Squatting Slav – The End of SJWs

Squatting Slav is a Serbian-Canadian YouTuber. His videos employ humor to expose the Left’s insanity, hypocrisy, and overall ridiculousness.

Squatting Slav joins us to discuss his videos, Serbian history, European politics, and much more. To begin, Squatting Slav tells us about what prompted him to start a YouTube channel. We then consider Serbia, and the strong connection Squatting Slav feels with his ancestral homeland. This leads to a discussion on Serbian history – in particular, how Serbia’s involvement in various wars in the 90s affects its outlook on contemporary politics. Switching gears, we talk about the migrant crisis, Islamic terrorism, and Eastern Europe’s refusal to accept mass immigration from the third world. The first hour concludes with a discussion on Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, and how his ideas have influenced Europe’s ruling elite.

In the members’ hour, we begin by considering China. Squatting Slav explains how immigrants who come to the West are oftentimes primarily concerned with their own ethnic interests. We then discuss the similarities between Canada and Sweden. Both, we agree, have kicked the progressive agenda into overdrive, and are thus more socialist than liberal. Later, we talk about the anti-SJW movement in Canada. Squatting Slav points out that there is now a massive anti-SJW movement, not only in Canada, but in the West overall. As such, the influence of SJWs appears to be waning. Our show covers much more, and concludes with a discussion on the future of Serbia.

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  • SJWs represent a sort of “peak anti-whiteness.” As soon as the “SJW” label was created, it engendered a backlash. SJWs tend to embarrass their fellow leftists and cause infighting among anti-whites almost by reflex.

    Which means of course we should encourage SJWs and their opponents because it keeps anti-whites fighting among themselves which means they don’t have the time to fight us. It works the same with Jews, which is why we should encourage the “leftist” Jews and the Zionists to fight each other over their own double-standards, etc.

    Incidentally the war against Serbia in the 1990s was one of my early “red pills” – even though I was just a teenager I remember the Clinton administration sending the Democrat’s own neo-cons out to a college campus tour to drum up support for “humanitarian intervention” only to be greeted by student protests.

    Serbia is a county where NATO’s anti-white agenda became clear very early on.

    • For me in the end it was the first openly clear sign of the American government’s anti-white and also pro-muslim political agenda. It was a good thing that the rest Orthodox peoples tended to support the Serbs in the form of volunteer soldiers! Too bad it wasn’t enough.

      • The americans bombed serbia but tell russia to stay out of the ukraine .My brother in law is a serb and his fighting spirit is second to none we as white people should support the slav where ever he faces the enemy.

  • How pathetic the Leftist drones are. They have absolutely no future. They will either have their throats slit by the scum they brought in to destroy White people should we lose, or they will be hung for their treachery by us once we win.

    • You are right they are drones to stupid to see an enemy invasion and in fact the bastards welcome the invasion.Every thing Hitler said was true, the jewish marxist bolshevik scum are the real enemy.I hope i live long enough to see them being hung.

      • Take heart friend. The System is starting to fall apart. I know that people have been predicting a breakup of America for some time now but you can see the signs of the looming conflict everywhere. Not since before the US civil war were people so completely divided. Leftists refuse to even talk with normal Americans. And the racial divide is reaching Yugoslavia levels. This rotten System is not long for this world.

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