“Go Back To Europe”

Lana responds to anti-Whites who tell White Americans to “go back to Europe,” but would they be allowed in?

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  • Lana is correct. But it sounds even worse when the details are filled in. My parents were young Germans when WW II ended. They immigrated to the US in the early 1950’s, not 200 years ago. Like all Germans from that generation, they were patriots that hoped for victory to the bitter end. Today, that attitude can land you in jail in Germany. People go to jail for defending Germany’s behavior in WW II, but denouncing your father as a NAZI, as Sigmar Gabriel did, can make you a top ranking politician. Worse still, my mother was a German refugee, born and raised in Germany’s eastern territories taken from Germany after the war. It made no difference.

    A few years ago I found this out when I called the German embassy for information. Actually, I inquired to two embassies to make sure. Both told me I was not eligible for German citizenship based on my family history. I inquired when I had a German company interested in interviewing me, but they didn’t want to get involved with getting me a European work visa.

    Interestingly enough, the German city my mother was born in became part of an eastern European country after WW II and that country recently changed its laws that now allow me to apply for citizenship there. I’m considering it. I like eastern Europe.

    Lana is also correct about Jewish immigration. I have a Jewish acquaintance. He likes to talk about “NAZIS” and joke about “white power”. One of his parents was from Austria and he’s eligible for Austrian citizenship.

  • This was definitely the best video that I’ve seen so far of Lana’s. Her deliberate eschewing of Christianity though in European culture is a symptom of her neo-paganism, and that is bad. Without a return to Christ, Europe is doomed. “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” (John 12:24) Pagan Greek and Roman society fell into the ground and died, and what was best in them was resurrected with Christ for the many glorious centuries of what used to be called “Christendom.” The idea of a return to the moribund ways of pre-Christian paganism is simply foolishness, a giant with clay feet, and nothing secure can be built upon it. “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it” (Ps. 127:1) Richard Spencer’s wife is Russian Orthodox, and I hope that “the unbelieving husband is sanctified through his wife” (I Cor. 7:14). This is the true Church of Christ, and I would be happy to help any of my fellow white brethren if they have any questions about the Orthodox faith.

  • In the Beginning There was the word coz the Word will tell you everything you need to know about yourself and all That is around you.


    UPEO = ( To reach Maximum hight and begin to decent as the sun does every day . The word is derived from the word PAA meaning up High or to soar / Fly ) UPEO hence means Summit , End and Horizon in regards to the SUN.

    EUPE : Also from word PAA but seen from the point of the sun soaring and giving light -UPE
    ( Brightness /Whiteness / Blankness )

    So a white snow and glacier covered mountain summits towards the direction of the setting SUN was called
    UPEO EUPE : ( The white- Summit / Horizon / Edge) and it ´s i habitants EUPE Wao / WEUPE
    ( White People)

    The lands and it´s inhabitants was called WEUPE -T or UEUPENI / EUROPA -European.

    EUSI= Black
    KUSI=South the word South literary means Black ASUAD /SUD /SAUD/

    The East is a place of Resurrection RAUKA ( The Tomb / Arise / or direct meaning RA comes )

    The WEST is where unworthy souls get Eaten (Latin Verspar=eat ) WEST

    THE NORTH is the place of Hard labour and Treasure = KAS KAZI.

    The old TEXT don´t only Describe The land and the people but Hidden in the Text is the Nature of the people , which has surprisingly not changed over thousands of years meaning Humans have their specific innate nature ,that can´t not be Natured or changed.

      • From Sumerian to Egyptian text ….Sanskrit , They are all collection of memories from a time when The modern Human Species had one Language and had a chived great hight of knowledge and Technical skills , before the Fall and Fall out dispersed them allover the face of the earth . The old language survived among the isolated and in the Text written from oratory skills of the Elders and written down in the age of Tsuma / Chuma ( metals) beginning in Sumerian back to Egypt in the Tora , the Bible and all religious books . The only problem is They where re translated and at some point someone decided that any advanced Human knowledge should begin at 3500BC. Now for a species that has 200,000 years of History ,The 3500BC date is an Insult to any Intelligent Mind . Is it not curios that we know just about everything by almost nothing about ourselves as a species . if we could swallow our Ego and learn the Texts the way it was intended to be learned would understand ourselves better . Especially the Bible is an Interesting book since it has a lot of sumerian an Egyptian stories . Most of the characters in the Bible have interesting names which are not Just names but a complete description of the essence of the story.
        ABA RA HAM if one speak Hebrew or Arabic one would have a clue of what the name means . “Father of the nation” , but it´s real meaning is in the words A Baba Ra /la Hama / HEMA ( Those who’s Father Moves in Tents ) The father of a nation of Nomads from UR .The issue is not the text the issue is how to read them and understand. And this form of writing is very common in Egyptian text The scribes used a ingenious ways of ambiguous synonyms in the Texts . Meaning to fully understand the text one must be as wise as the scribe

          • I´m a native Kikuyu , I speak Kikuyu and Swahili. Kikuyu is like other Bantu languages very Archaic ,Swahili is A Hybrid Bantu language which standardized 650 Bantu languages and due to Intensive trade with the Arabian Gulf from 1st century AD it has lot of loan word from Arabic. However Most words thought to be Arabic have their roots in the Original archaic Bantu Languages. Hence when reading the old Hebrew Bible text in Hebrew and Egyptian writing, there are a lot of words and grammar that show the relationship between the Semetic and Bantu Tongues goes way back a very long time. This could have been the Birth of Kiswahili.

            Take the word ROHO (spirit) the Kikuyu word for wind is Rohuho and spirit Huho/roho in Arabic: rwh for Spirit and In Hebrew ruach /roo akh and in Swahili is Roho. Or the word
            WATER= Bantu:( Mai Manzi Maji Madzi) Arabic Maan Hebrew Maim … latin Mare or German Meer

            This Back and forth of words and Expression and Ideas goes on and on and on..

  • German Americans number 54 million and are the largest minority or around 16%
    6 million Jews one of the smallest minorities. 2%
    In a population of 330 million
    Jews defeated Germany and control America

  • An article in “American Action News. com” an article whose headlines read “REPORT: Muslim Brotherhood Group Tied to Top Dem”. It is a Conservative article against the Democrats using the Muslim angle
    Got me thinking about Jews and Congress. My comment:

    Two minorities gain power in the Federal Government.
    6% of Congress are Jewish. that is large.

    Across the Federal Government high officials are also Jewish. That is a lot of clout for 2% of the population who also have a strong or dominant voice in our banking, information, entertainment, legal fields to diamond, gold and the Stock market.

    Muslims are around 3.3 million and are around 1% of the Population. Their presence in the government is growing and one should be concerned that their clout in the government should not exceed their numbers in the US as the Jews have.

    If they do then many Muslim nations will almost have the same power in DC as Israel, and we just cannot have that. We are already take so many orders from Israel.

    Because of America Israel was born and because of us Israel is the super power of the ME. We built her and continue to transfer our latest technology. We are the only ones who can remove Israel’s hold on us. No other nation can do it for us unless Israel is taken out by them.

    • Obama was overtly muslim, admitted it in his books, overtly supported the muslim brotherhood. Hillary’s lesbian lover Huma was overtly muslim brotherhood as was her entire family. Muslim brotherhood organisations contributed tens of millions to the dnc and the Clinton foundation. The democrats are muslim brotherhood

      • Agree but the true power rests with the Jews
        From Zuckerberg to Goldman Sachs (one of the 10 major banks of the Federal reserve where most of those banks are owned by Jews) the power of the Jews is much greater

  • The “go back to Europe” is so idiotic. I have heard that enough of times in America and abroad.
    Over seas it is more about hating White or European Culture. That is strongest in the Mid East but does not get much less elsewhere.

    for Whites to go back to Europe means we also take back what Europe and Europeans gave to the New World.
    It also means the world as we know it today does not exist, not here or across the world.
    Same with the non western world. To hate the white man and our culture while accepting so much of it takes an incredible amount of denial and hypocrisy.

    One of the most blatant anti white comments I have read often is done on the internet, I had to remind them that the internet to all the products of the age of Information come from the US With few exeptions this age is an American age and a product of whites

  • Off topic but shouldn’t Israel be investigated for possible interference in our elections?
    Fellow Conservative,

    We finally have a president in the White House who considers Israel an ally.

    As a Jewish Member of Congress, I was livid when former President Obama made the Iran deal to get a policy win for his failed legacy.

    President Trump has made it a priority that we stand together with our sister nation, Israel.

    Will you join us and sign our petition to let Israel know that Americans stand with them as well?

    We share an unbreakable bond. Our destinies will always intertwine.

    Please add your name to let Israel know we will always be here for them:

    Sign Here >>>

    Thank you,

    Rep. David Kustoff

    • Omg. I just posted my comment when I read yours below mine. I went off topic and posted a 2nd comment about the power of Jews in the US.

  • I’ve said it’s easier for an ISIS Arab to get to Greece on a boat, hop on a train to Northern Europe, and instantly wind up on Sozialhilfe when when he arrives at a Hauptbahnhof than it for a working or middle class White person from the Americas, South Africa, or Anzac to immigrate to Europe. This is by design by European elites. They want a pliant class of third world “New Europeans” who are easy to lord over as the EU becomes ever close to the Washington DC-Tel Aviv-Riyadh Axis.

    The only whites who should go back to Europe are the Afrikaners because their position in South Africa is imperiled, and they essentially speak the same language as the Dutch. But even then, going from South Africa to Western Europe seems like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Most South African immigrants go to Australia or New Zealand.

    Whites need to stay in their home countries and defend White identity where they have a connection to the land.

  • Loved this video & I shared on Twitter. However, going back to Europe would mean there would have to be a White invasion & takeover in Europe. I am honestly ready to do this if we ever actually get the numbers to do it.

  • If any group deserves refugee status it’s white South Africans, but Merkel won’t let them in. Merkel is not pro-refugee. Merkel is simply anti-white.

    • funny that lefties actually snicker when you tell them about white genocide in S.A. .. sick basterds.

  • It’s crowded, expensive, touristy, no free speech, won’t let you own guns, and is also gonna be brown in a couple decades. So nah.

    • Europe is Whiter than America — especially Eastern Europe which makes the US look like the Congo — and is the cradle of everything we hold dear.

      But yeah, f*** it cause muh guns.

      • Guns are important. And fun. Eastern Europe is also hellbent on joining the EU and NATO which means it won’t be white for long. They can have Euros or they can have nationalism but they can’t have both.

      • I was Amsterdam a couple weeks ago, my description of Europe is pretty spot on for just that city. There’s also Turks and Surinamese and Indians and Indonesians everywhere. The natives are worthless liberals.

  • No one tells Turks in Constantinople to go back to the steppes. No one tells Congoids in southern Africa to go back to the jungle. No one tells Ojibwe to relinquish reservations on land they violently conquered from Lakota.

    No one tells all Chinese to leave Australia or all blacks to leave the Americas. No lefty or anti-white says all non-whites should leave Europe. No lefty says whites have indigenous rights anywhere.

    If the first people to occupy a territory have the right to it forever, then America belongs to whites because whites were there first. The Siberian invaders exterminated them along with the mammoths and mastodons.

    Whites have as much right to land they conquered as every other race.

    • Back when NPR still had a comments section, I posted a remark about how Aztecs engaged in human sacrifice and cannibalism, which is true. My comment got censored.

  • In America Anti-Whites shriek, “GO BACK TO EUROPE!!”
    In Europe they shriek, “GO TO ANTARTICA!!!”
    Whites are denied a homeland everywhere.

  • Why even listen to dark non-Whites? Getting lectured by cretins that are hardly better than wild animals is like taking advice on cuisine from hobos eating from dumpsters. I don’t care what a retard who is as ignorant as someone born yesterday believes. They might as well be licking water up from a rain barrel. These morons never built anything. They couldn’t put up a tent to save their lives. I couldn’t care less about them then if they were fictional races in an old TV show I never watched. Dark appearance in a creature is usually a sign of aggression by the way. You should avoid creatures that look dark for this very reason.

      • @Jarod Are you gonna tell me to calm down? What part of invasion and war seem mysterious to you? Its idiots like you that are the problem. If Whites hadn’t tried to get away with “White Flight” and stood up to those low browed losers and their goobermint enablers, this need never have happened. This is War. It doesn’t matter if you want it. Its already started. This world is not about “peaceful co-existence”. Every creature has a territory. It is a vital living space necessary for survival. Any creature that loses its living space must by definition die or become marginalised. They constantly cry and pout about owls losing living space and fish losing spawning grounds, but openly celebrate White dispossession. This is no time for moderation and happy talk. Gentlemen have no place on the battlefield. All you kind gentlemen will please leave the field. Its time for Strong Men who came to kick ass now. If any of you had merely stood up before, this would not be necessary. But do not interfere now. That talk and reasoning crap is for before War breaks out. The Time for Talk is Now Over.
        BTW, I’m not angry, I’m prepared. I’m calm, but ready to do what needs to be done. And no, there is no alternative now.

        • Your speech pattern is very familiar. Did you take the line ‘All you kind gentlemen please leave the field’ from somewhere? I can swear I heard it before, getting a lot of Deja vu right now (maybe the line comes from the American Civil War?).

        • This video was obviously not produced to target people like ourselves. It’s meant to wake up people who should be on our side.

        • By definition if there are enough “Strong Men” it wouldn’t matter how many gentleman were on the field would it?

  • Great video, and not too long! It made me wonder whether I could return to my ancestral homelands of Poland and Ukraine. Fortunately, it looks like both of those countries stand a good chance of avoiding the wave of third world immigration washing over Western Europe. The blacks and browns are scheduled to take over the U.S. in the 2040’s, by which time I’ll be a senior citizen. Maybe I’ll have to retire in Europe.

    • I will be 60 & this is scary to me! We will be a minority with non whites running the government. Naturally, they’ll screw everything up & even then, while they are in full control, they’ll still blame us. Imagine the treatment that is in our future! We will be the last generation of whites & we will be old.
      Basically, if we don’t take any action right now our golden years will be not so golden. We will have our social security taken from us because we are white & given to non whites for reparations. We will be banned from going places & living in certain areas. This is the dream of the tribe & all non whites.

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