10,000 Strong Muslim Rally In Cologne To Condemn Radical Islam A Complete Flop

The Leftist media has been drumming up support for a planned march that was supposed to prove to the world that most Muslims in Europe condemn the terrorist attacks. Cologne was chosen for its symbolism because it was the scene of a New Years mass rape by Muslims of European women.

They started hyping up this event, claiming that 10,000 Muslims would show up to condemn radical Islamic terror.

Turnout was nowhere near that number. The Cologne New Years “festivities” got far more Muslim turnout than this anti-terror march.

the “rally”

And this shows us the true face of those peaceful Muslims who ain’t never done nuffin- they are all more than happy to see Whites get blown up.

Furthermore, this was an attempt by the Leftists to fight a “Nazi” talking point. A lot of Identitarians and conservatives have noticed that Muslims don’t go on the streets to demonstrate against Islamic terror and show that they are horrified by what was done in the name of their great religion of peace. The Leftists have to step in and defend the Muslims because the Muslim silence is deafening everytime there is a terror attack.

Muslims are terrible at PR and don’t even try, so the Left has to constantly run around doing damage control for them.

Unsurprisingly, this rally was attended by about 20 Muslims (or just brown people, who knows) and 280 Leftists. Try to see if you can count out any more than 20 Muslims in any of the pictures taken of the event.

I sure can’t.

And you can be sure that the mainstream media will never admit that this event was a flop. Not after talking up the 10,000 attendees. The complete lapse in the narrative would be too jarring for even the most calcified normie to rationalize away. So of course, the media has tactfully chosen to remain silent on the issue.

What do you think is going through the minds of the white German Leftist cucks who planned that march or god forbid participated. Do you think they’ll question their beliefs about Islam after this shocking display of apathy by Muslims?

No, of course not. Virtue-signaling has nothing to do with Muslims or Islam, but everything to do with showing up the Bad Whites.

Furthermore, we’re dealing with European Boomers and cat-ladies.

And once again, the Left has to start cucksplaining the low turnout:

ITIB also drew attention to the fact that it would be just “unreasonable” and almost “impossible” for the fasting Muslims to rally and march through the city in the middle of a hot day with 25 degrees Celsius expected. Instead, the group said it will collect signatures under a joint petition against terrorism and for peace during the Friday prayer.

Another major Cologne-based umbrella group, the Islamic Council (Islamrat), which includes the second-largest German Islamic organization, Millî Görüş, among its 37 member groups, has also refused to participate in the rally, various German media have reported.

Ok, fine. It was a hot day. Germany is positively sweltering, especially when compared to the immigrants countries of origin in the middle-east and Africa…

But what about famously overcast London? Who came out to the events commemorating the victims of the London terror attacks?

Oh, that’s who. Curious… Almost the same demographic turnout as in Cologne.

And no Muslims in sight.

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  • This is why we can not focus on condemnation of Islamic terrorist attacks. The far greater danger is peaceful Muslims. Imagine if all Muslims integrated peacefully – it would be a bloodless genocide. Islamic extremists help us. Peaceful Muslims are the true danger.

  • I take great issue when people refer to jihadists, radical islam, muslim terrorists. They are just muslims. The quran is pretty clear on the issue of promulgating their religion. Everyone in the world must convert to islam on pain of death. The whole muslims marching to protest acts of violence perpetrated by other muslims is all smoke and mirrors. Their prophet gave clear direction on the issue of conversion or death. I have no doubt the mullahs and local imams are teaching a far more militaristic is their agenda. The massive movement of refugees to Europe and events in Iran and other countries demonstrate the commitment to a new caliphate. And not just in the middle east but into Europe as well. The only thing stopping it is Israel. And with Pakistan in the hands of white haters and muslim brother hood in egypt (and every place in between and to the south with sudan and somalia Israel does not stand a chance, even with their nuclear weapons.

  • anytime anyone suggests “ordinary muslims” dont support the radicals all you need to do is mention the soccer minutes silence snub.
    the saudi soccer team was told three days in advance that there was going to be a minutes silence for the victims and the decision was made not to participate. this was no cultural misunderstanding. it wasn’t just team members and team officials either. an Australian member of the crowd tweeted that the saudi fans were shouting while the minutes silence was going on. and as if thats not enough a Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi went on to explain that the players would have been ridiculed back home if they participated. “Sheikh Tawhidi says under Islam Sharia law it is not ‘wrong’ or a ‘sin’ for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim.
    ‘In their eyes the attackers are martyrs who are going to paradise. And if they stand for a minute of silence they are against their Muslim brothers who fought for jihad and fought the ‘infidels’,’ he said.
    Sheikh Tawidi also added the team would have been ‘ridiculed’ back home if they had commemorated the victims of the London terrorist attack.” QED.

  • These leftwing morons chose the wrong bogeyman. There’d be way more muslims showing up for a rally against evil white nationalists.

  • Full scale Islamization is not happening because the moslem currently sees the west as a field of warfare meant for plunder, they prefer to be isolated to their tribes, they take advantage and plunder where they can, young liberal women, government magic money, but if all the Europeans took up white sharia the foreigners would have a harder time gaining milky skinned wives and European wealth property, racism is not Haram is it?

  • As a mongrel race of semitic and negro stock, the arab is both brutish and somewhat cunning. He can chimp but also bide his time.

  • Battered ugly cat women with dried up holes and white men who like to see a primitive African do their wife in front of them. The capitulation of the brain dead left wing.

  • Brown people are loyal to brown people. What a shock. The only people NOT loyal to their own kind in large numbers are white people.

  • Even if the brown people never committed a crime they don’t have a right to be in white countries.

  • Sandniggers that usually live in the fvcking desert can’t handle a slightly “warm” day! #ALLMuslimsShouldDie!

  • If one reads newspapers from Islamic countries, one can not only find condemnations of terrorism on a daily basis, but also that some Muslims are actually very good at PR.

    I can understand the jealousy towards people who are actually genuine about opposing Israelis and LGBTards, instead of talking big online and then voting for the likes of Trump, Le Pen or Wilders, but the comment section is practically sinking to American Thinker or PJ Media levels with the lame overemotional beheading/goat/kebab/pedophile remarks.

    • Nope. The comments section at Daily Caller is total Dems are Real Racist and Our Greatest Ally.

  • The quran says all muslims are to conquer the planet for allah. Why the heck would they go to an event that counters their very religious purpose? They are not assimilating into western culture they are bringing their culture and gorilla warfare tactics. Wake up this is an invasion and they are using libs sympathy to open the door.

  • Muslims don’t need to do PR because all the mainstream media does it for them.

    Another thing to note is to observe the reactions to that recent fire in London, the majority of the victims were third world types, their reaction has been an ever increasing amount of anger at the government, there are no pop concerts planned or lighting candles and saying how “love will win”. If it had been mostly white people that died they would obviously not care, they would probably have mocked their deaths on twitter and the white people would have done their usual “love will win” routine. It is clear that the non whites have a sense of racial community and whites have none, which of the two attitudes that will win in the end is also clear.

  • Oh dear, it was just too hot for the poor Muslims at 25C. What a joke. 25C is not even that hot, I’ve worked long hours under full sun at 40C before. These idiots could have walked down some streets.

    The truth is that they don’t care at best or support terrorist attacks at worse. Muslims who genuinely care about condemning Islamic violence are unicorns.

  • The truly devout Muslim beheads you. The not-so-devout (moderate) Muslim applauds while the devout Muslim beheads you.

  • Moderate Muslim is bullox, I grew up in a majority Muslim area. It’s in their wog DNA, they have a visceral hatred of everything European and want to destroy us. Never once has one of them ever expressed remorse or criticised one of these attacks to me and amongst themselves they cheer it on. The fried kebab London towerblock is God’s or “someone’s” revenge against them.Goat f’ing scum!

  • If you know Middle Eastern culture it’s no surprise. They are the only weapon that can truly destroy the left in ways that no other “minority” group can. Other groups see what they’re doing and only use it to their advantage to get ahead and get free gibs they otherwise never deserved. Arabs on the other hand understand fully this bizarre attitude liberalism holds that basically treats all non-whites as if they have no agency. Treating them like children who could never be as smart as his white mother and father is like a gift from Allah himself.

    They will say and do anything to get what they what. It’s their culture and genetic predisposition. It would be a foolish mistake to underestimate them as we’ve already done in the West allowing them in. Once they feel strong enough and can take off the liberal mask they will slaughter them all first knowing their companions of their own blood on the other side would do the same rather than take them back.

    • It’s unreal how leftist don’t see the glaring contradiction in supporting a philosophy which is the antithesis of their own, wogs can do no wrong!

      • The marxist college educated dumb turds don,t want to see Syd they think by lovin up to the filth they are immune and every new attack they shout radical ,radical, to dumb to realize their all radical .Until we start to fight fire with fire we are going to get more of the same lots more.

  • The #1 victim of the jihad is the muslim that doesn’t support the jihad … they can’t afford the luxury of pretending.

  • The West will not survive the Boomer to GenX power transfer. The votes, wealth and ignorance of the Boomers are the only thing keeping Western nations from shattering.

  • How unreasonable to expect them to exert themselves on this march while fasting. They must save their strength for their next rape or murder.

  • you can be sure that the mainstream media will never admit that this event was a flop.

    So it’s up to us. All the “meme warriors” can juxtapose the headlines vs. the reality and keep pointing it out until people start complaining that we refuse to drop it. When people start complaining that you refuse to drop some issue, that is always because they don’t want the issue to be remembered.

    Nevar forget!

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