The Latest London Terror Attack On Finsbury Park Mosque Is Just Part And Parcel Of Living In A Big City

There was another terror attack in London. But this time, the victims were Muslims at the notorious Finsbury Park mosque. This was the radical jihadi cleric, Abu Hamza’s old mosque.

The first immediate questions that springs to mind is quite obvious:

Is this the pushback that we’ve all been expecting?

Hard to say just yet…

This DailyMail headline is confusing. Is it a white van or a white man or a white man in a white van?

And the attacker may have been this guy.

Is that a Hitler mustache?

There’s more and more details coming out:

One caller told LBC said people from a local mosque had been drinking coffee at a cafe by the mosque. He said he had seen six people on the floor. Another caller said: “I saw police giving CPR, getting the heart going again and another guy on the floor.”

Muslims need to learn to take their medicine as they dish it out.

Some social media reports describe the attack as “Islamophobic”, and described the attack as a van “randomly swerving off the main road and running over several Muslim men.”

Curious. Are the Muslim attacks against the natives ever labeled “anti-White?”


Regardless of whether the attacker is White or not, this will have major reprecussions against any right wingers in Britain. This has happened in Canada in January with the mosque attack and we’ve already seen the fallout.

All right-wingers were blamed for this. Every news channel was pillorying everyone who has ever criticized Islam and claimed their rhetoric inspired terrorism.

New hate speech laws were passed.

It will probably be even worse in Britain because you have a larger Muslim population. Riots are possible, and these will be sympathetically portrayed as justified anger by the media. But how will the native population react?

Perhaps the Anglo-Saxon will learn to hate again.


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  • That’s the dream scenario of the left. It helps them to make Muslim terror forget and gives them the pretext to go after patriots. As long as our influence in mass media and government itself is as non-existent as it is, violent counter-measures by Whites are the most counterproductive thing imaginable. Truly autistic.

  • I thought this remark made by a minister was very odd, because it was clearly the unvarnished truth. Ben Wallace, Britain’s minister for security, told Sky News.“This man was not known to authorities in the space of extremism or far-right extremism.”

    This honest statement will be completely ignored by the entire UK mainstream media. They have to present this incident as having some kind of moral, spiritual, legal equivalence to the attacks on British people made by the jihadist fanatics. The incidents have to be “equal” and have to be carried out by crazy, fringe extremists. This is how the system maintains homeostasis. The 2 facts – that the muslim murderers are just doing what the Koran requires and that Darren Osborne was simply trying to defend his people – must be suppressed. No logic must be seen in either position, otherwise The Replacement will start to look unsustainable. His trial should be extraordinary, I imagine he’s going to be told what to say.

  • My respect towards the Fucking Freaking Brits got quadrupled!!!

    The first to leave the EU the First to start the fight I salute you white brethren from Greece…

    For the name calling I admit that I post drunk!

    To this and beyond ’till there is not shitskin and goathumper left!

    Luck, God and all else that are holy be with you!

  • I’m very curious about how the media will try to spin this. The most likely choose the “terrorism can be committed by anyone for no reason” route. Otherwise it could make the Muslims look bad.

  • Remember the real victims of this attack – white people – who will now face a backlash. We condemn all anti-white hatred that results from this attack.

  • The worse the better. Hate Speech laws will force Whites to either cuck or go 1488. Jews are crafting, pushing, and passing Hate Speech laws. Jews are outing themselves. It’s up to us to make sure all Whites are wise to the JQ. It’s also up to us to take care of these problems both inside and outside of the system.

  • What’s important to realize here is that the vulnerable nationalist and white communities need support. I trust the UK government will clamp down on anti-white speech online. Also, the best thing we can do is carry on exactly as before.

  • He was good boy, he dindu nuffin wrong, he was on his way to college when the racist muslims jumped in front of his van.

  • I must say it’s been rather enjoyable to turn leftist rhetoric against them on Twitter and other places. This article is a great example.

  • We will get the broad mass of Whites on board when guys like this are ten a penny. There is no substitute for humiliating your enemy.

  • Well, well, it is quite interesting to suddenly hear moslems whining about feeling unsafe in what they call “their own” country.

  • The driver was radicalized by the hateful, anti-White rhetoric of the media, academia, and leftist politicians. He was alienated by Affirmative Action, Diversity, Multiculturalism, and misandry. The driver is also a victim. We must end the cycle of hate and stop anti-Whiteness. We must stop anti-Whiteness in every school, synagogue, and mosque!

    • problem is that that same anti-whiteness is waking up our people. if we stop it; our people will simply roll over and go back to sleep and our enemies will slowly replace us at a rate we can’t feel enough to wake.

  • Many whites could careless that Muslims died. What does that say about the current political climate?

  • We have long gone past the point of no return. Those that will try argue that we should condemn this because they think they can still get the soccer moms and the cat ladies on their side should know that if by now they have not changed their minds then they never will.

  • #NotAllNativeEnglish

    Don’t forget who the REAL victims are here, the native englishmen who will probably be vilified as a result of such a “tragedy.”

    My prayers are not with the mudslime community at this terrible hour.

    • I´m not good at this but it´s of-course clear that we now need to reverse all their routine BS that they throw out after moh-terror and throw it right back at them. All hands on deck for the propaganda (meme) department ! And boy should there be masses of BS to reverse…!

  • Well done him, F them! And I reckon the towerblock was “ex-military” was goes around comes around wogs. Go back to your f’ing countries!

  • If it was the white guy and he did it for the right reasons, we shouldn’t counter-signal even a tiny bit.
    Celebrate him and double down.

  • Yes we hate them and that hate is morally justified. When the Saxon learns to hate, the earth will quake.

    • They are not a fiery, impulsive people as you are, for they live in colder climates. But when they begin to move in a given direction, they move with the steady momentum and perseverance of a mighty avalanche;

      That quote always makes me think of us Saxons. We’re a pathologically polite people who can suffer through an immense amount of abuse but we do have a breaking point. And unlike the races who get angry and chimpout, we’ll simply begin moving in a steady direction until the problem is resolved.

  • I hope its not a white person, it does no good to stoop to the Muslim’s low low lowwwwwww level. And the media will be over joyed if the perp is white to, this is red meat for the liberal media.

    • If whites don’t start swinging back eventually, they are done. Who cares what the (((media))) says about it. If the government had taken the safety of real Britons into account it would never have come to this.

      • White Brits fight back > Muslims escalate terror attacks > Brits escalate revenge attacks > Full blown civil unrest ensues.

        I’d prefer for things to end another way, but I’m genuinely starting to think that this is going to end in a full blown war happening inside Britain’s major cities. It might not happen this summer but unless things change it’s going to happen eventually.

        • Ideally our governments would see that Muslims are creating problems in our countries and react accordingly. They’ve chosen to do nothing, tell us we just have to get used to it and have made a peaceful solution impossible. Don’t get me wrong if I had known this gentleman or Alexandre Bissonnette from Quebec City before their attacks I would have told them not to do it, it’s not worth throwing your life away over and won’t accomplish much, but I certainly don’t sympathize with the victims in either case either. What goes around comes around.

      • i used to think that but after endless Muslim atrocity’s with no action by our governments i think its time to conclude taking the moral high ground isnt achieving anything. were losing badly so we need to change tak.

          • I am actually a deplorable to. But one who sees the value of propaganda and the media, this is my concern. Losing the media, which is already liberal (enemy) is a loss. We dont need more negative publicity, where white people emulate third world muslims. We are better than that are we not? But what is done is done, let the dominos fall where they fall..

            But yea sure, take my non violence as a “white flag”. The butthead irrational slamming of a van into a group of innocent muslims does less good than it does harm.

  • Full Brexit with subsequent immigration reform is the only answer. I feel fairly confident that’s the message being sent with this event. The timing is rather spot on, seeing as how Brexit negotiations begin tomorrow. I don’t understand what the negotiation really needs to be about – either you have a Brexit or you don’t. There is no such thing as “hard Brexit” or “soft Brexit.” Once the Brexit is done, the UK will need to separate the Pakistani Muslims from British culture. Before any globalists that may be visiting freak out, just ask yourself this, what’s better… the continued violence which appears to be worsening, or separation of these drastically different races of people in the UK? And please, spare me the, “love will defeat hate” rubbish, unless you really believe kisses and hugs are interchangeable for vehicular manslaughter and stabbing people on London Bridge.

    • >Full Brexit with subsequent immigration reform is the only answer.

      An Edict of Expulsion for Mooslems is the only answer, and we all know (((who))) would fight that tooth and nail.

    • At least 75% of the government, judges, lawyers, and NGOs need to be executed for orchestrating genocide against the English people.

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