THOT Mercenaries For Hire

Fam, it’s difficult not to be black-pilled these days with everything that is happening on a daily basis. But in truth, I really feel like the tide is turning even though things seem very bleak at times. When it comes to my people, I am an eternal optimist without a doubt. But I’ll be honest, I watched a video today that got me fired up.

It’s a Marines’ recruiting video aimed at THOT lesbian bull-dykes who want to carry M-4’s and shoot desert Muzzies (or Russkies) on the front lines of whatever U.S. entanglement this POZ’d government is involved with this week.

Billed as:

“The fighting spirit lives within all Marines. It conquers fear. Doubt. Weakness. It drives us to serve our country and our communities. It makes us who we are: Marines.”

It starts off with a pretty little White girl protecting a classmate from a bully. Then, she turns into a tribade playing that All-American woman’s sport of rugby.  Finally, she is going full Rambo on the personae non gratae of the world. (Sounds like Bradley/Chelsea Manning had a love child.)

I am truly not a complete misogynist, just ask my wife (and she’d better agree with me or else); however, there are certain areas of life where I think women should and should not be. Three places that are absolutely off limits are: sports, politics, and the military. I know there are very rare cases where there is an exception to the rule, but this standard should be promoted and maintained almost universally.

Dealing specifically with the military aspect of this conversation, why would you want a woman on the front battle lines? How sick is it when they are needlessly maimed, injured, or killed? When they are captured, what do you think is going to happen to them after the enemy starts lining up to claim its prize?

The Services, especially the Army, have expanded the military occupational specialties (MOS) open to women purely as a part of the social concern for equality and have only paid lip service to combat readiness. . . . The Army’s own research indicates that the vast majority of women do not possess the lean mass necessary to meet the strength requirements for very heavy and heavy physical MOS’s.-Dr. William Gregor U.S. Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies

Even in our very own military, women are constantly sexually assaulted by American soldiers. There were almost 15,000 in 2016 alone, and women only make up approximately 15% of the total members. Moreover, I bet that you can surmise that the race of the perpetrators was mostly of something other than White if we judge based on all the scientific crime statistics that we have collected over the years. That means that we are sending our daughters off to be sexually assaulted by more Third-world Cultural Enrichment and Vibrant Diversity without even leaving our shores when we allow them to join the U.S. Armed Forces.

“Military women are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire.”


If our girls do manage to avoid the sexual assaults from Team USA, they now earn the privilege to be on the front lines of the battle field.

The Marxist Magic Mulatto once said,

“One of the qualities that makes America’s armed forces the best in the world is that we draw on the talents and skills of our people. When we desegregated our military, it became stronger. In recent years, we ended ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and allowed gay and lesbian Americans to serve openly — and it’s made our military stronger. Over recent decades, we’ve opened about 90 percent of military positions to women who time and again have proven that they, too, are qualified, ready and up to the task. In the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, our courageous women in uniform have served with honor, on the front lines — and some have given their very lives.”

This is a barbaric practice that just has to be stopped. Women already have the best job in the world, and that is to be the mother of our White children and wives to us. It is a great honor and should not be demeaned in any way. Our very survival depends on the symbiotic relationship that we have with each other.

Putting women on the front lines of battle to kill people, which is completely antithetical to their nature, is just crazy and wrong. There is absolutely no reason to integrate the military fighting units based on sex other than to promote leftist lunacy. Women are nurturers and caregivers by nature; they are not natural born killers, and it is a sick game the US government is playing by promoting this.

We all know the the US Armed Forces are not an instrument for good. They do not protect our borders nor keep us safe from harm from enemies both foreign and domestic. I do not mean to say that there are no good men and women within the ranks of the military because that is definitely not true. However, this placing of White women at the front lines is just another swipe at White men through use of the (((chosen people’s))) war on Whites playbook. This is an affront to our White core values and is part of the nonstop maxim that our women do not belong to us.


    • Ahahaha, (((semantics))).
      Thanks for the lulz, now I know of another way to make fun of the soljurrs.

  • Best way to destroy the US empire is if white males refuse to join the military and let all wars be fought be women, trannies, and diversity.
    Since men did all the dying since time immemorial, let the women do the dying for a change.

  • Of course women shouldn’t be in the military. But I’ve put the U.S. so far behind me emotionally that it’s fine with me if the fools in Washington put modern American women who volunteer up front to be killed.

  • Wow, such an active comments thread for such a recent post! First of all, I don’t generally mention specific posters by name but this UE6f….(whatever, get a real tag name) guy is LARPing as a holier than thou Crusader from the dark ages. The more post I read by him the more I thought I was caught in a time warp, glimpsing back to the days of holy knights.
    If we want the Identitarian movement to succeed we need to focus people! Stop making up hard rules beyond the scope of our core goals and values. If we demand the most “traditional” standards of all we alienate would be Normie converts. Those converts are integral to our success. Without them we are small, without more of us we have lost. The (presumably?) older female poster arguing for a more reasonable approach was right.
    So go ahead and call people like me cucks. Play the role of purist Goy in the room but remember that conversion happens in phases, it happens slowly. Believe what you believe but leave room for the new comers.

  • The article writer needs to clarify what they mean by “sports”. If they mean combative sports like MMA, Rugby, and American football, as I am going to assume and agree with, they need to put that in there. It will avoid a lot of hand wringing and whining in the comments.

    Girls playing volleyball, “soccer”, triathlons, etc, is fine with me.

    Other than that I agree with the rest of the article.

    • The success of white sharia highlights the lack of a coherent answers to the question of sex balance in our discourse. Will women be excluded from politics like they were most of our history or not? Will they be legal property of their fathers and men like most of european history yes or no? These questions are adressed by the sharia types and I see little from the other side to solve this issue. Needs to be adressed.

      • I thought that “White sharia” was just a way to mock White thots who welcomed refugees?

        I think it is plain to see at this point, that if we are going to talk about gender roles, and we actually mean patriarchy, we should just say patriarchy instead of using a meme to describe it. It is obvious that the phrase “White sharia” is divisive within our community.

        As for me? widely franchised voters in a liberal democracy is obviously a failure, so we should look at voting patterns and take it from there.

        • as far as I know the meme comes from sacco vandal at the war room and as he describes in his article that he is serious about it.

        • To most people in the movement “patriarchy” doesn’t actually mean that the demos, and women especially, will cede any of their license to an actual patriarch. It’s a word used to simply counter-signal feminists and uses the feminist conception of the word to mean late-stage (terminal, possibly moribund) liberal democracy and so is essentially worthless. Likewise “traditionalism” seems to mean that male leaders will be chosen by how wet they make female youtubers.

          White Sharia is obviously bad branding but it does at least denote something specific rather than these other buzzwords which are imbued with whatever meaning one wants them to have.

      • So what’s stopping you crediThor from putting in a little work for “the other side”? Anglin and Weev have shown a spot light on a big problem: white women are out of control. They have argued that this being out of control is just really a collective cry for help. Women need and want to be dominated. They are looking for strong men to father and protect their offspring. You know there is no reason for me to reiterate their arguments.
        Why don’t you go to Aaron Kasparov’s YouTube channel and take a look at the video he made of one of Anglin’s posts. The title is White Sharia: Consider the Following. At 3.5k views I would say it’s doing quite respectable. Show me that you really understand what is being argued about.
        As it stands what you, and what I call the purity maven brigade, have added to this debate is this: there are individuals at TRS and the Daily Stormer with Jewish heritage. No let’s make that the strong version: they are Jews. Well this troubling. But, as far as I see it the most troubling aspect is that both of the individuals in question have made valuable contributions to the movement. In my mind if this true it is more of a predicament then a problem. A predicament made far worse by the fact that these individuals did not feel they could be honest. I would say that whiteness and honesty go together. So either we can: ” what can you expect lying Jews”. Or perhaps happens: “wow! not enough whiteness all around with all this lying”‘

        • Good video by Kasparov. I watched the commentary vid from Pale Hominid as well. Kasparov explains in structured and concise way why we need return to traditional values concerning sex relations. But right at the start, he begins with “but what you need to understand about the meme is that you should not take it literally”. Contrary to this the originator of the meme, sacco vandal at the war room is rather serious about it and rape gangs and such. Same goes for the jew (((weev))) and his pet goy Anglin as always plays it ambiguously.

          Later on he explains how sharia differs from traditional european social orders. So basically all the fuzz is about the controversy it creates. But here is to consider. Who do you want to adress with the meme? Fellow stormers? No, I guess you want to adress men (and women?) on the fence. And I bet you alienate more men on the fence with this type of poor word choice. They will equate sharia with beheadings and cutting off limbs and heads, ISIS and terrorism. Not with sexual relations saving the west. So the effect of this will be the alt right will get easier cornered and depicted as unstable, violent, dangerous extremist terrorism. Cornered right there with Islam, how the jews are busy depicting us for a while now. Remember that jewish kosher right battlecry: Islam is fascism, Nazis are Islamists or friends etc.

          Now, you can construe some imaginary benefits of this meme for it stirring up debate about sexual relations and whatnot. But ultimately in summary, and this is what the jews play for, the meme is excellent in cornering and smearing the AR with terrorist, islamist, violent, ideology. Driving off newcomers and the broader population.

          So ultimately this meme rather acts as a burner to nullify the take off of the idea that white men need to return to traditional gender roles, directing policy, defeating feminism. It is as if you walk through town with stinking shit stains on your clothing, trying to convert people to your ideology. “But they get angry and I made a big impression, shocking so many people” will not cut it here. Because once again, you do not supposedly adress the lefties who “respect” sharia. Weev is feeding you these kind of half truths and lies. The sharia respecting lefties won’t agree any of this anyway. Because those lefties are not who we approach and convince, they do not revise their views, are too invested in their own sophisticated illusions.

          You adress normal whites on the fence and normal whites associate sharia with beheadings, cutting off limbs and heads and dirty sandpeople who want to bomb their cities. So these are the guys you adress with a “sharia” meme. It is as silly as the “white jihad” video from National Action in England a few years ago, a similar fuck up.

          Then you have the next effect that it divides the AR. Stormers troll army and (((Enoch))) trs against all the rest.

          The whole act of the jew (((weev))), his constant glorification and call for mass murder, brutalization, violence and “rape gangs” now, is directed to make some young stormers commit very silly things and give the jews what they need to shut the internet down, ending free speech. I live in Europe. When the jews will succeed in shutting down free speech in USA it is almost over. We only can talk about this because in the USA it is legal. the jew wev was harrassing and chasing “antisemites” online with his troll crew before he went out of jail on a technicality.

          Back to sexual relations, I am waiting for Prof. K. MacDonald to give his promised review of the following title, on which he comments: “For anyone who thinks the Western tradition has been oppressive to women, I suggest feminist Mary Hartman’s The Household & Making of History” (his twitter)

          The issue with jews producing content for the movement. It is no surprise that they will give you valuable content. How would they gain trust and followers if otherwise. That is why naive whites ( i refer only to jew-naive whites as goys. (((Trs))) is calling you goys non-stop) go jumpt to defence when weev is outed as a jew and Enoch as well. They give you good content and implant sabotaging elements into it at the right time. See weev calling for mass murder, “rape gangs”, and to name our movement “White supremacy”. There exists the possibility that weev and Enoch are just jews who jumped the fence, but how probable is that? Given that Enochs jew trans admiring social justice warrior wife was on the fucking TRS radio citing a political satire poem for you goys right before the dox came in. You need to face reality, Enochs wife was in on it and they play you. Why? Enochs role could be anything: collecting data on the scene to implicate, dox or blackmail people. Also he was prominent in ridiculing israeli role in 9-11. You may laugh now, because you’re probably a trs goy.

          But wait till you watched “9-11 missing links” on youtube, by Mike Delaney. Enoch was so invested in shielding his tribe from that works findings. And I do not talk about steel beams here, but a body of research on the jews sitting at the core of the whole thing. The five dancing Israelis as an example. Aside from that another motive can be to amass as much control over the scene as possible. Why would the jews just in our case not be interested in leading the opposition? Sure they want to. So they give you some good content and then screw you over in the process. In the case of weev I would not rule out that he is a post-druggie freak out jew who just lost all direction now going off the rails with the most shocking and absurd movement his alienated troll personality can find. Or he is doing this on purpose, as he was chasing antisemites back in the day with his troll crew.

          To find out about sexual relations of our traditions, we can listen to Schopenhauer, look into history, even the Third Reich had sensible policy to women (nothing like Sharia by the way). I am waiting for Prof. Macdonald to write his review and adress the frenzy.

  • “THOT” has become the new “epic” or “sick”. As in, fucking annoying and needs to go away.

  • Better that a bunch of dykes get blown up fighting for “muh freedom” and “democracy building” in some perennial third-world cesspool that will never amount to anything courtesy of the inhabitants, than people who are valuable but misled into fighting for a state that seeks their demographic replacement in its insidious, unrelenting quest to create a “new” world that is brown and queer – like some Anglophone copy of Brazil, including every bad, unavoidable aspect of that hopeless and failed state.

    If it ever comes down to another war to spread the pozz, the opposition will have the best chance of surviving against these utter cretins. Those wars are ones that America must lose as they’re simply not going to have the moral high ground over the Russians, Syrians, Iranians or anyone else who war will be most likely declared against. It will also lead to an ever greater ridicule of the wretched American state – something which I personally believe is in everyone’s benefit. When people have no respect for it, it will collapse.

  • I don’t understand why you think women shouldn’t be involved in sports at all, there’s plenty of sports that suit women.

  • I’m not a supporter of women in combat, and in that sense I agree with the article, but all this whining about women’s sports? It is the least serious problem that we face right now.

    It’s sometimes hard to tell when people are joking, but I get the impression that some people here actually take the (((White Sharia))) nonsense from the (((Daily Stormer))) seriously. That is disappointing but at the same time not altogether surprising. Far-right movements, certainly the ones I’ve been involved in over the years, attract many young men who seem to despise women.

    Many women want to lead traditional lives as wives and mothers. We seek men who want the same, and indeed most far-right women actually walk the walk. But it is very off putting to see invective and thinly disguised hatred directed towards us from some on our own side, and to cap it all those who hate the most and shout the loudest are almost invariably NOT leading the traditional lives they claim to want others to lead. This sort of thing is likely to drive away many women who aren’t as old and thick skinned as I.

      • Maybe we have a failure to communicate here. When people think of “women’s sports” they think of volleyball, yoga, maybe field hockey, that sort of thing. Hitler would approve.

        All of which should be encouraged. Let’s face it, most Americans could use some more exercise, men and women.

        I doubt anyone is a fan of women’s basketball, and I thought that the Alt Right was officially anti-spectator sports. So whether or not women’s sports “suck” to watch is immaterial, isn’t it?

        Playing lacrosse or soccer on your local team is to be encouraged – sitting on your fat ass watching Negroes on TV should not.

      • I am not talking about sport, which is a trivial issue, but rather about the negative attitude toward women that I see displayed on this thread and in far too many other places.

        • its not a negative attitude its a realistic approach of saving them from their simple selves. making women feel welcome is not going to win this revolution

    • Any pro-white movement should expect to be attack by subversives – and (((subversives))) – pretending to be on “our side.” Anyone who has been paying attention for the last 50 years should know that.

      There’s a whole new crop of pro-White women that are also pretty damn traditional, which is awesome. Look at how “APurposefulWife” is being attacked by the media – and the (((Daily Stormer))) types – at the same time. Anti-whites and (((Hollywood Nazis))) always work in tandem, spend any time paying attention and you’ll see the pattern.

      On the internet there is an overabundance of “beta” loser boys, just ignore them and they will eventually go back to the Japanese cartoons.

      It’s all good, the fact we’re always being attacked is how we know we’re winning.

        • HR is completely paranoid. He thinks literally half the people in the alt-right are Jewish shills and controlled opposition. Alex Jones seems calm, collected and rational in comparison.

        • Why rehash it all over again? It’s run by a self-identified Jew, “weev” and it publishes Jews like Joshua Goldberg.

          It’s telling that JF and YF get so upset when it’s pointed out, but of course I don’t think that “literally half of the people in the alt-right are Jewish.” I’ve criticized two people on the “Alt Right” and the only person I’ve accused of being a Jew is “weev” – because he said he was Jewish.

          • I don’t care about Stormer as much as you do, I barely read it. You whine about Anglin constantly. It’s quite funny.

        • I’ll try this one. Aside from what HR said (and has been said repeatedly), imagine you are the ADL/SPLC, etc. You see that nationalism is making a come back due to the conditions that favour it arising again. What kind of nationalist movement do you want?

          Do you want one based on solid identitarian principles, perhaps using the ‘mantra’, which could attract widespread support? Or would you prefer one that bases itself on a defeated enemy that you and your ilk have spent 70 years teaching everyone was the epitome of evil?

          Hence the (((Daily Stormer))).

          • That must be why the SPLC is suing Anglin. It’s all just ZOG theatre.

            Punching right is stupid. Spencer never does it. So why are you doing it now?

          • It might well be. (((They))) have been known to be pretty devious! Perhaps it’s an ingenious way to raise shekles from readers to keep the site going. But of course that’s purely speculation on my part.

            I try not to punch right, but it’s pretty obvious to me that the DS is not on our side but rather an attempt to contain nationalism in a little Nazi cul-de-sac which 98% of White people won’t enter. Others may take a different view of course.

            On a positive note, I will say that the DS is attracting readers and getting the kids interested in far-right politics. It’s a gateway drug to nationalism if you will, a bit like Rand being an introduction for many into conservative thought.

          • “I try not to punch right, but it’s pretty obvious to me that they DS is not on our side but rather an attempt to contain nationalism in a little Nazi cul-de-sac which 98% of White people won’t enter.”

            If leaders like Spencer can keep their mouths shut over fellow travelers on the Alt Right who they disagree with, then so should you. Punching right serves no purpose.

          • Well, this is the first time I’ve brought it up, and only in response to some nonsense they’ve put out which I feel damages the movement. Moreover, it’s not a simple case of disagreement. Disagreement is fine; active subversion obviously isn’t.

            Imagine you’re in a war and you have reason to believe that someone is a spy. Is it best to keep quiet and wait to be led or diverted into your doom or to speak up and try to warn others?

          • If you accuse someone of being a traitorous spy, you damn well better have proof.

          • I think there is quite a bit of evidence, the whole Weev thing and publishing Joshua Goldberg (now there’s a great Aryan name!), for a start. But it depends on one’s interpretation I suppose.

          • Yeah, we’ve heard Hipster Racist talk about that Goldberg troll 6 million times in every thread.

          • Well, it is pretty damning when a ‘Nazi’ website publishes a Jewish ‘troll’…

          • The Goldberg guy was mentally ill and also posted Pro ISIS and left wing stuff. Hopefully Anglin has a better hold on who is writing for him. But point stands, I don’t see Alt Right leaders attacking Anglin. Because doing so serves no purpose.

          • As I said, it’s a question of interpretation, and it is possible for reasonable people to reach different conclusions. But my criticism is essentially a defensive action against silly nonsense like ‘White Sharia’ which serves no purpose other than to drive away good White people and White women in particular.

          • Yes, but some people take it seriously, as we can see from comments here, and that has an effect.

          • LOL nice attempt at damage control No, Goldberg was not “mentally ill” – that was his lawyer’s plea to keep him out of prison. He was a professional Jewish activist, publicized by the SITE Intel group (the same once that “discovers” ISIS videos) that was not only actively sabotaging the pro-white movement but even literally arranging Muslim terrorist attacks.

            I understand why you want to minimize it – your boy was caught red handed literally collaborating with the enemy, so you shed six million tears when the collaboration is remembered.

          • Occam’s Razor. Simple solution is most likely. The guy was probably mentally ill rather than some massive Conspiratard crap involving Anglin and ZOG.

            Again, if Anglin is a controlled shill, why is SPLC suing him right now? Why has Spencer not denounced Anglin? Probably because you’re wrong, as usual.

          • Yeah, nice damage control there. Goldberg was running dozens of “white supreeeemaists” sites on reddit. He was a *full time* hasbara operative.

            The original (((Hollywood Nazi))) Frank Colin was defended by a Jew lawyer while being sued by the ADL.

            Your boy got caught literally collaborating with the enemy, no wonder you get so triggered when people refuse to forget it. Say, didn’t one of your boy’s “IRL activists” just shoot two of his other “IRL activists?” Not to mention the fact it’s run by a self-identified Jewish felon?

            Quacks like a duck …

          • You didn’t answer any of my questions. Your sophistry is at the level of a Talmud scholar. So I will repeat them: if Anglin is a controlled shill, why is SPLC suing him right now? Why has Spencer not denounced Anglin?

            Goldberg has been found by the Courts to be Schizophrenic and mentally ill. But carry on with your conspiratard crap. Perhaps you would benefit from visiting Goldberg’s Psychiatrist…

          • Goldberg has been found by the Courts to be Schizophrenic and mentally ill.

            The Jewish judge gave the Jewish hasbara slap on the wrist and kept him out of prison? I’m like, shocked I tell you. But of course it had nothing to do with the fact the judge was a Jew – don’t want to be spreading any “anti-semitic conspiracy theories!”

          • Still didn’t answer the questions. Why? if Anglin is a shill, why doesn’t Spencer say so? Why is the SPLC suing Anglin? These should be easy to answer.

          • When you say things like” DS is not on our side”that is hardly opening the gateway to nationalism for the kids you speak of.

          • You “punched right” when you attacked Renegade. If (((Daily Stormer))) is “to the right” then Renegade is “to the right.”

            In reality neither (((DS))) nor Renegade are “to the right” – they are just troll platforms.

          • I didn’t go to the (((DS))) and “attack” them either – only when they come here and troll pro-white people. I realize you have some fixation with Renegade, and me, but you’re the one “punching to the right.”

            Stop punching right.

          • It’s lame how you just repeat and rephrase comments you’re replying to. You really are a terrible writer. You’re as unhinged as Renegade with this constant need to tone police Andrew Anglin. Mentally unstable people like you and Renegade suck.

          • WTF are you even talking about? I’m not “tone policing” Anglin, I didn’t even bring up Anglin, and I couldn’t really care less what Anglin does on his troll site. Who cares?

            You’re obsessed with me, it’s odd.

            Stop punching right.

          • “I didn’t even bring up Anglin, and I couldn’t really care less what Anglin does on his troll site.”

            Yeah except you whine about Anglin constantly. And here’s your post about Anglin in this comment string. Forget what you posted a few hours ago? You’re not very good at this.

            “Look at how “APurposefulWife” is being attacked by the media – and the (((Daily Stormer))) types”

          • Semantics. Stormer is Anglin’s site. You literally said you didn’t bring up Anglin right after you attacked the Daily Stormer. You sound like a politician right now.

          • “Weev” is the one that actually runs the (((Daily Stormer))) – Anglin is merely the avatard. I didn’t bring up Anglin, others did.

            Keep swinging and missing, your agenda is clear.

          • Daily Stormer is not grandma’s nationalism.

            Show grandma RamZpaul or something.

            Daily Stormer appeals to young men, the group that is the most radical and potentially revolutionary.

            Young men are concerned about THOTs. And young men will always talk in a way that offends women.

            Constantly tone policing Stormer is like when feminist bitches get a job at the mechanic’s shop and force the mechanics to take down the swimsuit calenders of women posing with wrenches and force them to stop making lewd jokes by filing EEOC complaints.

          • RamZPaul is a solid and consistent advocate for White people whose message can reach and convince normal White people.

            I think it’s great that young men are becoming radicalized and leaving behind the stupor of drugs, television, masturbation and video games, and if the DS plays a part in that then it’s all to the good; however, channeling that energy into something that 98% of White people will never support does not help our people, and it is astonishing that I need to point this out.

            The BNP was subverted by the state; all serious nationalist movements are at some point. That’s not to say that they didn’t create most of their own problems, but the subversion happened and I saw its effects.

          • One of the saddest things to watch over the last few years has been the deterioration of British Nationalism. Every year our movement becomes more similar to America’s (((Hollywood Nazi))) nonsense, and every year fewer good people have any interest in joining said movement.

          • Yes it seems to go in two directions: the kosher civic nationalism of UKIP, which in fairness achieved Brexit but now seems to have little future; or the extreme Nazi-inspired groups like National Action.

            I had a debate on Twitter recently with a young man whose argument was that National Action had been more successful than the BNP because it had been banned, while the BNP had merely got politicians elected to the European Parliament!

            I just wish that we’d look at what works in other countries, like the DPP in Denmark, which has been in government and got some very tough immigration policies enacted and even a declaration that Denmark is a Danish country and that no area of it should have a majority non-Danish population passed by the parliament there. And in terms of youth movements, we need to look at Génération Identitaire in France. They don’t deal in ‘Gas the kikes, race war now!’ edgelordism but rather a message based on ‘This is our home, and we want to keep it for our people’, which is something that normal White people can get behind.

          • GI is legally forbidden from discussing many of these topics in a frank and honest manner

          • Yet despite those legal restrictions it manages to put out an uncompromising identitarian message that attracts the young and can gain support from ordinary White people.

          • GI’s rhetoric is significantly inflected with Civic Nationalism now, and it also unsuccessful so far. France also has outrageous youth unemployment. Its’ not really astonishing to be able to gather so many young people when so many don’t have any outstanding commitments on their time literally years on end. America would have burned down already if we had all of our prole youth on welfare instead of wagecucking 50+ hours a week. Idle hands.

          • I’ll reply to both your posts in one, though the lower one is hard to respond to since it doesn’t really treat of anything I’ve said but is rather just you asserting what is necessary and what supposedly stands in your way.

            But you say you want to win. That’s a good start, so let’s talk numbers. Robert Edward Ransdell ran for senate in Kentucky with his slogan, ‘With Jews, we lose’. He was backed by the DS and ‘Anglin’s troll army’. He got 53 votes out of the nearly 1.5 million cast. In Denmark, an openly national socialist party ran in the municipal elections a few years back. Across the entire country, it gained just over 500 votes.

            The DPP in Denmark, on the other hand, has been in government and got things done to defend the Danish people in their homeland. GI isn’t really about electoral politics but rather about shifting the overton window by putting out an identitarian message and directing people toward voting for the Front National, whose own youth wing is in rude health.

            Now of course you might say that DS is far more like GI in its role, and that is undoubtedly true, but where does it lead in terms of political impact? No one is buying what Anglin and his acolytes are selling. As shown in election after election, there is no market for it in America and Western Europe. None. And so it leads nowhere, which is, as I have explained above, precisely the point of the DS: to take the energy and anger of disaffected young men and channel it into somewhere it can do no harm to the established order.

          • No one is buying what Anglin and his acolytes are selling.

            This is truly “Faster Horse” territory. What the public is in the market for is killing us, so what they want has to be opposed, not catered to. DS has a larger readership than every other identitarian platform combined so clearly someone is buying.

            Notably no one was buying talk from communist terrorists in the 60s about home invasions to kill pregnant white women and babies in the 1960s, but in 2008 Barack Obama launched his presidential campaign from the living room of a man who ousted members from his organization for cucking on the White Baby Question.

            We don’t have that kind of time obviously, but you are going to have to accept we probably aren’t going to vote our way out of our problems and so radical right-wing youngsters are more valuable than apolitical normies who will never, ever stick their neck out.

          • Electoral politics obviously has its limitations but it is how political change is made is our societies, and that is likely to be the case for a long time yet. Parties with an identitarian message can get into power in parts of Europe; and even where they can’t, they can shift the overton window sufficiently so that other parties are forced to adopt their rhetoric and policies. That is real politics: the business of taking power and effecting change.

            DS has a large readership, it is true. But what are those readers doing to effect political change or to shift attitudes? Very little, from what I can see; rather, they seem to expend a lot of effort undermining and alienating their own side.

            If you want to win, then looking at what has worked and copying and adapting that to your own context is a good strategy. Waiting for revolution is not.

          • People like yourself relentlessly attacking DS et al and seeking to exclude them isn’t them undermining and alienating anything. It’s you, and here you are engaging in a stereotypical DARVO attack.

            Waiting for revolution is not.

            No one is “waiting for revolution” nor is it what anyone has suggested. The demographic you wish to cater to is just fundamentally apolitical and you are making excuses for them by pointing your finger at people already invested in preserving the race. You want happy people who don’t have problems on your side. What exactly are you going to sell them? What is your pitch? Them agreeing with you can only possibly make their lives worse.

            The problem is intractable. “Revolution” would obviously be a Plan B, or Plan C but the very fact that your mind would gravitate there means you are basically a fanatic already, no matter if you conceive of yourself that way. You view the problems we face as being existential. It is do or die. It’s basically impossible to be a moderate in our movement and that has less to do the issue of our views being socially unacceptable as it does with them being existential, and as such reserved for being placed outside of normal political activism.

            Most people:
            Do not campaign.
            Do not donate.
            Do not proselytize.
            Do not even vote.

            Out of that self-selected minority of people that do those things and more, this mode of activity is exclusively reserved for non-existential issues. Political activism for your average activist can only exist inside the current circle of political unity. If it does not exist there then said activist is actually a revolutionary even if they are not currently engaged in a hot revolution. They can’t capitulate even if their efforts produce no results and the more they lose the more radical they will have to become. We are all in a position that if Plan A fails we know there will be a Plan B or C enacted because we aren’t really political activists. You are asking people to join a revolutionary movement, even if you aren’t asking them to engage in violent revolution…yet. This is seemingly impossible to conceal from either supporters or opposition.

          • I’m afraid that you have it completely backwards. I want those young people involved in doing productive and useful things for the White race. It is the DS, etc. that is ‘excluding’ them by leading them down a road to nowhere, dissipating their energy and consigning them to irrelevance.

            The demographic I wish to appeal to is White people, 98% of whom have or will ever have zero interest in the Nazism that the DS espouses but a decent number of whom can be attracted with a solid identitarian message, as we have seen in various European countries. Here’s a newsflash for you: in order to win power or influence those in power in a democratic society, it is necessary to have a broad appeal. My pitch, therefore, is one based ‘This is our home. Let’s keep it for our people’, ‘End third world immigration’, and the ‘Mantra’ and suchlike. These messages have been shown to work.

            As for the rest of your post, there are a lot of words that seem to have very little connection to what I’ve said. I am not waiting for revolution; I am saying that such an attitude is counterproductive. In this very thread there are people saying things like ‘we need people to fight in the war’, etc.; and such attitudes are fairly commonplace, whether it be waiting for revolution, war, or the breakdown of society for some other reason. It is likely to be a very long wait.

            I’ve known a few American ‘preppers’ for quite a while. Some of them have been preparing for 10, 20 or even 30 years. Of course there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for the worst, and indeed such activities may be a useful way to interact with other White people, but they are not a substitute for political action. Society rumbles on, and these people keep waiting for something that is very unlikely to happen. We need to take action within the context in which we find ourselves.

          • Yes, they have. And I provided some examples of that.

            But let’s hear your plan.

          • I agree 100% Kate, it’s a real shame that our movement seems stuck between role-playing as Germans and Civic Nationalist nonsense.

            Ultimately, the goal must be to create a uniquely British movement which resonates well with our people’s unique mentality, history, and culture. It’s definitely a monumental task – but I have confidence in our people’s ability to keep calm and carry on.

          • Surely the answer was Nick Griffin trotting out BNP Sikhs as “Civic Britons”!

          • He could have accepted non-whites. But there was no need to virtue signal and trot out bearded, turban wearing Sikhs like Griffin did.

          • well people being interested in movements are worthless anyway. we need people rdy to fight for our survival

          • That’s because British Nationalism is only legal in America and people like yourself were unsuccessful from preventing this turn of events and now more radical solutions are necessary. Unfortunately we aren’t exactly dealing with a bunch of geniuses so everyone’s radicalism is idiosyncratic and ineffectual. If you are such a braintrust you should provide them with leadership, although I suspect you’ll just cluck at the proles indefinitely.

          • Of course you would hold Ramzcuck so highly and get triggered by DailyStormer. You’re just another dumb broad who hasn’t been put her her place yet

          • And you are a silly boy who prefers nonsense LARPers to serious advocates for White people. We clearly want different things out of the movement.

          • kate you just have to learn one way or another your voice means nothing at the war table. without a uterus women have little to no value for a society. its just the way it is

          • This is precisely the kind of low-quality trolling we could do with seeing less of.

          • I don’t get upset when a girl/dog calls me a boy. You dream of getting smacked around and pounded by guys like me.

          • We want to win, which is going to require middle-aged and older men leading cohorts of young and radicalized malcontents. Young men who are angry and like being angry.

            DS and other similar outlets are serious advocates for the up and coming generation. You and Ramzpaul are simply uninterested in engaging in activism which you can’t pass off as
            “respectable” and which would make you socially uncomfortable. No stance which would require a woman or a noodle-armed, no jawline boomer look another man in the eye and either win him over or force him to deescalate conflict with force of personality will ever be advocated.

            You basically view the inclusion of young men and your age cohort of liberal feminists who happen to find nogs uncouth as mutually exclusive. You are free to be a fool, but you’d be better off staying in your own lane and figuring out ways to blame the behavior of young white men on our fucked up society instead of trying to exclude them from our currently shared political sphere just like they’ve been excluded from virtually every other avenue of public discourse in modernity.

      • Oh yes, I’ve been around for long enough to see and experience (((subversion))), and also not to let the views of a few silly boys bother me personally.

        What concerns me, however, is the impression that this kind of thing makes on pro-White women who are looking into the movement, perhaps thinking about getting involved politically, etc. What are they going to think when they read the comments here?

        And I don’t think that all or even most are doing it to subvert the Alt-right or even just to be edgy; many genuinely hold those views.

        But as you say, there seems to be a new generation of traditionally minded women coming through, and all the invective they receive from the usual suspects tells me that they’re on the right track.

        • Oh great. This is why we can’t get anywhere. Anybody who isn’t first wave feminist tier is automatically a Jewish covert agent. You’re not traditionally minded just because you hate modern feminism. Most people do, even many thots. If you cake makeup on your face, expose your body, and put yourself in the middle of man’s game like politics you are not traditional.


          • We traditionally respected our elders because they were vicars of tradition itself, manifestations of wisdom the tribe had passed down through generations. You, on the other hand, are a subversive feminist pushing degeneracy that is only slightly less worse than what we have today.

            EDIT: And just because you’re a thirty year old hipster only slightly older than me does not make you my elder

          • Yeah, grandma Hikes is the thought leader we need right now.

            btw Hitler was never properly married and never had children so he should never have uttered anything concerning civilizational matters by your standards.

          • Advocating that virtually all young men should be excluded from political life and all women should be included as a rule does, and a fairly radical feminist at that.

          • Was that stated somewhere? I seem to have missed that statement.

          • You’re right, but defending feminism does make you a feminist. Advocating making women like men is not defending them, it is hurting them.

          • Older than you does mean “elder”. That’s pretty much the definition of elder. Unless we’re talking the Melchizedek priesthood. Which I don’t want to do because I think it’s a boring subject. I’d rather talk about boobs. Or Italian cuisine. But, really, boobs.

          • I’d put you in the silly boy category not the covert agent one. How on earth would you know how I dress and whether I wear makeup? (And also what an odd thing to say – women have used makeup and suchlike for personal adornment since before settled life arose).

            As for the ‘man’s game of politics’, women have been involved in it since politics came about!

  • was in Korea last 6mo of war and 1 yr. never saw a round eyed woman.
    can’t imagine how much tougher that would have been with women marines

  • A woman lost in battle is an irrecoverable womb. Not so for a man lost in battle. In the final analysis most men are superfluous; but every womb counts.

  • Seems this article triggered some people. Good work.

    Competitive women’s sports are an issue although we don’t really know how much of an issue they’d be if we didn’t have Eskimos weaponizing every aspect of our culture.

    The logical end result of women’s competitive sports is selection for the most masculine women and eventually African hermaphrodites who physically resemble males and have extreme hormone profiles but can technically pass a gender test. See Caster Semenya. He/she wasn’t the only black with this sort of condition being groomed for olympic competition. And they have a huge advantage over actual women by virtue of the fact that they are intersex freaks. Luckily, it seems this phase won’t last long and we will move quickly towards actual trannies dominating all women’s sports.

    Even at less competitive college levels women’s sports offer status to masculinized proto-bull dykes and encourage masculine behavior.

    On the other hand, there is something of a tension between the dangers of women’s sports and the tendency of sedentary white women to grow immensely fat.

    There is probably some sort of healthy middle ground that could be reached in a sane culture, but it probably doesn’t involve taking women’s sports seriously.

    P.S. Remember the Alt-Right is also critical of many aspects of male sports culture in the current year. How could something so incredibly Eskimo-ed not have major problems?

    • “On the other hand, there is something of a tension between the dangers of women’s sports and the tendency of sedentary white women to grow immensely fat.”

      Women don’t need to be playing sports to stay in shape; gardening, parenting, cleaning the house, scrubbing the floors and toilets, doing laundry/dishes, all these things require an active woman. We don’t need our women pretending to be men by playing sports just to stay in shape.

      Sedentary fat diabetic land whales won’t be a problem in the ethnostate because they will all leave to pursue their coal burning desires in mud nations.

    • “Seems this article triggered some people. Good work.”

      Nothing defines the right at this stage more than counter-signalling and cucking.

      • Absolutely true, nothing delights the typical troll crowd more than a chance to counter-signal against normal white people and posture as “more hardcore than thou.”

    • Sorry, it’s official – Hitler was pro-women’s sports, so we have to be pro-women’s sports. You aren’t going to question the wisdom of Hitler, are you?

      Back here, in reality, women’s pro sports are not an issue that anyone needs to concern themselves with. On the list of 10,000 things wrong with our culture, surely women’s pro-sports are somewhere around 5,000.

      Women in the military, especially in combat roles and other men’s roles (as opposed to say, nurses?) That’s an actual issue, a political issue, something that affects real White families.

      But we’re going to get our panties in a bunch over high school girls playing volleyball?

      One can only assume that the Alt Right has grown so large and has become so popular it’s time to start turning as many normal White people away as possible, especially healthy White women who stay active and aren’t obese.

      I must be behind the times, I didn’t realize the Alt Right had advanced so much in the last year.

      • Yeah, no. No one said anything about basic fitness or recreational sports. The specific problem is glorifying dykes and using them to teach young girls to be as non-feminine as possible.

        Please pay attention.

        • Yeah, as a matter of fact, that is exactly what people were complaining about. As is typical, a perfectly good point about sex roles was used by the Usual Suspects to blame their failures with women on everyone but themselves and to engage in their fantasies of having authority over women.

      • The masculinization of women (and effeminacy of men) is one of our top problems, and is linked to sports culture, although of course sports only contributes to a trend and is not solely responsible.

        I don’t claim to have all the answers, I just point out problems when I see them. You apparently prefer to deny a problem exists and then go ad hom on those who talk about it.

        Women’s sports has clearly become a grotesque parody.

        As for Hitler, he was good for what he was, but that is hardly conclusive proof that 1930s sex roles are some timeless optimum that we must model our society on.

        NRX and Trads are fond of mocking the Nazis as feminist. While I would dispute that claim, and argue that Nazis were good for what they were, there is some validity to the criticism that many internet Nazis are feminist, in the sense that they have internalized modern sex roles as an ideal.

        • I’m not denying the problem exists, I’m first of all suggesting that women’s sports is not even close to our major problem – just like women in STEM, or “blacks on blondes,” despite the constant propaganda most white women just respond with a “meh” – and second of all suggesting that shitposting about women online and attacking female commenters isn’t in any way “traditional” it’s just more internet trolling by the crank crowd. It does nothing but retard the growth of the pro-white movement.

          Notice if these cranks want to go to an anti-white site and troll anti-white feminists, I’m certainly not going to stop them. But why do they want to attack women that are sympathetic to the pro-white cause? To ask the question is to answer it.

  • Personally I don’t have a problem with women playing sports, particularly white sports like swimming and skiing but there is one place they definitely shouldn’t work and that’s men’s prisons because they can’t be armed and have to have men guards escorting them otherwise they get raped by Tyrone.

  • Personally I am so happy that I did not serve in the military. With the way this country treats white men I would not want to risk getting maimed or injured or at best have PTSD like my grandfather did post WW2.

    We are fighting bullshit wars to uphold our shitty “values” such as equality which really means “take power away from white men”.

    P.S. I seriously question if integrating the military made us “stronger”. I would think just the opposite. I’m sure the writer cited is a leftist but still.

    • The ” Marxist Magic Mulatto” cited was not only a leftist writer, but also the 44th President of the United States.

    • With a segregated military the USA had a war record of 6 & 0 (just counting major wars)
      Since we integrated during the Korean War we are 2-1-1 and those two wins were bth against the Sand-N^&%#$s of Iraq.

  • Id also add that women should not be in any kind of managerial or executive type position in the work place.

  • “One of the qualities that makes America’s armed forces the best in the world is that we draw on the talents and skills of our people. When we desegregated our military, it became stronger. In recent years, we ended ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and allowed gay and lesbian Americans to serve openly — and it’s made our military stronger.”

    Using that logic, Brazil should have the strongest military in the world. It sure has a lot of blacks and mulattoes.
    And the German military should have sucked, but it was, pound for pound, the best military in WWII.

    By the way, what war has the US won since racial integration? It fought to a draw in Korea, lost in Vietnam, made a mess of things in Iraq, is still mired in Afghanistan.

    PS. Why did Prussia defeat Austro-Hungarian Empire even though the latter had 4 times the people? Prussia was all German whereas Germanic folks made up only 1/5 of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It did lead to much cohesion in the military.

  • Now woman cannot play sports?

    As Millennial Woes and many others have recently voiced, the Alt Right is quickly becoming a dead end, as it continues to alienate normal people, including reasonable minded Identitarians.

    • Yeah I don’t get that argument. Playing sports and staying in shape means a woman is being recruited by ZOG!

      • Women don’t play sports to stay in shape no more than they become combat Marines because to display honor and duty. They do these things because they are traditionally male activities and they want to be rebellious and subversive. Quit kidding yourself.

        • Sorry, I don’t think the high school girl’s volleyball team is subversive. The Bund Deutscher Mädel encouraged sports for girls.

          • Young girls can enjoy recreation but encouraging women into competitive sports leagues where they just become products for ZOG who vainly pursue their dead end hobby is unhealthy and subversive.

          • I don’t disagree with that. There should also be no women in boxing or Ultimate Fighting. But the author was not clear on what he meant.

          • I agree, no combat sports but white sports like volleyball, swimming and skiing are fine IMO.

        • Sports suited to women are fine as a part of childhood development. Once they are adults there is little reason for women to play sports unless it is to stay in shape. There should be no professional sports for women and very little for men for that matter.

    • I’m sure they mean men’s sports.

      As Millennial Woes and many others have recently voiced, the Alt Right
      is quickly becoming a dead end, as it continues to alienate normal
      people, including reasonable minded Identitarians.

      There are some – plenty of this forum – that believe that the Alt Right exists to give them a place to signal how “hard core” they are; to counter-signal normal white people – especially normal Identitarians. Dysfunctional people are often attracted to fringe political and social movements as well as cult groups.

      You saw this coming a few years ago when serious pro-white people mistook the troll culture on 4chan as an expression of serious social and political sentiment. Even the comical display of the “He Will Not Divide Us” gimmick in NYC didn’t clue some people in – the 4chan culture is basically a bunch of Asian boys, Jews who love posturing as “Nazis” and social misfit white nu-males.

      When the “NRx” types tried to recruit the freaks from “Gamergate” they quickly learned their lesson, but apparently the Alt Right has taken much longer to realize that there is no “there” there. The Asians, Jews, and anime fans of the 4chan culture are simply not the raw material you need to build an Identitarian movement.

      • Isn’t it funny that the “identitarians” that are basically marxist leftists who hate black people get to label themselves as normal while those who recognize the differences between men and women and promote traditional, normal behavior for woman are dysfunctional and fringe? Makes you think.

        • There is a difference between advocating for traditional sex roles and whining online about girl’s sports.

          It’s the whining and counter-signaling that is the dysfunction.

          Besides, we all know it’s just trolling – because the same counter-signaling faggots that whine about white sharia and the same ones that whine when White women actually do advocate traditional roles, such as the counter-signaling faggots constantly whining that there are making videos instead of … I don’t know, most of them are married with children? Apparently the counter-signaling faggots are just a bunch of literal defects that have been unable to reproduce because no white women would have them.

          It’s good to get those types out of the gene pool.

    • Over at the “edgy” Daily Stormer they’re getting ready to start a harassment campaign against Alt-Right women.

      “I think there is a resurgence of boomerposting because at this point in time the Alt-Right has not yet learned how to follow White Sharia Law. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. The Alt-Right is not going to be the thot-friendly safe space it was in the last year. Stormers are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for the Alt-Right to make. They are now going into a Conanism mode and Stormers will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, the Alt-Right will not survive.”

      Isn’t that “edgy?”

          • Blogging is a competitive business, so if you want to be the Top Troll, you have to counter-signal harder than everyone else, otherwise you’re just one troll in an unlimited sea of internet trolls.

            So, “White Sharia.” A few years ago there was a manosphere guy that distinguished himself by declaring that women “peaked sexually” at 14. Most people were saying that women “peaked sexually” at 24 or 25, so this guy had to distinguish himself as Top Troll, so he went full kiddie diddler.

            “White sharia” comes from the same place.

        • Exactly. It’s pretty blatant as well, but yet some folk keep on falling for it and taking it seriously.

        • Is “White Sharia” satire? Because I don’t see how it helps us to drive away women (many of which I’ve seen are fairly good looking) from a political movement that is trying to appeal to younger people.To say we support patriarchy is one thing, but to advocate treating White women as Muslims treat women seems like a dead end politically.

          • Honestly, it doesn’t matter if we drive away women. They have no real power but the power that men give them. If it was the case that every man today did decide to treat women like muslims do women wouldn’t be able to fight back. We would succeed overnight. The only issue is white knight losers who want their empowered aryan princesses.

            We don’t need to attract women to the movement, in fact driving them away is probably a sign we’re doing something right. We need to attract quality men, and women will naturally follow quality men.

          • So a feminist faggot who calls himself “hipster” is the real alpha male guys.

          • There’s something more going on here than just bitter beta males taking out their frustrations on women. I believe wholeheartedly that our enemies found something they think they can exploit in this anti-women stuff.

          • We are attracting quality men and some women are following. The quality of pro-White activists has never been higher. But using your logic I guess we should be driving these women away?

          • Taking the Daily Stormer seriously is like believing the National Enquirer is the NY Times. Anglin verbatim lifted a quote from Barbara Spectre and inserted his own absurd and outlandish stuff into it.

          • It is really alarming how people take DS seriously every time they are not being serious, but ignore them when they are.

          • Nuance is lost on a lot of people over internet discussion. I tricked that Jewess Christine Fair into actually believing I was a left wing Jew when I replied to her Youtube video of her Shoahing Spencer from the Gym.

          • “Taking the Daily Stormer seriously is like believing the National Enquirer is the NY Times.”

            National Enquirer broke the story about John Edwards infidelity, extramarital affairs with journalists, and illegitimate children. John Edwards lost his position was John Kerry’s running mate.

            Meanwhile, the NY Times has blatantly lied for a over a century. Let’s not forget Walter Duranty’s lie and coverup of the Holodomor for his Jewish paymasters. That was published 86 years ago and the NY Times has NEVER corrected their record.

            So what is your point?

          • I’m not making a point about the veracity of the NY Times vs the National Enquirer. The point is that the Enquirer uses sensationalism and sex to sell. They paid for an investigative piece into John Edwards because it involved sex. The Enquirer would not investigate, say, accounting fraud. One seeks respectability (NY Times), the other just uses shock value to hook readers (Enquirer). I’m saying that the Stormer is like the Enquirer and doesn’t care about its reputation or have any desire to be taken seriously. But the tactics of both obviously work in getting their respective messages heard.

          • The purpose of “White Sharia” IS to drive away White women, and White men.

            The last thing those people want is for pro-white Identity to become mainstream – then how will they signal how “edgy” they are?

          • The actual purpose of the “White Sharia” meme was to demean bar hopping sluts, who also played the “Refugees welcome” game.

            When I tell a half naked thot waving a refugees welcome sign to get her burka on, that doesn’t mean I want to literally practice sharia law and worship mecca.

            Unfortunately it was ruined because people on all sides took it too seriously.

          • No one took it seriously when it was clearly meant as a joke or a troll. It was when the “pro-white sharia side” started using it to attack pro-white women that it became a problem.

            No one ever had any problem with trolls trolling anti-whites. It’s when the trolls decide to troll us – pro-white people – that we’re forced to respond.

            The “White Sharia” types have been attacking Lana Lokteff and Purposeful Wife – two pro-white and rather traditional women that help the pro-white cause tremendously.

            The fact that they help the cause is exactly why they are attacked by the “White Sharia” types.

          • Except young men who actually are willing to do work for us both online and IRL are brought in by the edgier stuff. The Alt-Right will absolutely never be “mainstream”. Politics in general are not “mainstream”. Politics is an endeavor engaged in by activists. Everyone involved is either a radical, a legacy of past radicals, or bought and paid for by radicals.

          • Nathan Domigo and his group are young and effective in IRL and are not calling for race war or White Sharia. The people at Red Ice are young and effective online and are not calling for White Sharia or race war. And politics in general ARE mainstream. That’s exactly the goal of politics is to get your ideas supported by large groups of people in order to create change. The other way is to take over the institutions of power,but this is less of an option for us. We have to influence people and ideas like “White Sharia” isn’t going to influence anyone except extremely bitter beta and omega males. .

          • The carefully crafted image they present IRL is not as edgy as their internal thoughts or the content they enjoy anonymously online.

            A lot of people who don’t talk about zero sum interactions between races are, nonetheless, thinking about them.

            It’s just common sense to carefully craft the image of your IRL activism group.

            Daily Stormer is not the White Nationalism you show your grandmother, nor is it an IRL group trying to cultivate a mainstream image. it’s for young, high T males to talk with less of a filter.

            There are plenty of other sites covering the middle aged and grandma’s nationalism markets.

          • IE guys are absolutely a part of our meme culture and their political activism doesn’t consist of doing nothing but counter-signalling everything the edgier segments of the Alt-Right are doing which is absolutely the only thing the bedshitter segment of the Alt-Right ever does.

            And politics in general ARE mainstream.

            Less than 50% of the population vote, especially in non-national elections. Talking about politics is verboten in polite company.

            That’s exactly the goal of politics is to get your ideas supported by large groups of people in order to create change.

            Well, if that is the case you are going to need to get non-whites on your side so you should probably be turning your guns on Spencer, Damigo and everyone else trying to take away the White-Free future from non-whites and turning them against us. We’ll need their votes after all.

          • You are correct, and they certainly don’t call for White Sharia, “gassing the kikes,” or “race war now.” Nor does Richard Spencer, Mathew Heimbach, or even Mike Enoch.

          • Anglin is also much more popular and well-read than every other Alt-Right site put together.

            He knows his target demographic and plays to it. The few women on the fence may get alienated, but young white men are drawn in in droves.

            There is no point in counter-signaling Anglin. Let him have his niche, and everyone else theirs.

          • The concept of “counter signaling” has become a catch-all insult targeted at people who oppose the most irresponsible rhetoric or language used in our movement. I don’t believe calling for “White Sharia” or “gassing the Kikes” or treating Dylan Roof as hero (as Anglin and Weev do) is good for our movement. Is it possible that my critique might be out of genuine concern for the message we put out? True “counter signalling” will gain me nothing as an anonymous poster on the internet. Calling this “counter signalling” is a poor use of a useful term. Soon the DS will probably advocate killing non-White babies and if I condemn this I guess this will make me a “cuck” right?

          • “The Alt-Right will absolutely never be “mainstream”.”

            So we’re all wasting our time then? If the “alt right” means “pro-white” – then “pro-white” HAS been mainstream throughout all of White history and the entire history of America with the exception of the last 50 years since the advent of electronic broadcast media like the TV – the most sophisticated brainwashing device ever invented.

            If the “alt right” means “pro-white” – then YES, it will be mainstream and it’s becoming more mainstream all the time. We’re one generation away from “pro-white” being the default ideology of White people, like it has always been with the exception of the last 50 years.

            If the “Alt Right” means (((internet trolls))) trying to be “edgy” then sure, it won’t even be mainstream and who cares?

        • Humor is a masculine characteristic, which is why women and fags almost always miss the joke and tend to take everything very seriously.

      • They had one the other day stating that the Germanic tribes and Celts became fags because they gave their women too much freedom whereas the Romans weren’t fags because they kept their women in their place, whatever

      • Wow. Alabama Man still has a site. I’d pay to see him get his ass kicked by Evalion.

      • Fuck this twat, Andrew Anglin is obviously bringing his frustration with women into his politics. He’s a complete loser.

        • Perhaps, but we don’t know what his personal frustrations are. What we do know for sure is that his website will encourage people that do have such frustrations with women to harass women attracted to the Alt-Right. And of course, anyone that opposes this will be called a “cuck” and be accused of “counter signaling.”

          • They keep saying that women follow quality men and that’s true. Now women are starting to show up in the altright more and more and the men don’t know what to do with us. It’s almost like they never expected to get this far or something. I don’t think they had ever planned for “stage 2”. This movement is really happening. They need to figure out what to do with sympathetic women not just scream “White Sharia Now!” or “THOT Patrol” at them. It’s bizarre.

          • You have to look at the people pushing White Sharia compared to those who don’t. You don’t see Richard Spencer, or Red Ice, or Identity Europa, Kevin Macdonald. etc calling for this. It’s mostly out of the DS and pushed by people who post anonymously on the net. Remember this.

            Also, while it does start with quality men, as quality women start showing up (most of the women I see in the Alt-Right are smart and good looking) this will bring in more men. This starts a feedback loop and brings in more and more quality people.

            The proliferation of quality women in the Alt-Right is frightening to our enemies because the presence of women shows the world that our movement doesn’t fit the stereotypical image of the looser omega male living in mother’s basement.

            I strongly believe that this “White Sharia” and “THOT” (which means “That Hoe Over There”) nonsense is an enemy operation with the purpose of driving away women and “proving” that the Alt-Right is made up of insecure, anti-social, malcontents.

            I call on the leaders of the Alt-Right to address this and make it clear where they stand on this issue.

          • This cuck business is getting pretty stale by now. If not challenged on their beliefs some of these idiots would ride this wave into complete and utter barbarity. “White Sharia” is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

          • And I can handle barbarity fine. But a pussy like Anglin really couldn’t. I’m 100% sure of that.

    • Normal people? Women playing sports is a more recent development than “racism”. Women have traditionally been preserved in purity and modesty in the West and we don’t need them playing sports which are rough and competitive and not suited for them. Go back to the left. Men and women are different.

      • “Women playing sports is a more recent development than “racism”.”

        What actual fantasy role-playing universe are you talking about? Back here on Earth (no, not “Middle Earth” the real Earth) women have been playing sports since prehistoric times.

        I am sure the author is discussing women in traditional men’s sports, not all sports. One can hope, but it’s getting harder and harder to tell these days.

        • Simple recreation that young girls have always enjoyed is nothing like the full on circus of the competitive sports industry. Sports are good for a man’s spirit. It doesn’t benefit women at all and is just an avenue for them to pursue their own vanity.

          • No one watches women’s sports unless it’s two broads bashing their brains in in Ultimate Fighting, which is truly disgusting. Those women should be having children, not beating up other women.

          • Hence, my first comment in the thread, “sports,” the military, and politics are generally the same thing.

            Besides I thought the Alt Right was anti-pro sports generally? It’s not like Americans are getting too much physical activity, after all.

          • I am anti pro sports for the most part, even for men. But any female who isn’t a developing young girl doesn’t benefit from even casual sports, and once they reach a certain age the vast majority avoid them anyway because it is not their biological imperative. What does society gain from from women playing sports? Nothing. For men it is good for their competitive spirit and invigorates them to fight for family and folk. Women are piss poor at sports and just look tacky and stupid. It’s unbecoming. Females should be heavily discouraged from playing sports casually and it should be banned professionally.

            Any woman who spends time playing sports is doing it selfishly as she has duties to her family and to society that she needs to fulfill.

          • Get over yourself. Are you a credentialed scientist whose published scholarship on race? I assume you’re black and have experienced their struggle against white supremacy first hand? No? Piss off and push your gender bending elsewhere, “hipster racist”. Everything I said is common sense and everyone has always known it to be. Encouraging women to behave like men by playing sports is unhealthy and goes against God’s order. You aren’t a “normal” white person as much as you have convinced yourself. You’re dysfunctional

          • Yeah, that’s just what I thought.

            We need a new rule – the only men who should be allowed to make rules for women in society are actual patriarchs – those who have a) married a white women b) impregnated her and c) are raising white children.

            That will get rid of 99% of the problems with teenage boys posturing as social experts.

            White girls and women should be doing women’s sports every day – running, volleyball, yoga, etc. Even HITLER supported women’s sports. Surely you aren’t going to disagree with HITLER are you?

          • Yeah, that’s just what I thought. How about: we need a rule that only actual blacks can make rules for blacks. This will stop any white supremacists posturing themselves as experts on their struggle. See how I can use your terrible non-logic against you? Why don’t you try to critically interact with my position instead of vomiting out some anti-intellectual snark?

          • You didn’t really think your analog through very well. I didn’t say that “only women” should make rules for women. You see, in that case you analogy “only actual blacks can make rules for blacks” would work.

            Come on, you’re not fooling anyone. You are not an expert on women. You haven’t married a woman, you haven’t raised a daughter even. So you literally have no clue what you are talking about. I mean, have you ever even kissed a girl?

            By the way, XBox live doesn’t count as “men’s sports” either.

          • Nope. You asserted that only those in your position are able to properly evaluate male and female behavior, which is a logical fallacy. Not being black doesn’t prevent someone from gathering information and arriving at a logical conclusion about black behavior no more than not having a daughter prevents from commenting on female development–as if my mother, sisters, cousins, and every woman and young girl I’ve ever known aren’t an appropriate sample size to understand how women behave. Tell me, would a patriarch who only fathered sons have no input on how women should be treated?
            I’m a recent college grad now on my way to establishing a stable career before I take a fatherly commitment, but you focus on that instead of actually engaging me because you aren’t intelligent enough to critically assess my argument. If I adopted a white girl tomorrow, would that change the informational basis of my arguments? You may think my conclusions are not fully informed, but that doesn’t stop you from interacting with them. So once again, quit acting like a child and argue like an adult.

          • If you knew what you were talking about the fact you are an unmarried teenage boy who has never even kissed a girl might not matter all that much.

            But the fact is you don’t. You don’t know anything about women, or women’s health and development. But since you lack proper male role models you have to signal online hard – precisely because you have no authority, no women, no structure.

            In a real traditional society, you would have no authority over women at all. To be a man, in a traditional society, you have to go through an initiation, join the military, defend the tribe, marry a woman, and have a child.

            Then – and only then – would you have any sort of authority over women.

            But since you don’t have any of that in real life you like to fantasize about a society where you do have some sort of authority over women. It’s sad, yet another failure of our modern society.

            Tip: get a life first, do something productive, then you will have the wisdom to impart to others. Also I’d suggest selling the XBox and lift, bro.

          • One mark of a mature white man is he engages in critical thinking, and when he engages with a petulant man child who can provide no intelligent, substantial interaction he stops wasting his time.

            So I’ll play on your terms: It’s a failure of our modern society that a male feminist is able to procreate and I feel sorry for the poor woman who was so desperate to conceive that she coupled with you. I feel even worse for your daughters who will be raised as ugly brutes pretending to be men and your girly boys who won’t know the blessings of God’s created roles for men and women.

          • Hipster racist is always a smart ass but he is usually right like he is here. Get you a wife and have a daughter and you will see girls need sports. I could agree softball or maybe soccer is unattractive and not good but ballet, yoga, running, tennis, these things you want your girls to do. This along with having a running wife that feeds your girls vegetables, fruits, chicken, and just the right amount of red meat to produce thin, fit, attractive girls that can attract the highest value mates, and know how to stay attractive for a long while and hopefully age gracefully.

          • Ballet is degenerate, yoga is demonic, and running is mostly bad for women as it damages their bones and puts tremendous stress that their bodies aren’t meant to handle. A growing girl can play benign sports like tennis with her friends, but a grown woman should be too busy raising a family to play sports.

          • By the time your wife pops out three kids she is going to be extremely unattractive. Good luck trying to get your dick hard for the fourth. If you ever have a girl I suspect you will wisen up. Otherwise she will prob be a fat hog like her momma and only a nig is gonna want to pull her out of your dumpster fire.

            I can tell you deal with low caliber women. That’s all the girls need lovin even the ugly ones

          • Once again, another snivelling idiot engages me and can’t interact with my views. If you disagree with me that’s fine, but I’d like to see my opposition at least make a reasonable case for their side instead of immediately resorting to playground insults.

          • Once again another fag who hasn’t had woman since woman had him is on a pro white site being an angry virgin scaring women off.

          • Most dancing is degenerate, not just ballet and not just European dancing. But ballet–and especially modern ballet–is nothing but erotica stagecraft. How is young women wearing tight clothing and spreading their bodies out before men not degenerate?

            Humans have an instinct for rhythm and thus simple movements like clapping hands may be appropriate, but dance as it is usually practiced is the most disgusting display of vanity and arrogance. Unlike true art, dance excites the carnal appetite and glorifies the acts of men as opposed to God. Beautiful music and architecture on the other hand give us a glimpse of the transcendent, the Logos, and are a result of God creating us in His image.

          • I respectfully disagree. Classical ballet (as opposed to “modern”) is a European cultural tradition made by white people for white people for centuries. I suggest you watch a classical ballet sometime especially something performed by the Bolshoi. The costumes, music, scenery, and choreography combined are all High-Art.

            If it’s “exciting carnal appetites” you’re concerned about we should probably through out all those Michaelangelo paintings and Bernini sculptures while we’re at it… smh

          • That’s right. Just because something was done by white people doesn’t make it good. We must be able to critically examine ourselves. For example I reject paintings of food, and art depicting nude men and women when done in a spirit to exalt them. Good paintings are such as this: architecture, flowers, visions of purity or greatness, such as a mother and her child or a general fighting with honor. Michelangelo made great art, such as the Pieta which is perhaps the greatest sculpture of all time.

          • All art exalts it’s subject, even music. If you mean that everything should be done for the Glory of God, I don’t see how the sculpture David, for example, is degenerate when it is glorifying the magnificence of the human body which is God’s creation. I agree some artwork is erotic and is questionable but the majority is about the beauty of the human body and ballet isn’t any different in that regard.
            Also, ballet is excellent for young girls and women. It teaches them grace, elegance, physical aesthetics, and supports traditional gender roles. It’s probably the most feminine physical activity for a girl and is not erotic. Jazz, tap, and hip-hop… we could do without.

          • Exactly, and the great European musical forms and compositions had always been explicitly Christian, and thus exalted an appropriate subject: God. Great composers were almost all–if not indeed all–Christian. The music itself displays order and essence and thus reflects the beauty of God’s nature. And in the case of my favorite composer, Bach, he composed his works while meditating on specific Christian themes and titled them accordingly. Cantatas, masses–all explicitly Christian.

            I don’t care about glorifying the human body. I care about glorifying God. I don’t care about teaching physical aesthetics but about teaching humility. Women can not be taught virtue through dancing. They can only be taught godliness by the Spirit of God through modesty and submission. Women should not adorn themselves with costumes and choreography, but with good works.

          • I don’t see a problem with being in awe of creation and wanting to emulate it in art. Music doesn’t teach men virtue or godliness either.

          • No, I never said music taught virtue. Beautiful music IS virtue because it reflects who God is.

          • No, it reflects the composer and the person playing it. Are you saying Bach’s compositions are divinely inspired??

          • Beauty is part of God’s nature and thus any form of beauty we enjoy is an extension of God’s grace. No man does anything good of himself. Bach was not divinely inspired in the theological sense of “God-breathed revelation”, but he was man of God whose soul was stirred by that grace, so he was inspired by the Divine.

          • “Beauty is part of God’s nature and thus any form of beauty we enjoy is an extension of God’s grace”… That’s what I said like three posts ago… “it is glorifying the magnificence of the human body which is God’s creation.”

          • There is a difference in, say, a man who recognizes the beauty of his own wife and sculpture that seeks to idealize and exalt the human form.

          • Though I am not against it I see that dancing in all its forms promotes vanity in women. Again, I am not against it but I do see it for what it is. Women are vain. Just accept it for what it is and get on with it. Once you accept it you can enjoy a figure skater or ballet dancer for what she is.

          • The last one is degenerate and borders on pornography. The first one is somewhat neutral although I would never approve of the clothing. The middle one, though, is fantastic, almost sublime.

          • I dunno. I like the fraulien at the top. She looks almost like a young Catherine Deneuve. So you approve of women working the fields. Just so long as they are dressed modestly? (They do look good tbph.)

          • Women doing hard farm labor is ok but “running is mostly bad for women as it damages their bones”….

          • The kind of labor that that a German woman would have done on a farm could barely be considered “hard labor”. Maybe it hurt their back at most. Running and heavy lifting are different. It’s hard enough on men. It wreaks havoc on their bones and joints and will usually cause terrible pain and at least mild disability in the future. Excessive running also has a real potential to shorten your lifespan as it places tremendous stress on the entire body. Any of these detriments are amplified when applied to women.

          • Being overweight and having poor cardiovascular health will certainly shorten anyone’s lifespan. Women who are physically fit, many by running/jogging, are more fertile, have healthier pregnancies, easier births, and faster postpartum recovery rates which is what really matters. Women playing a recreational sport occasionally with other women as a way to be healthy and engage in wholesome female camaraderie is a good thing.

          • GIRLS can play a recreational sport occasionally. Women should be busy concerning themselves with their households.

          • Being a traditional wife/mom does not exclude recreational activities. It is possible to fully manage a household and have several hobbies and interests.

          • “The last one is degenerate and borders on pornography.”

            As I’ve pointed out before, the two groups most disenfranchised by the sexual revolution are young “beta” virgin boys and old spinsters. So it’s hardly a surprise that those two groups are the ones that signal the hardest against “degeneracy.” The young beta boys who can’t get a woman are struggling with their own frustrated sexual drives, hence they are the types that compulsively masturbate to pornography then signal later about how “against” it they are, and old bitter spinsters also complain about “degeneracy” and pornography after their finish reading “50 Shades of Grey” and feel bad about it.

            The pro-white movement needs a faction of normal, healthy, well adjusted white people to counter-balance the “WN feminists” and the “beta wankers” constantly trying to leverage the movement to heal their own broken psyches.

          • The lady doth protest too much, methinks. You have tried to make this point over and over and provide great detail as to what a “beta” is. Perhaps you have personally experienced this?

          • Unlike the people of the 1930s, we fully understand what image one leads to, when you keep trying to optimize it for efficiency at running fast.

            Which is a gradual selection for more and more masculinized women, until you reach the current year where it is literally trannies and intersex freaks dominating the sport.

            Even if you like women’s sports (especially if you like women’s sports) you have grapple with this unfortunate reality. Not the hot bitch above, but some hermaphrodite who can technically pass a gender test.

          • Personally I’m more attracted to women who are in shape than women who are out of shape. It has nothing to do with womens sportball. There are lots of feminine sports (swimming, figure skating, cheerleading) that I really don’t see as degenerate though.

            Women should be discouraged from becoming bodybuilders obviously.

            On this subject I’m very middle of the road I guess. Neither extreme is at all desirable or attractive.

          • It’s fine, no one expected you to have an IQ high enough to examine the philosophical basis of art. Your mother should apologize for feeding you.

          • @Auntie Ann

            We’re being trolled, “UE6fBFA2Wf” is trolling us. Here’s how he played us.

            He is using the term “Logos” in the Christian context – this is from E. Michael Jones – he’s literally the only one that popularizies this concept.

            Is E. Michael Jones, a very conservative and traditional Catholic, anti-ballet?

            NO – the exact opposite. E. Michael Jones wrote an entire book about ballet and how it’s the height of Western culture. In fact, Jones even complains about the Protestant Puritans that called all dancing “degenerate” and “lust evoking.”

            The obvious troll “UE6fBFA2Wf” is laughing his ass off taking Jones’ ideas, literally twisting them to say the opposite of what Jones’ actually said, and getting people to take him seriously when he pretends to be a Christian worrying about “young women wearing tight clothing and spreading their bodies out before men.”

            Amusing how many people he got “on his side” too. That’s the problem with reactionaries.

          • In a real traditional society, you would have no authority over women at all. To be a man, in a traditional society, you have to go through an initiation, join the military, defend the tribe, marry a woman, and have a child.

            And in a real traditional society there is no mechanism by which a woman has any formal authority over men at all yet curiously I see you endorsing exactly the opposite where we must exclude the input of all of our young men while bowing to the sage wisdom of every midwit with tits.

          • “I see you endorsing”

            I never endorsed anything like that, nor did you “see” me endorsing any such thing. What actually happened is you “lied” – as in, purposefully said something untrue.

          • At least you put “lied” in quotation marks this time, implying I in fact did no such thing and you are simply referring to someone restating your premises as a “lie”. I’ve got no obligation to make sense of your gibberish so when I see you state we must categorically respect the opinion of m’lady while categorically rejecting the opinion of any young man I’m simply going to take you literally. You seem to have no problem taking what anyone else says literally and holding them responsible for when some sperg inadvertently misapplies their message or a troll deliberately does so.

            So in no uncertain terms you claim that in a traditional society young men would be excluded from political discourse until a rite of pasage(untrue) and would not be permitted to talk down to a woman providing political discourse in a public forum which would be totally welcome (also untrue). If you imagine there is some other way to parse your sniping here then you are mistaken.

            At least you didn’t go Full PhilosophiCat and state that no rules or laws should ever apply to women except from a man who controls her through raw sexual attraction. That no one can tell a woman “no” unless he wants to be told because it would be so hawt. Very traditional as well I’m sure.

          • Actually you might want to parse your own “rule” again, as indeed it does only exclude single men from political and social commentary.

          • Interesting that your “rule” makes political involvement an arena exclusively for married men and single women. What an auspicious pairing. What could be driving this sentiment?

          • I believe he means within the context of patriarchy. I doubt many here support women’s sufferage.

          • Thankfully the “rule” wasn’t a serious proposal before the White Parliament, as anyone with a brain can figure out. Nor did I ever suggest that single women should vote, much less be involved in politics.

            Why are you lying?

          • I didn’t mention voting at all and I’m merely following your statements to their logical conclusion. You have stated that women do in fact belong involved in politics in the form of commentary, while white men should require some rite of passage to contribute commentary. You are harem posting.

          • ” I’m merely following your statements to their logical conclusion.”

            You are just making sh*t up, in other words.

            Do you also endorse the obvious troll’s idea that yoga is degenerate, and that “pictures of food” are degenerate as well?

            If not – congrats, you got trolled by an anti-white. Apparently reactionaries just can’t help themselves.

          • “We need a new rule – the only men who should be allowed to make rules
            for women in society are actual patriarchs – those who have a) married a
            white woman b) impregnated her and c) are raising white children.”

            Good thing none of us are making rules for society, but just shitposting about the problems we see in it.

            Besides, the originators of the White Sharia meme are gainfully employed patriarchs with large white families.

            And they can one-up you by arguing that you should also have to be a MILITARY VETERAN to make rules for society.

            I’m not sure if that’s a good social policy or not (it’s irrelevant given the actual political situation), but it does one-up your argument about how important the personal characteristics of your online persona are.

          • The guy was claiming that he should have authority over women simply because he was a man – this isn’t a traditional stance, it’s just internet trolling by gamer nerds.

            It is, as you say, just shit-posting on the internet. It’s playing Sim City. Back in the real world, the pro-white movement needs to recruit as many people, men and women, to the cause as possible.

            Shitposting on line about what our White Utopia will look like in the fantasy future isn’t particularly useful. Even our Glorious Leader Spencer has said it’s too early to be picking our real estate, that goes double for young single men declaring their authority over women and setting rules for them.

            Back in reality, women like Lana Lokteff are being really helpful and are far, far more valuable to the cause than the gaggle of beta virgin cranks whining about women making videos.

          • Sports as we know them are mostly a result of the small leasure class of 19th c. Britain. Look it up and you will see that nearly all the sports played in the world are British in origin.

            In any case, when we live in accord with nature, most of us would live on farms and not have the leasure for sports. Women’s energy would go into the their daily chores. And men for that matter.

          • White people are never “going back” to a time when we all live on farms and 90% of people are working in food production. White men invented technology specifically to give us time for other things.

        • Competitive women’s sports select for the most masculine freaks who can technically pass a gender test.

        • Back here on Earth (no, not “Middle Earth” the real Earth) women have been playing sports since prehistoric times.

          Mate, didn’t you see the DS article explaining that #WeWuzHobbits and that Middle Earth was real and that Tolkien channeled actual history? Smdh, it’s almost as if you are taking this movement seriously and actually want to win. Can’t have that.

          • I have a really bad habit of wanting the pro-white movement to actually accomplish things as opposed to remain a Live Action Role Playing Convention.

    • Spartan women were considered to be the most beautiful women in Greece, and they were required to exercise, just like the men.

      • They were also apparently notorious for their sexual escapades with foreign men and their disloyalty to their own nation if Aristotle is to be believed.

    • What other avenue to “reasonable minded identitarians” recommend? I ask this question and rarely get a good answer.

      Not even saying that the Alt Right doesn’t have issues, but people that want to blow it all up over personal feuds, or anger over a meme, and wait until the next thing comes along are ridiculous in my opinion. It is ideological White flight, and we don’t have much time left.

  • A lot of the women who play men’s sports and try for combat roles are really, really fucking ugly. That’s kinda how they ended up down that path in the first place; No real attention from White men.
    Not every little thing is the Jew’s fault.
    We need some brave – possibly drunk – goys to impregnate these rejects.

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