Alt-Right Netherlands Conference This October!

We got a letter asking us to spread the word about a Dutch Alt-Right event that we decided to share. This is exciting. Alt-Right meet-ups are popping up all over the White World!


Erkenbrand, the Dutch Alt-Right study group, is hosting its 2017 conference on Saturday 14 October. This is a high caliber event that you don’t want to miss, wherever in Europe you are.

Guest speakers include:

The venerable Jared Taylor from American Renaissance). The White advocate and polyglot philosopher of the Alt-Right will be presenting talking about the inconvenient truths surrounding race with his customary eloquence.

Sweden’s muscle-bound Marcus Follin (The Golden One on YouTube). The Alt-Right’s favourite anti-fapper will issue a call for men to be men, women to be women, and Europe to be glorious.

Home-grown activist Joost Niemöller (De Nieuwe Realist). The Dutch journalist who grew too honest to remain in mainstream news for long will be talking about what went wrong in the home country and will surely have a few choice stories about the press to share.

Voice of a generation Colin Robertson (Millennial Woes). Having survived art college in postmodern London and overcome his doxxing, character assassination and subsequent exile, the affable Woes will provide his usual penetrating analysis, even without the aid of cokes and smokes.

Besides these main draws, there will be plenty of other well-known alt-righters in attendance and a plethora of books that you can’t buy anywhere else and other publications on sale.

The conference will be held in the central Netherlands, very easy to reach by any mode of transport. Ticket-holders will be notified of the venue (an architectural gem) in due course.

Men worth the name and red-pilled ladies seeking a worthy mate, you know where to come. The best €27.50 (by PayPal) you’ll spend this year. €25 cash if you’re Dutch or your sob story convinces us you’re a deserving case.

Tickets at:

We hope to see you all there!

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  • When I first saw the title to this article I thought it read: Alt-Right Neanderthals Conference This October!

  • I LOVE WOES! It is very good to see that this event is promoted here, too. I was scared that this infighting will destroy all solidarity in the movement. Please goys put the problems aside.

  • Is Greg Johnson excluded from the event due to recent drama, or just not mentioned due to recent drama?

    • It’s more serious than drama, I think. I still don’t know the full details, but Woes seems to defend Greg Johnson. This will be interesting.

  • How does the group plan to avoid what happened in (I think) 2014 in Budapest? I can’t imagine the present Dutch government is thrilled to have an event like this.

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