The Attacks on Arktos

In 2016, Daniel Friberg and his colleagues at Arktos experienced a brazen attempt at a hostile takeover, when its former Editor-in-Chief, John Morgan, initiated a failed coup against this publisher. Currently, Morgan is an Editor and shareholder at Counter-Currents, whose founder, Greg Johnson, has been leading a smear campaign against Friberg and Arktos for the past number of months. 

As the world’s largest publisher of New Right, Alt-Right, and traditionalist literature, Arktos is a true success story. But last year, everyone involved was put through the ringer. The company has refrained from speaking publicly about the failed coup. Unfortunately, Greg Johnson’s recent actions — accusing Daniel of embezzlement, doxing, and sabotage — has forced Arktos to address this issue head on.

Arktos Media Ltd. was founded in Aarhus, Denmark, in November 2009, at a weekend meeting between Daniel Friberg and three Scandinavian colleagues from his New Right think-tank, Motpol (Antithesis). This came as the culmination of several months of talks about the need to create an international publishing operation. (You can read the complete history of Arktos here.)

The company has been steadily growing in sales and productivity since it launched, with an explosion in the past year, which saw our sales figures double and our rate of publishing new books significantly increase. Our success appears to have generated negative attention from former colleagues, prompted former shareholders to seek a piece of the pie, and even led to attempted sabotage.

The following is a condensed timeline of how a handful of individuals tried — and failed — to destroy Arktos over the past 12 months.

June 2016

John Morgan, then-Editor-in-Chief, is offered a job at Counter-Currents by Greg Johnson. Emboldened by this new opportunity — and possibly given other incentives — Morgan began spreading rumors to various people about Daniel Friberg’s supposed mismanagement and even embezzlement. Morgan also made repeated attempts to damage Friberg’s personal reputation. However, Morgan was careful not to let the rumors reach Friberg, and it was only six months later that the latter found out the details of the campaign. (Friberg discussed this subject on March 24, 2017 in a subscription-only podcast with Matt Forney, Davis Aurini, and Melissa Mészáros — who Morgan had personal contact with. An excerpt from that podcast can be found here.)

July 2016

Friberg fired Morgan from his position as Arktos’s Editor-in-Chief due to his dissatisfaction with his work: missing crucial deadlines and errors in published works. Additionally, Friberg had noticed that Morgan had been hiding crucial information from the management, such as several volunteer applications from highly competent people willing to work as editors and proofreaders. Morgan moved on to Counter-Currents, with a signing bonus of 20 percent of the shares in the company, effectively making him and Johnson business partners. Arktos choose to retain Morgan as an editor on a project-by-project basis, primarily in order to get him to complete unfinished projects that were long overdue.

Shortly thereafter, Jason Reza Jorjani replaced him as Editor-in-Chief of Arktos, after Morgan made a futile attempt to recruit him to Counter-Currents.

September 25, 2016

Arktos’s bank and PayPal accounts were seized, and the company’s web-hosting account was hacked. This occurred one day before Arktos was going to launch its new site and five days prior to its annual conference, Identitarian Ideas VIII. Fortunately, the attack became apparent as it was happening, which prompted a quick password change on all remaining sensitive accounts. The publisher was able to keep the attackers from seizing control of its distribution account as well. Upon communicating with the web host about the hack, access was restored, allowing Arktos to launch the new site on schedule. The bank and PayPal accounts, however — i.e., all of Arktos’s liquid funds — remained under the control of the putschists.

Later that day, Friberg received a blackmail letter accusing him — with no evidence other than a sloppy excel sheet containing most of the payments made to employees, consultants and for office rent etc. — of embezzling £88,000 from Arktos. The letter was signed by our former accountant, Patrick Boch, a good friend of Morgan. Curiously, Boch is a member of the Hare Krishna cult — famous around the world for panhandling and its hokey moralizing — and is married to and has a family with a woman of dark complexion. While Morgan lived in India, he was also a Hare Krishna. The blackmailers threatened with lawsuits, as well as filing reports with the Swedish, British, and Hungarian police, and demanded that Friberg immediately step down as CEO and director of the company and pay the aforementioned amount into the company’s account within 14 days or relinquish his shares (to whom?) if they were to “keep silent about it.”

This attempt at intimidation failed. Friberg confronted Boch and his associates and forwarded their letter, complete with their fabricated “evidence of embezzlement” — for transparency purposes — to all of Arktos’s shareholders and colleagues. Friberg has remained Arktos’s CEO; he owned 56 percent — and now 82 percent — of Arktos’s stock.

September 30, 2016

Since all ticket payments for Identitarian Ideas VIII went through Arktos’s web store, Friberg had no way of accessing the funds meant to finance the conference itself. Arktos was also unable to pay its employees and translators. This was exactly what the antagonists were aiming at. This prompted Friberg to take drastic measures and use his own funds, including borrowing, to pay for all expenses for the conference, so that it could proceed as planned. Identitarian Ideas VIII was a success and had a record number of over 250 attendees — more than twice the number as compared to the year before.

October 2016

At first, both Friberg and Tor Westman, Arktos’s marketing chief, believed that some kind of misunderstanding must have set off this series of events, and Friberg even attempted to reason with Boch. With the help of Morgan’s lies, Boch and Morgan had managed to persuade a certain shareholder — who had previously showed no interest in Arktos and therefore had no previous insight into the company’s business — that the ”embezzlement” charge against Friberg was true. Despite sending in time sheets (which Friberg and Westman were in no way obligated to do), as well as receipts that had not been sent in previously, to prove that all the accusations of embezzlement were fabricated, nothing changed.

Therefore, after delivering a speech at a conference in Hamburg, Friberg secretly took a flight to London and hired one of the best solicitors in the city to speed up the process of regaining control of the company.

November–December 2016

With proper legal representation, regaining control of Arktos became a walk in the park. Friberg and colleagues called for two general meetings, replacing the previous, amateurish Articles of Association with proper ones adapted to the company’s needs and voted in — unanimously among all participating shareholders — a proper board of those who represent the company’s authentic interests, including Friberg’s closest colleagues, Westman and Jorjani. They regained control of the company’s PayPal account and switched to another bank, while their opponents were left sitting on an empty account of no use.

After three months of not being able to make salary or contractor payments, Arktos’ staff were finally in control of their finances and able to resume normal operations. (The publisher would like to express its deepest gratitude to everyone working for Arktos for their patience with this entire ordeal.)

February 2017

Friberg discovered — through two independent sources, one being Mészáros and the other being one of the two shareholders represented by Boch — that Morgan was the source of the embezzlement claim and other vicious rumors aimed at attacking his character. After obtaining proof of these accusations, Friberg confronted Morgan just prior to Arktos’ Identitarian Ideas IX conference. After denying everything, Morgan fled as Friberg banned him from attending the conference. The conference attracted close to 400 participants, making it one of the most popular identitarian/Alt-Right conferences in the world to date.

March 7, 2017

Now that it has become evident that Friberg, Westman, and Jorjani has regained full control of the company, and not one single shred of evidence that could be used as basis for a lawsuit has been presented, Greg contacts Friberg out of the blue, accusing him of blaming him for the attempted coup and then conveniently offers to buy all of his shares (56 % of the company) “for the right price.” Friberg replies that he would never sell even a single share to Greg and that he, on the contrary, is planning to increase his holding even further.

April 2017

No police reports are filed against Friberg, and it becomes increasingly obvious that no lawsuit against him is likely to happen, despite all the aforementioned threats, even though they had nine months to prepare such a lawsuit if they had anything substantial to sue for. At this point, Arktos has already spent over £40,000 in the process of regaining control of the company — money that could have been used on worthwhile projects. As a result, Friberg gave the two shareholders Boch represented a fair buyout offer. After some negotiation, they reached an agreement, with Friberg paying them more than twice the amount they had initially paid for their shares (a fair price considering how well the company has been doing). So much for Friberg “ruining people financially,” as Johnson claimed.

May 2017

Johnson openly repeats the same vicious rumors and accusations previously made by Morgan against Friberg on The Right Stuff forum, additionally claiming that Friberg was collaborating with Swedish Antifa, begging the entire movement to denounce him and Arktos. Few people took him seriously, and he provided no proof of his wild accusations. It’s also important to note that Johnson and Morgan have been trying to poach Arktos’s authors and colleagues for the past year, though without success so far. (Several of them have contacted us directly about this.)

While we are in no way saying that Johnson masterminded this vicious attempt to either take over Arktos or destroy it, we are not saying that he didn’t do this either. Morgan and Johnson are, after all, business partners at Counter-Currents, and these hostile activities against Arktos coincidentally began after their partnership. Did Morgan act on his own accord, or was he doing Johnson’s dirty work to eliminate or take control over Counter-Currents’ biggest competitor? Morgan has such a passive, weak personality; it seems difficult to imagine him acting alone.

Open and honest competition between publishers only improves the Alt-Right. But this failed attempt at destroying Arktos represents the exact opposite of “friendly competition” and has no place in our movement.

– The Arktos Staff

  • OK so you’re on board with the pro-Friberg brief. That’s fine, but there are a couple of problems. For one thing, this PR handout is suspiciously granular, filled with too much extraneous detail.

    What IS the real problem, the real issue here? Was there indeed misappropriation of funds at Arktos? If that is untrue and it is merely a cover story, what real story is it covering? WHY did Friberg and AltRight feel impelled to spread this vague story across the internet and social media?

    • Josh Zeidner

      Because he was being accused of malfeasance????

      • And your interest in this, ‘Josh Zeidner’ from Arizona, is precisely what?

    • ThomasER916

      You have 5 comments posted by your bullshit Discus account and zero evidence. The only people upvoting you have also used similar Discus accounts to smear Richard Spencer (yet another person Greg has openly attacked and smeared). Meanwhile, I have 14k+ and I’ve read the verified account of Greg Johnson that offers zero evidence. Greg’s exact words:

      “Friberg is a liar, a doxer, and a saboteur. Once he is completely cut
      out of nationalism, then we can all be one big happy family,”

      When pressed for evidence Greg said this:

      “No, I am not posting anything here. I have been asked by one of the
      organizers to present no further information. He will be posting a
      statement of his own in Swedish, and he will address the points he
      thinks are most important. If Sven wants more information, I will put
      the two of them in touch. That is all I am going to say on this matter.”

      So where’s the evidence? All we have is Greg Johnson smearing Daniel Friberg. We’re STILL waiting for evidence…

      • What ees zees ‘bullshit Discus account’? What ees zees ‘Discus’?

        I have HUNDREDS, maybe THOUSANDS of comments posted, babycakes. You produce YOUR evidence, then we’ll talk further.

        • Ungern Burkhan

          (((Aron))), is that you?

        • ThomasER916

          “You produce YOUR evidence, then we’ll talk further.”

          You’re a fucking retard. You’re the ones that accused Friberg. You faggots had weeks to produce evidence and you have NOTHING.

          • “You’re a fucking retard.” Can’t spell Disqus, but spells fucking and retard correctly. I like that. It all depends on what you pay.

    • A hymn to Hermes

      nice handle fgt

  • Peter

    I feel I have no way of knowing what´s the truth in this whole business. Thanks for presenting the Arktos-side of it.

  • mike5586

    Where there is money, there will be infighting.

    It’s sad, but even devout ideologues have to deal with the ever present vice that is greed. I’m a fan of Johnson’s writing AND Friberg, so I don’t really have anything else to say aside from that if Greg Johnson actually wants to present himself as a leader of ANY movement, someone should inform him that he can’t do so while under a cloak of anonymity.

    I don’t actually know who’s right and who’s wrong, but more importantly – I don’t actually care. Just stop fighting.

    • James OMeara

      Anonymity by using his real name. Genius! Almost Judaic!

    • For too many times in the past, the Right has sabotaged itself through individualism. People flake out or pursue their own wealth and fame instead of doing what needs to be done. On the Left, people are fanatical and diligent. The Right will get nowhere until we cease the circular firing squad and focus on some actual goals, then apply ourselves to them.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Time to get Greg (even though he’s an insufferable dickhead) and Daniel into a locked room with a bottle of Scotch and a pack of cigarettes. They can’t leave the room until this feud is over.

  • Ike35

    In these kinds of matters it’s up to the party making the accusation to prove that said malfeasance took place. That hasn’t happened in this case. Oh yeah, can we please not have any silly talk about not punching right and keeping these things hush hush. If someone accused me of embezzling 88,000 quid, I wouldn’t shut up about it either. People making groundless accusations don’t deserve to be treated considerately.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      You’ll find Greg Johnson is not a popular figure amongst White Advocates. But still, this has to end, by hook or by crook.

      • Ike35

        By hook, fine, by crook, nah we’re not jews.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          You don’t support Laura Loomer disrupting some leftist theatre fhags?

          • Ike35

            I’m listening to Richard’s video on that right now actually. But to your question, it just seems that they’re making themselves look like hypocrites yet again. Alt-Lite goes on and on about free speech, but many of them would do the same thing to the Alt-Right that they did to this theatre production.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            I agree with Richard’s take. Laura Loomer and the Alt Lite are morons.

          • I like his notion of the “fake Right,” as this seems most descriptive.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Yeah, but Alt Lite has stuck, and it works. It reminds me of Lite beer. Lite beer is what I drink when I’m washing my car or fixing sh!t around the house, not what I drink when I want a buzz. Same with the Alt Lite, it goes down easy, but doesn’t pack the punch a full throated Alt Righter like Spencer or Alter Kampfer like David Duke does. The Alt Right is like Scotch. It tastes terrible when you drink it the first time, then you love it.

            It’s also like how Jared Taylor said we should call ourselves White Advocates. He had a point, but Alt Right is what stuck.

          • I like the fact that the Alt Right is bigger than white advocacy. It incorporates bits from the New Right, Neoreaction, An-Cap, Transhumanism, Traditionalism and nationalism. Generally, Alt Righters do not want just nationalism, but a re-do of civilization itself, kicking out all this Enlightenment stuff like equality, diversity, feminism, freedom, liberty, a personal God, sexual liberation, modern architecture, modern art, and all other degeneracy. We want a restoration of traditional civilization, not just a band-aid applied to this failing modernity.

          • @brett_stevens:disqus

            So the “Alt Right” is supposed to kick out freedom, liberty, modern architecture, modern art, and “degeneracy” …

            but it includes Zionism and “based Jews.”

            Is that a correct summation of your opinion?

          • Bantz Henriksen

            Stevens always cucks for Jews.

          • It’s always amusing that these “NRx” types seems to be taking the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as a roadmap.

            “We’re going to get rid of democracy and re-institute a monarchy, oh and also all our problems are caused by Protestants and the Enlightenment, not Jews. In fact, our new King will be a Jew. He’ll be a descendant of King David. Also, we’re going to start a new Crusade against the Muslims and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.”

            At least they admit their “strategy” isn’t ever going to appeal to common people. For some reason I just don’t think White people are going to be clamoring to get rid of freedom and liberty, lose their vote, become serfs and bow to King Jared Kushner the III.

            But apparently NRx gives a lot of intelligent yet bored White guys a way to LARP as New Aristocrats without having to be icky “racists” and “anti-seeeemites!”

          • Democracy has done nothing but fail.

          • Good luck with your Jewish King.

          • Scott Schroeder

            What has failed is pro-whites refusing to fight the propaganda war effectively. What has failed is pro-whites doing everything BUT discrediting the anti-whites.

            Democracy is neither here nor there. Every government that has ever existed has been an oligarchy. What is called a democracy is an oligarchy where the group that controls public opinion is the group in power. I want to pro-whites to control public opinion and, therefore, be in power.

          • Scott Schroeder

            If we stop voting are the anti-whites going to stop calling people racist Nazi KKK bigot xenophobes?

          • The Alt Right includes all of those working toward Alt Right goals.

            Zionism is a form of nationalism that all groups should emulate.

            “Based Jews” — I have a few in mind here — are people who recognize the necessity of Alt Right style ideas.

            I have no problem with either of those groups.

            On the other hand, “freedom, liberty, modern architecture, modern art and degeneracy” all arise from the notion of egalitarianism, which is the most toxic idea ever unleashed in advanced societies.

            No one can defend it without being a Leftist.

            And Leftists are the sworn enemy of the Alt Right…

          • I’m sure plenty of people would disagree with your definition of “Alt Right” there. AFAICT, it’s essentially Richard Spencer’s personal brand and at its core is White Nationalism, with a few extra “right wing” ideas thrown in.

            “Alt Right” is certainly not synonymous with the “neo-reaction” and all that monarchy LARPing. In fact the “Alt Right” has distinguished itself from AmRen by being a bit more solid on the “JQ.”

          • I did not claim it was synonymous with Neoreaction, only that the Alt Right adopted some of its ideas.

            The JQ is a distraction. Our problem is white people supporting degeneracy like Leftism and The Enlightenment. Maybe there are other problems as well, but until we take care of THE problem, we will never prevail against those either.

            When fighting the Hydra, cut the neck, not the heads.

          • “The JQ is a distraction. Our problem is white people supporting degeneracy like Leftism and The Enlightenment.”

            This is, of course, Jewish entryism in its most distilled form. “Forget the Jewish problem, our REAL problem is Protestants, the Enlightenment, and the ‘liberals'”.

            There are hundreds of Jewish Zionist lobbies in Washington DC, and not a single pro-White lobby. NPI is the closest thing we have to a pro-White lobby and you want it to drop White advocacy and instead focus on … “the Enlightenment” and “egalitarianism.”

            As is typical of Jews and their collaborators, you can’t even stand White people having a SINGLE institution advocating in our interest.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            I disagree that the JQ is a distraction, it is the core of our problem.

            I do agree that removing all darkies from the equation is only part of the problem though. If that ever happens, Whites will still be a decadent and degenerate group that is in spiritual decline.

            WN is overly simplistic, but I think abandoning it at this time would be a mistake. A lot of people have been getting into right wing ideas over the past couple years as a reaction to leftist over reach as well as the rapefugee crisis. Racial issues is usually what brings them here. Many of them will move on to anti-enlightenment/egalitarian ideas eventually, as this is where most of their concerns stem from. They have to crawl before they can walk though.

          • “I disagree that the JQ is a distraction, it is the core of our problem.”

            Which you then follow with,

            “I do agree that removing all darkies from the equation is only part of the problem though. If that ever happens, Whites will still be a decadent and degenerate group that is in spiritual decline.”

            Seems to me you agree with Brett: even when we eliminate The Other from our midst, we will still be our own worst enemy. That would make the JQ and all other diversity concerns manifestations of the real problem which is ourselves. If we fix ourselves, diversity is automatically eliminated because it is unsupportable to our success as a people.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            “a country gets the Jews it deserves”- Codreanu

            When we fix our internal problems there will be nothing left for Jews to parasite off of because white people won’t buy what they are selling anymore.

            As things stand the Jews are our number one enemy, and focusing on dismantling Jewish power is not a distraction, but the core of our struggle. Our struggle is both physical and spiritual.

            I do agree with Brett and think that petty White Nationalism is only one part of the puzzle and too narrow minded to truly solve our problems. I’m just not giving the sand merchants an easy pass, just because white people are currently weak and susceptible to their influence. When we reclaim what is ours the Jews will pay, that is top priority as far as I’m concerned.

          • invincible white owl
          • The Charismatic Curmudgeon

            (((Laura Loomer)))

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            LOL, that Jewess just recycled my “Anti Semitism is no laughing matter!” meme I use when I troll as a left Wing Jew.


    • Lawrence

      Greg accused friberg of many things. But to my my knowledge not the embezzling charges.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Infighting aside, I bet even me and Hipster Racist, or Greg and Daniel, can agree on this:

    • Ike35

      Good God, I hope we can all at least agree on that!

    • The European New Right, the Buckleyian New Right or the post-Trump “New Right” (sometimes called “the Nu-Right”)?

      • Crud Bonemeal

        The Alt-Lite, boomer conservatism for young-ish people

        The kind of people who refer to communists and progressives as Nazis

        • So the “Alt-Lite” are not the “New Right”? Makes sense to me.

          • I was saying months ago that the Alt Lite should be called the Alt Left: they are simply classical liberalism on steroids; there is nothing Rightist about them, other than opening themselves up to SJW attack, which _could_ subsequently further red pill them. Cernovich / Posobiac / Milo / McGinnes used the term “New Right” because all of them are ignorant of the European New Right tradition (Faye, de Benoist etc.), failed to realize that it had existing connotations and principles and, thus, they were sowing confusion by adopting that name.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Vacuous fhags like Cerno should not be able to claim New Right from the French New Right. I think that’s why Spencer called them Fake Right today.

        • The Fake Right are parasites who want to get rich being iconoclastic by quasi-supporting Alt Right issues, and then selling them out by turning them into the usual democratic blather.

    • ThomasER916

      Thanks for the screenshots of the TRS504um.

    • TK

      He says it under his own name? His own name isn’t even Greg Johnson, and everyone knows that.

      • Fearan Iarthair

        What is his real name?

        • Mike Hammer

          Ben Dover

          • Ike35


          • Fearan Iarthair

            Ah, I feel young again. 10th grade, to be precise.

          • Mike Hammer

            Sorry couldn’t resist. His real name is Phil McCracken

    • He’s a serious alcoholic? I suggest we investigate this topic by taking Mr. Friberg to a friendly bar and seeing if we can out-drink him.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        NOBODY out drinks Scandos. You know the Finns have the highest rate of Alcohol related accidental deaths in the world.

        • “Finns have two livers.” Old saying.

          • Sure — let’s put this fake claim of “alcoholism” to the test at some suitable bar. 😉 Being manly enough to hold your liquor does not make you an alcoholic.

          • Paul Rain

            “Being manly enough to hold your liquor does not make you an alcoholic.”

            Fatt Horney’s defending you here- is it really fair to be taking digs at him like this?

          • I will hold you to this and look forward to it. I suggest that we imbibe some of the best beer created, the classic English blends. I love German beer, Czech beer, and a few (a few) American beers, but English beer has a good heart to it.

  • Greg made all these wild allegations of money embezzlement, working with antifa and doxing… yet has provided ZERO evidence.

    • Maybe allegations on both sides are wild. Why did this explode over minor accusations of malfeasance. It’s suspicious all ’round.

      • Ike35

        Being accused of embezzling 88 large doesn’t seem that minor, nor does not being able to use your accounts.

        • Ghetto Tarzan

          Or conspiring with antifa. That’s a wild accusation that requires proof.

        • We are getting a lot of hearsay, mainly publicized on new sites such as Sorry, that’s just how it is.

          • Ike35

            So if someone spreads hearsay about you, you wouldn’t fight back against it? And yes you’d have to go public with it because the person or people accusing you have already gone public.

          • Sorry, Sid, I must have missed something. Prior to these stories being circulated here (altright), were they anywhere? I mean apart from crazyass groups on Facebook etc.

          • Ike35

            It’s been spread on forums, since when does that ever stay on the down low for long? I’m not Sid.

          • Ghetto Tarzan

            The rumors were being put on forums and in facebook groups so they would spread.

          • precisely

          • Ghetto Tarzan

            You can thank Greg Johnson for that.

          • The ‘Sid’ was a ref to a Kevin Spacey line in ‘LA Confidential’…Ike.

            As for Forums…which forums? There was the TRS Forum, where this was first explicated. I am agnostic on opinion, but the fact that this has mainly appeared at suggests that there’s either a personal issue or that it’s all a false-flag attack.

          • Ike35

            Oh, eh I didn’t really like that movie. And there’s a Sid who posts here quite often. But anyway, yeah if someone accused me of something I didn’t do, it prolly would get personal pretty quick. We are human after all.

          • Paul Rain

            Greg certainly isn’t on the down low.

          • Ike35


      • Paul Rain

        Maybe O’Meara deserves a pink star?

    • Asking for evidence seems a reasonable position. Arktos has provided some evidence above in the form of the letter sent demanding they give away their company.

      I am sorry to hear of this conflict. I think highly of Mr. Morgan, regularly read Messrs. O’Meara and Johnson, and of course am a regular Alt Right reader and periodic contributor. (I was once a Counter-Currents contributor, but that ended not by my hand after someone accused me of being a Jew.)

      However, one does not just brush injustice under the rug. It would be great if the Alt Right could resolve this internally, because opening it up to the courts would simply enable greater attacks from outside.

      In the broader scheme of things, I see this as a clash between White Nationalism and the Alt Right. The former does not want to let go of its monopoly franchise on pro-nationalist politics among white people, and the latter wants to expand nationalism beyond just nationalism into a cure for the ill that is modernity itself.

      And then there’s us on the Ult Right, who are rather fond of the Alt Right and hope to push it to further extremes. White Nationalism is ultimately just too Leftist for me; it does not take into account the need to end democracy, to restore tradition, to build up our inner spirits, and to support nationalism with caste and hierarchy instead of classless, nationless “white”ness.

      See you fellows on the Discord. TRT, hoping to see more blog postings from you.

      • James OMeara

        “It would be great if the Alt Right could resolve this internally, because opening it up to the courts would simply enable greater attacks from outside.”

        Publishing libelous comments from Matt Forney is not a way to avoid the courts. Of course, Forney has no money, but Spencer and Jornani (aka The Intelligence Community) certainly do.

        • Accusing honorable people like Jorjani and Spencer of being CIA agents — with no evidence at all — is also certainly libelous. We all know that you are a homosexual, but I did not know you were this subversive and nasty.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Also, did you know Pat Buchanan is a Yid!?!

          • Hahaha, did someone actually make that claim, for real?

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Check out the link “Negro and Homo” James O’Meara posted above. Apparently Pat Buchanan is a Jew, a lot of self hating Jews in the media most have had it out for him when he ran for President in 92 and 96!

          • The Charismatic Curmudgeon

            If Pat Buchanan is really a Jew, he would have to be one of the most talented actors of the last half century.

          • disqus_7a1NyExMiZ

            But you shared on Twitter the same accusation against Johnson. How was that OK? Do you seriously believe that Johnson is a fed? Or do you consider spreading accusations of this type an acceptable tactic against someone who is, in your view, dishonorable?

        • Paul Rain

          A faggot says what?

          • Moishe-the-Beagle

            I have seldom been able to get through a paragraph of Brett Stevens’ writing without losing the will to live. Seriously, how does he manage to be that boring, even in a comments section? Someone should analyse his style and write an essay about it.

          • Jorjani is with the Iranian Renaissance who are a neo-SUMKA front whose connections with both the CIA as well as Mosad are well attested and goes back to the 1950s with the overthrow of Mossadegh when Kermit Roosevelt was using SUMKA and the Pan-Iranists via the cosa nostra Rashidian brothers as the hired street mob on the day of the coup d’etat. That Jorjani is vigorously pushing the “regime change” narrative vis-a-vis Iran tells anyone with any grey matter between their ears that he is indeed connected to US/Israeli intelligence. That is also the conclusion of the present Iranian government itself.

          • Emerald Will

            Even if true there are greater realities beyond nations and agencies. You do what you have to do to promote whatever you believe in.

            Is Jorjani of the White Lodge? This is certainly possible. Only time will tell.

        • I have always enjoyed Mr. Forney’s writing. He is clear and conversational, like having a chat on a skiff while fishing halfway through a twelve-pack. Or while sorting donations to the garage sale at church — and yes, while I have some reservations about modern interpretations of Christianity, I do enjoy a good church yard sale! — while one is mostly distracted and thus mostly honest. If he is a great writer, he will be both facile at writing and clear at accurately observing life. It seems to me that the best writers require this duality.

          I wanted to run this by you, because I think you will have a unique interpretation of it, which is mainly the idea that this conflict represents White Nationalist against Alt Right. The Alt Right is not precisely White Nationalism, at least in the broadest interpretation, and so the question is whether these are merely competing movements… well, food for thought. I am sure you will have an insightful take on it and look forward to its manifestation if it happens.

          • “I have always enjoyed Mr. Forney’s writing.” WEW

    • Lawrence

      He didn’t make any embezzlement accusatuons in that trs forum thread. He wrote that Friberg had burned some people financially and personally. Where does this embezzlement quote come from? And the evidence he think he has, is that the antifa guy doxing the Scandza Forum wrote that Friberg were excluded, when that was inside knowledge, that would only have been known to people involved. It could however have been someone else the Friberg. But Johnson also claims this antifa leader and Friberg go way back. I dont know the nature of their relationship.

  • David Gellerman

    It pains me exceedingly that this should have come to pass. We needed this exactly as much as we needed a pandemic of the bubonic plague. The enemy is at work here, through knowing or unknowing human instruments.

    However, this is also not the time for fence-sitting. Having no other choice, I must side squarely with Mr. Friberg, Mr. Spencer and Mr. Jorjani. I have to go by the evidence that the one party has willingly made public, as opposed to the other party’s activities, none of which are public other than forum posts, and also by the experience I have had dealing with Mr. Friberg: never once an incorrect piece of information, never once a commitment that was not honored, never once an overstated lure like any and all other publishers would have allowed themselves in dealing with writers.

    Sorry about contacts I have that will be shut down because of this, but as Luther the Reformator once said: here I stand. I can do no other.

  • Mike Hammer

    Greg “gridsfag” Johnson needs to be thrown off a very high building.

    • katebushfan66

      I can’t advocate for that .. but I think humiliation in print is the most powerful weapon

    • Peter

      Ha ha, excellent! With idiots like you, the White Cause is really lost. Darwin at work. Maybe it´s supposed to be that way. Sad.

      • Mike Hammer

        “Darwin at work” describes fags very well, i just think the process should be sped up.

  • Ungern Burkhan

    Can we all agree to begin calling Greg by a new honorific, for he has proven himself to truly be “The Queen of the Alt-Right”….

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      I prefer Grindr Greg.

  • I tried to warn the alt-right about Greg Johnson’s treachery over a year ago.

    No one listened. In fact, I’ve been repeatedly accused of “counter-signaling” and “punching right” every time I pointed out that he and other the homosexuals in the movement were untrustworthy, backstabbing scum.

    I was directly affected by Johnson’s scheming. When he and Morgan initiated their takeover of Arktos, I was working for the site’s subsidiary Right On, writing articles and hosting their podcast This Alt-Right Life. I was dependent on Arktos for a large portion of my income due to the sheer expense of reporting on the presidential election. When Arktos’ bank accounts were seized, Daniel couldn’t pay me (he later paid me some of the money he owed me out of his own pocket) and I had to borrow money from a friend in order to avoid getting evicted from my apartment.

    Arktos was not the only victim of Grindr Greg’s machinations. Seven years ago, he nearly destroyed the Occidental Quarterly. He was fired from TOQ for gross incompetence (not sending out copies of the journal to subscribers, not keeping adequate financial records etc.), and when he finally got the boot, he seized the website, subscriber list, office keys and other property and refused to hand them over unless he was paid off. Johnson started Counter-Currents not long after because he had nowhere else to go. This was all chronicled publicly on a thread at the Majority Rights site, “Jack Donovan: Manly Suicidal Faggot to the Right.”

    Greg Johnson publicly betrayed Matt Parrott and Matthew Heimbach in his “Gay Panic on the Alt Right” essay last year, in which he accused them of being “narcissists” because they are outspoken about the dangers of homosexuality. Keep in mind that Parrott had been a loyal columnist for Counter-Currents for years prior to that.

    Grindr Greg publicly betrayed Richard Spencer over the NPI conference in Budapest three years ago. He then went after Spencer again after the “Heilgate” incident at NPI last November. Interestingly, when I publicly defended Spencer after Mike Cernovich falsely claimed he was a government agent, I got attacked by the Right Stuff’s idiot drones because I didn’t spaz out and call Cernovich a “cuck” six million times… yet those same TRS drones didn’t dare criticize Johnson for stabbing Spencer in the back.

    Greg Johnson libeled my friend Roosh V last year when he was being attacked as a “rape advocate” by the fake news media. After sucking up to Roosh privately for months, Johnson posted an article in which he selectively quoted excerpts from Bang Iceland to “prove” that Roosh was a rapist, using the same logic that feminists and leftists use. When Counter-Currents’ commenters criticized his selected reporting, Grindr Greg deleted their comments and banned him. When I attacked Johnson for his mendacity, my supposed alt-right “allies” attacked me, accusing me of “infighting” and being a “cuck” for defending a “rapey kebab” (yeah, how dare I defend a friend of mine who was being unjustly attacked).

    Johnson’s motivation was self-serving—a couple days before, Richard Spencer declared that he supported Roosh, so Johnson was looking to grab some of Spencer’s Roosh-hating donors—and manipulative. Sodomites have an obsession with controlling how straight men act and driving wedges between men and women. Why do you think Johnson argues that “intolerance of homosexuality is Jewish?” Why do you think his pedophile buddy James J. O’Meara argues that male heterosexuality was socially constructed by Jews in the 1950’s? They want to confuse the young men entering the alt-right and groom them into the homosexual lifestyle. Throw in other manipulative, sad individuals at Counter-Currents such as John Morgan (an ex-Muslim who helped Johnson carry out his plot against Arktos) and Ann Sterzinger (no further comment necessary) and a pretty ugly picture emerges.

    (Best part of this: a couple months after Johnson defamed Roosh, he had the nerve to beg me to contribute to a book he was writing on the manosphere and the alt-right.)

    Finally, Grindr Greg has been sockpuppeting and trolling on TRS and other websites/forums for years with the intent of spreading his pro-sodomy views. A lot of the young men coming into the movement don’t have fathers or otherwise have not received proper masculine guidance in their lives. It’s the job of the movement’s leaders to provide this guidance. Instead, Johnson and his ilk fill their heads with nonsense about how homophobia is Jewish and the Mannerbund involves gay sex, and given that Western culture already promotes sodomy and degeneracy, this leads to them getting sucked into the gay lifestyle.

    There’s also credible evidence that Johnson cheated one of his earlier business partners and nearly got them killed because he wanted that individual out of the picture.

    Greg Johnson is cancer, and everyone who helped promote his career and website is responsible for helping that cancer spread. That includes the Right Stuff. TRS and Johnson were the best of buddies: he co-hosted the Daily Shoah multiple times and was a guest on one of their podcasts at least once a week. When Johnson publicly libeled Daniel Friberg, the TRS forum was the place where he did it, because he knew he’d have a sympathetic ear. The same morons who attacked me as a “degenerate” because I lived in the Philippines years ago and slept with non-white women were the best of pals with an open sodomite who once grabbed a man’s penis in the bathroom at an identitarian conference and who has a well-known reputation for lying to, cheating and stealing from people in the movement. In fact, Seventh Son actually said that “criticism of Greg Johnson is criticism of TRS.”

    And Johnson is just the tip of the iceberg. If you see one cockroach on the floor of your motel room, it means there’s dozens more in the walls. There’s considerable evidence that homosexuals have deeply infiltrated TRS and have been using it to groom young boys into sexual encounters. The “Third Jimpact” podcast discusses how Ghoul groomed a 15-year old boy into having sex with him via the Chicago pool party, among other things. I’d link to it but it keeps getting removed from SoundCloud due to false abuse reports (I wonder why?)

    The joke is that for all the TRS crowd’s Nazi LARPing, Hitler shoved homosexuals into ovens alongside Jews. In fact, George Lincoln Rockwell publicly declared that he viewed homos as a bigger threat to the white race than Jews. If Johnson got his white utopia, he wouldn’t last a week.

    All of you morons who poo-pooed me, Davis Aurini, Common Filth or Roosh about the homos in the alt-right? We were right, and you KNOW we were right. Inviting in reprobates because they’re “useful” is foolhardy because YOU’RE the ones who end up getting used. Trying to out-psycho a psychopath is always a losing strategy, and Greg Johnson is the proof.

    TRS is now trying to pretend that Johnson wasn’t an honored member of their inner circle, but we know the truth. For the sake of both the movement and their credibility, Mike Enoch, Sven et al. need to publicly apologize for promoting Grindr Greg and Counter-Currents, condemn him, and ban him from any further involvement in TRS. The movement as a whole also needs to purge homosexuals from its ranks before they can do even more damage.

    Hopefully you’ve all finally learned the truth: open homosexuals cannot be trusted. They cannot be allowed to be a part of the movement, because their only concern is manipulating and using us for their own sick ends.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Why your comments about “destroying the Alt Right” today, Matt?

      Provide some context, otherwise, you’re an enemy.

      • “If the alt-right is unwilling to expose, denounce, and cast out the homosexuals within its midst, then I am an enemy of the alt-right and I will work from this day forward to destroy it.”

        That’s all the context you need.

        If the alt-right is sheltering sodomitic pedophiles, they are a force for evil.

        I don’t see how this could even be debatable.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          So you’re fine being Gunga Din for a #TwinkforTrump, Lucian Wintrich, and carrying water for him? You are aware Wintrich is using your post to attack Spencer as a homosexual. You down with that?

          • How am I carrying water for Wintrich? Someone else screencapped my post and sent it to him. My Facebook account is private and only people who are friends with me can see my posts. I’ve never even met the guy.

            It IS rich he’s trying to attack the alt-right on this issue.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            OK, then if you’re disavowing TwinkForTrump Lucian Wintrich’s attacks on Spencer as a gay pedophile, then I don’t care about your beef with Grindr Greg or TRS.

          • I posted a clarification on my social media accounts. I don’t support Wintrich using my comments to attack Spencer, and I have no intention of attacking Spencer. My criticisms are directed at Johnson, Counter-Currents and TRS alone.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            That’s all I need to know. Thanks.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            In fact, it’s notable that Spencer was NOT MENTIONED IN ANY WAY in the recent podcast about degeneracy in the Alt-Right

          • James OMeara

            “I have no intention of attacking Spencer.”

            Of course not, the CIA pays your meal ticket

          • “How am I carrying water for Wintrich?” By repeating (largely) unsubstantiated rumors you heard on a podcast made by people who had a very personal falling out with TRS.

        • Reminds me of the days when Kevin Strom was under assault with the same accusation. Never made heads or tails of that one myself.

      • David Hollizzle

        The imgur album of evidence has basically no evidence for this stuff.

        NSFW btw

    • katebushfan66

      he has a weasel voice..

    • Jacob Smith

      Hey Forney, can you do the truffle shuffle?

    • James OMeara

      Libel much? CIA plants and la-de-da rich scumbags like Spencer and Jorjani have mighty deep pockets.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Ecce Negro and Homo!

      • If it’s libel, why don’t you sue, pedophile? I’d love to use discovery to find out what you’ve been up to.

    • Emblematic

      How long have you been waiting to vomit up all of that? Did you find it exciting?

    • Jarod

      You know way too much about this. Hmmmm.

      • Yeah, I’ve only noticed how sodomites have wrecked every organization they’ve ever been allowed to join. Clearly, I am Nostradamus.

        Ever notice how manosphere sites like Return of Kings never have to worry about homos like Greg Johnson infiltrating them? Could it be because they explicitly banned homos at the outset?

        • Katachthonios

          No one needs to infiltrate RoK, it a chunk of crap.

        • RoK is underrated. The PUA aspects I could do without, but they appeal to young rootless men, and they tend to leave the site wanting to be crusaders instead, so…

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Agreed. I don’t read Roosh. He had his feud with the Alt Right, it went nowhere, so he made peace and understands there’s no value in punching to his right (We on the Alt Right are to Roosh’s right, he’s not an Ethno-nationalist).

          • RoK is a hive of degeneracy, miscegenation, and it’s actively anti-white. It literally exists to coach non-White men on how to seduce White women.

            Heartiste is an excellent “manosphere” site that appeals to young rootless men, and Heartiste is pro-White, and solid on the Jewish problem. Rollo Thomasi is a great resource for young men who need romantic advice. For Christians, there is Dalrock who is a good site for conservative Christians interested in traditional marriage.

            Yet all of those excellent manosphere sites are ignored and instead RoKs, run by non-Whites who advocate near-rape and seduction of White women, and a degenerate anti-white doxer and harasser of women like Forney, are promoted?

            I call shenanigans.

            Forney doxed a Christian woman who was literally “matchmaking” young White couples – she was fulfilling the 14 words, therefore was attacked by Forney.

            Forney of course has not fulfilled the 14 words and apparently has no intention to do so, instead, has spent his career attempting to PREVENT White family formation.

        • The only thing I’ve seen homosexuals wreck is your ego. Remember how you were chased down by two waifish twinks in Cleveland Matt?

          “Ever notice how manosphere sites like Return of Kings never have to worry about homos like Greg Johnson infiltrating them?” — Are incel cope circlejerks worth infiltrating?

    • Peter

      I most highly estimate Johnson´s counter-currence, and all his work for WN, it´s outstanding in its strategic and intellectual prowess. Pretty much nothing of what you say holds any water (his treatment of roosh does raise doubts for me, besides that, zilch).

      • Crud Bonemeal

        Dunno man, I remember most of that stuff. Forney can’t just make it up, it’s all on the internet.

        Ultimately, as an uninvolved party who just reads everything, what struck me was the moral flexibility.

        He was willing to to adopt a feminist definition of rape to attack Roosh, willing to shift his criticism of Jews from race to culture in order to defend Enoch, etc.

        And while his tone on his website may be restrained, he’s really not good at hiding his power level in off the cuff forms of communication like comments etc., so you get more honesty about stuff like blaming “Jewish Christianity” for opposition to homosexuality.

    • David Hollizzle

      You and Aurini are friends with Millennial Woes, when you want something anyway. Do not pretend you’re principled against homos. You dislike TRS so you use whatever opportunity presents itself, even if it’s an imgur album where the closest thing to damning evidence is juxtaposing Johnson’s fb posts to Common Filth tweets.

      • Aren’t you that sycophant who defends every single thing that TRS does?

        Enoch could be filmed riding on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express and you’d find some way to rationalize it.

        • David Hollizzle

          I think I’d have to watch the Shoah more than I do to qualify. Which is rarely. But you were claiming Johnson was doing totally different things to what he is being accused of now.

          • Daniel is too much of a gentleman to get into Johnson’s disgusting lifestyle (and TRS’ enabling of it).

            I have no such reservations.

            (Of course, Enoch et al. could apologize for their role in enabling Grindr Greg. But as the doxing drama showed last January, they won’t admit to wrongdoing until they literally have no other option.)

          • Jacob Smith

            Hey Forney, can you do the truffle shuffle?

          • Dan is a “gentleman” huh? I see what you’re doing, Matt. I find it odd that you are once again trying to ingratiate yourself with the Spencer crowd given that you were unceremoniously shown the door. How do you think this is going to turn out, ultimately?

      • So… Millennial Woes is, ah, of the hairstylist persuasion? Interesting.

        I miss all the interesting gossip on the Alt Right.

        • David Hollizzle

          Yea, it’s not a secret either so it isnt gossip. But I hear he has a gf now

    • FWalus

      Greg Johnson once tried to grab my johnson in the washroom when I stood in the urinal next to him. Fortunately it’s only 3 inches long and he came up empty, except for a bit of p*ss on his fingers. Wtf, was that all about?

    • Arthur Vickstrom

      Sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve been through. But if you’re taking flak then you’re over the target.

      And regarding the issue of homosexuals in the movement, I just want to say that I’m glad someone is finally saying what needs to be said. You are speaking the truth and certain people are going to attack you for that. We’ve got loads of young men coming into our movement and, like you said, most of them are very open to suggestion. They need strong, inspiring, patriarchal figures to look up to – they absolutely must not be left to the devices of homosexual weasels who want to take advantage of them.

      Keep up the good work and don’t let the pervs get under your skin.

      • It’s amusing that I’ve been attacked by plenty of trolls for writing some throw away erotica on my blog, yet for some reason Matt Forney is lauded for his supposed stance against “degeneracy.”

        Right now, on the front page of Forney’s blog, he is selling one of his books, titled “Do The Philippines,” which is an instruction manual, aimed at young white men, on how to take a “sex tour” of the Philippines and sexually exploit Filipina women and prostitutes.

        I was under the impression that miscegenation was considered extremely degenerate in the pro-white movement. Now, I happen to be a tolerant fellow and I’m sure plenty of White men have dated non-White women before they became racially aware. But Forney is currently, actively, not only encouraging White men to miscegenate, but in the most degenerate way possible, with third world women and prostitutes. And it’s his job – he is making money from literally promoting degeneracy.

        Consider as well that Matt Forney doxed a White Christian woman and published stolen pictures of her and her white children – his doxxing is still on his website which means it’s not something he did in the past, he is still actively doxing this woman and her family as I write this.

        I find it hard to believe that Matt Forney is being taken seriously at all on a pro-white site because he dislikes fags. He is anti-white.

        • Jacob Smith

          He also records disgusting videos of himself like this.

        • Are you sad that I exposed your fantasy online girlfriend for being a total fraud?

          Sunshine Thiry doxed herself. Her information had already been spilled on her own blog as well as anti-Christian sites such as FreeJinger.

          You also seem oddly unconcerned with how she was manipulating manosphere men and tried to get one of her critics’ children taken away by CPS, or the fact that she lied about everything from her husband’s occupation to the number of children she had.

          • Thank you for admitting that you are still actively involved in doxing the White woman in question and her children. I rest my case.

          • Thank you for admitting that you’re a cuck who white knights for a pathological liar and narcissist who will never sleep with you.

          • Due to your own exposure as a laughable fraud, you lashed out at people who were more successful than you, and you collaborated with anti-White (and anti-Christian) leftists – you’ve just admitted as much. You are, in fact, still collaborating with anti-White (and anti-Christian) leftists to attack a White family.

            You are anti-White, and degenerate, and a doxxer.

          • Fokker TISM

            > spelling “doxing” with two X’s

          • katebushfan66

            sheesh.. they say women gossip; but some men really FUCKING gossip

        • Arthur Vickstrom

          I hadn’t heard of ‘Do the Philippines.’ Said book is obviously an issue and I hope that Forney will see the hypocrisy of continuing to sell sex tour advice while claiming to be pro-White.

          As for why so many people are supporting Forney, there are a few factors involved in this:

          1. Forney is one of the few secular Alt-Right-ish figures actively discussing the homosexual issue.

          2. A lot of us have dealt with Greg Johnson’s nasty antics before and can sympathize with anyone who is calling him out.

          I also don’t think it’s fair to call Forney anti-white. He is certainly doing things that we don’t like, but he’s also given us a lot of positive coverage in the manosphere.

          At the end of the day, Forney is a useful ally and I don’t think we should throw out the baby with the bathwater.

          • Forney is in no way a useful ally. I’d be terrified to post on any online forum where he has admin privileges as he is an admitted doxer – would you want pictures of your wife and children showing up on Forney’s blog because you said something he didn’t like?

            He is a laughable fraud who got his start pretending to be an expert on women before his pictures was leaked and he couldn’t maintain that pretense anymore.

            At the Am Ren conference he and his loser friend were thrown out of the bar for harassing women.

            Matt Forney is universally considered a joke by everyone except for a tiny handful of “MGTOW” types. He isn’t even respected in the “manosphere.”

            He offers nothing to the pro-white movement and is a huge liability.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            All I know about Forney is that he gave us good coverage on RooshV’s website and that he’s a blogger. I really don’t know much else about him.

            However, I have to say that labeling him anti-White makes no sense at all. If you want to win a political war then you often need to ally with people who you don’t fully agree with.

            And at the end of the day, Matt Forney isn’t the issue right now. The mains issues in play are:

            1. Greg Johnson’s attack on Arktos and Daniel Friberg.

            2. The vicious homosexual clique which has embedded itself in the American WN movement.

            Until an American besides Forney begins publically addressing these issues, there are going to be people defending Forney. Half the reason so many young men in the Alt-Right are lukewarm towards Spencer is that he refuses to address the homosexual issue.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            And to clarify, I’m not attacking Spencer for his neutral position. I understand why he chooses to avoid the homosexual issue. But that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of young right-wing guys don’t want to join a movement that’s seen as being semi-welcoming to homosexuals.

          • Good analysis on the two main issues. #1 needs to be resolved fairly, and #2 is going to require some soul-searching.

          • There are plenty of people that have been publicly addressing the issue of an alleged “homosexual clique” in the American WN movement – it’s a constant topic of conversation and Greg Johnson’s personality defects are similarly discussed constantly.

            Forney is no advocate of sexual morality, as has been shown here. He’s perfectly fine with homosexuals when they help his career as an “online hustler” to sell his sex tourism book – he’s also apparently fine with the Queen of the Alt Lite, “Milo” and the other personality that is supposedly a homosexual.

            If there is indeed a homosexual clique running the TRS website – also hardly a surprise as that particular dumpster fire is second only to the (((DS))) when it comes to promoting the “Nazi” homosexual fetish subculture.

            Considering that Matt Forney is not pro-White he can’t be, by definition, in the “pro-white” movement. But if people want to use him as leverage against Greg Johnson and the TRS dumpster fire, they are obviously free to do so, but a fat lot of good it will do. I’m sure you can find plenty of anti-whites who are also anti-homo.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            You keep describing Forney as ‘not pro-White’ and as a liability, but I think the issue is a lot more complex than that. The good things about Forney are:

            1. Forney is our movement’s #1 connection to Roosh (and a quick scan of Roosh’s site shows it has been steadily moving in a more Nationalist direction). He therefore acts as a bridge connecting our movement to potential allies.

            2. Forney is not a (((Hollywood Nazi))).

            3. Forney has steadily moved in a more Nationalist direction, describes himself as a Nationalist for all peoples, and is showing interest in our events.

            Obviously your point about ‘Do the Philippines’ is legitimate but that doesn’t mean people should try to run out a fellow traveler, especially one who is steadily improving. Just give Forney a bit of time.

            If he turns into another LARPer or sells us out, then we can deal with it when it happens.

          • Roosh is a dirty arab rapist who goes to poor eastern european countries to entrap the women there. Forney is a catty incel. We don’t need their audience of moral reprobates.

            The fact that there exist people in this movement who don’t immediately see Forney for what he is (a manchild) is a pretty major indictment of it IMO.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            1. Roosh is not an Arab and I’ve never seen any proof he’s a rapist. He is a half-Persian blogger and so is Jason Jorjani (one of the editors of this site). We need allies and I’d much rather be allied with Persian Nationalists than Black Nationalists.

            2. Roosh’s audience includes a few moral reprobates but it’s mostly teen boys looking for advice on girls. I’d much rather have 15 year old White boys be introduced to Nationalism Lite by Roosh & Forney than for them to just spend hours reading about sex.

            3. I’ve never claimed that Forney should be any sort of leader, but throwing him under the bus doesn’t make sense. In politics it’s always wise to have allies, even ones who you don’t necessarily like.

          • That comment just confirms my suspicions that the “anti-degeneracy” canard is just a convenient excuse people pull out when they need it for partisan sniping. Forney is a third rate internet troll with no use to the pro-white cause.

            As I said, the current issue is being used as an opportunity for the Usual Suspects to play entryist and gain a foothold in the movement to steer it off course.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            For me this isn’t about partisan sniping, I genuinely don’t want open gays in the movement. They’re a toxic asset and I thought Forney was on our side, so to speak.

            Sadly, based off of the evidence you posted and the fact that he deleted his comments, it looks like you were right about Forney. I’d been hoping he’d turn out to be a useful ally but it appears that he was just another poser.

            Such things happen in any movement.

          • Here’s Roosh today, using Forney’s gossip as a cudgel to attack us “racists.”

            “Turns out the alt right is more gay than Milo. Now you know why they
            rant endlessly about Jews, blacks, and Muslims while gays get a pass.”


            Roosh is a Muslim who likes to commit “Rape Jihad” against European women. Nice “ally” there.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            Obviously the link you posted represents a problem. I was hoping that Roosh was turning into an ethno-Nationalist but it appears based off of this new info that he was just using the Alt-Right to promote his own brand. If that’s the case, then the best thing to do is banish him from the movement.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            Roosh needs to go back, and it would be amusing if a bunch of Polish Nationalists physically corrected his inappropriate behavior.

            HOWEVER, Johnson seemed somewhat unscrupulous when he endorsed the feminist definition of rape to attack Roosh a few years ago, while Roosh was getting a lot of flack from the mainstream media.

          • TK

            Here’s your “useful ally” running scared from two scrawny fags:

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            He described himself as a Nationalist for all people and was being chased by two men who were more athletic than him, he did the right thing imo.

          • He ran from a pair of toothpick twinks. Why are you defending this sack of butter? Forney is a coward in every sense of the word.

          • Arthur Vickstrom

            Those twinks were stronger looking than him and outnumbered him. Running was a smart idea. I’m also not defending him, I’m being neutral.

          • Doctor Mayhem

            Forney was also in Chicago. Self-defense is pretty much banned there. Especially if it’s a leftoid protected class.

        • Katachthonios

          Fattney would struggle to laid in a whore house, and not just because of his looks – his personality is a gag fest also.

        • But Forney is currently, actively, not only encouraging White men to
          miscegenate, but in the most degenerate way possible, with third world
          women and prostitutes.

          Is he? It looks more like a book on sexual tourism (ick).

        • GrenadierGunther

          Most of these people being Roosh, a swarthy non-white who defiles white women on the regular, fans and/or defenders says it all.

          The Manosphere, for the most part, is cancer.

    • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

      You *are* a degenerate. I was not aware, until I noticed Hispter Racist’s post to this effect, that you were still advertising your miscegenation tour in the Philippines. I know very little about you, because you seem like a particularly unimpressive and uninteresting guy, but I had assumed that you’d outgrown the adventures I imagine you describe in the book.

      The idea that White Nationalists/racial realists/Identitarians should take seriously the word of a man who promotes miscegenation is risible. Your actions are no less repulsive than those of a miscegenating White woman who wrote a book named “Doing Africa.”

      White Nationalists need you like they need prostate cancer.

      • Katachthonios

        He’s fat so he has too to pick up under age Asian girls on sex tours.

    • MagnaEuropa
    • TL;DR

  • katebushfan66

    I can usually tell the wrong sort for myself .. pretty happy about that ..

    • katebushfan66

      keep up the great works sexy brilliant men folks

  • adolf binladin

    all that guy does is infight. don’t buy books from counter currents, don’t link to counter currents, don’t read counter currents, and if for whatever reason you have to talk about a CC article screen cap it and don’t link!

    • katebushfan66

      i will only support /

      • adolf binladin

        serious question, has greg done anything besides write long, boring articles no one reads?

        • Peter


          • Yehudah Finkelstein


          • Peter

            The satisfying thing is that you display your behavior in full public. I would otherwise not so easily put up with it.

  • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

    This schism is going to destroy the Alt-Right as we now know it. is an enormously influential news and perspective site for the Alt-Right, and Counter-Currents, like it or not, probably has the most intellectual heft of all the White Nationalist sites. Different niches, and it’s too bad that the parties involved couldn’t find a way to address this mess amicably.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      How many people were converted to the Alt Right movement by Greg Johnson?

      My guess is very few. I started getting red pilled when Spencer was writing at American Conservative in 2007. It is a tiny number of people red pilled by intellectual rightist books.

      • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

        Probably extremely few (though, IIRC, Hood’s masterpiece “A White Nationalist Memo to White Male Republicans” was first published there). That said, if you want extremely intelligent people to stick around a movement, you need a gathering ground for them.

        • I think the Alt Right is heading toward “gathering grounds…[for] extremely intelligent people to stock around a movement.” Also toward writing stuff for people beyond their early 20s. Both are needed: sites for people to get into the game, and places for the heady types to hash out the hard issues and nuances.

      • Yankee Lampshade

        More than you would think actually. This isn’t what we should be talking about. A lot of people have written for that site and you are attacking and degrading their work by making that kind of attack.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      The decrease in infighting probably makes up for the people who leave due to the lack of Savitri Devi content.

    • I disagree for the reasons you mentioned: AltRight is an alt right site, where Counter-Currents has always been a White Nationalist site. The Alt Right is not white nationalism.

      • @brett_stevens:disqus

        From what I understand, you are a supporter of Israel and advocate for the inclusion of Jews into the “Alt Right” correct? Do you also advocate for the inclusion of other races into the “Alt Right?”

        Would you say the difference between “Alt Right” and “White Nationalist” is that the White Nationalist movement is by and for White interests and identity, while the “Alt Right” is … well, I’m not sure.

        What is the difference between the “Alt Right” and “White Nationalism?”

        • Do you also advocate for the inclusion of other races into the “Alt Right?”

          As long as they support the ideals of the Alt Right, sure.

          Would you say the difference between “Alt Right” and “White Nationalist”
          is that the White Nationalist movement is by and for White interests
          and identity, while the “Alt Right” is … well, I’m not sure.

          No. White Nationalism = racial special interest group uninterested in changing the status quo beyond that point. The Alt Right wants to remake modernity into something un-modern, and not prone to the problems that have hampered us for the past millennia.

          White Nationalism is obsolete, and the Alt Right is rising.

          • Seems like wishful thinking on your part. Most people do not consider “Alt Right” to be synonymous with Yarvin’s “Neo-Reaction” and “Dark Enlightement.” Certainly this website is far more focused on race than “going back” to before the Enlightenment and “remaking modernity” whatever that is supposed to mean. I’ve also never read Spencer or anyone at NPI talking about monarchy and the rest of the aristocratic LARPing.

            If anything the typical “Alt Right” type seems far more prone to fascism than some sort of Jewish aristocracy/king/pre-Enlightenment stuff.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            The Alt-Right is very, very tightly linked to White Nationalism and Counter-Semitism

            However, I would say that boomer nationalists who believe Whites dindu nuffin are kind of an awkward fit in the Alt-Right and the Alt-Right tends to be willing to recognize the bad behavior / bad ideas of whites, in addition to the obvious problems created by Jews.

          • Scott Schroeder

            Whites shouldn’t pursue their own nation?

        • GrenadierGunther

          I mostly agree with you on most issues, but there’s nothing wrong with supporting Israel. Too many Alt-Righters fall for that, one of the reasons I’m not a fan of Heimbach or Duke(constant bashing of Israel and cucking for Palestinians as the double standard or supporting Palestinian nationalism matters).

          Of course, it becomes a problem if it goes into EDL/Civic Nationalist territory where Israeli flags are waved everywhere and “Israel being the only democracy in the ME” is seemingly more important than white demographic survival, but there’s absolutely no reason to be specifically against Israel. Our issue is with Jews here, in our countries, promoting anti-white policies(specifically Ashkenazi Jews, and Ashkenazis are only 45% of Israel’s 70% Jewish population).

          The whole sending money to Israel and foreign wars is really an issue of priorities. Sending money to Israel may be an issue, but white survival, among other things, comes first. One example of the wrong priorities is when Richard Spencers and dozens of WNs took to the streets to protest the Syria strikes instead of showing up at the DC March for Science to try and redpill people about race and IQ.

    • I can’t speak to the specifics as I know nothing about it, but I can see that this issue is already being used by the typical entryists – on the one hand, we have a long time Zionist and advocate for Jewish leadership of pro-white groups using this as an opportunity signal against “Bad Whites” and … “the Enlightenment” … while encouraging the inclusion of Jews.

      Then we have a infamous doxer, harasser of White women and children, using this as an opportunity to excuse his own rank degeneracy because supposedly someone else is a homosexual.

      Obviously the author has no option but to defend himself from accusations and he is of course right to do so. But in the meantime I hope people can see those who are using this as an opportunity to, essentially, infiltrate the pro-white movement and steer it off course for their own agendas.

      • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

        Honestly, I’m not sure to whom you refer (former or latter).

      • Totally confusing.

        Let us simplify the Alt Right: traditionalism + nationalism. That’s Everitt Foster’s definition, which I think is 60% correct only because it misses the anti-modern elements and depths of traditionalism.

        That means that anyone who works toward that end is part of the Alt Right.

        So… how do Africans support this? By working toward nationalism for their own people, and not harming others including whites who are working toward nationalism for their own people.

        This is not a Leftist-style movement where we form a great mass of zombies who advocate for the same thing. It is more complex: we all work unequally toward the same goal, as is appropriate given our origins and locations.

        • Your definition of “Alt Right” is your own, no one else’s. As I just pointed out, “Alt Right” has never been synonymous with Curtis Yarvin’s “NRx” and “Dark Enlightenment” stuff.

          Few people that identify as “Alt Right” seem to be particularly interested in the NRx stuff and in fact have tended to ignore most of it. Sure, there are overlaps, but again when the “Alt Right” types LARP, they LARP as modernist fascists, not “throne and altar” Zionists.

        • Chadwick D. Prestington

          Hi Brett – I like your train of thought but would like to offer up one objection. I frequent black nationalist websites, twitter accounts, and youtube channels and would estimate that 90% of them are not amenable to a racial separation that we as whites would support.

          The reason for this is that they would expect a massive transfer of white wealth as part of the deal, a deal which would essentially be a white exodus from what they deem as black territory including cities such as New York and Chicago. They genuinely believe that most of the wealth in this country is a direct result of slavery and that to leave it all behind to whites would be terribly unjust. The groups that come closest to agreement with us are ones that have constructed ahistorical narratives of black supremacy (such as the Hoteps) but even then an alliance seems unlikely.

          Given this, it seems that there really isn’t much negotiating room for common ground between white and black nationalists, and so we must solve the problem on our own.

  • Accusing someone of being an embezzler is not just your regular “omg bantz” shitposting, it’s defamation of character with all it’s legal implications.

    I’m also sick and tired of “omgz no infite plz”, sure if dueling was still allowed this could settle things. Now we have a situation where accusations were made in a public forum as @theobjectivisttree:disqus has provided for you. Being accused of everything from embezzling, doxxing, to being mentally unstable requires solid proof. Greg has nothing, I repeat NOTHING to back up his claims. There is no defending his actions, regardless what anyone would think of Daniel Friberg.

    Greg is a good writer but a joke as a human being.

    • James OMeara

      “Accusing someone of being an embezzler is not just your regular “omg bantz” shitposting, it’s defamation of character with all it’s legal implications.”

      And “pedophile”? Say goodbye to your treasure chest, Dickie! Although I suppose the CIA has more where that came from.

      • James, I enjoy your writing and am glad to see you posting here. What is the CIA notion regarding Mr. Spencer? Given that 3/4 of the people from his high school have trust fund accounts, I assume that his money has a legitimate source.

        • James OMeara

          Jonathan Revusky over at refers to “high IQ idiots” who demand proof every time the same happens over and over again, rather than noticing the pattern. Prep school, Georgetown, abandons doctoral ‘studies’ (Jorjani finished them at 37 and then sank his career by publishing with Arktos, which then made him Editor in Chief), resume of nothing but “head” and “in chief” positions, stumbles up from every job after a year or two, suddenly merged with Arktos after Jorjani took over and founded “altright” in Alexandria VA of all places (“He likes working near his pals” — JFK), punched in the street to establish street cred (again, Oswald much?) etc. Obre los ojos, mi amigo.

          • Kudzu Bob

            Do you really think THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE and Taki hired Spencer because somebody from The Company told them too? Get a grip.

          • James OMeara
          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            That article claims Pat Buchanan is a Jew. You’re a conspiratard.

          • Revusky also believes that all “Islamist” terrorist attacks in the West are organized by Western special services.

            Better to be “high IQ idiot” than a low IQ idiot conspiratard.

          • I found this to be unconvincing:

            “Think of Goldie Hawn, Jewish. Her mother is
            admitted to be Jewish, and—guess what—there are Spencers in her recent paternal line. If we go back
            a few generations, her Hawns become Hahns. We also find Eichenlaubs, Schells, Fosters, Conrads,
            Dillingers, Madisons, and Rutledges on her father’s side. And who did Goldie marry? Kurt
            That’s the second time that name has come up already. Remember that Richard Spencer’s middle name
            was Bertrand, as in Bertrand Russell. You may think that is all a coincidence, but I don’t.”

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            That whole article is Conspiratard BS that makes Alex Jones look like Edward R. Murrow. Pat Buchanan a Jew? GTFO.

          • Interesting. High IQ can be a negative trait, if not balanced by real world experience and an inner core that desires doing right. It seems to me that most of traditionalism involves the cultivation and discipline of that inner core.

            Thinking tactically, however, we must consider that Spencer went to a normal prep school and had a normal trajectory after that; many people leave grad school because they get frustrated and want to be effective immediately instead (in fact, I have a few friends who made themselves quite wealthy doing this). By itself this may not be convincing.

            I agree that certain areas of the country are… how to say this well? … BLIGHTED… but it may be hard to distinguish someone taking the battle to their backyard from someone returning home to the roost! The real trail will be the money trail, and that always has either highly interesting revelations, or immediately exonerates people.

            I hope the Alt Right can cure this schism and move on to something more interesting, like winning or evolution to the Ult Right. Surely — hopefully — you will join us in that quest?

          • Occam’s Razor is our friend here. There is nothing mysterious or sinister about Spencer’s career trajectory.I too, admire James O’Mear as a writer and cultural critic. However, the conspiracy-mongering in that piece (“Hitler was a crypto-Jew!”) is not something he should be bandying about as evidence that Spencer is CIA / Jew / Masonic Lizard Person etc etc.

          • BunnyMags

            Speaking of patterns, why is it that Greg just can’t seem to maintain good terms with other figures in far-right politics? From Covington to Linder to Regnery to Spencer and now this, it seems Greg gets chased out of every country…erm…organization he gets invited into. :^)

        • Kudzu Bob

          While I suppose it is perhaps remotely possible that Spencer is a CIA asset, without a doubt it is not even remotely possible that James O’Meara is sufficiently well-connected to know the truth of the matter.

      • Schmiss

        You have your own treasure chest, just with something much different from funds.

        • LOL. James O’Meara, would you care to comment on this photo?

    • Lawrence
  • Asmodeus Shoemaker

    No one cares about your problems or who said what and when or did or
    did not do something.

    You people are ruining your own movement, as people bail due to reckless
    comments and endless infighting.

    For example, besides the nonsense above, how about this White Sharia
    nonsense and putting gays into wood chippers or an article written here
    yesterday stating women shouldn’t play sports.

    You have not won and the Alt-Rights terrible attitude towards woman and this
    infighting (which no one cares about, but your inflated ego’s) will only
    alienate the masses.

    I can honestly say, the Alt-Right is becoming a gross, self inflicted mess.

    • Are you possibly a (((Schumacher)))?

      • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

        Call him a Jew. That’ll solve everything.

        • WR_the_realist

          Godwin’s Law states that, “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1”. On alternative right sites, as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of someone being accused of being a Jew approaches 1.

      • thumos

        Vilken jävla soppa det här är.

    • Jarod

      White Sharia is literally a meme made by drunken military vets. Get a grip.

  • Internal enemies abound. There are people who will be with you for years, doing good work, that will be in place for monkey-wrenching at a future time. Saw this with the fall of The Institute for Historical Review.

    I would just remind those people purposely causing trouble that stupidity or metal illness can be forgiven, but treachery WILL NEVER BE. There are people in high places who see European survival as their path to world power. The people we call “the globalists” put their money on White genocide. Since they controlled most of the commanding heights in the Western world they figured White race replacement would be no-problem after years of social engineering.

    But what happens when another player (Alt-Player) emerges on the scene? What happens when someone figures out that the White masses could be organized to take down “the globalists” in order to create a different kind of “New World Order?” I know, I know, only Jews can have long term plans for global domination. LOL

    Again, I warn those possible troublemakers (people purposely trying to cause problems in the pro-White movement) that you are messing with forces that you don’t understand. All of your online activities have been recorded and the agencies and NGOs you work for are likely compromised. I would recommend coming clean now because you will not be shown mercy. These “Alt-Players” will turn you into a pile of dust without a second thought.

    You’re guilty of aiding genocide, but more even dangerously, are messing with the Alt-Players human infrastructure (i.e. the White masses) for building their new order. You need to think about this tonight. Get out now and come clean because IT’S GETTING LATE!

  • Johnny Fascismo

    I’m staying out of this. Friberg and Johnson should probably just challenge each other to a duel and settle this like men. Putting it on blast only causes division.

    • Paul Rain

      Nice idea, but Johnson only attacks from behind.

      • katebushfan66

        he’s a beta .. he’s shown himself


  • Any relation to the infamous pirate cap’n? So maybe it runs in the family? Aaarrrrrhhhh!!!!!

  • Jarod

    *Cue the soap opera theme music*

  • Katachthonios

    This article suggests to me that Arktos is in serious financial difficulty, otherwise none of the events taking place therein would be transcribed. Anyway, if there are legal issues it would be prudent not to display them in public, because this post could be interpreted as defamation/libel and a threat if made public during a legal case. But, I suppose since the AltRight has trolling as it’s academic heritage, we can expect to see posts that attract trolls…nothing attracts web traffic like online melodramatics eh? Troll-io -io-lolz whilst Marxists and the real opponents are writing actual articles.

    • Are you joking? We are not the publisher holding a fundraiser for 60 000 USD to sustain our company. In fact, we never, ever asked for donations even once. Our finances are perfectly fine. Thank you for your concern though.

      • James OMeara

        Good to know. Hope you know Swedish lawyers as eager to defend you as American lawyers are to Gawker you.

        • Well, when it comes to libel, we have the best American lawyers, ready to go after your best friend Greg for the libelous comments at the TRS forums.

          • James OMeara

            “Best friend.” Walking back from the “pedophile buddy” comment, I see.

          • When did I post such a comment? I’ve never accused you of anything remotely similar to that.

          • James OMeara

            No, just your sock puppet, Matt Forney.

          • He is not my sock puppet.

      • Lord Momos

        My apologies – I keep seeing Arktos on Kick Starter which actually gave me this impression:

        • Kickstarter is not “donations”, but pre-purchases of books, that allows us to publish certain titles quicker than we would otherwise be able to. A well-working system, that allowed us to publish around four additional titles last year apart from the ones already scheduled.

  • unpaidpundit

    I don’t know whom to believe, and I don’t care all that much. The altright is not about individuals, but ideas — realizing that whites must defend our own interests, that diversity has failed. These ideas have emotional and intellectual appeal, and they have taken on a life of their own. They will continue to spread regardless of the messengers.

    • Albionic American

      Yeah, I don’t care about the soap opera, either. This shows why you should send only healthy straight white people to colonize Mars: Selecting the colonists according to “diversity” fantasies like sexual orientation would defeat the purpose of making Mars babies and add unnecessary queer drama and strife which increase the odds of the colonization project’s failure.

      Instead we should work on developing the Alt Right’s world view as a pro-white humanism, independent of its current messengers: We have a vision of human flourishing and the good life in line with the humanist tradition, but oriented towards the needs of white people in a time when hostile forces have besieged our bodies and demoralized our minds.

  • pymotes

    we’re supposed to take fags seriously? intellectually maybe yes – so read their journal articles. but anything other than that – NO. they’re lucky we let them live:) they’re diseased & don’t reproduce. the one in question is a leading light intellectually, so read his articles. i do. but ignore his histrionics. unless you like theater & drama, but then you may be gay :-0 our modern culture encourages giving audience to faggy victimhood (nietzche’s slave mentality anyone?) but that’s not where it’s at. go be dads. ignore fags. except for their intellectual contributions.

  • Demography is Destiny

    Sigh. The Right has this habit of infighting and factionalism even on the level of tiny companies such as Arktos and CC that makes you sometimes throw up your arms in despair and start believing that the Left is right after all that Rightists are nothing but a bunch of retarded idiots who will never amount to much.

    • ThomasER916

      How is your counter-signalling and crying helping exactly?

      • Demography is Destiny

        The truth is an offence, but not a sin. The Right is prone to infighting like tinkers over deplorably little amounts of money and influence. I have seen this behaviour now in too many movements, parties and groups across the West to not believe we are dealing with a pattern of intransigency and dilletantism native to the Right. You want another recent example? The True Finns splitting just yesterday.

        • ThomasER916

          Save your platitudes. Constantly running your mouth and airing laundry is autistic.

          • Demography is Destiny

            Provide some arguments for a discussion or piss off. Lately, has been (mis)used for quite a bit of washing dirty laundry in the public. I haven’t checked CC, but who needs enemies on the left if that grievance posting catches on?

  • Reinout van Hulst

    This fight is not really about business practices it seems. Rather, there is an ideological difference. Arktos and Altright seem to put the emphasis on the spiritual and social structure of society, while deemphasizing race. That is also why there is this tendency to accuse CC of being just a gathering of homosexuals. Matt Forney and his race mixing promotions is a case in point. CC on the other hand puts race first, and social structures second. That is why Johnson criticized Roosh for example. Although I appreciate Arktos publishing Evola for example, my main focus is on race. So what do I prefer, the white homo’s or the race-mixing ‘manly’ men? Definitely the white homo’s.

    • Well, you don’t have to choose. With CC you get both white homo’s and race-mixing men (as is made clear in the article). With Arktos I’m afraid you’ll get none of the above.

      • Reinout van Hulst

        No, the race mixing is on your side. And that is because it fits your ideology. Forney is a case in point. The implied criticism of John Morgan or Greg Johnson as just hysterical faggots does not make your case more convincing, either.

        • Forney is neither an employee of Arktos nor AltRight . com. In addition to that, he has published a podcast against race mixing. But please elaborate on how “race mixing fits our ideology”. I really want to know how you arrive at that conclusion.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    It’s always the same shitstain(s) at the center of these AltRight fights, scandals, and controversies. Always latching on to new projects and movements in order to bring them down. Ever wonder why he (they) never shows his face unlike almost every other AltRight figure?

    • Exactly. Every person who wants to assume some sort of leading position should be entirely open with their identity. Failing to do so shows that you have something to hide, and cannot be trusted. As soon as Greg becomes fully open with his identity I will take him seriously, but not before then.

    • Reinout van Hulst

      Bullshit. If you want to see his face, you can go to a conference. Easy.

      • That is besides the point. Why won’t he show it publicly, on the internet, in spite of being completely self-sufficient by donations? Does he have something in his background (or current lifestyle) he feels the need to hide?

      • Laguna Beach Fogey

        He stopped giving talks in this area, unfortunately, or I would have done. But nothing’s stopping him from following example of other public AltRight figures.

  • Skacuci Patak

    So people being Hare Krishnas wasn’t a problem until they left? Also John Morgan having “such a passive, weak personality” is exposed only now, it wasn’t an issue while he worked for Arktos?

    This whole affair is queer, pun intended. Johnson threw out accusations without proof, fair enough. But I don’t see much proof here either, except petty blows at ex co-workers who are blamed for failings that they must hah had before things went south, but which are only drawn out now. Seems like funny business from both sides to me.

    • Of course they were. That’s why we bought them out of the company. And John left HK within month’s of my arrival in India.

      You are right about the “proof issue”. But different to GJ, we never claimed anything we could not back up, and never demanded that the whole movement exclude him, which he did to me (without presenting any evidence whatsoever).

      And believe me — we were not planning to drag this out into the open. Otherwise we would have done it much sooner. But since Greg simply would not stop attacking me, we have no other choice than bringing all of this out into public view. Let’s have an open discussion about it — I don’t have anything to hide.

      • katebushfan66

        I love the synchronicity of making this video during another 30 day facebook ban .. something made me leave out Morgan’s photo… good luck folks .. and thanks again for including Ricardo .. / ..

  • Hilbert

    Having known Daniel for quite some time now, and having known about the issues with Greg Johnson and the coupe against Arktos (which might or might not involve GJ, but has been used by GJ as a rod to poke more disruption), I must say that I’m very impressed by the temper shown by Daniel; I would have lashed out WAY earlier. Daniel had been taking shit for a LONG time now and stayed silent in order not to create even more disruption and confusion. This goes for Richard Spencer to, btw; he has also been “the bigger man” a long time, even longer than Daniel. Now, when the greatest and financially most solid AltRight institution is being seriously threatened, remaining silent is no longer an option. Hopefully, this is evident enough by now.
    /Gustav H

  • One Man’s Chorus

    Johnson pulled out of the NPI conference in Hungary because he was scared of violence. His fears were unfounded, even though Spencer went to jail. No one was roughed up or attacked at that conference (if they were, and I can’t recall that anybody was, no one sustained serious, life-threatening injuries).

    If he’s not willing to make an appearance because he might have to physically defend himself, then he’s a coward. I suspect that’s why he won’t show his face online. He’s afraid that someone might recognize him in public and threaten him.

    This is to say nothing of his comments at TRS forums, which are baseless, behind-the-back sniping. He doesn’t have the decency to say these things to Friberg’s face, and apparently blocked Friberg on Facebook when Friberg invited him to a cafe to iron out their differences. This is cowardly, passive-aggressive behavior.

    I don’t know who’s telling the truth, but some of the things he accuses Friberg of sound made up. How would he know that Friberg is an alcoholic? Friberg would probably not confide in Johnson about his dependency issues because he had a working relationship with Johnson and Johnson might lose confidence in Friberg. If Johnson heard it through the grapevine, then it’s just baseless slander (why would Johnson believe it, and why would someone tell him this, except out of spite? you don’t spread these rumors out of sympathy). There’s a difference between someone who drinks heavily and alcoholism, which is a clinical condition. Friberg might drink a lot, but that doesn’t make him an alcoholic. Swedes have a high alcohol tolerance, and drink more than Americans do, so if he does drink a lot it might only seem that way relative to American consumption levels.

  • Based on my reading of the events:

    1. Morgan leaves Arktos for Counter Currents
    2. Morgan’s friend, Patrick Boch, brings threats of lawsuit and police investigation against Arktos CEO, Daniel Friberg, for money embezzlement.
    3. A few months later, Greg Johnson offers to “alleviate” Friberg of his shares of Arktos which would put Arktos under control of Greg Johnson.
    4. No lawsuit or police investigation is ever launched/filed to look into this money embezzlement allegation.

    Sounds like a phony litigation threat was made in order to pressure Friberg into handing over control of Arktos to Greg Johnson. Since no police report or lawsuit was ever filed, it is reasonable to assume that these allegations are false and were concocted as part of a scheme.

    • katebushfan66

      And now I have a dude leaving threatening messages on my video ..

    • Peter

      So we are supposed to assume that Greg Johnson initiated that kind of plot in order to take over Arktos? Is this conceivable? For me, not.
      So if all that didn´t happen as part of a plot to take over Arktos: what might be G. Johnson´s motivation? Maybe to point to some dangers to the movement? Maybe to try and promote helpful solutions?

      If we speculate, we have to speculate into all directions, not only selected ones.

      • If I were he, I might have considered it simply to consolidate brand. Having one Alt Right publisher would be highly valuable to that publisher, instead of the handful we have now.

      • One Man’s Chorus

        Why isn’t it conceivable to you? And if he wasn’t trying to take over Arktos, why would he ask Friberg for a majority stake in the company after bogus legal threats were made?

    • Demography is Destiny

      That’s a summary of Friberg’s perspective. We don’t know the view of the other side yet and we will hardly ever get it to read on

      At the same time I see Spencer once again fighting against the Alt-Light on Twitter.

      You guys are complaining about the inefficiency of Trump’s admin, but you display yourself more infighting than the People’s Front of Judea. I am laying the blame not just on but on all shoulders equally, but it is disheartening.

      • Kudzu Bob

        We don’t know the view of the other side yet and we will hardly ever get it to read on

        Yes, it is too bad that this is the only website on the entire internet.

      • Ike35

        You can read the other sides perspective on the TRS forum.

      • Three Stars
  • Wolfram Est

    its sad that friberg still runs the show. isnt it rich to piss on the hare krishna movement since the two founding danes were hare krishnas? tnd then there was norwegian founder tord morsund who is half norwegian half bengal. no one of them likes daniel. ask anyone from integral traditional publishing. then why did daniel break into his partners appartment to steal his computer? few have heard about the chaos in nordiska forlaget. Why did wiking mineral preform so badly that their stocks were removed from the stockmarket? After all the ceo was daniel.

    even solguru whom lived with daniel in india thinks hes a major cunt

    everything greg said about daniel is true. daniel is a little cunt who tried to sabotage the scandza forum. daniel was never invited in the first place.

    daniel fucked the founders of itp/arktos
    daniel fucked his partners at nordiska forlaget
    daniel fucked up wiking mineral
    daniel fucked morgan
    daniel fucked scandza

  • Emerald Will

    Hire an assassin already and end this feud.

    • Emerald Will

      Look who liked my reply.

      I think this was meant as a warning to Greg. Please forward this information to him.

      Contact me if you want a good deal Daniel.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    For the interest of unity, solidarity, and morale, I think we need a code of ethics for Alt Right.

    One would be that any problem involving personalities, finances, egos, pride, and status should be handled or resolved behind closed doors with only the parties involved.
    Most of us are in this for ideas, issues, and agenda. We don’t know what is happening with the various individuals, and we don’t want to be forced to take sides based on ‘he said, she said’. Friberg could be right or wrong, but most of us have no way of knowing since Morgan and Johnson might say different.

    Now, Friberg’s accusations are serious and need to be resolved if possible. But since they are legal matters or personal issues, they need to be dealt with on a mano to mano basis with individuals involved. For most us, Johnson or Morgan has or hasn’t value based on their ideas that we can judge for ourselves. Everything else about them is, for us anyway, a matter of hearsay, rumor, accusations, and etc that we have no way of verifying. So, most of us would rather not ‘go there’.

    Also, Alt Right should avoid any cult of personality. We mustn’t become blind followers of certain ‘rightful leaders’. We all need a bit of skepticism. So, even if Friberg is right about Johnson and Morgan’s character, there is little danger for most of us since we will judge them only by their ideas and never look to them as fuhrer.

    Now, I can understand why Friberg wants to make this public. He contends that Johnson and Morgan tried to besmirch his reputation. Also, he wants to warn us not to follow or rely on would-be-leaders or spokesmen lacking in character and decency.
    Fair enough. The problem is we have no way of knowing who is telling the truth since the other side can give a different narrative.

    So, the rule among Alt Right should be that Alt Right Platforms should be reserved only for ideological and political matters. Personal conflicts and individual spats should be handled and resolved through other means and forums.
    Facebook or twitter is OK for personal arguments.
    But a forum such as should be used only for ideological matters. If it is used to air personal grievances, the movement can just turn into court drama, and we don’t need that.

    • Gatzke

      “Never Punch Right” publicly.

  • You mean like a classic pincer strategy: apply pressure on one front, and offer an easy “solution” on the other?

  • As a businessman who has donated $ and not as an activist, it is clear as day that you people need to start using the TELEPHONE and stop sending passive aggressive little notes and emails and Tweets to each other. I have cleared months-long issues in five minutes on the telephone. The much-maligned Boomers are much easier to do business with (and better at it) than you because they, you know, pick up the fucking phone and call you. Screen shots of faceberg posts is not communication.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      “The much-maligned Boomers are much easier to do business with (and better at it) than you because they, you know, pick up the fucking phone and call you”

      This is a good point. I handle ZERO real professional business over email and social media. Any serious business or discussion gets done in person or on the phone. I actually like working with Boomer bosses because of what you just said. Gen X bosses are the worst and tend to be passive aggressive flakes who don’t answer the phone or want to meet in person. Most Millenials haven’t risen to management positions yet so I can’t comment on them.

      • Gatzke

        Indeed. Boomers are so good at business, marketing, and selling that they sold ….

  • machiaevil

    Morgan was always a weasel, I recall him praising the Maidan Jews so it was to be expected he would end up in Grindr Greg’s lap.

    • Greg is one thing, but I feel like most of the criticism of Ukraine is horseshit vatnik propaganda. Ukraine is not uniquely pozzed, and Russian neo-soviet/eurasianist politics are an equally odious contrapoint to American imperialism.

      • machiaevil

        You seem to have escaped from some “muh neo-Soviet aggression ” mainstream media watching patriotard Russian conspiracy kookery forum, and we keep you faggots locked for good reason. Ukraine is a failed state of degenerate critters serving as props in the Pentagon’s latest apocalyptic blockbuster, complete with Reagan statues and “we love freedom” chants. Ukrainians are subhuman filth who crave totalitarianism and Murikwa is happy to provide it.

        • You’re clearly drowning in the Putinnigger kool-aid. It suffices to say, a consistent nationalist would support Ukrainian nationalism, and not the imperial urges of their neighbor next door.

          • machiaevil

            Oh look a Hillary-voting CNN-watching tard drops all pretenses in supporting his kosher Soros-paid Jewish nationalists who fought to bring fag parades and NATO to Ukraine. You are clearly drowning in the same excrement as John McStain be sure to check with his twitter for updates on Russian “urges”.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            It’s fine to support Ukranian Nationalism in theory.

            But before you support this particular instance of Ukranian Nationalism you ought to look into what’s going on at a practical level, see whose interests it serves, who is benefiting and what the end result is liable to be.

            And there is a reasonable case to be made that it’s not going to end well, and that it serves the enemy, even if only inadvertently.

      • WHAT

        Ukraine is not “uniquely pozzed”, it`s just plain dysfunctional withot outside money and control. You have to be willingly blind not to see.

        • I think if large swaths of my country were ethnically cleansed and militarily occupied, and the other half were under softer domination by another power, methinks I wouldn’t be doing too well. Maybe outside control is the problem.

          • WHAT

            If khohol doesn`t want to be occupied, it should learn not to bite the hand that feeds. Easy!

          • They’re not even a people. The ones in the east are Polonized Russians, and the ones in the west are Russified Poles. Ask Romanians and Hungarians, and they will confirm Russia’s take, that Ukraine is an imaginary country built on stolen land (see: North Bucovina)

          • WHAT

            Austro-Hungarian Empire would like to add some input to that mix, but the gist is quite correct.

  • Sonnenrad

    hey guys!!

  • EvanMcLaren

    If Greg Johnson is running out of humanoid sources of relevance to which to attach himself, it’s possible Lucian Wintrich is in the market for a gay Hitlerite.

  • Andrew Joyce

    The tolerance of a more or less openly homosexual clique in this movement has bemused me for some time. While many commenters here have said something to the effect of “no punching to the right,” I have to disagree. A homosexual clique, (which Counter Currents seems at least in part to be) which acts in the manner one might expect it to (intrigues, bitchiness, sniping, back-stabbing, creation of drama) isn’t “to the right,” and certainly shouldn’t be viewed as such or defended on such grounds. Based on the account given by Mr Friberg, and corroborative evidence given by several others (as well as entirely separate accounts of different matters provided to me by senior figures), Johnson and those close to him have had a demoralizing and disruptive impact on a number of movement organizations for some time. In my opinion it is now open season on this clique. This is a great opportunity for movement catharsis. Conflict for the right reasons and in the right spirit is healthy, natural, and good. In this movement there should be no room for Jews, queers, or compromises.

    • Laguna Beach Fogey

      Based on the account given by Mr Friberg, and corroborative evidence given by several others (as well as entirely separate accounts of different matters provided to me by senior figures), Johnson and those close to him have had a demoralizing and disruptive impact on a number of movement organizations for some time.

      I can second that. I’ve been hearing it from
      leading WN/AltRight figures and writers for several years. Stay away.

      • jimmyt

        they also shit on anime, which is a non starter

        • AP Terhune

          That tears it!

    • William Shock

      Psychopaths with narcissistic egos are a big problem as well.

      • Are you implying that I am one of those? That is a serious accusation.

        • William Shock

          Yes, it is a serious accusation and if you are so concerned you should have thought about it before acting like a big drama queen.

          • “Homosexual witch hunt” for pointing out the subversive nature of homosexuals in our movement? I beg to differ. Are you a homosexual yourself, or what else motivates your white knighting for homosexuals?

          • William Shock

            If I was a “fag” you would be the last person on earth to know about it and speaking of “subversive” that pretty well describes your tactics. Perhaps you should concentrate on finding real leadership for the Alt-Right instead of micro-managing the comment sections.

    • William Shock

      Andrew Joyce in homosexual panic mode; God knows what his inner demons are.

    • A clique? A clique of what, one writer? Anyone else? People say the same thing about Richard Spencer and the Masculinists at altright. Are we supposed to take that on board too?

  • PoPshoveit

    As far as all the accusations go, I dunno, and don’t care either way. What I do know is Greg Johnson is one of the best in the “alt-right” at taking deep complexed issues and simplifying them for the normie to understand. He’s also one of the best I’ve heard (maybe other than Mike Enoch) at making the case for white people, to break them from this spell that it’s wrong the be a people, and stand up for themselves. Hopefully y’all can sort yourselves out, and get back to the business at hand.

    • davidex

      He’s a very good speaker and as you say, he has an analytical mind. He’s also a very good writer and he can be amusing and engaging. These are gifts that not many people have. Sounds like he’s got psychological defects that make him vicious and antisocial. Such people can still contribute from within strict “quarantine”. He can write lucid, resonant WN articles and publish them. He can speak to a clearly defined, agreed brief and engage an audience. Anything he does or says beyond the terms of the quarantine should be ignored or avoided. Is that workable? Trying to be constructive.

      • PoPshoveit

        Most every good writer/thinker in the alt-right most likely has some kind of psychology defect, just comes with having high IQ’s, and big imaginations.
        I don’t think Greg Johnson should be held in “quarantine”, although he pretty much does that to himself, tbh. I personally think if he chose to, he could be the leading voice in the alt-right. I mean, if the media was shook, and somewhat taken aback by Spencer’s intelligence, wait till they get a load of Greg Johnson. Spencer most likely has him on looks tho.

  • Melissa Mészáros

    Who is the real Daniel Friberg?
    I am compelled to write the following in regards to the recent slanderous accusations upon the moral character of Daniel Friberg by the two heads of Counter-Currents (we know who they are). I am doing this solely from an impartial perspective, even though I was involved in this matter.

    So, who is Daniel? Is he really an aggressive, alcoholic, self-destructive and delusional piece of shit who should be shunned from the nationalist movement forever, as Greg Johnson publicly claimed in a forum? Is Daniel an incompetant, womanizing slob who embezzles from his own company, as Greg’s partner described a number of times behind his former boss’s back last year? While I certainly haven’t known Daniel for as long as his close friends, and I would never presume to understand the intricate thought processes and deepest motivations that go on in someone else’s mind, I believe that after a year and a half of contact with him I’ve observed enough to see his true persona shine through the vile image created in order to assassinate his character and thereby transfer the control of Arktos into the hands of his rivals.

    Let me explain what I mean. To offer a few of the more harmless examples of this “vile image”:

    1. I was told that Daniel is a total slob, a terrible host at parties who offers only cheap drinks and no proper food.
    The reality is that he lives in a spotlessly clean, uncluttered apartment, and before inviting over even the most casual of acquaintances, he generously stocks up on quality whiskeys, wines, and beers, and the first thing he does is make sure every guest is comfortable and has a drink in their hands. He goes beyond being a kind host, and oftentimes lets friends stay for days or even weeks at his apartment, without requiring anything more than a “thank you” and occasional assistance in packing the dishwasher. He does not hesitate to show people around the city, take them out to dinner, even if he knows he’ll have to catch up on his work later.

    2. I was told Daniel is lazy, incompetant, and watches Trump videos all day while doling out unpleasant or menial tasks to his colleagues and never giving them a decent salary.
    The reality is I’ve never seen someone with such visionary passion work for literal days at a time on a project, hardly getting any sleep and sometimes forgetting to eat or go outside.
    In other people, he always sees the best — a great potential they may be capable of reaching, and he strives to make people aware of that potential through his work and conversations with him. The downside of this is that occassionally he is “too nice”, and overlooks the obvious harmful intentions some people may have for him.
    As for the low wages, it is certainly not Daniel’s fault that some colleagues spend all their money within two weeks after being given around three times the amount that average Hungarians make monthly.

    3. I was told Daniel doesn’t believe in normal relationships, but would prefer to have a harem of women beckon to his every call. I was told he “obsesses” over women, abused his past girlfriends, and so many other scary things that “I didn’t even want to know.” I won’t go further into detail than this, because the rest of the rumors are really entering into the sort of degenerate territory I believe only the accusers may be familiar with or at least actively fantasize about.
    The reality is Daniel is a man with class, standards, and a big heart. Once, this was normal, but now it is a rarity, in both men and women. He expects of his closest friends the same he expects of himself: honesty, intelligence, and a commitment to the European people.

    Daniel is not a coward, not a hypocrite, and not someone who wishes to lead from the shadows. He is not afraid to give his real name or identity. He’s not the head of Arktos because he’s hungry for attention. There is simply no one else who could fill his position or do what he does better. His life is the cause, his service is to his friends and, hopefully, to a Europe that will see better times.

    So, thank you, Daniel. Since we have known each other, you’ve helped me in more ways than you will probably ever know. I look forward to settling this particular matter and moving on to more productive things.

    • Thank you, Melissa! I am deeply flattered by your kind words.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      “he generously stocks up on quality whiskeys, wines, and beers, and the first thing he does is make sure every guest is comfortable and has a drink in their hands.”

      I want to visit Friberg’s European House of Hate!

      • katebushfan66

        me too.. wadda fella .. sounds like he has put up with a lot .. but if you have a sense of humour you can laugh at this stuff and motor on…

    • katebushfan66

      thank you Melissa.. you’re a cool cat.

  • davidex

    Isn’t this “washing dirty laundry in public” ? Seems like a very bad idea given the fragility of the Alt-right. Who needs to know this and why? If people take sides it could generate a schism which is OBVIOUSLY undesirable. Johnson is an excellent speaker and obviously a very valuable campaigner. Both Friberg and Johnson have made great contributions as far as I can see. We don’t want to lose either of them.

    • Washing dirty laundry in public is a fine traditional practice. Don’t worry about it. Furthermore, this article is extremely mild compared to what it could have been if we would have told the full details of this story.

      • davidex

        Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. I hope the work of Arktos has not been damaged by this. What actions are you recommending to readers/supporters?

        • Thank you! We are still going strong, and will most likely publish the record amount of over 40 unique books in 2017. Next out will be volume 1 of Alain de Benoist’s magnum opus “View from the Right”. To all our supporters, I would just say: Keep buying our books, as long as you believe we are doing a good job. We would never ask anyone for donations.

  • ChippyMcBarkles

    do either of these publishers even make money? who sells more books? If these questions cannot be answered it is clear that we have trust fund babies beefing over their online popularity… Jew Turd Enoch is doing more than anyone now and it makes me think we need to take to the streets, both homos and kikes will be kosher to WN, this movement has to be about putting the animals back in the zoo.

    • Yes, Arktos is currently a prosperous business, thanks to seven years of hard work for insignificant or no salaries. Thank you for you concern. And we never, ever needed to beg for donations to build our company.

  • Close comments. Ban the drama fags. Get back to business.

    • We are back to business. We’ve spent very little time on drama and quite a lot of time getting new important books out there and to improve this site.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    If Friberg is right, Johnson & etc. are shit.

    If Johnson is right, Friberg & etc. are shit.

    Most of us have no way of knowing.

    So, we need to move on without Friberg and Johnson and all those who’d waste time and energy on personal squabbles.

    Alt Right is bigger than either of them. And WE need to take charge.

    The fact that shit like this happens shows that Alt Right has yet to find its Merlin and Arthur. It’s just robber-knights bashing one another about who deserves to pull the sword out of the stone when they haven’t even figured out how to tie their shoes.

  • vadhajtáska

    At first I thought: why publish gossip articles like this on Then I saw James ”
    The Homo & the Negro” O’Meara in the comment section accusing people of being CIA agents… huh. I guess something is up.

    • disqus_7a1NyExMiZ

      Friberg has also retweeted an article that accused Johnson of being a Fed:

      • vadhajtáska

        It’s shitty if he did, but where is that tweet?

        • disqus_7a1NyExMiZ

          He removed it.

          • vadhajtáska

            There is no screenshot, archive, google cache page, or anything?

          • I have no memory whatsoever of retweeting that article (and even if that, which I don’t believe it is, would be true, it was obviously a mistake). Seems like something someone just made up to make me look as bad as Greg and James O’Meara.

  • Scott Schroeder

    Is Arktos even pro-white? What have they done to help get pro-whites in power?

    • Arktos is a publisher, not a political party. And why wouldn’t we be pro-white? 😀 Have you even looked at the 150 or so books that we’ve published — many of which are key works for our movement and have inspired and redpilled thousands of readers, including leaders of some of the most promising organizations in Europe as well as the US. I think that many people are willing to vouch for that.

      • Scott Schroeder

        In office is not in power. No one is more circumscribed in their actions than a politician. In power means you control public opinion. Right now the anti-whites are in power because they control public opinion. What has Arktos done to help get pro-whites in power? What have they done to discredit anti-whites?

        • Ok, short answer since I am in a hurry: We are not one of those publishers putting out anti-white propaganda.

          • Scott Schroeder

            That’s a silly answer. You have no interest in doing anything that might help get pro-whites in power?

          • It is not a silly answer. Most of Arktos’ literature is pro-white, and anti-modernist. And Arktos is not the only project I am involved in. The media company owning the website you are currently commenting on is another example. I have no idea what other answer or “proof” you demand from me exactly.

          • Scott Schroeder

            You said being a publishing house somehow precluded you from engaging in political activity. But all the anti-white publishing houses engage in political activity (anti-white propaganda).

      • Scott Schroeder

        Anti-whites maintain their power by calling people names like racist. What do you say when someone calls you a racist? If you don’t have an effective answer to that, you’re never going to take power and you’re never going to accomplish anything.

        HINT: if you say “yes, I’m a racist” or “no, I’m not a racist” you’re doing it wrong.

      • Scott Schroeder

        Almost every publishing house out there puts out anti-white propaganda all the time and none of them are political parties. The mainstream media puts out anti-white propaganda to brainwash and demoralize white people all the time and they’re not political parties. Academia puts out anti-white propaganda to brainwash and demoralize white people all the time and they’re not political parties. Political parties are way, way downstream from where REAL power is exercised.

      • Lord Momos

        Your are a founder of the Alt-Right are you not? Then you are involved and in charge of the flow of politics here. True, the Alt-Right is not a political party, nor can ever be one, but it is nonetheless a political movement, and since you are here, Arktos is responsible for whatever occurs on these pages. The question one should be asking: “Is Arktos pro-American, or merely just a patsy for Russia to awaken a Fifth Column via Eurasia?, since that is the agenda of Spencer also. Why else would you be based in Eastern Europe, the hovel of Europe?

        • I’m actually not. Richard Spencer is the founder of the Alt-Right. Regarding Arktos: We are neither “Pro-American” nor “Pro-Russian” — we are Pro-European (in a broad sense, including all other European descended countries) and Anti-Liberal, Anti-Modernist. And we are a UK company, with some co-workers living in Central Europe (and some in the UK, Germany and Sweden), not “Eastern Europe”. Your comment makes very little sense.

  • MartinA

    I trust what I read and I trust people that argue for our cause. That is ultimately the whole point of owning a publishing house. And yes, some of us might possibly be entrists and more of us will be corrupted once we gain positions and influence. This is unavoidable, our enemy is extremely powerful, has unlimited funds. And has access to what anyone has ever written on the internet, what anyone has ever googled. They know more about us than we do ourselves. And some of us will have weaknesses that they can exploit to corrupt us. So the important thing is the message that people spread. And here Friberg and Spencer inspire confidence, even if I personally do not agree with many of Spencers ideas they seem earnest and it is natural from his perspective to argue them.

    • Thank you, Martin. Wise words.

      • MartinA

        🙂 Imho, this is also why tolerance of one anothers “excentricities” is extremely important. Because it reduces our vulnerabilities. This is one great service that Johnson has done, being accepted in our movement as a homosexual makes all our closet homosexuals less vulnerable to blackmail. To take one example.

  • YonLittleSwine

    Several mentions of alcohol here in this discussion. Including this one: “…and the FIRST THING he does is make sure every guest is comfortable and has a drink in their hands.”

    Can white people do anything, anything at all, ever, without turning it into happy hour? Booze makes men stupid and gossipy, worse than old women, then they think they can turn around and save our entire race. LOL. Aryans are a bunch of alcoholics.

    • Come on, alcohol is part of our European tradition. And how exactly do you throw a house party for 15-20 guests without offering drinks? I’m guessing it would quickly turn into a very boring party. 🙂

      • YonLittleSwine

        Nobody, at least not me, is saying to ban alcohol. (OTOH, if a prowhite govt institutes White Sharia, then they’d have to go whole hog, wouldn’t they…maybe you could opine on that topic, I’d really love to read what you have to say.) I am saying that white people have a problem with alcohol, they don’t know how to do anything, handle anything, celebrate anything, mourn anything, without it. I can see only two portions of the world’s peoples who are overrepresented in alcoholism – aboriginals and whites.

        Now regarding your “European tradition” argument. Every generation inherits traditions – some are good, some bad, some neutral. But not a one seems to have the courage to sort them out. There’s a difference between serving a bit of alcohol on special occasions and needing it for all occasions, important or not. I simply don’t see white people doing anything without liquor anymore.

        OK. that’s it. Thanks for replying to my comment, in any case.

        • Short answer: I have never endorsed “White Sharia” and I view the meme as some sort of joke and never took it seriously.

    • Melissa Mészáros

      I’m sorry if I made that comment of mine seem as though we get drunk all the time. It was mostly to counter the lie that Daniel is a lousy and cheap host (which is just a tiny part of the many things a former colleague of his complained about to me).
      There’s always tea and coffee and juice and smoothies and hot chocolate available, too, but listing all the varieties of drinks Daniel is capable of producing for guests to his apartment is just getting beside the point. I hope you understand.
      As for drinking in general, it’s acceptable at parties, but obviously no one is forcing anyone to get drunk. It’s a different story if someone wants to stop, as a personal choice because they feel it genuinely hinders their work and damages their health. Otherwise, I don’t consider alcohol a danger. At this point, it’s mostly a personal choice that requires a moderate amount of responsibility to handle well.

      • YonLittleSwine

        While I was referring to whites & alcohol in general over countless generations, and not Daniel’s parties, I want to thank you for your polite reply. I was not expecting anything like your and Daniel’s responses at all – rather, a torrent of abuse. It is nice to hear that he makes all kinds of non-boozy drinks available at his parties.

        So many people (white folks) claim that they are “social drinkers” but I know quite a few of them and, trust me, they can’t gather with anyone, anywhere, for any reason, without getting jittery if booze is not available. They are lying to themselves. Alcoholism is a white man’s disease. There’s just too many of them, and they aren’t all Irish, who appear to have a particular predisposition to addiction.

        Thank you.

    • Rascal

      You wouldn’t be one of them “White Sharia memers” would you?

      • YonLittleSwine

        LOL. I am a girl, why would I do that. Yes, women need to smarten up. But we will not dress in big black gunnybags or hold still for a daily beating from our Lord and Master. More LOLs!

        • Rascal

          Fair enough, but if I have to give up drinking, you have to give up voting.

          • YonLittleSwine

            My dear Rascal – what an odd thing to say! Who, with 2 brains to rub together, would want to vote? I am going to wear out my entitlement of LOLs if you folks don’t stop all these jokes…

            Anyway, I don’t want to stop anyone from drinking alcohol. It would be a good idea if they took a good long hard look at the excessive role it is playing in the white people’s culture and try to figure out what is going on.

          • Rascal

            I am agreeing with you though. Western countries would be better if men reconsidered drinking and women didn’t vote.

  • vadhajtáska

    I took the time to read Greg Johnson’s response. He says little about the embezzlement. He claims it was confirmed to him by people who he trusts a 100%, but he didn’t start spreading it. The main focus of his 5k word essay is the Scandza Forum, and that he thinks Daniel doxed the organizers because he wasn’t invited. He presents some circumstantial evidence to support his claims (connections to Mathias Wåg).
    Honestly I’m not sure what to think about the whole thing. What a mess.

    • Moishe-the-Beagle

      For a self described disciple of plato, greg doesnt mind repeating hearsay as fact. He repeatedly uses the passive voice to obscure where he is getting his dirt on friberg. He starts by saying that he cheerfully agreed to be the “fall guy” for a bunch of people who have not had the honour to come forward and support him( or make good their alleged allegations against friberg), then whines about how unfair to him this whole controversy has been. Most risibly, he boasts of his highly attuned sense of honour but refuses to meet his opponent in public as challenged.

  • David Gellerman

    Greg Johnson’s attempt to make rhetorical use of the picture of Daniel Friberg and Mathias Wåg just lends new and added meaning to the word ‘moronic’.

    Mr. Johnson knows better. Way better. But the use of the picture, just as, apparently, everything else in his diatribe is in bad faith.

    I was there at the demonstration where the picture was taken. Daniel Friberg’s game at the demo was to hug, lift up and take selfie pictures with the cream of the crap of antifa activists. They didn’t see through his game because they didn’t know him by appearance, and when he acknowledged that the pictures would be used in the cause of Nationalism, whine was really in season.

    Mathias Wåg, who was in the antifa grouping, probably did recognize Daniel Friberg. They seem to have a grudging respect for each other’s tenacity and political longevity, if not for anything else. To think that Daniel Friberg would collaborate with Mathias Wåg is beyond ridiculous. Even if he should cross on the idea – he wouldn’t – the only person who would profit is Wåg, and Daniel Friberg would have nullified his 20 year work for the cause. Further, the purported collaboration would take place in the context of the purported collaborators deliberately openly appearing in the same friendly selfie picture at a demonstration, a picture that Daniel Friberg later published in order to complete his “mock the antifa”-scheme. Likely? Only if you have a grudge, and you are looking for useful crumbs however small, would you be able to claim that this is likely.

    Daniel Friberg is no saint. He once tried to effect a hostile takeover of a political party that I helped found. But that’s way in the past, Friberg has matured, and nobody I know about has done more for the cause. I have nothing to show, for 25 years of struggle, that begins to come close to what Daniel Friberg has accomplished. He could have gone into Corporate Sweden and made big money, but he selflessly chose to move to the ****-hole of India in order to give his fledgling business a good start. His business with Arktos is also the biggest and most important enterprise in our whole movement, which also indicates its purpose – to serve our movement. If you can’t see that, you are not seeing clearly.

    In his labor to besmirch Daniel Friberg, Greg Johnson keeps referring to Plato. But the person who is living the ideas of Plato, not just repeating Plato’s words, is Daniel Friberg, most relevantly Plato’s famous dictum “When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody may believe them”.

    This is becoming very ugly. But there is no doubt in my heart that I have chosen to side with the right side.

    • Thank you for your words of support, David. 🙂 I am not entirely sure I was actually involved in the attempted hostile takeover of the National Democrats however, even though I will absolutely agree with you that I am no saint, and have probably made some other mistake in the past that someone can hold against me.

  • majorpinkerton

    Herr Johnson has replied to this (as well as the previous) article addressing him on CC,

    I’m an outsider, I don’t know much, other than when Spencer and others threw Roman Salutes at NPI, Johnson had a big long hissy fit about how Spencer has “destroyed the movement” and wasn’t above counting Ram-Z (the real problem is the corrupt system) Paul as his fellow chosen to leave the wicked, corrupt alt-right. Seems like a very petty guy (in spite of some more positive qualities) from that alone.

    • vadhajtáska

      Richard Spencer only raised his glass at NPI, 5 guys in the audience did the salute with Mike Enoch. But yeah, Greg had a long hissy fit about being associated with “literal naziism” and likened it to pissing yourself on stage for attention. He is very averse to everything that can be associated with nazi imagery. His moral panics can be very tedious.
      Another example was when the DS trolled the Jews in Whitefish with saying he will organize an armed march, which according to Greg destroyed all the work he has done there. He didn’t offer any explanation how.

      • The criticism against “Hailgate” is ironic coming from a person (Greg) who is rumored to be an esoteric Hitlerist, regularly highlights Hitler’s birthday on his website, and is the main publisher of Savitri Devi, the mother of esoteric Hitlerism. For most people it is obvious he just used the occasion to take another swing at Spencer, as he has done so many times before.

  • jimmyt

    I’m less worried about homosexuals than I am about disruptors and deflaters.

    If your content centers around demoralizing and keeping the movement small, then you are a threat to that movement.

    Whether you are the “leader” or a “follower”, your role is to lift the movement and each other up.

    • These personality types do often go hand in hand, though.

  • William Shock

    Andrew Joyce; love your work but disagree with you on this.

  • William Shock

    Greg has responded to these allegations over at Counter Currents and I suggest readers look at the article before passing judgement.

  • Hereward

    What’s this about bank accounts? Extortion?

    If this account is true then are the police involved? They certainly should be.

    • If it was necessary, perhaps. But since we managed to resolve it without involving the police or filing an expensive lawsuit, we settled for just taking back control over what was ours.

  • jaye VBellis

    Does Arktos have a current web site where I can sample their books?

    J Ryan

  • Charley Howard

    don’t let the Jew weasel his way in …