Deranged Bernie Sanders Supporter Massacres Republicans At Baseball Game

There was yet another shooting this morning. But it wasn’t the Vibrant Diversity this time, but one of its enablers:

This morning’s Alexandria, VA shooter has been identified as 66-year-old, never-Trumper and Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill., according to law enforcement officials.  As we reported earlier this morning, Hodgkinson allegedly asked Rep. Jeff Duncan whether it was Republicans or Democrats on the practice field before opening fire.

This is a big development, a serious escalation in the cultural cold war:

Michigan Rep. Mike Bishop tells WWJ Newsradio 950 he was attending the practice around 5:30 a.m., just outside of Alexandria, when shots rang out. He said he and his colleagues were “sitting ducks.”

“As we were standing here this morning, a gunman walked up to the fence line and just began to shoot. I was standing at home plate and he was in the third base line,” Bishop said. “He had a rifle that was clearly meant for the job of taking people out, multiple casualties, and he had several rounds and magazines that he kept unloading and reloading.”

More than 50 shots were fired, according to CBS News, with some accounts putting the number closer to 100. Four people were injured, including two Capitol Hill police officers and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. The suspect was also shot.

The only reason why any of us walked out of this thing, by the grace of God, one of the folks here had a weapon to fire back and give us a moment to find cover. We were inside the backstop and if we didn’t have that cover by a brave person who stood up and took a shot themselves, we would not have gotten out of there and every one of us would have been hit — every single one of us,” said Bishop. “He was coming around the fence line and he was looking for all of us who had found cover in different spots. But if we didn’t have return fire right there, he would have come up to each one of us and shot us point-blank.”

All the details from this story are mostly already known:

Shortly after the shooting this morning at a congressional baseball practice, Representative Mark Walker (R-N.C.) said that it appeared the “gunman was there to kill as many Republican members as possible.” Walker, who was at the practice for the upcoming annual congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia, confirmed he was “shaken but okay.”

More than anything, this story highlights the level to which this country has split along ideological seams. Many on the Right scoff at the idea of Lefties winning in any sort of road war scenario. Attacks like this should serve as a wake-up call.

According to The Week, restaurant owner Charles Orear knows Hodgkinson through work they did together in Iowa on Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.  Orear described Hodgkinson as “more on the really progressive side of things,” as well as being “a quiet guy” and “very mellow, very reserved.”

While police have refused to confirm whether the attack was politically motivated, Hodgkinson’s Facebook page seems to indicate he was a Bernie fan and didn’t particularly care for Donald Trump, to put it mildly.

Most surprisingly, the shooter adopted a lone wolf strategy which is more common to right-wing white men. And as for the shooter, well:

President Trump has just confirmed that Hodgkinson has died from wounds incurred
during his shootout with the Capitol Police this morning.

Of course, the media is to blame for this attack. They have created a veritable witch hunt against the president by labeling him as the Amalech of our generation.

“I gots to destroy the evil fascist nazi Drumpf!”

They have reached levels of tin-foil that put Alex Jones to shame. And they have provided the ideological justification for for the crazies to start lashing out. And some do more than just violently lash out at those nearest to them.

And the Left, never letting a good crisis go to waste, have trotted out their old gun control narrative again:

Meanwhile, after Virginia Governor, and 2020 hopeful, Terry McAuliffe used this morning’s tragedy to call for more gun controls we would note that it’s somewhat ironic that Hodgkinson hailed from the great state of Illinois which has perhaps the strictest gun laws in the entire country.

The media MUST be taken to task for this event. They created the hysteria that led to this attack and now have the blood of their political rivals on their hands. The Lying Media has now become the Murdering Media, the Terrorist Media or White Al-Jazeera, if you prefer. We must hold them to task, and put the tragedy squarely at their door.

Are you listening, President Trump? Don’t let this terror attack go. Summon all your righteous fury and unleash it on the media and do it quick.





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  • During the campaign when some guy jumped up on the stage and lunged at Trump, the media, especially CNN, invited him on for interviews, gave him extremely sympathetic coverage, and treated his action as motivated by a legitimate political grievance.

    The contrast with the Obama administration couldn’t be more clear. In that case, even mild criticism of Obama was explained as merely “white racism” and always an implicit call to violence.

    The entire purpose of all those Hollywood movies and TV shows about “the Holocaust” is to normalize the idea that “if you could go back in time and kill Hitler you should.” On Twitter, there are jokes about murdering Trump’s son using just such a justification. The purpose of constantly comparing everyone to “Hitler” is to justify violence and murder against the target.

    Of course when the conservatives and Republicans were constantly comparing Obama to “Hitler” the left pointed this out, that the comparisons were meant to justify violence and were constantly worrying about what some “right wing lone nut” might do. But the only two comparable incidents during the Obama administration came from the editor of a Georgia Jewish newspaper, who called for Mossad to assassinate the President due to his insufficient loyalty to the Zionist entity, and some kind of bizarre nut with a Star of David tattoo on his neck who was prowling around the White House with a rifle.

    The double standards are obvious, but few really have proposed a workable solution to countering them.

  • Considering that this happened in the self-proclaimed epicenter of the “resistance” against our elected government, I would not be surprised to find that there are other conspirators, enablers, collaborators, etc.

    Where was this guy staying? Who was he talking to? Who helped him out?

  • Trump was shown a brain in ajar… A kenedybrain, Bobby John, it dont matter… The dewd was told enough about 911 to get him in line.

    There is a war on… It will be to late to shoot back sooner than TV boomers and the idle know…

  • All due respect to David Duke…….

    In 1999…..

    I read a Book called “My Awakening”……..

    It changed my Life FOREVER…….


  • Meanwhile Trump is selling weapons to our Saudi enemies.

    We lost America. We have no allies in government or law enforcement. jews and their minions control everything.

    Make no mistake: if they go to war against us, they’ll win through sheer numbers and government/financial support.

    America is lost. Right wing White Americans should consider moving to Eastern Europe while you still can. There is absolutely no point in trying to save this country.

      • What do you mean “nope? Maybe you can follow that up with something?

        Half the White population in America literally wants to be enslaved and exterminated by non-Whites. The other half is 90% cuckservative goobers who, in a civil war situation, will help the non-White savages kill the redpilled Whites.

          • So you want to go down in a blaze of glory? Fine. It’ll achieve nothing. Why not move to EE and start a family and ensure the survival of the race?

          • Everyone goes down…….eventually…….

            The Potential for Glory…….for the American White Man……and White Family…….

            ……is still POTENT…….

    • gay

      Eastern Europe should refuse to let in cowards who ran away from the most important fight

      Running away and letting the (((bad guys))) have exclusive enjoyment of the most valuable continent is treason to our race and to humanity as a whole.

      • You sound like those South Africans who were too proud leave when they had the chance. Now those people are being butchered by n-ggers and watching their families get butchered by n-ggers with the approval of the government and global media.

        Historically, when Whites are overpowered by non-Whites, they get exterminated. This happened in the Middle East, in Haiti, the USSR, etc.

        This is not about cowardice, it’s about survival. Whites have lost everything in America. There’s not going to be any victory here.

        • We’re doing better than the most of the rest of North-Western Europe, in attitude if not in demographics. We voted against all of this, which is more than most NW-European descended countries can say. Of course democracy will fail to save us, but that vote symbolizes the fact that we said “No.”

          Eastern Europeans are our White European bros, but they do differ from North-Western Europeans in some significant ways (read on hajnal line), so I’m hardly content to say that all the North-Western European descended countries should be abandoned and given over to (((the enemy))).

          It would far, far be better to have these countries destroyed in a great conflict than to hand them over to (((the enemy)) intact, without a fight.

          • The problem with NW Europe is that Whites are completely disarmed and the governments have the backing of the US. Even if they wanted to overthrow their corrupt governments, how would they do it?

            My ancestry is Eastern European so it might be easier for me to go there, but I’m most interested in saving our race, no our countries.

          • “The problem with NW Europe is that Whites are completely disarmed and
            the governments have the backing of the US. Even if they wanted to
            overthrow their corrupt governments, how would they do it?”

            “NW Europe .. Whites are completely disarmed and
            the governments have the backing of the US”

            Exactly, the U.S. is the key to the whole thing and if ZOG remains intact it will be harder for Europe to escape their oncoming doom.

            And while Eastern Europe is less cucked, ZOG has a lot of leverage and unlimited time to work on them and there are some disturbing pro-American tendencies in parts of Eastern Europe. Maybe Eastern Europe can hold out by itself, but that’s not necessarily a guarantee, and if ZOG were paralyzed and distracted, it might take some pressure off Eastern Europe.

          • Most of them were, but since there were Russians who were killing their fellow Russians on the orders of the jews, that is all the more reason why the idea of Whites in the military and government ever siding with us is a pipe dream.

          • Then stalin took over, purged all his jewish former comrades, and the killings continued. Whats the difference? Did all those people who got a knock on their door in the middle of the night feel more positive about their impending execution because the guy who signed the papers was a goy?

        • Why are you so blackpilling? Every comment I read from you is such bullshit. If I were a viking and you wined like this on my raiding ship, I’d throw your ass overboard.

          • I’m trying to be realistic. White genocide has happened in the past, and it’s going to happen again unless Whites start seeing things realistically. We are not invincible. We have to assess things objectively to see what we’re capable of winning and what we cannot possibly win. We cannot possibly win a race war in the US with tens of millions of violent non-Whites and White leftists, an anti-White government, and no allies among the White Christcucks and patriotards, who are more likely to kill us than their racial enemies.

      • Whites who move to Eastern Europe are not abandoning anyone unless there was a full on war and they dodged their military service to our cause. It is not as though once in Eastern Europe they are stuck there forever. If they saw the chance, and the war was on, they could always come back to fight. Or they could offer support from the White ethno states to the East in the form of money, weapons, propaganda, you name it.

        Anyone who has ever read anything about any war, knows that there is strategic retreat and relocation. And that that is in no way cowardly.

    • If you don,t stand and fight maybe even die for your country and your kin you have to ask your self the question what kind of man am i that i stood for nothing .You can run but you can,t hide from yourself.

      • What will you be dying for in an America overrun by non-Whites? It’d be different if there was a chance that Whites could take the country back, but that has been out of the question for decades now.

      • That assumes that there is a war to fight. Retreating is always an option. It is normal in war. Retreat, regroup, and then attack.

        But if your own people have betrayed you and ruined your nation with no hope of ever getting it back and no hope of said war coming then moving your family and future to greener pastures is certainly not cowardly but it could be a good move. I guess it all depends on your circumstances.

        Just for an example, should the Whites of Zimbabwe have stayed to fight?

        • craicher thank you for your reply.I am an old australian man with a small close knit family i have a 150 acre property in the australian outback i have prepared it for the collapse and or invasion of my country my family and i have no where to run to we are all prepared to stay in our country no matter what.I do get where your coming from, my way of thinking is if we send soldiers to fight and die for our country then in memory of them i have to stay and fight .As for the whites in africa many did not have the ability to leave and some like me made the choice to stay as i said earlier i have no where but my place in the bush to retreat to and i cant in good faith leave it.Again thankyou for your reply Best regards “Stavros”

    • Most “right-wing” Americans are classical liberals who would screw up Eastern Europe even more – already bad enough with the low birth rates. There is no real “American right” as they are anti-hierarchy, “colour blind”, secular/materialist, individualist – and would ruin the more hierarchical, nationalistic, collectivist and marginally more spiritualistic Slavic world. They don’t need idiots from America telling them how they need to be “nations of immigrants”, “race doesn’t exist”, “Commies are the real racists”, “they aren’t all bad, just Muslims”, “immigrants make us richer”, “life, liberty, pursuit of happiness”, “muh Constitution” and other retarded horseshit that comes from the mouths of American “conservatives”.

      They should stay and suffer with the rest of them as they’re only marginally less responsible. The people who voted in the Bush dynasty, Reagan, etc. are part of the problem.

    • But they won’t.. They know all of this kvetching about vibrancy is just something to blame all their problems on. They wouldn’t actually move to another country because of it, especially not one with wages and standard of living 1/4 of what they have at home.

  • I dream of Transcending this Contingent Finite Limited Human Position…….

    I decide to Paraglide and Crash to my Death into a BRIDGE……

    WAKE UP, Fams……

  • This is the eventuality of months of pro-violence rhetoric by the left and the media. Leftists been told over again that Trump is Hitler and the rise of the Fourth Reich is imminent. Loretta Lynch is calling for blood in the streets. Keith Olbermann is ranting about the need for a revolution. We’ve all seen the media bending over backwards to justify political violence and excuse violence against the right.

  • For every crisis there is an opportunity.

    Will you squander it for a short term emotional gain?

    Or is there a way to make this legitimize us for the long term.

    Think hard.

  • This is why we need a Protection Force for Richard Spencer and other prominent Alt Right leaders. We must also only hold our events in open carry states. Notice how nothing happened to Spencer or our people when he spoke at Texas A&M and Auburn.

        • Chances are there is going to be a riot at the Southern Baptist Convention. That’s Protestant history in the USA. James Edwards, Eddie Miller and numerous others are rallying the troops.

          There was nearly a riot at last years Methodist national conference over homosexuality, and the ordination of homosexuals. The Northern liberals dropped their homosexual agenda when they realized it might be bloodshed and the breakup of the United Methodist Church.

          But, remember this, the only obligation Protestants have is to Jesus Christ. Not to Pope, Cardinal, Bishop or Priest.

          • Dude, Christianity is lame and cucked. Just accept it and get over your “Muh Personal Savior” BS. Based Methodists and Baptists? Yeah Fukkin Right!

          • Tell it to your mother Yehudah, maybe she cares what you think about Christianity? I don’t. LOL.

          • My mother was tortured to death by Dr Mengele himself in an Argentine iron maiden.

          • Yehudah, probably is a Jew, or has considerable Jewish ancestry. Of course, he could be playing a Jew on the internet, but, he plays it well. Maybe for one of the alphabet groups?

          • That’s why I’ve said anyone that wants to be Christian should practice Orthodox Christianity. Very little Cucking in the Orthodox Churches.

          • Just finished watching the third one, “evasive” not at all. He’s very candid, Stone asked him questions about his growing, personal life, he illiterated frankly with charm and and the odd bit of humour. They spoke about everything, the Soviet era, KGB, CIA, Ukraine, Syria, Crimea, Oligarchs, Stone even brought up neocons and Soros. Putin was open, intelligent and charming, a chess master. He completely opened up, laughed, explained his life and political philosophy. I admire him, he’s 60, fit, daily does judo, lifts weights, swims and sometimes plays hockey. The last bit was was him detailing Issis’s intention to include southern Europe in their caliphate. Putin said”I won’t let Moscow become part of the caliphate, you better watch Washington. Putin’s brilliant!

          • okay i just watch the “edited out” part cause I thought it would be the most juicy.. but he just seemed to respond to accusations of Russia being corrupt and him essentially being the head of a one-party state for nearly 20 years, by deflecting and attacking US democracy, etc .. basically whataboutism

            if he was really candid he would maybe say something like Russians are different, they need a strong leader, democracy is too messy, I know its self serving but it is how it is, etc.. or that Russian mentality is different and there will always be corruption. But he didnt… the whole thing was a PR piece to drum up support back home, and I agree he did look good from that angle

          • Of course you would, he’s a strongman and you guys like strongmen, especially at a safe distance. Cause i dont see you moving to Russia or the Philippines

          • Yes I do like strongmen and I believe in the present situation a fascist dictatorship is the only solution. Democracy’s a jew con. Actually would like Russia, hate flips

          • i dont think you would. You’d wave to some skinheads sitting on a park bench “hello fellow whites” and theyd be like “shto ti skazal suka???” , break your jaw and take your fancy amerikanski phone lol

            People tend to romanticize places they’ve never been to for political reasons

    • People may not want to accept yet, but we’re going to have to form something like the Brownshirts. If people think the far left and the globalist elites are just going to stand by and let us continue to grow and succeed without using violence, and I mean deadly violence, they are sorely mistaken.

  • It should be pointed out that Steve Scalise has been linked to David Duke in the past. IIRC, he was reported as having said, “I’m basically David Duke without the costume.” Of course, he was “alleged” to have said it in private to one of his colleagues. (Which means it was probably a lie). But I bring it up because, he could have been targeted as a result of being perceived as a White Nationalist by the shooter. I have no idea if Rep. Scalise is or is not a WN but if it turns out the shooter thought he was, oh boy…

  • If this idiot cared as much about the working class as he claimed, would he have done the same thing to Democratic congressmen who supported Clinton had she won? She would have put her stamp of approval on TPP her first week in office and would never have even thought about renegotiating NAFTA, both of which are horrid trade deals for working class Americans. Just another useful idiot in the anti-white, neoliberal machine.

    • The pro-white movement needs to drop the “conservative” and “libertarian” economic tendencies which serve as little more than a defense of a very corrupt elite. It ain’t 1920 anymore, we’re not under the threat of Bolsheviks collectivizing farms. The really existing economy is collectivized via corporations that are indirectly owned by a financial elite that barely pays lip service to “free markets” and “capitalism.”

      The “left” is on the side of the corporations when it comes to mass immigration of cheap scab labor and one of the few ideas keeping many whites on the leftist plantation is the idea that the left is “for the workers.” This is clearly false but the “right” and the pro-whites are always rhetorically justifying anything the wealthy elites do. We see this in action via the fact that the “right” tends to reflexively knee-jerk as “libertarians” that simply want to remove what little power “the masses” have over government and the economy.

      The “Alt Right” has done an ok job distancing itself from the legacy “right” by taking ideas like “single payer health care” seriously without necessarily endorsing every alternative economic idea that comes down the pike. That’s a good development.

      • This is essentially the strategy Bob Whitaker advocated in the 70’s and outlined in his 1976 book “A Plague on Both your Houses”, to get what was then called the Wallace Democrats, the white working class, to vote Republican. At the time snobbish periodicals like the National Review showed their utter contempt for any white person who got their hands dirty and derided any appeal to them as socialism. NR had an article in their June 9, 1978 issue titled “Country & Western Marxism: To the Nashville Station” by Chilton Williamson Jr. slandering Bob’s strategy as Marxism. They demanded pure unfettered capitalism and they lost every time and got nothing. They still write hit pieces like that to this day like this disgusting thing from Kevin Williamson where he said the white working class deserves to die.

        Williamson never complains about black trash or mestizo trash or Jewish trash. Just white trash. This is not just immoral and treasonous to fellow whites but retarded politically as it dooms the Republicans to perpetual loser status. The natural economic opposition is producers vs. parasites, not rich vs. poor; people who gained their wealth honestly vs. those who gained it dishonestly. Instead we have the super-rich who gained their wealth for the most part dishonestly pretending to side with the poor and getting the working class whites to vote with the parasites. If the Republicans won’t make themselves the party of producers, the Alt-Right should. An economic policy that favors production and a fair deal for anyone who has contributed to the general welfare. Producers pay for the programs the left implements anyway, but the left gets the credit for them and the votes. If you’re going to buy votes you might as well buy them for your side, not the other side. Bob has also said buying votes is the best way, in fact the only way, to deal with non-white voters. Not by pandering to non-whites by implementing policies that hurt whites, but just saying if you vote our way you’ll get money, serious money.

        Bob got enough Republicans with sense on his side to get Reagan elected in 1980. The day after that election the term Wallace Democrat completely disappeared and was replaced by Reagan Democrat.

        One good thing is the left has given up all pretense that they are for the working class. Unions actually advocate for immigration even though that is about the worst thing they could do for their members. This gives the Alt-Right a huge opportunity to appeal to them on economic grounds. But we still have to delegitimize words like racist, bigot, xenophobe. After we’ve
        done the hard, repetitive slog of winning the propaganda war and stopping white genocide we can worry about relative trivialities like health care.

        • As usual, Bob Whitaker was right.

          I’m not suggesting that pro-whites adopt socialism or even welfare state policies – I’m simply pointing out that the legacy “right” has no problem with Corporate Welfare, Socialism for the Rich, and Big Government that helps the wealthy. The legacy right only rediscovers their supposed commitment to capitalism and free markets when some policy is proposed that might help the average White man.

          The American labor movement was overly pro-white and generally anti-immigration until the Communists – (((Communists))) – took over, starting with FDR and finishing up in the 1970s under Carter, Carter being the first openly anti-labor pro-“free trade” Democrat. Richard Nixon was more pro-American labor than Jimmy Carter.

          Reagan may have said the right words but he just doubled down on Carter’s anti-labor and pro-mass immigration agenda, both of which were functionally anti-white.

          As the legendary Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew said, “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

          This fact has allowed the “conservative” and “libertarian” Republicans to screw over Whites for 50 years – they take the White vote for granted knowing we have no where else to turn, so they have been able to get away with opposing our economic and social interests – we need to stop them.

          • Corporate welfare, that’s part of what I mean by gaining your wealth dishonestly. Dishonest wealth is usually (not always) gained in collusion with government. It might be a sweetheart contract, a government enforced monopoly, below market access to natural resources, a tax code change, the list goes on. Probably the biggest subsidy is the banker bailouts and laws that allow private banks to fraudulently loan money they don’t have.

            We already see the non-whites getting feisty and demanding their white benefactors step aside and let the coloreds lead.


            The people the white traitors let in are taking over. When it comes to a choice between voting for a white/Jew savior or a real honest to goodness black person, a black will vote for the black person every time even if he’s a murderous
            dictator like Robert Mugabe. Phylis Kahn lost the Minnesota House seat she had held for 44 years to a Somali immigrant. Hillary Clinton got about 2 million fewer black votes than Barack Obama received in 2012. They just didn’t want to vote for someone who didn’t look like them.


            The Democrat Party will have a hard time holding together without white people as its base. The anti-whites trying to demoralize us by saying whites will be in a minority soon so we’ll never win an election assume that non-whites will always vote as a block. They also assume demographic trends and borders will never change. The same types that predict our inevitable brown future also predicted our inevitable Communist future right up until the day the Soviet Union crumbled. But there never has been a multi-racial political party. We know from the ethnic cleansing going on in LA that blacks and mestizos don’t like each other very much. We’ll see how long they can hold hands and smile for the camera. Watch for the Democrats to splinter along racial lines.

  • Trump really needs to declare martial law for 90 days. During that time the jewsmedia would not be allowed to spew any more of their poisonous, treasonous opinions on anything; There would be NO public demonstrations; Illegals would be rounded up and kicked out of the country for good; Subversives would be arrested and detained for an indefinite period; And severe immigration restrictions, especially on people trying to come here from Mohammedan terrorist states, would be imposed. After 90 days the situation could be reviewed, followed by the imposition of an additional 90 day period of martial law.

      • Your right ,Reagan was shot and no one called for martial law.They want to impeach him for a lot less,both sides.

      • I don’t think there is a “cuck GOPE wing”. With very, very few exceptions, the entire party is stacked with neocons. They are the enemy just as much as Democrats.

        • There are still Republicans like Corey Stewart running for office. But the Cucks have all the power, and they would quickly throw Trump under the bus.

    • In order for that to even work Trump would first have to purge the military otherwise theirs no point.

  • Friends, please do not underestimate the capabilities of the leftists if our country’s political conflict gets ‘kinetic’. Just look at the many videos of Dindu violence available on Youtube. They have the capability to move like those creatures from ‘Alien Covenant’ and are incredibly physically strong. The most remarkable thing about them is how they can switch from a calm state to raw primal violence at the drop of a hat. Many of the urban gangs have connections to drug cartels that could provide them with heavy weaponry in the event of large scale conflict. Stay vigilant and prepared, and never underestimate the enemy.

    • Yeah, but they don’t have the intelligence or attention span for a real conflict. Their violence happens opportunistically so that they can engage in looting and then take their spoils home.

      • Sure, but in the initial phase of a breakdown of civil order they will have free reign, at least until citizen militias can be organized.

    • The left will be more unified, with clear targets and a clear objective (kill whitey).

      The right may be individually more combat effective, but will be lacking in unity, and unsure of what to do.

      The right’s actual fighting strength will be quite low, because half their people will break off and start trying to “protect the constitutional rights” of the rampaging dindus.

      • Yet another reason why “fighting in the streets” fantasies are counter-productive and are constantly stoked by the SPLC, anti-whites, and the FBI. The American system is surprisingly resilient. The chances of some sort of wide-spread civil unrest in the next 50-100 years is virtually nil. The system can and will go on mostly as it has. The job of pro-whites is evolutionary, not revolutionary.

        Thankfully we live in an era where the monopoly of mass media comprised of three TV/radio corporations (ABC, CBS, NBC) and a handful of newspapers is over. The internet has fractured and splintered the media landscape and there is a huge opportunity to create pro-white media. We have been very successful so far but need to take it one step further. The biggest threat to pro-white media is the new internet monopolies like Facebook, Google and Twitter, the so-called “walled gardens” that are slowly but surely censoring pro-white voices.

    • You’re not gonna “stay vigilant” in a country that seeks your genocide.

      Whites need to leave America. We lost. If we don’t get out while we can, we’re gonna end up like the Russians in the USSR or the Whites of South Africa.

      Let the googles and beaners wipe out the brainwashed White leftists. Let America die.

      • Can we take our nukes with us? Because I shudder to think what the world would be like with our nuclear arsenal in the hands of the mudz.

      • We’re not going anywhere, pussy. One White soldier is worth 50 non-Whites. My family has been here for well over 160 years. They conquered and tamed this land, and I will defend it for our posterity. Besides, where the hell do you think you’re gonna run off to where you’ll be safe? If Whites just kept pulling up stakes and leaving every time another group gives us trouble then eventually we wouldn’t have any place to go.

        • What do you mean defend it? “Defense” was a century ago. America has been conquered. The world’s biggest military is in the hands of our enemies. Half the country is non-White.

          I really can’t believe the bravado here, especially considering America’s treachery over the past century. Why die for a country that’s betrayed you?

          • The state and elite is not the country. Values and people make the country. Would you not fight for your people? The United States will become the final stronghold for the west, because ONLY we can bear arms and only we can speak FREELY (Canada also, but the state has backdoor registry and very few own arms). The founding fathers would be ashamed to see Europeans flee.

          • Non-Whites have not conquered America lol. The country is still at least 60% White and we own most of the guns. There are plenty of states and towns where the vast majority of the population is White. And who do you think makes up most of our military, especially the combat troops? White men do. And I would never die for this government. Not sure what gave you that impression.

          • Whites in the military will have no problem following the government’s orders in killing White American “Nazis.”

          • We’ll see. That’s still not an excuse to run away, as if there is some safe space to run away to anyway. A full blown civil war scenario is still a ways off in my opinion.

      • If we stop fighting there is no guarantee that America / ZOG will collapse rapidly and cleanly.

        More likely it will have plenty of time to take others down with it.

        Far better if we keep it focused on internal battles.

      • It would be very unwise to leave your nation, one of the very few states that have given you FREEDOM of speech, center to right fiscal economics and the separation of church ideologues and state. When SHTF, it will leave a massive power vacuum for the right to siege. The last thing I want is conflict, believe me I have very young children. But the violence of the left has become completely unbearable and, now evidently, calculated and cold. They lack conviction and are anti-thetical to freedom. DO NOT let communism win. Fight for your homeland.

    • Agreed, I have no doubt if it comes to some kind of civil war our side would win, but many of us would not live to see the victory. That’s the sacrifice we’ll have to make to secure a future for our descendents.

  • In a sane society attempted coup d tat’e would result in the arrest of the enablers, party leaders and hopeful a firing squad

  • This is down to the flipping democrats, collective mass hysteria after Trump’s victory. Madonna, Kathy Griffin, that play in NY, calls for assassination, supporting domestic Issis attacks, the msm, Hollywood etc. The overt white genocide which they support started under obama and Trump’s victory has completely unhinged them. The US is going into civil war, any attack on Trump or other Repulicans neocon, establishment whatever is an attack on whites, they want us dead

    • Trump is in a position to declare left wing groups like Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations and crack down on them and has chosen not to do so yet, for whatever reason. Perhaps this will convince him.

        • ‘reneged’……

          Learn to spell, Dolt……

          And he hasn’t reneged on all his promises……..

          He is being thwarted by Judges, the Deep State, the GOP, and the Democrats…..

          But, he has kept his promises regarding the Economy……

          He has kept his promises regarding Climate Lunacy……..

          He is arresting and deporting Illegals……

          He is rolling back Job Killing Regulations……….

          Where are the Funds for the Border Wall in the GOP’s Fiscal Year Budget Plan??

          Is that his Fault??

          He isn’t a King……

          Learn to THINK and SPELL…..

          …..then come back……..

          Learning to spell correctly is a prerequisite for entering the Alt-Right…….

          • The GOP took us all for a ride, he bombed Assad, no wall, has allowed AA judges to block his watered down travel ban, no deportation force, amnestied daca beaners, let in more rapeugees than obama, fired nationalists from his administration and replaced them with jews, not repealed obamacare, not pulled out of nafta or NATO, piss off

      • Trump is in a position……..???

        The Justice Department is full of RATS and ROACHES………

        Mueller is hiring Clinton Foundation Lawyers and Obama Sycophants…..

        ……to investigate the Russian Bigfoot Conspiracy Theory…….


        Now, Mueller has moved on to investigating President Trump for Obstruction…….

        Obstruction of a Fairy Tale Nothingness…..

        But, it matters NOT…….

        The Point is to Destroy Him……….

        The Point is to Destroy Nationalism…….

        And they LAUGH at Doofuses like you…….

        “But, President Trump dropped some bombs on a Syrian Airfield!!”

        “F Trump………ZOG and Stuff!!”

        “It’s Bush W Again!!”

        HEIL LOSING…….

        • The Russian Bigfoot Conspiracy Theory, brought to you by Jeff Bezos’ Washington “Anonymous” Post.

        • You drinking again Pechey? Lay off the Hooch. You say dumb things when your saucing… And don’t call me a doofus, dumbass.

          Why you continue to defend Trump is beyond me. He doesn’t give a sh.t about you or working class Americans. If he did he already would have declared BLM and Antifa terror organizations. One can only conclude that when he sees footage of his supporters getting assaulted and shot at he is laughing, knowing that morons like you will vote for him again regardless of what he does or does not do.

    • It’s really too bad that antifa, BLM, bernie-bro’s, and oath keepers cant figure out that the jews are the real enemy – not us.

        • The leadership of Antifa is Jewish and Zionist – the one running things in North Carolina was found to be an official Israeli citizen. Yet for some reason certain people are hesitant to point out the foreign leadership of the Antifa terrorist group.

          Likely because it doesn’t fit the narrative that Zionists are somehow “right wing” and also opposed to “liberals” and “the left” which are supposedly pro-Palestinian. Or perhaps it’s because if the Israeli leadership of Antifa were to be exposed the FBi – and the State Department – would have to do something about a foreign nation organizing terrorist groups in the USA.

      • It’s nearly impossible to constructively critique an individual with an IQ score two std deviations below you. I’ve gotten so bored talking over minorities. It’s almost as if we speak different languages.

        • There must be some way to turn them against the jews. If the brown races only knew what the Jews have in store for them once we’re gone….

          • They will always fight a hierarchy, even if that hierarchy wants to do them well. They tend to lean more towards anarchy and reproductive delinquency. Our societies don’t give them that, so they rage. The Jews want to give them anarchy.

          • Actually darkies are jew savy, it’s a marriage of convenience. We’re the cucked ones

          • If they were really savvy they’d know the Jews are gonna slaughter them after we’re gone, and since no other race has sympathy for them, they will be slaughtered and enslaved once again.

          • The jews need slaves. Most wogs are jew savy and distrust them, I speak Spanish. They’re tacitly allied with them to take us down

          • I believe wogs have a visceral hatred of us and are driven by it. They want to take us down out of sheer hatred and that trumps logic

    • Make no mistake. Steve Scalise is a timely reminder of the future that the democrats envision for America.

      Hopefully he’ll make it through; serve as a longer-term reminder of the future that democrats envision.

      Worst case scenario, he passes away and his memory fades if Trump does not take serious action against those who incite terrorism, like SPLC, Washington Post, CNN, NY Times, etc.

  • Hmm. 5:30 AM? Shooter dead? How convenient. No witnesses, no live suspect to put on trial.

    I don’t want to jump the gun, as it were, but this sounds like yet another outlandish high profile event that could very well be a hoax.

    • Every time a shooter is immediately and conveniently dead – smoking gun. Another Jack Ruby,
      It’s not a hoax, it’s the message to Trump: Next time could be you.

      • I agree that the JFK assassination was very suspicious and that Oswald was probably “just a patsy,” as he said himself not long before he was killed.

        I don’t know what all the recent hoaxes are about. We can guess at a narrow objective for each one, but I think there is probably a broader objective, which is to traumatize the public in order to prepare the way for some sort of initiative in the future. It won’t just be gun control, either. More like total control.

    • Why would the deep state keep doing all these false flags that support the Alt-Right’s narrative so perfectly?

  • Why is this dumbass attacking Alex Jones. And why is anyone on here joining in. He may not be a true alt right member but infowars has done a ton of good a lot more than any of you have. #9/11 #vaccines #oklahomacitybombing

  • It makes me wonder what percent of the so-called “AntiFa” are Bernie Bros? Anyone want to hazard a guess? More, or less than 50%?

    • They’re actually a Soros tool and affiliated with Hillary but the scum themselves are probably anarchists and Bernies

  • “Many on the Right scoff at the idea of Lefties winning in any sort of road war scenario. Attacks like this should serve as a wake-up call.”

    50-100 shots, close range, 5 hits, two on targets. As the Marines said about Oswald, he’s got Maggie’s drawers. No problemo handling this bunch, outside fpre-arranged alse flag events.

    • Oswald qualified as a Marine rifleman with a Marksman score of 191, and in one qualification, scored 212 for the higher grade of sharpshooter. The Maggie’s Drawer thing was another lie promoted by Oliver Stone to promote the idea that Oswald could not have been the assassin.
      Early reports on this incident indicate someone immediately began returning fire on Hodgkinson. Taking return fire has a negative effect on your aim.

    • Its preposterous. In a crowded area, more shots are gonna hit. Either he fired less shots, or more people got hit than they are admitting. Or if was all fake. Probably the latter. They have crisis actors and guns can shoot blanks after all.

      • It’s not preposterous, if he was poorly trained and the security detail was shooting back.

        • The whole thing reeks of a false flag. But whenever something happens with violence, the alt-right just eats up the talmudvision hook line and sinker.

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