Hodgkinson’s Disease

One of the keys to the success of the Left is its ability to weaponize mental illness in a variety of sick and disgusting ways to serve its purposes. This ranges from causing hysteria and witch-hunts on campuses by clearly mentally unbalanced students (taken straight out of Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” playbook) to encouraging Blacks, Muslims, and others to riot and commit terrorist acts. Ninety-eight years ago, the Left encouraged massive terrorist attacks by ethnic minorities in an attempt to reverse immigration legislation.

The Leftist propensity to encourage violence can also inspire violent “lone wolf” attacks, like the one at the baseball practice game that now has Rep. Scalise desperately clinging to life.

This is the second highly violent attack within weeks by what can be described as a “Bernie Bro,” the extreme left-wing supporters of former Democratic Presidential nomination candidate Bernie Sanders. The previous case was that of the Portland stabber (two fatalities) that the fake media tried to pass off as the act of a “White Supremacist.” His social media history tells quite a different story.

The only question in cases like this is whether the violence is “part of the plan” and serves some greater Leftist purpose, or whether it is just an unfortunate outlier by-product of the Left weaponizing mental illness on a more general level.

In both the case of the Portland stabber and Alexandria baseball blaster, we have quite similar types—basically mentally confused and angry White men, who, from their expressions in various photographs, show a mixture of arrogance, conceit, and stupidity, exactly the kind of self-entitled moron who fails at life and then proceeds to rebuild his fractured sense of self worth on the flawed premises of Leftism. Bernie-Sanders-style populism is like catnip to these dimwits.

It has always been something of a mystery why people on the right turn out to be much less violent those on the left, despite the clear facts that people on the right are (a) much better adapted to carry out violence, (b) have much greater general grievance given the direction that society has been moving in for the past half-century or more, and (c) often suffer unjustified individual persecution for expressing their views.

One reason, of course, is because the hegemonic culture works overtime to legitimize Leftist violence—riots are because of racism, terrorism because of foreign policy misadventures, etc., etc. Then there is the figure of the “perpetual Nazi,” the pinata of (((Hollywood))) moviedom, and the freedom to apply the label as one sees fit. If Trump is “literally Hitler,” so too are Republican Congressmen “callously playing baseball” while people somewhere starve or work for low wages.

But there is more to it than that. Leftism’s ability to weaponize mental illness is similar to that of Islam, the key point being that it absolves the failings of the individual in the redemptive act for an abstract and ill-defined greater good.

As we see with many of the Jihadi attacks in the West, the individuals concerned were unsettled and confused Muslim men, lost in the “Babylon” of the West, seeking to regain a sense of pride by an action that they saw as “punishing” the “evil West” and empowering their abstract formulation of “Islam.” The fact that the West responds to acts of Islamic terrorism by trying ever harder not to “upset” Muslims in general serves to confirm the delusions of the jihadis, with the result that their actions actually do empower Islam on a wider scale.

In the same way, the Leftist, whatever his failings and flaws, feels that all he has to do to be a person of worth is to be ideologically sound and hate the right people, which you are allowed to choose yourself. As long as the hatred is sincere, then he is absolved, and enters into the company of “the Elect.”

The essence of the Right wing by contrast is do demand perfection or betterment in the individual, as well as acts for the greater good. Thus it is harder for right wingers to project their failings outwards into acts of abstracted violence in the same way that Muslims and Leftists do.

  • Syd

    This bloke is an obvious alcoholic by the look of him, got boozed up before the act. That said the left has hysterically and constantly encouraged this Trotskyite violence since Trump started being a threat and has gone spare since the election. Soros is pulling out all the stops

    • LSD

      Syd, you are most likely correct. This guy had enough time to make at least one head shot…and failed! Leftists are life’s losers.

      Colin Liddell, good article. Thank you.

  • Schlomo Goldbergstein

    It’s sad that the left encourages hateful and divisive acts of Naziphobia such as this.

    • Undercover Lover

      Nazism is a religion of peace.

      • adolf binladin

        if a NAZI ever commits a crime we must make sure that no one is a victim of naziphobia and start arresting people online who make mean comments about us as we run around gang raping people. why? because #notallnazis

    • Cascadia

      Hortler dad nuthing rong

      • vadhajtáska

        Hale Viktori.

    • scalise is no nazi…in fact he is a cuck who has betrayed his white base….has he fought against reverse discrimination and mass immigration? No…so why should I care if this millionaire cuck politician lives or dies?

      • Schlomo Goldbergstein

        He supports the Muslim ban.The only other Republican I know who does that is Tucker Carlson.Obviously,I would prefer it if he was known for telling niggers to go back to Africa or the cottonfield,was in the habit of livestreaming occasions of him burning spic babies alive in gasoline moats,and gassing kikes on the campaign trail in his mobile gas bus,but this is what we got.

      • papernpaste

        Tragic as it (the shooting) is, The Neocons are no more my friend than the Deep State Leftists (and they surely aren’t my friend either. This (Both the #resist socialists’ movement and the #MSM’s vilification of Trump) is all a diversion during which time the Ultra Wealthy Steal more from the Proles. Educate yourselves, if not for the benefit of others, at least for yourself. The True demons are those that formulate public opinion and create wars. For the benefit of whom? War is money in the pockets of the banksters. The whole system needs to be dismantled by the many…not the few.

  • Zyzz

    It sounds like the guys main grievance was income inequality, which yeah, if you go to any big city income inequality is a problem and is pretty ugly in my opinion. The guy also blames republican policy for this. Largely I think he is correct. He harps on tax policy and yeah I think that may be a part of it but also mass immigration. Mass immigration drives down wages but it also increases housing demand thereby bidding up rental rates and home prices making our country less affordable. Combine that with (((ZIRP))) which creates asset price inflation and yeah it’s easy to see how people can express frustration over income inequality.

    [insert obvious disclaimer as to how I do not support this guy and what he did was evil]

    • Krafty Wurker

      Hodgkinson was together enough to have breakfast regularly with the former Mayor of Alexandria who he also knew from working out at the YMCA. (According to an interview on CNN with the Mayor). The Mayor even told him about a political job that was available for a safety inspector.

      Some people, even though they have money, often horde it. That Hodgkinson was that type of a character isn’t unusual among end of the world liberal-left types.

      This was an act of thought out political violence by Hodgkinson. It probably was the result of years of news media bombardment, and help from his friends like Bernie Sanders, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Roman Catholic Mika and her Jewish guests, Chris Cuomo, etc. etc. who claim Trump is out to overthrow everything since 1900. Then you have high level political terrorists like the Holy Roman Catholic Comey, Jeff Bezos of the Washington Post, Carlos Slim’s New York Times and any number of communist-socialist Jews all after Trump and his party.

    • Cascadia

      Blame the Republicans for making it but blame the Democrats for not doing anything about it. They’re just as beholden to corporate/financial interests. Liberals are the ones gentrifying America’s cities and making them unnafordable for the average working folk they claim to love so much. Hodgkinsonson should’ve tried to shoot Hillary and friends.

      • Zyzz

        Yeah I’m not going to get into the finer points real estate investing and development. But I will say this, whoever governs a city has far less influence/control on property prices and rental rates than what you and others may think.

        If a bunch of new migrants(native, legal, and illegal) flood your area and you refuse to throw them out bc you don’t want to countersignal your liberal values, what do you do? You allow developers to build new apartments/homes.

        Well now a days it’s tough to get returns on new apartment developments to “pencil” due to a myriad of factors so the only way to bridge the gap is to build really high quality(unaffordable) apartment units and pray you can lease them up.

        If you choose not to develop then rental rates/home prices on already built assets will continue to appreciate. Owners will love you. Renters will hate you as very few people understand it is difficult to build affordable apartment units without a lot of subsidy.

        As the above demonstrates you are kind of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Best path is to slow(eliminate) mass immigration and allow interest rates to gradually rise(to slow the growth in asset prices).

        • Cascadia

          Yeah mass immigration has nothing to do with that. If anything, it’s more to do with rich Chinese immigrants driving up home/apartment prices.

          • Zyzz

            H1B is a part of mass immigration. And of course you need the illegals to do the unskilled work. Those illegals must live somewhere. Thereby driving up housing demand. Usually they all migrate to an area and turn it into a ghetto. No self respecting white would want to live in a barrio even if it is cheaper.

            Foreign investment is an issue too. And not just foreigners buying private residences but investing their money through EB-5 programs or just general apartment investing. That drives up prices which makes it tougher to achieve satisfactory returns which puts more pressure on landlords to raise rents to get a good return. The cycle is circular in a way.

            The driver is mass immigration which increases housing demand which pushes rents. As rents increase returns are more attractive which attracts capital. And the cycle continues hurting affordability for everyone in everyone’s largest line item – rent/mortgage payment.

          • Cascadia

            I’m a self respecting white who would live in a bario, assuming it was safe. Why should I piss all my money away on rent to live around a bunch of self-righteous hipster cucks? And no those Mexicans are not driving up your rent. Part of the reason rent is so high in nice neighborhoods is because they need some way to keep the niggers out.

          • I’d rather live among self-righteous hipsters than self-righteous mestizos, but I’m a racist, so to each his own.

          • Zyzz

            Most whites do not want to live in a barrio. Usually barrios aren’t safe. You are certainly in the minority. Certainly no woman would.

            Mexicans and everyone else who wants to live in an area drives up your rent. Rental rates come down to supply and demand (amongst other factors).

            No apartment owner cares about the color of the renter’s skin. Either you can pay or you cannot. No owner is going to tell their leasing agent to break a federal law to suit their ideaology. It’ll lose them more money anyway. The owners aren’t living there so what do they care?

          • Smash Islamophobia

            Exactly. Demand has no effect on price. It’s a basic principle of economics. People who think that unrestricted immigration lowers wages are making the same basic error. smh

          • REITs too … billions of new money printed, given to the “investor class” (i.e., the class the prints money and distributes it to themselves.) In an age of material abundance and high efficiency, what do you do to get returns on all that money? Invest in a subsidized industry, like real estate, with a relatively inelastic demand.

            It’s old fashioned economic rent-seeking, the kind that free markets were supposed to get rid of – but they just co-opted the language of Adam Smith to justify everything he opposed.

            I love to harp on the Triffin Paradox, because these Chinese have to exchange those dollars for something, and the USA uses national security justifications to keep them out of strategic industries like weapons and ports, so they buy up housing and shopping malls.

          • Zyzz

            Can you specify what you mean by subsidized industries? Low income housing tax credits? developments done with abatement? These only make up a small portion.

            If the govt was smart they’d put those Chinese in all the lower end shopping malls/strip centers. If those investments go belly up that’s their loss. If a pension fund holds that investment both me and you are going to be bailing them out.

          • The entire “FIRE” economy is subsidized. The dollar system is subsidized by US Empire, hence why I keep harping on the Triffin paradox. If the world dumped the US dollar as the reserve currency, the overvalued financial and insurance “products” and real estate would tank in nominal terms. Quarter million dollar three bedroom ranchers in outer suburbs? That’s comical – get rid of the dollar reserve currency and those kinds of houses are back to $50k.

            “Low income housing subsidies?” No – the opposite. The subsidizes to the poor are nothing compared to the subsidies of the rich.

            “We” – as in average Americans – already did bail out pension funds, and “we” bailed out all the big banks, Goldman Sachs, and the entire “investor class.” “We” have had to bail them out every decade for my entire life, going back to Reagan and the S&L scandal, then LTCM, then the “Mexico bailout” (really, a bailout of Wall Street funds that had invested in Mexico,” to the massive bailouts of the Bush/Obama years.

            Hence why I completely reject the conservative “libertarian” anti-socialism rhetoric. We already have a socialist welfare state that props up the investor class, the wealthy, and the entire FIRE sector – we prop it up with our labor and with our (literal) blood in the case of Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

          • Pat McGilvary

            Great post. I am 48 and I’ve been screaming this message since the bank bailouts. Yes, they already have been subsidized, for decades!

          • eyeslevel

            Those dollars floating around outside the US that the world absorbs in exchange for goods are not a permanent subsidy. They are claims on US assets. They are our debt.

          • Only in theory, not in reality – nominally, but not in substance. When the Arabs tried to use their dollar surplus to buy the ports, the Obama administration simply said “no.” The Chinese are always being stymied when attempting to cash in their dollars for strategic assets. It’s been a game of chicken for a long time.

            It really shows the power of propaganda that people refer to “our debt” – as if “we” – average citizens – had any meaningful say in the issuance of this debt. Also, another great example of the power of propaganda is the idea that these “dollars” must be worth something concrete. At least the libertarians sometimes understand this, a “dollar” hasn’t been “an ounce of silver” for a long time. Where the libertarian ideology falls apart is the idea that dollars are always fungible and that all dollars world wide are globally transferable to every global market, they aren’t.

            Just as Whites increasingly refuse to accept that we have some sort of “burden” due to “past racismst” hopefully we’ll at some point in the future refuse to accept that “we” owe anything to the Chinese or the Arabs due to their short-sighted deals made with an illegitimate class ruling in “our” name.

            Whiteness is not a “social construct” – but the “debt” most certainly is.

          • eyeslevel

            Sure they play around at the edges, but if they restrict dollars too much they can no longer function as the global reserve currency.

          • The end of the US dollar’s global reserve currency status would hurt a lot in the short term but would likely benefit White Americans in the long term. We do not have any “economic” problems, in the sense of the physical economy of goods and services. North America is a unique region of earth in the sense it’s relatively sparsely populated, is isolated from the rest of the world by two vast oceans and a narrow strip of land in Central America, it’s more than self-sufficient resource wise, and we have all the skilled labor we need.

            What America has is a financial – not economic – problem. That financial problem is intimately related to the US Empire. The world needs us more than we need the world.

            But the massive inequality of wealth in America relies more than anything on the US Empire, and empires are by nature multi-racial and multi-cultural. Hence, the “1%” as the leftists like to call them are completely on board with continued global imperialism, because without that empire, what good are the “masters of the universe” and how are these glorified bean counters more valuable than a doctor or an engineer?

            Give North America a few generations of isolationism and some sensible racial policies and we’d have the advanced economy and welfare state of Scandinavia with the benefits of massive scale and virtually unlimited natural resources.

            They may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      He got it right that income inequality helped bring about the Great Depression (even if it was not the only cause!).

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Great Post by Anglin…….

    The SPLC is a Jewish Supremacist Anti-White Terrorist Hate Group……

    …..responsible for the Terrorist Attack on the Family Research Council………

    ……and the Terrorist Attack on Scalise and the Republicans yesterday……..

    The SPLC should be Indicted, Shut Down, and its Leaders JAILED for DECADES………

  • Bingo Banjo

    Liddell is a thinker that would be served by leaving the house enough to put all his book smarts into context.

  • so some liberal nutter shot Scalise, the powerful politician who never fought against reverse discrimination or against mass immigration??!!! YAWN…

  • Liberalism is a mental illness.

    • Alex Delarge

      The only cure for which is a 9mm round fired into the base of the patient’s skull.

      • MarlinLover


        • It looks like a typical (((Hollywood Nazi))) troll.

          • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

            Am I the only one who finds the photoshopping of Garrison’s signature onto low-quality cartoons disturbing?

          • Yehudah Finkelstein


          • In a way I feel sorry for Garrison losing control of his brand, but often times the counterfeits are far funnier, more clever, and more truthful than his brand of conservative/libertarian cuckery – although the counterfeit above is not at all one of them.

            If a certain 4chan poster is to be believed, he’s the one behind many of the “anti-semitic” counterfeits and he’s Jewish himself. That would surprise few that have been around for a while. As I’ve written, the best “Nazis” tend to be Jewish.

          • spahnranch69 .

            If only you knew the truth of who I am you wouldn’t say such idiotic things.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Are you around?

      • Finn Sanders
  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    I find it shocking that a 66 year old white would have the opinions he has and the conviction to carry out an act based on that conviction.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((


    Diversity isn’t only about White Genocide….

    It also serves the purpose of keeping Outspoken White Identitarians out of Political Office….

    For other Mostly White Areas….

    …..we have the Oathcuckers and SBC…

    …..stepping in for BLM and SPLC…..


    • MarlinLover

      Dude, why do you always double space?

      Single spacing is better bro.

      Get with the program.

  • Leftism’s ability to weaponize mental illness is similar to that of Islam, the key point being that it absolves the failings of the individual in the redemptive act for an abstract and ill-defined greater good.

    There’s a good article on the supposed radicalization of the infamous “American Al Qaeda,” Adam Pearlman. Although the specifics on the Adam Pearlman story – the Jewish son of an ADL director that converted to Islam, joined Al Qaeda, and became Osama Bin Laden’s “third in charge” seem to belong to the category of “psychological operations” – the general explanation of how isolated individuals can become radicalized seems on point:

    Perhaps his most unexpected conclusion was that ideology and political grievances played a minimal role during the initial stages of enlistment. “The only significant finding was that the future terrorists felt isolated, lonely, and emotionally alienated,” Sageman told the September 11th Commission in 2003, during a debriefing about his research. These lost men would congregate at mosques and find others like them. Eventually, they would move into apartments near their mosques and build friendships around their faith and its obligations. He has called his model the “halal theory of terrorism”—since bonds were often formed while sharing halal meals—or the “bunch of guys” theory. The bunch of guys constituted a closed society that provided a sense of meaning that did not exist in the larger world.

    You can see the “bunch of guys” theory in action with a cult group like Antifa, but for individuals like the shooter, their “social groups” tends to be the anti-white media, a faux-social milieu based on TV shows and characters and internet “communities.”

    I find it not at all uninteresting that the typical commenter on the SPLC blog actually fits the stereotype of “foaming at the mouth wingnut political crazy about to pop off” far more than the SPLC’s invented “right wing white male” stereotype – perhaps like so many factors in that particular (((community))) it’s based on a huge amount of psychological projection.

  • Ed Edgerton

    At 7:50 in this video, someone at the scene during the event says “Hey, that guy who was shot, is he OK?” Hmm. He is lying on the ground. Is he OK?

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Is everyone who commits Political Violence…

    ….Mentally Ill?

    What is Mental Illness?

    Psychopathology and Sociopathology?

    Characteristics of many Successful People?





    What’s that?

  • JMB

    I believe that these violent outburst from white leftists also has a lot to do with their self-hatred & being triggered by pro-white white people & our happiness. This guy couldn’t stand to see some white men having a good time not hating themselves or their race. White leftists are miserable & hate our love for ourselves & our own kind. They need us to be miserable with them. Being the way they are promised so much but all of those promises were empty. Remember moldylocks? Look at what she sacrificed. God given beauty & intelligence. She is angry, hateful & doesn’t even realize it. She just reflects it onto other proud white people. For every one of these attacks (there will be more) we should be louder & prouder. Put ourselves out there & have a big smile on our faces!

    • Albionic American

      White men naturally view flourishing as our default state; but leftists teach that we get that way, not through our own evolved biology, but by exploiting weaker people. This delusional view of the situation makes us legitimate targets in their eyes for violence.

      Though of course they can’t get their story straight, given their promotion of nihilism, cynicism and irony in white culture. If nothing in life matters, then exploitation doesn’t matter, either.

      • papernpaste

        Although I agree to a degree, this is precisely what both the Globalist Socializtsas and Neocons do. They use both religion and stupidity in their Proxy Wars for Hegemony.

    • Cascadia

      -White nationalists are happy
      -White nationalists want white sharia

      Pick one

      • Crud Bonemeal

        Implying Muslims aren’t having a lot of fun bullying the rest of the world

        • Cascadia

          It was fun when we did it

  • rok1953

    another gun free zone( DC) the loonies aren’t quite loonie enough to
    to attack in carry areas. McAuliffe wants a national gun free zone.

  • Marathon-Youth

    The stupidity of encouraging violence is that it never stops. Change through violence pushed by the Left means violence will be used to stop them.

    Even if by some remote chance the left wins by using violence all that does is violence will be used against them when they come to power. It does not stop. That is one good reason we try to avoid it and opt for elections or any other method to bring change.

    But on a specific point I see the act of Kathy Griffin to that play as an ongoing assault on the Presidency (not just President Trump). It is an act that cannot be done in any other nation, not with Theresa May, Macron, Merkel, Xi Ping, Putin. none of them or the government would put up with so much open ugly hate.
    Not any of our Presidents. I cannot imagine a person doing a Kathy Griffin on Abraham Lincoln to Obama without facing either the firing squad or imprisonment.

  • Cascadia

    Aaaaannnd it’s already down the memory hole. Sorry keyboard warriors, no civil war this week. Go back to jerking off and playing CSGO.

  • Albionic American

    Our elites force policies on us which result in degrading organic white societies and pushing out their members as deracinated, atomized individuals; and then the intellectuals on the elites’ payrolls theorize about how our form of society results in “alienation” through some mysterious process we don’t quite understand, but we need more immigration of the world’s lumpen-people and ever bigger government to deal with it somehow.

    Go figure. At least the Alt Right shows a healthy resistance to this process of social engineering.

  • Ike35

    Great article Colin. Good stuff as always.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Violence is Human……

    There is no such thing as Mental Illness….

    There is a Neurotypical Spectrum…

    Stable and Functioning Societies need to label certain Neurotypes as an ‘Illness’….

    Every Human Being is engaged in Delusional Behavior and Thinking….

    It’s NOT Mentally Ill to join a Military and go kill some Strangers deemed by your government to be Enemies?

    Violence is in our Words, Dreams, Fantasies, Sex……

    Millions pay to watch Boxing and MMA where people get their Heads bashed in…..

    Millions hunt Animals for SPORT not Food…

    Society deems the Mentally Ill to be Nonfunctioning Maladaptives….

    But, that’s Relative……

    In the West….

    Cucks Dominate and are considered Normal and Healthy……

    Radical Islamists want to blow Stuff up……

    Richard Spencer is a Racist Nazi….

    Caitlynn Jenner is a Hero……

    CNN and the Left privately/publicly celebrate the Violent Attack on Spencer….

    FOX/Breitbart declare all Palestinians, Terrorists or Sympathizers……

    Climate Nutcases declare CO2 a Pollutant….

    Some people believe a Guy died on a Tree and then came back to Life and now we all can have Eternal Life if we believe that…..

    Some want to Coexist with Open Borders and Multicultural Free and Race Mixing Love….

    Who’s Mentally Ill again?


  • Man of White Skin
  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Hitler was Mentally Ill…..

    At least, that’s what the National Geographic and History Channels said…..


  • Smash Islamophobia

    Clearly, hate groups such as MSNBC and the SPLC prey on confused, marginal individuals like Mr. Hodgkinson, who are the most vulnerable to exploitation via their virulent, cynical propaganda. Mr. Hodgkinson was a Facebook follower of the SPLC, and a devoted fan of Rachel Madcow, whose ignorant, rage-filled broadcasts apparently contributed greatly to his radicalization. Yes, Hodgkinson fired the weapon. But he, in turn, was loaded, aimed, and fired by the toxic messages of the leftist media hegemon and its hate group lackeys. Their verbal actions are the real source of this violence. We must stop this rabid, genocidal hatred at its source.

    • Krafty Wurker

      All of the attacks by Roman Catholic media personalities, and Roman Catholic politicians on President Trump, the Republicans and White people in general, and who gets shot, an ethnic Roman Catholic Republican politician.

  • Smash Islamophobia

    Yep. If you repeatedly present an emotionally-loaded idea to millions of people via the media, especially if it is associated with a specific suggested action, and is reinforced by both rhetoric and visual propaganda, some crazy will eventually take you up on it. Note the repeated endorsements of anti-Trump violence by the legacy media and other hate groups, both verbally and through images (most notably Calvin Broadus and Cathy Griffin, but there have been many others).

    This technique can also be used for a series of false flags, to sucker in a copycat who can then be blamed for the entire string of “hate crimes.” Take the “bomb threats to jewish community centers” propaganda campaign. Anglin’s original take on this looks to be correct: it was obviously a false flag from the start, and was intended (of course) to demonize the Right and to generate shekels, but also to try to sucker some not-very-sane right wing White man into doing a copycat, at which point the previously-impossible-to-locate perpetrator would suddenly be discovered and apprehended. It was just luck that a not-so-bright Black leftist got suckered into joining in first, and managed to get caught, and that the jewish dual-citizen Israeli-American behind most of the attacks was actually located and apprehended.

  • machiaevil

    “The Left”

    Gee, that’s a euphemism for “Jew” if I ever saw one.

  • Frontierland
  • Axe in the Deep

    It’s sad when people get so gaslit by the media they think going out and wasting 80 rounds into a baseball diamond- and not succeed in immediately killing any targets at all- is a much better prospect than actually learning from their mistakes and admitting that they’re wrong.

    • ))) Depeche Europa (((

      For some People……

      Admitting that they’re Wrong…….

      … Suicide anyway…….

      • Axe in the Deep

        Indeed, leftoids admitting that they are wrong is the death of their entire being, because the only thing they are is an abstract idea. Any aspect of humanity they once had seeped away long ago.

        • Syd

          I’m surrounded by them and I honestly believe most of them don’t know what they are, they’re hysterical sheep

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    A Line of Candidates…….

    A Hating Media…….

    Some Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians………

    F Globalism…….

    F the Fake News………

    F the Status Quo…….

    The Impossible Happens……….

    The Unmelded Chaotic Whirlwind……..Disintegrates…….

    But, not Entirely…….

    Because Greater Cyclonic Winds…….

    …..had already drawn us into Themselves……


  • adolf binladin

    we should shut the splc down

  • Cam

    As we move into the future, brain scans are going to be required. We should be able to identify, through a combination of imaging and machine learning, who is a leftist, a bolshevik, an anti-white, and who is not. As a bonus, brain-scan images cannot be racist.

    Just as we can “fingerprint” potential terrorists through their social media postings, which are nothing more than a physical manifestation of their psychology.

    The separation must physically occur at that fundamental, basic level.

    We have the technology, right now, to put this all behind us. Do we have the will? Not yet.

  • Little Dieter

    Anything that contributes to the “Weimarification” of American politics is good. So I applaud what Hodgkinson did. We need people killing each other in the streets. We need a Schmittian world of political enemies or else nothing is ever going to change. All of the antagonisms and contradictions, all of the fault lines in American society need to be laid bare.

  • musosnoop

    He was radicalized by the Marxist MSM. Portraying him as someone with a mental illness is nonsense to put it bluntly. Consider the Bolshevik Apparatchiks who facilitated the slaughter of millions of wrong thinkers. Were they just mentally ill, or could it be totally and completely radicalized. When he wasn’t talking politics this guy would have appeared as normal as anyone else.

  • SLCain

    For a minute there, I thought that was a picture of Bill Beckel. I thought maybe he went postal after he got canned by FOX.

  • Ghetto Tarzan

    Great article. Going further, does the left just weaponize mental illness or do they create it.

  • Marathon-Youth

    Regarding the deadly animosity of the left there is an article in “The Mercury” titled “Culture Shock: Hail to the Millennial-In-Chief” that deals with all the “firsts” regarding Trump.
    My comments covered possible reasons for Liberal hate:
    “Donald Trump is also the first Blond Haired, Blue Eyed white man who is also a multi Billionaire to be President. This single aspect of Donald Trump is the most unnerving for Liberals, Leftists and Democrats especially when this blond haired, blued eyed billionaire white man is dismantling the legacy of Obama. Barrack Hussein Obama is the first Kinky haired, brown eyed, black man and a liberal to become President.
    To have a blond haired blue eyed rich white man dismantle the legacy of a Kinky haired, brown eyed, black man and a liberal is way too hard for the liberals”

    and backed these comments:

    “This racial aspect has colored liberal thought so intensely that the nationalistic nature of Trump has been lumped with American nationalism to white pride to the alt right with frightening imagery that goes back to ww2 with eery references to Nazi Germany. Even the “antifa’ to the so called “Resistance” has echoes of this.
    Resistance is a word used during ww2 against the Axis powers
    Antifa is another term to mean “anti Fascist” which again goes back to ww2″.

    “This paranoia from the left continues to metamorph with overlapping imagery of ISIS, Nazi Germany, White Pride, American Nationalism that regurgitates acts like what Kathy Griffin did”

    “Keep in mind race was one of the main reasons Obama was elected in 2008. It played a strong role in 2012. In that sense race could be a main issue with Trump and part of his policy to dismantle the Obama legacy”
    PS: The “Mercury” is a liberal website that covers the Bay Area

    • Soldat für Christus

      well lay out comment

  • ChippyMcBarkles

    Are conservatives better adapted for violence as the article suggests? The score at the end of the baseball game, the game that the congressmen were practicing for when shot, was 11-2 Democrats! So if the wooden bat was an iron spiked mace would the Republicans have won?

  • Ed Edgerton

    “Hey, that guy who was shot – is he OK?”

  • Peck Wibowo

    What is their left to say? What happened is unambiguously awful, tragic, unforgivable. There is no moral calculation that can justify the shooting. We should be troubled by the recent shooting, which was symptomatic of a broader set of disparities that exist in America nowadays. There is indeed no contradiction between supporting a party and recognizing its mistakes, biases and problems. On the other hand, anyone involved in the vicious, calculated despicable attack on a political party and its establishment should be held accountable.

    But at the same time, the fact that a deranged sniper went on a shooting rampage does not mean, and should not be cynically used to suggest, that those who stand up against injustices in the US social system had no cause for protest. Americans must be able to hold the two ideas in their heads simultaneously: that the actions of the sniper were reprehensible and that those protesting have legitimate grievances. To understand the severity and nature of the US national policing problem and to put it in context, what’s needed is more analysis, data and information.

    The United States is at a crossroads, facing an epidemic of anger, a divided populace and another skirmish in its long national struggle with social injustices. How will Americans respond? Can they address the inequalities and disparities or will the Americans ignore them at their own peril?

  • Peck Wibowo

    After the shooting in Alexandria done by the hands of a fanatic liberal, and after the violent acts done by fanatic alt-rights backers in many parts of America, I think it’s time now to speak out and to tell the truth to protect us from a coming catastrophe and another civil war.

    I have to admit that our current teaching creates violence and hatred toward others who do not share our political opinion. We, Americans, Democrats, Conservatives, and Liberals alike are the ones who need to change. Until now we have tolerated violence, attack and harming of fellow Americans and political opponents. American leaders have never had a clear and strong stand against the concept of barbaric acts in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    We urgently need to stop blaming our problems on others. As a matter of fact, America is one of the very few light of democracy, civilization, and human rights in the world.

    I agree that the majority of the Americans suffer, but they suffer because of their corrupt leaders and not because of the Dems, Conservatives or Liberals.

    We need to admit our problems and face them. Only then we can start a new era to live in harmony with others. Our leaders have to show a clear and very strong stand against social injustices, hate and divisive rethorics in the social media that may lead to violence, and yes, even to killings.

    Then, and only then, do we have the right to ask others to respect us. The time has come to stop our hypocrisy and say it openly: ‘We Americans have to change!’

    It is our absolute ignorence against hate speaches of public servants that gives the energy to these fanatics to continue doing their reprehensible acts of violence.

  • Peck Wibowo

    Every time hate speech is permitted, it costs someone part of his or her self, part of their self-respect, or part of their sanity… It rips people to shreds and destroys society.

    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

  • abeyer56

    I remember a video I saw online of a woman interviewing a member of a halfway home for mentally challenged people. It was talking about how if the mentally challenged people voted for hillary and she won, they would get a check for their vote. Multiple things disgusted me about the video: 1) she had to win or they wouldn’t get paid for their vote 2)the exploitation of people with mental disorders.