Alt-Right Politics – June 19, 2017 – The Russia Question

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  • I do think that Trump is in danger of impeachment–and that will work in the favor of the dissident right. Many on the right are fixated on radicalizing normies, and if anything can do that–it is a Trump impeachment. Normals don’t all listen to Altright podcast, but they do have a heavy emotional investment in Trump. These people will demand answers. This is Evolian.

  • What is glossed over (it was touched on a little bit) is how authentic the preference for American symbols is. It is not cucking; quite the opposite – it is reclaiming what is ours.

    Many of us feel authentically American (and are quite certain of our identity). I am a snobby urbanite, but I can go Colonial Williamsburg, and view the Georgian architecture, and notice the names of my relatives on these old British buildings.

    Indeed Spencer is right; we are homogenous (English and Scottish), we are many, and we can lay claim to the greatness of British Imperialism – in addition to our own expansion on this North American continent.

    That is my idea of American identitarianism. I am not interested in being a magapede or appealing to Joe the Plumber–or to Catholic cheesheads in Wisconsin. But I don’t want to signal against them.

    I do notice that a lot of Catholics too feel a genuine connection to this idea–even if they aren’t strictly WASP. It is surprising but so be it. We can count them as allies even if they don’t listen to this podcast.

    As mentioned, the gold fasces/US flag combo is a good compromise – and indeed it is gaining traction on twitter. There is a real reservoir of passion here that can be tapped in to. The gold fasces is definitely off putting to would-be (((subversives))) and as mentioned, it has European connotations. But we need to make it clear that WE are the only authentic Americans.

    In terms of “tricking” someone. I will say that the US flag makes it much easier to insert counter-Semitic thought into the dialogue without being immediately dismissed as a nazi.

  • Remember to add the alt-reich cover art for the RSS-feed over at Libsyn. Right now it’s just the Libsyn default image.

  • Always been fascinated by Russia. Would have been a great show regardless. Nice to hear something different, and I agree with the conclusions.

  • Excellent discussion. The social perspective of the Russian “liberals”
    and the strangely relaxed attitude to immigration helped to explain the
    peculiar attitudes displayed by Russia Today. RT is distinctly
    pro-immigrant and often agitated about global “inequality”. I think I
    can see why now. Their media is infested with their own version of SJWs.
    They’re everywhere dammit!

  • The initial discussion is pretty stupid. Russia has really bad property rights protection and is hostile to smaller entrepreneurs. Hence not particularly capitalist. The Yeltsin years wasn’t close to a free market either, it was coopted near immediately by laws written by jewish oligarchs…

    I’m not libertarian anymore but that doesn’t mean anything anti-capitalist goes. You have to put some effort into your arguments.

  • There can be no nationalist international. All nationalism that is successful eventually transforms into imperialism and spreads and spreads cucking their neighbors cucking other nationalism’s eventually cucking the entire world. This was true from Rome to the British Empire to Napoleonic France. There can actually be no alliance or mutual understanding with America and Russia. One will have to destroy the other.

    American nationalism is Imperialism expressed as globalism. Expressed as American economic power through American corporations whose presence is far more noticeable than any military base across the planet. Expressed as the pozz which is the enlightenment ideology America was founded and built on the ideology of individualism of (((free speech))) and the culture it creates destroying every culture and every other society. An American government that cares about it’s own survival and the well being of their people will never turn against American power and against globalism.

    Trump is in the Middle East to maintain American supremacy against the encroachment of Iran and Russia. If the balance of power tips then the petro dollar regime will crumble, the fiat system built by Bretton Woods will crack and the flow of printing press shekel will be disrupted creating instability and chaos in America itself leading to a reduction in living standards and second world status and cosmic humiliation.

    Why would an American nationalist who cares about American interests and the American people ever abandon the American empire? For some higher ideal? Ask a lot of Russian nationalists how they feel about the collapse of the USSR in hindsight ; the humiliation, the crime, the collapse of society that followed. This is why Trump became a globalist nationalist after he became president. The people can never know why the US does what it does under a democratic liberal system.

    The people must never know that America supports radical Islamist’s to destroy Secular Arab states aligned with the wrong countries situated at strategic crossroads and choke points. This dishonesty creates an illusion of chaos and incompetence but if the government and the neo-cons were honest about their intentions the leftists, the liberals the BLM would be outraged, shocked, they would be rioting they would be on the side of Russia Syria and Iran, American vassals and client states would be shocked at being called by what they are: clients and vassal states and their people too would be rioting against an evil self interested amoral regime this dishonesty is a necessity in a liberal democratic system and it’s necessary to keep those same leftists and liberals safe and protected in their first world bubble oblivious to reality.

  • Excellent discussion, it’s Soros, trying to start another colour revolution like in Ukraine. Assembling different factions to suit the present day. Won’t work, Putin’s brilliant, one of the best czars. Saw the Stone interviews, man of iron

  • We’re dealing with a New World Order, not sovereign nations. The evidence for this is overwhelming and geopolitics needs to be seen through this lens.

    From this perspective Russia is seemingly anti-NWO, they certainly are in their actions. And that’s all I care about. Because of this I don’t give a damn if Trump is a “Russian stooge”.

    Steve Pieczenik isn’t the only insider that has been talking about an alliance within the military industrial complex. These rumours have been floating around for years. So reasonably, this alliance would be just as international as its enemy is.

    And let’s be clear here: “the deep state” is an euphemism for the NWO. Was it needed? Probably, but only because people are too easily influenced by irrelevant cosmetics. Speaking of a vague deep state is sort of a stepping stone as far as concepts go. Because unfortunately using the NWO term instantly puts oneself in the same ballpark as celebrity obsessed people harping on about which celebrities are in “the Illuminati”.

  • Regarding the Alt Right discussing on the Alt Right Radio if Italians and Irish are actually “white”.

    any person debating the “whiteness” of Italians & Irish should define what being “White” means to him or her.
    If Italians are not considered white by the Alt Right then please remove the following from your white heritage:
    Roman Empire. including the Byzantine Empire
    Vatican and the Catholic church
    Renaissance -which began in Florence with the construction of the Duomo and matured in Italy with notable Italian artists like Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo Da Vinci. A lot more can be crossed out if Italians are removed
    the only ones remaining are Viking throw backs in animal skins and a bone through that dirty blond hair.

    For me a white person has a long ancestral link to Europe
    PS: If Italians are crossed out then cross out the Greeks and the ancient Greek civilization. there goes Democracy, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and Euripides

    • WOW – Hitler allowed anyone welling to fight for the Reich – Italy was the model for Fascism and Irish were neutral, and invasion from America keep them from joining the fascist nations.

    • I didn’t listen to the podcast but aside from a small number of Nordic / Germanic supremacists, the vast majority of the movement places Romans (my term for European Mediterraneans) firmly within the white umbrella.

    • White nationalism: still debating “whether Italians and Irish are white” in 2017.

      Good job, sperglords.

  • Trump is not a Russian stooge. Trump is an Israeli stooge, a Likud stooge, Netanyahu’s sock puppet. In the last few years, Netanyahu has made some friendly gestures toward Putin because Israel wants to take down Assad in Syria, but Assad’s Syria is an important strategic ally of Russia and the home of Russia’s second most important naval base. Syria is also the western anchor of the Shia Crescent, which connets all of Russia’s strategic Shiite allies from Iran to the Mediterranean.

    Hence, the only actual “connection” between Trump and Putin runs directly through Tel Aviv and Jewish groups throughout Europe. Even the mainstream media has outed the fact that Trump’s son-in-law, the Mossad asset Jared Kushner, uses orthodox Jewish groups as a back-channel to Putin

    Unfortunately, as Gregory Hood pointed out, in the last eight years, many in the ostensibly pro-white movement have outsourced their masculinity to Putin, as he came across as a Macho White Man compared to Obama, an effete mulatto.

    It’s ridiculous, comical, and discrediting that the Alt Right has done little but carry water for Trump, even as Trump has completely stabbed America in the back when it comes to every important issue: immigration, the wall, etc. However, the Alt Right does finds its spine the very second that Trump deviates from Putin’s interests – hence, the Alt Right stages a rally against Trump when Trump bombs Syria, thus upsetting Putin. But we have yet to see the Alt Right rally to pressure Trump to actually build the wall, or start deporting the “Dreamer” immigrant invaders, etc.

    It would be nice to see AltRight,com, at least a half-American website, spend some time dealing with American issues like mestizo immigration.

    • Anyone who wants to see documentation of these claims can read the AryanSkynet archives, which has been covering all of this since the day that Trump announced:

      (Of course AryanSkynet was able to figure this stuff out early on due to our massive funding, Deep State connections, and our ability to, like, read the newspapers.)

    • Would a “White Supreemist” rally demanding that the wall be built make it easier or harder for the Wall to get built?

      • It depends on how it’s done and who is leading it.

        If it’s the “National Socialist Movement” dressed up in “Nazi” uniforms, waving swastika flags and chanting “Heil Heimbach” – no. It would be better to simply not have that rally at all.

        If it’s Richard Spencer leading a group waving American flags chanting “America First” and “Trump, Build That Wall” – that might work.

        I was initially hesitant about the pro-white movement getting on board the “Trump Train” – but I was wrong. It was a good tactic. It had little effect on who actually won the election, but it mainstreamed the pro-white movement. Instead of rallying behind the banner of some obscure European philosophy, or god forbid, something stupid like “fascism,” it was rallying behind a mainstream American politician.

        The clownery at Berkeley has worked because people could rally behind President Trump against the radical left-wing anti-American anarchist antifas.

        The actual physical wall is a red herring, the symbol of the wall is important. “We’re the Alt Right, we support President Trump and America – Build That Wall!” That’s good symbolism, that’s good marketing. That will get even more “normie” White Americans on our side.

    • You’re right, but don’t forget that often the largest impact of a presidential election isn’t the candidate that wins but rather the issues that define the election, which can frame the political narrative for decades.

      The Obama election resulted in 10 years of discussing socialism and welfare in the public sphere. Now that discussion is over, and demographics, immigration, and ‘diversity’ are at the fore. The 2016 election sent a strong message about what voters care about, and now all that needs to happen is for enterprising young Republicans to follow Steve King’s lead and take the party rightward. Alt-rightward, to be specific.

      • I agree and said in the other comment that jumping on the Trump train was a good strategy.

        But it seems that the Alt Right has completely dropped the immigration issue – the MAIN and most important issue – and now only discusses Trump to defend him from the “Russian connection” thing – that’s irrelevant partisan sniping.

        • Good point, I find VDARE’s coverage of immigration better than’s at this point. I wonder if Richard / Daniel could get a cross-posting agreement with their like like they have with Hunter at Occidental Dissent.

        • We all know about immigration, I’ve heard enough about it. A lot of the stuff here is more interesting and thought provoking.

      • The GOP is using nationalists now the same way they used evangelicucks in the 80’s and 90’s, it’s all a con

        • The GOPe didn’t want Trump though

          He represents a shift from a Paul Ryan direction to some other unknown direction, likely involving even more kissing the ass of Israel, but possibly also involving some level of immigration restriction… but not enough immigration restriction to save the country

          • True, but they realise it’s to their advantage now to play the nationalist card, the evangelicucks are dying off and people are on to the dems white genocide

  • It’s obvious to anyone that the US is run by the deepstate and that our representative democracy is a facade.

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