his thighs, neck, hands, arms, chest all burning with the skin falling off – but doesn’t connect this to his drug use. And now, inevitably, the bloated muscles have receded and he is getting fatter instead.

    This is a guy who ridicules people who are on the low-carb diet: Not manly like him. Of course, Cerno sells juicers online, so he doesn’t want his followers to learn about the effect of blood sugar. Because he wants to make a buck he lies to his followers about health.

    He took steroids to get a woman who was into overly large muscles, and now he lives off the alimony he takes from her earnings every months. That is why he won’t marry his girlfriend, the mother of his child: It would stop the money theft.

    Maybe your mind gets this way if you live near Los Angeles and studied law – you are able to rationalize anything you do.

    He likes to pretend on Twitter that he has a lot of money. He threatens people with law suits, or he offers to pay X thousand dollars to a charity if a writer will meet him in a debate. He claimed he had a plan to buy Reddit together with other financiers and offered the plan to the Reddit founder, “but it fell through”. Notice that all this talk never actually leads to paying any money. He just knows how people with money talk.

    This impresses a certain crowd. Mike Cernovich is like Louise Mensch or Alex Jones in that he knows there are those who will be impressed by big claims. You don’t have to care about those who see through the bull, just cut them loose and focus on those you get on the hook. They love to feel that they are “along for the ride” even though they are just being used.

    He has a little game he plays on Twitter to avoid questions about Jewish media ownership, or any time someone calls him a racist. He says, “I’m a Jew.” He isn’t; he comes from a deeply Christian, rural home, as he has said in interviews, and neither Twitter nor any interviewer describes him as Jewish. But this is his way to derail a discussion. Then he retweets the answers to that statement to ridicule the questioner – “ha ha, you believed what I said about myself!”. He thinks he is being clever. Lying about your race is something most people simply could not do, it is on psychopath level. Again, this impresses some.

    It is ironic to see his followers worship him like sycophants. Cernovich writes about having a “gorilla mindset” and mocks people who worship others. As so often, the peddler of a Be Your Own Man message is worshiped by those who can’t be their own men, but who like to feel like they are among the chosen by attaching themselves to the writer. Cernovich uses them with no concern other than for himself, exactly like he has written – and they don’t see it.

    In short, Cernovich looks like someone who is all about himself. I feel sorry for his girlfriend, as long as it lasts.

  • Cernovich Friday claim to fame… He was verbally assaulted and threatened by someunknown faggot…. He counter threatened by showing the perp ten names that if he should suddenly die… One or all of the named did it. The perp shrivrled up and ran off….dewd is off the rails agiprop working for the man to keep us down.

  • Point #1. I too keep wondering why Spence is so obsessed with Milo or Papa Cerno or, just recently, with that Loren Lady. That instead of leading us in line with pro-White, Alt-Right principles.
    Point #2. I did not know about Papa Cerno’s extent of his sexuality. In fact, it’s disgusting and degenerate. However, Cerno does do a good service for the entire Right movement. Just for example, his involvement was defining when the BLM teens in Chicago tortured the White kid. I believe that CPD and Rahm would have not charged the BLM teens with the hate crime if not for the Cerno-led twitter involvement. My only beef with Cerno was about his treatment of Baked Alaska. Cerno followed Milo in that issue before the latter’s downturn.
    Point #3. Cerno had been married to a White woman before but that marriage, as in million of cases these days, ended up in a divorce. So, he took the least risky path and married an Iranian woman. As far as I am concerned, one can date and sleep with any race FEMALES, wherever the fantasy leads you, but one must produce, at least, two babies by a White woman and take care of them.
    Point #4. Some nations, particularly, in the Near East area are transitional. There are White Iranians, without much of the Arab or Mongol admixture, but there are Ahmedinejads too. One must make a distinction among those nations without stereotyping them all at once.

    • That’s the same one he said is a loser and cried all the time. That same Jew is now suing him, LOL.

      With Jews you lose!

  • Guys like this weird me out; all his talk about small balls and sex with ladyboys makes me wonder if the only reason why his wife chose him is for an “open relationship.”
    Am I reading too much into this? I dunno, our society’s pretty fucked up these days.

  • I wish I never clicked this… I already knew this guy was a snake oil salesman but I did not know he was oiling the snakes

  • I’m interested in our people not ego driven scraps between Spencer & Cernovich. Richard Spencer, start acting like a leader because every day you look weak to me. I’m not saying be silent, I’m saying talk about stuff that matters to our people. Inspire our people!

  • Cernovich is an odd duck. He’s part Jewish so that explains a lot of his behavior. He’s a shyster and liar. I’ve read a post from him where he admits to lying and says there’s nothing wrong with lying to advance your interests. He clearly has sociopathic traits, but then so do a lot of people involved in political activism.

    In one of his recent periscopes he goes on a strange rant about how Alt Right people are having gay orgies. He suggested that Spencer and the rest holding protests against the removal of Confederate statues are somehow fags having gay orgies. Makes zero sense.

    • Did it have profanity? Sometimes stuff gets automatically removed if there are curse words. Happened to me a couple times, & then I realized both things had “bullsh-t” in them.

    • As far as I’m concerned, nothing. It sure beats the current day of degeneracy, moral depravity, wage-slavery, and gunpoint integration.

  • Cernovich is a creep and a wannabe. I find it utterly bizarre that anybody with an ounce of self respect would take life advice news or opinion from such an obvious mountebank.

  • It´s irrelevant to me his sexual circumstances, his race or race-relations: he does top notch, spectacular work. Not explicitely WN or anti-jew but anti-globalist. The globalists promote White Genocide, and anybody who fights globalists is a plus for me. It´s secondary if you call globalists jew or not. Of-course those who call out the jew and are explicitely pro-White are higher in the hierarchy, they are braver, but that simply doesn´t lessen Cernovich´s work.

    Again: Cernovic: top-notch work. I´m deeply grateful for his work.

    Those who fire against such figthers are IMO to blame for White Genocide because they weaken those who help our cause.

    • He doesn’t really though. He pushed pizzagate which turned out to be an embarrassment. He said that Trump would invade Syria with 150k ground troops by June first. Those are just two examples. He is wrong quite a bit.

      He consistently counter signals white advocacy, and has claimed that Spencer is a fed, with no proof I might add. He said that Spencer did a Roman Salute at last years NPI conference, again he was wrong and actually apologized for it I believe. Now he is saying that the Alt Right is one big gay sex orgy, again with no proof.

      He has posted some interesting work and has broken a few stories, but in my opinion you are looking at his work through rose colored glasses. He has made it perfectly clear he is not really an ally to White interest politics. He is good at stirring the pot and selling ebooks, I will give him that, but he is far too unstable to be considered a rock solid ally. Putting your faith in him is a short sighted move in my opinion.

      • It only became an embarrassment because idiots like you couldn’t assess the evidence and were convinced by the media which didn’t even touch the evidence.

        “Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure. ”

        Yeah, not suspect at all. Only one example out of hundreds. Not to mention the earlier scandals that were also covered up.

        • lol, that is proof of nothing, moron. It is badly worded, absolutely, but if you are going to accuse someone of screwing kids you had better have something concrete. Something that leads to an arrest. Especially when it causes a guy to show up there armed….

          All you morons have done is give our enemies reason to question all future accusations because of the amateur hour that was pizza gate.

          You people called it pizza gate for Christ’s sake.

          Listen, do I think that there are pedos in high positions in world leadership? Absolutely. That does mean I am going to participate in amateur hour.

          • If that was the only example I would agree. But this is but one example out of hundreds. It’s not proof, it’s circumstantial evidence.. tons of it. There’s even precedence.

            More than enough to warrant a serious investigation.

          • There should have been a “serious investigation” by people like Cernovich before they made the accusations….

            Besides, these are the same people that whine and complain when people point out disproportional Jewish influence with far more evidence of tribalism and nepotism while invoking an anti White agenda, so excuse me that I am not exactly sympathetic to them.

          • Who? “These people” were people from all walks of life. Not any one particular demographic.

            The Pizzagate thing isn’t new either. This view has been a part of conspiracy culture for decades. Pizzagate was only the latest scandal in a long line. And for many it was just another confirmation.

            I have no problem with pointing out Jewish influence but there’s one thing I have noticed with the alt-right if you want to talk about ignoring certain realities. There’s a lot of talk about Jews but virtually no mention of secret societies, and royal bloodlines: the enablers of the Jewish cabal.

            So the alt-right is still very much exoteric in its outlook. The truth is there is just as much evidence out there that confirms the influence of secret societies and occult orders as there is that confirms Jewish influence. Yet the alt-right mostly chooses to ignore this evidence.

            In the end they are just two sides of the same coin. Many conspiracy theorists choose to gloss over Jewish influence. And “anti-semites” usually never speak of the occult aspect of the ruling elites.

            These two views need to be married.

          • No one here is denying that occults and secret societies exist, or ignoring evidence of their existence.

            All I am saying is that the whole pizza gate thing was poorly executed by someone who I consider to be a huckster. We are talking about a specific example here. Cernovich screwed the pouch.

            If it hadn’t been poorly executed Podesta would be in jail and Alex Jones would not have had to essentially apologize for propagating “pizzagate”.

          • At this point I’m thinking that Cernovich is a shill. He’s certainly suspicious enough.

            I don’t think the Pizzagate thing was an accident. There is probably more where that came from. It may be that it was only the beginning of a series of leaks that are about to come out in the coming years.

            Look at Julian Assange’s Twitter. See the header? Is it merely hyperbole? “THE WHOLE EMPIRE WILL TREMBLE!”

            I’m thinking they’re sitting on the goods. I certainly hope so.

          • To be fair though, this reality is so extreme it will take a long time for people to ever buy into it. Baby steps.. talking about the “deep state” is step one. What we’re really dealing with is “The New World Order” and the deep state is a euphemism.

    • Anti-globalism means nothing by itself. Cernovitch and his cohorts are a re-brand of Tea Party boomer shit paranoid about Obama’s birth records and an imminent UN takeover of muh consitushon. You take republican shit, put sunglasses on it, say the word fuck really loudly and call it counter-culture and you get these guys I’m sure this “counter-culture” was dreamed up by a bunch of jews and boomers in the RNC and some think tank funded by the chamber of commerce.

  • Danger and Play has been dead for 3 months now. Has Cernobitch found a new scam to sell his stupid audience?

    Remember when Cernovich said he was going to Vietnam to film a reality tv series? What happened to that?

    This guy is a total used car salesman. Can’t believe anyone takes him seriously.

    • He is a fake news merchant, who latches onto popular movements to promote his shitty self-help books. I wouldn’t really care if he could stop the constant counter-signalling. This is why we can’t make truce with the alt lite,

  • Cernovich is a race-mixer, and like Alex Jones (also a race-mixer), functions as sort of a “safety valve” for so-called normies to explore. These people are put in place or allowed to freely operate and collect shekels in order to keep people away from White Nationalism (the only thing that can save our people and our nations). This piece of $hit and all of his followers need to be bullycided into submission along with anybody who opposes our explicitly pro-White, counter-Semitic views.

      • I see it here in East Asia. One man I work with was a 40 year old virgin when he came here. Another one is a complete head case.

          • I see loser White men who come here to get yellow leg. Or old men. One man I work with is 59 and sleeping with a 19 year old student. I have yet to meet any Jews here but believe it or not there are old Jewish communities not far from here in Kaefung (spl.) and some claim they have been here since being booted out of Palestine 2000 years ago. They ran the opium trade in China. Then as now Jews are drug pushers.

          • Yes, Kai Feng are the Jews who mixed with Chinese. I have read some say there have been Jews in China since the 13th century. The Jews typically credited with running the opium trade were the Sassoons who ran the British East India company nearby. The Brits had nothing China needed or wanted but Brits developed a taste for Chinese tea and porcelain. The East India Company Jews got the idea of getting the Chinese hooked on opium so they’d finally have something the Chinese were willing to trade for.

          • Correct, the Jews were bleeding silver as that is what the Chinese demanded in pay. Until they came upon the brilliant (to the criminally insane) idea of turning the entire nation into drug addicts. Of course as usual the shabbaz goy Brits were the Jewish mafia’s muscle. Parasites don’t fight they just suck the life out of you.

          • Of course the totally corrupt British aristocracy got their cut. Cheap whores they were and are.

          • The Communist Party learned well from them because they get some new members hooked on opium by putting it in their food. That’s the way to control your new members….So much for the lie that they ended drugs in China. It’s no surprise because the first Communists were all sorts of criminals and they popularised criminality as culture in China.

          • The British had silver, which the Chinese wanted. And of course trade would have benefited China. But the eunuchs in the court had their idea that China owned the whole world and shouldn’t trade goods with anyone who didn’t submit and add to China’s land area. They wanted silver, though. This led to an unreasonable situation as Britain and the rest of Europe could not give up tea, which flavored the water that had to be boiled before drinking, but they were losing all their silver. They offered the Chinese lots of different goods but the eunuchs kept refusing on behalf of the whole country.

            Until a ship went into a Chinese port with opium, and was able to sell it. The Chinese wanted this, especially since the workers were worked like slaves and needed relief. The Chinese moguls grew immensely rich from directing the trade. Britain was forced to agree to the opium trade as there was no other way to recuperate the silver, but there was always strong resistance in parliament, where many wanted to ban the trade despite the consequences. The solution was to smuggle out tea leaves from China and plant them in India, which had abundant soil for tea. That is why there is now a long Indian tea tradition.

          • Yes the purpose of getting China hooked on opium was to stop Rothschild’s Bank of England from hemorrhaging silver, as someone else mentioned last week.

            “And of course trade would have benefited China.” Would it? Trade is not necessarily good. Only for the middleman, only for the merchant, is trade nearly always a good thing.

            Oh and, “The British Opium Wars” were a real thing.

      • Hold on there, cowboy! She’s Iranian (Persian) and Spencer himself said that Persians are huwhite!

        • Maybe five thousand years ago Persians were White. Now they’re sand monkeys in suits mostly.

          See for example:

          Now, I’m not saying Ahmedinijad and I couldn’t sit down over a nice cup of tea and share a laugh over some Jew jokes but that man is not White. Their Supreme Leader looks less Arabic or Mongol than Ahmedinijad but still not actually White. Whites are not some sort of color description you get when brown people have become a certain faint shade of brown; we are a race. And you can’t join the race of White people by just holding a paint color sample card up to your face and seeing what shade you are.

          She’s no Persian. She’s a dothead or a Paki or something like that. She’s part Dravidian.

          And if Cernovich wanted to not be a race mixer he wouldn’t have to marry White; he’d have to marry some other cryptoJew.

          You’re seriously pushing the b.s argument that THAT is a White woman.
          F^ck you, Jew, and the horse you rode in on. I mean that in the best possible way.

          Have a nice day.

          • His family is Jewish converts, he changed his name to a muslim one. US is an empire too and we have plenty of people who look worse. That is the problem with empires btw.

          • You are seriously retarded and mentally ill. You’re a subhuman Jew-Negro mongrel with syphilis and a low IQ.

        • “and Spencer himself said that Persians are huwhite!”

          I can’t tell if you’re invoking that to use him as an alleged authority or to attack his credibility.

          Either way, you are a Jew. Have fun calling Punjabi females White women.

          • They are white enough. And the only non Europeans (non Chinese who are of course also very smart) whose kids can beat Europeans and Americans in math and science Olympiads, no one else can, no muslim no non-white people can. They are the only ones who can produce a woman who can win the math “Nobel” prize. This is why the Jews is afraid of them and Reich made an exception, the only exception, allowed to marry Germans. I think you are applying the one drop rule in our own South but these are nigs. It does not apply to them. These are still a great Aryan nation.

          • No, they’re not white, and you’re another moron. We know full well from population genetics that both Iranians and Indians are non-white even though their population may contain white elements. They are thoroughly mixed and non-white.

            “Indo-European” is of linguistic value. To use it racially in modern times is erroneous. There has been too much conquest and mixing.

            You see, here’s how Spencer’s racial politics work: if you get on his good side and you ally with him then he panders to your demographic. That is corruption.

            It’s one thing for us to perhaps give a pass to Jorjani, but to somehow extrapolate from his friendship with half-Persian Jorjani that all Persians are white is pure nonsense.

          • “and you’re another moron” Way to fly off the handle, there.

            Let’s settle this:

            1. Iranians are of course Whites mixed with non-Whites, that’s a given. As far as non-Whites go though, they are among the best.

            2. We don’t want any mixing of Whites with non-Whites, but the alt-Right must have a big-tent philosophy. We have tried small-tent before and it didn’t work. We are not the WN movement. We need to have a less rigid doctrine in order to make newcomers interested in our core message of anti-immigration and Jew-awareness. We need to cooperate with people who do things we wouldn’t like, because they can serve as a gate to audiences we otherwise wouldn’t reach. This fluid nature served us well in 2015 and 2016, and we could never have grown bigger without it. This was very clear on Twitter. We benefited from having Cernovich retweet Ricky Vaughn, for example, leading traffic to Ricky.

            3. Cernovich nowadays has gone too far in the wrong direction, denouncing the alt-Right, so now we can’t work with him. This was because of the opportunism of Cerno and people like him, jumping ship when the media hammered the alt-Right, but it was also because of people like you, playing the holier-than-thou game and attacking people online in order to have something to beat your chest over. Ironically, as much as I despise Cernovich now, he has done more for the alt-Right than a hundred people like you.

          • Good points. But, I am afraid this redneck “one drop” rule which even you seem to allude to is going to ruin everything. Not even much more radical Reich had it. It is born of the struggle against mixing with Africans which is understandble but must not movement generlize. No force in history has stopped people marrying other people, we can only guide and direct it in postive direction with a foundation that is more than white non white. It should be based general principles of prerving ethnic composition of nations and polcies that encourage generation of more fit and smar individuals. In the end, the purpose is homogalatica not putting some infrior dumb redneck over a smart fit hybrid Aryan-Elamite which is what they mostly are, Elamites and other native populations were also high caliber. Your overall points I agree with otherwise.

          • You are one of the most illogical morons I’ve ever met. You’re actually dumber than a subhuman Negro. Some people say Cernovich is a race-mixer with a nonwhite wife. I show you a video where Spencer says Persians (Cernovich’s wife is Persian) are white, and that somehow makes me a Jew?

            The best thing your dumbass can do is never post another comment again and get sterilized immediately for the betterment of mankind.

          • Cernovich is a Jew and you sound like one too. How many socks you got? You’re on an alt now. Anyway all you got is rude histrionics, Jew-style. That woman isn’t Persian. Even if she was, Persians are not White. You can split hairs about accepted definitions of the word Aryan all you want but Persians aren’t White. And neither is Jew Cernovich.

          • But one of your Masters here is a Persian Kitty. Bad luck supporting a Pro-White site run by Non-White Uber Persians isn’t it?

          • “But one of your Masters here is a Persian Kitty. Bad luck supporting a Pro-White site run by Non-White Uber Persians isn’t it?”

            I don’t understand the meaning of your post. Who are my masters? Which bitch here is a Persian and siterunner, and if so why is a non-White a siterunner? Supporting? I’m commenting here. As people praise Jews I chime in with proofs and say, “So-and-so’s a Jew.” It’s fairly easy. Pretty much they’re all Jews as you can see from my post. Uber Persians? WTF are those? Zorastrians?

            You Jews spit poison out of your mouths when you speak. Most of you can’t help it, may not even be aware of it, but when people crawl out of the woodwork to attack me personally for calling out a Jew, that’s just proof to the observer that I was probably right.

            After Cernovich’s tweet telling someone to shelve the Jewish Question or not bother coming, only Jews or their lackeys would still be Cernovich-apologists.

          • You’re the one engaging in histrionics and constantly lying. That’s very Jewish behavior. So you’re the Jew.

            Furthermore, you’re also really stupid and don’t understand context nor logic. You’re extremely irrational and retarded. So you’re also a subhuman Negro.

            You initiated the disrespect by attacking me and going on a nonsensical rant.

            All of this could have been avoided if you weren’t so hostile and irrational.

            No, it’s not IF she is, she is Persian, moron. She is from Iran. You’re not only stupid but also willfully stupid. You need immediate therapy and the highest dosage of anti-psychotic medication the law allows.

            Let me tell you something, for your own good, so you don’t end up in the ER IRL. If you said that stupid shit to me in person, I would knock your teeth out and beat you to within an inch of your life. I hope you have good health and dental insurance.

            I never said Persians are white, imbecile. I SAID THE OPPOSITE. I said they aren’t white. The whole point of the video I uploaded, and the description and comments I wrote under it, is that they are not white and Richard Spencer is WRONG.

          • “If you said that stupid shit to me in person, I would knock your teeth out and beat you to within an inch of your life. ”

            You are a worthless punk bitch with a big mouth and tiny brains. Even for a Jew, you’re an arrogant S.O.B.

          • No, Cerno isn’t a Jew. He comes from a Christian family. In no interview does he say he is a Jew, and no interviewer or other writer says he is a Jew. It is not in his biography on Wikipedia or anywhere else. The only reason you say he is a Jew is because he trolls people like you by saying “I’m a jew.” on Twitter every time you press him on the Jewish Question. Which was a main reason there was this split between alt-Right and alt-Lite, because you kiddies just had to try make a name for yourselves, by constantly attacking those who were public and worked hard against immigration, but couldn’t talk about Jews and race precisely because they were public. You were anonymous – let’s see you go public with your name and then denounce Jews.

          • Cernovich is a Jew, an admitted Jew. He shelters Jews. He has a dothead for a wife. Yet he’s thrust upon Whites as some sort of pro-White pundit by a network of controlled opposition people in the so-called Alt-Right, and by Jews.

    • Jones is always going on about how he’s Amerindian. Both his mother and father are blond whites. If he has Amerindian it’s so minor to be irrelevant.

      It’s a different matter with McInnes’ wife for example as she is actually a tribal member and his children still look mixed being about 1/8th Amerindian. Traditionally America had a 1/16th or less standard.

  • Cernovich is married to a an Iranian woman. And the truth is that most of these White Male x Exotic Female couples are the result of White men (who can’t compete well enough on the dating market to score a White woman) settling for an Oriental or South Asian woman. These men are normally effeminate, unhinged, unprincipled, and very ‘Aspergery.’

    They are a toxic asset and one that drives normal people away from us. In real life, no one wants to spend time around such couples.

    If the pro-White movement wants to bring in high quality people and actually start winning, then we’re going to need to cast aside the weeaboo losers and openly discuss what is going on in these relationships.

    • Andrew Anglin says that all white women are whores and traitors, as does that maniac Chris Cantwell, and that white men who race mix are not to be held accountable. There’s a lot of this nonsense going around. If you point it out they’ll erroneously say you’re white-knighting and insult you. They act just like Jews and SJWs who don’t care about logic and facts.

      • Those guys sound butthurt. Either they value white women (and will do everything they can to red pill them), or they don’t value white women and they’ll continue to just bitch and date Asians. White women of childbaring age have been heavily indoctrinated with all kinds of cancer all their lives. If a white man really cares about his race he will never cease trying to educate the women on what has happened to us as a race and what we need to do to survive and thrive.

        • They don’t value white women and they don’t value race. Andrew Anglin used to date Asian women and said a bunch of crazy shit about how Asian women are going to save the white race. He also admits he’s very depressed and addicted to interracial cuck porn. He’s one sick puppy.

          There are a lot of toxic elements in the Alt Right now more than ever that mainly come from pol and 4chan environments where antisocial behavior is encouraged.

      • That is a lie that goes beyond mischaracterization. Learn to satire. Anglin criticizes white women who ARE whores and traitors. Quite a bit different than saying they ALL are, you special Chosen Person.

    • I prefer we concentrate on winning the hearts and minds of our people rather than having an open discussion about the relationship of Cernovich and his wife. I fail to understand why you would have such an interest in that over saving our peoples future.

  • That piece was clearly tongue in cheek. I don’t know about this tranny business but he is a provocateur

    • Yeah, you can’t go back years and also misuse satire against someone. The whole tranny thing is weird and not relevant. What is relevant is that Cernovich continues to lie about and attack the Alt Right purely out of spite.

  • yes cernovich is a weirdo but can we please stop picking fights with the alt-light? it really doesn’t do a god damn thing for us and we should focus our energy on attacking the left. Mike was clearly joking about being a male to male tranny

      • We keep finding a uniquely stupid way to sabotage ourselves, who does that? Surely you must know picking fights with people who are with us most of the time is dumb right? The AL will punch right occasionally and when they do we should either ignore it or punch left. no need to declare war

        • You’re nuts if you think the likes of Cernobitch are valuable allies. Good grief the clown denigrates the AltRight every chance he gets.

          • Hey ding dong part of being an ally is they aren’t us. You forget that they’re more based than most of the mainstream right. We should use them to push the Overton Window until civic nationalism is the norm. Alot of “right wing” normies still want to argue that Islam and Christianity are just as violent, which is the easiest red pill to swallow

    • No one is picking a fight with him: Cerno can’t seem to resist counter-signaling the Alt-Right, thinks it makes him seem edgy or something (ahem).
      But yeah, I do agree: if Cerno acts up, just give him a perfunctory BTFO & then ignore him: he’s an idiot who wastes time. He craves the attention. He is particularly preoccupied with Spencer because he regards Spencer as being “the leader of the Alt-Right.” He regards himself as being the “leader” or dominant voice of the civic nationalist “alt-lite” crowd; thus he sees Spencer as his direct corollary & rival. He is jealous & is nagged by an ongoing sense of inferiority because he ultimately knows the “alt-lite” isn’t as edgy as he likes to pretend.

  • He only goes after darker skinned women too (first wife was Puerto Rican). Was bullied as a kid. Grew up in rural butt-fuck Illinois. They get obsessed with what they think they despise. They think they’re doing a favor for an inferior group. And they call out others for acting their own dirty proclivities. He loves calling people out for pedophilia, screwing ladyboys (Charlie Sheen), DL brothers. 100% Homophobe = 100% Homo.

    • I heard him say that he likes dark-skinned women and if you don’t like dark women then you’re a this or that, whatever nonsensical insult. You can have’em all, bro! Fuck that noise.

  • Eh, civic nationalism is just the gateway to us. I’d rather restrict to pointing out why he’s wrong than dropping to his level and insulting him personally. You get more of his followers that way, I’d imagine. Look at the Greg Johnson issue that’s currently roiling. Most followers of both sides are completely unimpressed with the infighting, only the devout followers of either seriously care who’s right or wrong, most just want it to stop. Infighting is damaging to a movement.

    Of /course/ civic nationalism is still full of degenerates. Remember that they’re the “BUT ITS CULTURE” crowd who haven’t accepted final redpill on race and freedom in general. They still think anyone can accept liberalism despite all evidence to the contrary. Some of them even like the moral hedonism and freedom that comes with ‘western society’ but don’t understand that it’s only possible because of the whites who built it in the first place.

    Like libertarians, the first step is realizing that their ideology is actually self-destructive. The same way open borders lets in people who want more government control is that you can’t have your hedonistic self-destructive freedoms without people who are actually willing to fight for them.

    The best race argument against ‘muh constitution’ types is pointing out that their pet non-whites don’t give a flying rats ass about that document. Just cite any survey about hate speech to show what they think of “free speech.”

    The most damning thing about cernovich’s rant is that he seems to think disdaining the other is a bad thing, rather the only thing that would keep the hedonism he parrots around in the first place.

    Tell me again, how are gays treated in the middle east and africa?

  • I know the site needs to pump out material, but really, this personality drama is … gay.

  • My understanding is that piece by Cerno that Hunter covered was pure satire. Sort of like “White Shariah.” Internet is not good for conveying satire.

    That said, Cerno has lied so many times that no one should take him seriously. For example, he said Hillary gave no speeches to Goldman Sachs during the election. Then the transcripts dropped.

      • Spencer deleted that tweet he made about homosexuality being an “implicit last stand of whiteness” because people were misunderstanding him. I think the same is at work with Cerno. No one likes their words being parsed and taken out of context. I’m not going to accuse him of fiddling trannis without incontrovertible proof, I don’t like stooping to his level.

          • The dude is cringeworthy when he talks. Like I said, there’s enough to hammer him aside from that Tranny article that proves he actually lies and is a false rumor monger. Just like Posobiec, who it turned out plagiarized someone. That’s probably why Rebel dumped Posobiec.

          • I think the point of Richard reposting this was to illustrate that there is more evidence that Cernovich has participated in “gay orgies.” But yeah, there is a lot there to work with. I tend to ignore him these days.

          • Hey Brad, I don’t want this to sound like an attempt to start an Alt Right Gay Orgy, but I miss your writing on this site.

          • I listened to his original Periscope twice and never heard what the hell he was referring to regarding Alt Right gay orgies. Who is shaving their bodies? He says there are no women in the Alt Right? Actually we have more women now than ever before.

            All of that nonsense coming from somehow who supports pederast Milo is quite strange.

            As I’ve said before, only sociopaths lie with abandon like that and enjoy it. People with a conscience are not comfortable just telling absurd lies all the time like he does.

          • Really?


            I don’t see FreeUlsterman’s comment you were replying to. I see you addressing the comment to him and someone else. You say “Also” as if you’re introducing a new concept to the discussion.

            Why don’t you put it in context for us now because it sounds like you’re saying homosexuality is intrinsically White or otherwise announcing you’re okay with gays being involved in White Nationalism, a stance that seems borne out by you letting Jack Donovan attend a conference you disallowed Matt Heimbach from attending.

          • Spencer has said some nutty stuff. The fag stuff is disgusting and degenerate, but IMO pales in comparison to his idea of absorbing millions of mulattoes into the white ethnostate as being “no big deal.” I’ve never heard such nonsense.

            I am not anti-Spencer, on the contrary he and do good work, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to blindly march in lockstep when someone says something crazy and contrary to my beliefs.

          • Don’t know if you’re the real Richard or not, but I’m guessing he does browse this site. Just wanted to say that a lot of folks who support traditional values wouldn’t mind if someone like Donavon respectfully attended a conference – but him speaking at one and NPI’s perceived effort to court the LGBT community upset many young men.

            Obviously it is your organization and you can do with it what you wish. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

            (If this is the real Richard, also want to say congrats on going public with your views – I may not agree with you on everything but you’re clearly a very brave man).

          • Good god you are a sicko freak to allow a degenerate like Donavon to be associated with you.

          • Richard, you’re a fag, you know it, we know it, everybody knows it.

            What few know is that the day a fag gets to suck on a nice juicy cock like a candybar guilt-free is gonna be the happiest day of his life.

            And the only person stopping a fag from reaching that day is the fag himself.

            All those repressed cases should take note.

    • Yeah this is basically my take as well.. i personally don’t care that he has an Iranian wife (who are arguably caucasian anyways), because he can still advocate against white-genocide, but I just don’t really trust the guy.

  • Eh, Cernovich is a mixed bag. He does some good investigative work, but he’s not a conservative. He definitely leans Left on a lot of issues, and he’s a narcissist.

    • Alt Light shysters like Cernovich and McInnes don’t bother me as long as they punch left. My default stance is to not attack the Alt Light unless in self-defense.

  • Kooky & Gay but all that matters is where someone stands on the issues.
    The Globalists are winning.

  • From what I’ve seen, alt-right figures tend to let the alt-lite do their thing without criticism, until such time as they try too hard to virtue-signal against the alt-right and get dirty in the process. Both Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich can be accused of that. Then it’s fine to expose them for what they really are and not pull any punches — the off-shoot of it being that their followers might see the same and come towards the more truthful alt-right. Both Cernovich and Watson boast about their “platforms” and their “impressions” and how they don’t need the mainstream media – they’ll knock an alt-righter for getting some mainstream exposure. But the taboo that these brave anti-establishmentarians WILL NOT breach and will adhere to most religiously is the one the establishment insists upon most: anti-racism. Cernovich is good for anti-war and Watson for anti-Islam but on the taboo the (((establishment))) most insists upon, they are two trained puppies.

    • I’ve noticed that, like they have to deny constantly that they’re racist for pointing out trends when that’s still bowing to the left.

      • It is damn obvious to me which well known Alt lites are actually ethno nationalists. I wont hold it against them for doing what they do and reaching millions of our people who then set a course to be red pilled. They will all eventually reach to the conclusion that race matters. Alt Right should be setting the course and the alt light will pick it up. But some in the Alt Right seem to want to give us a potentially impossible road forward by not choosing to be friendly with teh Alt Lite. This constant Spencer/Cernovich thing is not helping. We don’t have the time to fuck around like this (again).

        • I know, but I see Richard’s point too in that the light right is constantly disavowing them. Everybody needs to put aside their differences and unite against the common communist/islamic enemy.

          • He could just ignore the alt right. I keep checking his Twitter and Youtube channel for good inspiring stuff and I see nothing. he just constantly attacks the alt right. I fail to see who he is red pilling.

        • Yes, it is clear that Cernovich is actually “ethnonationalist” (in other words a nationalist; only those who care for their people are actual nationalists). But he has started attacking others, and even lying about them. His main goal is to get followers and hopefully convert this to a job in the Trump sphere. People forget that he was doxxed some years back, and after that he can’t work with law in Los Angeles anymore, not with a website geared toward men.

      • That’s nonsense. I hear the alt lite constantly talking about why mass immigration is the cause of all problems. I sometimes wonder if the alt right understands how far the Alt Lite have moved right during the past two years. Its been a massive shift in our direction. Give these people a chance to come around. They are mostly doing good work shifting normies perspective. Alt Right intellectuals can’t do this because they wont speak language the working classes understand. And btw the working classes are perfectly capable of reading between the lines.

        • No it’s not “nonsense”. Mass immigration is not a “problem” in Brazil, Mexico, Rhodesia, and South Africa. The problem is they’re not White countries like Poland. The problem is they were White ruled and then the autism civic nationalism gave non-Whites social, political, and economic power. Not to mention, miscegenation destroyed White society forever.

          “And btw the working classes are perfectly capable of reading between the lines.”

          I’d believe you if it were true.

        • What do you think the alt-Lite is, musosnoop? Moved right in the past two years? There WAS no alt-Lite until around November 2017, when they split with the alt-Right and started calling themselves “New Right”.

          You mean the individuals who are now in this “New Right”. Yes, they kept silent about mass immigration in the past, in order to make money. PJ Watson lying about the government’s aims for the country. Then they dared criticize immigration during Trump’s campaign, which was good. They started calling themselves alt-Right because that’s where the audience was, an audience created by 4chan and others.

          And this was good. We needed the one-foot-in types, as they brought in more people we otherwise wouldn’t have reached.

          Then they decided to attack the alt-Right because the media targeted the AR name more than anything, and once again they were opportunists. By this time they had grown their audiences and figured they could take enough followers, with the media’s help. Twitter helped them by banning alt-Right leaders but keeping the alt-Liters, even though they too criticize immigration – now that it’s cool. Controlled opposition.

    • Watson and Cernovich are filthy homosexuals who should be in mental facilities not running lose on the street.

    • People need to know to these are freaks so that they do not confuse the Alt Right with them. I wish someone would ruin that Shekel counting monkey’s career.

      • He’s not taken seriously. He’s just entertainment like Alex Jones, but most people are not rational beings. You can see that with a lot of posters here. That worthless moron Augur above completely misunderstood the context of my post, attacks me, calls me a Jew and then agrees with me. There are a lot of imbeciles on both sides.

      • Yes Ive been hearing this for sometime now and there is nothing wrong with mocking but that focus should be on our enemies. If you start seeing people like Cernovich and Watson as our enemy then you have gone down a pretty big rabbit hole.
        I often ask my self if some in the alt right have any comprehension of the deep shit we are in and the little time we have left to awaken millions more of our people.

    • Bullyciding normies and Alt Liters into understanding the importance of the 14 words has been a long standing tradition of /pol/ and the Alt Right. We are right, we are here because we put absolute truth above all else, these people will not be Red Pilled without us taking action, our people are being lead astray by liars, con men, and Zionists and we cannot afford the extra time it will take to win them back.

    • Posobiac screeching about leftist Nazis and “you’re all Goebbels” was some seriously retarded autism.

  • I first came across Cernovich on butt buddy Molyneux’s YouTube show. I could NEVER stand this guy. I am very good at reading people and this man is ALL ABOUT THE SHEKELS. I ALWAYS THOUGHT SOMETHING WAS WRONG WITH HIM. But it is okay Molyneux has a “monopoly on morality and philosophy.” Despite that he (Moly) GETS VERY UPSET IF YOU ASK FOR HIM TO INTERVIEW SPENCER. After I asked and got into debate with him he deleted my comments and made a “White Supremacy” video. It is revolting. He gets angry about that because Spencer would not fall for the NLP he uses to push Christian fundamentalism. Cernovich calls himself Alt-Right but HAS NO CONVICTIONS WHATSOEVER… This is the video made after our debate that he erased.

    • No one goes straight from public-school brainwashing to race realism and understanding the JQ. Molyneux has done great work slowly moving his fanbase towards WN. Check out the comments on his YouTube channel nowadays, most of them are quite red pilled.

      • Molyneux is not a charlatan like Cerno. Moly has an MA in History from University of Toronto, he’s an intellectual capable of holding his own in a discussion.

        • Yeah, the naming convention that lumps him in with the “Alt-Light” fake news mongers is kind of unfortunate.

          Some intellectuals or thinkers who don’t go full WN can still be useful if they deal in taboo / ugly / necessary truths. I don’t watch, but he helped my dad absorb race and IQ.

          But classical liberals who write fake news stories and oppose SJWs in order to make money are of pretty limited value outside of an election, and probably don’t serve as a gateway to anything, but keep people comfortably mired in the cringey kind of Trump stuff.

          • Hahaha, I was just thinking of Moly as a “dad type” and then you said your dad liked him.

          • Molyneux and Vox Day are probably both legitimately independent. Molyneux coming from an Anarchist background is comfortable with pushing a radical message even if it isn’t completely simpatico with our own. He’s still pulling in the same general direction and agitating for radical change.

            The Rebel Media is propped up with (((Venture Capital))) and Cernovich probably is too. These people are just trying to expiate radical energies to run out the clock.

      • Deep Respect for Molyneux. I am one of those whom he has challenged my views and caused me to grow. The comment removed was not professional. Apologies. As much as I do enjoy Molyneux from time to time, I simply cannot watch Cernovich. There is a repulsion that I cannot explain easily. I have forced myself to give him fair hearing and all I see is a man trying to become more rich and wealthy. I made this comment from Disqus because of “Sitelock.”

  • The only time I ever come across homosexual porn is on “right wing WN” sites, that post it because they want to “remind us what sodomites really do.” The only time I have ever read tranny lit porn is on Congrats.

    What’s actually damaging info about Mike Cernovich is his collaboration with Alan Dershowitz to assist the child sex trafficking ring run by Jeffrey Epstein:

    In the buildup to the defamation lawsuit of Virginia Giuffre (née
    Roberts) against the daughter of a former Mossad asset, Ghislaine
    Maxwell, who she claims was recruiting child prostitutes for convicted
    pimp Jeffrey Epstein, alt right personality Mike Cernovich has attempted
    to intervene in the case on behalf of prominent Zionist lawyer Alan

    In opposition to Cernovich’s motion to intervene, Giuffre’s lawyers
    argue that Cernovich’s motive for intervening in the case is not in the
    interest of public good or his alleged opposition to paedophilia as he
    had claimed but is instead aimed at undermining claimant Giuffre, other child
    victims of Epstein, and for saving face of Epstein and Dershowitz.

    Clinton and Trump pal Jeffrey Epstein ran a child prostitution ring, pimping out White girls to wealthy and powerful Jews and philo-semite Whites. It’s almost certainly also a black mail ring aimed at high level politicians, and it’s obvious which “Deep State” runs it (hint: not the US Deep State.)

    Here’s some random internet hustler who writes silly crap like “Gorilla Mindset” who all of a sudden is filing legal briefs on behalf of Alan Dershowitz and being given press credentials at the White House.

    He is also the one that apparently knew all sorts of “secret” information about various Alt Right celebrities before they were “doxed” by Antifa. Nothing suspicious about all that …

    • Dershowitz, who negotiated what had to be the sweetest deal with a prosecutor in history (they agreed not to prosecute people who might subsequently be implicated in Epstein’s crimes) is now defending Trump on talk-shows. Principled? Sure, maybe. Or maybe he just wants to stay on the good side of the DoJ.

    • aimed at undermining claimant Giuffre, other child victims of Epstein, and for saving face of Epstein and Dershowitz

      what a bull…
      without even looking into it, I say that.

      With this WN performance, I increasingly lose hope that Whites have it to save themselves. I never thought that possible but White sites suggest that Whites are too stupid to survive. Sad.

    • LOL, what WN sites are you visiting that deal in homo porn?? I’ve never seen it and don’t want to. Some retards will post interracial porn like Andrew Anglin and the now defunct and irrelevant VNN. Those who do so are just showing how deranged and autistic they are.

      • Some woman who posted on my blog seemed reasonable. I went to her blog – hard core male homosexual porn she said she posted “to show us how gross it really is.” I know of at least two other blogs that do the same think.

        Your point about Anglin is right too – who wants to see that stuff?

        • So how does some weird woman’s website constitute the Alt Right?

          That’s not to say that homosexuality is unknown to the Alt Right as Spencer’s former BFF Donovan is a flaming queer who posted a bunch of nonsense on his website. Then you have Greg Johnson who rewrites history to be fag friendly, falsely claiming that faggotry was normal in ancient Europe, and German warriors were a bunch of circle-jerking fags until Christianity showed up.

          People who wallow in degeneracy that they claim to hate and repost it for others to see are either lying to themselves and secretly enjoy it, like Anglin who admits he’s addicting to internet porn (and we know what that includes) or they’re too stupid and autistic to know how to act.

          • And Greg Johnson at Counter-Current is homosexual himself. (You probably know that, but I’m adding it for others.) I have no patience for those who peddle homosexuality. And his lies about Pagan Europe were unforgivable. For an actual account, read Roman historian Tacitus, who actually visited Celts and Germanics. He wrote that it was remarkable how chaste Germanic women were, compared to some of what he saw in Rome. Chastity and a virtuous manner was the main priority for women, and strangers were never allowed to be alone with them. And he wrote nothing about homosexuality.

            Of course, homosexuality has never been rampant in any society, any more than cutting off your fingers would be rampant, as it would hurt the chances of survival. We hear of ancient Greece, but it seems more likely that the favoring of homosexuality among some, such as Socrates, was more the domain of a degenerate upper class, not the peasants and other ordinary people, who didn’t get to write the history books.

      • Eh? VNN has never posted interracial porn, stop lying. Alex Linder posted ONE such picture, not video, because he wanted to show just what is happening, and some people saw an opportunity to clutch the pearls and show how shocked, SHOCKED, and morally better they were. Then that morphs into the lie you post here? Nice.

    • I thought it was a cringeworthy attempt at being satirical but after reading it I’m not so sure.

    • Some men want to take testosterone supplements to become more manly, as a result they become: more aggressive and grow muscles easier BUT their testicles become smaller and their sperm count plumets as a result. Here though (Greece) we call them pumpers, you would call them body-builders and there is a derogatroy term that is pretty common (although to us it is meant primarily for bodyguards): gorilla.

      I don’t think he is clickbaiting and being nearly compeletely sure of the fact that Mikey is a Skype it would not come as a surprise to me… they tend to be a little low on their T and quite how on their V. V stands for vice.

      Anyway as you said: Gorilla mindset indeed!

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